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Full text of "The encyclopedia of pure materia medica; a record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism"

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Hflomcr lietennary Htbrary 



for the use of the 

N. Y. State Veterinary College 



3 1924 073 484 689 


Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
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Pure Materia Medica. 










DR. C. HERItJG, OF Philadelphia. DR. CARROLL DUNHAM, of New York. 

DE. AD. LIPPE, OF Philadelphia, and others. 





187 9. 




Pure Materia Medica, 










DR. RICHARD HUGHES, of England. 

DR. C. HERING, of Philadelphia. DR. CARROLL DUNHAM, of New York. 

DR. AD. LIPPE, OF Philadelphia, and others. 





187 9. 




L^ JLa^^ 


N\tA. A- 

Entered according to Act of CoDgreyp, in the year 1S79, 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D C. 






Silicea, ] 

Sinapis Alba, 40 

Sirmpis Nigra, 46 

Sium, 54 

Solaninum, 55 

Solanum Arrebinta, 56 

Solanum J[ammosura, 56 

Solanum Nigrum, 57 

Solanum Oleraceum, 04 

Solanum Pseudo-Capsicum, ... 65 

Solanum Tuberosum 65 

Solanum Tuberosum .^grotans, . . 66 

Spigelia, 75 

Spigelia Marilandica !)4 

Spiggurus, . 95 

Spiranthes, 97 

Spirea Ulmaria 101 

Spongia, 106 

Squilla, ' 118 

Stachys Betonica, 127 

Stannum, 129 

Stapliisagria 147 

Stjcta Pulmonaria 167 

Stillingia Sylvatica, 169 

Stramonium, 175 


Strontium, 224 

Strychninum, 233 

Sulfur, -216 

Sulphuretted Hydrogen, .... 414 

Sulfur lodatum, 415 

Sulfuricum Acidum, 417 

Sulphurous Acid, 443 

Sumbul, 443 

Tabacum, 4r37 

Tanacetum, ........ 604 

Tanghinia 508 

Tannin, 509 

Taraxacum, 509 

Tarentula, 516 

Tartaric Acid, 548 

Taxus Baceata, 549 

Tellurium, 555 

Tcplitz, 566 

Terebinthina, 571 

Tetradymite, 580 

Thallium, 58!2 

Thea, 583 

Theridion, 592 

Thevetia 596 

Thuja, 596 




Silicic acid, Kieselerde. 

Preparation, Trituration of pure precipitated Silica. 

Authorities (Nos. 1 to 7 a, from Hahnemann). 1, Hahnemann ; 2, Fois- 
sac; 3, Goullon ; 4, Gross; 5, Hering ; 6, Stapf; 7, Wahle; 7 a, "El.;" 
8 and 9, from Hartlaub and Trinks, R. A. M. L., 3, 218 ; 10, omitted ; 
11, Knorre, A. H. Z., 6, 37, effects of ^ grain of crude S. (Nos. 12 to 26, 
from Ruoff's provings, Hygea, 8, 1, 1838) ;t 12, "N". N.," took 40 drops of 
30th dil. first, third, and fifth days, 21st dil. twelfth and fourteenth days, 
100 drops of 17th dil. sixteenth day, 5th dil. nineteenth and twentieth 
days ; 13, O. R., took' 30th dil. first, third, and fifth days, 21st dil. twelfth 
and fourteenth days, 17th dil. sixteenth day ; 14, N., took 24th dil. first 
day, 23d dil. third day, 18th dil. sixth, eleventh, thirteenth, and fourteenth 
days, 6th dil. seventeenth day, 28th dil. eighteenth day, 4th dil. twenty- 
first and twenty-fourth days ; 15, a girl, aged twenty, took 24th dil. for 
seven days, 18th dil. tenth, eleventh, and twelfth days, 12th dil. fifteenth 
and sixteenth days, and after two weeks took 12th, 9th, and 4th dils. ; 15 a, 
same, took 4th dil. two successive days, then 1st trit. on sixth day ; 15 b, 
same, took repeated doses of 3d and 2d trits. and 4th dil. ; 15 c, same, took 
3 drops of " Spiritus sil. ;" 16, " C," took 24th dil. first day, 23d dil. sec- 
ond day, 18th dil. fifth day; 17, " A. Z.," aged eight, took 30th for three 
days, 21st dil. sixth, seventh, and eighth days ; 18, " M.," took 25th first 
day, 13th fourth day, 6th dil. fifth day, 3d trit. sixth day, 2d trit. seventh 
day, 3d trit. eighth day, 1st trit. tenth day ; 18 a, same, took 3d trit. two 
days, 2d trit. seventh day, 3d trit. eighth day, 1st trit. tenth day ; 19, " G. 
W.," took 25th dil. first day, 13th, 6th, and 5th dils. fourth day, 4th dil. 
fifth day, 3d and 2d trits. sixth day, 2d trit. seventh day, 3d trit. eighth 
day, 2d trit. tenth day, 1st trit. twelfth day ; 19 a, same, took 4th dil., 3d 
and 2d trits. ; 20, J. P. W., took 25th dil. two days, 6th dil. third day, and 
afterward at various times 16th and 6th dil. ; 20 a, same, took tincture ; 

f The higher dilutions were prepared after Hahnemann's method, except that 2 
to 3 drops were used to each dilution ; the 1st, 2d, and 3d liquid preparations were 
made from the " Spiritus silicas," by digesting 9 grains of Sil. with 6 drachms of 
Alcohol, and also by digesting 2 grains of Sil. with 1 drachm of Alcohol. 

VOL. IX. — 1 


20 b, same, 3d trit. ; 21, Jacob W., took 4th dil. ; 22 Barbara aged twenty- 
two; took 30th dil. three days 21st dil. seventh day 13th dil. eighth o 
twelfth day, 7th dil. fourteenth to seventeenth day ; 23 P. F., took 3Uh 
dil. first, third, fifth, and seventh days, 20th dil tenth day, 16th d.l. 
fifteenth day, 10th dil. twenty-first day, 6th dil. thirty^hird and tWty^ 
ninth days, 4th dil. forty-secoud and forty-fifth days 3d rit fi/t'f ^ and 
fifty-fourth days ; 24, C. Z., a girl aged seventeen, took 21st dil first third, 
and fifth days, r2th dil. tenth day, 4th dil. sixteenth and eighteenth days, 
1st dil. twenty-first, twenty-eighth, and thirty-fifth days, tincture forty- 
third dav ; 25, F. X., took 5th dil. first day, 4th dil. second day tincture 
fourth d"ay, 3d trit. sixth day, tincture eleventh, eighteenth, and twenty- 
second days, 20 drops of tincture twenty-sixth day, 16 drops tincture even- 
ing twenty-ninth day ; 26, L. S., took 16th dil. two days, 12th dil. seventh 
day 3d trit. twelfth and twentieth days, tincture twenty-sixth day, 4U 
drops tincture thirty-third day, 36 drops of 1st dil. thirty-seventh day 1st 
trit forty-second day, 100 drops tincture forty-fifth day; 27, Becker, 
Hveea 22 402, proving with Aqua silicata (each ounce contained one- 
twentieth grain of Sil., in proportion of 1 to 9300), took 10 drops and 
rubbed gums with water two days, 10 drops fourth, sixth, and seventh 
days 20 drops eighth day, 10 drops ninth day, 20 drops tenth day ;t ^8, 
Henck, A. H. Z., 55, 135, effects of inhaling dust while triturating (JNos. 
29 to 42 from Robinson's provings, Br. J. of Horn., 25, 333) ; 29, 200th 
dil every third morning; 30, 30th dil. every third morning, in a young 
woman ; 31, 200th dil. as before, in young woman ; 32, same, same doses 
in young woman ; 33, 1000th dil. same doses, young woman ; 34, 30th dil. 
as before, young woman ; 35, man, 200th dil. night and morning ; 36, 
young woman, 1000th dil. every third morning ; 37, child, 30th dil. uight 
and morning; 38, man, 30th dil. every third morning; 39, young woman, 
200th dil. once a week ; 40, young woman, 200th dil. every third morning; 
41, young woman, 200th dil. every third morning; 42, man, 200th dil. 
every second morning. J 

Mind. — Emotional. Unsteady and confused in his actions, .— 
Nervous excitement (eighth day),'". — The child becomes obstinate and 
headstrong,'.— Obstinate,'.— Longing for home,'.— * Fery easily startled,'.— 
*Sensitiveness to noise, and anxiety therefrom,\ — * Very sensitive, even weep- 
ing mood (fourth day),'*. — Weeping mood for two hours without any par- 
ticular thoughts,'.- [10.] The slightest word brings tears,'. — Gloominess ; 
she felt as if she would die, and for the time lost her memory,^'. — Low- 
spirited, and weeps every moYumg,^'\—* Glootyiy mood (twentieth day),'''_. — 
Mind sad (seventeenth day),'^ — Low-spirited and over-anxious about him- 
self,™. — * Great depression and irritability (forty-second dnj),'\—* Depres- 
sion of spirits (nineteenth day),'l — * Dejected,'. — ^Dejected and melancholy,^. 

[20.] Internal loathing of life,'. — He woke with great anxiety about 

midnight, could not move in spite of every effort, and imagined that thieves 
were breaking in ; on risiiig he became quiet, after lying down the anxiety 

f Prover )ias had attacks of violent faceache, has many bad teeth, sleeps badly, 
can never sleep on left side on account of suffocation and nightmare. 

J Cases of phthisis pulin., occurring in knife-grinders and metal-polishers, re- 
ported by Dr. Desayrre, Ann. d'Hyg. Pub., 1856, attributed to the absorption of 
large amounts of Silica, are omitted. Examination of lungs demonstrated large 
deposits of silica, iron, and lime ph(isph;ite. Dr. Jousset has pointed out the re- 
markable simihwity between the symptoms of these cases and those in Hahnemann's 
Pathogeneses (L'Art Med., 5, 198). 


returned (after thirty-seven days),'. — Frequent attacks of anxiety, so that 
he could not remain sitting,'. — * Great anxiety from a 8tart,\ — He woke 
with anxiety and incarceration of flatus, both of which disappeared after 
moving about in the house, without emission of flatus (after eight days),'. 
— Awoke with anxiety and stupefying vertigo,'. — On waking at night from 
an anxious dream she remained very anxious and her heart beat audibly,'. 
— *Most excessive scruples of conscience about trifles frequently, as though he 
had done a great wrong,*. — Discontentment,'. — Great irritability and pain- 
ful sensitiveness to touch (after four days),'. — [30.] ^Irritable and depressed 
mood (after eight days),'^ — * Very irritable and low-spirited,^". — * Irritable 
and peevish mood (sixteenth day),'°. — Peevish and quarrelsome, in the 
evening,'. — ■*Peevish (ninth day),'. — Very irritable though lively,'. — 
*Loud talking annoys him,''. — Whimsical and fault-finding,'. — She is ill- 
humored and peevish, in the forenoon (sixth day),®. — Out of humor and 
despondent,'.— [40.] She could and would do nothing on account of ill- 
humor,'. — He easily gets out of humor, though with the best intentions,'. — 
Is easily made angry,'. — Everything frets her and makes her peevish,'.— 
Fretful,'. — Trifles frequently make him fretful,'. — *Restless and fidgety, 
starts at the least thing,"'. — Frequent restlessness and impatience, so that he 
did not know what to do,'. — Intellectual. Great activity of mind 
(second day),'^ — Great facility of thought and fluent expression (seventh, 
eighth, and ninth days), (secondary action),^ — [50.] Great indolence for 
mental work ; nearly fell asleep while teaching,'. — Disinclination for men- 
tal work (sixteenth day),'^ — Disinclination to mental eflxjrt (third day),™. 
— * Great difficulty in fixing the attention^''. — ■* Thought difficult (first day),^. 
— "^Mental labor is very difficult,^. — She gets confused and makes mistakes, 
half knowing what she is about, and yet unable to control herself; she 
had almost put a watch into the saucepan to boil instead of an egg,'^ — 
Great distraction of mind, in the forenoon, with uneasiness in the head and 
pit of the stomach,'. — Distraction of mind ; he is almost always trying to 
think of two things at the same time,*. — Inability to read, write, or think, 
becoming worse from noon to 6 p.m., and disappearing in the evening after 
eating (second day),^. — [60.] Easily makes mistakes in talking,'. — Memory 
weak (seventeenth and twentieth days),'l — Forgetful and dizzy, every 
morning,'. — Loss of memory, forgetfuluess,'. — Constant vanishing of the 
senses (second day),'^ 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. The head is very much con- 
fused, with constant suffering in the sinciput (sixteenth day),'l — Confusion 
of the head (after four days),'. — * Fer%o,'^ "'% etc. — Vertigo as from in- 
toxication (eleventh day),'". — Vertigo on rising, dizzy stupefaction of the 
head, with nau.sea, even to vomiting ; relieved while riding in the open air, 
returning on entering the house ; the room seemed to whirl around with 
her, and she staggered to and fro (after thirty-eight days),'. — [70.] Ver- 
tigo, while sitting and standing, in the evening,'. — Vertigo, after the usual 
smoke and snufF; if he closes the eyes, everything seems to whirl around ; 
it ceases on opening the eyes,'.— Vertigo, as if he were being raised up,'. — 
Vertigo, even on raising the eyes to look upward,'. — At breakfast, vertigo, 
as if the head would fall to the left, with heat in the face and sweat on the 
forehead,'. — Vertigo, with qualmish nausea ; water is regurgitated,'. — Sen- 
sation of vertigo, in the morning, while fasting,'. — Vertigo, while walking 
forward, it seemed as though he were walking backward,'. — Stupefying 
vertigo, in the morning, on rising,'. — Vertigo, on rising up,l — [80.] Ver- 
tigo, only while sitting, not while walking, especially while riding in a car- 


riage, when suddenly for a moment he lost consciousness, though without 
blackness before the eyes/. — Attacks of vertigo, towards evening, in the 
open air ; aggravated by the slightest reflection,*. — Vertigo, with qualmish 
nausea, on rising up in bed in the morning, so that she was obliged to fall 
back again,\ — * Attacks of vertigo seem to rise painfully from the back, through 
the nape of the neck to the head, so that she does not know where she is, and is 
constantly inclined to fall forward,^. — Vertigo, even during sleep, about mid- 
night, with heat in the head,\— Vertigo, with nausea, in the middle of a 
dream, at night,'. — * Vertigo all day, while stooping at work (first day),l — 
Vertigo, even to falling down, on rising from bed (fourth, fifth, and sixth 
days),^ — Vertigo, with pains in the sinciput (sixteenth day),". — Vertigo 
and dimness before the eyes, so that he could not see farther than five paces 
(after half an hour),".— [90.] Vertigo, followed by heat of the head, and 
afterwards sweat and weakness (first day),'l — Reeling vertigo, with dim- 
ness of vision (nineteenth day),". — Vertigo, so that objects seem turning iu 
a circle (eighth day),'*^ — Vertigo, with headache, so that he lay down in 
bed (first day),''. — Constant vertigo, as if something were moving to and 
fro in the head, even while sitting still, less while lying down,'. — Vertigo 
woke him at night, worse during rest than on motion, especially severe on 
rising after stooping, lasting a part of the next day (fifty-seventh day),^. — 
Excessive vertigo, while walking it sometimes seemed as though she did 
not know where she was and that she would fall from side to side,'. — Vio- 
lent vertigo, in the morning, so that while walking she was obliged to 
steady herself, it drew her toward the right side, with nausea; several days 
in succession, and so violent in the afternoon that she was obliged to lie 
down (after twelve days),'. — Severe vertigo, that never left him, with great 
dulness of the head,'. — Violent vertigo, without qualmishness, with good ap- 
petite, at noon, while eating,'. — [100.] Great vertigo, lasting an hour, with 
dimness of vision (after half an hour, twelfth day), 'I — Violent vertigo 
after going to bed, only when lying on the left side,"". — Slight vertigo all 
day, with some nausea,'. — Extreme dizziness,'^'. — Dizziness as if he were 
stupid, he could not collect his thoughts so as to express himself properly, 
and spoke nearly every word incorrectly, immediately,'. — Dizzy and con- 
fused in the head, so that he constantly feared to fall whenever he moved 
or stooped ; he could not walk steadily for several weeks,'. — Dizziness, in 
the morning, on rising (twentieth day),'^ — Dizziness in the head, iu the 
forepart of the night (fifth night),". — Dizziness and whirling every morn- 
ing, for half an hour after rising, while walking and sitting, with head- 
ache for an hour or two ; on stooping it seemed as though he would fall 
down,'.— Dizzy, staggering, unsteady, while walking,'. — [110.] Reeling as 
if the bed were turning around, whenever he lies upon the left side, at night 
(sixth night),'".— She almost constantly felt intoxicated,'.— Objects seem 
whirling around (fourth day),'*. — Her head went swimming around as if 
she was drunk ; she had to sit down,''^ — Slight reeling (third day),'l — 
Reeling, in the morning, on rising from bed,'.— In the head a strange 'feel- 
ing, as if she would fall over, with ringing in the ears,'.— He felt extremely 
g\dc]y,'\— General Head. Rush of blood to the head, at night,'.— 
Painful rush of blood to the head, with heat and sticking, waking him at 
2 A.M.,'.— [120.] Rush of blood to the head, with throbbing in the top of 
the head and forehead, with heaviness of the head,'. — *Eush of blood to the 
head and burning in the red face, at 4 p.m. (third day ),^— Rush of blood to 
the head, with stitches in the occiput,'.— Great rush of blood to the head 
when rismg from a seat, with feeling of fulness in the brain,'.— Frequent 


rushes of blood to the head with jerking and starting in sleep,''.— Head 
dull ; constant pressive pain in the left temple, throbbing (twenty-first 
day),''.— Head dull and dizzy (tenth day),'^— Dulness of the head, with 
bruised sensation in the body,\~Dulness, as from too much blood in the 
head, without pain,^ — Dulness of the head immediately from a little con- 
versation, with general exhaustion, so that he was obliged to stop convers- 
ing,*- — [130.] Great dulness in the head, in the whole of the forehead 
(twenty-first day),'*. — Stupefaction of the head (second day),'". — Heavi- 
ness of the head,'. — Head heavy, in the forenoon ; some transient stitches 
in the temple towards the forehead, in the afternoon (thirty-ninth and 
fortieth days),". — Heavy headache, as from lead in the brain, increasing 
from forenoon till night,'. — Sensation of fulness and heaviness in the head 
in the afternoon, lasting till night (first day),'^ — Head heavy and confused 
(seventeenth day),". — * It seems as though she could not hold up her head,^. — 
Extreme heaviness of the head, she cannot hold it up it feels so weighty,''. 
— Weariness of the head (first day),'. — [140.] Weakness of the head (first 
day),"". — Frequent tightness of the head and chest, with anxiety,'. — 
^Headache,'' ; (fifth day),"; (first day),".— Headache, at m^ht,\—*Hend- 
ache caused by hanger,^. — Headache, on waking (twenty-fifth day),'*. — 
* Headache, as if everything would press out and burst the shidl^. — * Head- 
ache, as If the brain and eyes ivere forced forward,^. — *Headache, rising from 
the nape of the neck to the vertex, as if coming from the back (after twenty- 
one days),'. — Headache, which seems to come from the stomach ; heaviness 
in the forehead, together with a painful tearing, that drew the head side- 
ways (tenth day),^ — [150.] Headache over the whole head (tenth day),". 
— Headache, associated with nausea, and inclination to vomit (fourth 
day),". — ^Headache woke him at night (fifth day),". — Pains in the head 
(after 30th dil.),". — Pains alternating iu different parts of the head, for 
an hour in the sinciput, afterwards in the whole head ; tearing in the 
right temple, tearing in the occiput, in the right temple, afterwards in 
the left, about 1 p.m. (nineteenth day),". — Pain in the anterior portion of 
the brain, as from pressure, increasing from 12 to 2 o'clock (first day),'. — 
Violent headache (first day),'*'. — Violent headache ; jerking pain, associ- 
ated with violent stitches ; tearing stitches extending over the temple to 
the left ear; sticking pain extending from the left ear to the root of the 
nose, where it caused a single stitch (seventh day),'". — Violent headache, 
from 3 to 9 p.m., after which the pain abated somewhat, followed by great 
weariness and sleepiness (third day),". — Violent headache, as if violent 
stitches were piercing the vertex,'. — [160.] * The most violent headache, ivith 
loss of consciousness, so that she groaned and cried aloud for help (after 
forty-six days),'. — Cold kind of headache, from nape of neck to vertex,". 
— He feels in the head and limbs every change of weather,'. — A distressing 
sensation as if everything in the head were alive and turning and twisting 
about,'. — Sensitiveness of the head, as after violent headache (after seven- 
teen days),'. — The head feels as if falling off, causing straining pains at 
back of neck, as though the head was hanging by a piece of skin at the 
nape,".— She feels as if water-pipes were bursting in the head,".— *i?oar- 
ing and shattering in the brain, ivhen stepping harxl or knocking the foot 
against anything,\—Vmchmg in the head, while walking,'.— Compression 
of the brain (second day),'.— [170.] *Fressure, tension, and pressing in the 
head, as if pressed or forced astmder,'.— Pressive headache, with ill-humor 
and heaviness in all "the limbs,'.— Pressure in the head (sixth day),'*.— 
Pressure and heaviness in the brain (eleventh day),'".- Pressure in the 


head, with weakness of the body,'. — Pressive pain in the head (eighth 
day),'*. — *Pressive headache at night; she could not remember where she was, 
everything turned around, with throbbing at the heart (after seventeen 
days),'. — * Violent pressive headache, in the morning, extending into the eyes, 
associated with violent chill, in the afternoon with nausea and weakness, so 
that she thought she ivould faint ; the eyes are painful on turning them side- 
ways or on closing them, and when closed are still more painful to touch (elev- 
enth day),'. — Tearing headache,'^ — Tearing and sticking in the head, in 
the afternoon,'. — [180.] Tearing in the head, extending from one eye to 
the other (sixteenth day),'^ — *Tearingf in the whole of the head, starting 
from the occipital protuberances and extending upward and forward over 
both sides of the head (eighth day),'"".— Painful jerking-tearing in the 
head (fifth day),'l — Sudden painful tearing in the head, in the evening in 
bed (third day),'. — * Tearing pain as if the head would hurst, with throbbing 
in it, commencing at the crown, as if internal and external at the same time, 
with chilliness; he was obliged to lie down and tossed about in bed for four 
hours; relieved by binding the head tightly,'. — * Violent tearing in the 
head, as if the forehead would be torn asunder (twelfth day),^*. — Painless 
jerks and twitchings in the head,'. — Jerking in the head, followed by throb- 
bing in the right ear, in the evening on falling asleep,'. — Jerking through 
the head, ending with a stiffness in the occiput, in the evening in bed,'. — 
Stitches through the head (second day),''^ — [190.] Stitches from within 
outward in the brain,'. — Confused stitches in the head, with great depres- 
sion of spirits and much peevishness (after eleven days),'. — Dull stitches, 
sometimes like tearings in the whole head, most frequent in the right 
frontal eminence, at 11 a.m. (fifth day),'. — Pulsation in the head, throb- 
bing of the heart, and shuddering through the whole body, in the evening 
on falling asleep, lasting several minutes,'. — Tearing-throbbing headache, 
with eructations,^ — Forehead. Rushes of blood to the forehead,*'. — Sen- 
sation of dulness in the forehead and nose, extending into the teeth of the 
upper jaw (first day),''.— Dull pain in the forehead and temples, alternat- 
ing with tearing pains in the head, especially in the forehead,™'. — Violent 
dull headache in the right side of the forehead (first day),'*. — Headache 
like a heaviness in the forehead, in the morning after rising, and in the 
afternoon (ninth day),'.— [200.] Pains in the forehead,"'*".— Pains in the 
forehead, at noon (second day),'l— Pain in the middle of the forehead 
(sixth day),".— Pains drawing back and forth over the whole forehead 
(twelfth day),'l— The forehead seems numb and dead,'.— Pain in the mid- 
dle of the forehead (fourth day),".— Headache in the left side of the fore- 
head (fifth day),".— Pain in the left side of the forehead (fourth day),".— 
* Violent headache above the eyes, so that he could scarcely open them, returning 
after each dose (fourth day),'".— Violent headache, especially in the middle 
of the forehead, worse while sitting and walking, associated with vertigo 
(fourth day),".— [210.] Violent pains in the forehead, with tearing pains 
in the forepart of the \\&a.d,^\—* Headache, consisting of a bruised pain 
above the eyes, so that he coidd scarcely open the eyes ; the headache first af- 
fected the left side of the forehead, it was a sticking extending towards the other 

side^ by the eye, pressive, aggravated by opening the eyes "(fourth day),". 

Boring headache in the forehead, for many days in succession,'.— *7fead- 
ache; a pressive jerking in the middle of the forehead, renewed bv suddenly 
turning around, stooping, or talking (after ten days),'. — Pressive frontal 
headache from slight mental work (after three days),'.— Pressive pain in 
the forehead in the morning, awhile after rising, not aggravated by mo- 


tion,'. — Pressure in the forehead, from morning till evening/. — ^Pressure 
as from a heavy weight, in the forehead over the eyes,".— Pressive pain in the 
forehead and eyes, as before coryza,'.— Pressure in the forepart of the head 
(eighteenth day),".— [220.] A momentary pressive pain in the forehead 
(thirty-third day),''\—* Tearing in the frontal region (sixteenth day),'l— 
Violent tearing in the forehead,'^— Tearing headache in the forehead, ex- 
tending towards the parietal bone, all day, aggravated towards evening, 
and by motion (after thirteen days),'. — tearing pains in the forehead, 
alternating with the tearing pains in the arms (first day),". — Tearing pain 
in the forehead and on the top of the head (second day),". — Tearing pains 
in the forehead, at times extending from the forehead to the vertex (fifth 
day),''^ — Tingling tearing in the head over the forehead, extending to the 
crown and temples (first day),^°. — Headache, at one time sticjiing, at 
another pressive, in the frontal region, extending from one side to the other 
(fourth day),'^ — Jerking headache in the forehead, mostly at night,'. — 
[230.] Some fine stitches in the right side of the forehead, while stooping, 
at 9 A.M. (second day),^ — Headache, commencing as a stitch in the left 
side of the forehead and extending to the right side, pressive and tensive 
(soon), (sixth day),". — Sticking in the forehead (fifth day),". — * Acute 
sticking pain in the forehead (after a few hours),'. — ^Sticking pains in the 
forepart of the head, from 8 to 11 p.m. (fifteenth day),'l — Sticking pain in 
the whole of the forehead (fourth day),". — Sticking and throbbing in the 
forehead, in the morning,'. — Throbbing frontal headache, in the afternoon, 
lasting an hour,'. — Throbbing pain in the left side of the forehead (fourth 
day),'. — Pains in the sinciput (twentieth day),'^ — [240.] Pressive pain 
and pressing in the sinciput, especially in the forehead, and upon the eyes, 
greatly aggravated by motion (second day),'^ — Arthritic tearing pains in 
the sinciput and right temple (seventeenth day),'^ — Tearing in the sinci- 
put, from 4 to 7 p.m.,'. — Sticking-tearing pain in the sinciput, afterwards 
in the right temple, and ten minutes afterwards in the left (sixteenth 
day),'l — Temples. Rush of blood to the right temple,'. — Fluttering 
feel in both temples, and aching pain in occiput,''. — Pain in the temples, 
extending across the forehead and towards the vertex (tenth day),'". — Pain 
in the left temple (fourth day),". — Headache, especially in the right tem- 
ple, extending to the vertex, tearing described as a pulling up of the scalp 
(fifteenth day),'". — Pressure in both temples (twenty-first day),'*. — [250.] 
Pressure in the temples and over the right eye, after taking a slight cold,''. 
— Pressure in the right temple after a soft stool, with pressure, followed by 
eructations of gas (after sixteen days),'. — Pressure in the right temple, 
from noon till evening (after nineteen days),'. — Pressive pain in the left 
temple (fifth day),". — Tearing pain through the temples (first day),". — 
Tearing pains in the right temple, with various kinds of headache ; tearing 
in the head, especially in the parietal bones, transient, aggravated by 
stooping and on motion (twentieth day),'^ — Tearing in the right temple, 
after half an hour in the occiput (twentieth day),'l — Stitches in the tem- 
ples^-. — Stitches in the temples, with pains, as if the head were open (fif- 
teenth day),'^. — Sharp sticking in the right temporal region (sixteenth 
day),'^ — [260.] Stitches in the right temple, in the evening,". — Sticking 
pain in the right temple (second day),". — Stitches in the left temple.'l — 
Vertex. Bruised pain on the vertex,'. — Drawing-pressive stitches in the 
vertex and over the eyebrows,'. — When coming into the dark she feels a pres- 
sure on the vertex, as if a tremendous weight were falling on itj'l — Pres- 
sure on the crown extending into the eyes, in the evening (after eighteen 


days),'. — Hard jerklike pressure in the top of the head, extending deep into 
the brain, in paroxysms, lasting one or two minutes^. — Jerking sensation, like 
electric sparks, in the vertex (tenth day),™. — Sticking pain in the vertex 
(sixteenth day),'*. — Parietals. [270.] Right-sided headache (third 
day),'°. — Pain in the right side of the head (second day),".^Pressive pain 
in the right parietal region (sixteenth day),". — Tearing in the right side 
of the head, from the occiput, upward and forward (seventh day),''». — - 
Sticking pains in the right side of the head and in other parts of the body, 
especially in the right hand (seventh day),'°. — Sensation of paralysis in 
the right side of the head after coition,'. — Headache, especially on the left 
side, with sticking pain (fifth day),'°. — Sickening pain in left side of head, 
worse from pressure or the least movement,^l — Sticking pain in the left 
side of the head, frequently extending into the forehead (tenth day),'^ — 
Occiput, *The hat causes acute pain in the occipital protuberances,^. — 
[280.] *Pressive headache in the occiput, as if in the bone (second day),'". — 
*Pressive pain in the occiput, relieved by warm wrapping of the head,'. — 
*Pressure in the occiput, soon followed by stitches in the forehead, with 
chilliness in the nape of the neck and back,'. — ^Pressure in both sides of 
the occiput,'. — * Pressure in the occiput and nape of the neck, in the morning j^. 
— Stitches in the occiput,'. — Itching pain in the right side of the occiput,'. 
— External Mead. The hair falls out freely on combing,*. — A dry 
tetter on the head, which this prover had had for five years, became sur- 
rounded by a red areola, and after awhile the redness disappeared and the 
tetter had disappeared, and the former rough skin became smooth,'*. — 
* Itching pimples on the head and nape of the neck,^. — [290.] Itching pimples 
on the scalp,'. — Sensation as if the hair were bristling during dinner,'. — 
The hair feels as if it would fall out,'l — *The head was sore to touch ex- 
ternally,'. — Extreme tenderness of the scalp, a feeling as if she had been 
lifted off the ground by her hair,^l — She cannot brush her hair, the scalp 
is so tender,'^ — Creeping over the scalp, as if the hair were bristling, 
though without chilliness,'. — Pricking and itching of scalp,''. — *Much itch- 
ing on the scalp, ^.—^The itching spots on the head are painful, as if sore, 
after scratching,'. — [300.] Violent itching on the left side of the head 
(after fourteen days),'. — *Itching on the occiput^. 

Eye. — Objective. *Redness at first around the eyes, then also of the 
white of the eyes, with inflammation and lachrymation,^. — *Redness of the 
whites of the eyes, with pressive pain, 'I — Ulcer on the left eye,^.—*Eyes 
weak (seventeenth day),". — Subjective. Feeling as if both her eyes were 
dragged back into the head with strings,*'. — Pain as if the eyes were being 
drawn out (fourth day),'". — Painful cramp in both eyes, closing them so 
tightly that she can with great difficulty open them,'. — *The eyes are pain- 
ful, as if too dry and full of sand, in the morning,^. — [310.] Sensation as if 
the left eye were full of water,'. — Tension in the eyes and forehead, with 
weakness of the hody,^.- — Tension in the eyes (second day),". — Pressure in 
the eyes every afternoon at 4 o'clock,'. — * Piercing stinging pain in the left 
eye (twenty-fifth day),'l — *Sudden piercing pain in the left eye (twenty- 
eighth day),'^ — ^Tearing and burning in the eyes on pressing them together,^. 
— Twittering sensation in the right eye (thirty-third day),'^". — *Heat in the 
eyes,\ — ^Smarting of the eyes,\ — [320.] Smarting and pricking of left eye,'^. 
— Itching of the sore eye, immediately,'. — Itching of the right eye, in the 
evening,'. — Brow and Orbit. Itching in the eyebrows,'. — Tensive pain 
above the eyes,". — Pressive pain over left eye, about the size of a sixpence,''. 
—Pressure and smarting in the orbits,'.— Great pressure and sensation 'of 


tightness over the eyes, as if something heavy were lying there, before the 
menses,\ — Transient griping pain just beneath the right eye, in the even- 
ing in bed,*. — Tearing and sticking above the eyes, so that he was obliged 
to press the lids together (tenth day),'**. — Litis. [330.] *Agglutmuiiiiii. of 
the eyes at night, with smarting of the /«?«,'. — *Both eyes are agglutinated wi/h 
mucus in the morning (second day),*. — *Agghitivation of the eyes in the 
morning,^. — Much hardened mucus in the inner cauthi,\ — ^(After the ery- 
sipelatous swelling of the feet had disappeared, there set in an eye trouble, 
consisting of swelling of the upper and lower lid, especially violent in the 
morning, with burning and stinging pain, especially in the morning and 
evening, with redness of the lids, better in the middle of the day ; in the 
evening great photophobia, so that the candlelight could not be endured ; 
reading by the light was very difficult, as though there were a mist about 
the light and a red and green halo; thick, slimy discharge, with agglutina- 
tion of the lids),'°=. — Twitching of the eyelids (after four and ten hours),'. — 
Heaviness of the eyelids, as if pressed upon,". — The eyelids are very heavy, 
with sleepiness (twelfth day),''l — Great heaviness of the eyelids (sixteenth 
day),'^ — Pressure and pressing in the left canthus,'. — [340.] Pres.sure in 
the upper lid, with violent stitches, as from a splinter, and vanishing of 
visual power (after four hours),^ — Pressure in the eyelids (after eight days),'. 
— Tearing in the margins of both lids,''. — Biting in the canthi, in the morn- 
ing, even when not lying down,^. — Soreness and smarting of the eyelids ; 
she cannot close them,'*'. — Burning itching of the eyelids,'. — Burning biting 
in the right lower lid, in the morning,'. — Itching of the upper lid,'. — 
Lachryninl Apparatus. *Swelling in the region of the right 
lachrymal gland and lachrymal sac (after six days),'. — Eyes and nose 
water,'". — [350.] Lachrymation in the outer canthi,'. — Lachrymation and 
a kind of dimness of the eyes,'. — Vision. ^Vision indistinct, misty, with 
flickering before the eyes (twelfth day),^^ — * Dimness of vision,^^^^. — Dimness 
of vision all day (fitth day),'l — She cannot open the eyes in the morning 
on account of painful photophobia,^ — Photophobia; the daylight blinds,'. 
— Paroxysms of photophobia, alternating with inflammation of the white 
of the eye and lachrymation (after ten days),'. — jMuscse volitantes before 
the eyes,'. — Blinding of the eyes by daylight, so that for moments he can 
see nothing, in paroxysms,'. — [360.] Slight fluttering before the eyes,'".— 
At first she lost the clearness of sight only momentarily,'^ — Misty visions ; 
she cannot see anything clear ; this was constantly so for two days,". — 
*She could neither read nor write ; everything ran together,^. — The eyes 
seemed veiled (second day),'. — Everything seems pale before the eyes dur- 
ing the menses,'. — Seems befogged after eating ; the eyes seem ijlinded ; 
cannot raise them (after ten days),'. — A persistent speck before the right 
eye,'". — It became black before the eyes after the headache,'. 

Ear. — *Sivelling of the outer ear, with thin discharge from the inner ear, 
with hissing, affecting the hearing,^ — [370.] Margins of the ears inflamed 
and moist,'. — Thin discharge from the left ear (after five days),'. — Large 
amounts of thin earwax (after nine days),'. — Fine tearing beneath and 
behind the right ear, at 1 p.m. (fifth day),'.— Jerking cutting in the bone 
behind the ear,'.— Tearing behind the right ear,'.— Pricking, aching, and 
itching in the ears, left chiefly,^l— Cramplike drawing in the right ear 
(after twenty-four hours),'.— Pain in the right ear (first day),".— Painful 
pressure in the meatus auditorius,'.— [380.] Pressive pain in the left ear 
On blowing the nose,'. — ^Drawing pain in the meatus auditorius, like otal- 
gia,^. — Drawing pain in the right ear and down the neck,'. — Tearing in 


and on the ear^— Jerking pain in the left ear,\ — Shooting pain in left 
ear, with a feeling as if humor was flowing from it,'^ — Stitches and tearing 
in the right ear,".— Stitches in the left ear,"; (thirty-third day ),'^—*'S'^ifcAes 
in the ears (eighth day),'". — Sticking pain from the left ear to the left tem- 
ple (fifteenth day),^l — [390-1 *Itehing in the ear, especially on swallowing, '^. 
— Itching in both ears,''l — Throbbing in the ear shakes the eyes, so that 
objects move up and down,'. — Throbbing in the ear upon which he lies at 
night,'. — Throbbing in the right ear,'. — *The ears seem stopped (after eight 
da.js),^.— Hearing. ^Painful sensitiveness of the ear to loud sounds,'. 
— * Oversensitiveness to noise, even to starting up,'. — * The hearing is very 
sensUivii}, — Hearing in both ears stopped for a short time, in the afternoon 
(second day),*. — [400.] Difficulty of hearing, suddenly coming and going 
(second day),'^ — Difficulty of hearing, increased after eating,'. ^*Z>i^e?(/^ 
hearing of the human wice,'. — ^Diminished hearing, from roaring in the 
head,'. — Bubbling in the right ear, as if something were beating upon the 
drum, which tingles in the head and makes him anxious,'. — Bubbling in 
the right ear,'. — Chirping as of crickets in the ear,'. — Cracking in the ear 
on swallowing,'. — Rhythmical fluttering in the left ear,'. — Dull humming 
in the ear, with difficult hearing, and a sensation as if something were in 
the ear, especially in the morning on rising, lasting four days,". — [410.] 
Fluttering noises in the ears,'. — Ringing in the ears, in the evening (thirty- 
first day),^\ — * Roaring in the ears,'; (sixteenth day),'^; (second day),'^ — 
Roaring in the ears, like the sound of a bell, so violent that he could not 
lie down at night on account of it, but was obliged to rise and walk about 
for a quarter of an hour at a time (after five days),'. — Roaring in the left 
ear before and after eating,'. — Thundering, roaring, and grumbling in the 
ear (alter thirty-six hours),'. 

Wose. — *A smarting painful scab deep in the right nostril,'^. — Constant 
sneezing, but she cannot do it satisfactorily,'^ — Frequent sneezing in the 
afternoon and following forenoon (after five days),". — '^Frequent sneezing 
(after thirty-six hours),'. — [420.] A sneezing cold, lasting several days,^°. 
— *Frequent, but usually ineffectual, efforts to sneeze (after twenty-eight, and 
forty-eight hours),'. — Coryza (eighth day),'^ — Constant coryza,^". — Coryza 
and cough, with swelling of the submaxillary glands, pain in the throat on 
swallowing, great chilliness; she was obliged to lie down ; an hour after- 
wards, in bed, burning heat over the whole body,'. — *Fluent coryza (after 
five, six, and twelve days),'. — *Violent coryza for several weeks (first 
days),'. — Profuse coryza (after a few hours),'. — *Dry coryza (seventh day),'". 
— * Dry coryza; could not get air through the ?iose (tenth day),'". — [430.] 
Dry coryza, with rough voice (after one hour and a half),". — *She could 
not get rid of a catarrh, that was at one time dry, at another fluent,^. — Dry 
catarrh, in the morning, on waking,^ — ^Discharge of much mucus from the 
nose, without coryza,^. — Profuse thick mucus discharged from the nose 
(eighth day),^'. — *Much acrid water runs from the nose,without coryza, mak- 
ing the nose sore and bloody internally and externally, together with the odor 
of blood or of freshly slaughtered auimals, for five days,'. — Stufied sensa- 
tion in and running from the nose, as if he had a cold in his head,'"'. — 
Nose and eyes water,'". — Violent nosebleed during dinner ; the blood flowed 
from the right nostril, was profuse, dark red, followed by relief of the head- 
ache (tenth day),"*. — Profuse nosebleed (after twenty hours),'. — [440.] 
Drops of blood fall from the nose at times, only on stooping,'. — Bleediuw 
from the nose,'*; (first days),'. — ^Nosebleed after inserting the finger, with 
dryness of the nose,^. — Blowing of bloody mucus from the nose,'. — * Complete 


stoppage of the nose, so that she could scarcely speak ; was obliged to keep 
the mouth open to breathe (after twelve hours)/. — Nose somewhat stopped 
(fourth day),''l— Obstruction of the nose in the morning, followed by coryza 
during the after-part of the day,'^ — Pressure over the nose, in the raorn- 
iug/- — Biting pains, as if ulcerating, about the nostrils, streaming up into 
the brain, causing a tense, throbbing pain in the forehead ; tip of the nose 
very painful to touch, as if suppurating, for two days (after ten days),'. — 
*Soreness on the back of the nose, as if the nasal bone had been beat en (second 
day),'^ — [450.] Tearing in the left wing of the nose,'. — ^Drawing in the 
root of the nose and in the right malar bone,^. — Fine drawing tearing in the 
nose,'. — Painfulness of the septum of the nose,'. — Burning-shooting pains 
in tip of nose, flying up to forehead,''^ — A burning stitch on the side of the 
nose,'. — Crawling and burrowing in the tip of the nose,'. — Itching and sore 
pain in the furrow behind the ring of the nose (without soreness),'. — *ltch- 
ingin the nose,'; (twenty-sixth day),^. — Smell excessively acute (curative 

Face. — [460.] Swelling of the face, lips, and submaxillary glands, with 
chilliness and icy-cold feet,'. — She is very pale, as after a long illness, for 
several days (after three days),". — Paleness of the face,'; (first and seventh 
days),'^ — Her face burned painfully,'l — Cheeks. IDrawing pain in the 
bones of the cheeks and behind the ear, worse on touch,'. — Two painful 
tearings in the left cheek extended upward, in the forenoon, during the 
menses (tenth day),^ — Tearing in both cheelss for four hours, followed by 
a sensation as if the left molars were on edge,^ — Lips. Swelling of the 
upper lip and gum, very painful to touch,'. — Great swelling of the lower 
lip for two days (after seventeen days),'. — *A very painful pimple on the 
margin of the red of the lower lip,'-. — [470.] Blisters, with smarting pain in 
the red of the upper lip,'. — Blisters on the margin of the red of the upper lip, 
at first with itching, then, when scabby, only smarting pain,'. — Itching scab 
on the upper lip, in the margin of the red (after sixteen days),'. — Lips dry 
and cracked, '^ — Dryness of the lips,''; (fifth day),'^ — Lips feel much 
parched ; soreness of the palate,^'. — Lips hot (seventh day),'l — JTatV, Oc- 
casional aching in upper and lower jawbones,^l — Aching of both jaws,*°. — 
Painful contractive cramp in the left submaxillary articulation, and after- 
wards in the temple,". — [480.] Bruised pain in the articulation of the jaw, 
in front of the left ear, when touched and on chewing,'. — Tension in the 
articulation of the jaw (immediately),'^ — Pressive pain in the angle of the 
lower jaw, extending into the ear, while yawning,'. 

]Houth. — Teeth. Teeth loose and sensitive when chewing,'. — *The 
teeth become loose and the gum painful to the slightest pressure (sixteenth 
day),'^. — * Inflammation of a molar, with swelling and soreness of the gum,'. — 
All her teeth feel loose and elongated," — Her teeth feel too large and long 
for her mouth,'\ — Teeth on edge for four weeks,'. — Upper teeth on edge as 
from acids,'. — [490.] Aching pain in all the teeth,'l — Constant aching in all 
the teeth,'''. — A back tooth when biting pains as if ulcerating,'. — Toothache 
in the morning on waking, lasting till shortly after rising,'. — Dull pain, 
especially in the molars, after dinner and from drinking,'. — Constant 
simple toothache, disappearing while eating; most violent at night, pre- 
venting sleep,'. — Toothache after eating,'. — Tensive toothache,'. — Tooth- 
ache mostly when eating warm food and on taking cold air into the 
mouth,'. — The boy was attacked with a kind of teething fever ; although 
he had all of his teeth he drooled, bored his hands into his mouth, and 
had heat in the head in the evening,'. — [500.] A lower molar is painful, 


as if too long/.— Two painful jerkings in the right upper back teeth (first 
day),*.— Violent toothache and pain in the whole lower jaw, pressure and 
jerking, so that he could not sleep the whole night,\— Violent pressure in 
a hollow tooth,'. — Drawing pain in a hollow tooth/. — Drawing in a hollow 
tooth in paroxysms,*. — Drawing in the lower incisors,'.— Drawing-tearing 
toothache with soreness of the gums,*". — Tearing toothache when eating, 
lasting a quarter of an hour afterwards,'. — Tearing-sticking toothache in a 
hollow tooth only when eating (after ten days),'.— [510.] Sticking tooth- 
ache, on account of which he could take nothing warm nor cold into the 
raouth,'. — Sticking toothache, that did not permit him to sleep at night, 
with heat on the cheek ; he could take nothing warm into the mouth,'. — 
Shooting into one incisor while eating (after nineteen days),'. — Stitches 
from a strong wind in a sound tooth, which was painful as from an ulcer, 
followed by swelling of the lower jaw (after eighteen days),'. — Burning 
stitches in several teeth, which began to be painful after eating ; the pain 
worse at night, aggravated by inhaling cold air, with heat of the head and 
burning in the cheeks,'. — Gums, ^Painful inflamed swelling of the gum 
(after six days),'. — Swelling of the gum ; warm drinks cause burning, and 
when chewing the gum is painful as if sore,'. — The gums are quite inflamed,"'''. 
— Several gum-boils,''^ — *Small gum-boil on the swollen gnvi,^. — [520.] Sore, 
painful blisters on the gum and inside the lips,'. — ■*Sore gum^. — The gums 
are very sore.^l — *Tlie gum is painfully sensitive on taking cold water 
into tie mouth,'. — Cool feel in upper gums,'". — Sensation of constriction in 
the gum immediately, ''. — Swelling of the right half of the tongue without 
pain (after five days),'. — Tongue. Tongue coated, "I — White-coated 
tongue in the morning (tenth day), 'I — Tongue very dry, with sensation as 
from pungent spices (eighteenth day),'*. — [530.] * Tongue Jeeh sore (sixth 
day),'*. — Tongue sore with painful spots on the tip,^ — Two or three times 
she had to wipe her tongue, fancying there was a hair on it, lying length- 
ways, and coming up as it were from the windpipe,'^. — *Sensation as if a 
hair were lying on the forepart of the tongue,'. — *Sensation as if a 
hair icere on the tip of the tongue and extended into the trachea, where it 
caused a crawling, so that he was frequently obliged to cough and hack (after 
ten days),'. — Numbness of the tongue,'. — General Month. *Bad odor 
from the mouth in the morning, almost like the salivation of mercury,'. — 

* Painful ulcer in the corner of the mouth (after thirty-seven days),'. — 

* Corner of the mouth ulcerated with an itching sensation, with scabs for many 
days (after twenty-four hours),'. — A fungoid ulcer on the inner surface of 
the lower lip,'. — [540.] An ulcer on the palate reaching to the gum,'. — 
The left sublingual gland was painful on deep pressure (third day),-\ — 
Great heat comes from the mouth,'. — Slimy mouth, with qualmishness, in 
the morning after waking (seventh day),^. —Acidity in the mouth always 
after eating (after three, and ten days),'. — Great dryness and some bitter- 
ness of the mouth with thirst (sixteenth day),'l — Dryness of the mouth 
while walking in the open air,'. — * Constant dryness of the mouth (after 
thirty hours),'. — Mouth and lips seem dry,'. — Constant dryness of the 
mouth,*".- [550.] Dryness of the mouth without thirst,^'. — Mouth very 
dry,'^ — Soreness of the palate, which assumed a pale-yellow color,'". — 
Soreness of the palate ; lips feel much parched,"'. — Some stitches in the 
curtain of the palate,'. — Itching on the hard and soft palate,'. — Saliva, 
Water constantly collects in the mouth, is obliged to spit it out,'. — Much 
saliva in the mouth (after eight days),'.— Tas^e. Sense of taste and ap- 
petite become defective,^'. — Loss of taste and appetite,'^ — [560.] Bitter- 


ness in the mouth, as if the stomach were foul,^'. — Bitter taste in the morn- 
ing,'. — Everything, even water, tastes bitter for several days (after three 
days),^ — Bitter taste in the morning after rising (third day),'. — Bitter 
mouth,'''*''; (sixteenth and twentieth days),'^ — Taste of blood in the mouth 
in the morning,'. — Sour taste in the mouth, with some bitterness,'. — Metallic 
taste in the throat while sneezing (fifty-sixth day),^". — Bad taste in the 
morning on waking,'. — Filthy taste in the morning, as of rotten eggSj^l — 
[570.] Foul, clammy, and putrid taste,^". — Taste as of soapsuds,^'. — Offen- 
sive, slimy taste in the mouth,'. — Oily taste in the mouth (after a few 
hours),'. — Taste of food in the mouth for a long time after eating,'. 

OOhvont, — Throat swollen and painful,'^ — Swelling of the thyroid car- 
tilage ; the spot itches, with sticking, when touched,'. — Hawking of salt 
mucus,^ — Frequent hawking of thick mucus (first day),^ — *Hmuking up of 
yellow, very offensive balls of mucus,^. — [580.] Much mucus in the throat, 
which she was constantly obliged to hawk up (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
Rising of mucus in the throat, without cough (twenty-third day),**. — Dry- 
ness of the throat,'". — Dryness of the throat, as from a cold,^'. — Throat very 
dry, with hoarseness, and itching in the meatus auditorius,'. — Rawness in 
the throat during cough (twenty-third day),**. — Rawness in the throat pro- 
vokes cough after dinner (first day),*. — Throat very raw.'.^Sore throat, 
with very much mucus in it (after forty-eight hours),'. — *Sore throat, as 
from a lump in the left side, on swallowing (after four days),'. — [590,] *Sore- 
ness of the throat, as if he swallowed over a sore spot, with, at times, stitches in 
it,^. — *Pressive soreness on the left side of the throat when swalloiving,'. — 
Swelling and tensive pain in the left side of the throat ; fauces red and 
irritated (seventh day),'*. — Scraping sore throat in the morning; sticking 
in it in the evening,'. — Roughness and scraping in the throat at night while 
lying on the right side in bed, on account of which she coughed for half 
an hour, with expectoration of mucus, several nights,'. — Scratching in the 
throat, that provokes hacking cough, with a sensation of rawness in the 
bronchi, most distressing in the morning, on waking, and in the evening 
after lying down, for four days,**. — Scraping sensation low down in the 
throat, in the evening (seventh day),'*". — ^Sticking sore throat only on swal- 
lowing, with pain in the throat, even to touch,^. — Sticking in the throat when 
coughing,'^'. — Feeling as of a lump in the left side of the throat ; she could 
only swallow with great difficulty ,'^ — [600.] Pricking in the throat, as 
from a pin or needle, causing her to cough,'^'. — Burning in the throat and 
chest (after six days),"*'. — Burning and stinging in the throat, especially 
when yawning and swallowing,''". — Burning in the throat,*'. — Violent tick- 
ling in the throat provokes cough,'*'. — Tickling itching in the region of the 
pit of the throat, that threatens suflTocation until a deep shattering cough 
breaks out, which continues uninterruptedly for several hours, and causes 
pain in the lower abdomen and throat,'. — Bitter taste in the throat, as if 
coming from the stomach,'. — Nauseous sensation in the throat, in the after- 
noon,'. — On swallowing, food gets into the choanse,'. — Sensation as if pieces 
of food were in the choanse,'. — [610.] Sensation of great dryness in the 
choanse,'. — Uvula. Elongation of the uvula, with dryness of the throat,'. 
— * Uvula swollen,': — Pharynx. Soreness in the pharynx from singing,'. 
—Swallowing difficult ; food descends only slowly ; at first a gurgling in 
the pharynx, that gradually descends to the stomach, three seconds after 
which the food AQsc&nds,,K— External Throat. Hard swelling of both 
parotid glands, with tensive pain on moving the head, and on touch,'. — 
Swelling of a parotid gland, with sticking pain,'. — *Swelling of the submax- 


illary glands, painful when touched, with drawing pain in them, and with sore 
throat on swalloiving, as from an internal swelling (after twenty- four hours)/. 
— (There recommenced a discharge from an old abscess in the submaxillary 
gland that had discharged years before, but was now covered with a scab), 
(third day),'*. — ^Swelling of the cervical glands (after five, and twenty-five 
days),'. — Swelling of the glands of the neck and nape of the neck (after 
nine days),'. — [620.] Swollen cervical glands,^. — The cervical muscles of the 
right side are swollen,'. — -The submaxillary glands are painful to touch, but 
not swollen,^. — Stitches in the swollen submaxillary glands (after three 
days,'. — Violent contractive pain in the submaxillary glands (forty-first 

StomacJi. — Appetite, Oreat appetite; desire for bread and warm 
food; immediately after eating, the appetite and thirst returned (tenth 
day),". — *Ravenous hunger, so that it was difficult to fall asleep (fourteenth 
day),". — *Ravenous hunger before supper, with complete loss of appetite and 
trembling in all the limbs, folloived by chilliness and coldness over the ivhole 
body, with heat in the chest (second day),'. — Ravenous hunger, in the morn- 
ing,'. — Ravenous hunger towards evening, and after eating, a slight sensa- 
tion of nausea in the pit of the stomach,*. — [630.] Ravenous hunger, with 
collection of water in the mouth,'.-— Ravenous hunger appeased only by 
lying still a short time,'. — ^Excessive hunger,^. — Constant hunger, and after 
eating, fulness in the stomach, and even then hunger,'. — Gnawing hunger, 
that is for only a short time relieved by a bite of bread,'. — She is hungry, 
but will swallow no food,'. — Hunger in the evening ; he ate more than 
usual and then was not satisfied, but after a quarter of an hour there was 
a feeling of fulness in the stomach (after fifteen days),'. — Is very hungry; 
eats as usual, and then complains that everything seems to be up in the 
throat,'. — Appetite for he does not know what, with accumulation of water 
in the mouth,'. — Appetite for only cold, raw food,'. — [640.] She ate very 
little, immediately became averse to everything,'. — -Aversion to meat,'. — 
Appetite bad (sixteenth day),"'. — * Diminished appetite,^^ ; (sixteenth day),'". 
— Loss of appetite, with clean tongue (fourth, fifth, and sixth days),*. — 
Sense of appetite and taste became defective,*". — Loss of appetite and t.aste,^^ 
— Complete loss of appetite,'.— T/iirs^. *Thirst,". — Increased thirst,'^ — 
[650.] Drinks more than usual,*. — Very great thirst and dryness in the 
throat (after ten days),'. — Excessive thirst, without desire to drink, even 
during the chill (third and fourth days),". — Much thirst (after five days),'. 
—Much thirst at night ; the mouth was constantly dry (after forty-eight 
hours),'. — JEtUlCtatlons. * Eructations,^'' ; (thirty-fifth day ),'^*.— Frequent 
eructations of gas (after forty-eight hours),'*. — Frequent not disagreeable 
eructations (third day),'l — Uprisings of water into the mouth, which she 
was obliged to spit out (fourth day),".— Eructations tasting of the food 
always after eating, for many days,".— [660.] ''Acid eructations, with burn- 
ing in the throat, after a meal,''. — Acid eructations, in the evenino-,'. — Sour 

and bitter eructations, in the morning, as from a disordered stomach '. 

Eructations, acidity, and a horrible taste coming up from the stomach 
always after eating, and lasting till eating again,'.— Constant belching up of 
wind from the stomach,''.- Loud uprisings,'.— Loud, uncontrollable belch- 
ings of wind, lasting for nearly half an hour, and attended by much nau- 
sea,".— Violent eructations after supper,'.— Violent eructations (twentieth 
Aa.y),^\— Hiccough. Hiccough for twenty-five minutes, between 12 and 
12.30 (third day),'.— [670.] Hiccough before and after eating,'. — Hic- 
cough, in the evening in hed,\— Heartburn. Warm uprisings' from the 


stomach to the throat,'. — Heartburn rising up from the stomach after every 
meal ; water collects in the mouth, and she must spit a great deal (after 
seven, and twenty days),'.— Intense heartburn, with sense of load at epi- 
gastrium,*".— iVai/sea and Vomiting. Nausea,'^"; (first day ),'»".— 
Nausea at night (first night),'. — Nausea on rising in the morning (tenth 
clay),"''- — Nausea, with belchings of wind,".— Nausea, with pressure in the 
stomach (thirty-sixth day),'l— [680.] Nausea, as after an emetic,'.— A 
kind of nausea while walking in the open air,'. — Nausea, as if in the lower 
abdomen, that at one time rises, at another descends, several' days in suc- 
cession,'. — Nauseated, faint, and tremulous suddenly while .smoking (his 
usual tobacco),'. — Nausea and qualmishness in the morning for several 
days,'. — Nausea after eating, that disappears after lying down,'. — Nausea 
in the stomach and discomfort over the whole body, so that she was obliged 
to lie down, after which she felt better, at 5 p.m., during supper (seventh 
day),". — Great nausea during dinner (second day),^'. — Very frequent nau- 
sea without vomiting, even when fasting in the morning, as if in the pit of 
the stomach, with good appetite and natural taste to the food (after twenty 
days),'. — Transient nausea in the morning, followed by weakness and 
chilliness, lasting till noon,'. — [690.] She is attacked with nausea during 
coition (after twenty-one days),'. — Constant nausea and sense of emptiness 
at stomach,'^ — Nausea, with painfulness in the epigastric region and in- 
clination to eructate, which she could not, in the forenoon (seventh day),". 
— Nausea and efforts to vomit (seventh day),'". — Nausea, even to vomiting, 
immediately after eating ; he scarcely dared to eat thin soup,". — Ineffect- 
ual retching, waterbrash, with nausea,''^ — Inclination to vomit (twentieth 
day),'^; (fourth day),". — She vomited the food, at 9 A.m. (fourth day),". — 
Stomach. Fulness for two hours after eating, relieved only by eructa- 
tions,'. — Discomfort after eating (tenth day),'". — [700.] He frequently 
woke at night on account of pain in the stomach, at first pressive, after- 
wards pinching,'. — Paroxysms of spasmodic pain in the stomach after eat- 
ing,'. — Pain in the pit of the stomach after violent cough,'. — Pain in the 
pit of the stomach (first day),". — Violent pain, heavy weight, and crampy 
sensation at pit of stomach,*'. — Attacks of twisting in the pit of the stomach, 
followed by nausea rising up, with violent palpitation and violent pressure 
in the sternum, extending up to the throat ; she was obliged to gulp up bitter 
water; relieved by eating, food was not vomited; in the morning, worse on 
rising from bed,'. — Drawing griping and sticking in and about the pit of the 
stomach and in both hypochondria, extending to the hip joints,'. — Griping 
and gnawing in the stomach, with nausea and cold creeping over the back 
and neck, with audible rumbling in the abdomen, disappearing on lying 
down with the legs drawn up,'. — Griping and clawing in the stomach (after 
one hour),'. — Griping, pinching, and pressure above the stomach and in the 
hypochondria, in frequent paroxysms, for a week,'. — ^[710.] A screwing- 
together sensation in the epigastric region, not very painful, frequently, 
soon followed by a soft stool, in the forenoon (fifth day),". — Melancholic 
anxiety in the pit of the stomach during the menses, so that she wished to 
drown herself,'. — Sticking in the stomach (first day),". — Sensation as if a 
stone were lying in the stomach, with a feeling of fulness,'. — Flatulent food 
presses like a lump in the stomach ; is obliged to vomit,'. — * Heaviness like 
lead in the stomach,^. — Sensation of heaviness in the stomach, with loss of 
appetite,'. — * Pressure in the stomach after eating,^ ". — Pressure in the stom- 
ach (first day)," ; (forty-second day),'\ — *Mueh pressure in the stomach 
(after fourteen days),'. — [720.] Pressive pain in the pit of the stomach 


(fifth day),". — Pressure, then pinching pain, in the stomach, followed by a 
single eructatiou,^— Pressure in the stomach and cutting in the intestines, 
for half an hour,'. — Pressure in the stomach, aggravated by walking in the 
open air, with frequent empty eructations,'. — Pressure and nausea in the 
stomach, with aversion to all food, in the evening (third day),^ — Pressure 
in the stomach, as from something heavy, after dinner (tenth day),^l — 
Pressure at the epigastrium, as from having eaten too much,'^ — Pressive 
pain at epigastrium, like indigestion,™. — Violent pressure, as from_ a stone, 
in the stomach (fifteenth day),'l — Cold pain at epigastrium, as if a cold 
stone were in the stomach,^'. — [730.] Sometimes a cutting feel, again, a 
sensation as of a heavy weight, and a kind of tightness at the pit of the 
'Stomach,^*. — * Burning in the. pit of the stomach,^. — Burning above the pit 
of the stomach, almost like heartburn,'. — Woke after midnight with burn- 
ing in the stomach and qualmishness, followed by empty eructations of the 
food taken the previous evening, without offensive taste (after fifteen days),'. 
— After eating, weakness, like that of ravenous hunger, which disappears 
after eating again (without relish), (first day),'. — Weakness of the stomach 
after eating,^ — Although he had a good appetite, his stomach seemed in- 
active,^ — The stomach feels much disordered,™. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria, Cramplike pain across the hypo- 
chondria, extending into the back, especially on motion (tenth day),'^ — 
A gradually drawing, dull pain in both hypochondria, extending to the 
spine, less at night,'. — [740.] Stitches below the hypochondria (first day),'*». 
— Stitches in the hypochondria,^ — Aching pain in right hypochondrium,™. 
— * Constant pressure in the right hypochondrium,^. — A very violent dull 
stitch in the right hypochondriura, extending through the abdomen and 
out at the opposite side, sharp, together with a violent pain in the pit of 
the stomach, relieved by bending up, at 2.30 p.m. (fifth day),'. — Some 
sharp, very fine (burning) stitches in the right hypochondrium, in the after- 
.noon (fifth day),l — Umbilicus and Sides. Constrictive griping in 
the umbilical region (seventh day),'**. — Colic; constrictive pain about the 
navel, with at times stitches; the abdomen is distended; the pains continue 
until there occurs a thin stool, accompanied by flatus (twelfth day"),". — 
Constrictive pain about the navel after dinner, followed by a pasty stool 
thinner than usual (first day),'*. — Constrictive colic in the umbilical region 
(first day),'\ — [750.] Digging sensation about the navel, in the afternoon 
(first day),".' — Pressure beneath the umbilical region just before and during 
a stool,". — Pressive sensation about the navel, followed by flatulence and 
emission of much flatus (fifth day),". — Pressure in the umbilical region,'. 
— Sticking pain about the navel on deep inspiration (fourth day),". — Cut- 
ting and griping about the navel, at 9.30 a.m. (first day),l — Cutting pain 
in the region of the navel, going right through to the back, and coming on 
at intervals,'^ — Cutting in the umbilical region from time to time (after 
two days),'. — Pain, with cutting, about the navel and desire for stool, fre- 
quently coming and going, after midnight and in the forenoon (second 
day),^ — Momentary pinching pain at the navel,™. — [760.] Pain, like a 
pinching, about the navel, and afterwards in the whole of the abdomen, 
with the euiission of much watery leucorrhoea, as during menses (fourth 
day),^ — Pain beneath the right ribs posteriorly (in the region of the kid- 
neys), in the evening,'. — Violent stitches in the right side of the abdomen, 
with flatulence (twelfth day),'^— Stitches in the right side of the abdomen 
(fourth day),^l — Stitches in the left side of the abdomen, below the hypo- 
chondrium (seventh day),'\— Sharp stitches in the left flank (sixteenth 


day),". — Some stitches in the left side of the abdomen, in the evening (first 
day),'. — Sticking pain in the left side of the abdomen, more externally, 
only when walking (after six hours),*. — General Abdomen. *Abdo- 
men constantly hard, greatly distended, making him very uncomfortable,^.— 
* Abdomen very much distended ; no emission of flatus but eructations,'. — 
[770.] * The abdomen became very large ; it increased as usual after eating, 
so that it seemed constantly verytense,^. — * Abdomen distended and tense (fifth 
night),'". — Flatulent distension, so that he almost burst (thirty-eighth 
day),^'. — * Abdomen hard, tense (sixth day),'". — *The abdomen as far up 
as the stomach is distended (after twenty-four days),'. — '*Abdo7nen thick and 
heavy, like a weight,^. — * Abdomen hot and tense, with rumbling and grumbling 
in it, with constant diarrhoea^. — Colic, with distension of the abdomen ; the 
pains gradually ceased after the emission of flatus (twentieth day),'l — 
*Flatulence with distended abdomen,''^. — Flatuleuce, causing stitches in the 
small of the back,'",. — [780.] Incarceration of flatus, causing contraction 
of the chest, at night (after twelve days),'. — Frequent emission of flatus,* ; 
(eighteenth day),'*. — *Very offensive flatus (second day),'. — Audible move- 
ments about the abdomen,'. — Audible rumbling in the abdomen after the 
pain had ceased, in the afternoon (fifth day),'. — Rumbling in the abdo- 
men,'"'^"''; (fourth and sixth days),'". — Movements in the intestines,™*. — 
Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, especially in the vicinity of an in- 
guinal hernia (after twelve hours),'. — Violent rumbling in the abdomen,'. 
■ — Movements in the intestines (fourth day),'". — [790.] Violent movements 
in the intestines after eating, with colic, followed after a short time by four 
watery stools, with flatulence and relief of the pain (eighth day),'\. — Some 
colic (first day),'^. — Colic (eighth day),". — Colic pains after a stool (twenty- 
ninth day),". — Colic before the emission of flatus,'. — Colic, with great in- 
clination to stretch,'. — Colic, as from incarcerated flatus, with pressure to- 
wards the rectum, as if wind would pass,'. — Colic, consisting of rumbling 
and constrictive pain in the abdomen, with distension, followed by emission 
of flatus and relief of the pain and rumbling (sixth day),'". — Acute colic 
after eating a little at noon and in the evening, relieved after many eructa- 
tions,'. — Violent colic (twelfth day),'l — [800.] Violent colic even after some 
warm beer, disappearing after rumbling in the abdomen and eructations of 
gas (after two days),'.^ — Violent colic, with a feeling as though she were stiff"- 
ened ; the hands became yellow, the nails blue, as if dead (after five days),'. 
— Violent, transient, griping colic nearly every afternoon,'. — Griping colic 
before every emission of flatus,'. — After a stool the colic was somewhat re- 
lieved; he was quite exhausted, fell into a light dose, from which he woke 
again with the most violent colic,'. — Griping in the abdomen while walking 
in the open air (twentieth day),'.— Griping, with flatuleuce (first day),'*'.— 
Griping in the abdomen,"; (second day),'".— Griping-cutting pains in the 
abdomen, extending over the whole abdomen, 'I — Griping colic two hours 
after eating, returning from time to time,'. — [810.] Feeling of fulness in 
the abdomen, worse in the umbilical region, feeling as if the intestines were 
tossed about, at times with emission of offensive flatus, with some distension 
of the abdomen (fifteenth day),™. — After eating, everything seems too full, 
a feeling as if the clothes pressed him, with retraction of the abdomen,'. — 
Some pain in the abdomen (first day),".— Fain in the abdomen,"' '=* '' '*.— 
Pains in the upper part of the abdomen (first and fourth days),".— Pains 
in the abdomen, somewhat relieved by the application of warm cloths,'. — 
Pains in the abdomen, as if the intestines were shaken up, with gurgling 
noises and watery stools, without tenesmus (second day),"". — After eating, 

TOL. IX. — 2 


pain in the abdomen, like a twisting in the intestines,'. — The pains in the 
abdomen were relieved by the emission of flatus (fifth day),". — Constant 
pain in the abdomen, even with constipation, \ — [820.] Violent pain in the 
abdomen ; the child cries about his stomach day and night,'. — Pressive 
pain in the abdomen,\ — Pressure in the abdomen after eating,'. — Pressure 
in the whole abdomen, in the morning, with rumbling and emission of 
flatus without relief,'. — Cutting pain in the abdomen (tenth day),'". — Cut- 
ting colic by paroxysms, also at night (after thirteen days),'. — Cutting in 
the upper abdomen after dinner (after six hours),'. — Cutting in the abdo- 
men, disappearing half an hour after olfaction of Hepar sulph. ; afterwards, 
the symptoms in the stomach and tearing in the limbs disappeared,'. — 
Tearing in abdomen (after ten days),'. — Gurgling in the intestines,^°J. — 
[830.] Twisting pain in the abdomen,'. — Burning in the intestines,. — 
ISticking burning in the upper abdomen, in the morning after rising, last- 
ing an hour, imperfectly relieved by stool, with pressure in the rectum,'.— 
Mypogastf i nm and Iliac Region. Oppression of the lower ab- 
domen, at noon and in the evening, like a falling, partly towards the rec- 
tum, partly towards the genitals,'. — Griping pains in lower abdomen, as 
from something that did not agree with him,''. — Colicky pains in the lower 
bowels, with straining and increase of pain during an evacuation,". — Vio- 
lent pains, like contractions, in the lower abdomen, followed by profuse 
perspiration all over, at night,'. — ■* Violent cutting in the lower abdomen, 
with incarcerated flatiis ; every step is painfully felt (after lifting a light 
weight),'. — Cutting in the lower abdomen, without diarrhoea,'. — *Infiamed 
iarjidnal glands as large as peas, painful to touch,^. — [840.] Sticking pain 
in the right and left iliac regions (fourth day),". — Transient violent tear- 
ing in both groins, in the evening (fifth day),'. — Pain in the inguinal her- 
nia (after two days),'. — Violent sticking and contractive pains in a hernia 
(which he had had for a long time),^'. — Pain in the place of a hernia, as 
if something would be torn out,'. — *Painfulness in the place of a hernia, 
with distension of the abdomen,^. — Pain in the right groin,'. — Tearing and 
drawing through the right inguinal canal,'. — Sensation of swelling in the 
left groin, or as if a hernia were pressing out,'. 

Mectum and Anus. — A vein as large as a quill protrudes from tha 
anus, with itching and pressure (after four days),'. — [850.] *The haimor- 
rhoids protrude excessively during the stool, return with difficulty, and ivith 

discharge of bloody mucus from the rectum,'^. — * Moisture in the anus,'. 

Sticking pains in the hemorrhoids,'. — The hemorrhoids which protruded 
with the stool became strangulated in the anus (after twenty-one days),'. — 
* Although the haemorrhoids protruded but little yet they are painfully sensitive 
(after twenty -four hours),'. — *The stool remains a long time in the rectum, 
as if there ivere no power to expel it,^.—* Jerking, almost dull sticking pain in 
the rectum,'^. — *Cuttingf in the rectum,'. — *Stinging in the rectum,'. — *For 
several days burning in the rectum during stool,\ — [860.] Violent stitches 
in the rectum, extending towards the genitals, while walking (after thirty 
days),'.— -A coarse stitch in the rQci\xm,\—* Painful stinging itching in the 

rectum during sioo^'.— Itching in the rectum, in the evening,'. ^Tension 

in the anus,'.— Pressure in the anus after a soft stool,'. — * Boring cramp- 
like pain, extending from the anus into the rectum and testicles,'^.— Gontractive 
pain in the anus, extending forward (into the perinasum),'. — *Pain in the 
anus, as if constricted, during the stool,\~* Sticking in the anus (third 
day),'.— [870.] *Burning in the anus after a dry hard stool (fourth day) ' 
— ^Burning in the anus (fifth day),'.— Itching in the anus and htemor- 


rhoids,\ — Frequent burning pain in the perinseura, especially after coition/. 
— Frequent desire for stool, from 3 to 6 p.m. (first day)/'. — *rrequent de- 
sire for stool, but discharge of only mucus, with chilliness of the body, 
and qualmish nausea in the throat,^. — * Constant but ineffectual desire for 
stool, in the evening (first day),'. — Desire for stool, which was copious, two 
hours after eating (tenth day),'^ — Urging to stool, which was copious and 
rather soft (second day),'^ 

Stool. — JDiarrhoea. Diarrhoea without colic, day and night, for 
several days (after seven days),\ — [880.] ^Exhausting diarrhcea, at night 
(twentieth day)/. — Obliged to go to stool on waking at night (after five 
days)/. — Stool watery (first day),^**. — Six watery stools with flatulence 
(second day),'''. — Two watery stools with tenesmus (fifteenth day),'l — 
Stool thinner than usual (first day),'"*. — Stool almost thin, slimy, frothy 
and followed by burning and biting in the anus (seventh day)/. — Profuse 
thin stool, with great urging but without pain, after which the sleep was 
better (fiftieth day),'''. — Copious stool and urine,'. — Two soft stools (third 
day),". — [890.] Very frequent soft stools for two days, without diarrhoea 
(after thirteen days),'. — *Several soft stools, preceded by movements in the 
abdomen (after one hour and a half),'. — *Pasty stool (eighth day),". — Two 
pasty stools (fourteenth day),'''. — Pasty stool, with slimy membranous por- 
tions, followed by biting burning in the anus (sixth day),'. — Pasty stools, at 
4 and 6 p.M.,"^ — *Horribly offensive stools,'". — Stool lighter colored than 
usual,*. — Stool mixed with bloody mucus, followed by biting in the anus,'. 
— Discharge of blood and mucus from the anus, in which there was a vio- 
lent burning (eleventh and twentieth days'),'. — [900.] *Stool, ivith mucus, 
followed by itching in the anus (nineteenth day),'. — Reddish mucus with 
the stool,'. — *Frequent scanty discharge of liquid as offensive as carrion,^. — 
Evacuation of round worms with the stool,'. — Constipation. Stool 
hard, then again natural (the first days),'. — Stool partly hard, partly thin, 
with some urging,^'.—* Stool consisting of hard lumps, evacuated only 
with great effort, at 6 p.m.,'. — ^Stool always hard, even after ten days,'. — 
Stool as hard as stone (thirty-eighth day),"".— *Stool scanty, diificult (after 
twenty-four hours),*; after great urging and straining until the abdom- 
inal walls are sore, the stool that has already protruded slips back again,'. 
—[910.] *I)ry, hard, and light-colored stools,'".— *Hard isfoo/.?,'".— *Very 
hard stool, followed by burning in the anus, in the afternoon (fifth day),'. 
— *Very hard nodular stool, like clay-stones, evacuated only with great 
effort (third day),'. — *Natural stool, evacuated with much pressure and 
straining,'^. — * Constipation,^"'' ; (first day),'. — Constipation (first days), fol- 
lowed by very hard stools,'. — ^Absence of stool (first day),'. — Great consti- 
pation just before and during the menses,'. — * Constipation the first three 
days in spite of frequent straining ; the following days, very hard unsatis- 
factory stools, with very great effort,". — [920.] Constipation, for tivo 
days,*. — * Constipation for three days (after fourteen days) ; folloived by stool, 
consisting of small hard norf-ute,'.— Constipation for three days (after three 
days),'. — During the first part of the proving the constipation continued 
according to habit, afterwards the stools were freer,". 

Urinary Organs. — He feels a weakness in the urinary organs, 
constant desire to uriziate,'^— Pressure upon the bladder while urinating, 
followed by burning,'. — Constant fine stitches in the forepart of the 
urethra,'. — Cutting pain in urinating,'^— Cutting during micturition (six- 
teenth day),'. — Burning in the urethra while urinating,'.— [930.] Burning 
pain during micturition, for several days (after ten days),'". — Smarting in 


the urethra while urinating,'. — Constant desire to urinate, the urine was 
passed guttatirn, with violent burning pain in the urethra, for three days 
(after fourteen daysj,'.t — Desire to uriuate, with copious discharge,*. — De- 
sire to urinate, with scanty discharge,*.— Urging to urinate, with smarting 
in the urethra,\ — Frequent desire to urinate,^— Desire to urinate, with 
erections at night,*. — Frequent ineffectual efforts to urinate,^ — Involun- 
tary micturition while sitting, after urinating,'. — [940.] Awoke at night 
to urinate (sixth night),". — He woke at night in sweat, with desire to 
urinate,'. — He was obliged to uriuate every quarter of an hour, about 7 
A.M., for several days,'. — Obliged to rise nearly every night to urinate,*. — 
Frequent scanty emission of urine without pain (fifth day),'. — Did not rise 
ti urinate at night as usual (first day),'. — Urine scanty, with burning 
during the evacuation, in the afternoon (fifth day),'. — Urine red (tenth 
day),"^ — Urine hot, burning, pale yellow,'. — The urine is very sediment- 
ous,"'. — [950.] Urine very turbid,'". — The urine speedily becomes turbid,'. 
• — Red sandy sediment in the urine,'. — Profuse red sandy sediment in the 
urine (twenty-first day),'°. — The urine deposits a yellow sand,'. — Yellow 
gritty sediment in the urine (first days),'. 

Sexual Organs. — Frequent stitches through the genitals (thirty- 
third day),'°. — Distressing itching in the genitals while urinating,'. — Fre- 
quent violent erections during the day, without apparent cause (first days),'. 
— * Violent erections at night, without sexual desire,'. — [960.] Violent erec- 
tions, with relaxed scrotum (after five days),'. — -Violent erections, with 
drawing pain in the testicles,'. — Erections follow slowly (after twenty-three 
days),'. — No erections, even no trace of them (after several days),'. — Red- 
ness about the corona glandis, as if denuded of skin, with frequent itch- 
ing.'. — Swelling of the prepuce, with itching moist pimples externally,'. — 
Itching and red spots on the glands penis,'. — :Sharp pricking pains in the 
penis for ten minutes,''". — Burning pain in the prepuce after a stool,'. — 
Itching beneath the prepuce,'. — [970.] * Hydrocele,'' . — *Itching and a moist 
spot on the scrotum,'-. — Crawling on the scrotum,'. — The testicles are pain- 
ful, worse at night, but only when lying down,'. — Pain in the right testicle 
as if it were indurated,'. — Distending or compressing pain in the left tes- 
ticle, as from great swelling,'. — Jerking pains in the left testicle,'^ — Pres- 
sure in the spermatic cords, with the testicles hanging down relaxed (first 
days),'. — ^Dragging from the prostrate gland forward,'. — Sexual desire in- 
creased with erections (after twenty-one days),'. — [980.] Sexual desire 
greatly excited the first eight days, erections every half hour, day and 
night, with retracted testicles,'. — ^Lascivious thoughts (first and second 
days),' — Lascivious thoughts in the morning in bed, with erections (first 
to fourteenth day),'. — Sexual desire very weak, almost lost (first five 
weeks),'. — *Sexual desire very weak (the first three weeks),'. — Diminished 
sexual desire and fewer erections,'". — ^Emissions first night, and frequently 
afterwards,'. — Frequent and profuse emissions,'. — Emissions with heavy 
dreams, in a married man (first night),'.— Several emissions,'". — [990.] 

^Nocturnal emission, with sweat on the back, and waking about 2 a.m.,'. 

Discharge of prostatic fluid with every siooi,'.—* Discharge of prostatic fluid 
while straining at stool,'. — Female. Paini'ul eruption of pimples on the 
mons veneris,'. — The child of a pregnant woman moves very much,'. 

f Smelling of the spirits of Camphor and even a dose of a few drops had no effect 
neither had olfaction of Hepar sulph. ; but a drop of the ]2lh dilution of Canthari- 
des gradually removed the intolerable pains. 


Discharge of much white water from the uterus, with violent itching of the 
pudenda,'. — Profuse watery leucorrhoea after urinating, preceded by pain 
in the abdomen (ninth day),*. — Profuse leucorrhoea,'"'.— Profuse leucor- 
rhoeal discharge,^l — * The leucorrhoea causes bitinf/ pain, especially after acid 
food,'. — [1000.] Discharge of a quantity of white watery fluid from the 
vagina, quite unlike ordinary leucorrhoea,*'. — Leucorrhoea, in the evening 
(sixth day),'. — Some discharge of blood at the time of the new moon, for 
several days, eleven days before the right time for the menses,'. — Discharge 
of bloody mucus from the vagina, almost immediately after the menses,'. — 

* Bearing-down pains in the vagina,^. — *Itching of the pudenda,^. — * Violent 
burning and soreness of the pudenda, with eruption on the inner sides of the 
thighs, during the menses (after twenty-three days),'. — Reappearance of the 
menses, that had been absent for three months,'. — *Menses increased (after 
thirteenth and twentieth days),'. — Menses increased, with repeated attacks 
of icy coldness over the whole hody on their appearance,'. — [1010.] Menses 
three days too early (after five days),'. — Menses two days too early (after 
seven days),'. — Menses five days late,'. — The menses continued only five 
days, were very scanty and without pain (they usually last ten to fourteen 
days),^ — Menses delayed three or four days (after eighteen days),'. — 
Menses delayed five days, without other symptoms,'. — Very strong odor to 
the menstrual blood,'. — Diminished discharge of blood during the menses,'. 
— Silicea taken during the menses seems to suppress them for four days, 
afterwards they flow for four or five days and then remain away for six 
weeks,'. — *Menses suppressed,'. 

Respiratory Orf/ans. — [1020.] Sensation of soreness like rawness 
in the larynx, when breathing,'. — Pain in the region of the larynx, when 
lifting a heavy weight,'. — Tickling in the larynx with slight cough and 
hoarseness, '^ — Voice. ^Hoarseness (first day),^; (sixth day),'*; (about 
six hours after tincture),'"'. — Hoarseness while talking,'^''. — Constant hoarse- 
ness, with a painful sensation as if the throat were internally swollen,"". — 
Hoarseness, especially in the morning, so that she could scarcely speak 
aloud (after six days),'^. — Hoarseness, with frequent, dry, hacking cough 
(after three days),'. — Couffh and Eocpectoration. Cough at night 
(after fifteen days),'. — Cough in the morning and after going to bed,'. — 
[1030.] Cough, for five weeks,'. — * Cough, with hoarseness (nineteenth 
day),'. — Hoarse cough (after six days),'*^ — Frequent irritation to cough 
(twentieth day),^^ — Spasmodic cough (after twelve days),'.— *CoM5'/i, at 
first caused by tickling in the throat, gradually seeming to come from lower 
down in the throat, till on the thirty-fi^'d day it came from the chest and shook 
the abdomen, during the day consisting of sudden explosive coughs without 
expectoration, in the evening the cough became worse (thirty-first day),^*. — 

* Cough especially troublesoyne, after lying down in the evening and after 
waking in the morning, for eleven day^. — ^Slight cough and hoarseness, ivith 
tickling in the larynx,^. — Cough very violent, with lachrymation (twelfth 
and thirteenth days) ; the cough continued during the succeeding days, 
after two days it was very violent, especially after laughter, with sticking 
pain below the angle of the scapula and in the middle of the sternum on 
coughing; the cough was worse in the morning, with stitches in the chest, 
more in the middle of the sternum than at the sides, with stitches in the 
middle of the sternum on inspiration ; *with the morning cough there was a 
thick yellow expectoration; during the day the expectoration was insignifi- 
cant; the morning cough occurred on rising from bed; in the evening it 
occurred at 9 p.m., on going to bed, lasting from one-half to three-quarters 


of an hour, without expectoration and without pain ; nose very much 
stopped; could not breathe through the nose; this influenza continued sev- 
eral days, and after two days was associated *with difficulty of hearing, at 
times with ringing in the ears, with profuse white slimy discharge from the 
nose, cough diminished, thick yellow expectoration, cough and expectora- 
tion worse after rising, seldom in the evening and through the day (on 
account of this attack the proving was suspended),''. — Frequent cough 
towards evening, without expectoration (thirty-second day),^*. — [1040.] 
Distressing cough at night, till 4 A.M. (after five days)/. — Violent cough 
without expectoration, in the morning (thirty-third day),^°. — Cough caused 
by tickling in the throat (twenty-sixth day) ; becoming worse day by day ; 
on the twenty-eighth day there was a greenish lumpy expectoration, and 
afterwards always on coughing in the morning the same expectoration ; 
but throughout the day frequent cough without expectoration,'^. — Cough 
from morning till evening, with tickling and expectoration of mucus, also 
mucous expectoration without cough (twenty-second day),". — For two 
evenings, cough lasting all night, with fever, disappearing after warming 
the abdomen,^ — Cough, with shattering in the abdomen (twenty-ninth 
day),®. — Cough, with scraping in the throat, leaving a rawness (twenty- 
first day),". — * Fatiguing cough, ivith rattling of mucus, in the evening in 
hed^. — Cough with vomiting, when expectorating,'. — Talking always causes 
cough,'. — [1050.] * Cough caused by tickling and irritation in the throat,^. — 
Cough only on lying down at night and in the morning,'. — Cough that 
causes vomiting of mucus,'. — *Hacking cough caused by nightly tickling in 
the pharynx^. — *Haehing cough, caused by irritability in the throat (twenty- 
second day),''^ — Fatiguing cough, without expectoration (thirty-first day),^^ 
— Frequent dry cough (twenty-sixth day),^°. — *Freqnent dry hacking cough 
(after three days),'. — *Dry cough, that frequently wakes her at night, and 
also returns several times during the day (after four days),'. — Dry cough, 
with painfulness in the upper part of the sternum, in the morning after 
waking (sixth day),'. — [1060.] Dry cough, caused by cold drinks,'. — Fre- 
quent dry cough, only in short paroxysms,'. — Dry spasmodic cough, at 
intervals of a quarter of an hour, with great rawness in the chest and 
throat,'. — *Much dry hacking cough, causing soreness in the chest,\ — Dry 
cough without pain (fifth night),".— Short, dry, hacking cough,™.— Dry 
and hacking cough,^'.— Hoarse, dry cough,^\—*I)ry cough, even to vomit- 
ing, with anxious sweat at night; obliged to rise from bed,\ — Violent per- 
sistent cough, with expectoration of much transparent mucus,'. — [1070.] 
* Violent cough ivith expectoration, on lying down in bed ; the expectoration 
thick, yellow, lumpy (seventh day),'*".— Cough, especially after eating, 
with expectoration of white mucus,'. — Cough and expectoration for six- 
teen days, with painful scraping in the chest, disinclination to work, fret- 
fulness and weariness of the whole hoAy ,\-—* Constant cough for several 
m.onths; expectoration of much thick purulent m.ucus, in the morning and 
forenoon; large lumps of yellow mucus expectorated ivith puinftdness in the 
trachea'and chest, as f sore,".— Cough and expectoration, with scraping in 
the pit of the throat (ninth day),'*'.— Cough, especially between 8 and 9 
A.M., with expectoration of mucus and scraping in the throat (eighteenth 
day),'*.— Hacking cough with easy expectoration, in the morning (eighth 
day),'^— Cough, with yellowish green expectoration, from 7 to 10 a.m. 
(twenty-fourth day),".— Much expectoration in the morning and during 
the day, at times .■-alt, at times offensive and brownish,'. — Expectoration of 
bright blood, with deep hollow cough, towards noon ; soon followed by 


attacks of faintness (fourth day),^ — [1080.] Expectoration of bloody 
mucus,'. — Bloody expectoration, with violent cough, in the morning (after 
seven days),'. — Expectoration of mucus from the trachea, immediately 
after eating,'. — Much mucous expectoration without cough, iu the morn- 
ing,*. — ^Purulent expectoration when coughing,'' .—* Purulent expectoration 
of large masses by vomiting, which is provoked by the cough,''., — * Thick puru- 
lent expectoration of mucus from the trachea^. — Gh-eenish-yellow expectoration 
of offensive balls of mucus raised by hawking,^. — * The expectoration makes the 
water turbid ; that ivhich sinks to the bottom has an offensive odor,^.- — Res- 
pil'atioil. Frequent deep sighing respiration,'. — [1090.] Dyspnoea, in 
the morning on waking (after seventeen days),'. 

Chest, — Rush of blood to the chest (after ten days),'. — Oppression of 
the chest (fourth day),'^ — Oppression of the chest; she cannot take a long 
breath,'l — Oppression of the chest, as if the throat were constricted, es- 
pecially after eating,'. — Great oppression of the chest when walking, so 
that he was obliged to stop every four or five steps, without pain ; on ac- 
count of this oppression of the chest he was frequently obliged to take a 
deep breath, which he could only do with great effort,". — Great oppression 
of the chest, though without pain, inability to take a deep breath,'. — ■ 
Violent oppression of the chest after a stool,'. — Tension in the chest (fifth 
day),'^ — Tension iu the short ribs (fifth day),". — [1100.] Tensive pain 
across the chest, lasting several hours,*''. — Tightness of the chest (after 
third day),'. — Tightness of the chest, alternating with pain in the back 
(after taking cold?), (after nineteenth day),'. — Tight feel around the chest, 
as if she were tied in with a tape,'l — Contraction in the chest (thirty-eighth 
day),'^ — Pressure on the chest towards eveniug.'l — Pressure upon the chest 
several times in the morning in bed,'. — Great pressure upon the chest when- 
ever she wishes to cough ; she cannot cough out on account of the pain,'. — 
Weakness of the chest ; when talking he is obliged to make use of the 
whole chest in order to articulate his words,'. — Pains iu the chest at night 
(fifth day),'^ — [1110.] Pains in various places in the chest (twenty-first 
day),'*. — * On coughing, the chest is painful, as if bruised,^. — The chest pains 
as if it would burst when sneezing,'. — The chest is painful as if beaten, even 
on breathing,'. — Violent pain in the chest, and a paralyzed feeling in the 
lower extremities on rising after sitting a long time (after forty-eight 
hours),'. — Scraping in the chest on breathing,'. — Burning pain in the chest,'. 
— ^Sticking pains in the chest (first day),". — ^Sticking pain in the chest on 
inspiration (^thirty-seventh day),''". — Stitches in the chest, first in the left, 
then in the right side, only on deep inspiration (fourth day),". — [1120.] 
Painful stitches in the chest, shooting from the sternum round to the back,*". 
— Stitches in the chest, especially on deep breath ing,^—jPV"OJt< and 
Sides, Pressive pain in the sternum,, towards the pit of the stomach,'. — 
Oppression at lower sternum,'^ — Pressure at lower sternum, as from a 
stone,''. — Sticking in the sternum, especially on inspiration, after dinner 
(fifth day),^ — Violent contractive pain in the forepart of the chest coming 
from the back on walking, the chest was oppressed, the breathing short, 
and the pain worse the more he moved ; on standing quietly, and leaning 
against something, it entirely disappeared, and did not return on moving 
again (fifth day),'. — Violent pressure on both sides of the chest lasting an 
hour,'. — Pressure and drawing in the right side of the chest, extending to- 
wards the axilla,'. — Pain beneath the right arm, as from pressure of the 
clothes, although nothing unusual could be seen,'. — [1130.] Heat in the 
chest, with coldness and chilliness over the whole body (second day),'. — • 


^Sticking in the rigid side (after twelve hours)/. — Stitches beneath the right 
ribs on respiration/. — Severe stitches through the right side of the chest 
(after nine days)/.^-Transient stitches within the right chest (forty-sixth 
day)/^ — Pressive pain in the left side of the chest, on the false ribs (after 
ten days)/. — Pressure in the left side of the chest, in the morning on rising,^ 
— Sharp pressure on the left chest,'. — Pressure and sticking in the left side 
of the chest,'. — Pressive tension, especially in the left side of the chest,". — 
[1140.] Pain beneath the left ribs, as if something would be torn away,^ — 
A pinching jerking in the left intercostal muscles frequently during the 
day, not affected by respiration or touch,\ — Tearing pain in the left side of 
the chest,\ — Constant sticking pain beneath the left ribs, worse on taking 
a deep breath ; the ribs even are painful to touch/. — Sticking pain in the 
left chest (first day),". — Sharp stitches in the left side of the chest (nine- 
teenth day),'^ — Sharp stitches in the left side of the chest; whence they ex- 
tended to the elbow, then to the wrist (nineteenth day),'l — Stitches in the 
left chest,'. — Stitches in the left side of the chest, extending down to the 
last ribs, on every inspiration at night/. — Jlfaninice. Induration of the 
left breast,'".— [1150.] *The right breast is hard, painful, and swollen at 
the nipple — it feels as if it were " gathering/' 'I — *Darting and burning 
pain in the left nipple,'l — Sticking pain in the left breast (thirty-eighth 
day),''*. — Painful stitches behind the left breast, with chilliness all night 
from evening on, and also next day (after third day),^ — Sharp stitches be- 
hind and beneath the left breast during dinner (first day),^ — A painful 
stitch beneath the left breast on expiration, at 2 p.m. (eighth day),*. 

Heart. — Transient orgasm at the heart for eight days,\ — Heavy pres- 
sure in the region of the heart (third day),''. — * Palpitation and throbbing 
over the whole body while sitting'. — Palpitation, with trembling of the hand 
in which he was holding something, while sitting quietly,'. — [1160.] Palpi- 
tation, with anxiety for half an hour after the midday meal/. — * Violent 
palpitation on every movement (forty-second and forty-sixth day),''. — Palpi- 
tation causing great anxiety and orgasm of blood in the whole body, in 
the evening when going to bed (fiftieth day)/'. — Violent palpitation for 
two hours in the afternoon and evening (fifty-first day) ; worse on standing ; 
he was frequently obliged to sit down, because standing caused anxiety 
(fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth days),'". — Palpitation worse while standing than 
while sitting (fifty-sixth day),^'. — Violent palpitation in the evening,". 

Nech- and Back. — NecU. Stiffness and chilliness at the nape of the 
neck,'^ — '"Stiffness of one side of the neck; cannot turn the head on account of 
pain (after forty -six hours),". — * Stiffness of the 7iape of the necjt (second day),^ 
— *StifiFness of the nape of the neck, with headache,'.— [1170.] Feeling of 
tension in the nape of the neck (after a few hours)/. — Pressure on the left 
side of the neck, as if the vessels were swollen/. — Pinching pain in the 
right side of the nape of the neck, lasting a quarter of an hour ; disap- 
pearing when pressing the hand upon it, but immediately returning at 9 
A.M. (fifth day),'. — Some violent tearings in the middle of the nape of the 
neck at 10 a.m. (first day),'. — Stitches in the cervical glands,'. — Hack, 
* Weakness in the back, and a paralyzed feeling in the loiver extremities ; could 
scarcely walk (eighth day)/. — Stiff, sore feeling down the right side of the 
spine, then across the loins, and over the right hip-joint,". — Stiffness of the 
back and small of the back after sitting,'. — Great stiffness in the back and 
small of the back after sitting; he could not straighten up (after eight 
days),'.— Stiffness in the back,'.— [1180.] Pressure in the back/.— Pain in 
the back, in the morning after waking, on beginning to move, afterwards 


disappeariug,\ — Pain in the back (twenty-fourth day),". — *Pain in the 
curved spitie,^. — Griping pain in the right side of the back for an hour,'. — 
Violent tearing or beating pressure in the back, with chilliness, afterwards 
changing to dull pressive headache, with heat in the head (first day),'. — 
Arthritic tearing pains in the back (sixteenth day), 'I — Painful cutting in 
the back all day (after eight days),'. — '''Burning in the back while walking 
in the open air and becoming warm^. — * Violent shooting pain in hack be- 
tween hips,^^. — [1190.] * Throbbing in the baek,^. — JDofSfll. Constant 
aching pain in the centre of the back ; it was very marked and continu- 
ous,^'. — Pressure as from a weight upon the scapulas, more in the morning 
during rest than during motion; they seemed swollen and the pain took 
away the breath when leaning against the back,'. — A rheumatic pressure 
between the •scapulae, especially on moving the left arm on waking from a 
dream of a battle about 4 A.M.,^ — Tensive drawing in the right scapula 
(after twenty-one days),'. — Drawing pain by paroxysms in the scapulae; 
afterwards in the nape of the neck and head, when she became dizzy as if 
she would fall,'. — Drawing between the scapulae only at night ; she was 
obliged to bend backward for relief during the menses,'. — * Violent tearing 
pain between the scapulce,^^. — * Tearing pain beneath the scapulce while walk- 
ing,^. — Tearing-asunder pain between the scapulae,'. — [1200.] Burning pain 
in the left scapula (after four days),'. — Crawling in the left scapula,'. — 
Frequent sticking in the right scapula (after five days),'. — Stitches between 
the scapula,^ — Lvmhar. Aching pains in the loins, shooting down both 
legs,**. — *Stiffness and pain in the small of the back on rising from a seat 
(tenth day),'^ — Lameness in the small of the back (after fifteen days),'.- — • 
Desire in the small of the back to stretch,'. — Very bruised sensation, 
principally in the small of the back and right side, especially on stooping 
or turning suddenly, severer in the morning (thirty-first day),^*. — Violent 
pain in the small of the back, directly after taking each dose,*'. — [1210.] 
* Violent pain in the small of the back (after nine days),'. — Pain in the right 
side of the small of the back (thirty-first day),^'. — *Pain in the small of 
the back after stooping (eighth day),'*.- — Pain in the small of the back as if 
lame, in the morning on rising (after thirty days),'. — Pain in the small of 
the back, and in the shoulder on which he was lying, at night,'. — *Pain, as 
if beaten, in the small of the back, at nighty. — Pressure and tension in the 
small of the back,^ — Sticking pains in the lower portion of the spine, ex- 
tending sideways and upward (forty-fifth day),'"'. — Stitches in the lower 
portion of the back (thirty-third day),'^ — Lame, painful feel in the region of 
the sacrum,''^ — [1220.] Very painful stitch in the sacral region that causes 
starting (first day),l — *Tlie coccyx is painful, as after a long carriage 
ride,'.— ^Stinging in the os coccygis, which is also painful to pressure 
(thirty-third day),'^ 

Extremities, — * Gray dirty nails, as if decayed, when cut scattering 
like powder and splitting into several layers,''. — Dreadful trembling in all 
the limbs, the hands in particular ; at times she was quite unable to lift a 
cup of tea,**. — Trembling of all the limbs, especially of the arms, they 
seemed paralyzed in the morning,*. — Frequent jerking of the arms and of 
the right lower extremity, and grasping with the hands, in the evening on 
falling asleep,'. — * Weakness in all the limbs (nineteenth day),'l — *Weak- 
ness of the limbs,'^ '* '" '^ ^, etc. — * Weakness in all the limbs, so that he 
could scarcely walk (first day),". — [1230.] Great weakness of the arms and 
feet, so that he could scarcely walk or lift a pound with the hand (sixteenth 
day),'^ — Weakness of the joints so that they give way,'. — Weariness in the 


extremities, worse in the upper/''. — Stiffness of the upper and lower ex- 
tremities, with loss of sensation and with numbness; can no longer walk 
without falling; he is even unable to feed himself, since he cannot use his 
hands (after twenty-one days),^f — Great stiffness of the limbs,'. — Quite 
lame feeling in the limbs when rising from a seat, disappearing on con- 
tinuing to walk,'. — Uneasiness and lameness in the joints of the upper and 
lower extremities, when walking and sitting,*. — Heaviness of the extremi- 
ties, while walking in the open air (first day),'. — The upper and lower ex- 
tremities are heavy, as if filled with lead,'. — All the limbs seem bruised ; 
she cannot lie long in any position on account of pain, for four days (after 
two days),*. — [1240,] Frequent pain in the limbs, especially of the left 
side, at times in the leg, at times in the upper extremities, especially in the 
left knee and left forearm (thirty-second day),'^ — Pain in the shoulders, 
arms, and down to the wrists, afterwards from the hips to the ankles; the 
pains in the shoulders and arms were tearing, in the lower extremities 
jerking, half an hour after going to bed, in the evening; the pains lasted 
till 4 A.M., with restless sleep (fifth night), '^ — Paralytic pain on the outer 
condyle of the humerus and on the inner side of the thigh, on motion,^ — 
Spasmodic pains in the thighs and arms alternately for an hour, at 10 p.m. 
(fifth day),'l — The hands and feet seem dead, in the morning,'. — Paralyzed 
feeling in the limbs,'". — Painful tearing in the left leg and posterior por- 
tion of the upper arm, lasting six minutes (first day),'^ — Tearing in the 
joints and soles of the feet, with involuntary jerking of the feet, as though 
he suffered from chorea, which caused a hundred sleepless nights,'. — -Vio- 
lent tearing in the left calf, towards the bend of the knee, with chilliness ; 
then the pain also appeared in the left shoulder, in the evening in bed 
(third day),". — Drawing pain in the limbs, partly eramplike, and partly 
sharp,'. — [1250.] Biting in the limbs (seventh day),". — Biting in the legs 
and arms, aggravated in bed, in the evening (sixth day),'". — Biting in the 
arms and legs (sixth day),'*.— Tearing stitches in the left foot and heel, so 
that he shuddered, lasting five seconds ; afterwards also in the right shoul- 
der, which he was obliged to let hang down, at 10 a.m. (first day),". — 
Stitches in various joints, elbows, wrists, etc. (fifth day),'^ 

Su2ierior JExtremities.— Slight muscular twitches in the arms,'. 
— Tremulousness of the left arm (thirty-second day),'^ — Rush of blood to 
the arms while constantly at work and stooping, they seem swollen and 
tremble foran hour,'.— Rheumatic stiffness of the left arm, more painful 
during motion than rest,'. — Weariness of the arms, in the morning in bed,'. 
[1260.] *The arms are heavy, as if filled with lead,'. — Uneasiness and 
trembling of the right arm,'.— Violent pressure in the left arm, as if in 
the marrow of the bone,'.— Drawing in the arm, extending into the little 
finger,l— The arm falls asleep when lying upon it,^— Numb sensation in 
right arm like pins and needles,'*.— Tearing in arms, commencing alike in 
both arms and extending to the wrists (fourth day),".— Tearing in both 
arms,'.— Jerking tearing in the arms, extending into the thumb,'.- Biting 
in the arms (sixth day),'*.— [1270.] Sticking pains in the arms (eighth 
day),'^— Sticking pains in the arms (twenty-first day),'".— Throbbing in 

t This symptom occurred in an old man, after the administration of a low dilu- 
tion of Sihcea, for an inveterate tetter. Hahnemann by an oversi..-ht put it in 
Lycopodium. Gi-o<s, Arohiv fur Horn., vol. xx, part i, p. 79. Vi. Bering has 
kindly called the attention of the Editor to this note by Dr. Gross. Symptom 2048 
of Lycopodium must, therefore, be erased.— T. P. A. 


the right arm, so that the jerking of the muscles could be felt with the 
other hand; thereupon the arm seemed paralyzed, and it returned if he 
held the arm high up (after ten days),'. — Throbbing in the right arm after 
eating,'. — Shoulder. * Very great su'ellivc/ of the axillary glands,''''. — Sharp 
momentary pain in right shoulder-joint,™. — Pressive pain in the right 
shoulder (fourth day),". — Violent pressive pain on the right shoulder, ex- 
tending to the elbow as soon as he uncovers and becomes cold, mostly at 
night,'. — Pain like a pressure in the shoulder, extending to the hand, with 
a sensation as if she could lift nothing heavy, though she could use the 
hand as usual (immediately),'.- — Painful jerking in the right shoulder- 
joint, in the evening, throwing the arm up high (after seven days),'. — 
[1280.] Jerking in the right shoulder-joint,"*. — Drawing pain in the axil- 
lary glands (nineteenth day),'. — Drawing in the axillffi (thirty-third day),'^ 
— Drawing pains in the left shoulder (first day),". — Drawing pain in the 
shoulder and arm as far down as the elbow (first day),". — Tearing in the 
shoulders and wrists, inability to lift anything (fourth day),'". — Arthritic 
tearing pain in the right shoulder (seventeenth day),'^. — Tearing in the 
shoulder on moving it,'. — Tearing in the right shoulder (sixteenth and 
nineteenth days),'^. — Throbbing tearing in the left shoulder (after half au 
hour),'^ — [1290.J Frequent stinging pains in the shoulders (twenty-ninth 
day),'\ — Stinging pains in the right shoulder (twenty-sixth day),'^ — Biting 
pain in the axillje (tenth day),". — Sticking pain in the shoulder extending 
to the hand (first day),". — Sticking pains in the axillae (eighth day),". — 
Sticking pain in the left shoulder (third, fourth, fifth, and seventh days),". 
— Stitches in the shoulder-joint, in the morning,'.' — Stitches and tearing in 
the right shoulder-joint,'^ — Stitches in the left shoulder (fourth day),". — 
A-mi, Weakness in both arms from the shoulders to the elbows (fourth 
day),'l — [1300.] Frequent violent pain on the inner side and lower por- 
tion of the left upper arm (thirty-second day),'^^Pain in the upper arm 
on pressure,'. — Frequent pains in the lower portion of the left upper arm 
(thirty-second day),®. — Bruised pains in the bones of the upper and fore- 
arm on deep pressure (third day^^ — Jerking pain in the right upper arm 
(after ten days),'. — Drawing pain in the lower portion of the left upper 
arm (thirty-second day),^^ — Stinging and drawing pains in the left upper 
arm (thirty-third day),'°. — Arthritic tearing in the right upper arm (six- 
teenth day),'l — A painful tearing in the middle of the left upper arm, as 
if in the marrow of the bone, at 9 a.m. (first day),'. — Frequent sticking 
pain in the upper and anterior portion of the left upper arm, frequently 
repeated (twenty-second day),®. — [1310.] Sticking pains in the right arm, 
from the shoulder to the elbow and back and forth (fifth day),^l— Sticking 
pain in the upper part of the upper arm (fifth day),". — Sticking pains in 
the posterior portion of the right upper arm (sixteenth day),'l — JSlbotV. 
Sensation of bursting bubbles in the flexor surface of the left elbow (thirty- 
second day),®. — Drawing in the elbows, as if in the marrow (third day),'. 
— A pain, between a drawing and sticking, in the elbow (fourth day)," — 
Sticking pain in the elbow (fifth day),".— Stitches through the right elbow 
(thirty-third da.y),''^.— Forearm. Twitching in the muscles of the left 
forearm (after ten days),'. — Conscious of pulsations in the ulnar artery 
(thirty-third day),®. — [1320.] Pressing pain in the left forearm (first 
day),'''^ — Paralytic pain in the extersor tendons of the forearm,l — Jerking 
pain in the left forearm,'. — Painful drawing in the lower portion of the 
left ulna, frequently repeated during the forenoon; afterwards a drawing 
pain in the upper part of the left ulna near the elbow, and also sudden 


stitches in the radius near the elbow; also frequent sticking and tearing in 
the upper part of the forearm, at times the pain was a drawing tearing, 
frequently returning during the forenoon (thirty-second day),'^. — Painful 
drawing in the forearm (thirty-first day),^. — Drawing pain in the right 
forearm (first day),". — Drawing pain in the left forearm (thirty-third 
day),'^. — Drawing pain in the middle of the ulna (thirty-second day),^. — 
Tearing in the right forearm, in the wrist, and extending to the elbow and 
afterwards into the shoulder (twentieth day),'l — Frequent drawing-tearing 
pains in the left forearm ; the pain was at times constrictive when near the 
wrist, while in the forenoon they were near the elbow; the pains also lasted 
longer at noon (thirty-second day),'^ — [1330.] Tearing in the left ulna 
near the elbow (thirty-third day),^^ — Paralytic tearing in the left fore- 
arm,'. — Arthritic tearing pains in the forearm (sixteenth day),^l — Tearing 
pains in the left forearm, in the wrist (sixteenth day),'^. — Arthritic tearing 
pain in the left forearm (sixteenth day),". — Frequent tearing in the upper 
portion of the left forearm during the day; at times the pain was sticking 
and quite violent (thirty-first day),'*. — Stinging pains in the right forearm 
(thirty-third day),''^ — Stitches in the lower part of the forearm (twenty- 
eighth day),'^ — Sticking pains in the right forearm (third day),". — Wrist. 
Weakness in the wrists (third day),'". — [1340.] Lameness of the wrists, in 
the morning,'. — Pain in the wrist as if sprained,'. — Pressive pain in the 
right wrist (second day),". — Constrictive pain in the right wrist (forty- 
fourth day),". — Drawing and tearing in the left wrist (thirty-third day),'^ 
— Violent tearing pains in the wrists and fingers (sixteenth day),'l — Fre- 
quent violent tearing in the wrist (thirty-second day),''. — Violent tearing 
in the region of the wrists, in the forenoon (first day),". — * Tearing paiiu 
in the wrist and in the ball of the hand (thirty-first day),^. — -Tearing in the 
wrist, that is also very painful to touch and on motion, as if it would 
break,'.- — [1350.] Tearing pain in the right wrist (first day),". — Tearing in 
the right wrist (sixteenth day),"'. — Tearing in the left wrist and pain in the 
left middle finger, the fingers seem somewhat swollen (after four days),'^ — 
Violent tearing in the left wrist, extending thence to the shoulder,". — 
Stitches in the right wrist, while writing (thirty-first day),'°. — Stitches in 
the right wrist (fourth day),"; (thirty-third day ),^.— Hand. ^Frequently 
obliged to lay down the pen while writing, on account of lameness in the right 
hand (twenty-third day),'^ — Cramp in the hands when writing,'. — ^Cramp- 
like pain and lameness of the hand after slight exertion,^. — Drawing in the 
hands (after thirteen days\'. — [1360.] Drawing pain in the right hand,'. — 
**Sense of numbness in the hands and pricking in both arms,''K — Pricking and 
numbness in the hands,'. — *raUing asleep of the hands at night,'. — Fall- 
ing asleep of the right hand at night,'.— Stinging pain in the ball of the 
right hand (thirty-third Aa.y),^.—Fi'n4fev. *ringer-nails rough and 
yellow,'.— * Greai dryness in the tips of the fingers, in the afternoo7i,\—* The 
left middle finger is flexed and stiffened, on bending it ouf great pain along 
the whole extensor tendon in the back of the hand, ^. — At night the little finger 
became quite stifi", could not bend it,'.— [1370.] Weakness of the right 
thumb, almost preventing the use of the whole hand (first day),'. — Cramp- 
like pain in the joints of the thumb," — *Pain as from a splinter, in the 
flexor surface of one finger,^.— * in the left index finger as if a pana- 
ritium would form (after twenty days),'.— ^Sensation as if the tips of the 
fingers were STX^ip\iTa.ting,\—*Feeling of numbness of one finger, as if it were 
thick and the bone enlarged,^—* Paralytic drawing inthefingers,\—'breimng 
feel in the joints of right fingers, as if they were being pulled out of the 


sockets,''.— Drawing in the left little finger (thirty-second day),''\—*- Tear- 
ing in thefingers,\ — [1380.] * Tearing in the joints of the fingers and thumbs*. 
— Tearing in the left thumb, by the wrist (thirty-second day),'''l — * Tearing 
pain in the middle finger, \ — * fearing pain in the right middle finger (thirty- 
third day),^°. — Tearing in the second joint of the right middle finger, with 
momentary trembling (thirty-second day),^^ — Jerking pains in the index 
finger, violently increasing, for five minutes,'. — A burnt sensation on the 
back of one finger,'. — Stinging pains in the thumbs (thirty-first day),'''". — 
Stinging pain in the right little finger (thirty-second day),'^ — Prickling 
sticking in the ring finger (after three days),'. — [1390.] ^Sticking pain as 
if asleep, now in one, now in another finger, then also in the arms,\ — Sticking 
in the fingers of the right hand (sixteenth day),'\ — Sticking in the last 
phalanx of the thumb (thirty-third day),^°. — Sticking pain in the left 
middle finger (second day),". — Sticking pain in the tip of the left index 
finger (twenty-second day),'^". — ^Stitches in the ball of the thiimb,^. — A fine 
stitch deep in the inner surface of the middle joint of the right ring finger, 
while on the outer portion there is a burning pain, at 9 a.m. (first day),".— 
Jerking stitches in the left middle finger (after two days),'. — Stitches in 
the little finger,^ 

Infei'ior Extremities. — Shuffling, heavy gait,'. — [1400.] The 
lower extremities are a single time jerked together, followed by a sensation 
as if the head were shaking, as in ague, with bristling of the hair, 
though with natural warmth of the body,'. — Trembling of the lower limbs 
with extreme nervousness,^'. — Muscular twitches in the left lower ex- 
tremity,'. — *Weakness of the lower extremities,'. — * Great weariness of the 
lower extremities from a short walk, so that he was obliged to rest,*. — * Weari- 
ness of the lower extremities, in the morning,^. — * Heaviness of the lower ex- 
tremities,^.— The. right lower extremity falls asleep,'. — The lower extremi- 
ties fall asleep, in the evening while sitting, after which they become stiff 
until she moves them again,'. — Drawing and tension as from chilliness, 
extending from the nates down to the feet (eleventh day),'^ — [1410.] Tear- 
ing pains in the left lower extremity (sixteenth day),'^ — Tearing extend- 
ing from the pelvis to the hollow of the knee,'. — Tearing, here and there, 
in the whole left lower extremity, at 11 a.m.,". — Sticking prickling in many 
places on the lower extremities, gradually relieved after violent scratch- 
ing,*. — Hi'j)' * Violent bruised sensation in the hips and small of the back, 
painful on stooping (third day),'^*. — *Pain in the hips (thirty-first day),^°. 
— Pain in the left hip when stooping, for a quarter of an hour,'. — Drag- 
ging feel from the right hip down to the toes,'^ — Drawing jerking pain in 
the right hip-joint, making it impossible to move the limb (after sixteen 
days),'. — * Tearing pain in the hips, extending along the outer side of the 
right leg to the knee, where there was a stitch, relieved while sitting, re- 
turning on moving about ; inability to walk on account of painful stitiuess 
of the knee ; after half an hour the sticking and tension occurred in the 
second phalanges of the fingers of the left hand (seventh day),". — 
Thighs. [1420.] Weakness in the thighs (fourth day),'^ — Sensation in 
the left thigh as if a bladder rose under the skin and suddenly burst 
(thirty-second day),^. — Twittering pain in the thigh (thirty-second day),^°. 
— Sensation of bursting bubbles in the right thigh (thirty-second day),'^^ — 
* The femur pains as if beaten, while walking, sitting, and lying, even in. the 
morning in bed, on waking,^. — * Frequent pain in the thigh, drawing and 
sticking (twenty-sixth day),'^. — *Drawing in the thighs, extending to the 
feet^. — '^Pain between a draiaing and sticking, in the thigh just below the 


groin (twenty-second day),'^— Drawing pain in the right thigh (thirty- 
second day),". — Drawing pain in the lower portion of the left thigh 
(thirty-second day),'^. — [1430.] *Tearing in the thighs (nineteenth day)," ; 
(thirty-first day),''.— Tearing in the right thigh, afterwards extending 
down to the malleoli (twentieth day),'l— Tearing in the left thigh (thirty- 
second day),^°. — Tearing in the left thigh above tbe knee, back and forth, 
as if in the marrow of the bone, afterwards in the knee, and after it be- 
came very violent it was relieved by standing (after one hour),l^Throb- 
bing tearing in the left thigh, that was somewhat painful (third day),".^ 
Arthritic tearing pains in the left thigh (sixteenth day),''.— Jerking pain 
in the muscles of the right thigh,\ — A jerking periodically in the vessels 
of the right thigh, a little above the knee, lasting two hours, not painful 
(after one hour, twelfth day),". — Jerking in the middle and upper portions 
of the right thigh,'l — The thighs fall asleep, while sitting,^ — [1440.] 
Violent biting on the inner and posterior surface of the thighs (tenth 
day),". — Stinging in the right thigh (thirty-third day),®. — Stinging pain 
in the posterior portion of the thigh (thirty-third day ),'l — Pricking and 
shooting pain in the left thigh,'". — ^Sticking pain in the right thigh (thirty- 
second day),*^. — ^Sticking in the left thigh, '^ ; (thirty-third day),". — Per- 
sistent acute stitches in the middle of the right thigh, afterwards in one or 
the other foot and in the arms (first day),". — Stitches in the upper part of 
the right thigh (thirty-second day),'". — Stitches as with needles in the left 
thigh, when walking,^ — Pulsative sensation in the right thigh (thirty-third 
day),'°. — Knee, [1450.] * Great weakness, especially aboid the knees,''^. — 

* Weakness of the knees,K — Weakness of the knees, so that he could not 
stand, afterwards the weakness extended to the middle third of the thigh 
(tenth day),'\ — Painful stifiiiess of the knees, when walking and stand- 
ing,*. — Sensation of bursting bubbles in the hollow of the right knee 
(thirty-second day),'°. — Tensive pain in the knee, when walking (thirty- 
second day),'". — *The knee is painful, as if too tightly bound/. — Soreness 
of the left patella,'. — Drawing pains in the bones, beginning in the knees 
and extending along the outer side of the thighs to the hip, like a tight 
cord (twentieth day),'*. — Drawing in the left knee (twelfth day),\ — [1460.] 

* Tearing in the knees, while sitting, disappearing on motion,^. — Tearing 
about the right knee, extending to the foot, during rest and motion, more 
in the forenoon (after two days),'. — Stinging-tearing and drawing pains in 
the left knee (thirty-third day),''. — Sticking pains in the knees (twenty- 
first day), 'I — Sticking pain in the right knee (fifth day),". — Sticking 
drawingpressive pains in the left knee, frequently repeated (thirty-third 
day),'". — Stitches from time to time in the knees (fifth night),'". — Stitches 
in the knees, deep in the joints, when walking, not when sitting (twenty- 
seventh day),'". — Stitches through the right knee (thirty-third day),'". — 
Stitches in the left kuee (fourth day),"; (thirty -second day),'". — Leg. 
[1470.] Swelling of the legs, though only as far as the feet,'. — Great weak- 
ness of the legs so that he could scarcely walk (fourth day),'". — Weariness 
in the legs, and below the calves and in the feet (seventh day),'*. — Lame- 
ness of the whole right leg, with painful sensitiveness of the balls of the 
diseased toes, when walking,*.— Boring pain in a sore spot on the leg (after 
fourteen days),'.— Feeling of somethiug alive in the legs, from the knees 
to the feet, like a trembling without chilliness, at 6 to 7 p.m. (after fifteen 
days),'.— When one leg is in great pain the other is quite numb,".— Pres- 
sive pains in the legs (second day),".— In the evening, drawing pain down 
the legs, always ending with starting up or jerking in the legs,'.— Drawing 


and tearing pains in the left leg (thirty-third day)/^ — [1480.] Tearing 
pains in the legs, worse during warmth and while sitting than on moving 
about (third day),". — Persistent tearing pain in the right leg, from 2 to 
5 P.M. (twelfth day),". — Arthritic tearing pains in the right leg, afterwards 
extending up to the shoulder, where it gradually disappeared (seven- 
teenth day),". — Tearing in the leg, very painful in the malleoli (nineteenth 
day),". — Violent biting in the legs (eleventh day),'". — A frequent pulsa- 
tive sensation in the left leg (thirty-third dayj,^^. — Pulsations in both legs 
(thirty-third day),'^ — Pressive pain in the left tibia, lasting two hours,^ — 
Painful drawing in the lower portion of the tibia (thirty-first day),''". — 
A drawing tearing in the tibia frequently repeated (thirty-second day),'^ — 
[1490.] Tearing in the middle portion of the tibia (twenty-ninth day),^'.— 
Pinching pain in the left tibia and knee,\ — Numbness and swelling of the 
calves,'^. — *When walking, sensation as if the calves were too short, immedi- 
ately disappearing on sitting,^ — Painful cramp in the right calf, in the 
morning in bed,\ — Painful contraction in the right calf (eleventh day),^^ 
— * Tension in the calves as from cramp, when walking (twentieth day),'". — 
* Calves tense and contracted (twenty-second day),'^ — Painful sensation in 
the left calf (twenty-second day),'^\ — Sticking in the calves on stepping 
out, while walking,". — [1500.] Sticking pain above the calf, while walliing 
in the open air (eighteenth day),'. — A.'nlile. Stiffness and weariness of 
the ankle, with swelling about the malleoli,". — Soreness of the ankles (sec- 
ond day),"^ — Tension of the ankles, even while sitting,". — *Fain, as if 
sprained, in the ankle^. — Drawing in the left ankle frequently repeated 
(thirty-third Aa,y)j'°. — Tearing pain in the ankles, relieved by lying down 
(fourth day),"". — Violent sticking pain in the tendo Achillis, while walk- 
ing in the open air,". — Sticking in the right external roalleolus, even at 
uight,". — Foot. Swelling of the feet, mostly in the morning on rising, less 
in the evening ; very tense when walking,". — [1510.] *Swelling of the feet, 
with redness, in which pressure caused a white spot in a short time ; with pain 
extending from the toes to the malleoli,^. — * Swelling of the feet as far as the 
ankles j^^.—* Swelling of the left foot as far as the malleoli,'-. — (Erysipelas bi'oke 
out on the foot and about the ankle, red, shiny, with stinging pains),"°\ — 
* Intolerable sour odor of the feet without perspiration,'. — *Intolerably bad, 
carrion like odor of the feet, without perspiration, every evening' (after 
three days),". — Several times her feet gave way under her, while walkiug,'l 
— * Weakness of the feet (fourteenth day),"^ — * Painful cramp in the sole of 
the right foot, and especially in the great toe, during a long walk (after two 
days),". — * Cramp in the soles of the feet,'. — [1520.] The foot is easily 
sprained,^ — ^Soreness of the soles of the feet, especially towards the toes,^. — 
Pain in the feet, as if in the bone, from the middle of the legs down to the 
ankles and along the backs of the feet, aggravated by standing and walk- 
ing ; the pain caused uneasiness in the feet, which made it necessary to rest 
them (tenth day),"". — Pain on the back of the foot as if bruised,'. — Pains 
in the back of the right foot (tenth day),'^*. — Pain in the ball of the foot,". 
— Pains in the ball of the right foot (eleventh day),"^; (twenty-fourth 
day),". — Drawing in the sole of the foot (thirty-third day),'". — Very pain- 
ful tearing in the feet and legs, aggravated by walking ; the pains after- 
wards were felt in the left foot, especially in the calf, with constant spas- 
modic contraction in it, that continued even while sitting (thirty-sixth 
day),"l — Violent tearing in the feet,"l — [1530,] Arthritic tearing pains in 
the top of the left foot (sixteenth day),"'.— Constant tearing in the soles of 
the feet, lasting till 6 p.m., then extending upward and becoming seated 


above the knee, where it continued all night (fourteenth day)/^ — Fine 
tearing in the middle of the sole of the right foot, towards the inner mar- 
gin, together with tension externally, twice in the forenoon (fifth day),*. — 
Tearing in the sole of the left foot (sixteenth day),'^ — ^Tearing in the heels 
(twelfth and twenty-third day s),\—* Burning of the feet,K— Burning in the 
feet, at night,\ — *Bur7iing of the soles of iAe/eef,^— Burning in the sole of 
the right foot, at night,'. — Burning on the back of the right foot (twelfth 
day),'*. — [1540,] Cutting in the soles of the feet,'.— Sticking pain in the 
feet and legs, especially while standing (twelfth day),'^ — Sticking about 
the malleoli of the right foot (eighth day),".— Sticking in the heel and great 
toe, while standing and sitting,'. — Stitches in the soles of the feet,'. — Prick- 
ing and stitches in the left heel,''l— Toe.S. The great toe that had healed, 
began to pain as if ulcerating, only when stepping and walking upon it,'. 
Corn, wiih violent burning on the great toe,'. — A corn becomes exceed- 
ingly sensitive to touch,'. — The toes are stiff, she cannot bend them,'. — 
[1550.] Pain in two toes, as from pressure of the boot, while walking (after 
seven days),'. — * Constant violent pain in the great toe so that he can scarcely 
step,\ — Pain as from a sprain in the joint of the great toe,l — *Fains be- 
neath the nail of the great toe and stitches in it,^. — ^Frequent boring pain in 
the great toe,^. — Drawing feel in the joints of the toes, as if they were being 
pulled out of the sockets,'^ — ^Tearing in the great toes, in the evening,". — 
Tearing in the right great toe,'. — Tearing in the ball of the right great 
toe a few times, at 11 a.m. (first day),'. — Cramplike stitches in the toes,'. — 
[1560.] * Violent stitches in the eorns,^^. — * Stitches in the corn, }erk\ng up 
the feet (sixth day),'. — Cutting stitches in the right great toe,'. — Violent 
stitches in the great toe,'. — Stitches in the joint of the great toe,'. — Stitches 
in the great toe, so violent that it jerked the lower extremity (sixth day),'. 
— Stitches in the indurated toe,'. — * Itching-cutting pain beneath the toe- 

Generalities. — She became extremely emaciated during the five 
days' illness,'. — *Emaciation of the ivhole body, with pale, suffering expres- 
sion^^. — [1570.] * Great emaciation^ . — * Tremulouaness when writing (thirty- 
third day),^°. — Epileptic attach at night, about the time of the new moon ; 
the body was at first stretched out, then tossed about, without cries and 
without biting the tongue (after sixteen days),'. — A paroxysm ; she became 
pale, quiet, and lost her appetite, complained in a weeping manner of very 
violent sticking in the ear, vomited, and became so weak in the hands that 
she could not carry a cup to her mouth (after five hours),'. — *Loss of ap- 
pietite ; pale, suffering expression ; every morning perspiration, which, some- 
times was very profuse ; heaviness and weariness of the lower extremities, 
that frequently obliged her to lie down ; riausea ; chilliness every evening before 
going to sleep ; sticking pains here and there, in the sides of the chest, in the 
abdomen, limbs, at times so violent that she started up ui fright ; pain beneath 
the sternum on inspiration ; itching on the arms and loiver extremities, with 
small pimples,^ — In the evening, after lying down (and slumbering), he 
began unconsciously to thrash about with the hands and feet and to jerk, 
with closed eyes and loud snoring (without screaming) ; froth oozed from 
the mouth, after which he lay motionless, as if dead, and when one at- 
tempted to rouse him, he was quite stiff, then opened his eyes, that were 
fixed, and began to mumble (an epileptic attack ?), (after sixteen days),'. 
— * Great coldness of the whole left side of the body, followed by frequent 
slumbering and starting up, as if she would go away without knowing 
whither, then she begins to lose consciousness, speaks unintelligibly, recognizes 


no one, and becomes so weak that she cannot turn over alone ; after this, violent 
convulsions, with staring look, distortion of the eyes, twitching of the lijis, loll- 
ing of the tongue, stretching and distortion of the head and limbs, lading a 
quarter of an /toitr, followed by frightl'ul roariug, dropping of tears from the 
eyes, frothing at the mouth ; after this, warm perspiration over the whole 
body, free respiration, slumber, and after several hcnirs gradual return of 
consciousness and speech (after forty-six hours),'.— Indolence in the after- 
noon ; walking was irksome (fourteenth day),'. — *Sense of great debility ; 
she wants always to be lying &o-wn,''\—*Dls!ii.cU)uifionforpliy.ucal effort; 
feels stupid (fourteenth day),'''. — [1580,] *Great weariness (seventh day),'\ 
— *Great weakness (after twenty-eight hours),' ; (fourth day),'\—* Obliged 
to keep the bed for five days on account of great iveakness,^. — * Great weakness, 
even to faintness, at night,^. — "'Great weakness, in the mnrning on rising,\ — 

* Great loealciiess, in the morning after waking,^.- — Constant weakness and 
sleepiness while walking in the open air, so that she was obliged to hurry 
to reach the house,'. — * Very weak and tremidous after walking, in the even- 
ing,^. — So weak that he could not walk, though without pain (fourth day),'. 
• — So exhausted at noon, before dinner, that he was obliged to lie down,'. — 
[1590.] So great uneasiness in all parts of the body that he cannot sit still 
nor continue to write,'. — Uneasiness of the body and headache, after sitting 
a long time,'. — *Internal restlessness and excitement (forty-second day),'\ 
— He woke after midnight with uneasiness, difficult breathing, and dryness 
of the skin (after nine days),'. — ^Sensitiveness to cold air,". — *He took 
cold very easily,". — On the approach of, and during a storm, he is violently 
affected; the powers are exhausted when walking; cannot proceed; is 
obliged to be led ; becomes very weak and sleepy, with heaviness and heat 
of the body,'. — *Takes cold easily and has a cough (eleventh day),'. — The 
whole body was stiff at night, as if asleep, with anxiety, so that she could 
not fall asleep,'. — *Easy orgasm of blood and constant excitement,'^. ^[1600.1 

* Orgasm of blood at night; throbbing in all the vessels,^. — * Awoke with rapid 
pulse, palpitation, sensation of heat, eructations, and pressure in the pit of 
the stomach, followed by vomiting of bitter mucus, with retching,'. — Disa- 
greeable sensation, first in the genitals, afterwards extending over both sides 
of the trunk, like a cutting, to the shoulders, and thence into the arms, 
with tension in them ; they seemed asleep ; this occurred every quarter of 
an hour while at rest, especially while sitting and standing, not at night 
(after fourteen days),'. — Easily strained by lifting, which causes stitches in 
the pit of the stomach, and frequent vomiting at night ; often, also, cutting 
in the lower abdomen, with accumulation of flatus,'. — *Bruised pain over 
the whole body, as if he had lain in an uncomfortable position, at nighty. — 
*Bruised feeling over the whole body after coition (after twenty-three 
days),'. — "^All the w.uscles are painful on motion,^. — *Neck, chest, and Jiead, 
and, indeed, all parts of the body are painful (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
*Painfulness of the uihole body, in the morning ; felt even during sleep, and 
then on waking (especially in the right upper arm and left shoulder) ; better 
after rising,'. — *The whole side of the body upon which he is lying is 
painful, as if ulcerating, with constant chilliness on the slightest uncov- 
ering, with intolerable thirst and frequent flushes of heat in the head 
(after two days),". — [1610.] Acute pain, here and there, in the bones, espe- 
cially in the morning on rising, before she begins to move,''. — *Sensation 
as if the whole body had been broken; she coidd not keep out of bed on account 
of weakness, for three days (after three days),". — *The whole body is pain- 
ful, as if beaten (after forty-eight hours),'. — Some painless shocks through 

TOL. IX. — 3 


the whole body/. — She felt at times as if she was divided in half, and that 
the left side did not belong to her/l — Drawing pain in the ears, jaws, 
hands, and tibiee,^ — She felt as if knives were running into her,'*. — *Stick- 
ing pain in various parts of the left side of the body, especially in the chest, 
aggravated by deep inspiration (third day),'^. — *She is unable to lie on the 
leftside, on account of persistent stitches in it, for three days (after three 
days),l — (Was able to sleep on the left side, which formerly he could never 
do), (fifth day),".— [1620.] *Most of the symptoms of Silicea occur at the 
time of the new moon,'. — *Pain aggravated by motion,'. 

Skin,—Objectire. *Small wounds in the skin heal with diificnlty 
and easily suppurate,". — * Cracking of the shin on the arms and hands 
(seventeenth day),'. — *A bursa on the back of the hand, between the third 
and fourth metacarpal bones, with a sprained feeling on bending the hand, 
and a bruised pain on moving it (thirteenth day),'. — A bursa between the 
second and third metacarpal bones (first day),'. — Erux>tions, Dry. 
Eruption on the face and neck, consisting of small white scales, followed 
by fine desquamation, with some itching,'"''. — Eruption on the face,'. — 
Eruption of red spots as large as peas on the chest, somewhat elevated, 
with some biting pain (ninth and tenth days),'". — ^Red spots on the cheeks 
and red nose, with burning pain from a slight exertion, especially after 
eating,'. — [1630.] White and red spots on the faee,'^. — *A red, very sensi- 
tive smarting spot, lasting two days, on the right tibia,^. — White spots on the 
cheeks from time to time,'. — Itching rash on the sternum,'. — Red, itching 
tetter on the chin,". — * Elevated scabby spots on the coccyx, above the fissure of 
the nates,". — Heat rash on the fingers, with crawling itching,*. — Biting on 
the thighs ; eruption of blotches, with red areola, with itching, worse in 
the evening, and still worse in bed (twenty-third day),'". — Itching rash on 
the calves,'. — Papular eruption on the forehead and across the nose,'.^- 
[1640.] A pimple on the eyebrow,'. — Itching pimples on the left side of 
the nose, in the afternoon (fifth day),^ — Papular eruption upon the nose,'. 
— Two large pimples on the upper lip,'. — A pimple only felt on the right 
corner of the mouth externally, with ulcerative pain (sixth day),". — Papu- 
lar eruption on the chin,'. — Papular eruption on the nape of the neck,'. — 
* Itching pimples, like nettlerash, on the nape of the neck (after nine days),'. 
— Very painful pimples on the inner surface of the first joint of the middle 
finger, as if a ganglion were forming (after six days), disappearing after 
eight A&ji^.—Mruptions, 3Ioist. Itching and small vesicles about 
the wings of the nose,l — [1650.] Vesicles, with red areola, and without 
pain, beneath the nostrils,*. — Red vesicles, with scabs, on the uose,l — Many 
hard_ vesicles of the size of a pea on the forearm, on a red base, with burn- 
ing itching, lasting only one night (from the wrist to the elbow),'. — *A 
small crack in the index-finger begins to bum and pain; a lymphatic becomes 
inflamed, extending thence over the wrist, and in the sore spot a corroding 
vesicle forms, udth burning, pressing-stinging pains,K — * Eruption on the lips, 
blisters on the margin of the upper lip, with fine sticking or smarting pain 
when touched^.— A corroding blister, with violent itching, on the first joint 
of the left index-finger^.— Eruptions, Pustular. *VariolaJike pus- 
tules on the forehead, occiput, sternum, and spine ; they are extremely 
painful, and at last form suppurating ulcers,'.— Eruption, like varioloid, 
over the whole body, preceded, accompanied, and followed by violent itch- 
ing,'.— *^ pustule on the back of the /iartd,'.— *SeveraI boils come out on 
different parts of the body,'l-[1660.] *A large, but slightly painful boil on 
the cheek, near the nose (after a few hours),'.— *^ boil on the chin with 


stinging pain when touched/. — *A boil on the nape of the neck,'. — *Many 
boils, even very large ones, on the anns,^. — *Some boils on the posterior por- 
tions of the thighs/. — *Boils on the calves,\ — *Frequent ulcers about the 
nails/ '. — *A large corrosive ulcer, with violent itching on the heel,'. — 
*Scabs behind the ears/. — *Sore, painful scabs below the septum of the 
nose, with sticking pain when touched,'.— [1670.] *Itching, suppurating 
scabs upon the toes that had been frozen,^. — Subject ire. * Nightly pains 
in the ulcer on the leg,^. — Pressive pain in an ulcer on the leg/. — *An ulcer 
fains as if suppurating,^. — *Pressive-stinging pain in the ulcerating part 
of the leg,'. — Twitcliiug in the skin of the scapu];e/.^*Sticking and burn- 
ing in and about an ulcer on the leg,'. — Tearing in the skin on the posterior 
surface of the right upper arm, and the same time in the left calf (iourth 
day)A — *Sticking in an ulcer on the leg,'. — Stitches, like fleabites, here 
and there in the skin/. — [1680.] Smarting in the usual painless ulcers/. — 
Prickings and sense of tingling in different parts of the body,''".— Sudden 
crawlings, as from fleas, in several parts of the body, that became fixed at 
different points, where there was most intolerable itching, all day, but espe- 
cially on undressing in the evening,'. — Itching and pricking of the skin of 
arms, face, and neck,*^. — * Itching and sticking in various parts of the body, 
especially at night,^. — Crawling itching over the whole body and head,'. — ■ 
Itching and biting over the whole body, for a quarter of an hour after 
lying down, not relieved by scratching (first day),^ — Violent itching on 

• the forehead, extending down the nose,'. — * Itching of the outer ears^. — Itch- 
ing in the beard,'. — [1690.] * Voluptuous itching about the nose, that obliges 
constant rubbing, in the evening (third day),®. — *Itchin.g of the nose,^. — 
*JBurning itching about the mouth, without eruption (after two days),'. — 
Itching on the back, scapulfe, and thighs,'. — *Itehing on the back,^. — Vio- 
lent itching beneath the skin of the left palm/. — Much itching on the left 
lower extremity,'. — *Itching on the nates,\ — Itching on the inner sides of 
thighs,'. — *It<ihing on the legs,^. 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. [1700.] Much yawning/. — Inclination to yawn, 
with violent eructations,"'% — Sleepiness, ''; (twenty-first day),'". — Sleepiness, 
with frequent yawning (seventh day)/\. — Sleepy and tired in the evening 
(tenth day) ; very sleepy in the evening (eleventh day) ; increased sleepi- 

' ness (eleventh to thirteenth day),". — Very sleepy at 7 p.m. ; she was 
obliged to lie down at Sand slept very well (first day),". — Very sleepy 
fronT 2 to 5 p.m. (first day),". — Very sleepy from 1 to 9 p.m. (fifth day),". — 

* Very sleepy after eating, and weak ; is obliged to sleep,'. — Great sleepiness 
during the day, he was obliged to sleep even before dinner,'. — [1710.] 

* Great sleepinessin the evening (after twenty days),'. — Gi-eat sleepiness very 
early in the evening,'. — Great sleepiness,"; (fourteenth day),'l — Great 
sleepiness all day,"* Overpowering sleepiness in the forenoon (twenty- 
sixth day),^°. — Deep, long sleep in the afternoon, followed by weakness 

midday sleep (twelfth day),'. — Jerking upward of the body at night during 
sleep, without dreams, for half an hour (after four days),'. — She stands up 
while asleep, climbs over a chair, table, and piano, and then lies down in 
bed without knowing anything of it,'. — Jerking and starting in sleep, with 
frequent rushes of blood to the hea.d,''\— Sleeplessness. *Eestless sleep 
(fifth and sixteenth days),'^ (fifteenth day),'^ (forty-seventh day),''.— 
Frequently interrupted sleep at night (seventh day),".— Extremely restless 


night on account of cutting pains in the abdomen that intermit for only a 
short time (after three days),'. — The boy is restless at night and cries out/. 
— *Re>itless sleep and frequent waking, with chilliness,^. — * Uneasy sleep, ivith 
freqnent waking, and many dreaiyis crowding one upon another,*. — [1730.] 
* Restless sleep, without jjaln,^. — She slept uneasily, started up, and talked in 
sleep,'. — Night restless, with anxious dreams (fourteenth day),^°. — *Woke 
at 2 A.M. and could not fall asleep again on account of rush of thoughts,*. — 
He woke very often and started up without dreaming,'. — Frequent waking, 
with uneasiness and chilliness, though without dreams,'. — Frequently woke, 
and after midnight could sleep no more,'. — He woke about 11 p.m. after a 
sleep of an hour and a half, and then fell asleep again for several nights,*. 
— He woke often after midnight, and on falling asleep about 2 or 3 o'clock, 
he fell into a reverie,'. — Anxious waking, about 3 a.m.,'. — [1740.] Frequent 
waking at night, and scarcely had he fallen asleep again when he dreamed 
of his business,*. — She woke at 2 a.m. and could not fall asleep again (after 
seven days),^ — Woke earlier than usual in the morning (twenty-ninth 
day),'''l — The boy wakes at night with violent weeping, cannot collect his 
senses, cries anxiously, and mumbles,'. — Frequent starting up at night,'. — 
The whole body starts up with fright, and waking in the evening after 
falling asleep,'. — * Starting from sleep at night, with trembling of the whole 
body,\ — ^Frequent starting up in fright, with sleepiness in the afternoon,\ — 
Difficulty of falling asleep (fifteenth day),''. — Unable to fall asleep before 
midnight (seventh day),'\— [1750.] Unable to fall asleep for an hour and 
a half on account of rush of ideas, two evenings (after seven days),'. — 
Inability to sleep in the afternoon, the nose was so much stopped, could not 
breathe (twelfth day),'". — Inability to sleep till towards morning (eighth 
<^ay),''. — ^Extreme sleeplessness,^^ '".—Complete loss of sleep for eight or ten 
days, even after she had no more pains (after two days),*.— She lay wide 
awake all night; no sleep came to her eyes,'.— She lay all night without 
sleep, only absorbed in wonderful fancies and reveries,'.— Complete loss of 
sleep for eight to ten days,'.— * of sleep at night,\— Dreams. *3Iuch 
drtaming at night and crying out in s/eep,'.— [1760.] *B.estless dreams for 
several nights, even loud talking in sleeps'".— She dreams about murders, and 
horrid things of that sort,''.— Dreams of earthquakes and frightful storms, 
of fire, etc. (tenth day),'l— Dreams of a flood, with great anxiety,'^— 
Frightful dreams during the first part of the night,'.— ^Frightful dreams 
(twelfth day),".— Dream of a ghost that pursued him, after midnight (after 
thirteen days),'.— Dream that he must die,'.— Nightmare while half awake, 
with great anxiety, as if a smoky beast of a hundredweight were lying 
upon him, so that he could not stir nor utter a hnid sound,'.— A kind of 
somnambulistic dream ; he saw very vividly far-distant regions which he 
had never really seen, and objects which he had desired to have (after 
eight days),'. — [1770.] *Confvsed dreams at night, and frequent uneasy 
wakmg, .--Confused dreams of everything that had happened, or that he 
had heard during the day,'.— Numerous historical and amorous dreams at 
night, .—Dreams of robbers and murderers, during which he woke and «aid 
he would catch them,'.— Disgusting offensive dreams,*.— Dreams full of 
quarrels and humiliation (after four days),'.— Dreams and raves much 
during the night stands up and walks about the room without knowing 
where he is for a long time.'.-Dreams full of reveries; he gets out of bed 
like a somnambulist,'.— *D-rea?ns and reveries as soon as she falls asleep' — 
A halt-waking dream, as if numerous ghosts were about him; he woke 
and could not move a hmb, but lay in sweat, with great anxiety and pal- 


pitation, followed by great fearfuluess (after twelve days),'. — [1780.] 
Dreams of the occurrences of his childhood,*. — *Dreams of his youth, 
loaking him from sleep, and so vivid that on waking he conld, with difficulty, 
free himself from them,*. — * Virid di-eams of past events,'. — Dreams of the 
occurrences of the day and of large dogs that followed him,*. — Many 
dreams of distant journeys,l — In a dream he seeni.s to have an epileptic 
attack, and his head is drawn to one side (after thirteen days),'.— Dreams 
full of cruelty, without anger,'.— Vexatious di-e&ms,\—* Frightful fuicies 
immediately after falling asleep ; sleep fid I of fright, and crying aloud,\— 
*Bad dreams, with violent weeping, ^\ — [1790.] A dream of being murdered, 
from which he woke, with great anxiety, as if he would suffocate, without 
being able to speak (after fifteen days),'. — Disconnected dreams at night 
(second night),l — Her head seemed excessively large during the nightly 
fantasies,'. — Dream of being seized by a finger, so that he woke in fright,'. 
—Anxious dream of being pursued,'. — Anxious dreams of snakes (after five 
days),'. — Anxious dream that he had committed a murder and was appre- 
hended,'. — * Anxious dreams of one choking her; she could not cry out, could 
only kick with the feet,'. — Anxious dream of drowning,'. — Anxious dream 
of robbers, with whom he fought ; he woke in heat, anxious oppression, and 
sweat,'. — [1800.] Amorous dreams of marriage,'. — Lascivious dreams, with 
great sexual desire (after thirteen days),'. — ^Lascivious dreams, ivith emis- 
sions (second night),'. — ^ Lascivious dreams (fifth night),'. — Lascivious 
dreams in the evening and in the morning in bed, with erections,*. — Las- 
civious dreams of being disturbed during coition, waking with erection and 
sexual fancy (after six hcmrs),'. — Lascivious dreams, very offensive to her,'. 
— He dreams less than usual,*. 

Fever. — ChUline.'t.v. Violent chill, especially in the shoulders, in 
the evening,^ — *Very chilly aU day,'. — [1810.] Very chilly in a hot room, 
without thirst, all the forenoon (third day),'. — Chilliness after eating 
(twenty-fourth day),'. — Constant chilliness in the evening, even noticed 
externally,^. — Constant internal chilliness, with loss of appetite,'. — Constant 
chilliness, with occasional slight feverishuess,'". — * Constant internal chilli- 
ness from taking cold at night, with loss of appetite and sticking-burning 
headache,'. — *Chilliness on every movement all day ; in the morning great 
luearlness, even to falling asleep,^. — * Chilly at night while half awake, without 
waking,'. — Febrile chill, lasting till 8.30 p.m. (nineteenth day),'^ — Febrile 
chill,''. — [1820.] General feverish condition ; chilliness in the evening 
(ninth day); during the day (tenth day); in the evening (eleventh day),-'. 
— *Violent incessant internal chilliness for several days^. — Chilliness, with 
sleepiness, after eating (thirteenth day),'*. — ^Chilliness in the evening 
(ninth day); all day (tenth day),". — General feeling of chilliness,'**. — 
Chilliness, with sticking pain,'. — ^Distressing sensation of chilliness in the 
afternoon, especially on the arms, in a warm room,'. — * Chilliness, even tvhile 
walking in a warm room, and in the open air, so violent that he trembled (after 
thirty-two hours),'. — *He feels very chilly, even in a warm room,^'. — 
*Cramplike chill, in the evening in bed, so that he shivered (fourteenth 
day),'. — [1830.] *She did not dare to p\d her hand out of bed on account of 
consequent chilliness, at night and next day (after three days),^ — Alternations 
of chill and heat frequently during the day,', — At one time very chilly, 
again exceedingly hot,'^ — *Shaking chill, at 5 t.m., a.fier some bread and 
beer (seventh day),"'^ — ^Shaking chill; was obliged to lie doiun and could 
not get warm for a long time in bed, at 6 p.m. (third day),l — *Icy-cold shiver- 
ing frequently creeps over the whole body,'. — Shivering for half au hour 


frequently during the day, followed by some heat, mostly in the head and 
faee,^ — Shivering all over ; a cold, starved feel ; if he sat ever so near the 
fire he could not get warm,*'. — Icy-cold feeling of the entire body, as though 
exposed to a cold cliraate suddenly ,'l — Coldness, with ravenous hunger, at 
night (fifteenth day),". — [1840.] Strange coldness, about the breadth of 
two fingers, across the vertex, in a line with the forepart of both ears,^^ — 
The nose became as cold as ice,'l— Chilliness all down the back,'l— Chilli- 
ness in the back,\ — Chilliness at first going down the back, with icy-cold 
hands, followed by violent heat, with tension of the abdomen,'. — Shiverings 
in one shoulder (thirteenth day),'^l — Coldness of the knees and arms after 
walking in the open air; the finger-nails become white,\ — *The legs, as far 
as the knees, and the feet are icy cold in the evening, and he is obliged to lie 
in bed half an hour before they get warm, many days in succession,^. — * Cold- 
ness of the legs, as far as the knees, in a warm room,'. — ^Icy-cold feet 
during the day ; but at night in bed burning heat of the feet and hands, with 
drawing pain in the feet as far as the knees,\— [1850.'] *iey-Oold feet in the 
evening, even in bed,*. — *Icy-cold feet during the menses,'. — *Icy-cold- 
ness of the ieet,*".—* Gold feet all day,*. — *Cold feet in the evening in bed, 
preventing sleep,'. — Cold feet, that become warm at night, every day,'. — 
The feet are cold when beginning to walk,'. — Jleat, Fever, with great 
chilliness, at 11 a.m. (fifteenth day),''''. — Fever lasting till 7.30 p.m., after 
which all the limbs seem paralyzed (twentieth day),''''. — *Fever, 'with, vio- 
lent heat in the head, dark redness of the face, and thirst, four days in 
succession, from noon till evening; headache began half an hour before the 
heat,'. — [I860.] The intermittent fever of Silicea has little sweat, usually 
occurring from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., or from midnight to 8 a.m.,'. — Fever in 
the evening after lying down, violent chiU, so that she could not get warm 
in bed, and therefrom pain in the stomach (after sixteen hours),'. — *Febrile 
attack in the evening; heat all over without subsequent perspiration,'. — 
Febrile paroxysms in the afternoon, consisting only of heat and frightful 
thirst, with very short breath,''. — *Pebrile heat aU night, 'with violent 
thirst and catching respiration,'.— Burning heat in the whole body, in a 
child, during the fever, with red, puffy face, glands hard, like peas, about 
the throat and down the shoulders, with distension of the abdomen and 
constant diarrluea,'. — Dry heat and thirst for several evenings, followed by 
pain in the abdomen and head,'. — Heat without thirst (twenty-second day),'. 
— Frequent transient flushes of heat during the day,'. — A not unpleasant 
warmth through the whole body for two days,'. — [1870.] Much heat,'. — 
Heat in the head, as if flames of fire were coming out of the mouth, in the 
evening (twenty-.-ixth day),'''^— Heat of the head, with anxiety,'.— *Heat 
of the head,'; (fifth and sixth days),".— Heat in the face and lobules of 
the ears many evenings,'. — "Frequent flushes of heat in the face and whole 
body, followed by perfipiraiion, even during rest; then on the slightest move- 
ment she is covered with perspiration,\— Great, heat and redness of the face, 
with very cold hands and feet,'.— Great heat in the face after eating,'.— 
Heat and burning in the face after washing with cold water, for two hours,'. 
—Heat of the cheeks and palms of the hands, in the morning,'.- [1880.] 
Heat in the lobules of the ears, and on the head (after eight days),'.— 
Sweat. Heavy sweats,''.— Sweat over the whole body (sixth day) 'I— 
*General sweat at night (sixth night),".— *Pro/».vp trickling s^ceat at night, 
expecially on the fofre.s,*.— *Profuse perspiration every night, towards morn- 
ing,'. _*Profuse general nightsweat,*. — *Profuse perspiration every 
night, with loss of appetite and prostration, as if he would go into a de- 


cline,\— *General perspiration, at night in bed,'.— *Nightsweat, expeclally 
on the trunk,*. — [1890.] ^Perspiration over the whole body, every night in 

bed (first nights)/. — Heavy perspirations night and day,'". — Siv<;<it. in the 
morning,^. — Perspiration while eating and talking/. — ^Perspiration of a 
strong odor/. — *Sweat on the head (seventh day)/'.— *Sweat only on the 
head, running down the face,'.— Nightly perspiration on the chest/. — 
Sweat first appeared on both sides of the spine, he then became warm over 
the whole upper part of the body, afterwards sweat broke out on the face, 
especially on the forehead (seventh day),'*^ — *Su'eat on the scrotum, in the 
evening^. — [1900.] *Siveat on the scrotum ; it itches all over,^. — * Profuse 
sweat on the hands,^. — *OflE'ensive perspiration on the soles and between the 
toes ; they become quite sore while walking,^ — *Off'ensive perspiration 
on the feet,'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (^Morning), Weeping; forgetful and 
dizzy ; on rising, vertigo ; vertigo; dizziness and whirling; on rising from 
bed, reeling ; pressive headache ; after rising, headache in forehead; stick- 
ing and throbbing in forehead ; pressure in occiput and nape of neck ; 
eyes painful ; agglutination of the eyes ; biting in the canthi ; on waking, 
dry catarrh ; toothache ; bad odor from the mouth ; bitter taste ; taste of 
blood ; bad taste ; ravenous hunger ; sour, bitter eructations ; nausea and 
qualmishness ; twisting, etc., in pit of stomach ; pressure in abdomen ; 
hoarseness ; after washing, cough ; cough ; dyspnoea ; pressure in abdomen ; 
hoarseness ; pressure upon scapula ; swelling of the feet ; on rising, pains 
in the bones. — {Forenoon), Distraction of mind ; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., fever. — 
(Afternoon), 3 to 9 p.m., headache; tearing and sticking in head ; throb- 
bing frontal headache; griping colic; fever. — {Evening), While sitting 
and standing, vertigo ; jerking through head ; headache in forehead ; acid 
eructations ; itching in rectum ; after lying down, cough ; in bed, biting 
in legs and arms ; chilliness ; cold feet. — (Night), Rush of blood to the 
head ; headache ; pressive headache ; agglutination of the eyes ; tooth- 
ache; roughness and scraping in throat; pains in lower abdomen ; pain in 
testicles; cough; drawing between scapula; sweat. — (Cold a/r), Stitches 
in teeth. — (Deep breathing), Stitches in chest; pain beneath left ribs; 
sticking pains. — (Eating), Toothache. — (After eating). Difficult hearing; 
pain in abdomen ; pressure in abdomen ; cough ; oppression of chest. — 
(Lying oh left side). Vertigo. — (During menses). Anxiety in pit of stomach ; 
cold feet. — (At new moon). Most symptoms. — (Motion), Tearing headache 
in forehead ; pain in sinciput ; pain in temples ; pain in left side of head ; 
pain across hypochondria ; stiffness of left arm ; pain. — (Pressure), Pain 
in left side of hQSi&.— (Reflection), Vertigo.— (-BesO, Vertigo; pressure upon 
scapula^.- ( Oft rising). Vertigo.— ((SiHwigr), Vertigo; headache in forehead; 
stiffness of back ; tearing in knees ; tearing pain in legs. — (Standing), 
Palpitation; pain in feet. — (Stooping), Vertigo; headache in forehead; 
pain in temples ; nosebleed ; pain in small of back ; pain in left hip. — 
(Storm), Exhaustion.— (Siuallou'ing), Crackling in ea.r.— (Talking), Head- 
ache in forehead. — (Turning suddenly), Headache in forehead. — (While 
urinating), Cutting, burning and smarting in urethra.— ( On waking). 
Anxiety.— ( Walking), Vertigo ; pinching in the head ; headache in fore- 
head ; sticking pain in left side of abdomen ; stitches in rectum ; oppres- 
sion of chest ; pain in feet ; tearing in feet.— ( Walking in open car), Nau- 
sea ; pressure in stomach ; griping in abdomen ; heaviness of extremities. — ■ 
( Warmth), Pain in legs. 


Ameliot'ation. — [Binding head tightly). Tearing pain in head.- 

{Motion), Tearing in. knees. — {Riding in open air), Vertigo. 


Brassica alba, Boiss. (Sinapis alba, L.) 

Natural order, Cruciferre. 

Common names, White mustard, Senf-kohl. 

Preparation, Trituration of the seeds. 

Authority. Dr. Bojanus, Viertl. Jahrschrift f. Horn. 15, 56, took 5 
grains, triturated in a mortar, twice first day ; 10 grains, three times sec- 
ond, third, and fourth days ; 10 grains morning, 15 grains p.m., 20 grains 
evening, fifth day ; 20 grains morning, 30 grains p.m. and evening, sixth 
day; 30 grains three times, seventh, eighth, and ninth days; 30 drops 
tincture, twice twelfth day ; 30 drops, three times thirteenth day ; 40 drops, 
four times fourteenth to nineteenth day; 50 drops, four times twentieth 
day; 50 drops twice, and 80 drops evening twenty-first day; 50 drops 
once twenty-second and twenty-third days. 

31in(l. — Distracted in mind, while reading, must make great effort to 
prevent his thoughts from wandering, and is even obliged to read a sentence 
several times before he can understand it (fifth day). 

Head,. — Dulness of the head, as in commencing intoxication, with ob- 
scuration of vision, especially on walking; the forehead above the eyes is 
principally affected (fourth day). — Dulness in the head, changing into 
vertigo, on slowly turning the head to either side (fifth day). — Sensation 
in the head, as if it were hollow, and as if all objects about him disap- 
peared, very sudden and transient (sixth day). — Heaviness in the head, in 
the morning (eighth day). — Rush of blood to the head (eighth day).— 
Headache better in the open air, worse in a warm room (eighth day). — 
Pain in the forehead and pressure, worse on moving and stooping, in the 
morning (eighth day). — Dulness of the head, in the morning on rising 
(ninth day). — [10.] Heaviness in the forehead, as from intoxication or too 
great warmth of the room, in the morning (ninth day). — Heaviness and 
dulness in the head (thirteenth day).— Heaviness and dulness of the head 
after a meal (fifteenth day). — Pressive pain in the right'frontal eminence, 
aggravated by moving the head back and forth (fifteenth day).— >Sticking- 
jerking pains in the head, extending from within outward, toward evening 
(fifteenth day).— Headache relieved after walking in the open air (six- 
teenth day). — Heaviness of the head while reading in bed, in the evening 
before falling asleep (twentieth day).— Pain in the left frontal eminence, 
paroxysmal, pressive, in the evening (twentieth day). 

-Eye. — Sudden sensation of warmth, with stitches in the left eye com- 
pelling winking; the eye fills with tears, after which the sensation disap- 
pears (first day). 

Jib ttf /i.— Root of the tongue thickly coated yellow, on rising in the 
morning (seventh day).— [20.] Tongue coated yellow, especially at the 
root (eighth day).— The thick coating, which had been confined to the 
posterior portion of the tongue, now extended along the sides, and was 
especially thick on the left side (eleventh day).— Profuse accumulation of 
water in the mouth, with copious secretion of frothy salt saliva (second 
day).— Profuse secretion of saliva, so rapid that he could not sufficiently 
spit it out (second day).— Accumulation of water iu the mouth, with nau- 


sea ; the nausea was better during rest and worse when walking about (second 
day).— Watery saliva, that actually runs out of the mouth (second day).— 
Excessive accumulation of water in the mouth (after a quarter of an hour, 
fourth day). — Increased secretion of saliva, with much spitting and nausea 
(fifth day). — Profuse secretion of saliva and mucus, obliging frequent 
spitting (fifth day). 

Throat. — Scraping feeling in the fauces, provoking frequent hawking 
(first day). — [30.] Sensation as if a large morsel of food had been swal- 
lowed (second day).— Pressure in the pharynx and stomach (second day). 
—Disagreeable burning in the pharynx, extending through the (esophagus 
to the stomach (second day). — Burning in the pharynx (second day). — 
Burning in the oesophagus rising up from the stomach like heartburn 
(third day). — Burning and pres.sure in the oesophagus (fourth day). — 
Pressure in the cesophagus with heartburn (seventh day).— Burning and 
pressure in the cesophagus and stomach (twelfth day).— Pressure and burn- 
ing in the pharynx and stomach (immediately, thirteenth day). — Sensation 
as if a hard body were lying in the oesophagus, back of the manubrium of 
the sternum, with burning like heartburn in a small place and many eruc- 
tations of gas, in the morning on rising (eighteenth day). — [40.] Burning 
in the cesophagus, with accumulation of water in the mouth, compelling 
much spitting, worse after a meal (eighteenth day). — Sensation as though 
a hard body were lying high up in the oesophagus, especially noticed on 
swallowing hard food, and also on empty swallowing ; in the afternoon 
this sensation became very distressing, when it seemed as though a plug 
were sticking in the pharynx, and the pharynx were too narrow (this sen- 
sation appeared after the crawling and biting in the anus had disappeared 
and seemed to alternate with it), (twentieth day). — During the day the 
sensation of a plug in the pharynx gradually increased, became worse 
towards evening; after it had disappeared a crawling biting and burning 
in the anus, which had not been felt the whole day, reappeared (twenty- 
first day). — Burning in the pharynx and oesophagus, with a sensation of 
constriction on swallowing hard food (twenty-third day). — The symptoms 
in the pharynx always seem to occur in the morning, those in the rectum 
in the evening. 

Stomach. — TJlirst. Thirst with heartburn (fourth day).— Thirst 
without heartburn, towards evening; after drinking water a sensation of 
heaviness and fulness in the abdomen, just as after eating (sixth day). — 
Eructations. Frequent odorless and tasteless eructations (first day). — 
Frequent empty eructations affording relief (second day). — Uprisings of a 
sour acrid liquid from the stomach, with a griping scratching sensation in 
the pharynx, in the evening (second day). — [50.] Frequent eructations of 
air aggravating the heartburn ; it seemed as though the acids eructated 
■were unusually hot (third day). — Eructations tasting of food (fourth day). 
— Many and copious eructations of gas (fourth day). — Eructations of the 
odor and taste of the food after a meal (fifth day). — Many eructations, 
tasting and smelling of the food (sixth day).— Eauctations tasting and 
smelling of the drug many hours after eating (sixth day). — Extremely 
distressing eructations of the drug (eighth day). — Heartburn. Heart- 
burn with eructations (third day). — Violent heartburn (fifth day). — 
Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea and inclination to vomit (second 
day). — [60.] Frequent ineffectual efforts to vomit (second day). — Nausea 
and secretion of saliva (after a quarter of an hour, third day). — Extremely 
distressing qualmishness in the pit of the stomach, like an anxiety (third 


day). — The sensation of qualmishness in the pit of the stomach was worse 
while lying down, but the salivation and nausea were better; while walk- 
ing the reverse was true (third day). — Qualmishness in the pit of the 
stomach and some nausea (third day). — Nausea and burning in the pharynx 
and stomach (fifth day). — Efforts to vomit without nausea (fourth day). — ■ 
Very great nausea, with anxiety in the pit of the stomach (sixth day). — 
Repeated empty retching (sixth day). — Nausea, more easily borne while at 
rest, sitting, or lying, than while walking (sixth day). — [70.] Nausea, with 
salivation and retching (soon), (seventh day). — Qualmishness in the stom- 
ach (soon), (seventeenth day). — Qualmishness in the pit of the stomach 
(soon), (twenty-second day). — Qualmishness with nausea (twenty-third 
day). — Retching and vomiting of water, with violent retching and burning 
in the stomach and abdomen, extending to both sides under the false ribs, 
and even up under the whole chest, with inexpressible discomfort and anx- 
iety in the pit of the stomach (fourth day). — The ejecta by vomiting con- 
sisted of flakes of mucus with blackish veins like clots of blood; this 
ejecta was yellow, odorless, and tasteless, contained much tenacious and 
gelatinous mucus ; the vomiting was followed by scraping in the throat 
and burning rising up from the stomach (fourth day). — Stomach. 
Burning pressive sensation in the cardiac orifice of the stomach (first day). 
— Burning in the stomach and nausea, with accumulation of water in the 
mouth and sour taste (immediately after a dose, second day). — Burning 
pressure, heaviness, and qualmishness in the epigastric region, with accumu- 
lation of water in the mouth (second day). — Burning pressure in the stom- 
ach just beneath the ensiform cartilage (second day). — [80.] Pressure and 
burning in the pit of the stomach, for an hour (second day). — Intermit- 
tent pains in the stomach and pit of the stomach (second day). — Burning 
and pressure in the pit of the stomach with heartburn (third day).— Anx- 
ious feeling in the pit of the stomach (fourth day). — Burning in the stom- 
ach and pharynx (fourth day). — Burning in the stomach and pharynx, 
with accumulation of water in the mouth (fourth day). — Fulness and pres- 
sure in the stomach and abdomen after the midday meal (fourth day). — 
Very acute bruised pain, even on slight pressure, in the pit of the stomach, 
just beneath the ensiform cartilage; pressure on it took away the breath 
(fourth day).— Fulness in the pit of the stomach, soon after a moderate 
meal (fifth day). — Sensation of fulness and distension in the abdomen, that 
feels tense (fifth day).— [90.] Very violent burning in the pit of the stom- 
ach (fifth day).— Heaviness and distension in the pit of the stomach, and 
sensitiveness of the abdomen to touch, immediately after breakfast (sixth 
day).— Distressing burning and pressure in the pit of the stomach (sixth 
day).— Burning in the stomach and pharynx (sixth day).— Bruised feeling 
in the pit of the stomach and abdomen, also when touched (sixth day). — 
Burning and pressure in the stomach and pharynx (seventh day).— Pres- 
sure and burning inthe stomach and pharynx (immediately), (eighth day), 
—Painful burning in the stomach, with sensitiveness to pressure, accom- 
panied by pressure and burning in the ojsophagus, in the evening (eigh- 
teenth day). — Pit of the stomach painful to pressure (twenty-second day). — 
Abdomen.— RumhWng and gurgling in the abdomen (third day).— 
[100.] Fulness and tension in the abdomen (second day). — Pressure and 
heaviness in the abdomen and stomach, aggravated by touch and pressure 
as if something hard were lying in the stomach, extending to both sides 
under the false ribs, after a moderate meal (second day).— Rumbling in 
the abdomen, with emission of odorless flatus (third day).— Griping in the 


abdomen, especially in the right side, soon followed by a normal stool 
(third day). — Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, followed by emis- 
sion of flatus (fourth day). — Abdomen and pit of stomach sensitive to 
external pressure (fourth day). — Sensation of fulness in the abdomen, with 
griping, especially about the umbilicus, with emission of flatus (fourth day). 
— Fulness, with distension in the abdomen, after a light meal (fourth day). 
— Heaviness and distension in the abdomen, with painfulness on breathing, 
and on touch, after a light breakfast (fourth day). — Heaviness and pres- 
sure in the whole abdomen and pit of the stomach (fourth day). — [110.] 
Frequent loud emissions of flatus (fifth day). — Fulness and distension in 
the abdomen, which is sensitive to touch, after a light breakfast (fifth 
day). — Movements in the abdomen, with some griping, as before a stool 
(fifth day). — Griping and movements as for a stool, in the evening, emis- 
sion of only flatus (fifth day). — Emission of offensive flatus (sixth day). — 
Rumbling in the abdomen during a meal (sixth day). — Sensation of heavi- 
ness in the abdomen after eating a little; it is so tense that the clothes 
must be loosened (sixth day). — Gripingy colic, soon followed by copious 
dirty-brown, pasty stool, then transient burning in the anus (sixth day). — ■ 
Emis.-ion of much offensive flatus (seventh day). — Whole abdomen dis- 
tended and painful, as if beaten, immediately after breakfast (seventh 
day). — [120.] Rumbling in the abdomen, and sensation of heaviness (sev- 
enth day). — Distension of the abdomen, especially after eating (ninth day). 
— Abdomen painful to touch (ninth day). — Griping in the bowels, with 
emission of flatus (ninth day). — Distressing heaviness, as of a stone, in the 
abdomen (eleventh day). — Whole abdomen very sensitive to touch, espe- 
cially the ejiigastric region, which pained as if beaten (eleventh day). — - 
Emission of offensive flatus (thirteenth day). — Rumbling and gurgling in 
the abdomen, with emission of much odorless flatus (eleventh day). — 
Rumbling and gurgling, as from liquid, in the abdomen (thirteenth day). — 
Emission of much flatus (sixteenth day). — [130,] Frequent emission of 
flatus (sixteenth day). — Rumbling in the abdomen (sixteenth day). — Dis- 
tension and sensitiveness in the abdomen and pit of the stomach, so that 
the clothes had to be loosened, after a very light meal (sixteenth day). — ■ 
Griping and gurgling in the abdomen, with qualmishness, in the pit of the 
stomach (sixteenth day).^ — Loud emission of odorless flatus (twenty-second 
day).' — Cutting colic, followed by emission of odorless flatus (twenty-second 
day). — Movements in the abdomen, with qualmishness (twenty-third day). 
— Heaviness, as of a weight, in the abdoruen (twenty-third day). — Heavi- 
ness and fulness in the abdomen (twenty-third day). — Distressing heavi- 
ness, fulness, and distension in the whole abdomen, with qualmishness in 
the pit of the stomach, after a moderate meal (twenty-third day). — [140.] 
Burning bruised pain in a small spot to the left of the navel (twenty-fourth 

Jtecttmi and Amis. — Sensation as though a hard substance were 
lying in the rectum and could not be evacuated (nineteenth day). — Burn- 
ing in the anus, obliging to scratch (fourth day). — A violent stitch in the 
anus, so that he almost cried out, while sitting (fourth day). — Sudden stitch 
through the anus (sixth day). — Burning and itching in the anus (sixth 
day). — Transient burning in the anus alter a stool (sixth day). — Violent 
itching and burning in the anus, in the evening in bed (eighth day). — 
Immediately after a stool a sensation in the anus like that in a limb that 
has been sprained, with a sensation as though the anus were drawn up into 
the rectum, with sticking, itching, burning, and biting in the anus, pro- 


vokicg scratching, lasting till noon (thirteenth day). — Sensation as if some- 
thing hard were lying just by the anus, soon followed by a stool, which, 
however, was evacuated only with great pressure, and was unsatisfactory ; 
the first part was hard, crumbly, dark-brownish green, covered with mucus, 
and containing threadworms, followed by the same sensation as before the 
stool (fourteenth day).— [150.] Itching and crawling in the anus (sixteenth 
day). — Itching in the anus before the stool, and afterwards prickling and 
burning (sixteenth day).— Itching and crawling in the anus (caused by 
threadworms), beginning at 3 p.m., and increasing till about 10 p.M.,\vhen 
it amounted to a distressing burning, and a sensation of contraction in the 
bowels, and drawing up of the anus (examination showed a large number 
of threadworms in and about the anus), (seventeenth day). — Itching and 
biting in the anus, coming on in the evening, not at all noticed in the 
morning (eighteenth day).— Crawling and biting in the anus, which had 
not existed all day; commenced in the evening and lasted uninterruptedly 
until going to bed (nineteenth day). — Burning in the anus after a stool 
(eighteenth day). — Sensation as if the anus were drawn up into the bowel 
(nineteenth day). — Itching crawling in the anus, in the morning on rising 
(twentieth day).— Crawling and burning in the anus, with griping in the 
abdomen, followed by emission of flatus and relief (twenty-fourth day). — 
Spasmodic constriction in the anus, as if affected by a spasm ; this sensa- 
tion appeared at intervals, and was especially noticed after swallowing any- 
thing hard, and was aggravated by continued pressure at stool, in the 
evening (twentieth day). — [160.] Desire for stool, lasting a long time, soon 
after eating, followed by a small, very unsatisfactory stool ; but soon after- 
wards another stool, soft and pasty, formed, of a dirty-brown color, fol- 
lowed by burning and biting in the anus, rumbling in the abdomen, grip- 
ing and emission of flatus (sixth day).' — Urging to stool, with a feeling as 
if hard faces were lying close to the orifice of the anus, could not be evac- 
uated, and caused a sticking in the anus; after long ineflTectual urging a 
little mucus and some live threadworms were passed (thirteenth day). 

Stool. — A small, blackish, hard stool covered with mucus, followed by 
prickling burning in the anus (third day). — A very small, hard, crumbly, 
blackish-green stool, in the evening (fourth day). — A dark-green stool, not 
copious (fourth day). —A dark-brown greenish stool, the first half of which 
was normal, the rest pasty (fifth day). — Stool small, thin, soft, and dark 
brown and greenish-colored, with mucus, and containing some dead thread- 
worms (fifth day). — Copious pasty stool, with burning in the anus; stool 
dark brown, containing undigested food, mucus, and several large thread- 
worms (sixth day). — Stool brownish, pasty, containing undigested food 
eaten the previous day (seventh day). — Copious pasty stool, of a grayish 
yellow color (eighth day). — [170.] Copious brown stool, followed by burn- 
ing and biting in the anus (ninth day). — Stool containing undigested food 
of the previous day (ninth day).— Stool very copious, partly hard, partly 
soft, preceded by great urging with griping ; the first part da"rk brown, the 
last dark yellow, pasty, of a sour odor; the whole evacuation, especially 
the soft part, seemed thickly covered with dark-red blood, containing many 
mustard seeds and undigested food; evacuation preceded and accompanied 
by sticking and biting in the anus, lasting a long time, the cause of which 
was discovered to be a threadworm ; after the stool, rumbling and gurgling 
in the abdomen (tenth day).— Thin pasty stool, of a sour odor, as if fer- 
menting, of a dirty greenish-brown color, containing numerous thread- 
worms, with streaks of blood, not dark red, as yesterday, but blackish red 


and clotted (eleventh day).— Small hard stool without blood, in the even- 
ing ; the evacuation unsatisfactory, of a dark yellowish-gray color, with 
much pressure (eleventh day).— Copious pasty stool ; the evacuation partly 
hard, partly soft, sour, fermented, with numerous threadworms, accom- 
panied by heat and burning in the anus, and with griping and gurgling in 
the abdomen, followed by burning and smarting in the anus (twelfth day). 
— Stool pasty, copious, dark yellowish-green, in the morning (fourteenth 
day). — Stool yellowish-green, covered with mucus, containing threadworms 
and streaks of blood (sixteenth day).— Very small, crumbly evacuation of 
the bowels, covered with mucus, containing threadworms, followed by 
burning biting in the anus, which was very distressing (seventeenth day). 
—Small, hard, crumbly stool with threadworms, followed by burning and 
biting in the anus, and a sensation as if the orifice of the anus were drawn 
up into the bowel and a hard piece of f'teces were still remaining in the 
anus, in the evening (eighteenth day). — [180.] Small, hard, crumbly stool 
evacuated with great pressure, at 6 and 11 p.m. (nineteenth day).-^After 
great pressure a small crumbly stool, accompanied by mucus and thread- 
worms, followed by crawling and burning in the anus, and again a sensa- 
tion as of a hard body rising up into the rectum, in the evening (twenty- 
first day). — Copious pasty stool (twenty-first day). — Yellowish-gray stool, 
with mucus and threadworms (twenty-second day). — Small, hard, crumbly, 
almost black stool preceded by griping, followed by itching and burning 
in the anus ; during the stool there was ranch dragging and pressure in the 
rectum (twenty-second day). — A pasty yellowish-gray stool with thread- 
worms and white tenacious thready mucus, accompanied by burning in 
the anus, preceded by rumbling in the bowels and biting in the aous 
(twenty-fourth day). — Thin, pasty, grayish-brown evacuation, containing 
threadworms, sour as if fermented, with great burning in the anus duriug 
and after the stool (twenty-fifth day) ; no stool (twenty-sixth day) ; copious 
pasty, brown stool, followed by burning in the anus, in the morning ; in 
the evening a pasty, fermented, sour, small, dark-brown stool, preceded by 
burning and crawling in the anus, constant violent colic with great desire 
for stool, followed by a prickling and biting in the anus (twenty-seventh 
day) ; the evacuation of threadworms continued for some weeks after the 
proving. "j" — The stool seemed to be soft and easy to evacuate, in the morn- 
ing, but the reverse in the evening. 

Urinary Organs. — Urine dark yellow, soon forming a transparent 
flocculent cloud, that hangs near the surface, and only falls to the bottom 
after thirty-six hours (third day). — Urine bright golden yellow, forming 
a cloud (fourth day). — [190.] Urine dark-colored (fifth day). — ^The urine 
has a cloud of mucus, and contains numerous small granules looking like 
frog-spawn ; on the surface of the urine, at the bottom and on the sides of 
the glass, there were a number of small red granules (sixth day). — A cloud 
forms in the urine, does not sink but remains in the middle of the liquid, 
but has a membranous look ; there is a thick fatty pellicle on the surface 
of tlie urine (ninth day). — Urine dark yellow, almost brown, becoming 
turbid, without depositing a cloud (fifteenth day). — Urine turbid- and 
cloudy, depositing a white flocculent sediment, and having a glistening shim- 
mering film on the surface (fifteenth and sixteenth days). — Urine dark- 

f This prover (the same who proved Spirea ulmaria) suffered from eleven to 
thirteen years of age from threadworms, but had had none since until the present 


brown, like beer, with numerous red grains on the surface, falling to the 
bottom when shaken (nineteenth day). — Many grains of red sand in the 
urine, with an iridescent film on the surface (twenty-third day). — The urine 
soon became turbid, depositing a white sediment, and having upon the 
surface a pellicle, which, when rubbed between the fingers, seemed to con- 
tain grains of sand ; the sediment was as white as chalk, and contained 
many grains of white sand (twenty-fourth day). 

Sexual Organs. — Emission, without lascivious dreams (twentieth 


Chest. — Oppression of the chest, compelling frequent deep respiration 
(twenty -fourth day). — [200.] Burning beneath the sternum (soon), (sev- 
enteenth day). 

Pulse. — Pulse full and hard (eighth day). 

Bach. — Pain in the small of the back and coccyx, as if sprained and 
bruised, while urging to stool (thirteenth day). 

Extremities. — Heaviness in the lower extremities (eighth day). 

Sleej). — Sleep, in the afternoon, with many vivid dreams (fourth day). 
— Sleepiness, in the afternoon, with many dreams (fifth day). — Sleepiness 
after eating, followed by sleep, with anxious dreams of journeys and of 
dangers, falling from a height, all of which was indistinctly remembered 
on waking (sixth day). — Vivid dreams of dead people and devils (fourth 
night). — Dreams at night of foreign countries and of dangerous expedi- 
tions (sixth night). — Many confused and unremembered dreams (twentieth 

Fever. — [210.] Creeping chills on moving about (fourth day). — Creep- 
ing chills over the whole body after vomiting, with coldness of the hands 
and feet, and frequent eructations of gas (fourth day). — Inclined to per- 
spire (eighth day). 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Pharynx symptoms. — 
{Evening), Rectum symptoms. — {Moving), Pain in forehead. — {Moving 
head back and forth), Pain in right frontal eminence. — {Pressure), Pressure 
and heaviness in &hdiova.en.— {Continued pressure at stool). Constriction iu 
anus. — {Stooping), Pain in forehead. — ( Touch), Pressure and heaviness in 
abdomen. — {Walking), Dulness of head; nausea. — {In a ivarni rooni), 

Amel iorat ion. — {Open air). Headache. — {During rest), Nausea. 


Brassica nigra, Boiss. (Sinapis nigra, Linn.) 

Natural order, Cruciferfe. 

Common name. Black mustard. 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Aidhorities. (Nos. 1 to 10 provings by Dr. Clarence W. Butler, N. Am. 
J. of Hom., 1872, p. 541.) 1, C. S. F., took 15th dil. twice a day for three 
days without effect, then 2d dil. twice a day for about ten days ; 2, A. C, 
took 15th dil. twice a day for a week ; 3, J. B. T., doses not mentioned; 
4, H. C. C, 1st dec. dil., two doses; 5, G. S. H., took repeated doses for 
nine days (prover suffering from naso-pharyngeal catarrh); 5a, same, took 
1st dec. dil., repeated doses, for a week; 6, G. T. H., repeated doses for 
three days; 6a, same, took 10 drops of the jd dil.; 7, A. H. H., doses not 
mentioned; 8, G. W. R., took 1st dec. dil., repeated doses, for three days; 


9, Miss J. S., took 30th dil. three times a day for three days; 10, D. M. 
B., took 12th dil. twice a day for five da3's, then the 1st dil. sixth day; 
10 a, same, a month later, took the -|d several times a day ; 10 h, same, re- 
peated proving ; 11, Arneville, Lancet, 1850, 1, 33, fatal effects of mustard 
applied to swollen glands on neck ; 12, Cattell, Br. J. of Horn., 11, 524, 
symptoms ; 13, action of mustard baths, from Trousseau (Butler). 

Mind. — Irritable disposition ; don't wish to be spoken to ; unfitness 
for mental exertion ; diflScult to think or study,'. — Disposition cross and 
dissatisfied ; provoked at least unpleasant thing, or wholly without cause; 
answers short and snappish ; I realize how nnreasonbly cross I am, but 
unless I am constantly on my guard, I am as cross as ever.'V— Mind 
worked rapidly at night ; could study easier, perception clearer ; during 
day about as usual,'°^ 

Head. — Vertigo (first and second days),*.— Giddiness (first and second 
days),*. — Dull, heavy headache all morning in forehead and temples, re- 
lieved by shutting eyes; disappeared on eating a hearty meal about 2 
o'clock (eighth day),""'. — Dull feeling in the head in the forenoon (second 
day),"">. — During the day dull, heavy headache, which was forgotten when 
busy or when at study, but immediately returned when stopping; was some- 
what better in open air (second day). Head as yesterday till 11 a.m., 
when it was replaced by burning prickling in face, with full, moderate 
pulse and dull feeling on top of head, as if empty, this lasting all day, 
with marked clearness of perception (third day). One of the most marked 
symptoms while the medicine was continued, was the headache, which was 
dull and heavy ,^ — A dull feeling in the head was never entirely absent, 
though much relieved by lying down and in the open air ; it was forgotten 
when the mind was occupied, never interfered with study or mental labor, 
and was always worse on thinking of it, also worse in a warm, especially a 
very narrow room ; this feeling was a dull dragging-down or heavy feel- 
ing, more marked in the forehead, close over the eyes, and in the temples, 
just in front of and a little above the ear; never felt in back part of head 
and only occasionally on vertex ; occasionally it amounted to a decided 
pain, but seldom,'"*. — [10.] Sensation as if the scalp were adherent to the 
bones of the head, in the afternoon (third day),'". — Forehead. About 
noon my head commenced to ache ; dull pain across forehead, commencing 
at about outer angle of each eye, and not only extending across forehead, 
but seemed especially to be more severe around the edges of the orbits to 
the inner angles and over the bridge of the nose ; appears to be more in- 
tense over the bridge of the nose ; forehead quite hot and dry ; headache 
worse in warm room, and relieved in cold open air; headache partly re- 
lieved while eating, but coming back after eating (third day),". — Towards 
evening felt a dull pain in the forehead, principally over the left eye, which 
disappeared soon after retiring (second day) ; perceived again on rising 
(third morning) ; somewhat increased (third day) ; soon after waking in 
the morning grows worse, with a qualmishness about the stomach ; was soon 
relieved after retiring (fourth day),°. — Dull frontal headache, as if I had 
taken cold, with tired feelings all over, and a slight backache in the small 
of the back; symptoms all growing worse towards night (fourth day); 
headache (fifth day),'. — Dull, heavy feeling in anterior part of the head, 
without decided ache, not interfering with mental exertion, and in fact for- 
gotten during it ; worse on thinking of it (ninth day),'". — Headache over 
and through the forehead and temples and around the edges of the orbits ; 
relieved by cold air ; worse in warm room,''\ — Headache growing worse on 


right side and over right eye ; wo7'se on stooping and on the slightest mo- 
tion, even of opening and closing the eyes; better on lying still in bed (fifth 
night),l — Pain over left eye, t^harp, and passing over the eye from left to 
right (third, fourth, and fifth days),*^ — Heavy feeling in forepart of head 
(eighth day),'". — Some pressing pain above the eyes (fourth day),'". — 
TenipJes, [20.] Heavy dragging-down sensation in the temples (second 
day) ; same heaviness, with some dull pain, which was worse on thinking 
of it, and forgotten during close study or mental application (third day),'". 
■ — A heavy drawing pain in the right temple towards night and in the 
evening (fifth day),'. — Vertex and Parietals. Heavy headache in 
top and sides of the head (fourth day),l — Pain on the left side of the head 
(sixth day),^». 

_Eye.— Eyes sore, weak ; when pressing slightly upon the eyeball, it 
felt as if pins were sticking into it (fourth day),^ — Eyes feel tired, in the 
afternoon (second day),'""". — Pain in left eye, with smarting (first and sec- 
ond days),*. — Sticking pain in left eye, lasting but a few moments, in the 
afternoon (second day),"'. — Eyes smart, with profuse lachrymation,"'^ — 
Tears run from eyes,''\ — [30.] Eyeballs fell as if pressed from above, with 
tired feelings of eyes and some dull pain ; hard work to keep eyes open ; 
eye symptoms relieved by shutting the eyes; disappeared on eating a hearty 
meal about 2 o'clock (eighth day),"*". 

N<>se. — Catarrhal symptoms began to develop themselves, and thinking 
I had caught a severe cold, I stopped the proving ; had for two or three 
nights a hacking cough, with slight expectoration of mucus in small lumps; 
cough only appeared in the evening, and ceased on retiring (after ten 
days),'". — Immediately on touching the tongue to it, a pungent odor went 
up through the nostrils to the eyes, making me sneeze, as well as starting 
tears (fir^it and second days),". — * Dryness in both nostrils, the left is the worse, 
tender to pressure, and discharged some dry mucus (fifth day),''*. — *Left 
nostril stopped up, in the afternoon and evening^ (fifth day),'*. — •*Left 
nostril stopped all day; scanty discharges from anterior nares, acrid, causing 
smarting of skin, (sixth day),'"*". 

JFace. — Shrunken features,". — Redness around mouth, with smarting 
of lips (sixth day),'"'. — Sensation as if the cheek were bulged outward by 
a bubble of air, just below the malar bone, in the afternoon (second day),'". 
— Lips dry, and feel as if the integument were stifle (sixth day),"". — [40.] 
Burning prickling in the face (third day),'. 

llotith. — Teeth. Teeth are sensitive to warm drinks and to cold air, 
especially those that have been filled (eighth day),""'. — Tongue. A fissure 
along the median line of the tongue at the point where I was in the habit 
of taking the drug from the bottle, did not disappear on taking the drug 
in a different manner,'"'.— Tongue coated a dirty white in the middle, more 
towards the back part, the edges and tip being natural,'"". — It made my 
tongue feel very sore, raw, and could hardly bear weight of teeth on it ; in 
twentj'-four hours the gums were very sore and tender to touch, so that I 
could not bear to eat anything hard, it hurt them so ; this lasted nearly a 
week,"'.— Burning, scalding feeling on the tongue,'°\— Tongue on forepart 
very sore ; feels as if I had a small blister on the tip of the tongue (third 
day),".— Tongue feels dry and s.i\Qkj,\—Genefnl Moiitli. Breath of- 
fensive, smelling as a person's breath does after eating onions ; worse shortly 
after taking the drug,'"".— Great dryness of the mucous membrane of the 
mouth,'.— [50.] Burning in mouth, extending to stomach (after first dose, 
second day),'.— On tasting it, was quite sure it was horseradish ; it turned 


my mouth so that I had to hold ray head up to prevent spitting it out ; 
made my tongue feel as though it had been scalded with hot tea, a rough, 
scalded feeling (first and second 6iiya),\~ Saliva. Profuse salivary secre- 
tion,"*. — Taste. Am very fond of mustard, but duriug whole proving it 
had a very unpleasant taste, and once or twice nauseated me,'. — Garlic taste 
in mouth, tingling of tongue, iu the morning, followed by nausea in the 
evening (first day) ; constant taste of garlic all day (third and following 
days),\ — Taste of horseradish in his mouth,"\ 

Throat. — Dry sensation in the posterior nares and pharynx, which is 
relieved by swallowing or by partial efforts to cough, which causes a little 
mucus, white and tenacious, not easily raised, and coming up in small lumps, 
to be brought up (sixth day),". — Rough scraping sensation in my throat, 
appearing to be in the larynx and extending to the trachea ; this sensation 
is constant, causing a desire to make an effort to relieve this sensation ; it 
is so severe as to cause a hacking cough ; it is worse this evening (eighth 
day) ; throat is better; have had considerable secretion of nmcus; throat 
symptoms were worse between 7 and 9 p.m., not so bad as last evening 
(ninth day),^ — (Throat is somewhat better (second day) ; very much re- 
lieved, no soreness, less secretion, and feeling much better in every respect 
(third day) ; nearly well (fourth day); am feeling well in every respect; 
have not felt as well in three months (fifth day) ; throat begins to feel a 
little sore (sixth day) ; better (eighth day) ; feeling the best I have for a 
long time; have gained flesh), (ninth day),\ — Throat commenced feeling 
sore on left side (fifth day) ; felt only on swallowing saliva and on forcing 
mucus from the posterior nares ; whole throat much injected behind the 
uvula palati, light-red color; soreness felt only slightly on drinking or eat- 
ing (sixth day),""". — [60.] Slight soreness of the throat on the right side, 
soon extending to the left (third day) ; the throat is worse (fourth day) ; 
continued (fifth day),'. 

Stoviacll. — Eructations, Eructations were a constant attendant 
on the proving ; shortly after taking the drug these would taste like horse- 
radish ; later, would be tasteless ; were only occasionally noisy, though the 
discharge of gas was considerable,'"'. — Eructations and passage of flatus 
(after second dose, second day),"". — Desire to eructate (third day),*. — Occa- 
sional attacks of singultus, lasting but a few minutes each,"'^ — Stomach 
disturbed, heartburn, and belching of wind, all the evening (first and sec- 
ond days),*. — Nausea and Voinitinr/. Nausea in the evening (first 
day), lasting till breakfast was eaten ; severe in the evening (second day) 
till I had eaten breakfast, and lasting about one hour in the evening (third 
and following days),'. — Qualmishness about the stomach, with the headache 
(fourth day),^ — At 4 p.m. vomited copiously, without much straining; 
nausea somewhat relieved (fourth day),'. — Stomach. Load in stomach; 
heartburn (third day),*. — [70.] Ulceration of stomach and intestines.'^ — 
Severe pain in the region of the stomach, with a sensation of faintness, 
causing me to bend forward and take a sitting position, which gave relief; 
this passed off in five or ten minutes (inimediately after second dose) ; same 
pain in region of stomach (after third dose, second day) ; these stomach 
pains were, shortly after taking the drug, burning, but later, sharp and 
intermittent (third day),\ — Intense pain across the epigastric region,'^". — 
Severe pain in cardiac region all day (seventh day),''. — Burning sensation 
in my stomach, which lasted for fifteen minutes (first day),''. — Burning in 
the stomach, which, after about a minute, is felt in the umbilical region,". 
— About 10 A.M., while at lectures, and leaning a little forward on my 

VOL. IX. — 4 


seat, noticed a dull pain running directly across the epigastric region, which 
was immediately relieved by sitting up straight; tried this several times, 
and found it always the same ; aggravated by leaning forward, and relieved 
by sitting straight (second day),^— Pressure in the epigastric region (third 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. A very marked dull pain in left 
hypochondriac region ; have noticed this pain more a short time after tak- 
ing a dose (second day),^— Some pain in left hypochondrium (third dayj,'. 
— Umbilicus and Sides. [80.] Heavy dull pain below the umbili- 
cus, as if a weight were there, in the afternoon (third day),'""". — Heaviness 
in the umbilical region, as of weight, in the forenoon (fifth day),'"". — Dull 
pain in abdomen, in umbilical region, in the forenoon (third day),'"''. — 
Sometimes twisting in the umbilical region (fourth and fifth days),K — Pain 
to the left of the umbilicus, extending down to the left iliac region ; this 
was pretty constant through the proving ; commencing here, it would pass 
to the left iliac region, and then pass ofif"; it was of the same character as 
the pain in the iliac region, and seemed to pass steadily down from its 
commeueing-point to that region ; on the fifth day the pain extended to 
the right side to the ascending colon,^^.— General Abdomen. Fre- 
quent passage of flatus, occasionally noisy, but generally noiseless and 
odorless,'"*. — Accumulation of flatus in the intestines, with occasional 
twinges of pain about the umbilicus, extending down to the left iliac re- 
gion ; all pain ceased soon after retiring (third day),^ — Some rumbling in 
the bowels (second day) ; before stool (third day),\. — Rumbling in intes- 
tines, caused by accumulation of flatus (fourth day),°. — Colic in the abdo- 
men, in the lumbar and umbilical regions (third day),'. — [90.] Dull heavy 
ache in the abdomen (third day),'. — Quite severe pain of a twisting char- 
acter in the small intestines (seventh day),*^ — Inguinal Region. A 
gland in left inguinal region was swollen and considerably painful (may 
have come from the sore on the heel, caused by tight shoe), in the morning 
on getting up, and it remained so all day (third day),^ — A little pain in 
the left iliac region; pains remitting; dull heavy pain, which at times 
became very severe and sticking in character (second day),*». — Pain of a 
twisting character, extending down to the left iliac region from the umbili- 
cus (fourth day),'. — Sharp pain in right inguinal gland, continuing some 
moments, in the afternoon (third day),". — Pain in right inguinal region ; 
continues dull, not very severe ; relieved by pressure ; in the afternoon 
(third day),""'. 

Rectum and Anus. Smarting, cutting pain low down in rectum 
and in anus, after a stool (eighth day),"'. — Sharp, smarting pains at the 
anus and lower rectum, after a stool (fifth day),""'. — Desire for stool, with- 
out passage (fourth day),*. 

Stool.— [100.^ Diarrhoea,".— Evacuations offensive,''.— Two stools dur- 
ing the day ; the first normal, the second quite loose ; not quite as great a 
quantity as normal, and, although loose, expelled with difficulty ; did not 
seem to be through even after an evacuation (third day) ; desire to go to 
stool all day; stools expelled with difiiculty discharged in lumps, which were 
at first large and then tapered off; soQie sense of not being through after 
evacuation as before; some efforts to pass stool were fruitless (fourth day); 
my bowels, at commencement, were regular, are now constipated, passing 
in hard lumps, which are small in size and expelled with difiiculty, with a 
desire to remain a long time at stool (fifth day) ; bowels moved off nat- 
urally (seventh day),^— Passage of bowels (first since I commenced the 


proviug), normal in quantity and consistence ; before the passage, for two 
or three hours, an uneasy feeling in the rectum, not iimouuting to a desire 
for stool, but making me feel sure that I should have a passage soon ; after 
stool a sensation as if all had not passed, with sharp, smarting pains at the 
anus and lower rectum (fifth day) ; passage of bowels normal as to quantity 
and consistence; after a stool a sensation as if there would be nKjre dis- 
charged, and smarting, cutting pain low down in rectum and in anus 
(eighth day),"\ — No passage of bowels since 8 a.m. yesterday (second 
evening) ; large evacuation of bowels; stool rather large and hard, and no 
marked difficulty in passing it, about 11 p.m. (third day) ; afterwards stool 
about every three days, large in amount, rather hard, but no difficulty in 
passage,^ — My bowels, which were constipated at beginning, with some 
hemorrhoidal trouble, are regular, and no hajmorrhoids (tenth day),'". — 
Constipated ; stool hdrd, like balls (fifth day), I 

Urinary Orgaus. — Pain in the bladder, in the morning before 
urinating (first and second days),*. — Desire to urinate more frequent (fourth 
day),^ — Urine increased,'-. — [110.] Excessive flow of urine (fifth day),^^ 
— Increased flow of urine, which is pale in color, and passed in greater 
quantities, and more frequently than usual ; have sometimes a continued 
desire to micturate after the passage (sixth and ninth days),^ — Passed fre- 
quently a pale straw-colored urine; quantity at each passage about nor- 
mal (eighth day),". — Passed urine frequently, and large amount of clear, 
amber-colored urine ; a large quantity passed during the night, always pre- 
ceded by severe erections, which wakened me (second day) ; a large amount, 
and frequently passed, all through the day (third and following days),'. — 
Throughout the proving, urine was passed very frequently, about the nor- 
mal quantity at each passage; urine pale, straw-colored, clear, and not de- 
positing sediment on standing, of specific gravity of about 1025 ; after the 
passage it seems as if more would come, and a little time (say half a 
minute) after the passage a dribbling away of a few drops; never great 
urging to pass, and was able to hold the urine without much discomfort,'"''. 

Sexual Organs. — 31(ile, Violent erections several times during 
each day, and at night,^ — Severe erections, which awakened me (second 
night) ; obstinate and continued (third and following nights),'. — AVoke 
thrice during the night with violent, even painfully so, erections (seventh 
day),'". — Sometimes erections without dreams, sometimes with dreams of a 
lascivious nature,'°\ — Wakened twice with erections (first night),'"''. — [120.] 
Excitement of sexual desire; during day many lascivious thoughts, with 
erections ; at night frequent erections, with lascivious dreams and emissions 
of semen,'. — Female. Menstruation appears in a few hours, long before 
the period, in several cases, ''^ 

Respiratory Organs. — Voice. Hoarseness, commencing about 
4 P.M., and lasting all the evening, with frequent attempts to clear the 
throat (third day),""'. — Hoarseness in the evening (fourth and fifth days),'"''. 
— CongJi and Exjtectoration. Cough all the evening (fourth 
day),'"*". — Slight cough, and symptoms resembling my old catarrhal trouble ; 
the cough is short, hacking, and does not shake the body much, caused by 
continual desire to clear the throat (sixth day),*". — Seldom cough during 
the day; cough commences during the evening, generally about 7 or 8 
o'clock ; is short and hacking, sometimes with sense as if something were 
low in trachea, which must be dislodged, and sometimes without this sensa- 
tion ; in evening dislodged sometimes small chunks of tenacious white 
mucus, but was mostly dry; worse from cold air ; relieved while lying 


down and temporarily by eating ; excited by laughing ; during the day, 
especially in forenoon, continual attempts to clear the throat, raising small 
lumps of white mucus with some difficulty; at night same sensation with 
greater difficulty in raising mucus; much discharge of mucus from pos- 
terior nares, accumulatiug there, and requiring an effort to discharge it; 
felt cold; was tasteless and white in color, and discharged in tenacious 
masses,"*. — Jlesi)iratlon. Respiration at base of left lung is roughened, 
with pain in the part (seventh day),*°. 

Chest. — Frightful suppuration and gangrenous inflammation carae on, 
reaching down to the sternum ; the muscles, vessels, and nerves of the part 
were laid bare,". — Wandering pains in chest (fourth day),l — [130.] Some 
wandering pains in chest and abdomen (sixth and seventh days),*. — Slight 
stitching pain in chest and right side,'. — Pains in the left side of the chest 
in the region of the heart; the heart pains were sharp, and, continuing 
some little time, would pass off; they were a pretty constant attendant on 
the whole proving,*\ — Dull pain in left side, about the size of a large wal- 
nut, and an inch above, and an inch to the right of the apex beat of the 
heart; this lasted some little time (after a few minutes, first day),^ 

Heart and Pulse. — Dull, continual pain in the heart toward the 
apex, in the evening (fifth day) ; not so marked ; seemingly in the sub- 
stance of the heart (seventh day),'"''. — Occasional dull pains in region of 
the heart; they seemed to be in the substance of the heart; less frequent 
in the afternoon (eighth day),'". — Sense of uneasiness about the heart, with 
occasional dull pain in cardiac region, not altered by pressure, by deep 
breath, or by motion (fourth day),^"". — I felt, at times, this sensation in the 
region of the heart; a sense of oppression, and a sort of pricking, which 
always passed off in a short time (seventh day),''. — Felt the action on the 
heart almost immediately; the pains about the heart came back everyday 
about 10 A.M., and from 4 to 6 p.m., only lasted for a short time ; this has 
been so for ten days, and still continues ; sometimes the pain is quite per- 
sistent, and accompanied with a feeling of dread and oppression ; it also 
comes on sometimes at night when I am studying, and troubles me not a 
little ; these symptoms have been accompanied, but not nearly as regularly, 
by a peculiar pain in my right side, which, did I not know better, would 
make me think that ray heart was on my right side, and that I was con- 
scious of its beating; this feeling also only stays a short time,'^'*. — Pulse 
somewhat accelerated,". — [140.] Full, moderate pulse (third day),\ — Pulse 
ranged from 70 to 75 beats per minute ; was always quick, and usually 
soft,'"". — Pulse gradually grew less frequent ; fell from 64 to 52 beats (third 
day) ; quicker, having risen from 52 to 68 (fifth day),". 

Bach. — Dull, but quite severe pain just under the inferior angle of the 
left scapula, pulsating in character, seemingly in intercostal muscles, in 
the forenoon (fourth day),"'^ — Pain, dull but severe, under lower angle of 
left scapula, pulsating in character, in the afternoon (fifth day),'""*. — Slight 
backache in th^ small of the back, becoming intolerable toward bedtime ; 
restless all night, aud could not sleep for the pain in the back and hips 
(fourth day) ; pain in the back and through the hips ; relieved by motion 
(fifth day),". ^ 

JS?x«reJm«tes.— Weariness of the extremities, wdth cramps in the 
calves of the legs,'. 

Superior Extremities.— OccAsiona.1 dull pains in left shoulder- 
joint (eighth day),'".— Drawing sensation at the inferior insertion of the 


right biceps brachialis muscle, on flexion and extension of the arm (first 

Inferior Extrem ffies. — Weakness of muscles of calves of the legs 
(third day),". — [150.] Dull, heavy ache in leg (third day),^ — Pain con- 
stantly in ankles and calves of the legs (fourth day),'. 

Generalities. — It seemed to "double me right up;" could hardly 
Stand ; tears ran from eyes, and had an intense pain across the ejiigastric 
region,"". — Rose late, feeling sore and stiff all over (fifth day),". — Tired 
feeling all over (fourth day),'. — Weak and languid feeling, with desire to 
sleep during the day,'. — Great weakness in all the muscles (third day) ; 
grew weaker (fourth day),". — The system seemed saturated with the drug 
(seventh day),*".— Felt so badly that I took Rhus tox. 200 (fifth night); 
rose entirely free from all bad symptoms (sixth morning),'. — Symptoms 
gradually left some five days after stopping the drug,'. — [160.] Symptoms 
generally worse from 7 to 9 p.m.; relieved by lying down at night, except 

Skin. — The skin turns red,". — Redness of the skin,". — When they 
leave the bath a sensation of burning heat, and stitches in the skin," 

Sleep. — Sleepiness (second day),". — Desire to sleep during the day; 
sleeplessness at night, before 12 o'clock, with great desire to sleep in the 
morning; lies in bed late,'. — Sleep but little nights, but three or four hours 
during each twenty-four hours for last three days, and yet do not suffer at 
all from loss of sleep (third night) ; afterwards, could sit up all night and 
not suffer from loss of sleep,'. — Sat up till 1 A.m., and then had no desire to 
retire, or on retiring, no desire to go to sleep (something unusual) ; went 
to bed, and as far as I know, slept as well as usual (first night); when I 
woke at 7 a.m., got up immediately (generally like to lie in bed awhile) 
(second morning) ; went to bed at 11 p.m., and not at all sleepy (should 
have staid up longer had there been a fire; felt like study); slept well 
(second night) ; got up same as yesterday (third morning),". — Sleeplessness 
at night ; my custom has been to retire at about 11 p.m. ; during the prov- 
ing seldom went to bed before 12 or 1 o'clock, and often later; never felt 
sleepy, even then, and never felt any di-owsiness or inconvenience in any 
way from this loss of sleep on the following day ; arose at about my usual 
time in the morning (7.30) ; always on going to bed went to sleep easily ; 
slept lightly ; slept frequently ; during every night, disturbed by vivid 
dreams ; these were at times of a lascivious nature, when I would awake 
with a violent and obstinate erection,'"". — Sleep disturbed by vivid dreams 
(not lascivious) (seventh day),'". — [170.] Lascivious dreams,'; (second 
night),*s (second and third nights),'. — Vivid dreams (second night),'°^ 

Fever. — Persons having a mustard bath of 28° to 36° C. have a severe 
chill, as if they were in a very cold bath, chattering of the teeth, shivering, 
a sensation of general coldness, with shrunken features,'". — Heat through 
whole body, especially down the spine,'"'. — Quartan ague and inflammatory 
fever,'^ — Perspiration on taking, and feeling of hot water in all the blood- 
vessels, which disappeared when the nausea came on (after second dose, second 
dav) ; blood hot as before, disappearing when nausea came on (after first 
dose, third and following days),'.' — Perspiration breaks out over whole 
body ; more profuse on forehead and upper lip,'"". — A tendency to perspire 
freely on the least exertion (mental or physical), and from external heat,'"'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Forenoon), 10 a.m., pain about heart. 
{Afternoon), 4 to 6 p.m., pain about heart. — {Evening), Nausea ; hoarse- 
ness ; 7 to 9 p.m., the symptoms.— {Night), Mind worked rapidly.— (CoW 

54 SIUM. 

air) Cough.— (Leaning forward), Pain across epigastric region.— (Lawg'^- 
inrj), Cough.— (Motion), Head&che.— (Thinking of it), Dull feeling in head. 
—(Stooping), Headache.— (Jh a ivarm room), Dull feeling in head ; head- 

AmeUofation.— (Night), On lying down, the symptoms.— (I/i open 
air) Dull feeling in head ; headache.— (iym^ down), Dull feeling in head ; 
cough.— (Motion), Pain in back and through Wi'^s.— (Shutting eyes). Eye 


Siura latifolium, Linn. 

Natural order, Umbelliferse. 

Common name. Water parsnip. 

Preparation, Tincture of root. 

Authorities. 1, White, Phil. Med. Times, 1873, p. 47, a man aged forty- 
nine, ate less than an ounce of the root of the "wild parsnip;" 2, Little, 
The Clinic, 7, 49, a youth aged sixteen, ate a piece as large as an almond 
of the common water parsnip, death in less than three hours. 

Mind.— Much excited,'. — Considerable mental anxiety (soon)/. — 
Sense of fear of death,'. — Lack of mental power,'. 

Head. — Great dizziness,'. — Headache,'. 

liJj/e. —Pupils dilated, responding slowly to a bright light (after two 
hours),l — Pupils somewhat dilated,^ 

Throat. — Decided burning feeling along the alimentary tract (oesoph- 
agus especially),'. — [10.] Feeble efforts at deglutition when fauces were 
touched (after two hours),'''. 

Stomach. — Became nauseated, and vomited what little he had eaten 
for dinner (after one hour) ; after a brief respite he was again seized with 
vomiting, at the close of which he fell into a convulsion, I — Unpleasant 
sensation about the stomach (soon),^ 

Abdomen. — Sense of swelling and flatulence about the bowels,'. 

Jie.yuratori/ Organs. — Respiration slow,'. — Respiration slow and 
stertorous (after two hours),^. 

Pulse. — Pulse 60 per minute, full and strong (after two hours); the 
circulation became weaker and weaker, the pulse being 40 per minute when 
last recognized,^ — Pulse 44,'. 

Generalities, — ]\Iuscles in a state of tonic contraction ; arms drawn 
toward the middle of the body ; fingers flexed ; opisthotonos well marked ; 
greater contraction of the muscles on the left side than on the right (after 
two hours), '^ — Every few minutes there were spasms, at first violently 
clonic, but with each succeeding convulsion the violence diminished, so 
that they became little more than tremors ; by degrees the character was 
changed until the last one (in which circulation and respiration ceased), 
which was a pure tonic spasm. At first the spasms were of short duration 
and the interval considerable, but the duration of the spasms increased and 
the interval diminished until it was scarcely appreciable,^ — -[20.] Loss of 
voluntary motion,'. — Very prostrate in strength,'. 

Fever. — Skin cold and clammy,'. — Head hot, rest of body cold (after 
two hours), ^ — ^Wet with perspiration (after two hours),^ 



An alkaloid, C^jHugNO,,;, obtained from various Solanums, especially 
from S. nigrum and S. dulcamara. 

Preparation, Triturations. 

Authorities. Reil's Journ. f Pharmacodynam., 1857. 1, Dr. Clarus, 
took \ grain of the acetate first day, 1 grain second day, 6^ grains third 
day; 2, Sehroff, Lehrbuch f. Pharm., 4th ed., p. 623, proving of Holanin 
from S. dulcamara on four persons; 3, Froiimiiller, Klin. Studien, etc., 
gave to several persons doses of 1 to 4 grains of S. from S. tuberosum and 
nigrum, no symptoms; afterwards took 6 grains; 3a, same persons took 
15 grains. 

jyiind. — Stupefaction without previous excitement,^. 

Head. — Vertigo,"". — Head hot, heavy, dull, paiuful,l — Heaviness of 
the head,\ — Pain in the occiput,^ 

Eye. — The pupils were not much affected, perhaps somewhat con- 

3Iouth. — Salivation,^. — The pure alkaloid has a cooling, acid, and salt 
taste, acd when chewed, it causes a glutinous sensation in the pharynx and 
throat, with scraping, which extends down to the stomach, where it becomes 
a peculiar sticking pain,l — Bitter taste,". 

Throat. — [10.] Scraping in the throat,'"". 

StOtnaeJi. — Constant eructations,^ — Nausea and diarrhoea,'^ — Nau- 
sea, and violent ineffectual efforts to vomit,^ — Nausea and vomiting,^ — 
About 5 P.M., vomiting three times without previous nausea, without pain 
and without any intestinal symptoms,'. 

Abdomen. — Rumbling in the abdomen,^ 

TJrinafij Organs. — (The next morning, examination of the urine 
showed albumen!),'. 

Resjnratory Organs. — Hoarseness,'. — Respiration slightly slower 
than natural, temperature not affected,"". — [20.] Very superficial slow res- 
piration, 15 or 16 to 14 to the minute,'. — Difficult respiration, with oppres- 
sion of the chest.l — Oppressed respiration,'. 

Pulse. — Pulse increased in rapidity, weak (72 to 88),'. — Increased 
frequency of the pulse, sometimes as much as 25 beats, lasting four hours 
(the next morning, somewhat slower than natural),^ — The pulse ran up to 
95 and 100, was remarkably soft, small, and weak,'. — Pulse rose from 76 
to 92 in fifteen minutes; in twenty minutes more it returned to the nor- 
mal,"\ — It caused after ten hours slight slowness of the pulse and respira- 
tion, but no change in the temperature,". — Pulse small, weak, thready,l 

Inferior JEoctr entities. — Slight tonic spasms of the lower extremi- 
ties,'''. — [30.] The next morning the prover felt quite well, with the excep- 
tion of some weakness in the lower extremities,'. 

Generalities. — Weakness,'.— Sensation of great weakness,l — Sensi- 
tiveness to light, noise, and to touch,'. 

Skin. — Skin dry,''. — Hyperajsthesia of the skin ; creeping along the 
spine when touching the skin; more easily tickled than natural.^ — Itch- 
ing of the skin, I 

Sleep.— Frequent yawning,''. — Great sleepiness, with inability to s]eep,l 
— Sleepiness,^ — [40.] Sleep very restless, frequently disturbed by frightful 
dreams,l — Sleep frequently interrupted during the night, but without 

Fever. — Extremities cold,^ — Profuse perspiration without weakness,'. 



Solanum rebenta, Veil. 

Natural order, Solanacese. 

Common name (Brazilian), Arrebenta cavallos. 

Preparation, Trituration of the leaves. 

Authority. Mure, Pathogeuesie Bresilienne. 

Mind. — Impatient and irritable about trifles. 

Head. — Vertigo after bathing. — Headache. 

Face. — Red face, with determination of blood to the head. 

JMoufh. — Clammy mouth, in the morning. 

Stomach. — Loss of appetite. — Constant thirst. — Swelling of the stom- 
ach. — Difficult digestion. 

Chest.— [\.0.'\ Pain in the pectoralis major. — Glandular swelling in 
the right breast. — Lancinations in the breasts. 

Si4j)Ci'ior Extremities. — Swelling of the axillary glands. 

Skill. — Pale-green color of the skin (after a few days). — Urticaria. — 
Superficial ulcer below the left nipple. — Painful boil under the right ax- 
illa. — Suppuration of the boils. 

Slcex>' — Waking with a start. — [20.] Dreams about quarrels and 

Fever. — Slight fever. — Plying beat all over. 


Solanum mammosum, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanaceae. 

Common name, Apple of Sodom. 

Authority. Hering, Archiv. f. Horn., 13, 2, p. 184. 

3Iiftd. — He becomes exasperated at what he thinks may happen. — 
Inability for continuous thought, though with perfect comprehension of 
his subject ; he could, when writing, only express himself iu short broken 

Stool. — No stool (second day) ; stool occurred later than usual and 
after much pressure (third day). 

Respirator !J Organs. — The mucus hawked from the larynx con- 
tains streaks of bright blood (after half an hour). — Hawking of mucus 
containing flakes of blood (third day). 

JBacL'. — Twitching of a large muscle below the right scapula, as if the 
flesh were pinched up by the hand and shaken back and forth (third and 
fourth days). 

Inferior Extremities.— ist\ckmg pain in the left hip-joint, that 
made him quite lame, frequently during and after walking, disappearing 
after standing and sitting down (fourth day). 

Generalities.— VnesLsiness; inability to keep quiet. — Everything is 
seen as in a fever with a hard pulse.— [10.] Sensitiveness to tobacco. 

SJt/in. — Causes blotches over the whole body (from poisonino-; see 
Froriep, Notizen, 1821). ° 

Sleep.— Great weariness and desire to sleep without ability to sleep, 
followed by slumbering without real sleep, and afterwards deep sleep for 
several hours, from which he awoke and could not collect his senses for a 


long time, and remained long in an irresolute condition (this condition oc- 
curred at the time of the flood-tide, at the full moon ; with the ebb-tide, a 
general refreshing, as after a crisis). — Even after a long sleep during the 
day he was sleepy in the evening, and slept well all night. — Dreams of 
death, with violent weeping (fourth and fifth days). 


Solanum nigrum, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanacese. 

Common names, Black nightshade ; (Fr.), Morelle noir. 

Preparation, Tincture of plant. 

Authorities. 1, Pihan Dufeilly, Journ. de Chim. Med., iv, p. 143, poison- 
ing (from Roth, Mat. Med., 3, 5) ; 2, Hirtz, Gaz. Med. de Strasburg, 1842, 
ibid. ; 3, Camerarius, Wepfer Hist. Cicut. Aquat., p. 288,t ibid. ; 4, Rucker, 
poisoning of four persons, Coramercium Litt. Norinberg, ibid. ; 5, Journ. 
de Chim. Med., 1840 (Hygea, 13, 403), poisoning of three children ; 6, 
same, a case ; 7, Tardieu, " Empoisonnement," poisoning of a child by 
leaves ; 8, same, another case ; 9, same, another child ; 10, Kontuy, Preuss. 
Med. Zeit., 1862 (A. H. Z., Mon. BL, 6, 31), a child poisoned by leaves 
and berries; 11, Lembke, Allg. Horn. Zeit., 45, 74, proving with tincture, 
doses of 5 to 50 drops ; 12, Moreaux, Elements de Therap., poisoning of a 
boy by berries (from Hale's Compilations, Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. State of 
N. Y., 1870); 13, Eberle, Therap., a girl ate berries, ibid.; 14, same, a 
child ate four ripe berries; 15, two boy.s poisoned, Journ. de Chim. Med.; 
16 and 17, omitted ; 18, Gataker, effects of infusion of 1 to 3 grains of leaf, 
ibid. ; 19, omitted ; 20, J. M. Cunningham, proving with tincture, took 
first day, 10 drops at 5 p.m.; second day, same, at 7 p.m. ; third day, 15 
drops at 8 a.m. ; sixth day, 15 drops at 7 p.m. ; seventh day, 15 drops at 7 
A.M.; eighteenth day, 20 drops at 9 A.m. and 2 p.m.; twentieth day, 20 
drops at 8 p.m. ; twenty-second day, 20 drops at 7 a.m., ibid. ; 21, symp- 
toms, by Louis Deventer, from MS. from Dr. C. Hering. 

JUittcl. — Delirium, with stammering speech, efforts to escape and to 
get out of bed,'. — Delirium,*. — Delirium, cries and convulsions,''. — Piercing 
cries, such as are heard in cases of hydrocephalus (third hour),^. — Dull 
drowsy feeling, with indisposition to study (twenty-third day),^". — The 
understanding seems lost ; the patients do not appear to comprehend what 
is passing around them ; but every now and then they utter indistinct 
words, like delirious or intoxicated persons (in three hours),^ — * Complete 
cessation of mental faculties,^'. — She was found entirely insensible, lying in 
a deep apoplectic stupor, all the muscles relaxed, the face flushed, and the 
pulse full and irregular; she continued in this state about six hours, then 
gradually recovered,". — A state of stupor and coma, attended with fever,'l 
— [10.] Coma, with twitching,'*. — Comatose sleep,'". 

Mead. — Vertigo. Vertigo,^ ^ ° ^'. — Vertigo, nausea, and colic,'. — Ver- 
tigo on rising and moving about, with dizziness before the eyes (fifth day),™. 
— Brain seems to swim ; vertigo worse on moving the head (twentieth 
day),™. — Sensation as if the bed was turning rapidly in a circle, within ten 

f Edition, Basel, 1679, p. 226, a communication from Dr. concerning 
the poisoning of ttiree children, aged six, four, and three years, by eating the ber- 
ries of " Solanum vulgare" (Nigrum). — T. F. A. 


minutes after going to bed (twenty-first da}'),™. — Feeling on stooping, as 
if everything was luoving around in a circle (twenty-third day),^°. — Great 
vertigo ou rising, in the morning, somewhat relieved on going out into the 
open air (twenty-fourth day),™. — While talking, the body seems to reel ia 
various directions (after 50 drops),". — [20,] While walking, the body in- 
clines to the left (after 50 drops),". — GenefCil Head. Dulness of the 
head, followed by dilatation of the pupils (after 10 drops),". — Dulness of 
the head, with slow pulse and contracted pupils (ten minutes after 25 
drops),". — Dull pain in the head, at 11 a.m. (fifth day),™. — Dull heavy 
headache, at 8 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),™. — Dull heavy headache, con- 
tinuing without intermission (twenty-fifth day),™. — Dull throbbing head- 
ache, during the forenoon (twenty-fourth day),™. — Heavy sensation in the 
head, on waking in the morning, as if he had not had enough sleep (twenty- 
third day),™. — The head seems too heavy (after 35 drops),". — Fulness and 
heaviness of the head,". — [30.] Slight fulness in the head (after about an 
hour),™. — Feeling of lightness in the head (twenty-first day),™. — *Head- 
ache,'^. — ^Violent headache, which wakes him up at night.l — Constant and 
violent headache,'. — Violent headache, at 11 a.m. (twenty-third day),™. — 
Horrible headache,'*. — *Frightful headache,^. — Very severe pain in head 
immediately over the eyes, so severe as to make him partially close his 
eyes ; light seems to aggravate it, and it is worse on stooping over ; it lasts 
about an hour, very severe, at 10 a.m. (eighteenth day),™. — Headache in- 
creased when first beginning to move after sitting, but after walking for a 
time in the open air, somewhat relieved (twenty-fourth day),™. — [40.] 
Headache worse in a close room (twenty-third day),™. — Feeling as if the 
head would split (twentieth day),™. — On moving the head, the brain feels 
as if it were shaking about in the skull, at 10 a.m. (eighteenth day),™. — 
Feeling, on the least motion after sitting, as if the brain would burst from 
the forehead (twenty-third day),™. — Forehead. Dull feeling in forepart 
of the head, all the afternoon (fifth day),™. — Heaviness in the forehead 
(after 35 drops),". — Heaviness and pressure in the forehead (after 40 
drops),". — Violent headache in the front part of the head, at 8 p.m. (twen- 
tieth day),™. — Sensation, as from a blow, in the forehead (fifth day),™. — 
Slight pain in the forepart of the head, on waking, going off in the course 
of the morning (twentieth day),™. — [50.] Slight pain in the forepart of the 
head, on waking in the morning (twenty-second day),™. — Pressure deep in. 
the forehead (after 25 drops),".— Pressure and dulness in the forehead 
(after 35 drops),". — Pressive pains in the forehead,". — Violent throbbing 
pain in the forepart of the head, during the whole afternoon (twenty-third 
day),™. — Temples, Tensive drawing pain in the region of the temples," 
— Severe pain through the temples, as if the head would split, at 12 M. 
(fifth day),^". — Severe pain in the left temple, of a throbbing beating char- 
acter, worse on the slightest misstep, and worse ou stooping, at 1 p.m. 
(twenty-third day),™.— Pressure in the temples, extending toward the fore- 
head deep in the brain, repeated several times (after 50 drops),". — Sharp 
gnawing pain in the right temple, at 9 A.m., causing him to grasp his hand 
and shut his eyes from the severity of the pain (twenty-third day),™. — 
[60.] Stitches in the temple (twenty-third day),™.— Throbbing of temporal 
and carotid arteries, at 11 a.m. (twenty-third day),™. — Vertex, Pain in 
a small circumscribed spot ou the top of the head, which soon passed off" 
(eighteenth day),™.— Pressure on the vertex and forehead (soon), (after 50 
drops),".— _E:.rfe*-M«7 Head. During the last week, has had an erup- 
tion ou forehead of small red pimples, sore to touch and very hard ; when 


one went away another would come (twenty-fourth day),™.— Scalp feels 
sore, on moving the hand through the hair (twenty-third day),™.— Hi:alp 
very sore to touch, feeling as if the hair had been very severely pulled 
(twenty-fourth day),™. 

Eye, — Wrinkles around the eyes, on the upper lip, and on the fingers 
(eleventh day),*. — Eyes wide open, moist, and sparkling (in three hours),'. 
—Redness of the eyes," ; (twenty-fourth day),™.— [70.] Fulness and ten- 
sion in the eyes,''. — Eyes feel dull and heavy (twenty-fourth day),™. — 
Burning in the eyes (twenty-fourth day),™. — Eyes very sensitive to the 
light (twenty-fourth day),™.-^Eyes feel as if there were sand in them, on 
waking in the morning (twenty-fifth day),™. — J5/"OM' and Orbit. 
Slight pain over left eye (after one hour, second day),™. — Severe pain in 
the supraorbital region, on waking in the morning; it passed off in the 
course of an hour, leaving a dull heavy sensation in the forepart of the 
head (third day),™. — Severe pain over the eyes, aggravated by motion and 
stooping (third day),™. — Violent pain in the supraorbital region, on wak- 
ing in the morning ; worse on arising and from the slightest motion ; the 
least misstep sends violent pains through the temples ; the acute pain 
passed oflf" about 10 a.m., leaving a sensation as if the forehead had been 
bruised (fourth day),™.— Dull heavy pain over the eyes, with insipid taste 
in the mouth, on waking in the morning (sixth and seventh days),™. — [80.] 
Sharp shooting pain over right eye, at 4 p.m. (eighteenth day),™. — ^Violent 
pain over the eyes, going off in the course of an hour, at 9 p.m. (twenty- 
second day),™. — Severe pain over eyes, almost unbearable when looking at 
a bright oi)ject (twenty-third day),™. — Dull bruised feeling over the eyes, 
on waking in the morning (twenty-fifth day),™. — Lids. Biting iu the 
margins of the lids (after 40 and 50 drops),". — Burning sensation in the 
eyelids,". — Pain in inner canthus of left eye (twenty-third day),™. — 
Lachrymal AjJl^aratus. Watering of the eyes,". — Ptipihs. Dila- 
tation of the pupils,^'. — Increasing dilatation of the pupils,'. — [90.] Pupils 
dilated (very soon after 5 drops),". — Pupils dilated very easily (after 10 
drops),". — Pupils very much inclined to dilate (after 25 drops),". — Pupils 
greatly dilated (one hour after 25 drops) ; returned lo their normal size 
(two hours after 25 drops),". — Pupils dilated, the inner margins of the iris 
seems bright yellow as if illuminated, with bright spots and black objects 
before the eyes, intermingled with mistiness of vision (forty-five minutes 
after 35 drops) ; after another forty-five minutes the pupils were at times 
very small, and at other times very large,". — Excessively dilated pupil,' ^ 
— Pupils enormously dilated and insensible,^ — Both pupils are dilated to 
utmost extent (after three hours),l — Dilatation of the pupil alternating 
with contraction,"^; (second day),'; (one hour after 20 drops),". — Vision. 
Great weakness of sight, aggravated by bright sunlight,". — [100.] Erethitic 
amaurosis,". — Mistiness before the eyes,^ '^ — Muscae volitantes,". — He can 
scarcely distinguish surrounding objects,'. — Flickering before the eyes,". — • 
Black points and streaks before the eyes when reading (after 25 drops),". 
■ — Darkness before the eyes, with white spots and stripes and black rings 
and greatly dilated pupils (one hour and three-quarters after 35 drops),". 
■ — Black points and stripes before the eyes, with heaviness and dulness in 
the head and easily dilated pupils (after fifteen minutes) ; everything 
seemed too bright, as if too much light entered the eyes, with biting on 
the margins of the lids and pressure over the eyes and deep in the eyes, 
especially on looking at the daylight; at a distance everything seemed 
mixed, with pressure in the forehead (after half an hour) ; the pupils were 


contracted, yet at times everything seemed too bright, and the eye was 
sensitive to light (after three-quarters of an hour) ; sticking in the inner 
canthus of the right eye, pupils very much contracted, with many floating 
spots and points before the vision, alternating with very dilated pupils, 
that remained dilated (after one hour) ; the eyes remained very sensitive 
on reading all day (after 40 drops),".— Black points and objects before the 
eyes, with dilated pupils (after a quarter of an hour) ; everything seems 
dark (after half an hour) ; the pupils continue dilated for more than an 
hour (after 50 drops),". 

IE(H'. — Subsequent to the poisoning the child suffered from the most 
violent parotitis,'". — [110.] Stitches in the ear (twenty-third day),''".— 
Everything heard seems at a greater distance than natural (after 50 
drops),". — Buzzing befoi-e the ears,". 

ifose. — The nose is of a deep-red color (fourth day),*. — Considerable 
sneezing (with discharge from nose), (twenty-third day),™. — Discharge 
during the day of a thin watery substance from the nose, with considerable 
sneezing ; great discharge of water from right nostril, the left being closed, 
as from a cold (twenty-third and twenty-fourth days),^°. — Burning in the 
nose (twenty-fourth day),™. 

Face. — Highly congested face, expressive of wildness and anxiety (in 
three hours),^ — Swollen and flushed face (second day),'. — Flushed face,' ". 
— [120.] Face red, swollen,^ — Red, bloated face,'^ — Red, fatigued face,'^ 
— Expression of fright and terror,^ — Face pale,^ — Face looked as though 
he had been intoxicated, at 11 a.m. (twenty-third day),™. — Sharp neuralgic- 
like pain shooting from the lower jaw up into the left ear, leaving suddenly 
and coming as suddenly (twentieth day),™. — Lips dry and blistered (twenty- 
third day),™. — Lips and tongue feel dry as if scalded (twenty-fourth day),™. 
— Trismus (after three hours),^ — [130.] Very sharp pain running from 
the lower jaw up into the left ear, of a neuralgic character, at 10 A.m. 
(twenty-fifth day),™. 

lloutfl. — Tongue sore as if burnt (twenty fourth day),™. — Dryness of 
the back of the tongue and arch of the palate (after 10 drops),". — Dryness 
of the mouth (after 35 drops),". — Great dryness of the mouth (after 40 
drops),". — Mouth very dry (after 50 drops),"; (twenty-third day),™. — In- 
sipid taste in mouth (with pain over eyes), on waking in the morning (sixth 
and seventh days),™. — Utterance becomes uneasy,'. 

Throat. — Dryness in the throat,"'. — Stitches in the right side of the 
throat (twenty-third day),™. — [140.] Raw sensation in throat, painful on 
swallowing anything solid or liquid (twenty-third day),™. — Throat very 
sore on swallowing (twenty-fourth day),™. — Tickling sensation in throat, 
causing him to cough frequently (twenty-fifth day),™. — Fauces dry (one 
hour and a half after 25 drops),". — Constant sticking in the fauces, espe- 
cially on swallowing, at times stitches shooting from the fauces towards the 
drum of the right ear (after 40 drops),". — Left tonsil feels swollen, with 
soreness on swallowing,'^ — Left tonsil feels swollen as from cold, sore on 
swallowing (twentieth day),™. — Feeling as if there were a splinter in the 
right tonsil (twenty-third day),™. — Stitching pain in tonsil (twenty-fourth 
day),™. — Sensation of cramp in the O'sophagus (after twenty-five drops),". 
— [150.] Deglutition is effected only when their jaws are forced wide open 
in order to make them swallow liquids,^ — Throbbing of the carotid arte- 
ries, at 8 P.M. (twentieth day),™. — Violent beating of the carotids (twenty- 
third day),™. 

Stomach.— Appetite and Thirst. Want of appetite ; they go 


to bed without wanting their supper,^— Thirst,".— Great thirst, causing 
me to drink often, and in large quantities (twenty-fourth day),'^". — Veiy 
urgent thirst, but the liquids taken were soon vomited up again (second 
day),^ — Unquenchable thirst,^ — Excessive thirst,* " '^ — Eructations, 
Empty eructations (with burning in the stomach), (fifth day),^°. — lleuft- 
bliril. [160.] Slight heartburn, of short duration, immediately after 
eating breakfast (seventh day),™. — Heartburn, with nausea, at 6 r.M. 
(eighteenth day),'". — Violent heartburn after eating dinner; burning sen- 
sation up into the oesophagus, passing off in the course of an hour 
(twentieth day),™. — Heartburn after going to bed, in the evening (twenty- 
first day),™. — Heartburn, in the afternoon, lasting for about an hour 
(twenty-second day),™. — Nausea and Voniitiiif/. Nausea,' ''\ — 
Nausea, with sparks before the eyes, continuing until he went to sleep 
(twenty-first day),™. — Nausea and retchings,". — Nausea, with efforts to 
vomit, followed by profuse vomiting, at first of mucus, afterwards of bluish 
or grayish-black liquid,^ — Vomiting,". — [170.] Vomiting of all food,". — • 
Loathing vomiting of ingesta,'^ — Vomiting of ingesta, then of a blackish- 
green liquid,^ — ■ Copious vomiting, at first of mucus, then of a thick, 
blackish-green liquid,'. — Seldom failed to either vomit, sweat, or purge 
the patient moderately, or to increase the quantity of urine; it sometimes 
occasioned a giddiness, especially when it made the patient sick (nauseated), 
but neither the sickness or giddiness were constant symptoms, and when 
they happened they generally abated or ceased entirely after the first 
dose,". — Frequent vomiting, first of mucus, afterwards of a bluish or gray- 
blackish fluid,". — Stomach. Severe pain in the region of the stomach, 
extending up into the region of the heart and left shoulder, at 5 p.m. (fifth 
day),™. — Great pain in the pit of the stomach,'^— Great pressure in the 
stomach in paroxysms (after ten drops),". — Constant pressure in the 
stomach (after thirty-five and forty drops),". — [180.] Pressure in the 
stomach (after fifty drops),". — Severe cramps in the pit of the stomach, at 
5 P.M.; worse on walking; gradually subsiding after eating supper (sixth 
day),™. — Sharp, cutting pains in and across the stomach, relieved by pres- 
sure and bending forward, at 5 p.m. (fourth day),™. — Severe burning in 
the stomach, with vomiting,'". — Burning pain in the stomach after the 
evacuations (fourth day),™. — Burning pain in the stomach, extending up- 
wards, with nausea (after loose evacuation), (fifth day),™. — Burning in the 
stomach, with empty eructations (fifth day),™. — Slight burning in stomach, 
with nausea (after two hours, sixth day),™. — Burning sensation in stomach, 
extending up into the oesophagus (eighteenth day),™. 

Abdomen, — Violent cutting in the umbilical region (after thirty-five 
drops),". — [190.] Abdomen excessively distended and tense,". — Meteorism 
to such an extent that he seems almost to swell up visibly,^ — Colic,'". — 
Colic and ineffectual urging to stool,'. — Pain in bowels (after one hour, 
second day),™. — Pain, at 5 p.m., as if the intestines were cut with knives, 
which continued until after supper, when it gradually subsided (fourth 
day),™. — Pains in the abdomen and desire to lie down; after about an hour 
the pains increased and were accompanied by nausea, without vomiting,'. 

Amis. — Tenesmus in the anus,'^'^ 

Stool. — One or more of the natural evacuations were almost always 
increased,'". — The bowels, which have been somewhat constipated, are 
rather loose ; stools semifluid ; 10 A.m. bowels still somewhat loose ; evac- 
uations of a yellow color, somewhat watery, at 5 p.m. (fourth day),™.— 
[200.] Loose evacuation of a yellow, watery character, at 10 a.m., followed 


by a burniug pain in the stoaiach, extending upwards, with nausea (fifth 
day),'".— Constipation, with small, dry, hard stools (eighteenth day),™. — 
Bowels somewhat costive (twenty-fourth day),™. 

Urinary Organs. — If a sweat did not break out, then an extra- 
ordinary discharge of urine was the consequence, and frequently followed 
by a purgiug,'". 

Mespiratort/ Organs. — Respiration rapid,^ — Difficult respira- 
tion,^ '°. — The breathing is quick, but easy,l — Stertorous breathiug,^ 

Chest. — Slight oppression of the chest (soon after ten drops),". — Con- 
striction of the chest,". — [210.] Pressure on the sternum and at the tenth 
dorsal vertebra (after thirty-five drops),". — Cutting pain in left side 
(twenty-fourth day),™. 

Heart and Pulse. — Anxious feeling in the region of the heart,". 
— Pulse very rapid, scarcely perceptible,". — Pulse rapid, irregular,"". — 
Small and very frequent pulse (in three hours),l — Frequent and somewhat 
irregular pulse (second day),\ — Pulse from 90 to 95 (twenty-third day),™. 
— Pulse 95, during forenoon (twenty-fifth day),™. — Pulse about 95, at 8 
P.M. (twenty-fourth day),™. — ■[220.] Pulse slow, small, and soft (after 
thirty-five drops),". — Pulse small and slow (after twenty and forty drops),". 
— Pulse full and irregular,'^ 

Nech and Back. — Neck feels sore and stiflT, as if bruised ; worse on 
moving the head (seventh day),™. — Severe pain in muscles of neck (twenty- 
fourth day),™. — Great pain in the back of the neck and shoulders, and 
lower extremities (with fever), (twenty-fourth day),™. — Pain in back of 
neck and between shoulders (twenty-fifth day),™. — Bruised feeling in the 
back and limbs (seventh day),™. — Pain in back and limbs, at 9 p.m. 
(twenty-third day),™. 

JExiremities. — Eestle.ssuess in the limbs, with carphologia.l — [230.] 
Pain in limbs (and back), at 9 p.m. (twenty-third day),™. — Wandering 
pains, first in the shoulders, then down the arm, then in the lower extremi- 
ties (twenty-fourth day),™. — Severe pain in all the limbs, at 8 I'.m. (twenty- 
fifth day),™. — Painful drawing in arms and feet,". 

Superior Mxtreinities. Arms heavy, as if prostrated, especially 
the right (after fifty drops),". — Dull, heavy pain in right arm, extending 
down to the ends of the fingers, at 10 a.m. ; this continued until 3 p.m., 
when it gradually disappeared (fifth day ),™.— Pains extending down the 
left arm of a lancinating character, at 9 p.m. (fifth day),™.— Pain shooting 
through left arm and wrist (twenty-fifth day),™.— Pain in the left shoulder 
and right wrist fafter fifty drops),". 

Inferior Krtreinities.—Gah unsteady, heavy, insecure (after 
85 drops),".— [240.] Trembling of the lower extremities, especially of the 
muscles of the thighs, like small, successive jerks (after 20 drops),".— The 
lower extremities seem prostrated, especially the left (after 50 drops),".— 
Weakness of the thighs (ten minutes after 2o drops),".— Pain in the right 
knee, extending upwards towards the hip (fifth dav),™.— Legs feel sore on 
walking, as if bruised (twenty-fourth day),™. — Compression in the left 
calf, as before the cramp (after 35 drops),".— Crawling in the left calf (after 
50 drops),".— Pulling pains in the calves (twenty-third day),*.— Swelling 
of the feet (fifty-second day),*.— Tearing on the back of the left foot (after 
50 drops),". 

u^?"*''"^'*'*''*''"'-^^^'-' ^°™^' convulsive agitation, plaintive cries 
(third day). A smgular proceeding is observed in the midst of their con- 
vulsions : they frequently stretch out their little hands, as if to grasp 
something, then carry them eagerly to their mouths, and go through the 


motions of mastication and swallowing (in three hours),'. — *The most vio- 
lent general convulsive agitation (in three hours),'.— Convulsions, tetanic 
rigidity, and death,\ — Convulsions and spasms; they stretched their hands 
during the spasms, as if they would grasp something, carrying their hands 
to their mouths, chewing and swallowing, etc., 'I— Spasms," with twitching, 
followed by tetanic rigidity of the body, and death,*. — ^Trembling, violent 
starting (in three hours),'. — * Tetanic rigidity of the whole bo(li/,''\—lle lies 
on his back in a state of entire prostration, disturbed, at intervals, by 
spasmodic movements (second day),'. — Increased distension and promi- 
nence of the varicose veins,". — Restlessness,'. — [260,] After the attack 
the patient was extremely weak,'". — Lassitude of the whole body, without 
inclination to sleep,". — All the muscles relaxed,". — General heaviness 
(after 5 drops),". — Bruised feeling all over body at 9 p.m. (twenty-third 
day),'". — Violent pain in every muscle and joint, on waking in the morn- 
ing (twenty-fourth day),'". — All the muscles of his body feel sore to the 
touch (twenty-fifth day),'". — From bodily exertion, great tiredness and 
vertigo,". — Great sensitiveness to cold air (for several weeks after being 
cured),*. — Great sensitiveness to cold air,". 

S/ihl. — [270.] Red blotches, like scarlatina, irregularly dispersed over 
almost the whole cutaneous surface (in three hours),'. — The palms of their 
hands are of a greenish-blue color (in three hours),'. — The face, eyelids, 
lips, hands and feet are greatly swollen, with intolerable itching of those 
parts (first day, in the evening),*. — The hands, feet, and nose are greatly 
swollen, very painful, and black (second and third days),*. — The hands and 
feet are swollen, and covered with black spots (second and third days),*. — ■ 
The swelling is very painful, it enlarges, becomes shiny, hard, and deep 
red; and, in several places, quite black (second and third days),*. — The 
black hue of the swollen parts grows deeper, the fingers are stiffened, and 
on the upper part of the sternum appears a large round blotch of a deep- 
red color (fourth day),*. — The tip of the nose, the hands, from the tips of 
the fingers to the knuckles, and the toes to the tarsal joints, become quite 
black, as if regularly dyed (fourth day),*. — A few vesicles appear on the 
back of the hand, which break, and discharge a yellowish and very acrid 
fluid (seventh day),*. — The swelling diminishes, as also the black discolora- 
tion; desquamation commences (seventh day),*. — [280.] Eruption like 
confluent sm'all-pox ; sloughs are formed on the fingers ; the eyelids are 
agglutinated so as to exclude the light; the patient is tormented by an 
itching burning at the extremities (twelfth to fourteenth days),*. — Large 
blisters on both arms, which discharge acrid serum (eighteenth day),*. — 
The sloughs are detached from the face, and the right hand swells up again 
(eighteenth day),*. — ^The face cleans off, but the hands are again covered 
with hard and very painful crusts, which fall off and are soon replaced by 
new ones (twenty-first day),*. Swelling of the face, arms, abdomen, scro- 
tum, and penis (fifty-fourth day),*. — A few small pimples on the back of 
the hand, which itched violently (twenty-fourth day),'". — Violent itching 
of both arms, not relieved by scratching (first day),*. — Painful and itching 
sensation in chronic ulcers on the feet,". 

Sleep, — Sleepiness,". — Very sleepy during the whole forenoon (twenty- 
third and twenty-fifth days),'". — [290.] Very sleepy all day (twenty-fourth 
day),'". — Deep sleep,'* '^ — Night very restless, sleepless, with hallucinations 
and carphologia,". — In the middle of the night he wakes up uttering groans, 
which are wrung from him by a violent headache,'. — Feeling, on waking 
in the morning as if he had lost several nights' sleep (sixth day),'". — Feel- 


ing, on wakicg in the morning, as if he had not had enough sleep (twenty- 
first day)/".— Passed a very uneasy night (twenty-second night), ^°. — Sleep 
disturbed by dreams which caused him to awake several times in terror, 
with a sensation of falling from a great height (third night),'". — Sleep dis- 
turbed by dreams of snakes, which caused him to awake several times in 
fright (fifth night),'^". — Sleep disturbed by dreams (twenty-second night),'". 

Jfever, — [300.] Alternation of coldness and heat (fifty-first day),*. — 
Slightly feverish ; flushes of heat across the face, at 3 p.m. (sixth day),'". — 
Fever all afternoon (twenty-third day),'". — High fever on going to bed, 
which continued for about half an hour, when a profuse perspiration broke 
out and lasted about half an hour, thoroughly saturating his shirt, and 
the sheet he was lying on (twenty-third day),'".— High fever at 2 p.m., with 
great pain in the back of the neck, and shoulders, and lower extremities 
(twenty -fourth day),'". — Slight fever; heat and redness of the face (twenty- 
sixth day),'". — Some fever at 8 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),'". — Fever during 
the forenoon (twenty -fifth day),'". — The child at first had fever, and after- 
wards was in a comatose condition without fever, had dilated pupils, coated 
tongue, painfulness in the prascordia, distension of the abdomen, with, at 
times, screaming and grasping at the abdomen, and constipation,'". — 
Fever attended the stupor and coma,". — [310.] Burning dry heat (in 
three hours),'. — Burning skin covered with sweat (second day),'. — Hot 
skin covered with sweat,'". — Hot skin, sweaty,". — Heat or warmth difl^used 
in a few hours over the body ; a plentiful sweat succeeding this heat, and 
a purging the next day,". — Heat in the head and back (after 50 drops),". 
— Increased heat of the head (twentieth day),'". — Heat in the face, hands, 
and along the back (after 50 drops),". — Increased heat and redness of the 
face at 11 a.m. (twenty-third day),'".— Flashes of heat running up and 
down the back, at 8 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'".— [320.] Profuse perspiration 
(after fever, on going to bed), (twenty-third day),'".— Profuse sweat over 
the whole body,l — Frequent sweats over the whole body,'".- The whole 
body is bathed in perspiration,'. 

Conditions.—,tion.—(Morninff), On rising, vertigo; on 
■waking, pain over eyes ; insipid taste in the mouth.— (Light), Paiu over 
eyes.— (il/ofto?i), Vertigo; headache.— (J/m^e/j), Pain in temples.— (C/ose 
7'oom), Headache.— (SioopMi^f), Pain over eyes; pain in left temple {Sun- 
light), Weakness of sight— (Stvallowing) Pain in throat ; soreness of left 
ton.sil. — ( Walking), Cramp in pit of stomach. 

Amelioration.— { Walking in open air), Headache. 


Solanum oleraceum, Velloz. 
Natural order, Solanacese. 

Common names (Brazilian), Gyquerioba, Juquerioba. 
Preparation, Tincture of the flowers. 
Authority. Mure, Pathogenesie Bresilienne. 
J/iu<Z.— Mental dejection. — Irritable and impatient. 
_B»/e.— Inflammation of the left upper eyelid.— Stye on the left lower 
eyelid. — Pain in the inner canthi. 

Nose.—Kmte catarrh.— Discharge of offensive mucus from the left 


Face. — Constant redness of face. — Pain and swelling of the face and 
throat with inflammation. — [10.] Pain in the face. — Violent pain in the 
left cheek, extending all over the face. 

JHouth. — Toothache. — Toothache, at night. — White-coated tongue. — 

Throat. — Inflammation of the throat. — Swelling of a cervical gland. 

StoniacJi. — Loss of appetite. — Difficult digestion. — [20.] Short-lasting 
lancinating pain in the stomach. 

Urinary Organs. — Scanty micturition. 

Seocual Organs. — Discharge of milk-white mucus from the vagina. 
— Short-lasting menses. 

Jiesx)iratorij Organs. — Suffocating cough. 

Chest. — Cold feeling in the left side of the chest, after drinking.— 
Swelling of the mammary gland, with profuse effusion of milk (second day). 

Generalities. — Soon after taking, the breasts of a colored woman of 
sixty became swollen and discharged a great deal of milk. 

Shin. — Pustular eruption all over, first white, then red, and itching 
intolerably at times. — Urticaria febrilis. — [30.] Herpetic eruption on the 
ankle. — Itching. — Itching of the legs. 

Sleej). — Drowsiness with headache. — Drowsiness for four hours, in the 
middle of the day. — Sleepiness, all day. — Sleeplessness. — Sleeplessness, for 
two nights. 


Solanum pseudo-capsicum, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanaceje. 

Common names, Jerusalem cherry ; (Fr.), Cerisette. 

Preparation, Trituration of the fruit. 

Authority. Dr. Montane, Journ. de Med. de Bordeaux (Journ. de Chim. 
Med., 1862, vol. viii, p. 34), effects on a child, of eating the fruit, three or 
four berries. 

JEye. — Dilatation of the pupils. 

Stotnach. — Nausea. 

Abdomen. — Very acute pains in the lower part of the abdomen. 

Sleep. — Somnolence. 


Solanum tuberosum, Linn. 

Natural order, Solanacese. 

Common Potato ; (Fr.), Pomme de terre. 

Authorities. 1, Muncke, Hecker's Annals, 1845 (Frank's Mag., 3, 223), 
effects of eating new potatoes; 2, Bourgeois, Journ. Gen. de Med., No. 
334, p. 69 (Frank's Mag., 3, 234), effects of eating green potatoes; 3, W. 
Thistleton Dyer, Pharm. Journ., 1842, p. 690, effects of the extract ; 4, 
Thomas Morris, Brit. Med. Journ., 1859, p. 719, Miss H., ate berries of 
potato plant, death on third day ; 5, Manners, Edin. Med. Journ., 1867, 
p. 399, a man ate the berries, fatal effect ; 6, same, effects on other mem- 
bers of family; 7, Lancet, 1859, 2, 202, fatal effects in a girl of eating the 

Mind. — Almost lost consciousness,^ 

VOL. IX. — 5 


Head. — Vertigo,^ — In a large dose, it produces all the effects of nar- 
cotic poisons, headache, vertigo, stupor, ete.,l — Persistent headache,^ 

JEye. — Eyes deep in their sockets,'. — Looks staring,'. — Eyes for the 
most part open, and the pupils were not very much dilated,'. — Dilated 
pupils,' ^ — Indistinct vision,^ 

Face. — [10.] Hippocratic face,'. — Expression anxious,' ^ 

JKouth. — The teeth were for the most part closed, and she was con- 
stantly spittiug through the closed teeth a viscid frothy phlegm,*. — Tongue 
covered with a brown moist fur,'. — Difficulty of moving the tongue in 
talkiDg,l — Hardly able to articulate, the tongue appearing heavy ,^ — 
Talked thick (in half an hour),^— Speechless,'. 

Stomach. — Violent retching, followed by vomiting and diarrhoea,'.^ 
A good deal of sickness,'. — [20.] Felt sick, a darkness over his eyes, his 
skin cold, and cramped all over (in a half hour),^ — Epigastric region sen- 
sitive to pressure,'. 

Abdomen. — Violent colic and vomiting,''. — Pain in bowels,'. 

Stool. — Diarrhcea with tenesmus,^ — Decided tendency to produce re- 
laxation of the bowels,'. 

Hesph-atory Orf/a«S,— Respiration hurried,'. — Respiration irreg- 
ular, at times suppressed ; usually short and incomplete, only seldom slow 
and sighing,'. — Difficult respiration,'. 

Pulse. — Pulse 100, small, rapid, scarcely perceptible,'. 

Extremities. — [30.] Cramps, especiallly in the calves, with spas- 
modic contractions of the fingers and thumbs,'. 

Generalities. — Tossing to and fro in bed,'. — General rigidity,''. — 
Patient exceedingly weak,'. — Faintness,^ — In moderate doses it seems to 
me to possess power /ar more certain than either Hyoscyamus orCouium,''. 

Skin. — Skin of a livid color,'. 

Sleep. — She occasionally slumbered for a few minutes, and again was 

Fever. — Skin cold,^ — Face, chest, and extremities cold,'. — [40.] Skin 
bedewed with a cold clammy perspiration,'. 


Diseased potato. 

The disease is owing to the development of a fungus of the order of 
moulds (raucedines); now known as Peronospora infestans, Montague; the 
leaf is first attacked. 

Authorities. 1, Mure, Pathogenesie Bresilienne, proving by Van Dyck ; 
2, same, proving by Jolly ; 3, same, proving by Mrs. A. G., aged tweuty- 
six ; 4, Reddie, Edin. Med. and Surg. .Tourn., 1833, p. 3,S4, effects of eating 
diseased potatoes (child had recently suffered from scarlatina) ; 5, same, a 
boy, aged six, same family, fatal result; 6, same, child, aged four, same 
family, fatal result; 7, Banks, Dublin Med. Journ., 1816, p. 267, a man 
and three children poisoned by diseased potatoes (boiled); 8, O'Brien, 
Dublin Hosp. Gaz., January, 1846, effects of eating diseased potatoes ; 9, 
McCorraack, Lancet, 1846, 2, 91, effects in a girl of nineteen, of eating 
diseased potatoes "for a long time." 

31ind.She rises in the night, imagining that thieves are hidden be- 
hind the curtain ; but she does not dare to look for them, and begs some 
one else to do so (thirty-third day),".— Sadness (fifteenth day),".— Hypo- 


choiidria (fifteenth day),". — Anxiety on waking (thirty-fourth (hiy),l — She 
is much ooncerned about her future destiny, which she fancies will be 
wretched (thirty-eighth day ),l — She is very irritable, and will listen to no 
explanation (fifty-second day),".— Bad temper ; nothing suits him, and he 
cannot bear to have anything about him disturbed (third day),'. — Quarrel- 
some mood (twelfth day),". — The least thing puts her out ofhumor (eighth 
day),". — [10.] An unintelligible expression irritates her so that she would 
like to break everything and to bite her hands (sixteenth day),". — Great 
flow of ideas, at 5 p.m. (fifth day), I — While listening, or at work, the 
attention often wanders off on a difi^erent train of thought ; this occurs 
several times during the proving (fifteenth day),l — Disposed to recall past 
journeys ; flow of theatrical ideas, etc. (twenty-third day),"". 

Head. — Confusion of the head (fifteenth day),". — The head, and espe- 
cially the forehead, are confused as during a coryza, all the afternoon 
(second day),''. — Heaviness of the head (eleventh and fourteenth days) ; 
slight (fifteenth day); on waking (twenty-third day),\ — Heaviness in the 
head, at times becoming very severe, especially on lowering and raising the 
head (twelfth day),'. — Heaviness of the head, worse in the morning than 
in the evening (thirteenth day),'. — Heaviness of the head, in the morning 
(second day),'. — [20.] The head feels heavy ; she can hardly hold it up 
(fifteenth day),". — Sensation when stooping, as if the brain were leaping 
in the skull (thirteenth day),". — Headache (fourteenth day),^ ; (twelfth 
day),"; at noon (fifteenth day),'. — Headache aggravated by the smull of 
alcohol, and disappearing at 3 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),'. — Headache 
ceasing for awhile, and then recommencing without being worse; decreases 
in the evening (thirteenth day),". — Headache during a half sLumber (sev- 
enteenth day),". — The headache is aggravated by working (thirty-seventh 
day),". — Sensation of heat in the head, at 4 p.m. (eighth day),'. — Sensation 
as of water splashing in the head (thirty-seventh day),". — Lancinatious as 
if the brain would burst open, when going upstairs (thirteenth day),". — 
Forehead. [30.] Confusion of the forehead (fourteenth day),". — Frontal 
headache, with dull feeling and tendency to fall forwards (thirteenth day),". 
— Frontal headache, all day (fourteenth day),". — Violent frontal headache 
and coryza, all day (nineteenth day),l — Frontal headache (twenty-first 
day),\ — Severe frontal headache, when walking, at 5 p.m. (twenty-first 
day),l — Lancinating pain in the forehead, from dinner-time until 9.30 p.m. 
(twelfth day),". — Pressure in the forehead and above the orbits (third 
day),'\ — Temples, Slight throbbing in the temple (tenth day),'. — 
Pulsation in the left temple (sixteenth day),". — Vertex. [40.] Heaviness 
at the vertex (eighteenth day) ; in the evening (seventeenth day),". — Tear- 
ing in the vertex ; she cannot bear the least covering on her head (forty- 
second day),". — Pain at the vertex (thirty-seventh day),". — Externdl 
Mead. Painful sensitiveness of the scalp and roots of the hair (forty- 
second day),". — The scalp is painful everyday; she feels such a pulling 
that she cannot bear to have it combed ; this pain disappears after stirring 
about and talking (forty-fourth day),". 

Eye. — Injection of the sclerotica (thirteenth day),". — Heaviness of the 
eyes and forehead, on waking; as on the day after getting drunk (second 
day),'. — Heaviness of the eyes (tenth day),'. — Smarting and pricking in 
the eyes (twelfth and sixteenth days),'. — Smarting in the eyes, in the even- 
ing (fifteenth day),'. — [50.] Contraction and pulsation on the left upper 
eyelid, at 7 p.m. (sixteenth day),l — Pricking around the eyelids ; they are 
red and bloodshot on their inner surface (seventh day),'. — On waking, 


pricking around tlie eyelids (eleventh day),'. — Smarting of the eyelids 
(sixteenth dayj/. — Lachryination of the right eye, for a few minutes 
(twelfth day),^ — (Profuse lachrymatiou), (seventh day)/. — (Lachryraation 
on waking), (fifteenth day),'. 

Ert>*.— Ringing in the ears as if she were going to faint (seventeenth 
day),l — Whizzing iu the left ear, at 5 p.m. (twenty-third day),'^. 

Nose. — Sneezing when going upstairs (ninth day),'. — [60.] Sneezing 
after going upstairs (thirteenth day),'. — Sneezing (fifteenth day); at 4 p.ji. 
(sixteenth day); at 5 p.m. (seventeenth day),'. — Repeated sneezing, followed 
by a slight cough, every day at 5 p.m., for four days (fourteenth day),'. — • 
Repeated sneezing, at 8.30 p.m. (fourteenth day),l — Coryza (twentietli and 
twenty-first days), I — Slight epistaxis, at 11 a.m. (fifteenth day) ; at 6 p.m. 
(twenty-third day),'. — Slight epistaxis after supper (twenty-seventh day),'. 
— Epistaxis in the morning (forty-second, forty-third, and forty-fourth 
days),'. — Blowing of bloody mucus from the nose, in the morning (forty- 
fourth day),'. — Pressure at the root of the nose (first day),^ — [70.] Smell 
of blood ; she would like to bleed at the nose, at 7 a.m. (fourteenth day),'. 

Face. — Face and head enormously swollen,'. — A red erysipelatous 
state of the face and scalp, with (edematous swelling of the eyelids, so as 
nearly to close them,'. — Face pale and bloodless, much swollen, particu- 
larly about the eyelids, and having a dull languid expression,^ — On her 
left cheek, half way between the mouth and angle of the jaw, there was 
a portion of integument of the size of a half-crown piece, dark, pulpy, 
and exhaling a fetid smell. Over the cheek and the greater part of the 
anterior surface of the neck, the parts were much swelled, very hard, and 
of a deep-red color ; some parts, especially in the immediate vicinity of 
the sore, having a yellowish tinge, and others a bluish-black appearance,*. 
— Countenance expressive of pain and features sunken (sixth day),'. — 
Countenance pallid, unmeaning, and indicating indiflTerence of her fate,". — 
Red and hot face (thirteenth day),'. — Dark redness and heat of the cheeks 
(fourteenth day),'. — Deep redness of the face (twenty-third day),'. — [80,] 
(Scarlet redness of the face), (forty-seventh day),'. — Red face, with in- 
jected sclerotica (fifty-second day),'. — Bright redness of the right cheek- 
bone (thirteenth day),'. — Scarlet redness of the cheeks (thirty-seventh and 
thirty-eighth days),'. — Lips cracked, bleeding, and almost raw (fifteenth 

Moutll.— Teeth. Teeth loose and extremely painful,'.— The teeth 
are covered with a white substance (seventh day),'. — Teeth covered with 
white mucus (fifteenth and sixteenth days),'. — Gums. The gums, espe- 
cially of the lower jaw, swollen, painful, spongy, and bleed on the slightest 
touch ; even the attempt to swallow causes an oozing of blood,'. — To)l(fue. 
Tongue flabby, and thickly loaded with white fur,'.— [90.] Loaded tongue,*. 
— Tongue pale,^ — Tongue coated white (seventh day),'; (seventh, four- 
teenth, and thirty-fifth days),' ; in the morning (sixteenth day),^ — Thiu 
yellowish coating on the tongue, in the morning (eighth day),'. — Greenish- 
yellow coating on the tongue along the middle (fifteenth day),'.— Tongue 
slightly coated white (sixteenth day),'; in the morning (fifth day),'.— 
Slight yellowish-white coating on the tongue, in the morning (fifth day),'. 
—Pricking in the right side of the tongue, from noon until 3 p.m. (eigh- 
teenth day),'.— Thick tongue, at 2 a.m. (ninth day),'.— White-coated 
tongue, with a yellow line along the middle (sixteenth day),'.— [100.] 
Cracked tongue, in the morning (thirty-fourth day),'.— Tongue white in 
the middle and red at the tip (thirty-seventh day),'.— Tongue very red 


(thirty-seveDth deij),\—Genet'al Month. Breath horribly fetid,'.— 
Breath fetid,^ — Swelling of the mucous membrane of the internal alveolar 
border of both incisors, and the left canine tooth (nineteenth day),l— The 
mucous membrane of the palate feels as if coming off in dTfTerent places 
(third day),^ — Clammy mouth, in the morning (fifteenth day) ; at night 
(sixteenth day),'.— Mouth dry (thirty-third day),'. — Dry mouth, with 
tearing sensation in the chest, at 2 a.m. (thirty-third day),'. — Taste. 
[110.] Taste of raw potatoes, in the morning (fourteenth day,),'. — (After 
eating potatoes at supper, he has the taste in his mouth all night), (six- 
teenth day),'. — At dinner, the dishes taste as bitter as gall (forty-sixth 

Throat. — Mucus accumulates in the throat, and seems to cover its 
whole anterior portion (forty-fourth day),'. — Inflammation of the throat; 
she cannot swallow her saliva, in the evening (twentieth day),'. — Salt taste 
in the throat (third day), I — Roughness in the throat, with thirst, in the 
evening (eighteenth day),^ — Pricking in the throat, provoking a cough 
(seventeenth day),'. — Tickling in the throat, causing a cough (twenty-sixth 
day),\ — Tearing in the throat, at 8 a.m. (seventh day),'. — [120.] Feels as 
if there were a fleshy growth in the throat (twenty-first day),'. — Feeling as 
of something sticking in her throat that she cannot bring up, followed by 
the expectoration of a small, hard, yellowish-gray lump (forty-seventh 
day),'. — Tearing sensation in the throat, with accumulation of mucus, 
which it is difficult to raise (forty-fourth day),'. — Fauces and mouth in- 
flamed and ulcerated in patches,'. — Great difficulty in swallowing,'. 

Stomach. — Apjtetite, Great appetite (twenty-first day),'. — Canine 
hunger at dinner (thirty-second day),'. — Great desire for coffee (twenty- 
third day),'. — Desire for spirits and oranges (thirty-fifth day),'. — Little 
appetite (seventh, eighth, and fifteenth days),' ; (thirteenth, fourteenth, and 
eighteenth days),'. — [130.] Loss of appetite,". — Thirst. Thirst (eighth 
day),'; (thirteenth day),'. — Burning thirst, as though her mouth were salt 
(forty-second day),'. — JEmctatioiis, Eructations in the evening (twelfth 
day),'. — Eructations, followed by rumbling in the stomach, ceasing after 
drinking a glass of sugared water (sixteenth day),'. — Regurgitations and 
eructations, at 3 p.m. (thirty-fourth day),'. — Acidity and eructations, at 9 
p«i. (first day),'. — Acidity, bitterness, and regurgitations after dinner 
(thirty-second day),'. — Stomach, Difficult digestion, with twisting in 
the stomach, after breakfast and dinner (third day),'. — Difficult digestion 
(thirteenth day),'. — [140.] Yesterday's dinner does not digest well ; acidity 
at night (fifteenth day),'. — Is awakened at 4 a.m. by a stomachache, with 
eructations, lasting an hour (seventeenth day),'. — Pains in the stomach 
and redness of the face after breakfast (eighteenth day),'. — Heaviness in 
the stomach ; dinner does not sit well, at 9 a.m. (twenty-third day),'. — Her 
dinner hurts her all night (twenty-fourth day),'. — Pulling in the stomach, 
at 2 A.M. (thirty-second day),'. — After dinner her clothes feel too tight; 
digestion is difficult (thirty-eighth day),'.— A sensation of uneasiness in the 
stomach, which soon amounted to pain, and extended to the abdomen, fol- 
lowing the course of the colon (after one hour),'. — Colic in the stomach, 
after a meal, at 6 p.m. (sixth day),'. 

Abdomen . Sensation as if a spring were unrolled in the left h)po- 
chondrium (thirteenth day),'. — [150.] The right umbilical region is painful 
to touch (seventeenth day),'. — Swelling of the abdomen, with excruciating 
pain and tenderness on pressure (sixth day),'. — Belly hard and dropsical,'. 
— Abdomen tumid,'". — Flatulence and eructations (sixteenth day),'. — 


Frequent emission of flatulence (twenty-fift]i day)/. — Frequent emission of 
flatulence, in the morning (third day)/. — Flatulence, in the evening (sev- 
enteenth da^,^ ; (twelfth day),'.; — Emission of flatulence ; sometimes it 
cannot be expelled (twelfth day),^ — Emission of flatulence (thirteenth 
day),'. — [160.] Borborygmi and flatulence in the abdomen (thirteenth 
day),l — Borl3orygmi (fourteenth day),'. — Noisy flatulence, at 9 p.m. 
(thirty-fourth day),'. — Abdomen painful to touch all along the median 
line, from the sternum to the hypogastriura (eighth day),\— Fearful colic, 
as if the bowels were violently twisted, followed in fifteen minutes by a 
hard and copious stool, and then by two others, almost liquid, at night 
(sixth day),'. — Colic (eighteenth day),\ — Colic followed by two stools, at 
4 A.M. (seventeenth day),\ — Colic on waking (twenty-fifth day),\ — Colic 
after a meal (second day), I — Colic and twisting in the stomach after a 
meal (fifth day),l — [170.] Slight colic, with frequent emission of flatulence, 
in the evening and all night (sixteenth day),'. — Twisting colic (twelfth 
day),'. — The bowels are twisted together, at 10.30 p.m. (thirteenth day),'. 
— Colic, with rigors (thirteenth day),'. — Colic, with loud emission of flatu- 
lence (twenty-fourth day),'. — Colic along the large intestine, at 9.30 p.m. 
(thirty-second day),'. — Pain in abdomen,^ — Dull colic in the hypogastric 
region, during the night (second day),'. — Pressive pain in the right hypo- 
gastric region, towards the inguinal ring, after running a long time (twenty- 
sixth day),l — Dull colic in the hypogastrium (fortieth day),'. — [180.] 
Stitch and sharp pinphing in the right groin, near the inguinal ring ; this 
was felt on raising one leg, as when going upstairs three steps at a time ; 
soon after an ordinary stool, at 11 a.m. (ninth day), I — Sprained feeling in 
the right groin (twenty-fifth day),'. — Lancinating pain in the left iliac re- 
gion, less i'elt in the right (twenty-first day),'. 

Jlectuni and Anns. — Prolapsus recti (third day),'. — Contraction 
of the sphincter ani (twelfth day),'. — After stool, the rectum alternately 
falls and returns again (third day),'. — Strong pulsations in the perinieura, 
loins, and right ring finger, at 4.30 p.m. (twenty-first day),".' — Pain and 
smarting at the rectum, caused by the violent eftorts required to expel the 
stool (thirty-third day),'. — Pain of an acute character was referred to the 
anus, which on examination was found perfectly patulous and exquisitely 
tender to the touch. Two of the four patients had prolapsus ani, whi«h 
was probably caused by the violent and ineflectual efi^orts to discharge the 
contents of the rectum. There had not been an evacuation of the bowels, 
nor had they passed water, except in drops and with extreme suffering, for 
six days. On introducing the finger into the rectum, -which caused acute 
pain, it was found that the intestine was completely filled, to within an 
inch of the orifice, with a solid substance,'. — Sense of contraction at the 
sphincter ani (third day),'.— [190.] Great heat at the anus after a stool 
(twelfth day),'. — Frequent urging to stool (twelfth dav),'. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea,". — Scanty and difficult stool," consisting of small 
black balls, in the evening (second day),'.— Difficult stool, consisting of 
small black balls (fourth and fifth days),'. — Copious, liquid, greenish-yel- 
low diarrhosa, in the morning (seventh day),'. — No stool for five days 
(twelfth day),'.— Ordinary stool (thirteenth and fourteenth days),'.— Small 
hard stool (seventeenth day),l— Large hard stool, in small pieces (twenty- 
first day),l— [200.] Hard, knotty, and difficult stools, followed by renewed 
urging, with violent smarting at the anus (third day),'.— Stools continue 
hard and difficult (twelfth day),'.— Hard, difficult, and large stools (twenty- 
ninth day),'.— Laige hard stool (thirty-second day),'.— Stool so painful 


that the tears come into her eyes ; the sclerotica is bloodshot from the vio- 
lence of her efforts (thirty-second day),'.— The stools are very difficult; it 
takes her a quarter of an hour to pass one incompletely and in fragments 
(thirty-second day),'.— Large, hard, dry, and very diflicult stools (thirty- 
third day),'.— Incomplete stool, breaking off after half is expelled (thirty- 
third day),'. — Hard, dry, large stool, requiring so much effort as to bring 
tears to her eyes (thirty-fourth day),l— Stools dark and ofrensive,^— [210.] 
Bowels obstinately constipated for several days,". — Costive bowels,". 

Urinary Or</CMKS.— Region of bladder distended (sixth day),'.— 
Difficulty in passing water (after one hour),'.— Heat in the urethra after 
urinating (ninth day),'. — Constant micturition while at stool (twenty- first 
day),l— Urine scanty and high-colored,".— Scanty urine,".— The urine 
deposits a yellowish sediment (ninth day),\— Reddish urine, seeming to 
hold mucus in suspension (twenty-fifth day),'.— [220.] Soapy, pale-yellow 
urine (thirty-second day),'. — Very thick urine, becoming loaded with white 
mucus some time after emission (twenty-fifth and twenty sixth days),'. — 
Turbid urine, becoming dingy yellow, and covered with an oily pellicle 
(thirty-third day),l — Turbid, dingy-yellow urine, depositing a copious 
whitish sediment (forty-first day),'. — The urine deposits less, though still 
turbid (forty-seventh day),'. 

Sextiul Organs.— 31nle. Weight in the left testicle all day, and 
in the evening, while sitting (eleventh day).l — Female, Twisting pain 
through the uterus, at 9 p.m. (twenty-fourth day),'.— Flatulence presses on 
the uterus (thirty-fourth day),'. — Smarting and itching of the vulva, at 2 
P.M. (thirtieth day),'. — Violent itching of the labia pudendi, at 2 p.m. 
(twenty-seventh day),'. — [230.] The menstrual blood is rose-colored, at 9 
A.M. (fourteenth day),'. — The menstrual flow is interrupted (fourteenth and 
fifteenth days),'. — Menses too early (forty-first day),'. — For five days the 
menstrual blood has had a very ofl^ensive smell, like spoiled fish (forty-first 
day),'. — Discharge of black clotted blood (forty-first day),'. 

Respiratory Organs. — Hoarseness on waking (thirty-fifth day),'. 
— Hoarseness on rising, which disappears immediately; it returns in the 
evening, but does not last long (forty-third day),'. — Dry cough (nineteenth 
day),'. — Cough, with yellow mucous expectoration, at night (eighteenth 
day),l — Dry cough, in the evening (thirteenth day),'. — [240.] Awakened 
by a violent shrill cough, which lasts five minutes (twenty-second day),'. — ■ 
Cough, as from obstruction of the pharynx (twenty-second day),'. — The 
cough is excited by sour eructations (thirtieth day),'. — Dry cough day and 
night (thirty-fifth day),'. — Dry cough on waking (thirty-seventh day),'. — 
Dry cough for ten minutes, at 10.30 p.m. (thirty-eighth day),'. — Dry cough, 
in the evening (fortieth day),'. — Expectoration of black clotted blood, in 
the morning (forty-fourth day),'. — Expectoration of yellowish lumps (forty- 
fourth day),'. — Breathing soft but hurried, and at times interrupted, and 
on auscultation, the respiratory sound was much less distinct than usnal,^ 
— [250.] Constant involuntary sighing,''. — After eating, choking and diffi- 
cult breathing, caused by dryness of the mouth (sixteenth day),'. — Suffo- 
cation, owing to tlie previous day's dinner not digesting well; she has to 
get up at 3. A.M. (sixteenth day),'. 

Chest. — Pressure on the chest (thirteenth day),'.-^Tearing in the chest 
and throat, immediately (first day),'.— -At the least movement she feels as 
if something hollow were turning rapidly round in the chest, with a rattling 
noise ; she then feels like fainting away, at 8 A.m. (fourteenth day),'. — 
Pricking, as with thousands of pins, on the right side of the internal surface 


of the sternum (nineteenth day),'. — Severe lancinating pain above the right 
breast, for two minutes, in the morning (twenty-third day),^ — Painful 
stitch in the right side (after a few moments, first day),'. — Acute stitchlike 
pain in the left side, preventing her from turning in bed (seventeenth day),'. 
— [260.] The breasts have been painful during the whole time of the 
proving ; the paiu is worse when moving the arms, and becomes seated at 
about the external border of the pectoralis major (thirty-eighth day),\ 

Heart and False. — Heart. Weight, accompanied with pain in 
the region of the heart,'. — Lancinations in the heart (fifteenth day),\ — 
Palpitation excited by the slightest movement,'. — Violent beating of the 
heart when holding himself straight (eighteenth day), I — Palpitation of the 
heart, at 11 p.m, when lying down (fifth day),'. — Palpitation of the heart, 
at 7 A.M. (sixth day),'. — -Palpitation of the heart, at noon (eighth day),'.— ; 
Palpitation of the heart at three different times, at 11 p.m. (eighth day),'. — 
Palpitation of the heart while in bed (seventeenth day),'. — [270.] Pal- 
pitation of the heart, occurring three different times, in the night (twenty- 
fourth day),'. — Violent palpitations and pulsations, with sensation as though 
the heart were turning around rapidly (thirty-fourth day),'. — When trying 
to sing, violent palpitation of the heart prevents her from uttering a sound ; 
her breathing is stopped, and she feels like fainting (forty-seventh day),'. — 
Strong palpitation of the heart, with suffocation, and disposition to faint 
away (fiftieth day),'. — Palpitation of the heart (fifty-first day),'. — ^Strong 
palpitation of the heart after supper; it was irregular, stopping for a mo- 
ment, and then returning with increased vigor, like a vessel suddenly un- 
corked ; it was accompanied by suffocative attacks, which were relieved by 
lying down (fifty-second day),'. — Palpitation of the heart all day, excited 
by deglutition ; it is momentary, and felt in the upper part of the thorax 
(fifty-third day),'.— PM^,s<^ Pulse 130, small and feeble,'.— Pulse small 
and rapid,l — Quick feeble pulse,*. — [280.] Quick pulse,'. — Pulse weak 
and rapid (sixth day),'. — Pulse rather agitated (seventh day),\ — Pulse 
somewhat agitated (sixteenth day),\ — ■ Agitated pulse, in the morning 
(twentieth day),l — Agitated pulse (twenty-first day),l — Pulse much agi- 
tated (thirteenth day),'. — Irregular pulse, sometimes weak, sometimes 
strong (thirteenth day),'. — -The pulse is hard and tense (thirty-seventh 

Neck and BacJs.—JVecTc. Swollen state of the muscles of the neck, 
shoulders, and arm, with pain so acute that the patient will wince on the 
slightest pressure,^— [290.] Sense of weight in the nape of the neck and the 
posterior cervical muscles, at 11.30 A.m. (fifteenth day),'. — StiflTness of the 
posterior cervical muscles (fourteenth, sixteenth, and thirty-seventh days),'. 
— BacL: Severe pain in the back (after one hour),'. — Pain, as from weari- 
ness, in the whole back and the posterior muscles of the thighs and arms (fif- 
teenth day),'. — Pain, as if sprained, all along the spine, and running down 
the posterior muscles of the lower limbs as far as the toes (twenty-third day),'. 
—Pricking when asleep, as if pins were thrust into the spinal marrow; 
this awakens her (thirty-third day),'.— Strong pulsation in the vertebral 
region, in the morning when lying in bed (twenty-third day),l — Dorsal. 
Pain between the shoulders, at 10 p.m. (twenty-fifth day),'.— Smarting and 
painful sensation from the rubbing of the clothes against the fifth dorsal 
vertebra (fourteenth day),\— La itlbar. Intolerable pain in the lumbar 
region ; she cannot hold herself up (twentieth day),'.— [300.] Complains 
much of the pain in her loins (twenty-first day),'.— The lumbar pain is so 
severe as to extort cries; she walks bent forward, at 11 a.m. (twenty-second 


day),'.— -The Juinbar pains are worse -when stooping (twenty-second day),'. 
— Walking is hindered by the pain in the lumbar vertebra (twenty-third 
day),'. — The pain in the loins is less (twenty-fourth day),'. — ^Pricking in 
the lumbar muscles, at 6 p.m. (eighth day),'.— Pulsation in the lumbar 
muscles, at 4 p.m. (thirteenth &&y),\—8acrnl. The sacrum is painful to 
touch and during a walk (sixteenth day),'. — Sensation as though something 
would become detached from the sacrum (twenty-second day),'. — Pressure, 
as from an iron bar, upon the sacro-lumbar articulation ; this pain becomes 
so acute that she is forced to go to bed, where she feels better (twenty- 
second day),'. — [310.] Acute pain, as if the sacrum was out of place 
(twenty-second day),'. — The least movement causes a very severe paiu in 
the sacro-lumbar articulation (twenty-second day),'. — Formication at the 
sacrum (twenty-second day),'. 

ISxti'eiiiities. — Joints swollen and very painful,'. — Sense of weariness 
in all the limbs on waking (fourteenth day),'. — Inclination to stretch the 
limbs (fifteenth day),'. 

Superior Extremities.— The hairs under the axilla stick together 
(seventeenth day),'.— Pulsation under the right shoulder, at 9 p.m. (tenth 
day),^ — Pain, as if sprained, in the right shoulder-joint, after resting on 
the elbow, in the evening in bed (nineteenth day),^ — Inability to raise the 
arms,'. — [320.] Throbbing in the middle of the triceps brachialis, at 8.30 
p.m. (fifth day),''. — Acute pain in the right pectoralis major, when drawing 
breath (thirteenth day),'. — (Cannot clench the hands), (thirteenth day),'. — 
Stitch in the left little finger, at 7 A.M. (ninth day),l 

Itiferior Fj-rtreniities. — Inferior extremities oedematous and hot 
on the surface, although the patient was exquisitely sensible to impressions 
of cold,'. — Feeling as if sprained in the hip-joint, causing a pain in the 
uterus ; it comes on after a slight effort (twelfth day),'. — Pain as if sprained 
in the back part of the right hip-joint (fifth day),l — Pulsation in the left 
buttock, when sitting, at 4 p.m. (ninth day),'. — Feeling of great weariness 
in the muscles of the right thigh, after walking; the right leg being not at 
all tired (fifteenth day),'. — Pains in the thighs, above the knee-pan (four- 
teenth day).'.- — [330.] Pain in the left gluteus muscle, with nausea (twenty- 
second day),'. — Violent semicircular pulsations in the lower portion of the 
vastus internus muscle, for an hour and a half, in the morning (twelfth 
day),'. — When bending the knee, pulling pain in the posterior and internal 
muscles of the thigh (fifteenth day),'. — Pulsation or throbbing under the 
skin above the knee-pan, in each leg alternately (fifty-second day),'. — ■ 
(Edematous legs,". — (Her legs tremble from hunger), (fifty-third day),'. — 
Di-awing paiu in the back of the right leg, from the gluteus maximus to 
the heel (fifteenth day),'. — Pain'as if from penknife stabs in the posterior 
portion of the right leg (twenty-second day),'. 

General ities. — A peculiar and most offensive odor was immediately 
perceptible on approaching their beds,'. — Dull, listless aspect,*. — [340.] 
Languor,". — Great prostration and despondency,'. — Little disposed to work, 
likes to lounge about (thirteenth day),\ — Wants to go to bed, but is too 
lazy, at 10 p.m. (fourteenth day),'. — Feeli ng of weakness ; she has to stand 
still in order not to faint (thirteenth day),'. — General weariness ; has to 
lie down, at 12 30 p.m. (thirteenth day),'. — Indolence (thirteenth day),'. — 
Everything is wearisome to her, she would like to go far away (fifteenth 
day),'. — Wearisome all over, on rising (fifteenth day),'. — She can scarcely 
walk, and is afraid of becoming disabled (fifteenth day),'. — [350.] Feels 
well all over (nineteenth day),'. — Cannot walk erect (twenty -first day),'. — 


She walks bent over (twenly-third day),''. — Disinclination for work, at 8 
P.M. (thirty-third day),l— She is on the point of fainting; a glass of water 
brings her to (fiftieth day),l— She cannot remember either standing or 
sitting (twenty-second day),'.— Bruised pain hindering her from moving in 
bed (fifteenth day), I — The pains are worse in the daytime and better in 
the evening (fifteenth day),^ — Muscular pains excruciating,^— Pains in all 
the bones,".— [360.] Cold water gives her a shock, either when drinking 
or washing her face (thirteenth day),l 

;S7.-<«.— Skin over the whole body tense, tumefied, and of a preter- 
naturally dark color,'.— Rose-colored patches appear and as suddenly^ van- 
ish,^— Small red pimples on the cheeks (thirteenth day),l — The skin of 
the face peels ofl's^lightly (thirteenth day),l— Numerous small pimples all 
over the face (fifteenth day),^ — Desquamation of the face (fifteenth day)/. 
— Small pimples on the lower part of the neck and on the right knee; 
they are very red at the base with a white point at the centre; they dis- 
appear in an hour (fifteenth day),'*. — Small pimples on the back, causing 
a violent itching (ninth day),'. — Very minute pimples with intolerable 
itching on the labia pudenda (sixteenth day),l — [370.] Vibices scattered 
over the limbs,'. — An itching awakes her at 4 a.m. (twenty-fifth day),'.^ 
Itching of the back (eleventh day),\— Itching on the ball of the thumb, 
at 9 P.M. (seventh day),l 

Sleep. — Drowsiness, at about 7.30 p.m., and very early waking in the 
morning (ninth day),'''. — Great drowsiness at about 8 p.m. (tenth day),".— 
Invincible drowsiuess (thirty-third day),'. — Starting during sleep (thirty- 
third day),'. — Wakes very early, since the third day (seventh day),^ — 
Wakes very early, in the morning (eighth day),l — [380.] Very restless, 
all night (nineteenth day),l — Restless sleep; she dreams of eating human 
flesh (eighth day),'. — Very restless sleep (eleventh, fifteenth, and seven- 
teenth days),'. — Sleeplessness (thirteenth day),'. — Sleeplessness; uninter- 
rupted sleep (sixteenth day),'. — Restless sleep (seventeenth, twenty-third, 
and thirty-fourth days),'. — Disturbed sleep (eighteenth day),'. — Very light 
sleep (thirty-fifth day),'. — No sleep from pains of the joints,^ — Dream 
about having to dress and sketch the body of a drowned man, which every 
now and then started up and fell back, either on his clothes or his draw- 
ing-board (third day),'. — [390.] Dream about magic; men are changed 
before his eyes into talking beasts, etc. (ninth day),'. — Dream about his 
daily bu.siuess (sixteenth day),'. — Dream about his hands being cut to 
pieces (twenty-sixth day),'. — Dream about religious things (first day),l — 
Amorous dream, followed by a dream about women being changed into 
animals (second day),l — Dream about being afraid of falling from the top 
of a tower (eighteenth day),". — Dream abt)ut being afraid of falling from 
the roofs of buildings (nineteenth day),". — Very confused dreams (twen- 
tieth day),". — Confused dreams (twenty-first day),". — Lascivious dream 
(second day),'. — [400.] Dream about witchcraft (third day),'. — Dreams 
that she is swimming in a river and cannot get out (thirteenth day),'. — 
Incoherent dreams (twenty-fourth day),'. — Dream about a witch ; about 
actors turning green, yellow, and black (twenty-fifth day),'. — Dream about 
fire; then about a comedy (twenty-sixth day),'. — Dream about persecu- 
tions (thirty-third day),'. — Dream about revolution, and the destruction of 
a city by fire and sword (thirtieth day),'. — She dreams about battle, corpses, 
and an immense pool of blood (forty-fourth day),'. — She dreams about 
green men, covered with moss, and living in the water; these men change 
into dogs (forty-fifth day),'. 


Fever.— Chilliness. Eigors,".— [410.] Shivering coldness of the 
surface (sixth day),'. — Eigors and internal leeling of cold, at noon (second 
day),'.— Chilliness, -with chattering of the teeth (fifteenth day),'. — The 
falling of the rectum is accompanied by chilliness all over, la.sting ten 
minutes (third day),^ — Chilliness all over, every now and then, at 9 I'.M. 
(twelfth day),^ — Chilliness from time to time (thirteenth day),". — Eigors 
■with burning heat, in the evening in bed (seventeenth day),'. — Feels cold 
all over; cannot get warm at 5.30 p.m. (thirty-eighth day),'.— Shuddering 
of the right leg (forty-second day),'. — Heat, Pyrexia, and afterwards 
nearly the same dropsical appearances as have been described in the case 
of her brother,". — [420.] Heat of skin intense,'. — Hot skin.l — Great heat 
passing rapidly all over, at 3.30 p.m. (thirteenth day),'. — Heat all over, 
with sweat (thirteenth day),'. — Great heat all over, although the weather 
is cold and damp (fourteenth day),'. — Great heat at night, disturbing sleep 
(fourteenth day),'. — Alternate heat and chilliness at night (sixteenth 
day),'. — Heat rising to the head from time to time (tentli day),\ — Heat 
at the vertex, spreading all over, at 4 p.m. (thirteenth day),'. — Heat in the 
face, at 4.30 p.m. (fifth day), I — [430.] Flushes of heat rising to the face, 
every now and then, especially while eating; followed by coldness (thir- 
teenth day),'. — Great heat of the cheek-bones and forehead, on going into 
the open air (fifty-second day),'. — Great heat of the hands (fifteenth day),'. 
■ — Burning hands, with somewhat agitated pulse (thirty-seventh day),'.— 
Burning heat of the hands and all over (thirty-seventh day),'. — Sweot, 
Perspiration from the least work (eleventh day),'. — Sweat all over, in the 
morning in bed (twenty-first day),'. — Cold sweat at night, in bed (eleventh 
day),'. — ^yhen in bed, the sweat smells like potatoes (thirty-seventh day),'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Morning), Epistaxis. — (Afternoon), 
5 P.M., sneezing, followed by cough. — (Smell of alcohol), Headache. — (Stoop- 
ing), Lumbar pain. — (Cold water), bhock. — (Working), Headache. 


Spigelia anthelmia, L. 

Natural order, Loganiacete. 

Preparation, Tincture prepared from the powdered plant. 

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jUind. — Unnaturally joyful mood,". — Lively, quiet, and contented 
mood without care, with all the pains and troubles,'.f — Lively, contented, 

f For a long time before he was always solicitous and suspicious (secondary 
action, curative actionj. — IIahnemann. 


and trustful mood, alternating with palpitation and anxious oppression of 
the chest,*. — After the first day the raiud was more active and lively than 
usual,'.! — Uneasiness and apprehension ; could not remain anywhere,'. — 
Could not enjoy himself with others, though at the same time he was not 
sad (after seven hours),". — He sits as if lost in thought, and stares at a 
single point (after three hours),'. — Anxious forebodings, therewith in- 
clination to a peevish, indolent mood,l — Anxiety and apprehensive 
solicitude for the future (after ten days),". — [10.] Deep thought about his 
future (after twenty-four hours),'". — Sad and peevish (with redness of the 
face),'. — Mood sad, at the same time very peevish,". — Sad mood, at the 
same time despondency and fearfuluess (after half an hour),". — Gloomy 
mood for three hours, followed by a joyous and excited mood ; gloomy 
again in the afternoon,^ — Earnestness; he is vexed if one jokes in the 
least with him,**. — Easily angered,'. — He is very peevish and sensitive 
about everything that does not seem good, for many hours,". — Extreme 
ill-humor, in the evening; he could kill himself, with chilliness of the 
body (after eight days),'. — Mental indolence and great forgetfulness,^ — - 
[20.] Lack of attention,\ — Every work associated xvith mental exertion is 
difficult,''. — Does not talk willingly (after seven and a half hours),". — His 
memory seemed more trustworthy, and more active than before (after five 
days),l — Gj'eat forgetfulness, loss of memory, ^^. — -Weakness of memory; he 
cannot think of the things that he knows best,'. 

Mead, — Confusioit, and Vertigo. Confusion and emptiness in 
the head, in the upper part of the forehead ; the scalp is very sensitive to 
touch, and the hair seems to bristle (after three hours),'. — Vertigo, as if 
he were intoxicated and had not a firm step (after fourteen hours),'". — 
Vertigo; after standing a few minutes he is in danger of falling,'. — ^Ver- 
tigo ; ivhenever he looks down he thinks that he ivill fall over^. — [30.] Vertigo; 
on looking in front of him he is in momentary danger of falling forward,". 
■ — Vertigo whenever he turns his head, in walking; but on looking straight 
ahead he feels nothing, in the open air (after five hours),l — Vertigo ; while 
walking he staggered, as if he would fall to the left (after four hours),'". — 
When walking he became dizzy; everything seemed to turn in a circle; 
he was obliged to stop; he seemed intoxicated,'. — Vertigo while sitting, 
standing, and walking {most tolerable while lying), the head sinks hackxmrd, 
with nausea at the palate, and discomfort in the abdomen and thorax; in. the 
abdomen a pinching pain, ivith a sensation as if he would be obliged to go to 
stool, whereupon he loses all consciousness,'' . — General Head. Heaviness 
and pain in the head on shaking it,'. — Dulness of the head,'. — Duluess of 
the whole head (after half an hour), ^.—* Dulness in the lohole head, together 
with a pressure from within outward, in the forehead (after five days),". — 
Duluess in the whole head, in the evening; he seems quite confused,'. — 
[40.] Painful dulness in the head,'l — * Constant dulness in the head, so that 
every work associated with refleclion was difficulty. — Dulness of the head, es- 
pecially of the right side,"*.— The head seems stupefied, as after smoking 
strong tobacco (after half an hour),".— Sensation of emptiness, and dizzi- 
ness in the head, as in intoxication, while sitting (after one hour),". — Pres- 
sure in the cerebrum and cerebellum, which, at the same time, causes 
dizziness,".—* Constant pressive headache, worse on stooping (after thirty-five 
hours),^ — * Sensation in the brain, as if the head were tightly bound, lasting a 

f Curative reaction. — Hahnemann. 


long time (after twenty-eight hours),^ — Headache like confusion,'. — 
* Headache like a heaviness; on draiving the facial muscles it seents as though 
the skull would burst upward and asunder,'^. — [60,] The headache is \voi>e 
when lying down, better when walking,".t— The headache is worse in the 
open air,'*. — *Does not dare to shake the head; it Imrts into the brain, and he 
becomes dizzy,\ — When speaking loud, or coughing, the head hurts as if it 
would press out,'. — He does not dare to stoop; it then seems as if the brain 
spread out and would force out in front,'. — A thrustlike-violent pressure 
in the head from without inward toward the middle of the brain, in one 
point, caused by every step when walking in the open air (after six hours),". 
— Sensation of swashing in the brain when walking,". — Swashing in the 
brain when ivalking ; he feels every step,^. — *Fine burrowing-tearing pain in 
the brain, especielly violent in the left parietal bone, on motion, on walk- 
ing, and especially violent on making a false step, towards evening; several 
evenings in succession (after eleven hours),'. — I'oreJiead. *rain in the 
forehead". — [60,] Confused headache in the forehead and temples; at the 
same time a sensation of compression in both sides forward,'^ — *Boring 
headache in the forehead,^. — Pain, as if there were a heavy weight beneath 
the left frontal eminence,''. — Pressure from without inward in the left 
frontal eminence, externally and internally in the brain at the same time,'. 
— * Pressure from ivithin outward, in the right frontal eminence (after an hour 
and a quarter),". — "^Violent pressure and pressing oidward, in the forehead 
(after two hours),".- — "^A pressing outivard in the forehead, on stooping (after 
three-quarters of an hour),l — ^Pressure ire the forehead, as if the brain 
would press out, momentarily relieved by pressure with the /tand,". — Pressive 
headache in the whole forehead,'. — * Pressive headache from within outward, 
in the left side of the forehead (after half an hour),^ — [70.] Tearing pres- 
sure in the head, from the left frontal eminence to the occiput (after thirty- 
four hours),'. — *Tearing pressiire from within outward, in the frontal bone 
(after eight days),'*.— *Tensive-pressive headache from within outward, in 
the forehead (after thirty-four hours),". — *Tensiv6-tearing pain in the 
forehead, especially beneath the left frontal eminence, extending towards 
the orbits (after six hours),*. — *Thrustlike -tearing pain in the forehead, 
worse in the right frontal eminence, that causes an involuntary fixing of the 
eyes on the object at which he is looking, ivhile standing and sitting (after 
twenty-seven hours),". — * Very violent tearing in the forehead, occiput, and 
temples,". — *While taking the Spigelia, a shoot of pain through the fore- 
head was felt,'^*. — Large pulsating stitches in the forehead from evening 
till morning, so that he could cry out; together with hammering iu the 
ears,'.— *Sharp sticking just behind and above the right frontal eminence,*. 
— *Burning pain in the right side of the forehead, extending to the eye, 
so that he could not turn it without pain,". — [80.] * Burning pain in the 
left side of the frontal bone (after thirty-one hours),". — A shaking and 
swashing in the forehead, even on moving the head,". — Temxtles. Very 
violent pressure in the temples (after one hour),". — Violent pressure from 
without inward, in both temples, especially in the right temple (after fifty-six 
hours),". — Violent pressure in the right temple, gradually extending more 
and more (after two hours and three-quarters),". — Drawing pressure in the 
left temple frequently recurring,".— Tearing thrusts in the right temple 
(after fifty hours),". — A tearing pressure, and as the pain became a little 
better a dull sensation, as of a swelling in' the left zygomatic process,*. — 

•j- Alternate action. — Hahnemann. 


* Jerking tearing in the right zygoma (after thirty hours),". — * Violent, fine 
stitches, as from electric sparks, in. the left temple,'. — [90.] Burning in the left 
temple, externally,*. — Burning headache in the left temporal region, and 
in the forehead,^ — Vertex and Parletals. Pressive drawing in the 
right side of the vertex and occiput,^. — Violent pressive pain in a small spot 
in the crowu,l — Itching crawling in the left side of the vertex (after thirty- 
two hours),*. — * Pressiiig-asunder headache in the right side (after eighty-two 
hours),".— *A pressive pain in the right side of the head, involving' also 
the right eye, in the morning in bed, but still more after rising ; the pain 
was deeply seated, was unaffected by pressure, was very acute on motion ; 
on suddenly turning the head the brain seemed to be loose ; every jar, 
step, even straining at stool, aggravated the pain when present, or pro- 
duced it when not already present,^'^ — Pressive headache in the left half 
of the brain, immediately,*. — Jerks and thrusts in the left side of the head 
(after fifty-four hours),". — Intermittent, contractive, tearing-sticking pain in 
a small spot in the left parietal bone, more posteriorly, seeming to be 
rather external,*. — [100.] Slow tearing stitches in the left side of the head,". 
— Occiput. The occiput is heavy and drags down like a vveight,\ — 
Drawing dnlness in the occiput, in the evening, while walking in the open 
air (after ten hours),^ — Pain in the occiput, as after a blow,^ — Pain in the 
occiput, as though an artery were beating against an obstacle,'. — The occi- 
put is especially painful ; cannot lie upon it,\ — The occiput is painful to 
touch in the regiou of the crown, and even when not touched it is painful, 
as if ulcerating, and from time to time there is a dull sticking jerking, 
which seems to penetrate deeply into the brain,'. — Violent pains in the 
occiput and nape of the neck, about 3 or 4 a.m ; it seemed stiff; in the 
morning he could not move the head till after he had risen and dressed, 
when the pains disappeared,'. — Boring headache in the occiput and vertex, 
as if it were attempting to draw the head backward,''. — ^Burrowing and 
burrowing-tearing pain in the occiput, in the left side of the vertex and in the 
forehead, more violent on motion, as also on every loud noise, and ivhen he 
speaks loudly, or even on opening the mouth slightly, most tolerable lohile 
lying iaXiev twelve hours),". — [HO.] jNIost violent pressure inward in the 
left side of the occiput, during which he could not stoop without aggra- 
vating the pain, unless he pressed the hand hard against the painful spot,". 
— Intolerable bubbling pain in the occiput, violently increased at first on 
walking, afterwards by the slightest motion ; most relieved by leaning 
backward while sitting ; lying horizontally aggravated it,". — * Violent jerks 
in the occiput, and then in the temples on every step, while lualking in the open 
air (after twenty eight hours),". — Pressive stitches in a small point in the 
left side of the occiput (after forty-nine hours),". — External Head. 
(The scalp is covered with pimples),'. — *The scalp is sore externally, and the 
hair is sore to touch,^. — *Sensitiveness of the whole head to touch, esjtccially on 
moving the scalp,^*. — The scalp seems contracted and teuse,^ — A crawling 
itching on the forehead that provokes much rubbing,'. — Biting pain in the 
skin on the left side of the forehead (after thirty-four hours),*. — [120.] 
Burning in the skin of the temple, in front of the right ear (after seventy- 
five hours),*. — Burning in the skin of the right temple near the eye,*. 

JE{je.—Ohjectlre. Yellow rings around the eyes,'. — Redness of the 
white of the eye, with injected bloodvessels,'^". — Redness and inflammation 
of the white of the eye, in the morniug; the lids are so heavy that he can 
scarcely open them,'. — Much hardened mucus in the eyes, frequently all 
day,'. — Great moisture in the eyes, without sensation,'. — The eyes are very 


weak, apparently with au internal impediment ; wherever he turns them 
they remain, and he does not know what he is looking at, like oue whose 
vision has vanished,'. — The eyes seem dim and weak, witii uncluiuged 
pupils.l — Eyes look dim aud weak (after seven days),'*. — [130.] Eyes ap- 
pear hright aud sparkling, as they generally do before the eruption of small- 
pox or meagles,'*.t— Eyes seem dmlended,'"'. I— Subjective. *The eyes 
hurt on motion, as if too large for their orbits,".— *He could not turn the 
eyes in all directions without pain,".— *P((/» in the eye,".—l'am as if sand 
were in the eyes,'. — Dry heat in the eyes in the afternoon,". — IJuruing pain 
in the left eye towards the temple (after thirty-three hours),'. — Burning 
pain in both eyes, so that he was involuntarily obliged to close them, and 
could not open them for five or six minutes, with a feeling of anxiety as 
if he would never be able to open them again ; on opening them after the 
pain had disappeared vision was prevented by a fiery sea of blood-red 
masses rising up, with lachrymation and great dilatation of the pupils; 
the vision returned (after fourteen days),'. — Sensation as though the eyes 
were watering, which was not the case, with slight pressure in them; the 
vision, however, is just as much affected as in lachrymation (after twenty- 
six hours),'. — [140.] * Violent burroioing stitch in the middle of the eye and 
in the iiiver canthus, that does not prevent vision, but presses the upper lid 
downward (after seventy-four hours),". — Crawling in the eyes,'". — JBrow 
and Orbit. Burning itching in the right eyebrow, relieved by scratch- 
ing (after twenty-six hours),l — Burning pain in the left eyebrow,^ — Swell- 
ing on the temporal side of the orbit, with pressive pain and painful sore- 
ness to touch,'. — Dull pressure above the orbits (after ten minutes),'*. — 
Violent pressure above the right orbit, with a dull pressive pain in the 
whole head (after two hours and a half),''. Pain pressing from without 
inward, at the side of the right eye (after three hours),". — * Violent pressive 
pain in the bone of the left orbit, on the temporal side near the malar bone, 
followed by swelling of the bone, which is sore to touch,'. — *Paiii as if the 
left orbit were pressed from above downward,'^. — Lid. [150.] Eyelids so re- 
laxed aud paralyzed that they hang low down and must be raised with the 
hand, with greatly dilated pupils,'*. — Sensation as if a hard substance 
Avere under the right upper lid, relieved by rubbing (after four days),". — 
Ulcerating and biting painful soreness of the margins of the lids,'. — Pain 
as if the upper lids were hard and immovable; he could not raise them 
easily,'. — Burning pain beneath the right eyelid (after three hours aud a 
half),'. — Burning pain in the right external canthus,'. — Fine painful cut- 
ting as with a knife, on the margin of the left lower lid (after nine hours),". 
— Sticking pressure beneath the lids of both eyes (after two hours and a 
half),\ — A very fine but painful sticking, like a needle-stitch, in the mar- 
gin of the right upper lid (after twenty-three hours),". — Sticking pain in 
the right inner canthus (after eleveu hours and a half),'. — [160.] Some 
recurrent stitches in the left eyelids,". — Lachry mat ion. Trickling 
lachrymation ; much biting, acrid water runs from the eyes,'. — Hall. 
""Intolerable pressive pain in the eyeballs, still more painful on turning 
the eyes ; on attempting to look with the eyes turned he became dizzy, 
so that he was obliged to turn the whole head,". — * Pressive pain in the 
eyeballs,^. — *A contractive burning pain in the right eyeball,'. — * Tensive pain 
in the left eyeball {aher forty -n'ma hours),'. — * Constant sticking jpain in the 
right eyeball, also on moving it (after twenty-four hours),'. — '''Itching stitch 

■j- Hahnemann's s. 105, revised by Hughes. J Original revised by Hughes. 


in the right eyeball, that returned after rubbing (after one hour)/. — Itching 
in the left eyeball, that disappeared ou rubbing,^ — Pupil, Pupils un- 
changed, but looking weak and dim,''. — [170.] Dilatation of the pupils (after 
a short time),"; (after a small dose),'^ ". — Vision. Whenever he fixes 
his gaze vision vanishes,'. — Farsighted ; can see clearly at a distance, but 
not near,\ — He does not see as distinctly as usual, and when writing is 
obliged to make great effort, as if water were in the eyes,'. — It constantly 
seemed as though feathers or hairs were in the eyelashes, or as if a fog 
were before the eyes ; this sensation was aggravated by rubbing (after one 
hour),". — Impending amaurosis,". 

JEar, — External. — Otalgic pain on the margin of the left concha 
(after twenty-two hours),". — Drawing pain in the antitragus of the left ear,*. 
—Twitching in the right concha,". — Pinching pain ou the posterior pertion 
of the right concha (after three-quarters of an hour),". — [180.] Burning 
pain in the whole of the left concha,^ — Burning pain in the right concha,^ 
— Middle. Constant pain in the right ear, as if it would be pressed 
asunder (after fifty-nine hours),^ — Pressive pain within the right ear, that 
extended to the whole malar bone and the right molar teeth (after fifty- 
seven hours),". — Pressing inward pain, gradually increasing in the auditory 
canal (after three-quarters of an hour),". — Pressure as with a plug in the 
left ear (after half an hour),*. — Pressive pain in the left ear (after thirteen 
hours),*. — Drawing pain in the left ear, extending towards the malar 
bone,". — Violent thrusting tearing in the right ear, several times,". — Jump- 
ing sensation, as from the swashing of water in the ears, on stepping sud- 
denly (after a quarter of an hour),^ — [190.] Recurrent paroxysms of jerk- 
ing pain in the ear, extending to the eye and lower jaw (after twelve 
hours),'l — Boring stitch within the right ear (after forty-nine hours),^ — 
Boring dull sticking jerk within the ear, from time to time, that even shoots 
into the throat (through the Eustachian tube),'. — Itching-prickling sensa- 
tion in the right ear (after seventy-seven hours),". — Itching crawling in the 
right ear,l — Itching sticking in the left ear,". — Beating in the left ear,l — 
The ears seem closed,'. — Sensation as if the left ear were loosely stopped, 
though without difficulty of hearing (after half an hour),'. — Closure of the 
ears, as with a finger, in the open air, when the wind blows into them (after 
five or six hours),^ — [200.] Ears closed, in the evening, as if something 
were lying in front of the drum, which seems contracted (after fourteen 
hours), I — The ears seem stopped, even when she is not listening or not 
talking,'. — Heariny. The inner ear is painfully sensitive to loud noises 
(after several days),". — Difficulty of hearing in the left ear, as if the ear 
were closed with the finger, together with a fluttering noise in it (after two 
hours),'. — Closure of the ear and loss of hearing on blowing the nose; ou 
boring the finger into the ear it disappears and the hearing returns,'.— 
Sound as if the wind were rapidly blowing across the left ear,l — Sudden 
crackling and roaring in the ears, extending into the forehead, and a wave- 
like pulsation in them ; is obliged to hold the hand over the eye in order 
to obtain relief,'.— Fluttering as from a bird in the ears, followed by a 
moist discharge and very clear hearing,'.— When talking, ringing as of 
a bell in both ears, and re-echoing through the whole head,'. — Sensation oj 
distant ringing in both ears, ivith a sensation as if the ear were loosely stopped 
or a thick mist were in front o/ li,'.— [210.] Roaring in the ears,".— Violent 
roaring and whizzing in the ears, especially in the evening,'. 

Nose.— Objective.— Teiiar-Wke eruption, with soreness to touch, on 
and in the right nostril (after twelve days),'.— Frequent sneezing (after 


(four hours)/". — Sneezing, with discharge of bloody mucus, in the moining 
after waking,'l — Catarrh like a catarrhal fever; he was hoarse and hot to 
touch, day and night ; without tliirst and without perspiration, with prominent 
eyes; with profuse fluent coryva ; violent headache and weeping mood,'. — 
Dry catarrh, after eating (after twelve hours),". — Sudden coryza, at first 
dry and after four hours fluent, lasting twenty-four hours,'. — Fluent 
coryza,''^'a. — Mucus, at one time ivh'de, at another yellow, k (llxchur(/eil from 
the nose, at the same time also much inucus is discharged from the inoidh (after 
seven days),'. — [220.] Stoppage of the anterior part of the nose, with jirofuse 
discharge of mucus through the posterior nares into the fossce, for eight days,''. 
■ — Nose stopped for several days,*. — Subjective. Disagreeable sensation 
as from an impediment in the root of the nose,". — Burning in the wings of 
the nose, provoking rubbing, but not relieved thereby,"". — Ticldiiig on the 
back of the nose, as if lightly touched by hairs, or as if a gentle wind, were 
bloivii I g across it, lasting a long time,*. — Sticking crawding in the nose, that 
obliges scratching, and then disappears for a short tirae,'\ — Itching boring 
in the right nostril, so that he was obliged to sneeze (after seventy-eight 
hours),*. — When snuffing he had no irritation from tobacco in his nose,^ 

Face. — When she awoke from the midday sleep the whole face was 
swollen, puffy, pale, and looked as if she had had a severe illne.-^s, without 
pain, tension, or other distressing sensation; the swelling entirely disap- 
peared only after six hours, but reappeared greater than ever the next 
morning after waking, but more about the eyes,'''. — The facial muscles 
seem distorted and swollen, in the morning on rising from bed,^ — CheeJi. 
[230.] Dull pressure on the malar bone (after four days),''. — ^Burning 
pain in the right malar bone,^. — A fine stitch in the left cheek (after 
four hours),". — Burning pain in the left cheek, persistent (after twenty- 
seven hours),*. — A violent drawing stitch, extending from the right upper 
jaw to the crown (after half an hour),". — Lip. Burning in the upper 
lip,'. — A blackish painless pimple in the red of the lower lip,'. — Con.stant 
burning tension in the upper lip, daring rest,^. — Burning in the right side 
of the upper lip, even on touch (after fifty-two hours),". — Chin. A great 
swelling on the left side of the chin, which itches during the midday nap 
(after twelve hours),'. — [240.] (A tensive pain in the articulation of the 
jaw),'. — Painful pressure on the right angle of the lower jaw,*. — *Tearing 
in the lower jaw, extending to the ear and about it, as far asinto the nape 
of the neck, so that he could not move the head without pain,'^. — * Fain as if the 
right side of the lower jaw would be torn out of its joint, only when chewing; 
when not chewing there remained a dull pain in the articulation of the jaw 
(after thirty-four hours),'. 

Mouth. — Teeth. Toothache, so that he was unable to sleep at night ; it 
drove him out of bed; not during the day except just after eating, not while 
eating,'. — * Toothache like a pressure oidward, worse when lying on the right 
side; while eating and drinking he noticed nothing of it, but immediately 
afterward the tooth began to ache again ; the pains frequently woke him at 
night,'. — *Toothache caused by the customary smoke, in the evening,'. — 
* Throbbing-tearing toothache, which is especially aggravated by cold water, 
disappearing on lying down,^. — Pain in the left molars,^'". — Cramplike pain 
in the upper molars, so that when the mouth was closed the lower jaw 
seemed spasmodically pressed against them,l— [250.] Gnawing pain in a 
hollow tooth,l— Coldness of the upper teeth, with fine sticking jerking in 
them,". — Drawing pains in a hollow tooth,'l — *Painful jerks in the nerve of 
a hollow tooth, from the crown to the root, alternating with intervals of 

VOL. IX. — 6 


about ten minutes, worse in the afternoon ; pain aggravated by taking 
water or drawing air into the mouth ; tobacco-smoke seemed to relieve (after 
forty-eight hours),". — * Intermittent jerking through both rows of teeth, but 
mostly in a hollow tooth (after a quarter of an hour),". — Bubbling pain in 
a left back tooth (after twenty and twenty-four hours),''. — Tonf/ue. 
* Tongue full of cracks, so that it seemed as if it would scale off, which, 
however, disappeared the next night (after five days),l — Blisters with 
burning sensation when touched, now in the tongue, now on the palate 
(after four hours and a half),'. — Tongue coated white,' ". — Tongue pain- 
ful, as if swollen posteriorly, when chewing,". — [260.] Sensation as if the 
tongue were swollen posteriorly (after twelve hours),". — *Fi7ie stitches in 
the right side of the tongue,^. — An itching-boring stitch from behind for- 
ward, in the right side of the tongue, with acid taste in the mouth,^ — 
General Moiit/i. Offensive odor from the mouth all day, noticed only 
by others,^ — In the morning there was much mucus, atone time white, at 
another yellow, without special taste, in the fauces and mouth (after 
twenty-two hours),'. — Burning pain on the palate,'. — Excessive dryness of 
the mouth, in the morning, immediately after waking; it seeaied as though 
the mouth were full of pins and needles, and as if stuck together, without 
thirst, even with much saliva (after twenty-four hours),"- — Saliva. 
White frothy saliva of the ordinary taste collected in the mouth, which he was 
frequently obliged to spit out (after sixteen days),'. — Taste. Insipid taste 
in the mouth, though food has a good taste,°. — Bad taste in the mouth, 
and it seems as though there were a bad odor from the mouth,'. — [270.] 
Offensive bad taste in the mouth,'. — Does not relish his smoke,'. 

Uiroat, — Frequently the discharge of mucus from the posterior nares 
into the mouth was very perceptible, and of so large amount that he was 
obliged to hawk it up to avoid suffocation, on account of which he was 
awakened at night,^ — The nasal mucus passes off itself only through the 
posterior nares into the mouth ; on blowing the nose violently a very little 
exceedingly tenacious greenish mucus is discharged; at another time, the 
forepart of the nose is constantly dry (from sixteenth to twenty-sixth day),l 
— Frequent pressing stitch in the throat, in the region of the larynx, that 
at first was always fine, then more violent and coarser ; on swallowing, it 
disappeared, but immediately returned (after twenty-eight hoursl,^ — Much 
mucns is raised from the fauces all day, consisting mostly of a discharge from 
the posterior nares (after twenty-four hours),'. — Accumulation of saliva in 
the faufies,^ — Swelling on the left side of the fauces and fine stitches while 
swallowing,'l — Tickling itching in the pharynx, and a sensation as if a 
semifluid substance would rise from the pharynx into the fauces, associated 
with a hollow cough and with waterbrash, also violent, so that he was 
anxious and feared that he would faint, lasting three minutes (after four 
hours and a half),^ — He was unable to swallow saliva, because it was 
always brought up again as by nausea ; was obliged to spit it out,l — [280.] 
Cervical glands swollen,'. 

Stomach.— Appetite and Thirst. Very great desire to eat and 
drink, for three days and a half,". — Total aversion to smoking and snuffing 
tobacco,^— Much thirst and no appetite,". — He has no desire to eat, but is 
very thirsty,'.— Great thirst in the evening (after twenty-eight hours),'.— 
Aversion to coffee and to smoking tobacco through the whole action of the 
medimue,''.— Eructations. Eructations,'".- Eructations of only gas,". 
—Frequent eructations of gas always after eating,'.— [290.] Sour eructa- 
tions as far as the tongue,".— Empty eructations,^— JVaHSea. Nausea, 


as if he had fasted a long time, a kind of ravenous hunger, with nausea,". 
—Qualmishness,". — Stomach. Pressure -in the stomach (after thirteen 
hours),". — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, as from a lump, that disap- 
peared after pressure with the hand, and changed to pres.sure and tension 
in the chest,'. — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, as if he would eructate 
and be relieved thereby, but no eructations follow until he has swallowed 
air,". — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, as from a weight lying upon it,'. 
— Stitches in the pit of the stomach during expiration, better while lying 
than while sitting and walking,^ — Intermittent burning, sharp stitches near 
the left side of the pit of the stomach,*. — [300,] Dull intermittent stitches 
two fingers' breadth to the left of the pit of the stomach (after one hour),*. 
— *DuU stitches in the pit of the stomach and oppression of the chest, worse on 

Abdomen. — Mypochondviiim. Stitches in the hepatic region on 
walking rapidly and jumping, disappearing on walking quietly,^ — Um- 
hilicus and' Sides. Colic, as from a hard conglomerated swelling in 
the umbilical region, in the evening,'. — Cutting colic in the umbilical re- 
gion, several afternoons from 5 to 6, with chilliness, diarrhcea, and much 
micturition,'. — Griping in the left side of the umbilical region (aften ten 
hours),". — Dull stitches to the left of the navel on inspiration,*. — When 
walking, a sticking near the left side of the umbilicus,*. — Loud rumbling 
in the left side of the abdomen, afterwards also in the right side (after a 
quarter of an hour),". — Violent cutting in the abdomen, extending from 
both sides towards the middle, in the morning in bed, with emission of 
flatus without relief,^. — [310.] Sharp rhythmical stitches deep internally in 
the right side below the ribs, that cease when he takes a deep breath and 
return on expiration,*. — General Abdomen. Audible rumbling in the 
abdomen (after forty hours),^. — Rumbling in the abdomen like the croak- 
ing of frogs (after four hours),'". — Rumbling, as from flatus, here and there 
in the lower abdomen, now and then painful, 'I — Rumbling in the intes- 
tines before the stool, that occurred twice in the morning and once in the 
evening, thin and pasty (after six days),'*. — Flatus of the odor of bad eggs 
(after several hours),'. — Distressing sensation of fulness in the abdomen 
after a very moderate meal,'^. — Griping in the abdomen, that extends like 
a stitch to the chest, with the emission of flatus (after eighty-four hours),". 
■ — Griping in the whole abdomen when lying down, so violent that he could 
not rest (after forty-four hours),*. — * Grviping in the abdomen, as though all 
the intestines would be constricted, that caused great anxiety and made respi- 
ration difficult (after four, and seven days),". — [320.] At one time griping, 
at another rumbling and gurgling, in the abdomen, and during every par- 
oxysm of pain of this kind, desire to urinate, which was unchanged, though 
large quantities of urine were passed, for six days (after fourteen, and fifteen 
days),'. — Violent griping in the abdomen, immediately followed by a soft 
stool, that constantly became thinner, which, however, was not effected 
without eflx)rt (after forty-nine hours),^ — Wandering pressive griping in 
the abdomen, relieved after the emission of flatus, about 3 p.m., three after- 
noons in succession,". — A cutting and burrowing in the whole abdomen, 
that seems caused by sitting down and dependent on incarceration of flatus; 
is felt less painfully on rising from his seat,*. — Pressive pinching pain in 
the abdomen,^ — Pinching stitches in the abdomen, with emission of flatus, 
immediately followed by desire for stool (after half an hour),l — *Sharp 
stitches, like spleens, in the abdomen, in the region of the os innominatum, only 
when walking, and disappearing after thirty or forty sfe^s,'.— Slight burning 


in the whole of the abdomen, with tasteless eructations, as if mingled with 
some water (after two days and a half ),^ — During the emi.«ion of flatus, 
a sensation as if a thin stool would pass at the same time, which, however, 
did not happen,^'.— Ht/pogastfiiiin and Iliac Region. Painful 
2>resffure in the lower abdomen, as if it would burst, especially in the evening 
before a soft stool, after which it was somewhat relieved (after nine days),".^ 
[330.] Griping pain in the lower abdomen (after eleven days),^ '. — Seiisa- 
tiou as if a great weight fell down in the lower abdomen ; it seemed espe- 
cially to fall down on inspiration (after three hours),". — Tearing drawings 
through the lower abdomen (after five days),*. — Stitches in the lower ab- 
domen, above the pubis, with stitchlike oppression of the chest,'. — Cutting 
and sticking in the region of the abdominal ring; the intestines protrude 
aud remain protruding, like a hernia (wliich formerly was seldom the case) ; 
the spot is painfully sore on touch,'. — Bruised pain in the groins and on 
the upper portion of the inner side of the thigh, towards the perinseum, as 
after a long ride on horseback in one unaccustomed to it (after three, and 
four hours),'. — A tensive pain in the right groin when touched,'. — Boring- 
digging pain in the right groin,". — Dull stitch in the groin,l — Tensive stitch 
in the right groin only when walking,". — [340.] Boring stitch in the ilinm,\ 
— Dull intermittent stitches in the left side, just above the ilium,*. — A 
burning stitch on the margin of the left ilium posteriorly, near the sacrum, 
on every inspiration,*.— Itching biting, fine stitches in the muscles of the 
left OS innomiuatum,'. — Itching in the left groin,". 

Rectum and Anus. — Pieces of thick mucus pass from the anus for 
two days ; it seemed as though flatus passed ; the evacuation was composed 
of masses like sheep-dung, aud enveloped in mucus,', — A cramplike pres- 
sure and straining in the rectum, as if it were impossible to retain the stool 
(after three hours),'. — Dull pressure in the rectum when not at stool,*. — 
Crawling in the anus aud rectum, as from threadworms (after one hour),".— 
*Itchinij in the anus and on the coccyx for many days, with difficulty relieved 
by scratchiug,". — [350.] Itching in tlie anus, disappearing on scratching 
(after four hours aud a half),''. — * Boring stitch in the perinamm (after 
thirty-seven hours),*. — Ineffectual urging in the abdomen for a long time 
after a complete evacuation,'. — Frequent urging to stool, but he was un- 
able to pass anything (aiter four days),^ — Ineffectual desire for stool, after 
which the urging ceases,'^ 

Stool. — Diarrhoea for two days, thin stools mixed with some tenacious 
yellow mucus, two to four times a day, at irregular intervals (after three 
days),^. — Thin watery stools twice a day (after sixteen days),\ — A loose 
evacuation (after two hours),^''. — Fecal evacuation, the first of which was 
hard, the last thin, the evacuation followed by two pressive thrusts from 
within outward in the forehead (after twenty-six hours),'. — White stools 
daily,'. — [360.] Nodular stool, with violent pressure,'-'. — No stool (first 
day); a hard stool (second day); evacuated ouly after great efforts (after 
a repeated dose),*. 

JJfinari) Organs — Prostatic fluid presses out of the orifice of the 
urethra (after twenty hours),". — Burning stitch in the urethra, with urging 
to uriuate (after filty-nine hours),*. — Desire to urinate, as after takiug 
diuretics,^ — Frequent desire to urinate, with passage of much urine with- 
out any difficulty (after three hours and three-quarters),'". — Obliged to 
urinate frequently aud profusely (after three days),*. — Urinates ten times, 
a large amount of urine, in one night, with pressive pain upon the bladder, 
which always disappears after the urine has passed (after twelve hours),'. — 


(Spurting of urine on external pressure on the bladder)/. — Sudden and 
involuntary dribbling of five or six drops of urine four times in succession, 
in the afternoon on rising from a seat; the dribbling \v:is at times followed 
by burning in the forepart of the urethra,'. — [370.] During the night, the 
urine passes with difficulty, and is followed by burning,'. — Evacuation of 
much urine twice in succession, though he had urinated just before taking 
the drug (after one hour and a half),\ — Frequent and profuse secretion of 
urine for three days and a half,". — Urine watery (after two hours and a 
half),". — Urine deposits a whitish sediment for several days,". 

Sexual Ovf/ans, — Frequent erections without internal •physical sexual 
excitement, though with voluptuous thovghts (after seventeen hours),". — Swell- 
ing of half of the glans penis (after seven days),'. — Crawling about the 
glans penis every day,'. — Itching on the scrotum (after four daysi,^. — 
Burning stitch in the right testicle and penis,^. — [380.] Itching stitcli in the 
right testicle and penis from behind forward,^. — Itching stitch in the left 
testicle (after fifty-one hours),". — Emission with a lascivious dream (very 
unusual), in the morning shortly before waking, without subsequent ex- 
haustion, '^ 

Respiratoi'y Organs. — Cough and Exj^ectoration. Cough 
in the morning after the coryza had mostly disappeared (after forty-eight 
hours),'. — Cough and catarrh at night,'. — Very sudden violent cough, 
caused by water getting from the mouth into the trachea,^. — Short dry 
cough, causing soreness in the chest, in the open air, I — Cough dry, violent, 
hollow, caused by an irritation low down in the trachea, especially pro- 
voked by stooping; the cough takes away his breath,'. — A kind of suffo- 
cative cough, as from a large amount of water running down the air-pas- 
sages,". — Respiration. Respirations 10 and deep (after five minute.^) ; 
8 and deep (after ten minutes) ; 6 and deep (after fifteen minutes) ; 8 and 
deep (after twenty minutes) ; 10 and deep (after twenty-five minutes) ; 14, 
no longer deep (after thirty minutes); 16 (after thirty-five minutes); 17, 
natural (after sixty minutes). Taken by surprise by the slow and deep 
breathing, which was in fact a process of slow and deep sighing,". 

Chest, — [390.] Violent pressure upon the chest beneath the left clavicle,^. 
— Excessive hard pressure upon the whole chest towards evening,". — Pres- 
sure, and at the same time drawing, in the chest while standing,". — (Pres- 
sive pain in the whole chest after hawking and clearing the throat),'. — 
Tearing constriction in the pectoral muscles ivhile standing*. — Drawing to- 
gether in the chest, with sticking, so that he could not get his breath,'. — 
Sensation of excessive hunger in the chest, with accumulation of saliva in 
the mouth posteriorly (after four hours),". — Alternations of pain in the 
chest,". — * Tearing constriction in the lower portion of the chest, above the pit 
of the stomach, with oppression ; afterwards, also, the same pain in the upper 
part of the chest, beneath the pit of the throat, with palpitation,*. — Cutting 
constriction in the chest, loith anxiety,*. — [400.] A jerking-sticking pain in 
the upper part of the chest below the axilla (after fifty-five hours),^. — 
Sticking from within outward in the chest when not breathing; he cannot 
breathe easily,'. — An itching stitch beneath the clavicle,". — A stitch from 
within outward transversely through the chest, mostly in the sternum, in 
all positions,". — Boring stitch in the region of the diaphragm, in the right 
side, persistent during inspiration and expiration,^. — A pinching stitch in 
the^left side of the diaphragm, so violent that it took away his breath, so 
that he was obliged to remain standing (after two hours and three-quar- 
ters)/. — Front and Sides. Pressure above the ensiform cartilage 


while standing,'. — Violent painful, distressing pressure upon the middle of 
the chest*. — Sudden drawing, fine-sticking pain near the sternum, extend- 
ing downward,^ — A sudden iine-jerking pain, as from electric sparks, in 
the forepart of the chest,*'. — [410.] Violent pain, as from a sprain, in the 
upper and left side of the chest only on turning the body to the right side, 
on making a false step, or on turning the left arm, lasting a day (after 
seven days),". — A painful bruised sensation in the first four ribs of the left 
side during the stool and when straining at stool, that always disappears 
after the evacuation,'''. — Dull stitches in the right side of the chest, laiting 
only dnring inspiration (after two hours),*. — Stitches, as with fine needles, 
in the right side of the chest (after five hours),'". — Tensive stitch in the 
right false ribs, always persistent during expiration.*. — Tense persistent 
stitch in the right chest, worse on inspiration and expiration,*. — Tensive 
drawing stitch in the right true ribs, continuing during inspiration and 
expiration, aggravated by external pressure,*. — A momentary violent stick- 
ing pain in the left side of the chest, towards the clavicle, preventing res- 
piration, in the evening (after twelve hours),'l — Constant tensive stitch in 
the right side of the chest and abdomen, continuing during inspiration and 
expiration, worse while walking, lasting two hours (after eighty-two 
hours),*. — * Violent stitch in the left side, just beneath the heart, that in a short 
time changes to a kind of crawling; afterwards the stitch returns just as 
violently (after three-quarters of an hour),". — [420.] Several stitches be- 
neath the left ribs, in the evening, bending him over,^. — *Dull sticking 
at the point where the beat of the heart is felt (after fifty-six hours),*. — ■ 
"Recurrent dull stitches rhythmical with the pidse at the point where the im- 
pulse of the heart is felt, or rather more externally (after three hours),'. — 
Tensive boring stitches in the left chest, continuing during expiration 
(after fifty-seven hours),*. — Tensive stitch in the left chest, more violent on 
expiration (after twenty-seven hours),*. — A dull stitch in the left side of 
the chest, lasting during inspiration and expiration,*. — An itching stitch in 
the left pectoral muscles (after ten hours),*. — Teari/i.^ boring pain, extend- 
ing from loithin outivard, beneath the right nipple; the pain always extends 
to the sternum, and becomes a sharp pressive-tearing pain (after two hours),'. 
— Cutting-tearing pain that begins beneath the left nipple and extends to 
the region of the scapula and upper arm, violent only on inspiration and 
deep breathing (after eleven hours),\~Dull sticking-pinrhing pain beneath 
the right nipple, in the thorax, extending from within outward, violent only on 
inspiration (after eight days),'.— [430.] 'Sharp stitches from without inward 
above the left nipple, recurring at various intervals, while writing, when 
he sat bent over; on becoming erect they suddenly disappeared (after 
thirty-one hours),'. 

Jleart and Pulse,— Reavt. Dull oppressive stitches at the heart, 
between the place where the beat of the heart is felt and the pit of the 
stomach ; also some sticking in the pit of the stomach and above it, and 
oppression of the chest,',— *Tlie palpitation was constantly aggravated 
by sitting down and bending the chest ioxvf&xdi*.—* Palpitation in the 
morning, after rising, while sitting, with anxious oppression ; the heart 
seemed to be in tremulous motion,*.— *In the morning, as soon as he sat 
down after rising from bed, the heart began to beat violently, and above 
the point where the beating was felt there seemed to be a painfully op- 
pressive weight upon the chest, which caused oppression ; together with 
cutting- and digging in the lower abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus, 
which continued longer than the palpitation,'.—* On taking a deep in.spt- 


ration, and on liolding the breath, the anxiety increased; there was an at- 
tack of palpitation and oppression of the chest, the heart beat more 
violently, and the palpitation was even felt by the hand at the pit of 
the stomach,*. — *Palpitation and anxious oppression of the chest,*. — 
^Unusually violent beating of the heart, so that he frequently could hear 
the pulsation, or so that the beats could be seen externally through the 
clothes,'. — false, *Pulse weak and irregidar, at one timerapid, at another 
sloiv (after seven hours),'. — Pulse usually 7'2, was at the time of the inoru- 
ing fever only 54 (after twenty-four hours),*. — [440.] Pulse 77 (before 
taking); 79 (after two minutes); 78 (after five, ten, fifteen and twenty 
minutes), ^l — Pulse 77 (before taking); 76 (after one minute); 75 (after 
four minutes) ; 78 (after eight minutes); 77 (after ten, twelve, and twenty 
minutes),'^^ — Pulse 78 (before taking); 80 (after two and five minutes); 
82 (after teu minutes); 84 (after fifteen minutes); 80 (after twenty min- 
utes); 79 (after twenty-five and thirty minutes); 78 (after thirty-five 
minutes) ; 77 (after sixty minutes),''. 

'Nech and SacJc. — Heck. After stooping for awhile it seemed as 
though he could uot raise the head agaiu ou account of pain in the nape 
of the neck,'. — Pain in the nape of the neck, in the morning after rising 
from bed; if he keeps it still it hurts as if asleep; was also obliged to 
move it constantly because during motion it did not hurt,'. — Intermittent 
drawing in the posterior cervical muscles, and up to the occiput,'. — Sensa- 
tion of paralysis in the leftside of the neck, which, however, did not 
hinder motion of the head, and soon disappeared (after one hour),^ — 
Sticking pain in the right side of the neck; on swallowing, sticking in the 
parotid gland, and within the ear itself, something between an earache and 
a throatache,'. — IBcicJc, Bruised feeling in the spine, even during rest (after 
thirty-eight hours),^. — Needlelike stitches in the back extending to the left 
side while walking (after twelve hours),". — [450.] Twitching in the dorsal 
and costal muscles,*. — Sensation in the left scapula, as though blood were 
dropping through a valve, a kind of bubbling (after a quarter of an hour),". 
— Itching stitch in the right dorsal muscles,^ — Needlelike stitches in the 
upper dorsal vertebrte (after thirty-two hours),l — Stitches in the back, op- 
posite the heart,*. — Sharp stitches in the right scapula, recurring at regular 
intervals,'.-r-Dull boring stitching in the left scapula (after seventy hours),^ 
■ — Stitches in the small of the back, worse during inspiration and expira- 
tion, while sitting (after two hours and a quarter), ^ 

JExtveniitles. — Trembling of the lower, and afterwards of the upper 
limbs,*.— Constant uneasiness in all the limbs at night; he was constantly 
obliged to move them from place to place; at one time to bend them up, 
at another to stretch them out, on which account he could not get a 
moment's sleep (after tea hours),'."}" — [460.] Great heaviness in the upper 
and lower limbs; could get his breath only with difficulty after going up- 
stairs,". — Writing is difficult on account of great heaviness in the arm ; 
walking is difBcult on account of great heaviness iu the lower extremities,". 
— Tearing in the limbs, either immediately above, or somewhat below the 
joints, iu the loins, as if they were scraped,". — The limbs are affected, 
mostly when walking; the spine feels bruised,^. — When walking he feels every 
false step; a painful shooting through all the limbs,'. 

Superior JiJxtreinities. * Trembling of the upper limbs,'. — The arm 
frequently falls asleep when writing, so that he cannot hold the pen,'.-; — 

f These symptoms were removed in a short time by gold — Hahkemanx. 


Shoulders. Some jerks in the muscles of the right shoulder,". — Twitch- 
ing on the top of the right shoulder,l— The left shoulder and arm hang 
down, as if heavy, while walking, with tension on the forepart of the upper 
arm,l — [470.] Pain, as if sprained or beaten, in the shoulder-joints, and in 
the first joints of the thumb and index finger,'. — Tensive pain in the left 
axilla during rest (after thirty-eight hours),l — Burning pain in the left 
axilla (after thirty-one hours),". — Fine itcbing-biting stitches in the left 
axilla, towards the forepart (after one hour and a half),'. — Ann. Sensa- 
tion of heaviness in the right upper and forearm, while at rest, and even on 
slight motion, when raised (after three hours),*'. — Drawing pain in left 
deltoid, more violent on hard pressure,'. — Cutting drawing across, above 
the deltoid muscle,l — Twitching in the muscles of the left upper arm 
(after seven hours and a half),^ — Tearing pressure on the middle and 
inner side of the upper arm, worse when touched,'. — Elhorv. Itching 
pains, like needle stitches, in the bend of the right elbow, obligingly scratch- 
ing (after thirty-five hours),^ — [480.] Itching stitch in the tip of the left 
elbow (after eleven hours),". — Violent stitches in the bend of the elbow 
and in the fingers,'. — Forearm. Pressive pain in the right forearin,^— 
Tu'Hchiur/ in the muscles of the left forearm jiid above the wrid, only during 
rest (after fifty-five hours),^ — Pre)<dve pain above the right wrid, during rest 
(aftej: thirty-four hours),". — Violent sticking-cutting pains above the left 
wrist, on moving the index finger while holding the arm firmly against 
the body (after forty-five hours),". — Pain in the right forearm, as though 
both bones were pinched between pincers, during rest (after twenty-two 
hours),". — Some sticking jerks above the wrist,'. — Boring stitches in the 
right forearm (after fifty-two hours),". — Hand. The hands are pale 
yellow, as after a long illness,". — [490.] Trembling of the hands on 
taking hold of anything, with weakness and prostration in the whole body 
(after thirteen days and a half),^ — Involuntary drawing in the tendons of 
the left hand, so that all the fingers were bent, with spasmodic pains in 
the hollows of the hands,^ — Drawing pain transversely through the meta- 
carpal bone,'. — The hands fall asleep while they are resting, with crawling 
in the tips of the fingers, disappearing on wetting them, and taking firm 
hold of anything,*. — Cramplike pain transversely through the left meta- 
carpus, extending from the side of the thumb to that of the little finger, 
as though the whole hand were squeezed together (after six hoursl,'". — • 
Rhythmical tearing in the joints of the left hand, that at times extends 
into the metacarpus, almost a cramplike tearing in the palm of the hand, 
though with perfectly free motion,^. — Some sticking jerks near the first 
joints of the fingers,'. — Boring crawling in a small spot in the palm of the 
right hand (after seventy-nine hours),^ — A crawling in the hands, as 
though they were asleep on compressing the hand (after twelve hours),'*. — 
Fine tearing in the metacarpo-phalangeal articulations (after forty hours),'. 
— Finf/ers. — [500.] Painful drawing on the first joint of the thumb where 
it imiies with the metacarpal bone,''. — Paralytic pain in the right index 
finger,^ — Pressive tearing in the tip of the left little finger (after forty- 
eight hours),'. — Rhythmical tearing in the fingers of the right hand (after 
twelve hours),*. — Tearing pain in. the phalanges of the right thumb (after 
seven days),'. — Burning pain on the joint of the left thumb,^ — Burning 
pain on the back of the first phalanx of the little finger (after seven hours 
and a half),l— Itching sticking in the tips of the fingers (after ten 
minutes),'*. — Dull, bubbling stitches in the tips of the fingers, as if they 
had been frozen (after a quarter of an hour),'. 


Inferior Eoctrcmities.— Great weakness in the lower extremities, 
especially in the thighs, as far as below the knees, as after violent running, 
even while sitting,'.— [510.] The lower extremities seem heavy, a tingling 
in them ; could only slip along with difficulty ; walking was very difficult,'. 
~Uij) and Thigh. Drawing pain in right hip and muscles of riglit 
thigh,l — Tension in muscles in anterior surfaces of thighs, only wiien 
walking,*. — Tension in the right thigh, while sitting (after thirty-six hours ),l 
— Tensive pain in the left gluteal muscles, while walking (after five days ),\ 
— Bruised pain in the anterior muscles of the thighs, only when walking,'. — 
Pressive pain in the right thigh, aggravated by pressure (after five hours 
and a half),l — Pressive tearing in the left thigh, externally, extending 
from the knee to the pelvis, as if in the periosteum ; when pressing im- 
mediately upon the hone the pain was aggravated (after eleven days),'. — 
Drawing tearing in the right thigh, while sitting (after twenty-nine hours),". — 
Persistent tensive stitch in the left thigh, while walking, that ceases on stand- 
ing, and afterwards returns, on sitting (after four day8),^ — [520.] Intermit- 
tent burning sharp stitches in the muscles below the neck of the left femur, 
externally aud posteriorly, in a small spot, while sitting, a little relieved 
by rising; but on sitting down again more violent than before,''. — Persistent 
itching stitch on the left thigh,^. — Knee. Digging aud great uneasiness in 
the left knee, on account of which she could not sleep, but was obliged at 
one time to bend it up, at another to stretch it out and move it from place 
to place (after four hours),'. — The knee is painful to touch, as if beaten,'. — 
Bruised pain on the inner surface of the knee-joint on bending the knee,'. 
— Boring pain above the right knee, only during rest,*. — Pressive pain 
above the right knee, while sitting, that disappears on motion (after a 
quarter of an hour),^ — Compressive pain in the knees, mingled withdraw- 
ing and sticking; the longer he walks the worse the pain becomes,'. — Some 
jerks in the patella,'. — A tearing tension on the outer side of the left knee- 
joint on every step, on going upstairs (after seventy-six hours),*. — [530.] 
Tearing pain, like a sprain, in the left knee, only ivhen walking, so that at 
times he limped, since he could not bend the knee as -nsual,\ — Sharp deep 
needlelike stitch in the right patella, while sitting,*. — Tensive stitch in the 
left patella, during rest (after four days),^ — Sharp needlelike stitches pass 
through the middle of the knee on bending it, interrupted only for a mo- 
ment when walking (after five days),". — Leff. A transient sensation of 
heaviness in the right leg, while sitting (after nine hours),". — Drawing in 
the legs, extending downwards, with a sensation of warmth, or a sensation 
as if warmth had penetrated them ; then also the feet were warmer,'. — 
Sneezing causes a movement from above downward through the leg, almost 
like a tremulous chilliness,*. — Itching digging in the left tibia below the 
patella, during rest,". — Cramp in the left calf (after eleven hours),*. — 
Digging pain in the right calf on the inner side, more violent when walk- 
ing,*. — [540.] Sensation as though the blood were dropping through a 
valve in the right calf; a kind of bubbling (after a quarter of an hour),'*. 
— Tensive drawing in the left calf, when walking,*. — Stitches in the calves, 
with jerking and pulsation in both patellce if the kriees are held, stifiy out- 
stretched (after thirteen days),^ — Crawling in the calves,'. — Ari/>te. A 
hard pressure, as from a hard stone in the ankle, together with drawing in 
it, while standing,'. — Acute pain in the left ankle when stepping upon it, 
in the morning,^'*. — Smarting drawing, associated with soreness, in the 
ankles (after four hours),'. — Burning pain above the right inner malleolus 
(after thirty-seven hours),*. — Some sticking jerks above the ankle,'. — A 


fine boring stitch in the right inner malleolus, during rest (after thirty- 
three hours),\ — Foot. [550.] Pain on bending the foot up and down, as 
though the tendons about the ankle were too short; a crainplike sensation 
(after ten hours),". — Pressive digging in the right foot above the toes, only 
during rest,^ — Intermittent tearing in the left foot, just above the toes,*. — 
Intermittent tearing in the left metatarsal bone (after twelve hours),*. — 
Jerking tearing on the back of the foot (after forty-five hours),''. — Burning 
pain in the back of the left foot (after fifty-six hours),^ — Itching-boring 
stitch on the back of the right foot, during rest, so that he cried aloud 
(after seventy-nine hours),^ — Soles of the feet painful, as if suppurating, 
in the morning on first stepping upon them,\ — When stepping, a sensation 
in the sole of the left foot as though the parts were too tense and short, 
causing a sticking pain (after twenty-nine hours),". — Violent stitches in the 
sole of the left foot, while sitting (after four days),".— [560.] An itching 
stitch in the sole of the right foot, persistent during motion,^ — Toen. A 
crawling creeping in the tips of the right toes, only during rest (after fifty- 
three hours),l — Fine tearing in the muscles of the left toes (after ten days),'. 
— Boring-itching stitching in the balls of the second and third toes,^ — 
Itching stitch in the second right toe,^ 

Geno-alities. — Convulsions followed by death,".t — * Weakness in 
the morning, on waking,^. — * Great weakness of the body, after walking,''. — 
Overpowered by great weakness, when hungry,'. — When walking in the 
open air, he was at first strong and vigorous, but soon became weak and 
weary, especially in the muscles of the thigh, with anxious pressure upon 
the chest, so that he would have been glad to eructate but could not, fol- 
lowed by desire for stool and emission of flatus, with relief in the abdoreien 
(after five hours and a half),'. — [570.] So weak and prostrated after slight 
exertion that he thought he was near his end (after twenty-four hours),^ — ■ 
Weakness while walking, standing, and lying ; it is almost impossible to 
take the least thing in the hands or even to dress himself,". — Great weak- 
ness, in the morning; all the limbs so fatigued that he could move them 
with difficulty (after seven days),". — Great weakness, especially noticed on 
going upstairs (after two hours),". — Great weakness of body and mind, 
especially after standing,'. — Weariness, in the morning ; soon after rising 
from bed he could not prevent falling asleep again, while sitting (after 
seven days),". — Very sensitive to cold air,l — * Great sensitiveness of the 
whole body to touch; if he knocks against any part there is a sudden painful 
Grawling through the whole body to the head,^^. — ^Painful sensitiveness of tlie 
whole body to touch; the slightest knock in any part causes pidn, and like a 
shuddering about the place ; even on stepping an unpleasant shattering in the 
body (after three days),". — He felt very sick and anxious, in the evening, 
in the open air, with internal heat, and was obliged to hurry to the house, 
but even there did not feel especially better (after eleven hours),''. — -[580.] 
The whole body does not feel well ; heaviness and lassitude in the limbs, 
with disinclination to work, though without a despondent mood (after six 
days),^' — Everything hurt him as if he were bruised, and on rising from a 
seat he was dizzy and unsteady on his feet as if reeling,'. — Needlelike 
stitches in many parts of the body on going upstairs (after a moderate 
dose),'. — All the symptoais are worse, in the afternoon,'. 

Ski It, — Objective. Several small pimples on the chin containing 
pus, almost witlJiout sensation, even when touched (after four hours),". — 

f In two lusty children. — Hughes. 


Some red pimples on the neck painfully sore to toucli (after five days),". — 
A red papular eruption on the neck painfully sore to touch (after ten 
days),'. — A hard red papular eruption in a spot where the day previous 
there had been burning itching in the palm of the left hand, that continued 
several days, with a burning-itching sensation,". — On the right middle 
finger, a pimple that is painless by itself, but on pressure it exudes yellow 
pus, and disappears the next day (after seveuteen days),l — Small eleva- 
tions like hives on the lower extremities, after scratchiug,^ — [590.] An 
elevated growth like a wart, without sensation, on the second left toe, it 
disappeared after three days and left a white scar (after three days),l — A 
wartlike growth on the second left toe, with biting pain ; pressure of the 
shoe caused burning pain as in a corn ; it left a thick white scar (after 
seventeen da.ys),\— Subjective, Itching in the rigid concha (after thirty- 
six hours),^ — Itching in both ears externally at the same time (after five 
days),^ — Itching over the whole right side of the nose (after thirty-five 
hours),'. — Itching on the right wing of the nose,^— Itching on the back, 
left scapula, not relieved by scratching,^ — Itching in both axillae, especially 
in the left (after thirteen hours),^ — Itching on the right forearm (after 
five days),l — Burning itching in the middle of the palms (after twenty- 
four hours),'*. — [600.] Itching in the palms of the hands and tips of the 
fingers, as if they had been frozen,'. — Constant biting itching in both thighs 
as if an eruption would form, not relieved by scratching, not noticed at 
night in bed,'. — Crawling itching on the right thigh, disappearing on 
scratching,^ — Itching in the skin, more on the thigh than on the leg , frequently 
returning after scratching (after eleven hoursJ,^ — Itching on the back of 
the left foot during rest, not relieved by scratching,^— Itching crawling in 
tlie sole of the right foot (after seventy-seven hours),^ 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. Yawning, without sleepiness,". — Almost inces- 
sant yawning, immediately,'. — Drowsiness,".f — Irresistible sleepiness, in 
the evening, so long as he was up, but after lying down he could not sleep 
for a long time,".— [610.] Frequent desire to sleep, which he could resist,^ 
— Irresistible desire to sleep all the forenoon, with yawning (after two 
hours),". — Sleepiness with yawning as if he had not slept enough (after 
five hours),". — Sleep," ™.J — A very unusually long midday nap, and on 
waking he could not persuade himself to rise, but kept falling asleep 
again, 'I — Such great sleepiness in the morning that his head fell forward, 
he was obliged to close his eyes (after two hours and a half),^ — Heavy 
and stupid sleep,'l§ — Sleep at night with many unremembered dreams,^ — 
Sleex>lessness. Every night no sleep before midnight, though without 
pain,'. — After lying down he remained awake far into the night ; could not 
fall asleep,*. — [620.] Restless sleep,". — Sleep very restless, with frequent 
waking, full of anxious frightful dreams, for example, that lightning had 
struck off his shoulder,'. — Sleep very uneasy, disturbed by vivid unremem- 
bered dreams ; the sleep was late on account of great mental activity ; after 
midnight he woke frequently, tossed about, and was in a half waking con- 
dition, 'I — Sleep very restless, tossing from side to side, with vivid dreams 
of fire and quarrels, and about 1 o'clock he thought it time to rise, I — 
Sleep unrefreshing ; in the morning he was more weary than in the even- 
ing on lying down,'. — Dreams. Confused dreams, in ivhich he seems so 

f Revised by Hughes. 

J Brown says, "as from Opium." — Hughes. 

I From the smallest dose, as staled. — Hahnemann. 


busy that in the morning he felt weary ; he could either indidinctly or not at 
all remember his dreams,''. — Vivid dreams of well-known past occurrences; 
long dreams of one and the same subject,'. — Very vivid anxious dream of 
a great fire and ghosts,''. — Anxious dreams at night,". — Dreams at night, 
which he only indistinctly remembers,". — [630.] Voluptuous dream, with 
emission, without erection,\ — Lascivious dreams, with emission (first 

Fever. — Cliilliness. Chilliness every morning, after rising,^. — Chilli- 
ness in the morning when rising, and at noon {five hour!> afterwards) heat, 
mostly on the trunk, though greater on the face, with redness, luithont special 
thirst, five days in succession at the same hours,''. — Chilliness every morning 
after rising, coming and going for two hours,^. — Shaking chill in the morn- 
ing without thirst, with considerable lightness ot the movements of the 
fingers and mental activity,^. — Sudden creeping chills every morning, at one 
time only in the feet, at another only in the head and hands, 'at another on 
the back or chest and abdomen, at another over the whole body, without 
thirst (after seventy-two hours),*. — Chilliness, immediately on going to bed 
in the evening, afterwards violent sweat, of a bad odor, so that he became 
wet all over,". — Chilliness of the whole body, without thirst, only in the morn- 
ing (after two hours) ; several mornings in succession, recurring at intervals 
and extending from the feet upwards^. — Violent chill and coldness, immedi- 
ately after dinner, on account of which he was obliged to lie in bed,\ — 
[640.] Shivering and chill, towards evening, in the open air, with tensive 
pain in the left side of the neck below the ear; the next morning gland- 
ular swelling in a small spot, hard and painful to touch, with sticking in 
the left side of the throat on swallowing, with swelling of the gum and 
difficulty in opening the jaws ; the sticking pain on swallowing ceased when 
the swollen glands pressed inward, with sweat, two mornings in succession 
(after nine days),". — A very slight motion of the body causes chilliness,*. — 
Alternations of chill and heat, chilliness especially on the back, heat in 
the hands and face,". — In the afternoon, he was first attacked with a chill, 
then he became very hot and thirsty (for beer),\ — On lying down, in the 
evening, he had first a chill for half an hour, immediately followed by 
heat, then sweat all over, lasting nearly all night,'. — Alternations of chills 
followed by heat, all day, with redness of the face,'. — Febrile attack ; in 
the evening, chilliness, with cold hands and distended abdomen, without 
thirst; afterwards in the night, while lying quietly on the back, a bruised 
pain in all the joints, vivid, fatiguing dreams, talking in sleep, dry heat of 
the body, with dryness of the mouth, nose, and eyes, without thirst,'. — 
Cold sensation over the whole body, without coldness ; he was warm to 
touch all over, warmest ou the chest,'. — Cold shivers creep over the whole 
body except the arm, with a sensation as if the hair bristled,". — Creeping 
shivering over the whole body, especially seeming to start from the chest, 
at short intervals of two to ten minutes,*. — [650.] Creeping shivering, with 
heat over the whole body, without thirst (after seven hours),'". — Shivering 
cree])s over the whole body, without heat and thirst (after one hour),'". — 
Sensation of coldness and heat alternately, only on the left side of the fore- 
head, without any externally perceptible change of temperature,". — At 
times chilliness spread from the pit of the stonaach to the abdomen and 
lower extremities, also at times to the back (after twenty-four hours),*.— 
Slight chilliness in the hack, e.Hending to the abdomen, to the umbilical region 
(after two hours),".— Severe chill, extending through all the limbs all day, 
without thirst, two days in succession,'.— Great chilliness over the arms 


and shoulders/. — Chilly sensation and gooseflesh on the arms, did not dare 
to bring the arms against the body on account of a distressing shiverin},^ 
sensation (after four hours),^ — Hands cold, with cold clammy sweat, espe- 
cially on the inner surfaces,'. — The hancU 'when held afjdiiid the face seemed 
cold, while to touch they seemed warmer than usunl, only somewhat eluminij in, 
the palms*. — [660.] Cold hands, with heat in the face, without thirst (after 
five days),". — The tips of the fingers were cold, though the rest of the hand 
was moderately warm (after three hours),'". — Sensation of gooseflesh, with- 
out chilliness, on the right thigh,^. — Heat. Internal fever, in the morn- 
ing; creeping chilliness recurring at intervals of five to ten minutes, with 
externally perceptibly increased warmth ; the chilliness seemed to start 
from the pit of the stomach and extend over the trunk and upper extremi- 
ties, without thirst (after twenty-four hours),"*. — Heat and great thirst for 
beer,".— Very great heat over the whole body, after slight exertion, with 
sweat, especially of the head, without thirst (after one hour),''. — Sensation 
of internal heat at night, with dryness of the mouth, without thirst,'. — 
Though there was a sensation of heat equally over the whole body, and 
especially on the face, yet he longed for the warmlh of the bed, in the 
evening (after seven days),'*. — Sensation of heat in the body, in the fore- 
noon, without externally perceptible heat,'. — (^VhiJe eating cold food, he 
became hot),'^ — [670.] Much heat in the head,". — Great, intolerable heat, 
esjaecially in the face, on moderate exertion ; on more violent exertion, 
sweat over the whole body (after fourteen days),^. — Flushing heat over the 
face, without redness (after a quarter of an hour),". — Sensation of heat in 
the face and hands, while the hands seemed cold when held to the face, 
and also the face seems cold to the hands (after eight hours),'". — Flushes 
of heat over the back, after supper,". — Sensation of heat over the whole 
spine,". — Increased warmth in the back ; the hands, abdomen, etc., seemed 
burning hot, and so he became hot all over,'^ — At night, heat only of the 
lower extremities, without thirst or sweat,'. — Sweat. He broke into sweat 
ou the slightest covering,'. 

Coiiilltioiis. — Aggravation. — {Morning), o or 4 a.m., pain in occiput 
and nape of neck; sneezing; on rising, facial muscles seem distorted ; dry- 
ness of mouth; in bed, cutting in abdomen; palpitation; on stepping, 
soles of feet painful; weakness; sleepiness; chilliness; internal fever. — 
{Afternoon), 5 to 6 p.m., cutting colic ; 3 p.m., griping in abdomen ; pressure 
upon chest. — {Evening), Dulness in head; tearing pain in brain ; dulness 
in occiput; heat in eyes; roaring and whizzing in ears; colic. — {Night), 
Toothache; cough and catarrh; uneasiness in limbs; heat. — {Open air). 
Headache ; dry cough. — {Blowing nose). Closure of ear and loss of hear- 
ing. — {Chewing), Pain in right lower jaw; pain in tongue. — {After eating\ 
Eructations of gas. — {Expiration) , Stitches in stomach ; stitch in right side 
of abdomen; stitch in left chest; stitch in right chest; stitch in back. — 
{Going upstairs). Tension on outer side of left knee-joint; needlelike 
stitches in body. — {Inspiration), Stitches in pit of stomach ; stitch to left 
of navel; stitch in right side of chest; stitch in left chest; tearing pain 
beneath left nipple; sticking pain beneath left nipple; stitch in back; 
stitch in margin of left ilium. — {Lying down). Headache ; griping in ab- 
domen. — {Lying on left side), Toothache. — {Lying horizontally), Bubbling 
pain in occiput. — {Motion), Shaking and swashing in forehead ; pain in 
forehead; pain in occiput ; bubbling pain in occiput ; stitch in sole of right 
foot; chilliness. — {Moving index finger), Cvittmg ])a.\n above left wrist. — 
(A'bise), Pain in occiput. — {Pressure), Stitch in right true ribs; pain in 


left deltoid ; pain in right thigh. — {During rest), Pain in left axilla ; heavi- 
ness in right upper and forearm ; twitching in muscles of left forearm ; 
pain above wrist; pain in right forearm ; pain above right knee; digging 
in left tibia ; digging in right foot; stitch on back of right foot; creeping 
in tips of right toes. — {Rubbing), Sensation before eyes. — {Shaking head). 
Heaviness and pain in it. — {Sitting), Palpitation ; tearing in right thigh ; 
stitch in left thigh; pain above right knee; stitch in right patella; stitch 
in sole of left foot. — {Smoking), Toothache. — {Sneezing), Moving from above 
dftwnward in legs. — {Standing), Pressure in chest ; contraction in pectoral 
muscles ; pressure above ensiform cartilage ; pressure in ankle. — {During 
stool), Bruised sensation in four first ribs of left side. — {Stooping), Head- 
ache ; pressure outward in forehead ; pressure in left side of occiput. — 
{Swallowing), Stitches in fauces; sticking in parotid gland. — {Talking), 
Ringing in ears. — {Turning head when walking). Vertigo. — {Turning eyes). 
Pain in eyeballs. — {Walking), Vertigo; swashing in brain ; jerks in occi- 
put ; sticking in left side of occiput ; stitches in abdomen ; stitches in he- 
patic region; stitch in right groin; stitch in right side of chest ; stitches 
in back ; limbs afiected ; tension in muscles in anterior surface of thigh ; 
pain in left gluteal muscles ; bruised pain in anterior muscles of thigh ; 
pain in knees; tearing pain in left knee; pain in right calf; drawing in 
left calf. — ( Walking in open air). Weakness. — {Gold water), Toothache. 

jLnielioi'ation. — {Leaning backiuard). Bubbling pain in occiput. — 
{Lying doivn). Toothache; stitches in pit of stomach. — {Motion), Pain 
above right knee. — {Pressure with hand). Pressure in pit of stomach. — 
{Rubbing), Itching in left eyeball. — {Scratching), Itching in anus ; crawl- 
ing itching on right thigh. — ( Walking), Headache. 


Spigelia Marilandica, L. 

Natural Order, Loganiacese. 

Gommon names. Pink-root, Indian pink, etc. 

Preparation, Tincture of the root. 

Authorities. 1, Linning, New Edinb. Experiments, Part I, from Hahne- 
mann ;t 2, Dr. Thomson's Inaug. Diss., Phila. 1802 (Eberle's Mat.. Med., 
vol, i, p. 201), Dr. Thomson took large doses of the root; 3, same, gave 
3 or 4 gills of a strong decoction of the root, in large and frequent doses, 
to a patient, a boy of six years; 4, only ill effects afterwards seen from 
this medicine, although prescribed many times; 5, G. W. Spalsbury, Bost. 
Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. Hi, .p. 72, a girl aged four years, suffering from 
worms, took three doses of an infusion. 

iHf/nrf.— Suddenly affected with complete mental derangement, pre- 
cisely of that kind which is sometimes produced by the seeds of Stramo- 
nium ; he distorted his countenance into a variety of shapes; was affected 
by alternate fits of laughing and crying, and run and skipped about the 
room incessantly ; the pupils were greatly dilated, and his talk was wild 
and incoherent; these symptoms went off in the course of about twenty- 
four hours, and left him quite as well as he had been before the pink- 

Head. — Vertigo,'.— Slight giddiness,*. 

t Observations of effects of too large doses in children.— Hughes. 


JSye, — A peculiar wild staring expression of the eyes, giving the coun- 
tenance a very singular, in fact, ludicrous appearance,^ — The musculi ad- 
ductores et abductores oculorum seem to be greatly affected, from their 
irregular motions, while the other muscles of the eye, so far as I have had 
an opportunity of observing, remain uuafrected,'.t — Strabismus of the right 
eye,*, — Pain in and above the eyes,'. — A sensation of stiffness of the eye- 
lids,^ — Dilatation of the pupils,*. — [10.] Pupils greatly dilated,'' ^ — Dim- 
ness of sight,*. 

Face, — Face especially about the eyes, including the lids, much svvol- 
len,^ — Flushed face,*. — Tongue pointed and tremulous,^ 

Pulse. — Acceleration of the pulse,^ — Pulse 110, and irregular,". 

Generalities. — On attempting to assume the erect position, the 
patient would be seized with a general tremor, which would pass off in a 
few seconds, and leave her apparently quite exhausted,''. 

Sleej). — Drowsiness,^ 

Fever. — Skin hot and dry,^ 


By this name, Mure, in his Pathogenesie Bresilienne, has described a 
kind of porcupine, which perfectly answers to Hystrix prehensilis, which 
inhabits Brazil, and uses its prehensile tail in moving about in the trees. 

Preparation, Trituration of the spines. 

Authority. Mure, Pathog. Bresil., p. 274. J. V. Martins took a dose of 
the 3d attenuation. 

JKind, — Inconsistent and capricious mood (sixth day). — No inclina- 
tion to work, in the evening (first day). — Strong inclination to write, in the 
morning, ceasing after breakfast (third day). 

Head. — Dizziness in the back of the head, when writing (third day). 
— Great heaviness of the head, from 10 to 11 a.m. (third day). — After 
breakfast, boring pain through the bones of the skull (second day). — Bor- 
ing pain through the skull-bones (fourth day). — Lancination in the left 
side of the head, through the skull-bones ; inability to move the head, for 
three minutes (fourth day). — Pain in one-half the head (second day). — 
[10.] Small prickings on the vertex, from time to time, especially on the 
right side (third day). 

Eye. — The eyes fill with tears (fifth day). 

Far. — Sharp pain from the left ear to the jaw, for two minutes (fifth 
day). — Noise in the ears (second day). — ^Whizzing and humming from the 
left ear to the back of the head (third day). — The whizzing in the ears 
continues (third day). — Roaring in the ears, like a distant hurricane (third 
day). — Deafness of the left ear, as if stopped up (sixth day). 

Face. — Pain at the right zygoma (second day). — Long-lasting pricking 
at the zygoma (third day). — [20.] Painful sensation at the articulation of 
the jaw (third day). 

3IoiitJl. — Bleeding of the gums (second day). — The toothache becomes 
obstinate (second day). — Pain in the first incisor tooth (second day). — 
Bitter mouth and throat; with salt taste (third day). 

Stovnach. — Great appetite (fifth day;. — Nausea at the sight of food 
(immediately), (first day). — Nausea, with pain piercing to the back, for 

t Revised by Hughes. 


fifteen mmutes (third day). — Nausea, after dinner (fifth day). — Feeling of 
dryness and fulness in the stomach, at night (first day). — [30.] Pains in 
the stomach, as if a string were drawn tightly around it (second day).— 
Lancinatiou at the epigastrium, as if from needles, for six minutes (fifth 


Abdomen. — Pain around the umbilicus (fifth day). — Pain in the left 
flank, just when yawning (fifth day). — Pain in the right flank, as if it was 
plugged up, for two minutes (fifth day). — Sense of fulness in the abdomen 
when lying in bed, at 5 a.m. (second day). — Painful swelling of the abdo- 
men, before dinner (fourth day). — Continual swelling and pain of the ab- 
domen down to the left groin (fifth day). 

Stool. — Diarrhcea (second day). 

Ufinat't/ Ot'fjans. — Great pain in the urethra, after urinating, worse 
on stooping to pick up anything (fifth day). 

Jlespii'atoiy Organs. — [40.] Cough, with pain in the chest (sec- 
ond day). — Same cough as on the day before (fourth day). 

Chest. — Severe pain in the intercostal muscles, in the evening, when 
riding on horseback (third day). — Stitch in the left side, hindering yawn- 
ing, for five minutes (fifth day). — Constriction all over, from the neck to 
the diaphragm, with heaviness of the head and arras (fifth day). 

Heart. — Stitch in the region of the heart, left side, which stops his 
speech, for two minutes (second day). 

Suj)erior Extremities. — Pain in the right arm, from the hand to 
the elbow, as if the extension of the arm were prevented by a string (sec- 
ond day). — Improvement when turning the arm, or lifting a weigtit, or 
moving about in various ways ; aggravation as soon as these movements 
cease (second day). — Pain in the right arm, as if the bones were broken, 
with inability to grasp anything (sixth day). — Pains at the lower extremity 
of the right forearm (second day). — Pain at the lower extremity of the 
forearm (third day). 

Inferior Extremities, — [50.] The knees give way; likewise the 
ankle-joints (second day). — When sitting or rising, lancinating pain in the 
right great toe, hindering walking, for two minutes (fourth day). 

Generalities. — General weakness (fourth day). — Numbness and in- 
sensibility, ibr half an hour (fifth day). — Passing pains in the toes, right 
temple, and one of the right canine teeth (second day). — All pains go off, 
after dinner (second day). — Aggravation when lying down, and improve- 
ment when walking in the open air (second day). 

Skin. — Abundant desquamation in the region of the whiskers and on 
the chin (third day). — Itching all over, with bleeding after scratching 
(sixth day).— Great itching of the pubis, after taking tea (fourth day). 

Sleei>. — [60.] Great drowsiness, after diuner (first day). — Drowsy all 
day (fourth day ).— Drowsiness (fifth day). — Great tendency to yawn, with 
flow of saliva (fifth day).— Quiet sleep, with cheerful dreams"; morning, 
dreams about a multitude of insects, and a serpent which it was very diffi- 
cult to kill (third day).— Early waking (second day).— Cheerful and quiet 
dreams (second day). — Cheerful dreams, at night (fifth day). 

jp^e^vr.— Chills, from time to time (fifth day).— Horripilation, with 
chattering of the teeth (second day).— [70.] Heat and numbness of the 
feet (fifth day). 

C'o/w//^io><.s-.— Aggravation.— (TF/ie?i hjing doivn), The symptoms.— 
{Stooping), Pain in urethra. 

Amelioration.— {Walking in open air), The symptoms.— (Jfoitou), 
Pain in arm. 



Spiranthes autumnalis, Eich. 

Natural order, Orchidacefe. 

Common names, Lady's tresses ; (G.) Wendelorche. 

Preparation, Tincture of the root. 

Authority. Journ. de la Soc. Gal., 1st Series, 7, p. 361. Symptoms by 
Dr. Patti Chagon, Due de Sorentino.f 

3Iind. — Tendency to melancholy thoughts.^Melancholy. — Excessive 
complaining, with solSbing. — Complaining mood. — Ill-humor. — Confusion 
of ideas.— Indolence and ennui. 

Mead. — Confusion and Vei'tigo. Confusion in the forehead. — 
Vertigo. — [10.] Vertigo, like sea-sickuess. — Vertigo, so that he is obliged 
to lean the head against the wall. — Vertigo, aggravated by sitting or lying 
down. — Vertigo, on rising from bed. — Vertigo, relieved by walking. — 
General Head. General heaviness of the head. — Sensation of fulness; 
heaviness and heat in the brain. — Intolerable pain in the head. — Cerebral 
troubles on bending or raising the arm. — Sensation of a band tied about 
the head. — [20.] Pain in the head, worse in the evening. — Forehead. 
A weight on the forehead. — Weight and pain in the forehead. — Pain at 
noon, traversing the forehead and bones of the nose. — Pain in the fore- 
head, principally in the left side. — Painful jerking in the forehead. — 
Temples. Sensation of a blow in the left temple. — Sensation, as if a 
nail were driven into the right temple. — Constant pain in the right temple. 
— Vertex and JParietals. Pain on the top of the head. — [30.] Pain on 
the top of the head, on touch. — Pain in the sagittal suture, in the middle 
of the forehead, in the nasal bone. — Occixrut. Pain in the occiput. — 
JExtemal Head. Falling out of the hair. — Painfulness of the scalp 
prevents combing the hair. — Pain in the roots of the hair. 

JEt/e. — Objective. Eyes brilliant. — Eyes fixed. — Subjective. Pain 
in the left eye, at night, which prevents opening the lids. — Pain in the eyes 
on looking upward. — [40.] Burning in the eyes and lachrymation. — Eyes 
seem cool.— Brow and Orbit. Swelling of the right eyebrow. — 
Heaviness of the eyebrow, which produces sleepiness. — Painful jerking in 
the arch of the orbit. — Burning in the left orbit. — Lids. Lids swollen. — ■ 
Weight upon the lids. — Burning in the lower lid. — Conjunctiva. In- 
flammation of the sclerotic and conjunctiva. — [50.] Heat of the conjunc- 
tiva. — Pu/Jiil, Pupils dilated. — Vision. Vision dim. — Obscuration of 
vision, with sleepiness. — Instantaneous loss of vision. Photophobia. — On 
looking fixedly at distant objects, they seem to move and undulate. — The 

f "The action of this drug begins with decided symptoms of inflammiition of 
the eyes, chin, chest, which, become red and hot; the whole sl<in is d?'y and hot, 
the hands are burning, the extremities of the feet are cold most of the time; there 
is a sensation of oppression and heat, wilh palpitation and desire to uncover. This 
condition lasting two hours gave place to symptoms which we have de.-cribed, in 
the first of which are a disposition to meditate and c<implain, vertigo, pains in the 
shoulders, ennui, loss of appetite, etc. The symptoms which appear last are the 
pains in the scalp on the top of the head, with distress in the kidneys and intestinal 
troubles after eating. .The pulse, except at the beginnuig of the proving, was not 
constant in rhythm ; it varied from one quarter of an hour to another, from 80 to 97 ; 
from 97 to 76;' from 76 to 68, etc. The secretions of urine and millc are at first 
diminished, afterwards increased in quantity." 

VOL. IX. — 7 


canopy over the bed seems to move, and to be on the point of falling. — On 
closing the lids, wheels of fire are seen. 

J5rti'.— Pain within the left auditory canal.— [60.] Itching in the ear, 
internally and externally. 

Nose. — Dryness of the Schnelderian membrane. — Dry coryza. — Drop- 
ping of water from the nose. — Epistaxis.— Clots of blood come from the 
nostrils. — Pain iu the nostrils.— Pain in the right nasal bone. — Pricking in 
the wings of the nose. — Burning itching at the root of the nose.— [70.] 
Itching in the right wing of the nose. — Smell very acute. 

Face. — Fixed, meditative expression. — Swelling of the face. — Redness 
and heat of the whole face. — Blackish color of the face. — Paleness of the face. 
— Paleness of a nursing infant. — Pain in the nerves of the face. — Cheeks red 
and hot. — [80.] Pricking in the right cheek. — Burning iu the upper lip, 
between the nose and mouth. — Redness most marked on the chin. — Pain 
in the chin. 

j}Ionth. — Teeth. Pain and elongation of the teeth. — Toothache, only 
at night. — Pain in the lower teeth. — Pain in the molar teeth. — Pain in the 
roots of the incisors. — Sensation of coldness in the teeth. — G-UiilS. [90.] 
Guins red and burning. — General Month. Numerous small excres- 
cences on the palate, which was bloody. — Putrid odor from the mouth. — 
Irritation of the sublingual glands. — Taste. Taste, acid. — Sweetish taste 
iu the mouth. — Bitter taste in the morning. — Taste, like nitre. — Saliva. 
Salivation, with dryness of the mouth. 

Throat. Globus hystericus, rising from the lower abdomen to the oesoph- 
agus. — [100.] Incessant desire to clear the throat, caused by adherent 
mucus. — Sensation of a foreign body in the throat. — Tickling in the throat, 
■which provokes cough. — Burning in the pit of the throat. — Irritation of 
the tonsils. — Sensation of acidity and burning in the ossophagus. — Incar- 
ceration of air in the oesophagus. — Pain on swallowing. 

Stomach. — Airpetite and Thirst. Desire for acid food. — Loss 
of appetite. — [110. J Constant thirst. — Eructations. Regurgitations. — 
Eructations, preceded by heat in the lower abdomen, and lancinations iu 
the colon. — Acid eructations. — Bitter eructations. — Necessity to eructate, 
which is difficult. Empty eructations. — Nausea find Voniifinf/. 
Nausea. — Nausea after eating. — Eiforts to vomit. — [120.] Vomiting of 
food after eating. — Constant vomiting, in a nursing infant. — Stomach. 
Distension of the epigastric region. — The epigastric region does not tolerate 
touch. — Pain in the epigastrium. — Pain in the whole of the epigastrium 
after a meal. — The epigastric pain corresponds to the pain in the loins. — 
Heat, which rises from the stomach to the head. 

Abdomen. — Htjpochondria. Pain in the liver and spleen, on 
pressure. — Pain in the liver. — [130.] Pain in the spleen. — Umbilicus. 
Intermittent piercing pain in the umbilical region. — General Abdo- 
men. Tympanitis of the abdomen. Pain, tympanitis, and hardness of the 
abdomen, after a meal. — Fulness and hardness of the abdomen. — Constant 
flatulence. — Borborygmi. — Rumbling in the viscera. — Pain all about the 
waist. — Desire to tighten the clothes. — [140.] Pain in the descending colon, 
after a meal. — Pain in the intestines continues through the whole of diges- 
tion. — Pressing pain in the colon. — Piercing, insupportable pain in the colon 
on becoming erect. Lancinations in the colon.— Laughing causes heat iu 
the lower abdomen. 

liectum and Anus. Burning and itching in the anus, aggravated 
during an evacuation.— Stool, followed by prickling and itching iu the 


anus. — Stools preceded by pricking in the anus, and followed by itching. — 
Ineffectual efforts for stool. 

Stool, — [150.] Diarrhoea or constipation. — Stool less copious. — Stools 
of a sour odor, in children. 

TJfhiary Organs, — Cramplike pain in the kidneys, at night, oblig- 
ing change of position. — Pain, burning in the kidneys. — Pain in the kidneys 
and loins, which prevents moving and talking. — Pain in the kidneys prevents 
stooping, in a woman. — Pain in the kidneys, aggravated by going up- 
stairs. — Pain in the kidneys, relieved by lying on the back. — Coldiies.s and 
heat in the kidneys, in a woman. — [160.] Pain in the bladder, on urinat- 
ing. — Pain and burning in the bladder, after waking. — Urine abundant, 
red. — Urine less abundant. — The urine decomposes rapidly. — The urine 
deposit a gelatinous red sediment. 

Sextial OrffCins, — llfile. Erections, on waking. — Constant erec- 
tions. — Pricking pain in the spermatic cords. — Great desire for coition. — 
[170,] Loss of desire for coition. — Repugnance to coition. — Female, 
Redness of the vulva, with pruritus. — Pressing pain in the uterus. — Bloody 
discharge from the vagina. — Yellowish leucorrhoea. — Burning in the 
vagina. — Burning pain in the vagina during coition. — Dryness of the 

Respiratory Organs. — Burning in the larynx. — [180.] Hacking 
cough, caused by tickling in the larynx. — -Dry cough, at night, with burn- 
ing in the throat.^Dry cough. — Difiicult respiration. — Respiration short. 
— Panting on walking. 

Chest. — Sensation of dilatation of the left lung. — Sensation of weak- 
ness of the lungs. — Pain ic the chest. — Pleuritic pains. — [190.] Intercostal 
pain, principally in the left side. — Pricking in the chest. — Pain on the 
sternum. — Manimw, Abundance of milk. — The milk in the left breast 
is more abundant. — Pain in the breast, on raising it. — Burning on the tips 
of the breasts, especially of the left. 

Heart and Fnlse, — Pain in the heart. — Palpitation, with difficult 
respiration. — Palpitation of the heart from the least emotional excitement. 
— [200.] Pulse full and hard, at the beginning of the proving, afterwards 
small and quiet. 

Nech anil JSacJi. — Cramplike pain in the neck, at night, obliging 
him to change the position. — Lumbago, which prevents walking. — Pain in 
the centre of the scapula. — Pain in the scapula, while standing, aggravated 
by stooping. — Pain in the loins. 

JExtremitles. — Trembling of the limbs. — Weakness of the limbs, 
relieved by urinating. — Sciatic pain in the limbs, especially in the right 
limb. — Drawing pain in the right limb. 

Superior Eactremities. — Shoulder, [210.] Heavy pain in the 
shoulders. — Pain over the whole extent of the shoulders. — Boring pain in 
the right shoulder, and in the corresponding breast, which prevents respi- 
ration. — Pressure on the shoulders and chest, at night. — Lancinations in 
the shoulders, aggravated on bending over. — Ann, Trembling of the 
arms. — Weakness of the arms. — Numbness and heaviness of the right arm. 
— Arms numb, with desire to stretch them. — Forearm. Rigidity of the 
muscles of the forearm. — [220.] Sudden pain in the forearm, followed by 
numbness. — Pain in the forearms, by the pulse. — Pain in the right pulse. 
— Hand. Swelling of the veins of the hands. — Swelling of the hands, 
principally of the right. — Blackish color of the right hand. — Yellowish 
color of the hands. — Redness and perspiration of the hands. — At night, 


numbness of the hand on which he was resting the cheek. — Hands numb. — 
[230.] Heaviness of the right baud. — Pain over the whole of the hand. — 
Pain in all the articulations of the hands. — Pressing pain in the articula- 
tions of the hands, principally in the right hand. — Burning in the hands. — 
Pressing pain in the articulations of the thumb. 

Inferior JExtreinities.—Knee. Weakness of the knees. — Pain 
in both knees. — Pain in the right knee. — Leg. Pain in the patella. — 
[240,] Pain in ihe right instep. — Pain in the right malleolus. — Foot, 
Swelling of the feet, principally of the right foot. — Pain in the heels. — 
Bruised pain in the right great toe. 

G-e)ier(ilities. — One appears intoxicated. — Pulsations in the arteries, 
felt over the whole body. — Weary with everything, even of talking. — 
General feebleness and prostration. — Desire to walk, which scarcely satis- 
fies, and changes to a desire to rest. — [250.] One prefers to lie upon the 
left side rather than upon the right, and, at times, it seems better to lie 
upon the back. 

Skin. — Dryness of the skin. — Redness of the whole skin. — Red spots 
over the whole skin. — Slightly jaundiced hue of the skin. — Yellowish spots 
on the skin. — Miliary rash. — Miliary rash, in a nursing child. — Furuncles, 
with pain and fever. — Eruption of itching pimples, on the face. — [260.] 
Red spots on the face and arms, in a child. — Eruption of red points on the 
nates, with itching and heat. — -Vesications, as from a burn, with purulent 
secretion from the groin, and in the folds of the skin about the neck. — 
Eruption on the thighs. — Priekliug sfensation, as from a thorn, over the 
whole body. — Prickling over the arch of the orbit. — Skin of the face 
burning. — Burning itching in the left cheek, near the mouth. — Itching in 
the axillae. — Itching on the pubis. — ^[270.] Itching on the scrotum. — 
Itching of the forearms, at night. — Itching on the backs of the hands.— 
Itching on the tip of the left thumb. 

Sleep. — Incomplete yawniug. — Sleepiness during the day. — Starting 
up during sleep. — Late falling asleep, in the evening. — Sleeplessness, at 
night. — Sleeplessness, in infants. — [280.] Restlessuess, at night, in a child. — 
Lascivious dreams, with emissions. 

Fever. — Chilliness. Attack of coldness, in the evening, principally 
in the hands. — Alternations of cold and heat. — The suffering part is colder 
than the rest of the body.— Coldness of the head. — Hands cold. — Hands 
alternately cold and hot. — Constant sensation of coldness of the feet. — 
Coldness of the extremities of the feet. — [290.] The toes are always cold. 
— Meat. Fever, followed by thirst. — Febrile attack, at noon, with general 
or partial coldness. — Attack of fever, at noon. — Fever, which was mani- 
fested by perspiration. — Attacks of fever during the night. — Fever at 
night, sweat in the morning. — Fever at night, in an infant. — Attack of 
general heat, followed by a sensation of coldness in the head. — Heat over 
the whole skin. — [300.] Flushes of heat in the head, followed by a sensa- 
tion of cold. — Heat of the head, on waking. — Heat and itching over the 
head.— Heat and redness of the external ear. — Face heated, especially the 
right side. — Flushes of heat in the face, worse in bed. — Hands very hot.— 
Sweat on the palms of the hands. 

Conditions.— Aggia.v&tion.— (Noon), Fever. — (Eveninff), Pain in 
head; coldness.— (iV^ig'/iO, Toothache.— (i5itriw(7 evacuation), Burning and 
itching in unas.— {Emotional excitement), Palpitation of heiirt.—{Ooinff 
upstairs), Pain in ludneys.— (Lying down), Yen\go.—(Laiu/hing), Heat 
in lower abdomen.— (ilfe/ita^ effort). The symptoms.— (O/i rising from bed), 


Vertigo. — ((Sitting'), Vertigo. — {Stooping), Pain iu scapulae; lancinations in 

AnieUorati07l. — {Lying on back), Paiu in kidneys.— {Urinating), 
Weakness of limbs. — ( Tfa/Hjif/), Vertigo. 


Spirsea ulraaria, Linn. 

Natural order, Rosacese. 

Common name.'!, Queen of the meadows ; (G.), Spierstaude. 

Preparation, Tincture of fresh root. 

Authority. Bojanus, Horn. Vjs., vol. 14, p. 13, took 2 drops of the tinc- 
ture of fresh root at 5 and 6 A.M. ; 8 at 1, 5, and 8 p.m. (first day) ; 8 at 
7 and 10 A.M. ; 5, 9.30 p.m. (second day) ; 10 drops four times (third day) ; 
12 drops five times (fourth day) ; 20 drops five times (fifth and sixth days) ; 
25 five times (seventh and eighth days) ; 25 at 7 and 9 A.M., 30 at noon, 
35 at 5 and 9 p.m. (ninth day) ; 30 at 6 a.m. (tenth day) ; 30 at 6, 8, and 
10 A.M. ; 60 at 9 p.m. (twelfth day) ; 60 three times (thirteenth and four- 
teenth days). 

3Iin(t. — At 1 A.M. he was attacked \yith remorse over a loug-past slight 
indiscretion, with most fearful qualms of conscience and loathing of him- 
self; on account of this he could not rest, but was obliged to rise and walk 
about (eighth night). 

Head. — Headache especially noticed on shaking the head, associated 
with increased warmth of the body, as if the blood were flowing more rap- 
idly than usual through the vessels (sixth day). — Headache relieved to- 
wards evening (sixth day). — Pulsative headache in the left frontal emi- 
nence, like a pressure and fulness, worse on stooping and sneezing, better 
in the open air (sixth day).- — The headache was seated the whole day in 
the forehead, but afterwards became concentrated beneath the left frontal 
eminence, and disappeared after walking in the cold open air (seventh day). 
— Dulness and heaviness in the head, with pressive headache in both fron- 
tal eminences ; pain like a fulness, aggravated by moving and shaking the 
head, when it seemed as though the brain were moving back and forth 
(seventh day). — On lying down at 11 p.m., just as he was falling asleep, 
but was only half asleep, there was a sensation as if all his senses vanished, 
with an indescribable sensation in the head like vertigo, and a feeling as 
though all the blood left the head, with a prickling in the face; this was 
followed by sudden waking, after which he could not fall asleep for a long 
time, until after midnight, with a distressing burning itching on the scalp. 
He fell asleep towards morning; the sleep was full of vivid dreams of 
everything that he knew, only indistinctly remembered (seventh day).- — 
Dulness of the head, with similar fulness and heaviness in the upper part 
of the abdomen and under the ribs, after a light meal (eighth day). — Pain 
over the whole head, as if a ring were tightened about the head, with 
heaviness. On shaking the head, it seemed as if the brain wabbled to and 
fro. After this he fell asleep, and woke about 7 a.m. with some headache, 
which disappeared on rising ; heaviness and dulness in the head remained 
(ninth day).- — [10.] After washing with cold water, which was very un- 
pleasant, the head felt large; this sensation extended upward from the 
cheeks, was associated with pressure and burning in the throat and oesoph- 
agus, which latter was very violent and almost intolerable, immediately 


followed by an attack of vertigo, with heat of the cheeks (ninth day). — 
An hour after the dose, heaviness and dulness of the head, like commenc- 
ing headache (fourteenth day). — A pressive headache and fulness in the 
forehead, worse in the house than in the open air (fourteenth day). — The 
headache disappeared about 8 p.m. (fourteenth day). 

Eye. — In the morning, after rising, the eyes (especially the left eye) 
were filled with mucus, that had dried to crusts on the lashes and in the 
canthi, with indistinct vision, as through a mist, relieved by blinking and 
rubbing the eyes. Lachrymation of the left eye, with smarting and in- 
creased sensation of warmth in it. The sclerotic is bright red (tenth day). 
— On waking after the midday nap, he could not open his eyes for a long 
time, on account of leaden heaviness of the lids, with frequent headache, 
as after intoxication, that continued after rising, with pain and pressure in 
the forehead, as if full. Towards evening the frontal headache was better, 
and was felt more in the left frontal eminence (thirteenth day). — Sensation 
as if something hot mounted into the eyes, causing biting and burning, and 
a feeling as if tears would flow, though they did not (sixth day). 

Face. — Increased redness of the face (fourteenth day). — Sensation as 
if the blood mounted into the face, with a sensation of heat in the face and 
eyes (sixth day). 

3Iouth. — Slight drawing toothache in the left back teeth, without 
ability to tell whether in the upper or lower jaw (eighth day). 

Throat. — [20.] After the first dose, sensation of increased warmth in 
the pharynx, extending down the whole length of the oesophagus to the 
stomach, where it seemed to concentrate (second day). A burning pressure 
in the oesophagus, as before noted, usually disappeared over night, and 
immediately reappeared after a dose in the morning; the sensation was 
partly relieved by eating and by drinking, disappeared entirely while eat- 
ing and drinking, but not on empty swallowing (sixth day). The burning 
and pressure in the same spot in the cesophagus was to-day especially se- 
vere ; it seemed as though the oesophagus were forcibly constricted, with 
many eructations of much gas ; this sensation was relieved during the eruc- 
tations, and while eating was associated with a sensation as if a large hard 
body were forcibly pressing through the oesophagus (seventh day). Burn- 
ing in the spot already described in the oesophagus is to-day more like a 
pressure, with a sensation as if the oesophagus were too small, without, how- 
ever, affecting swallowing; it extended up to the pharynx and down into 
the stomach, where there was a peculiar sensation of qualmishness (eighth 
day). — Towards evening, sensation of coldness in the pharynx and oesoph- 
agus is especially noticed ; it even did not disappear after eating (eighth 
day). A cold sensation in the oesophagus extended to both anterior sides 
of the chest, beneath the nipples, and into the upper portion of the pha- 
rynx, with oppression of the chest, which obliged deep breathing (ninth 
day). — Pressure in the pharynx and oesophagus continued the same as 
yesterday (tenth day). — Sensation of increased warmth in the pharynx, 
extending down to the stomach ; feeling of warmth in the oesophagus, op- 
posite the manubrium sterni (fourteenth day). 

(S^OHJYfC/i.— Immediately after the dose the hunger disappeared, and ■ 
only returned about 9.30 P.M., but was soon appeased by a little food (four- 
teenth day). — There was no relish for smoking; a sensation as though one 
had not smoked for a long time, as after a long illness (seventh day). — 
During the day, there were frequent eructations of odorless gas (fifth day). 
—Frequent eructations of much gas (eighth day). — Eructations of much 


gas always after eating and drinking (ninth day). — Repeated eructations 
of gas (twelfth day). — [30.] A sensation of burning warmth in a small 
spot beneath the ensiform process, as if something hot or acrid had been 
taken, though without pain. In the evening this sensation became very 
acute, and almost like heartburn, but less severe (second day). — The sen- 
sation of warmth felt yesterday in the pit of the stomach (cardiac orifice) 
is to-day less in the stomach than in the oesophagus, about the region of 
the manubrium sterni, and is more decidedly a burning sensation, noticed 
after every dose. In the intervals between the doses, this sensation almost 
entirely disappeared, so that it was scarcely noticed ; the heat reappeared 
after each dose (third day). 

A-hdomen. — Frequent emission of very offensive flatus (sixth day). — 
During the stool, moving about and slight griping in the lower part of the 
abdomen (sixth day). — After eating moving about in the navel, with a 
sensation of heaviness in the lower part of the abdomen and pressure upon 
the rectum, with emission of odorless flatus, immediately followed by a 
small crumbly evacuation, after which the heaviness in the abdomen was 
still felt (eighth day). — After a light meal, movement in the lower part 
of the abdomen, with rumbling and slight griping, followed by desire for 
stool, with emission of odorless flatus (ninth day). 

Itectnni and Anus. — Crawling and prickling in the rectum, with 
a sensation as if drawn inward (eighth day). — During the stool, a sensation 
as if the anus would not open sufficiently (sixth day). — The stool, in the 
evening, was followed for a long time by a prickling constrictive sensation 
in the anus (fifth day). — A prickling sensation of closure in the anus, espe- 
cially in the evening (sixth day). — [40.] Sensation of forcible closure of 
the anus, with crawling, prickling, and sticking, more while walking than 
while sitting (eighth day). — In the evening there was several times a sen- 
sation as if a stool would occur, associated with a stitch from the region of 
the bladder to the rectum, which becarne forcibly closed, and some flatus 
was passed, but only after long pressure (sixth day). — Frequent desire for 
stool, that suddenly disappeared (eighth day). 

Stool. — Instead of one stool there were two ; the first, in the morning, 
was unsatisfactory, but not hard ; the fteces were lumpy, like balls of hare's 
dung, without being hard, and of a normal color (fifth day). — Stool, which 
usually occurred in the morning, now occurred about 4 p.m., with long 
pressure and straining, as if the fseces could not be evacuated from the 
rectum ; the evacuation was scanty, hard, like sheep's dung (sixth day). — 
Before falling asleep an evacuation, half of which was hard, the rest soft 
and rather thin, accompanied by prickling, biting, and burning in the anus 
for a long time after the stool (sixth day). — In the evening a small evacu- 
ation, at first thick, afterwards thin, but not hard, with prickling and con- 
traction in the anus after the evacuation (seventh day). — About 1 p.m. a 
small half crumbly, half normal evacuation without difficulty (ninth day). 
— About 10 P.M. a somewhat hard stool, accompanied and followed by 
burning and soreness in the anus, and a sensation as if the anus were drawn 
up into the rectum and something hard were still remaining there (ninth 

Urinary Organs. — Burning in the orifice of the urethra while urin- 
ating during stool (sixth day). — [50.] The urine passed the previous even- 
ing had become turbid, as if mixed with clay, with a thin film over the 
surface, looking like fat, and breaking to pieces when the liquid was moved ; 
the urine was bright yellow, almost straw-colored (second day). The urine 


passed was bright yellow, but after standing an hour,, a flocculent cloud 
seemed to haug ou the upper surface; an hour later (two hours after urin- 
ating), this cloud sank to the bottom (third day). The urine passed yes- 
terday is cloudy, as if mixed with clay, the surface covered with an iri- 
descent film, with numerous red granules ; these, when collected, had the 
appearance of sand, and when pressed by a knife, gave a crackling noise 
and formed brickdust powder. The urine passed in the morning, fasting, 
was clearer than that of yesterday, but had the same cloud. Theuriue 
became milky soon after it was passed, and after a few hours deposited a 
clear flocculent sediment, which, when collected on the filter, was slimy 
and of a rosy-red color, mingled with much red sand. A part was collected 
from the filter and mixed in the glass tube with nitric acid, which dissolved 
the mucus with odorless frothing; the liquid then had a clear yellow color, 
and the grains of sand fell unaffected to the bottom. Another portion was 
mixed in a glass tube with sulphuric acid, which completely dissolved both 
the mucus and sand, and the liquid became dark brown ; there was no 
frothing, but the liquid had a strong odor of decomposing urine. The 
third portion was mixed with muriatic acid in a glass tube, but there was 
not the slightest change (fourth day). The urine passed in the morning 
was clearer than yesterday, and developed a cloud hanging from the upper 
surface, even before the urine became cold (fifth day). The urine passed 
this morning was decidedly darker than that of yesterday, without, how- 
ever, being too dark ; a cloud immediately formed after becoming cold 
(sixth day). The urine passed the fifth day formed a cloud but no sedi- 
ment; that passed ou the sixth day the same, but had again a red sand, 
and the cloud lying at the bottom exhibited everywhere a number of these 
grains of sand looking like frog-spawn ; the urine passed on the seventh 
day had the same character. The urine passed yesterday was still clear, 
showed no trace of decomposition, though it had stood the whole time in a 
warm room (seventh day). To-day the urine, while yet warm, formed a 
cloud, was clearer than on the fifth and sixth days, but darker than on the 
fifth day (eighth day). The urine passed yesterday became turbid and 
cloudy ; after twenty-four hours had a slimy flocculent sediment of a dirty 
rose-red color. The urine passed toward evening was quite clear and 
lemon-yellow. The urine passed on the fifth day was beginning to decom- 
pose, but without being turbid ; that of the sixth, seventh, and ninth days 
is unchanged ; that of the eighth day has, in addition to a cloud, a white 
pellicle, like an iridescent film of fat on the surface. The urine passed to- 
day developed a cloud while still warm (ninth day). The urine passed on 
the ninth day is very turbid and cloudy, with iridescent flakes, that with 
difficulty sank to the bottom ; it has already begun to decompose. The 
urine passed in the morning, and also that of the eighth day, has not begun 
to decompose. The cloud lying in the bottom of the vessel is full of large 
grains of red sand. The urine passed on the ninth day has the same pecu- 
liarities, with the addition of a white fatty film on the surface, in which 
are entangled numerous grains of red sand. The urine passed on the tenth 
day is the same, rather turbid yellow, has a cloud at the bottom, but no 
perceptible colored sand. The uriue passed last evening is lemon-yellow 
and very turbid (tenth day). 

Sexual Orf/citts. — In the morning, in bed, violent erections, with 
great sexual desire (seventh day). 

Ii('si>ir<iforji Orf/aiis. — At 7 p.m., without any apparent cause, 
cough at first dry, afterwards loose, with tickling and scraping in the throat, 


that continued long after the cough (eighth day). — On inspiration, the air 
of the room seemed very cold and as though he had been chewing pepper- 
mint (eighth day). 

Chest. — In addition to the burning sensation in the fesophagus felt all 
day, there was a pressive sensation in the region of the manubrium sterni; 
was exactly like the pressure caused by swallowing too large a morsel of 
food or a large piece of hard-boiled egg (fifth day). 

Pulse. — Pulse 90, hard and tense; afterwards 66, weak, soft (sixth 
day); 60 (seventh day); small, contracted, hard, 100; afterwards full, 
large, 76 (ninth day). 

Supefiof Extreniities, — In the flexor muscles of the forearm a 
feeling as if cramp would come on ; whenever he attempted to lift anything 
heavy, a real cramp occurred, that disappeared in the afternoon (eighth 
day). — Veins of the hands generally distended. 

Inferior Hxtrenitties. — In the afternoon, heaviness in the lower 
extremities, as if full, especially on ascending steps (eighth day). 

GetieroJ ities. — In the afternoon great exhaustion, with stretching of 
the limbs and yawning (seventh day). — [60.] Weak, prostrated, and weary 
with sleep ; was obliged to lie down after dinner and sleep for a few hours; 
after the sleep he was somewhat refreshed (eighth day).- — After the midday 
nap there was an indefinite feeling of discomfort over the whole body, as 
after an illness, or like a foreboding of fever, a kind of unsteadiness while 
walking or moving about, disappearing after moving about, towards even- 
ing (seventh day). 

Sleep. — Overpowering sleepiness and heaviness in all the limbs, with 
dulness of the head (thirteenth day). — In the evening it was diflicult to 
fall asleep, and at night there was restlessness with frequent waking and 
tossing about, with indefinite dreams, of which he had no remembrance on 
waking (first night). — Very vivid dreams during the midday nap, without 
ability to remeryber the dream on waking (seventh day). — In the evening, 
lascivious dreams and emission (thirteenth day). 

Fever. — At 5 p.m. became very warm in the usual temperature of the 
house, and heat seemed to creep over different parts of the body, especially 
the head, shoulders, and chest, with a feeling as though sweat would break 
out, and with a moist forehead ; the veins of the hands were swollen, the 
hands burnt and were moist. Very great heat in the face, like rush of 
blood, with burning in the ears, which were red ; the face easily reddened, 
and half an hour afterwards the skin over the whole body was moist, with 
a moist forehead and hands; heaviness and dulness in the head (ninth 
day). — Rising of heat to the head, with redness of the face. Sensation of 
increased warmth over the whole body, with heaviness; the hands seem 
injected, full, and hot (thirteenth day). — While eating and afterwards, 
sensation of heat over the whole body and rush of blood to the head, with 
slight outbreak of sweat on the chest, face, and hands (fourteenth day). 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (In the house), Headache. — (Moving 
head), Headache. — (Stooping), Headache. — (Sneezing), Headache. 

Amelioration. — (Open air), Headache. — (Eating and drinldng), 
Burning in oesophagus. — (lloving about), Feeling of discomfort. 



Spongia officinalis, Linn. 

Animal kingdom. 

Sub-kingdom, Coelenterata. 

Claiis, Spongia. 

Preparation, Tincture, prepared by digesting 20 grains of powdered 
sponge which has been roasted brown (in a manner similar to coffea tosta), 
with 400 drops of Alcohol. 

Authorities. (1 to 11, from Hahneman^.f 1, Hahnemann ; 2, F. Hahne- 
mann ; 3, Gutmann; 4, Hartraann ; 5, Haynel ; 6, Hornberg; 7, Lang- 
hammer; 8, Wagner; 9, Wislicenus; 10, Stapf; 11, Lehmann; 12, B. 
Fincke, M.D., Am. Horn. Eev., vol. i, 1859, p. 317, tasted some Spongia; 
12a, Mrs. Taube, aged about sixty, took 1 drop of 30th pot., prepared on 
the Hahnemannian scale; for many years a hard ball of pea-size consist- 
ing of mucus mixed with blood, occasionally formed in the throat; this ball 
creates there an irritation, -and is expelled by coughing; after use of fruit 
or cider usually feels a rawness and sensation like a wound in her throat, 
and loses her voice to a greater or less extent. In consequence of getting 
cold, she had many years ago a lump in left breast, cured homceopathically 
long ago; 13, Jara'es" B. Bell, M.D., Am. Journ. of Horn. Mat. Mat., vol. 
ii, 1869, p. 211, a lady took 200th for a cough ; 14, E. W. Berridge, M.D., 
New Eng. Med. Gaz., vol. ix, 1874, p. 403, took 20 glob., cm. (Fincke) 
at 10 A.M., one symptom. 

Blind, — Irresistible desire to sing, with excessive joyfulness, lasting half 
an hour (after half an hour) ; followed by distraction of mind and disincli- 
nation for all work, lasting an hour, ^. — Unusually cheerful (second day),"'. — 
Taciturn and discontented mood,\ — Pert, witty mood,'. — Anxiety, as if a 
misfortune would befall him, which he seemed to foresee,'. — She is very 
fearful, aod tormented by a frightful image of a past sad event,'. — She 
was very easily frightened, and started at every trifle; it always seemed 
to shoot into her feet, and afterwards they seemed to remain heavy,'. — 
Fretfulness; he talked and answered very unwillingly,^ — -Fretful and lazy ; 
wished to rest and was little inclined to talk (after three hoursj,^ — [100 
Scornful, obstinate, ill-humored,'. — She is dissatisfied with whatsbe accom- 
plislies; she cannot rightly help herself at work; she does not succeed,'. — 
Alternately lively and lachrymose, and peevish quarrelsome mood,'. 

Head. — Vertigo, Vertigo, with tendency to fall backward,-'. — Ver- 
tigo, while sitting, as if the head would fall to one side, with a sensation of 
heat in the head (after a quarter of an hour),^ — There seemed to be a 
whirling of the head, she staggered and was obliged to steady herself as 
in intoxication (after half an hour),*. — General Head, Dulness of the 
head ; he staggered as if intoxicated, while walking, for an hour (after 
half an hour),^ — The head is dull and stupid,'. — Heaviness of the head 
(after a quarter of an hour),l — Heaviness of the head all day,'. — [20.] 
The head felt heavy on raising it from the table upon which he had leaned 
it to rest,'. — Heaviness and fulness in the head, aggravated by stooping,^ 
— Increased rush of blood to the head,'. — Violent rush of blood to the 
brain, with heat in the forehead externally; perceptible pulsation in the 

f Two symptoms in Hahnemann's first edition, omitted from his second, are 
included in this worlc. 


arteries of the neck (after one hour),^ — "Weakness of the head and a dul- 
ness, which makes him unfit for all mental efl^ort, a feeling of weariness 
through the whole body,'. — Headache, loss of appetite, sleepiness, lassi- 
tude in the whole body, fretfulness; out of humor with everything,'".^ 
Staring at any point causes headache and lachrymation,'. — A feeling in 
the head as if everything would press out at the forehead,'. — Pressive sen- 
sation in the head, several times a day,'. — Whizzing in the head, in the 
region of the ear upon which she was lying in bed, like a violent pulsation, 
always with a double beating; if she lay upon the other ear then she felt 
it in that side,'. — [30.] Over the whole side on which there is a small 
goitre, a jerking aching; a throbbing in the head, that extends down into 
the cheeks, and into the neck, as a tearing,'".- — JPorehead. Pressive 
headache in the forehead (after a quarter of an hour),". — Pressure in the 
left side of the forehead (after eight hours and a half),'. — Dull pressive 
pain, extending from within outward, in the right frontal eminence (after 
thirty hours),*. — Dull pressive headache, from the forehead above the eyes 
to the occiput and nape of the neck, lasting ten hours, till falling asleep 
(after three hours),". — Violent pressure in the forehead and occiput, at the 
same time, as if pressed towards each othei-, at noon (after five hours),'. — 
Pressing-outward pain in the upper part of the left side of the forehead, 
while sitting, disappearing after rising (after six hours and half),'. — 
*Sensation of accumulation of blood in the forehead,\ — Jerking stitches in 
the forehead, aggravated by walking (after five hours),'. — Boring, needle- 
like stitches, from within outward, in the left side of the forehead, while 
walking in the open air (after thirty-four hours),'. — [40.] Needlelike 
stitches, extending transversely in the left side of the forehead (after four 
hours),'. — Fine pressive stitches, now in the forehead, now in the occiput, 
only on every motion, with a sensation of burning heat, extending from 
the region behind the ear over the occiput to the nape of the neck,l — 
Temjdes. Sharp pressure in both temples externally (after a quarter of 
an hour),". — Pressive sensation from within outward, in the right temple 
(after an hour and a quarter),'. — Violent tearing headache in the left tem- 
ple close to the orbit, which also causes a pressive sensation in the left half 
of the same eye (after two hours),^t — Sharp stitches externally in the left 
temple, extending to the forehead (after six and fourteen hours),'. — Throb- 
bing in the left temple,'. — Vertex and Parletals. Drawing pain in 
the vertex (immediately),'. — Pressive headache in the vertex (after five 
minutes),". — *Dull headache in the right half of the brain, on entering a warm 
room from the open air (after one hour and a half, and thirty-five hours),^ 
— [50.] Pressive pain drawing down in the right side of the head and 
neck (after four hours),^ — Pressive headache, from within outward, in the 
right parietal bone, while lying down, I — Jerking through both sides of the 
head, especially in the temples, extending to the top of the head whenever 
he jerks the arms, and as often as he steps (after one hour),". — Occiput. 
Painful heaviness in the occiput, as if lead were in it, while walking, re- 
curring by paroxysms (after one hour and a half),*. — In the afternoon, 
headache in the occiput like a heaviness and stitch, whenever he turned 
the head, with heat of the face, hands, and feet, and chilliness of the rest of 
the body, and inclina^on to coryza; with weakness of the body and bitter- 
ness in the mouth ; in the evening after undressing shaking chill, and a 
quarter of an hour afterwards, in bed, heat over the whole body, except on 

f Hartmann given as authority in first edition of Hahnemann. 


the thighs, which were numb and chilly ; at night, sweat,'. — Violent press- 
ing pain in the left side of the occiput, as if it would burst (after nine 
hours and a ha.\f)*.—JSxternal Head. Unpleasaut sensitiveness pf the 
scalp, especially on moving it (after a quarter of an hour),^ — Sensation as 
if the hair on the vertex were bristling, or as if some one moved it, aggra- 
vated by every motion of the body (after one hour),^ — A gnawing pain 
externafly on the top of the head (after one hour),'. — Burning in the right 
side of the scalp (after fifteen hours),l 

JEye. — Objective, [60.] Eyes deeply sunken,^ — The eyes have a 
weak look, and the lids are swollen as after intoxication, or as if he had 
been awake all night ; wherewith he was weak, weary, and sleepy (after 
three hours and a quarter),*. — Redness of the white of the eye,^ — The eyes 
suppurate,^ — Subjective. Tension in the left eye by the temple (after a 
quarter of an hour),\ — Pressure and sticking in the right eye,^— Burning 
in the left eye, about the ball,\— Sticking in the eye,\ — Sticking itching 
beneath the left eye is somewhat relieved by rubbing (after five hours),'. — 
Sticking, and at last pressive pain in both eyes, in the evening (after nine 
hours),". — Broiv and Orbit. [70.] A yellow crusty eruption on the 
left eyebrow, painful only when touched,^ — Pressive pain above the right 
eye, rather external (after half an hour),'. — Lids. Lids of the left eye 
drawn together, in the morning in bed, so that she could open them only 
with difficulty,'. — Heaviness of the eyelids,'. — Pressive heaviness of the 
lids, as if they would close (after a quarter of an hour),^ — Pressure around 
about beneath the eyelids,'. — Burning pain on the outer surface of the left 
lower lid,l — Sudden sticking drawing in the left external canthus, which 
extends around the eye, above and below, towards the inner canthus (after 
one hour and a half ),". — Tensive sticking pain in the left external canthus, 
worse on moving the eyes, disappearing on touch (after four hours and a 
half),'. — Itching of the eyelids,'. — Lachrymation. [80.] Profuse 
watering of the eye,^ — Vision. She is able to recognize distant objects 
only with great effort,'. 

lHai'. — Pain in the cartilages of the ears, as from soreness, not affected 
by touch (after a quarter of an hour),". — Tensive pain in a swelling at the 
entrance of the meatus, and a crawling as if it would break into an ulcer, 
with at times stitches (after fifteen hours and a half),^ — Fine stitches, 
from within outward, in the right ear, as if through the drum (immedi- 
ately),'. — Earache, a constrictive pain (after three hours),'. — Pressure and 
forcing in the ears,'. — Cramplike pain in the left ear, when walking in the 
open air (after twenty-four hours and a half),*. — Drawing in the right 
inner ear (after nine hours),^ — Burning in the orifice of the right ear,'. — 
Hearing. [90.] Difficult hearing,'. — Dull ringing in the ears (after 
half an hour),l — Ringing in the right ear (after ten hours),'. 

K^OSe. — *'Snerzmc/ and frequent eoryza^. — ^Stopped coryza (after twenty- 
five hours),'. — Violent and long-continued nosebleed, from slight blowing 
of the nose, while at dinner (after three days),^ — (Mucous stoppage of the 
nose),'. — Dulness and sensation of gloominess over the root of the uose, as 
if a common cold were approaching (soon),"". — Tearing in the nose,'. — A 
tense contracted sensation over the root of the nose (after eleven hours and 
a half),*. — [100.] Crawling stitches in the left na^l bone (after half an 

Face. — Paleness of the face,'. — Cheelis. Red cheeks, but only the 
usual warmth in the face,*. — Swelling of the cheek,'. — Pressive-tearing 
sensation in the right malar bone (after a quarter of an hour),*. — Stitches 


in the cheek,^— Sticking itching in the left cheek (after a quarter of an 
hour),'. — Cramplike pain, extending from the left articulation of the jaw to 
the cheek, in the evening while eating , for five days,^. — Cramplike pain in the 
left upper jaw (after half an hour),'. — Fine jerking stitch, from behind the 
right upper jaw into the ear, in the evening in bed,l — [HO.] Needlelike 
stitches transversely through the left upper jaw (after two hours and three- 
quarters, and three hours and a half),'. — Chin. Fine stitches beneath the 
lower lip (after seven hours),*. — ^Swollen glands beneath the left lower jaw, 
painful to touch (after seventy-three hours),'. — Several swollen glands be- 
neath the right lower jaw, which prevent motion of the neck, with tensive 
pain on touch (after thirty-eight hours),'. — The left side of the chin is 
painful to touch, as far as the corner of the mouth, as if suppurating (after 
four days),". — The lower jaw is painful to touch,'. 

]\Iouth. — Teeth. On chewing food, an acute sensation as if the back 
teeth were blunt and loose (after six hours and a half),'. — Pain in the 
right lower back teeth, as if the gum and teeth were swollen, and the latter 
were elongated, for two days,'. — Pain as if he had bitten something between 
the teeth,'. — A (burning) pain in the left upper molars (after twelve 
hours),'. — [120] Stitches in the upper incisors,^ — Itching in the upper 
and lower teeth,'. — Gum, The guni is swollen and painful when chewing,'. 
• — Geitet'al3Iouth. Blisters, with stinging-burning pain on the inner 
surface of the cheek aud on the margin of the tongue, so that she could 
eat nothing solid,'. — Tonfflie. Blisters on the margin of the tongue, with 
sore pain,'. — Saliva. Accumulation of saliva (after a quarter of an 
hour),'. — Water accumulates in the mouth, with nausea (after twenty-four 
hours),^ — Taste. Sweetish taste in the mouth,'. — A. persistent bitter taste 
low down in the throat, not in the mouth,'. — Bitter taste in the throat 
(after a quarter of an hour),*. — [130.] The coifee (she is accustomed to take 
for breakfast) has a bitter and disgusting taste; dinner tastes well (second 
day) ; taste like Glycerin, from the ninth day until the nineteenth, then 
suddenly changing to that of fresh nuts; also desire for dainties; these 
symptoms disappeared after one drop of 30th attenuation of Saccharum 
lactis,'*". — The (usual) tobacco has a rancid taste in the mouth and fauces, 
while smoking (after half an hour),*. 

Throat. — Hawking of mucus (after twenty-five hours),'. — In the 
goitre, a sensation of working, distension, and pressure, as if everything 
would force out,'". — In the goitre, a sensation as if it were loose, and as if 
everything were moving about in it, as if alive, especially on swallowing,'". 
— Scraping in the throat, for several days,'l — *Stitches in the goitre, even 
when not swallowing,^". — Sticking pain in the goitre when swallowing, when 
not swallowing slight aching,'". — Sticking internally in the throat, espe- 
cially after eating, and on the throat externally, a sensation as if some- 
thing pressed outward, morning and evening,'. — *Coni<ta7itly recurring 
needlelike stitches above the pit of the throat, externally {in the lower portion of 
the goitre),^. — [140.] Transient crawling in the throat (after one hour and 
a half),^. — A burning in the throat and larynx, and afterwards in the 
ears,'. — Extremely disagreeable relaxed sensation in the pharynx aud 
stomach, as if he had drunk too much warm water, lasting several hours 
(after twenty-three hours), ^. 

Stomach. — Appetite and Thirst. *Increa.''ed appetite,'^. — * Great 
hunger; she could not satisfy herself,'. — Desire for dainties, with the taste 
of fresh nuts,''". — Diminished appetite,^. — Excessive thirst, always after 
smoking (as usual),*. — Thirst for cold water, in the evening (after thirty- 


eight hours),'. — JEiUictations. Sour uprisings (after five hours)/.— 
[150.] Eructations, several times (after several hours),l — Empty eructa- 
tions (after half an hour),^ — Bitter eructations (after one hour),l — Hic- 
COUffh. Hiccough (after eight hours and a quarter, thirty-three, thirty- 
seven, and fifty-seven hours),'. — Repeated hiccough (after a quarter of an 
hour),". — rNausea. Constant nausea,\ — Nausea, while smoking, as usual 
(after thirty hours),'. — Qualmishness, without vomiting,". — Stomach. 
Pressure in the pit of the stomach, in the afternoon,^ — -Pressive pain in 
the epigastric region, lasting ail the forenoon (after a quarter of an hour),\ 
— [160.] She cannot tolerate any tight clothing about the trunk, especially 
about the epigastric region,'. — Sensation of internal coldness in the pit of 
the stomach, with fuluess (after a quarter of an hour),*. 

Abdomen. — Umbilicus and Sides. Fine stitches externally, 
about the navel (after two hours),'. — Painful constriction in the left side 
below the stomach, while sitting, especially while lying sideways upon the 
right side (after seventeen hours),^ — Pressive-tearing pain in the region of 
the abdominal rings of both sides, at various times, only while sitting,^ — 
Strangulated sensation, which was aggravated by pressure of the hand, in 
the left side of the abdomen (after half an hour),*. — Sensation of fine bur- 
rowing, as of something alive under the skin of the abdomen, in the left 
side above the hip, upon which he was lyiug in bed, in the morning (after 
twenty-two hoursj,'. — Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, in the re- 
gion of the liver (after one hour),l — General Abdomen. Abdomen 
tense (after twenty-four hours),'. — Emission of flatus and soft stool, with- 
out difficulty (after six hours),l — [170.] Rumbling in the abdomen and 
empty eructations (after half an hour),'. — Difficulty and fulness in the 
abdomen after eating, as if digestion stopped,'. — Weakness in the abdomen 
(soou),'\ — Qualmishness in the abdomen, with frequent thin stools, like 
diarrhcea,". — Frequent griping in the abdomen, which was relieved by the 
emission of flatus (after fourteen hours),'. — Colic, griping in the whole of 
the abdomen,'". — Cutting in the upper part of the abdomen, after eating, 
in the morning (after twenty-six hours),^ — Violent cutting colic, in the 
morning after eating, so that he is obliged to bend the abdomen up; with 
great urging to stool, when the stool is natural but scanty (after five days),^ 
■ — Tensive pain in the upper abdomen, while walking, but worse on stoop- 
ing (after one hour),l — Tensive pain in the upper abdomen, while sitting,-\ 
— [180.] Cramps in the abdomen (after six days),'. — On smoking, heat in 
the abdomen, also extending up into the chest, without heat of the rest of 
the body, which, on the contrary, is affected with chilliness (after three 
hours,);'.— Mi/pof/asfyium and Iliac liegion. Griping low down 
in the abdomen, while sitting, compelling him to stand up because there 
seemed to be an urging to stool ; but immediately after rising the pain was 
relieved, and on standing bent over it immediately disappeared (after ten 
hours),*.— Griping in the lower abdomen, with loud rumbling (after five 
hours),'. — Stiangulated sensation, low down in the abdomen, relieved by 
emission of flatus, but very soon becoming worse (after seven hours),*.— 
Tensive pain from the middle of the lower abdomen down to the anus 
(after eleven hours and a half ),l— Cutting in the lower abdomen, extend- 
ing into the left chest, in the evening atter eating (after four days),l— 
Burrowing stitches in the lower abdomen, left side, noticed only on expira- 
tion, and worse on stooping (after ten hours and a half),'. — Swelling of the 
glands in the right groin, with tensive pain, while walking,'.— Pain in the 


inguinal region, as in a hernia/. — [190.] Cramplike pain in the left groin, 
while sitting (after one hour and a half),*. 

Rectum luul Anus. — Bruised pain, almost like a sore pain, in the 
anus,'. — Sore pain during the evacuation of the stool, for several d;iys (after 
two days),\ — Twinging in the auus during stool, as though diarrhwa would 
occur (after four days),'. — Twinging with every stool,'. — Stitches in tlie 
anus and rumbling iu the abdomen before every stool,'. 

Stool. — White diarrhoea (after forty-eight hours),'. — (The first part of 
the stool is hard, the second soft),'. — Stool hard, delayed seven hours (after 
nine hours), I — Many threadworuis are passed daily; a crawling in the 
rectum, every evening,'. 

Urinary Organs. — [200.] (Pain in the neck of the bladder like 
a warning to urinate),'. — Frequent efforts to urinate (after one hour and a 
half),'. — Stream of urine very thin,'. — (Inability to retain the urine),'. — ■ 
Increased flow of urine (fourth day),'''^\ — (The urine froths like yeast),'. — 
The clear, bright-yellow urine deposits on standing a yellow sediment 
(after twenty-three hours),^ — The urine deposits a thick grayish-white 

Sexual Organs. — Hale. Painful drawing stitches in the body of 
the penis out through the glans (after four days),^ — Voluptuous itching on 
the tip of the glans penis, lasting several hours, and provoking rubbing 
(after fifty-two hours),'. — [210.] Itching and burning on the scrotum and 
laody of the penis, several times,^ — *Pressive painful swelling of the tes- 
ticles (after ten and twenty-four hours),'. — *Siinple pain in the texticlcs, also 
ichen touched,'^. — *A pinching, bruised, squeezing pain in the testicles,'. — 
*Large, somewhat blunt stitches shooting from the testicles into the spennatiG 
cords;. — *Spermatic cords, swollen painful,'.— ^Fewiw^e. Twice after a 
few doses, she miscarried at about six or eight weeks, but she did not sus- 
pect the cause until she noticed afterwards that, whenever she took a few 
doses, it brought on a flowing like the menses, which would continue sev- 
eral days,'l — Menses much too early and profuse (immediately),'". 

Respiratory Organs. — *I)ryness in the region of the larynx, ag- 
gravated by hawking (after half an hour),*. — A pressive pain in the region 
of the larynx, while singing (after six hours and a quarter),*. — [220.] Pain- 
ful pressure above the thyroid cartilage, aggravated by touch (imraedi- 
ately),^ — Pressure in the larynx, in the evening (fifth da.j),^''\ — Immedi- 
ately after taking the drug, drawing towards and contraction in the larynx ; 
in moving, severe pressing in the larynx, as if with a nail ; voice cracked ; 
hoarseness increasing, so that she can speak only with difficulty ; the larynx feels 
painfid to the touch, as if swolleti,"^. — Scraping, burning, and constriction in 
the larynx,". — Fine jerking stitches externally iu the region of the larynx, 
at various times,". — *The region of the thyroid gland seems indurated 
(after four days),'. — Sensation in the thyroid and cervical glands on breath- 
ing, as if air lorced in and out,'. — Voice. *Hoarseness,'. — -* Voice cracked ; 
hoarseness increasing, so thcd she can speak only with difficulty (first day) ; 
voice cracked (second day),'^'. — Coiigh and Mxpectoratlon. * Cough 
and coryzn, very violent,^. — [230.] ^Incessant cough, from a place low 
down in the chest, where it pains as if sore and bloody, from coughing 
(after half an hour),'. — (Frequent cough, at night, for two minutes, with a 
fretful look),'. — Hollow cough with some expectoration, day and night,l — 
*Dry cough (after a quarter of an hour),'. — *Dry cough, day and night, 
with burning in the chest, as from something hot internally ; after eat- 
ing and drinking the cough disappears,'. — * Expectoration of saltish-tasting 


slime (secoud day); of much adhesive mucus, at 8.30 a.m. (third day),"*. 
— Respiration. Slow deep respiration, as after exhaustion, lasting 
several minutes (after half an hour),'. — After dancing, violent catching of 
the breath, very rapid sobbing respiration,\ — *Difiicult respiration, as if 
a plug were sticking in the larynx, and the breath could not get through 
on account of the constriction of the larynx (after half an hour),". — 
(Great dyspnoea), (after ten days),'. 

Chest. — [240.] *Pain in the chest and bronchi, with rawness in the 
throat, when coughing,'. — Sudden pain in the muscles of the chest and 
back, left side, at the same time as if a broad pointed substance were being 
forced out (a broad pressure), with many fine stitches (after three days),". — 
Painful pressure beneath the short ribs, on coughing (after one hour),*. — 
Fine stitches on the chest externally, and on the arms, for several days,'. — 
Sticking itching in the left chest, extending towards the shoulder (after 
a quarter of an hour),'. — Pressure in the left side of the chest, together 
with several stitches, during motion and rest,'. — A pinching jerk, from 
■within outward, in the left side of the chest (after twenty minutes),". — 
Sticking-pinching crawling in the left side of the chest, in the region of the 
sixth and seventh ribs, which are painful on external pressure (after ten 
hours),". — ^A pressive-cuttiug pain in the left side of the chest, on deep in- 
spiration ; felt but little at other times (after three days),". — Boring stitch 
in the right costal muscles, persistent during inspiration and expiration 
(after seven hours),l — [250.] Violent needlelike stitches, from within out- 
ward, in the right side of the chest (after fifty-six hours),'. — Transient 
painful stitches in the right side of the chest; when rubbing the place it 
seems as though a weight were drawn downward under the skin (after fifty 
hours),'. — Drawing stitches in the left side of the chest, while sitting, with 
the back somewhat bent, but especially on deep slow inspiration (after 
five days),\ — Drawing stitches beneath the second left rib, only when 
walking (after eight hours),'. — Violent intermittent stitches in the left side 
of the chest (after one hour and three-quarters),'. — In the evening, indu- 
ration of the left breast, at a space of two inches length by half an inch 
thickness, painful to the touch, disappearing in the morning (eighth day),"^ 

Heart and Pulse. — ^Palpitation of the heart and rush of blood 
to the chest (soon),"'. — *Fulse increased in fulness and rapidity (after half 
an hour),^ 

NecJi and Sack. — JVeck. Stiffness of the neck, when stooping or 
turning the head,". — *Fainful sensation of stiffness in the leftside of the neck 
on turning the head to the right side (after half an hour),*. — [260.] Pain 
as if the cervical glands near the larynx and trachea were swelling (after 
three hoursj,'. — Sensation as if the cervical glands would become swollen 
(after fourteen hours),'. — After opening the mouth wide, and biting the 
teeth together hard, a painful cramp in the cervical muscles, which forcibly 
drew the jaw downward, with a heaviness in the artinulation, as if it would 
be put out of joint,'. — Frequently recurring pressive-cracking pain in the left 
side of the nape of the neck, close to the scapula, not affected by any mo- 
tion (after seven hours and a half),*. — Cracking iu the nape of the neck 
on stooping (after sixteen hours),'. — Slight intermittent pressure iu the 
right side of the neck, as if the skin were pressed between the fingers; the 
region of the jugular vein is also painful to external touch,". — Tension in 
the cervical muscles, especially on the right side, on bending the head 
backward (after three days),". — Painful tension in the left side of the neck, 
near the larynx, on turning the head to the right side (after one hour and 


a half),'. — Jerking in the right cervical muscles, while lying down (after 
twenty-four hours)/. — A transient stitch in the left side of the neck (after 
one hour and a quarter),'. — -[270.] Large slow stitches in the right cervical 
muscles, immediately on waking from sleep, disappearing on swallowing, 
and then immediately returning (after twenty-three hours),*. — Drawing 
needlelike stitches through the left side of the neck (after sixty hours),". — 
Haclt. Pain in the back, followed by palpitation all day, previous to the 
menses,'. — -A pressive sensation, extending upward and downward through 
the spine, while sitting erect (after six hours),*. — Dorsal , Pain in the 
scapulse, as if pierced by something sharp, a constant sticking pain, asso- 
ciated with soreness (after a quarter of an hour),'. — Extremely painful 
fleeting stitch on the right scapula (after seventeen hours), I — Llimhar. 
The small of the back and nates are very numb,'. — Pressive pain in the 
small of the back, only when walking, especially on stepping with the left 
foot (after a quarter of an hour),^ — Violent stitch in the small of the 
back,^ — During stool, pressure in the lumbar region, caused by flatus 
(after thirty-six hours),'. — [280.] Dull stitches in the right lumbar muscles 
(after six hours),'. — Sacral. Fine tearing on the sacrum, from right to 
left, and from below upward, only while sitting (after five days),^ — Dull 
pain at the union of the right ilium and sacrum, while standing (after 
twenty-seven hours),". 

JSxtremities. — Stretching of the upper and lower extremities (after 
a quarter of an hour),*. — Constant weakness and bruised sensation in all 
the limbs, especially in the muscles of the lower extremities (after two 

Superior Extremities. — Stretching of the arms (after three- 
quarters of an hour),*. — (Burning in the arms and hands),*. — Shoulder. 
Tivitching of the muscles about the left shoulder-joint,^ . — Fine stitches in the 
axilla, while sitting (after one hour),'. — Burning on the left shoulder (after 
sixteen hours),^. — A.riH. [290.] Sticking drawing through the upper 
arms (after a quarter of an hour),'. — Elbow. Pressive pain in the tip of 
the left elbow (after three-quarters of an hour),*. — Stitches in the elbow- 
joint, on motion,*. — On flexing the arm, a stitch in the tip of the elbow, 
followed by tearing in the joint, so long as the arm remained bent,*. — 
Forearms. Trembling of the forearms and hands (after a few minutes),'. 
— Heaviness of the forearms (after half an hour),'. — Cramplike pain, with 
slow bubbling on the upper part of the forearm, below the elbow, especially 
when leaning upon the arm (after three days),'. — Drawing pain in the fore- 
arms,*. — Pain in the left forearm, as if the bones were compressed (after 
one hour),*. — Violent boring-outward stitches in the internal muscles of the 
right forearm (after half an hour),'. — Wrist. [300.] Drawing pressive 
pain upon the right wrist (after six hours),*. ^Violent drawing in the left 
wrist (after three days),*. — A decaying sensation in and above the wrists 
(after three-quarters of an hour),'. — Tensive paiu in the left wrist, during 
rest and motion (after a quarter of an hour),'. — Several stitches in the 
right wrist, during rest (after a quarter of an hour),*. — Hand and 
Fingers. Swelling of the hands ; she could not bend the fingers,'. — ■ 
Pressive pain in the first finger-joints of the right hand (after a quarter of 
an hour),'. — Pinching drawing inward in one point in the middle of the 
palm of the hand (after a few minutes),'. — The middle joint of the left 
middle finger was thick and red, and tense on bending it,'. — Cramplike 
pain in the ball of the right thumb, lasting all day, and on moving the hand, 
also extending into the thumb (after one, fourteen and a half, and twenty- 

YOL. IX. — 8 


five hours),'. — [310.] Cramplike pain in the ball of the left thumb, only 
ou moving the hand, all day (after six hours),'. — Painful drawing in the 
first phalanx of the left thumb, extending into the forearm (after one hour 
and a half ),°. — A constant stitch, associated with sore pain, in the last joint 
of the thumb (after one hour and a half),'. — The tips of the index fingers 
lose sensation without becoming pale (after three-quarters of an hour),'. 

Inferior Extremities. — The lower extremities seem quite stiff,\ — 
Weariness of the lower extremities (after half an hour),^ — Thigh. Sud- 
den jerkings of muscular fibres in the right Iiates,^ — Tension in the upper 
end of the thigh, on every step, as though a muscle were too short, always 
accompanied by a stitch (after a quarter of an hour),'. — Drawing in the 
thighs and legs, during the menses, \ — Pain on the inner side of the thigh 
above the right knee, a pressure extending backward (^after a quarter of 
an hour),\ — [320.] Sharp pulsating stitches through the right thigh, above 
the knee, in the morning in bed (after twenty-two hours),'. — Constant 
drawing stitches in the upper part of the thigh, just below the left groin, 
especially when walking (after two hours and a half),". — A violent stitch 
boring outward in the forepart of the right thigh, near the hip (after eight 
hours),'. — Fine excessively acute stitch in the inner side of the right thigh 
(after fifty-four hours),^ — Knee. Weakness of the knees, as if they 
would give way while walking, though he stood firmly upon his feet (after 
four hours),*. — Heaviness in the knee-joints, noticed when walking (after 
one hour),'. — Jerking, like drawing pressure, in the hollow of the left knee, 
only ou bending the knee, and alternating with a similar sensation in the 
axilla (after six hours),*. — Violent drawing in the left knee, followed by 
profuse perspiration, at night,'. — Pressive pain in external tendons of the 
flexors of the right popliteus, worse while walking than while sitting (after 
seven and nine hours),^. — Sticking, with pressive pain above the right knee 
(when sitting), (after four hours),*. — [330.] Dull sticking in the left knee, 
in the evening when lying down (also continuing during motion), lasting a 
quarter of an hour (after forty-one hours),'. — Leg. Great excitement 
and uneasiness in both legs ; was frequently obliged to change the position 
(after sixteen hours and a quarter), I — Falliug asleep, first of the right, 
then of the left leg, after a slight nap at noon ; on attempting to walk, the 
left leg was spasmodically drawn up towards the thigh ; even while sitting 
he was unable to hold it outstretched, for it became spasmodically drawn 
backward (after five days),l — Sensation on the lower portion of the left 
tibia, as if a weight were hanging upon it, while walking rapidly (after 
three days),'. — Tearing sensation of heaviness in the left tibia, close to the 
ankle (after thirty-four hours),*. — Tearing in the tibia the whole after- 
noon,'. — Sharp stitches in the right calf, while walking (after one hour and 
a half),'. — A^ihle. Drawing tearing, extending from the right ankle to 
the knee (after eight hours and a half ),l — Tearing in the malleoli ; the 
feet are as heavy as lead, extending up into the tibiie,'. — Foot. Drawing 
pain, extending from the sole of the right foot up into the thigh (after\ 
eleven hours and a half ),^— [340.] Crawling in the sole of the left foot, 
coming on while walking, and not disappearing while sitting (after one 
hour),'.— Pressive pain in the right heel, aggravated by walking (after one 
hour and a half ),'.— Violent needlelike stitch, extending out of the right 
heel, while standing (after half an hour),'.— Needlelike stitches, extending 
upward, in the right heel, while sitting (after six hours),'.— Violent inter- 
mittent needlelike stitches from within outward, in the left heel, while 


standing, disappearing on motion (after one hour),'. — (Needlelike stitches 
in the heels, while sitting after a long walk, lasting an hour),^ 

Generalities. — * After some exertion die suddenlij became weak ; the 
chest was especially affected, she could scarcely talk; bemme hot in. the 
face and nauseated; after a feiv hours heaviness of the head,\ — '* After 
moderate motion in the open air she sudden! ii became weak and sunk upon a 
chair ; with great anxiety, nausea, paleness of the f<iei\ short sighing respi- 
ration, with surging of the heart into the chest^ as if it would force out 
upward; with involuntary closing of tlie eyes, almost spasmodic, and 
forcing out of tears from between the closed lashes; she was conscious, but 
unable to make the will act upon the body,'. — * After every even slight 
motion of the body she became weak, with orgasm of blood in the chest, 
the face became hot, the body began to glow, the vessels were hard and 
distended, and her breath left her ; only after resting a long time could 
she again recover herself,'. — Great weariness and inclination to sleep (after 
one hour),^. — [350.] Weariness of the whole body, especially of the arms,'. 
■ — * Extreme exhaustion of body and mind; she prefers to be perfectly indo- 
lent, and to rest,^. — *6'o great heaviness of the body, that while walking in the 
open air, he vias obliged to sit down upon the ground, without sleepiness 
(after nine hours),'. — He awoke, with bruised pain over the whole body,'. — 
Bruised feeling in the upper part of the body (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
Feeling of numbness of the lower half of the body,'. — Painful stitches in 
various parts of the body, provoking scratching (after forty-nine hours),^. — 
*She feels best when resting in a horizontal position j'. 

SJeiii. — Objective. Causes an itching eruption on the skin, and red 
itching spots,'. — Red swelling of the right antitragus, with a pimple which 
discharges like an ulcer for nine days ; the ear is painful to external pres- 
sure (after twenty-four hours),'. — [360.] Eruption on the tip of the nose 
and on the lips,'. — An inflamed node in the left concha, just at the entrance 
of the meatus, which at last becomes covered with a scab and is painful to 
touch, for several days,^. — Several large pimples, painful to pressure, on 
the neck beneath the chin (after twelve hours),'. — Boil, painful to touch, 
on the left ear (after one hour),". — Large blisters on the right forearm,'. — 
Subjective, Creeping in the skin, always in a small spot, often lasting a 
minute, in different parts of the body, at any time of day, after which 
the spot becomes red and hot, followed by biting itching, as from a 
flea (without stinging), followed by development of urticaria-like blisters, 
not relieved by scratching, but rather seeming to last longer after 
sci-atching (after two hours),'. — Constant violent burning on the chin 
beneath the right corner of the mouth, as if an eruption would appear; 
aggravated when the skin is made tense (after six hours),^ — A burning 
itching which provokes scratching, especially on the back at night ; he 
only slumbers, and constantly tosses about, with thirstless heat over the 
whole body, especially towards morning,'. Here and there over the whole 
body, persistent itching stitches, as from a very fine needle, which provoked 
rubbing, but was not relieved thereby,". — Constant prickling itching in the 
left axilla, while sitting (after five hours),^ — [370.] A constant prickling 
itching provoking scratching in the hollows of the knees, while walking 
(after five hours),^ — Tickling itching of the left thigh, close to the groin, 
obliging him to rub it (after two hours and a half),'. — Biting itching on 
the chest, especially when feeling cold, on the pit of the stomach, on the 
back, lower portion of the upper arms, at other times only on the feet; on 
rubbing, the spots became red, and for a short time the biting is aggra- 


vated ; then blisters formed, but soon disappeared,'. — If she scratches the 
itching spot, the itching occurs in many other parts,\ — Itching over the 
whole body, as on the outbreak of perspiration, which provokes rubbing, 
and constantly recurs, in the morning on waking (after forty-eight hours),'. 
— Itching on the left cheek (after half an hour),^ — Itching on the ball of 
the left thumb, not relieved by rubbing (after three-quarteis of an hour),'. 
— Voluptuous itching on the backs of the toes of the right foot, provoking 
scratching, in the morning on waking (after twenty-four hours),'. 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. Sleepiness ivith yawning, without inactivity, in 
the afternoon {after eight, and thirty-three hours),'. — Sleeplessness. 
At night almost wholly sleepless, with frightful dreams of death and mur- 
der (sixth night\^ — [380.] Sleepless till midnight,'.— Frequent waking, 
as from fright, at night,'. — Verysiiort sleep, with many dreams, four nights 
in succession ; he woke about midnight, but could not fall asleep again on 
account of uneasiness, since, till morning, he only needed to close his eyes 
to be wide awake ; the most vivid images passed before him ; at one time 
it seemed as if a battery were discharged ; at another, everything was en- 
veloped in flames; at another, scientific subjects crowded upon his mind; 
in short, numerous subjects were mingled in his fancy, which immediately 
disappeared on opening his eyes, but returned enclosing them,^-^He could 
not sleep ; as soon as he feel asleej) he was full of reveries and fancies, his 
forehead seemed thick and sore to touch, a pressive pain over the eye, 
aggravated by stooping, as if everything would press out at the forehead ; 
he seemed chilly and cold in the back ; this lasted with chilliness, for 
twenty-four hours,'. — Towards morning, starting out of sleep from a shock 
experienced in the direction from the trachea upwards, as if she would be 
suffocated, passing off on sitting up in bed (first night),"". — Attacks; start- 
ing out of sleep from a sudden lacing together in the larynx, as if she would 
be smothered, so that she must sit up quickly and hawk strongly and 
hastily, after which the attack goes off, at 10.30 p.m. (second uight),'^^ — 
A little after 5 a.m., starting out of sleep from sudden burning compress- 
ing drawing towards the throat, accompanied with anxiety, disappearing 
on sitting up in bed (fourth morning), "^ — Several times she spoke aloud 
during sleep, though not anxious,'. — Dreams. Sleep interrupted by 
dreams,''. — Vexatious and lachrymose anxious dreams,'. — [390.] Fatiguing 
dreams,'. — Sad dreams,'. 

Fever.— Chilliness. Shivering and chilliness over the whole body, 
especially on the back, though he stood by a warm stove, without thirst, 
lasting two hours (after half, and twenty-two hours and a half),^ — Cold 
feeling on scalp of vertex, at 11.15 a.m. (second day),'*. — Coldness, pale- 
ness, and sweat of the face, with heat of the whole body,'. — Violent chilli- 
ness in the back, not relieved by the warmth of the stove (after one hour 
and a half),l — A feeling of coldness on the back, in the region of the last 
ribs (after three-quarters of an hour),'.— Cold hands,'.— Sensation of cold- 
ness in the lower extremities,'. — Heat. Fever; in the morning, first pain 
in the head and abdomen, followed by violent shaking chill, witli cold blue 
hands and some thirst; afterwards, while lying down, a dry burning heat, 
with some thirst and much restless slumbering, for thirty-six hours; 
throughout the night, while awake and moving, nausea and vertigo ; at 
intervals of twelve hours slight perspiratiou, when from time to time the 
heat moderated ; afterwards, tearing and sticking in the left eye and left 
cheek, and eruption on the lips,'.— [400.] *Sei'cral attucks of heat, with 
anxiety, daily ; pain in the precordial region; weeping and inconsolable; 


she longed to die on the spot^. — *Sudden apprehensive warmth over tlie ivliole 
body, with heat and redness of the face and perspiration (after half aa hour),'". 
— Increased warmth of the whole body, with thirst,'. — Violent heat oo the 
forehead, alternating with shivering on the back, without thirst, in the 
afternoon (after ten hours),". — Sensation of burning heat in the forehead, 
without externally perceptible heat, with hard rapid, for half an 
hour (after a quarter of an hour),^ — Violent one-sided heat of the face, 
that was renewed even on thinking of it,'. — Flushing heat of the face and 
in the blood, and nervous excitement,'. — He was feverish in his limbs and 
inclined to stretch (after thirty hours),''. — Sire((t. He lay in perspiration 
all over, in the morning on waking (after twenty-five hours),'. — Cold per- 
spiration on the face, and at the same time increased sensation of warmth 
through the whole body, in the evening while sitting,'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Morning), Outward-pressive sensation 
in throat; after eating, cutting in upper abdomen; in bed, stitches through 
right thigh; on waking, itching; perspiration all over. — (Afternoon), Head- 
ache; pressure in pit of stomach; tearing in tibia; heat in forehead. — 
(Eve7iing), Stickmg in eyes; while eating, pain from left articulation of 
jaw to cheek; in bed, stitches from jaw into ear; outward-pressive sensa- 
tion in throat; thirst for cold water; after eating, cutting in lower abdo- 
men.--— (Night), Cough ; itching on back. — (Bending head backward), Ten- 
sion in cervical muscles. — (Coughing), Pain in chest and bronchi. — (After 
eating), Sticking in throat; difficulty and fulness in abdomen. — (Entering 
warm room from open air). Headache in right half of brain. — (Expiration), 
Stitches in lower abdomen. — (Hawking), Dryness in larynx. — (Deep inspi- 
ration). Pain in left side of chest; stitches in left side of chest. — {Lying 
down). Headache in right parietal bone; jerking in right cervical muscles. 
— (During menses). Drawing in thighs and legs. — (Motion), Stitches in 
forehead and occiput; bristling of hair on vertex; stitches in elbow-joint. — 
(Moving eyes). Sticking pain in left external canthus. — (Moving hand). 
Pain in ball of left thumb. — (Pressure), Strangulated feeling in left side of 
abdomen. — (i§ittm^). Vertigo ; pain in left side of forehead ; contraction 
in left side below stomach ; pain in abdominal rings ; pain in upper abdo- 
men ; griping in abdomen ; pain in left groin ; tearing on sacrum ; stitches 
on heels. — (Staring at a point), Headache and lachrymation. — {Before 
stool). Stitches in anus and rumbling in sJoAomen.— (Stooping), Heaviness 
and fulness in head ; pain in upper abdomen ; stitches in lower abdomen ; 
stiffness of neck ; cracking in nape of neck. — (Swalloiving), Pain in goitre. 
— (Touch), Pressure above thyroid cartilage. — (Turning head), Stiffness of 
neck. — (Walking), Stitches in forehead; heaviness in occiput; pain in 
right groin ; drawing stitches beneath second left rib ; pain in small of 
back ; stitches in upper part of thigh ; pain in tendon of right popliteus ; 
stitches in right calf; crawling in sole of foot; pain in left heel. — (Walk- 
ing in open air). Pain in left ear. 

AmeliOV'dtion. — (Emission of flatus), Griping in abdomen. — (Resting 
in a horizontal position^. Feels best. — (Rising from sitting), V&in in left side 
of forehead. — (Touch), Pain in left of external canthus. 

118 SQUILL A. 


Urginea maritiraa, Baker. (Scilla maritiraa, Linn.) 

Natural order, Liliacese. 

Common names, Squills; (G.), Meerzwiebel ; (F.), Ognon marin. 

Preparation, Tincture of the bulbs. 

Authorities. (Nos. 1 to 23 from Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 3, 265.) 1, 
Hahnemann; 2, Becher ; 3, Hartmann ; 4, Hornburg; 5, Mossdorf ; 6, 
Stapf; 7, Teuthorn; 8, Walther; 9, Wislicenus ; 10, Bergius, Mat. Med., 
p. 278 (observation, Hughes) ; 11, Caspari, Diss, de Scilla, p. 11 (observa- 
tion, Hughes) ; 12, Cohausen, Commerc. Lit. Norimb., vol. xii, p. 399 (ob- 
servations on patients, Hughes); 13, Crantz, Mat. Med., ii, p. 83 (observa- 
tions, Hughes) ; 14, Home, Clinical Exper., p. 394 (observations, Hughes) ; 
15, Lange, Med. Dom., Brunsvic, p. 176 (effects of a spoonful of powdered 
Squills) ; 16, Ludwig, Adversaria Med., vol. ii, p. 713 (observation, Hughes); 
17, Muzell, Wahrnehm., ii, p. 34 (observation, Hughes); 18, Schulze et 
Schrwter, Diss. Asthma, rad. Scilliu usu sublatum, Hala?., 173.5 (observation 
on a case of anasar-ca, Hughes) ; 19, Tissot, Epist. Med., pract. edit.. Bald, 
p. 207 (statements, Hughes) ; 20, Valentine, Hist. Simpl. Reform, lib. ii, 
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Hughes); 24, Voigtl (Arzneimittell.), from Wibmer, effects of exhalations 
of fresh Squills; 25, Prof. A. T. Thomson, Lancet, 1836-7 (2), p. 851, 
alarming symptoms caused by the ordinary medicinal dose of the tincture 
or by the powder of the dried Squills; 26, Dr. Wolfering, Med. Corr. Blatt. 
Bayerischn. Aerzte, No. 5, 1842 (Loud, and Edinb. Mouth. Journ. of Med. 
Sci., 1843, p. 79), a laborer, tet. fifty-eight years, digested some Squills cut 
in small pieces in 280 grams of white wine, and took over half of the mix- 
ture, death on the second day ; 27, Austrian Soc. AUop. Physicians, Zeit. 
Gesel. de Aerz. zu Wien, 1847, proving of the extract, beginning with \ 
grain and increasing to 19 grains; 28, William A. Hammond, M.D., Am. 
Journ. Med. Sci., 1859 (1), p. 275, 2 grains of the dried bulb three times 
in twenty-four hours; 29, Dr. Pieper, All. Cent. Zeit., 1865 (Monatblatt, 
vol. xiv, p. 4C), a young man took at first 3 grains four times a day ; 29a, 
same, subsequently took doses of J to 1 scruple; 30, Berridge, New York 

Journ. of Hom., vol. ii, 1874, p. 311, Miss took a dose of 1" (Jeni- 

cheu ). 

Jlind. — Lively, joyous mood,'.f — Courage, firmness,\ — Anxiety," '''. — 
Anxious mood ; fear of death,". — Great anxiety ,^l — Ill-humored at every 
work ; he was cool to people and did not answer,^ — Great ill-humor,'^'. — 
Fretful and averse to mental work,". — Whining,'".]; — [10.] Vexed about 
trifles,'. — Indolence, with aversion to all kinds of mental work, in the 
morning,*. — Disinclined to think and write,^ — Disinclination to think and 
depression (after one hour),". 

Uead. — Confusion and Vcrtkfo. Confused feeling and heavi- 
ness in the head, with quiet sleep without dreams, in the morning (alter 
seventy-two hours),^ — Vertigo, as if he would fall sideways, in the morn- 
ing on rising from bed (after forty -eight hours),'. — Vertigo, with nausea, 

f Probiibly curative action. — IIahxemann. 
j On account of pain of S. 124. — Hughes. 

SQUILL A. 119 

as if lie had been turniug in a circle a long time,*. — Glovdy clizzinessiii the 
head (after two minutes)/. — General Head. Heavinet^s in the whole 
upper part of the head, in the morning after waking,^. — Unusual heaviness 
in the whole head, as if he could not hold it still, only while sittiiifr.l — 
[20,] Weak and dreamy in the head (after six to twelve hours),'. — Flat- 
tening pressure over the whole head, as from a weight (after twelve hours), ^ 
— (Pressive-tearing headache, which does not prevent mental work), (after 
twelve hours),'. — Dull tingling headache, in the morning after rising,^ — 
Swashing in the head on shaking it,'. — FofeJiead. Pressivedrawing 
pain in the forehead,'. — Pressive pain in a small spot in the left frontal 
eminence,'. — Burrowing headache in the forehead,". — A painful piercing 
thrust in the left frontal eminence (after one hour),'. — Drawing stitch from 
the forehead into the right ear,'. — [30.] Some painful stitches in the fore- 
head, from the left to the right side, associated with drawing,'. — Some slow 
ditches extending into the right side of the forehead^. — Stitches in the right 
frontal eminence, extending down to the nose,'. — Dulness in the sinciput 
and occiput, as after intoxication, with pressure anteriorly and posteriorly 
in the head,'. — Temple. Contractive pain in both temples,^. — Violent draw- 
ing stitches in the right temple; they seem to constrict. half of the brain,'. 
— Drawing ending in a stitch in the right temple (after half an hour),'. — ■ 
Stitch in the right temple, extending to the forehead,'. — Vertex and, 
Parietals. Painful sensitiveness in the top of the head,". — Painful sen- 
sitiveness on the top of the head and stupefaction within the head, every 
morning,". — [40.] Pinching headache in the sides of the head (after half 
an hour),'. — Occiput, Transient pressure in the occiput,^ — Sudden tran- 
sient drawing pain in the occiput, from the left side to the right,^. — Drawing, 
sticking, long-continued pain in the occiput while sitting,'. — Tearing pain 
in the occiput,'. 

JEye. — The left eye is visibly smaller than the right ; the left upper 
lid seems swollen and hangs down perceptibly and makes the eye smaller,^ 
^Staring look,'. — The eyes seem swimming in cold water, for several min- 
utes,". — Violent tearing in both eyes, at the same time also behind the eye- 
balls,^. — Contractive sensation in the right eye,'. — [50.] Itching of the left 
eye (after twenty-four hours),'. — Lids. Tickling in the left external can- 
thus,'. — A swarm of fine stitches in the left external cauthus,^ — Fine burn- 
ing in the external canthi,*. — Lachrymation. Lachryraation and 
sneezing,". — Pupil, Dilatation of the pupils,^". — Great dilatation of the 
pupils (after two minutes),' ^ — Contraction of the pupils (after five hours),' ; 
(after half an hour),^- (after one hour),'.' — Great contraction of the pupils 

Ear, — Tearing pain behind the left ear,^. — [60.] (Tearing pains within 
both ears),'. 

Nose. — Violent constant sneezing and fluent eo?'2/2a (immediately),^'. — 
(She sneezes a few times, at night),'. — * Attach of violent fluent coryza,in the 
morning (after six days),". — *Very violent coryza; the eyes have a dim weak 
look, and are full of loater, in the forenoon (after seven days),". — Coryza, with 
ulcerated jiosMYs,'.— Biting coryza, with frequent sneezing (after forty-eight 
hours),^. — * Acrid mucus in the wose,'. — (Discharge of mucus from the nose),'. 
— Dry coryza,'. — [70.] ^Sensation of soreness on the margins of the nostrils,^. 

IPace. — The expression of the face varies, at one time very much sunken, 
at another lively, without heat or chilliness,^ — Features drawn, tense, with 
large, eyes and dilated pupils, staring looks, and redness of the cheeks, 
without thirst,'. — Face red and burning (after twenty-four hours),™. 


Jlouth.— Tongue. Vesicles on the tovgue,\— General Mouth. 
Roughness and scraping far back in the upper part of the palate,".— Burn- 
ing on the palate and in the throat,*.— Scraping burning lu the palate, 
similar to heartburn (after five and six days),'.— Stitches extending upward 
in both upper canine teeth, as if a sharp cold air penetrated the teeth, 
when eating and drinking either cold or warm things,\— Mouth seems 
sticky and slimy.^-^Srt/^wa. [80.] Increased secretion of saliva (imme- 
diately),'".— Ta.sfe. An unpleasant taste, with a whitish-yellow tongue 
(fifth day),''.— Bitter taste,''.— (Everything tastes sour and bitter),'.— 
Burnt taste in the mouth, even while chewing food, which remained after 
eating, and was noticed only while swallowing food,'.— Disgusting sweetish 
taste of all food, especially meat and broth (after forty-eight hours),'.— 
Taste is diminished and seems blunted,'.— Tastelessness, when smoking to- 
bacco,*. • 7 I J 7 

Throat. — In ten minutes it produced irritation in throat, with heat ana 
ticlding, causing constant coughing, Jor one hour and a half i^".—* Slight irri- 
tation to cough, in the pit of the throat, in the upper part of the trachea; he 
hawks a few times (after one hour),".— [90.] Pain in the submaxillary 
glands (after three hours),'. 

Stomach.~Axn>eHte and Thirst. Ravenous hunger (after a 
few hours),'. — Insatiability, while eating what tastes good ; the stomach 
seems full and yet he is hungry,'.— Diminished appetite,".— Weak appe- 
tite,'.— Prostrates the appetite,"'.t— Loss of appetite,".— Loss of appetite, 
partly on account of sensation of fulness, partly because the food has a burnt 
taste, partly because some food has no taste, for example, broth and meat, 
also on account of a disgusting sweetish taste, as bread and butter,'. — Com- 
plete loss of appetite,".!- Completeloss of appetite, could eat nothing, and 
yet taste was unimpaired,'.— [100.] Increased thirst,".— Thirst, with chilli- 
ness, in the evening, without internal or external heat,'. — JEructatious. 
Frequent eructations,". — Frequent eructations of a sour taste rising into 
the mouth,'. — Eructations tasting of the food and qualmishness, after din- 
ner,'. — Eructations of a disgusting taste,". — Short eructations,". — Tasteless 
and odorless eructations,". — Empty eructations,' ". — Empty eructations, for 
several hours (after one hoar), \— Nausea and Vomiting. [HO.] 
Nausea, with eructations,^ — Excessive nawsea," " " '". — Nausea, in the back 
of the throat, almost constant accumulation of saliva in the jnouth (after forty- 
eight hours),'. — Constant alternations between qualmishness in the pit of 
the stomach, and symptoms of diarrhoea in the lower abdomen ; when one 
is present the other is absent, though there are more indications of diar- 
rhoea,". — Nausea and inclination to vomit,". — Retching,'*'. — Excessive 
eflx)rts to vomit," ". — Inclination to vomit, in the epigastric region,*. — 
Vomiting,"". — StomavJt. It spoils the power of digestion,'". — [120.] 
Enervates forces of the stomach,".§ — Pressure in the stomach,". — Pressure 
as from a stone, in the stomach, '*.|| — Intermittent pressure in the stomach 
(after half an hour),'. — Excessive pain in the stomach,'^ — Cardialgia,''.^! — 
Painful pinching in the pit of the stomach below the chest,*. — Fine stitches 
in the left side of the pit of the stomach (after thirtyitwo hours),'. — Sen- 
sation of warmth in the stomach,". — Discomfort in the stomach,". — [130.] 
Symptoms of a moderate gastric and intestinal catarrh,". 

Abdomen. — Umhilicas and Sides. Griping in the umbilical 

f Eevised bj' Huijhes. J Not found. — Hughes. § Eevised by Hughes. 

II Not found. — Hughes, f Original revised by Hughes. 


region,". — Pain in the side of the abdomen, as if the intestines were forc- 
ing through, when coughing and walking,'. — Pressive stinging p;iin in the 
abdominal muscles of the left side (after twenty-four hours),'. — Bubbling 
sensation in the muscles of the right side of the abdomen,'. — Gi'iH'Vd.l 
Abdomen. Abdomen distended,". — Flatulence,". — Profuse emission of 
very offensive flatus (after one hour),'. — Incessant emission of noisy, very 
offensive flatus, which only momentarily relieved the abdomen,". — Loud 
flatus always passed immediately on touching the abdomen, even fre- 
quently,". — [140.] Frequent emissions of flatus (after twenty-four hours),". 
— Short abrupt emission of flatus,". — Painful rumbling and gurgling in the 
abdomen,*. — Enteritis,^". — Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen as if one 
were hungry,'. — Abdomen so tender that the slightest covering could not 
be borne (after twenty-four hours),^". — Acute painfulness in the abdomen, 
which was greatly distended through soft,". — Pains in the abdomen, '■'I — 
Griping in the abdomen,*.— Griping and rumbling in the abdomen, as from 
flatus which passed (after fourteen hours),^ — [150.] Griping and rumbling 
from gas in the abdomen,". — Colic, ^''°. — Violent colic,''^ '■'". — Tension in the 
abdomen, which, however, feels soft,". — Tension in the abdomen,". — Draw- 
ing pain in the abdomen, worse when walking, and not relieved by pressure 
(after twenty-eight hours),l — Tearing through the abdomen below the 
umbilicus (after four hours),'. — Increased warmth in the abdomen,". — ■ 
Hypoffastfiu in and Iliac Ref/ioii. Incarceration of flatus and 
cutting in the lower abdomen, without emission of flatus,'-. — Rumbling and 
gurgling by paroxysms, in the lower abdomen above the pubic region, as 
from flatus, which, however, does not pass (more frequently while walking 
and standing than while sitting), after eating it suddenly and permanently 
disappears,". — [160.] Griping in the lower abdomen, renewed the next 
day at the same hour, relieved and removed by the emission of flatus,'. — 
Acute pain in the lower abdomen, between the navel and pubic region (as 
from flatus or as after a purge, or as if diarrhcea would come on), (after 
two hours),". — Cutting griping in the lower abdomen,'. 

Anus. — Stitches in the anus, when walking (after eight days),'. — Itch- 
ing in the anus.'. 

Stool. — DiarrJioea. Diarrhoea,^" "''\— Diarrhoea from 2 to 7 a.m., 
at last very watery, almost without flatulence,". — Diarrhcea of large, brown, 
very thin, slimy, very offensive faeces, without pain or tenesmus, preceded 
by emission of flatus, and mingled with threadworms and many white un- 
formed fibres,". — Stool soft, almost liquid, smelling strongly of sulphuretted 
hydrogen, accompanied by pain in the small of the back and tenesmus, 
followed by relief of the griping in the abdomen,". — Frequent soft stools, 
with burning in the anus (from larger doses),". — [170.] Stool soft,^'. — 
Pasty stool, without colic, I — Stool colored with blood,'". — Stool sluggish 
(from very large doses),". — Stool diminished at first (from small doses),". — - 
Very hard stool, daily,'. — Hard scanty stool, in the evening (after twelve 
hours), ^ — Constipation. Constipation, for several days,". — Constipa- 
tion, after the proving,". 

Urinary Orf/a US. — Urethra. Sticking in the orifice of the urethra 
and somewhat farther back (after two hours and a quarter),'. — [180.] Stick- 
ing pain in the urethra, while pressing at stool (after eight days),'. — 3Jic- 
tnrition and Urine. After urinating, desire to urinate again, though 
there is no urine to pass, lasting three days (after five hours),'. — * Violent urg- 
ing to urinate; hepassed anunusual amount of urine that looked like water {aitei 


seven hours),^ — * Great desire to urinate fafter a quarter of an hour),'.t — 
Great desire to urinate and for stool ; on first urinating, a thin stool with- 
out colic (after ten minutes); on the second desire to urinate, there fol- 
lowed a tiiin stool without colic,'. — Great desire to urinate, with very little 
urine (after forty hours),^ — Constant and ineffectual desire to urinate 
(after a quarter of an hour),". — Infrequent desire to urinate and scanty 
secretion of urine (after twenty hours),^ — Woke at night to urinate (after 
eighteen hours),'. — Frequent evacuation of urine, as clear as water; there 
was a sudden desire to urinate (after one hour),^ — [190.] * Unable to retain 
the urine because the amount is too large; it is passed involuntarily if he 
does not hasten, lasting twelve hours (after a quarter of an hour),l — *Jn- 
creofied secretion of urine (in one prover from large doses); as the stools be- 
came liquid, the quantity of urine diminished,". — Frequent micturition, 
without increase of urine, during the first hour,\J — Micturition more sel- 
dom than usual, and the secretion more scanty, but the urine not dark 
(after twenty-four hours),'. — Urine more scanty than usual (after forty- 
eight hours),". — Scanty evacuation of watery urine (after half an hour),*. 
■ — Micturition not more frequent, but urine more scanty than usual, for 
three days,'. — During the first three days the amount of urine was not 
increased, but on the fourth day it was increased by 200 grams, this, how- 
ever, is not to be ascribed with certainty to the Squills, because the prover 
had taken at least 400 grams more water than usual during the day ; on 
the fifth day, when the usual amount of water was taken, the urine fell to 
the normal quantity,.^' — The average daily quantity of urine, was 1358 

■\ The prover was usually in the habit of urinating moderately only twice a day. — 

X The primary action of Squills upon the urinary organs is, at first great desire 
to urinate, s. 122, with profuse emission of urine, 190, especially of urine clear as 
water, 182, 189, at least watery urine even if not profuse, \'.}'i. Several hours after 
the cessation of the first and positive action of Squills, there follows a secondary 
action (reaction) as the opposite of the primary action, namely, slight inclination 
to urinate, scanty discharge, and seldom micturition, 196, 187, 194. Sometimes of 
the usual color, 193, but frequently of a dark color, 199, 200, and also with great 
urging to urinate, though only a little, 185, or even no micturition' at all.'lSl. 
Now, as all this was not Unown, not investigated, and not even the methods of re- 
search recognized, so there were very few cures of dropsical diseases by Squills, 
through the several thousand years in which it was employed (for an unknown pe- 
riod previijus to the times of the Greeks, Squills was considered by the Egyptians 
the only remedy for this disease); most of the patients of this sort were all the 
more quickly and surely hurried into the grave by means of this drug. It was 
always the cause of great rejoicing at first, i^hat so much urine was expelled, and a 
consequent cure was eagerly looked for ; but it was not known that this was a pri- 
mary action of Squills, and that in this case only the opposite of the previous dis- 
eased condition, and consequently only a palliative, and it was seen with astonish- 
ment, that in spite of increasing the doses there was nothing more than this reac- 
tion, namely, darker and constantly more scanty and even more and more seldom 
micturition. Only a few of the diseases attended with swelling (these are very 
numerous, and the swelling is only asinglesymptom, hence the namedropsy, which 
is applied to all of them, as if they were only a single disease, always the same, an 
unpardonable falsity in pathology), only a few of these i*ropsical diseases, whose 
symptoms have a general similarity to the positive symptoms of Squills, but whose 
urinary symptoms especially coincide closely with the primary svinptoms of Squills 
(these are seldom), can be really and permanently cured by Squills. Much more 
frequently will forms of diuresis (diabetes) occur in which tiiis drug, increasing the 
secretion of urinous its primary action, and also corresponding homceopathicaily to 
the other symptoms of the disease, will be found a specific and curative remedv.— 


cubic centimeters ; specific gravity 1023, and the total solids, G9.35 grams ; 
of this amount 27.22 were inorganic, and 42.13 organic matter (lor three 
days before experiment). Urine passed, 1572 cubic centimeters ; sjjecific 
gravity, 1020 ; total solid matter, 60.67 grams ; 31.07 of this amount being 
inorganic, and 29.60 organic constituents ; the urine was of feeble acid 
action (first day) ; quantity 1493.5 cubic centimeters, specific gravity 1020, 
total solids 58.22 grams, inorganic matter 30.15, organic 28.07 grams ; re- 
action same as yesterday (second day) ; quantity 15;J5 cubic centimeters, 
specific gravity 1019, total amount of solids 61.58 grams, inorganic matter 
30.58, organic 31.00 grams ; reaction, color, etc., were unchanged (third 
day),*'. — Reddish urine, normal in amount, with reddish sediment for three 
days, with very little desire to urinate (after twenty hours),l — [200.] 
Urine brownish-yellow, transparent, scanty, and after standing, forming 
clouds (first eight hours),'.t— Urine bloody,'"'"'.— (Urine hot and stool 
with undigested portions and very offensive),'. — The experiments show that 
Squills in small medicinal doses has no diuretic action, increasing neither 
the amount of water nor of the solid constituents of the urine,''\ 

Sexual Ot'f/aiis. — Dull stitches in the glans penis, causing anxiety,'. 
— Compressive pain in the testicles,'. — Hemorrhage from the uterus,".J 

Iles2)iratory Orgaiis. — Internal tickling in the region of the thy- 
roid cartilage, that provokes coughing, by which, however, the tickling is 
aggravated,'. — * Frequent irritation to a short dry cough, in four or five shocks, 
caused by tichling beneath the thyroid cartilage,^. — Rattling precedes the 
cough and disappears after the cough,'. — CoiifjJi and JExpectora- 
tiO'il. [210.] Cough even to retching,'. — Violent dry cough, that causes 
shattering pain in the abdomen and dryness in the throat,'. — *A violent 
sudden cough, in the morning, with stitches in the side on every cough 
with expectoration (after six days) ; the day previous, there was scarcely 
a trace of the cough,". — *Cough, in the morning, with profuse slimy ex- 
pectoration (after seven days),l — Cough, with diminished expectoration 
(after nine days) ; on every paroxysm of cough, painful pressure from 
within outward, in the thorax, and painful contraction of the abdominal 
muscles,". — *Cough at first accompanied by expectoration, '.§ — *Constant 
expectoration of mucus (after two hours),'. — Respiration. Heavy 
slow inspiration and expiration, ^ — * Difficult or embarrassed respiration^'". — 
^Frequently obliged to take a deep breath, which provokes cough,^. — [220.] 
*Dyspncea and stitches in the chest, which are most distressing on in- 
spiration,'. — Dyspnoea, with frequent rapid respiration and anxiety, as 
long as the dyspnoea lasts,l 

C'hest. — Peripneumonia, ^^.|| — * Oppression across the chest as if it were 

f It seemed to be a kind of curative action, since the prover previously had too 
profuse a secretion and too frequent evacuation of urine. — Hahnemann. 

:|; Not found. — HuGHKs. 

j The result of all my observations is that Squills excites mucous secretion in 
the trachea and bronchi ; the mucus is thin and easily expectorated by coughing, 
but only as its primary action, see ss. 21.5, 216, 209, 213, 212. Hence it happens 
that the administration'of so-called expectorants is only palliative, that is, the con- 
tinued use of them must inevitably increase the trouble if the filling up of the chest 
by tenacious firm mucus is the chronic trouble, for after the first eflect, loosening 
the chest, a reaction fcillows and makes the mucus constantly more tenacious and 
the cough drier. See ss. 207, 208, 211, 214. Kather would this drug prove cura- 
tive in excessive secretion of mucus in the chest, as recommended by Weickard. — 

II Original revised by Hughes. If the observations of physicians for several cen- 


too tight^. — -^Drawing pain in the chest (after eight to twelve hours),'. — 
*Sharp stitches in the scapular end of the clavicle during inqnration and ex- 
piration,^. — Fr'Ont ftll<l Sides. *Severe stitches near the sternuvi, extend- 
ing downward, so that he could with great difficulty get his breath,*. — Stitches 
in the middle of the ensiform cartilage, almost like a constant stitch,'. — 
Pressure (tension?) in both sides, extending from the axilla to the lower 
portion of the abdomen, worse on expanding the thorax, during inspira- 
tion (after two hours),". — (Pressive and, on stooping, throbbing pain in the 
right side of the chest below the arm ; when touched it was painful, as if 
the flesh were loosened),'. — [230.] *Recurrent stitch in the side,*. — *Com- 
p)ressive pain in the right side of the chest, eliding in a stitch,^. — * Broad pres- 
sive stitches beneath the last ribs of both sides, lasting two days,^. — *0n inspi- 
ration, jerking stitches in the right and left sides of the chest not far 
from the sternum (after twenty-four hours),'. — *Stitches in the left and 
right true ribs, at the same time,^ — (A kind of pleurisy),". f — '■^Drawing 
stitch from the last trne rib to the shoulder (after forty-six hours),'. — *Broad 
blunt stitches in the last ribs of the left side, in the morning in bed, that 
ivoke him,^. — *A contracting stitch in the left side, just beneath the last ribs, 
caused by rapid walking.'. — *Stitches in the left side (after a quarter of 
an hour),*. 

Weai't and Pulse. — [240.1 Palpitation of the heart,^^ — Pulse very 
small, hard, like a tense cord,". — Pulse small and contracted (after twenty- 
four hours),'^ — Pulse falls to 40, while vomiting,'*. — Pulse variable, acceler- 
ated in one, retarded in another, normal in a third,'". 

Week find JBacJ*. — Stiffness in the nape of the neck (after twelve 
hours),'. — Stiffness of the left cervical muscles,*. — Drawing and pinching 
in the cervical muscles, even when not moved,*. — Rheumatic pain in the 
cervical muscles on the sides of the neck,'. — ^Painful jerking above the left 
scapula (after eight days),". — [250.] * Painless drawing on the left ■scapula,''.— 
Bubbling sensation beneath the scapulae, in the back and left upper arm,'. 

Extreniities. — Trembling and weakness of the extremities,". — Vio- 
lent pains in the limbs,''^J — Frequent falling asleep of the hands when 
resting the head upon them, and in the lower limbs when crossing the legs, 
during the day,''. 

turies are examined, it is found from time to time, that tTie best of tliem, relyin» 
upon the empirical basis of experience, have used Squills with brilliant results for 
inflammation of the thoracic organs, with stitches in the side, althou(;h the great 
acridity of the drug on the tongue and internally, in large doses, was perfectly well 
known to them. It could not happen otherwise than that they should be very suc- 
cessful with it (as indeed they were), in view of the many homoeopathic primary ac- 
tions of the drug upon the chests of healthy people ; compare ss. 212,220 222,225, 
226, 227, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 237, 238, 239. They were far more successful 
than the regular school now in fashion, which, from theoretical grounds, employs a 
so-called antiphlogistic and unmerciful bloodletting, and are exceedingly unsuccess- 
ful. They would have been more successful in curing pleurisy, if the cases had been 
compared with the symptoms of Squills, now so well known, and if it had beene.xhih- 
ited homoeopaihically, all extraneous influences had been removed from the patient, 
and the drug had not been mixed with any other, and had been given not only singly 
but in a sufficiently small dose. I have found in most cases scarcely a quiutillionth, 
often only a sextillionth part of a grain, and even less (only a very'small portion of 
a drop of the solution), most serviceable. — Hahxemasn. 

f Prom Squills mixed with Vincetoxicum ; the patient had first muscular rheu- 
matism of left arm and neck, and then on the same side a " pleuritis spuria exquisi- 
tissima," She died soon after. — Hughes. 

J In a sensitive nervous woman. — Hughes. 


Super lot^ Extreillities. — Stretching of the upper limhs, wilh yaivu- 
ing, without sleepiness (after one hour and a half),'. — Convulsive twitching 
of the left arm (while standing)/. — Al'in. Painless jerking and ])iilsution 
in the muscles of the upper arm,*. — Wrist and Maud. Jerking pain 
transversely through the wrists,'. — A stitchlike drawing from the left wrist 
to the fingers,'. — [260.] At times pain like a needle-stitch in the middle of 
the left metacarpus,'. — Acute stitches in the joints of both hands, even when 
not moving them (after three days),". 

Inferior Extremities. — Weakness, especially of the thighs and 
region of the hips, in the morning after waking and rising, I — Bubbling, 
extending in a streak down from the upper part of the thigh to the toes,^ 
—Thitjll, Convulsive jerking of the thigh and leg, while sitting (after 
twenty-four hours),'. — Soreness between the limbs,'. — Weariness iu the 
thighs,'. — Uneasiness in the thighs and legs; is obliged to move them with- 
out intermission, in order to obtain relief (after two hours and a half ),^ — 
Drawing pain in the muscles of both thighs (after seven hours), I — Inter- 
mittent drawing pain iu the thighs, while sitting and walking,'''. — [270.] 
Bruised sensation in the thighs,'. — Stitches, as with needles, on both thighs,*. 
— Knee. Constrictive pain in the hollow of the left knee, that obliged 
him to bend up the knee, while standing,'. — Leg. Drawing pain iu the 
leg,'. — Foot. JBurning pain in the ball of the right foot, as after freezing 

Generalities. — Convulsions,'^ '".f — Spasmodic movements,^lJ — 
*Weakness of the whole body very noticeable on walking a long distance^. 
— Nervous weakness causes frequent twitching,'^ — Weakness and sleepiness 
after dinner,'. — [280.] ^Weariness (after six hours),'. — Is more exhausted 
by a sleepless night than by diarrhoea ; his head is confused, and yet he is 
cheerful and good-humored,". — General discomfort,^'. — Constant, dull rheu- 
matic pain over the whole body, relieved during rest, aggravated during 
motion (after six to twenty-four hours),'. — Sensation of heaviness of the 
whole body, as from weakness (after eight to twelve hours),'. — Pains over 
the whole body,'^ — Sticking now in one, now in another part of the body,'. 

Skin. — Objective. Cold gangrene,''''.§ — Excites scirrhus,'".!!^— Ulcer- 
ations, accompanied by fever and inflammation, may be expected from 
Squills,".Tf — [290.] In one case, which terminated fatally, an eruption, not 
unlike that of purpura hremorrhagica, appeared, attended with a consider- 
able degree of collapse ; such instances, however, are rare,'^°. — Small red 
spots on the hands, feet, chest, and over the whole body, which became itch- 
like pustules, on the hands, between the fingers, on the feet, and over the 
whole abdomen, with burning itching after some days,".tf — Eruption above 
the middle of the upper lip, moist, and biting like an ulcer, with sticking 
itching,'. — Eruption of very red pimples tipped with pus on the back, with 
a sticking itching, and after scratching, a burning-sticking itching ; the 
next day each one was covered with a small crust,'. — Pimples on the neck 
that increase daily until the seventh day, and are only painful on rubbing 
(after four days),". — The ski'n of the neck is painfully sensitive to the 

f Tissot says " in nervous subjects." — Hughes. 
X " Omit Zwelfer." — Hughes. 

I Not found, unless it represents the " %'isoerum lethales inflammatioues," as al- 
ready seen in s. 143. — Hughes. 

II By scirrhi, any hard swellings are meant. — Huqhks. 

Tf Revised by Hughes. ft Revised by Hughes. 


slightest rubbing of the neck-band, with red, almost denuded spots (after 
twenty -four hours),'. — A spot as large as half a dollar between the scapulae, 
consisting of thick, not confluent pimples, with tickling (crawling) Itching, 
as from a flea, which, after scratching, changed to a burning-stiekinc; itch- 
ing, but some time after became a crawling itching,". — (Handling the fresh 
Squills caused blisters upon the hands),''". — Subjective. Burning and 
itching in the skin,^'.t — Painful sensitiveness of the skin across the back 
from one hip to the other (after six days),'. — [300.] Slow needlelike stitches 
in the skin, extending from the shoulder to the middle of the upper arm,'. 
— Biting itching on the forehead and chin, as if an eruption would break 
out, disappearing while scratching, and returning immediately after,^ — 
Sticking itching on the neck and jaws, as from a flea, that is only mo- 
mentarily relieved by scratching, and immediately afterwards returns,^ — 
Crawling itching on the chest below the right arm, relieved for only a short 
time by scratching,^ 

Sleex>' — S/eejHness. Frequent yawning, without sleepiness (after 
two hours),l — Sleepy some hours, too early in the evening,'. — Sleepless- 
ness, Sleeplessness, without apparent reason,^. — Restless sleep,^. — Tossing 
about in bed,*. — Frequent waking from sleep and tossing about,^ — [310.] 
Woke at 1 A.M., with qualmishness and anxiety, and with difficult respira- 
tion for some time,". — Dreams, Sleep, with voluptuous dreams,'. — Dream 
that his body was excessively swollen, which, on waking, was so vivid that 
he felt himself to see if it were really so,''. 

Fever, — Chilliness, Chilliness over the vvhole body,". — Chilliness, 
shortly followed by heat, over the whole body,*. — Internal chilliness, at 
night, with external heat, without thirst (after six days),". — He feels cool 
and chilly in the back and arms, even while walking in a warm room, not 
wliile sitting,". — Shivering over the whole body, with some coldness of the 
skin (after six hours),'. — Feet and hands almost cold (after twenty-four 
hours),"". — * Icy-cold hands and feet, with ivarmth of the rest of the body (after 
a quarter of an hour),'. — [320.] ""Hands icy cold in- a warm room (after one 
hour and a half),'. — Icy-cold feci, \ — Jieat, Intolerable sensation of heat, 
without ext'^rnally perceptible heat when coughing, talking, or making the 
slightest exertion (after twenty hours),'. — (Dry internal and external heat, 
without thirst for three hours (after half an hour), followed by only in- 
ternal dry heat, without thirst),'. — Heat of the body every afternoon, with- 
out thirst, with cold feet,'. — Sensation of heat over the whole body, without 
thirst or sweat (after two hours),". — Sensation of great heat over the whole 
body, but without external redness, and without thirst (for several hours in 
the afternoon), (after six days),'. — External heat, with internal chilliness, 
in the evening immediately after lying down (after seven days),'. — Heat 
over the whole body, as from hot drinks, with icy-cold feet, without shiver- 
ing, and without thirst or sweat,". — Heat in the head, with cold feet,'. — 
[330.] Heat and redness, especially in the face, on the slightest exertion, 
and on talking (after ten hours),'. — Heat in the fiice rather internal than 
external, without thirst, aggravated by motion of the body, with chilliness 
in the rest of the body on the slightest uncovering,'. — Sweat, Sweat in 
the axilhe,'. — Sweat on the toes,'. 

€i>nditions,—k%gx&V2Xion.— (Morning), Confusion; vertigo; after 
waking, heaviness in the whole head ; after rising, headache ; sensitiveness 
on top of head and stupefaction within head ; coryza ; 2 to 7 a.m., diarrhcea ; 

■j- From handling Squills. — Hughes. 


in bed, stitch in left side; weariness of thighs and hips. — (Afternoon), Heat 
of body. — {Evening), Thirst; heat. — (iVi^/ii), Chilliness. — {Cold or ivarin 
things in mouth), Stitches in canine teeth.' — {Coughing), Pain in sides of 
abdomen ; tickling in thyroid cartilage ; pressure in thorax and abdomen. 
— {Grossing legs), Falliog asleep of lower extremities. — {Slight exertion), 
Sensation of heat. — {Inspiration), Pressure in sides ; stitches in sides. — 
{Motion), Heat of face. — {Pressing at stool). Sticking in urethra. — {Jicst), 
Pairi in whole body. — {Resting head on hands). Falling asleep of hands. — 
(Respiration), Stitches in scapular end of clavicle. — (Shaking head). Swash- 
ing in it. — (Smoking), Tastelessness. — (Standing), Rumbling in abdomen ; 
twitching of left arm ; pain in left knee. — (Stooping), Throbbing pains in 
right side of chest. — ( Walking), Pain in sides of abdomen ; drawing pain 
in abdomen ; rumbling in abdomen ; stitches in anus ; rapid stitch in left 

Amelioration. — (Eating), Rumbling in abdomen. — (Motion), Pain 
in whole body. — (Scratching), Sticking itching on neck and jaws. 


Stachys betonica, Benth. 

Natural order, Labiatfe. 

Common names. Wood betony ; (G.), Ziest. 

Preparation, Tincture of whole plant. 

Authorities. 1, E. W. Berridge, M.D., Month. Horn. Rev., vol. xiii, p. 288, 
Dr. Croker, aged forty-five years, took ^ ounce tincture two or three times 
a day for about three weeks ; 2, same. Dr. Berridge, aged twenty-two, took 
^ ounce tincture in water at 8 a.m., same at 4.20 p.m. (first day), same at 
8.30 A.M. (second day) ; 3, Mr. , aged twenty-two years, took a tea- 
spoonful of the tincture in water at 7.50 a.m. (first day), two teaspoonfuls 

in water at 7.10 a.m. (second day) ; 4, Mrs. , aged thirty years, took 

a teaspoonful of the tincture in water at 7 am. (first day), twice the amount 
(second day) ; 5, same prover took 30 drops in water at 6 p.m. (first and 
second days), same at 4 p.m. (third day), same in evening (fourth and fifth 

Head. — Slight dizziness in the forehead, lasting an hour, and going oflf 
on walking in the open air (after fifteen minutes),^ — Gradually increasing 
dizziness in the forehead, becoming excessive within two hours. On bend- 
ing the head down, or moving it quickly, or trying to read, or on closing the 
eyes, the dizziness increased, amounting to pain. Walking about and bring- 
ing a variety of objects before the eyes relieved the dizziness. On closing 
his eyes everything had an indistinctness in the brain; he could not think, 
felt as if he was falling asleep, and was yet conscious of it ; felt as 
if he should lose his consciousness, so that he feared to keep them closed 
(after ten to fifteen minutes, second day),*. — Within half an hour feeling of 
fulness and tension in the forehead over the eyes, like pressing from behind 
forwards; worse on bending the head down or reading; it came on grad- 
ually, and gradually decreased, lasting about one hour and a half (first 
day),*. — Gradually increasing fulness over and in the eyes, as though they 
would burst, with pain in the eyeballs as if too tense from some pressure 
within ; increased by looking at the (artificial) light, by reading, thinking, 
bending head down, or moving it quickly ; feeling as though the skin about 
the lower part of the forehead was corrugated, and as if the two edges of 


the outer angles of both orbicularis oculi muscles were drawn together 
(after ten to fifteen minutes, second day),*. — Dull aching pain over both 
eyes, increasing for a short time, lasting about forty minutes (after one 
hour, first day),^ — Gradually increasing fulness over the eyes, with dull 
aching pain across the frontal region, lasting one hour, and gradually sub- 
siding (after one hour, second day),*. — Bursting fulness over the eyes, with 
feeling as though the skin was being stretched, from above downwards, for 
one hour (after thirty minutes, third day),\ — Gradually increasing, dull, 
heavy achiug in the frontal region ; worse by looking down or bending 
down ; relieved by walking about in the room ; lasting about an hour and 
a half and then gradually subsiding (after thirty minutes, fourth and fifth 

Eye. — [10.] Eyes had a heav}'' sleepy feeling, for one hour (after thirty 
minutes, third day),^ 

Mf.lf, — Slight aching pain in the left internal ear at intervals during 
the day (second day),'. — Slight earache before breakfast (third day),'. — On rising from bed, sneezing, with slight running from nose, 
for a few minutes; increased nasal mucus without actual running (second 
day),". — Frequent sneezing on going from indoors into the open air (third 
day),*. — Disposition to running from the nose, without actual running. 
This he has had every day since he took the medicine, not influenced by 
being indoors or in the open air. Usually, when he catches cold, it is 
worse in a warm room,*. — (Two or three days after the first proving he 
had severe catarrh, which he now attributes to the drug. It had all dis- 
appeared before the second proving),*. 

Stoni<(cJt. — Frequent eructations tasting of the drug,\— An eructa- 
tion tasting of the drug (after breakfast), (after thirty-seven minutes),'. — 
Immediate warmth in the stomach like that produced by alcohol, for about 
thirty minutes,*. — [20.] Immediate warmth in stomach for ten to fifteen 
minutes (first and second days) ; increasiug to a sharp cutting pain at the 
pit of the stomach (third day) ; lasting fifteen to twenty minutes (fourth 
day); warm in stomach (fifth day),*. — ^XVeight at the stomach, with feeling 
of sickness there, and desire to vomit (after one hour and a half, second 

/atool, — Bowels have not acted for three days (fourth and fifth days),*. 

Uriiuiry Orf/ans. — During the night, woke with desire to urinate, 
which is unusual (second day),', — Urine scantier, and of a higher color 
(first and second days),*. — Urine scanty, high-colored (third and fourth 
days),*. — Urine of a deep color (after two hours, second day),*. — Passed 
some urine of a strong, somewhat ammoniacal odor (after four and a half, 
and seven hours and three-quarters),^ 

Mesplratory Orgaiis.— Towards the end of the proving, and last- 
ing for several weeks after, he had oppression of breathing, as from paral- 
ysis of diaphragm, with a kind of constriction just below the ensiform car- 
tilage. When walking up hill, he was obliged to keep his mouth open, 
and occasionally to take a deep breath, as if to satisfy the lungs, \ 

Superior JEjctremit ies.—Aching in both elbow joints when rest- 
ing the bent arms forward on a rail at lecture, with feeling as though he 
wished to throw down the arms (after seventy minutes),'. 

Inferior Bxtreinitie.s.—\ZQr\ Feeling of tiredness in thighs, when 
walking, which soon passed off (after fifty minutes, second day),l : 

Generalities. — In the evening (indoors) felt tired, especially in the 
legs, as if from much exercise (first day),'.— Felt tired during the morning. 


especially in the legs, as if from a long walk ; better in the afternoon,^ — 
All day felt as if he would catch cold if exposed to the air (second day),^ — 
Great sensitiveness to taking cold (third day),*. 

Fevev. — The first effects were free general diaphoresis during the day, 
especially on exertion, but accompanied with great sense of invigoration 
and capability for bodily exertion. These effects continued all through the 
proving after each dose,'. — Spontaneous free perspirations, at night when 
asleep, so that his night dress was saturated; almost entirely limited to 
head, neck, and chest. When he woke he found himself thus. This con- 
tinued for three or four weeks after the proving was ended, ^ 

Conditions. — Ag'gravation. — {Night), Perspiration. — {Bending head 
down, reading, etc.), Fulness over eyes. 

Amelioration, — {Open air), Fulness over eyes. 


The element, Tin. 

Preparation, Trituration of the pure metal. 

Authorities. (Nos. 1 to 12 from Hahnemann, Chr. Kn.) 1, Hahne- 
mann ; 2, Franz ; 3, Gross; 4, Guttmann ; 5, Hartmann ; 6, Haynel ; 7, 
Herrmann ; 8, Langhammer ; 9, Wislicenus ; 10, Alston, Mat. Med., 1, 
152 (statement of a case reported to him, Hughes); 11, Gusschlseger, in 
Hufel. Journ. (effect of swallowing granulated Tin, Hughes); 12, Meyer, 
Abr. Diss. Cantel. de Anthelmint, Gott., 1782 (observation, Hughes) ; 13, 
Stahl, Mat. Med., cap. vi (not accessible, Hughes) ; 14, Dr. Pitet, Jour, de la 
Soc. Gall., vol. iv, proving of Bichloride of tin (fuming), 3d dil. in watery 
solution, repeated doses, and in progressive order, during ten days in Janu- 
ary and February; 15, a young woman took a few doses of fum.iug Bichlo- 
ride of tin for pruritus of vulva; 16, another woman took a few doses of 
the same; 17, effects on a third woman immediately after dose; 18, G. W. 
Hazeltine, Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., vol. xxxi, 1844, p. 38, T. A. E., set. 
fourteen years, swallowed a draught of Bichloride of tin ; 19, Meinel, 
Deutsche Klin., 1851 (S. J. 74, 167), effects of Muriate of tin and salt; 

20, E. P. Angell, M.D., Ohio Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. ii, 1868, p. 152, a 
family ate a cold chicken-pie baked the previous day in a new tin pan ; 

21, Dr. Angell ate a similar dish, very heartily, as a test; all the other 
members of the family had similar attacks, varying in degree with the 
quantity eaten ; 22, a family ate a custard cooked in a new tin pan the day 

JKindi. — Excited and inclined to storms of anger (fourth day),^ — Vio- 
lent, very transient anger,'. — Remarkably joyful,*. — Talkative; sociable,^ 
— Quiet good humor (after fourteen hoursj,". — Quiet, absorbed in himself, 
with great discomfort of the body,*. — Quiet, absorbed in himself, solicitous 
for the future,^ — Sad, hypochondriac mood,\ — Discontented,\ — [10.] 
Great anxiety and depression a week before the menses, ceasing on the 
appearance of the flow,\ — Indescribable anxiety and despondency for 
several days,'. — Discouraged,'. — Contented with nothing without being 
fretful,'. — Fretfulness disappearing, in the open air, the whole day,^ — 
Quiet fretfiihiess, he answers unwillingly and abruptly; easily vexed, and 
easily gets into a temper,'. — Peevishness and transient sensitiveness (first 
three days),". — Vexatious; nothing goes to suit him,^ — Aversion and dread 
of people,'. — Restless and distracted ; no persistence in work, immediately,'. 


• — [20.] Fruitlessly busy, as if a rush of ideas prevented him from cora- 
pleting his work at a certain time; all sorts of things occur to him to be 
done,". — Indolent and irritable, with heat in the face ; would do every- 
thing, but really does nothing,'. — Is inclined to do no work, and inability 
to think,'. — Dulness of mind, indifference to external objects, indisposition, 
with paleness and darkness about the eyes,*. — Disinclination to talk,'. — 
Want of memory, in the morning on waking,'. 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion and dulness of the 
head, as before coryza, which, however, did not occur, with sneezing,'. — 
Vertigo, as if the brain were whirling around ; all thought vanished, and 
he could not continue to read, and sat as if without his senses,'. — Sudden 
attacks of vertigo, while sitting down,'. — -Vertigo, as if all objects were at 
too great a distance,^ — [30.] Stupefying vertigo, only when walking in 
the open air; he reels as if he would fall,*. — Dizziness in the whole head,\ — ■ 
Dizziness, while sitting, as if he would fall,*. — Dizziness, in the morning, on 
waking from a long sleep, as if he had not slept enough,*. — Genei'ol 
Head, Heaviness and dulness of the head, worse in the evening,'. — 
Heaviness of the head during rest and motion, in the evening, lasting two 
hours (after nine hours),'. — Heaviness and tearings throughout the head 
(twenty-fifth day),'*. — Almost constant heaviness throughout the head, 
sometimes only at the top (thirtieth day),'*. — Painful heaviness through- 
out the whole head, sometimes in the forehead only, or in the temples 
(tenth day),'*. — Now and then, violent heaviness in the head, sometimes 
general, sometimes partial ; sometimes at one point, sometimes at another 
(twelfth day),'*. — [40.] General heaviness throughout the head, especially 
in the occiput (twentieth day),'*. — Feeling of weakness in the head, and 
sleeepiness,'. — Pain and heat in the head, in the morning on waking,'. — ■ 
Headache mostly every morning, with loss of appetite; nausea and fret- 
fulness,'. — The action of raising or bowing the head causes pain in the 
muscles which are involved in these movements (twentieth day),'*. — Pain- 
ful sensation on shaking the head, as if the brain were loose and beat 
against the skull,'.— Boring, pressive, stupefying pain in the left half of 
the brain on the surface,\ — Dizzy pressure through the whole head,'. — 
* Gonstrieiion and sudden pressure in the tvhole upper part of the head, slowly 
increasing and decreasing,'.— Painful pressing in the brain towards the 
vertex and occipital bones, in the evening, also after lying down,^ — [50.] 
Frequent sensation as if screwed inward in the head, "with slow jerks or 
drawing pressure here and there at times,l — Pain, as if the brain were forced 
asunder and were tense,'.— Cramplike pain, as if the head were externally 
constricted by a hixud,\—* Sharp jerking pains in the right anterior lobe 
of the brain above the orbit (twenty-fourth day),'*.— Pressive tearings from 
each side of the brain to the top of the skull (twenty-fifth day),'*.— Sharp 
and deepseated stitches in the lower part of the left anterior lobe of the 
brain (above the arch of the orbit), (tenth day),'*. Tingling in the head; 
noise resounds in \t,\~Fo)'ehead. '^Headache in the frontal region,'"'.— 
*Pain, as from a craMng, in the forehead,\~Fressure in the forehead,'.— 
[60.] Pressure in the forehead ; aggravated by bending backward, relieved 
by pressure,l— Pressive stupefying pain in the brain, just above the eve- 
brows, during rest and motion,^— Pressing outward at the frontal eminence,". 
—Pressure outwai-d at the forehead, with sleepiness, relieved by pressure,". 
—* Dull pressure from within outward, in the for ehead,\— Pressure in the 
middle of the forehead, extending deep into the brain,*.— Pressure in the 


forehead, temples, and vertex, relieved by external pressure,^ — A sudden 
pressive jerk in the left forehead and teraple, so that he cried aloud,l — 
Violent jerks in the forehead, alternating with dull pressure,*. — Drawing 
through the forehead and vertex, with a pressive sensation,". — [70.] Burn- 
ing pain, like fire, in one-half of the forehead, as also in the nose and eyes, 
with external heat in the parts, all alike during rest and motion ; was 
obliged to lie down, with nausea and retching as to vomiting, from morn- 
ing till evening,'. — * Pressive tearing in. the forehead,'. — ■* Pressive tearing in 
the right half of the forehead at intervals, aggravated by stooping,^. — Tearing 
pain, but transient, in the forehead, the top of the head, and the occiput ; 
afterwards shifting, now to one point, then to another, and sometimes affect- 
ing the whole head ; generally more violent in the forehead (twenty-fourth 
day),". — Frequently during the day, cutting, penetrating pains in the left 
anterior portion of the brain ; they last some moments, and cease, to be re- 
newed subsequently (fortieth day),'*. — Shootings from the anterior portion 
of the brain to the right side (twenty-third day),'*. — Dull shootings in the 
left anterior side of the head (thirty-fifth day),'*. — Stitchlike headache, 
especially in the left side of the forehead, with fluent coryza,'. — Sticking 
headache in the forehead, even during rest, for several days; on stooping, 
everything presses outward at the forehead,'. — A long, dull stitch in the 
left frontal eminence,'. — [80.] Fine stitches in the middle of the forehead, I 
— Temple. Boring pain in the left temple all day,'. — Boring pressive 
pain in the right temple, relieved by external pressure,'*. — Compression in 
the temples and occiput,'. — ^Pressure in the left temple, beginning slight, 
then increasing, and so again diminishing, as if the forehead would be 
pressed inward,^. — Pressive pain outward in the right temple, almost as if 
external,*. — '^Pain, like a pressing inivard in the temples, all day,^. — Pressure 
in the right temple when lying upon it, disappearing on rising up,*. — ■ 
Pressive drawing in one temple and half of the forehead, causing confu- 
sion,'. — Often-recurring, sharp, but transient pains in the right temple 
(twenty-second day),'*. — [90.] Sharp pains in the left temple; less severe in 
the right temple (seventh day),'*. — Pulsating stitches in the temples, with ■ 
heat in the head, chilliness of the body and weakness of the head, so that 
he almost loses his reason, with slumbering and insensibility,'. — Throbbing 
Aeodac/ie in the temples,'. — Vei^tex and Parletals. Painful sensation 
of heaviness in the top of the head, almost at the forehead (seventh day),'*. 
— Sometimes painful heaviness in the top of the head ; now and then 
shootings in the right parietal region (seventeenth day),'*. — Sudden sharp 
pressure on the vertex, with a sensation as if the hair moved,'. — Pressive 
tearing in the left side of the vertex,'. — Sudden dull stitches in the top of 
the head,'. — Burning stitches on the vertex,^ — Pressive heaviness, with a 
feeling of emptiness in the left half of the brain,'. — [100.] Pressive pain 
outward, in the right side of the head,*. — Drawing pressure from the right 
parietal bone to the orbit,'. — Pressive tearing through the right side of the 
head,'. — Tearing pressure in the right half of the head,'. — Tearing in the 
left parietal bone, and in the forehead,'. — From time to time, violent dart- 
ings in the left side of the head, or in its posterior portion (twelfth day),'*. 
— Occiput. Painful heaviness in the occiput (twenty-first day),'*. — Pain- 
ful and almost constant sense of weight on the occiput,'*. — Headache in 
the occiput,". — Boring in the occipital bones, with acute heaviness,^. — [110]. 
Compression in the occiput, under the skull,^ — Pressure outward, in the 
left side of the occiput,". — Pressive tearing in the left occipital boue,l — 


Pressive tearing in the left side of the occiput,'. — Shooting in the left pos- 
terior portion of the head (twentieth day),". — Constrictive pain in the 
right side of the occiput,^ — External Head. Pain, as frona suppura- 
tion on the head externally,'. — Burning tension on the forepart of the 
scalp, just above the right side of the forehead,''. 

_Ej/e. — Objective. The eyes are prominent and painful, as after 
weeping,\ Nightly agglutination of the eyes, with weakness during the 
day,'. — [120.] Dim, weak, sunken eyes (after two days),'. — Eyes dim,'. — 
Subjective, Pain in the eyes, as from rubbing with a woollen cloth, re- 
moved by moving the lids,'. — Pressure in the eyes,'. — Pressure in the left 
eye, as from a stye on the lid,l — Jerking in the eyes,\ — Twitching in left 
eye, lasting a week,'. — Several sharp dartings in the globe of the right eye 
(twenty-first day),'*. — Burning sticking in the right eye, toward the outer 
canthus,*. — Burning in the eyes,'. — [130.] Biting in the eyes, as after rub- 
bing with a woollen cloth,l — Sroiv and Orbit. A pimple on the left 
eyebrow, with burning by itself and with pressive pain when touched,'. — 
Sudden sensitive dull thrusts in the outer side of the upper margin of the 
left orbit,''. — Jerklike drawing tearing externally above the left eyebrow,'. 
— Drawing pressure in the upper margin of the left orbit,'. — Sudden jerks 
on the upper margin of the right orbit and in other parts, with sensitive 
stupefaction of the head,'. — In the upper part of the right orbit, shootings 
which penetrate from before backward into the substance of the brain 
(forty-second day),'*. — Lids. Stye in the inner angle of the right eye,'*. 
— * Pustular swelling of the left inner canihus, like a lachrymal fistula,'. — ■ 
Twitching in the right inner canthus,". — [140.] Pressure in both upper 
lids,*. — Pressive pain in the right inner canthus,'. — *Pressure in the left 
inner eatdhiis, as from a stye, with lachrymation,'' . — Constriction of the eye- 
lids, with redness of the white of the eyes and a burning sensation,'. — Sen- 
sation as of a hard substance behind the right eyelid,*. — Burning pain in 
the left lower lid,*. — Small violent burning stitches in the lids of the right 
eye, more towards the outer canthus,". — Fine sticking burning in the left 
canthus,*. — Itching in the upper eyelids on each side, with slight swelling 
(thirty third and thirty-fifth days),'*. — Itching in the inner canthus,'. — 
Lachryinal Apparatus. [150.] Acute itching in the right lachrymal 
caruncula (thirty-second and thirty-third days),'*. — Ball, Shootings in the 
globe of the left eye, in the evening (thirty-sixth day),'*. — Tensive stitch 
in the left eyeball, most violent on moving it,*. — Itching in the left eyeball, 
somewhat relieved by rubbing,*. — Pupil. Pupils first contracted, then 
dilated,".^ Fi.StOJi. Sees a rainbow about the candlelight,'. 

Mar. — Ulceration in the hole for the earring in the lobule of the ear,'. 
— Shooting in the cartilages of the right ear (twentieth day),'*. — A draw- 
ing stitch m the upper part of the left concha,*. — Pressure externally on 
the bones behind the ear,'. — [160.] Griping tearing through the cartilage 
of the lobule of the left ear, with at times a sensation as if a cold wind 
were blowing in it (after four hours),'. — Earache ; in the outer ear a draw- 
ing pain,l — Boring pain in the right ear, with cold feet,'. — Frequent 
drawing in the lelt ear, like an earache,^ — Drawing in the whole right ear 
externally and internally, painful on moving the lower jaw,*. — Cramplike 
pain in the whole right ear, lasting eight hours,*. — Tearing in the right 
meatus, like an earache,'. — Itching in the left ear,'. — Stopped sensation in 
the leit ear, with deafness, which was relieved by blowing the nose, in the 
morning after rising, lasting four days,". — Hearing. Screaming in the 

ST ANNUM. 133 

ear when blowing the nose/. — [170.] Eushing in the cars as from a stream 
of blood.l — Kinging in the left ear,^ — Creaking in front of and in the left 
ear, as from a door, in the evening,^— Rustling noise of a grasshopper in 
the left ear (eighteenth day),'*. — The jarring of his stops (on waliiing) re- 
sounds painfully in the head (twentieth day),". 

Nose. — Frequent sneezing without coryza,^ — Violent sneezing, in the 
evening (eighth day),". — Profuse coryza (after four days),'. — Intense 
eoryza, alternating with stoppage of the nose,'". — Coryza of the left nostril 
(tenth day),'*. — [180.] Violent coryza all day (eleventh day),". — Dimin- 
ished coryza (twelfth day),'*. — Blood is blown froRi the nose, in the morn- 
ing (seventeenth and eighteenth days),", — Nosebleed, in the morning, 
immediately on rising from bed,". — Violent nosebleed, in the morning, 
immediately on waking,'. — Stoppage of the nose, in the morning (ninth 
day),'*. — Violent stopped catarrh ; can get air through only the right nos- 
tril, at noon ; on the fourth day the nose becomes free,'. — Can get no air 
through the left nostril, which is excessively swollen, red, and painful to 
touch,'. — Heaviness and a stopped sensation in the upper part of the nos- 
tril,'. — Eespiration through the nostrils is impeded in consequence of a 
permanently congestive condition of the palato-nasal mucous membrane 
(twenty-third day),'*. 

Face. — [190.] *Face pale and sunken, siehly ; features elongated,''. — Con- 
strictive pain in the bones of the face and teeth in the right side, as if they 
would be drawn up shorter,^. — Pressive gnawing in the left side of the face, 
especially in the malar bone,". — Stupefying pain in the face, especially in 
the forehead,". — Cramplike pressure in the muscles on the left malar bone,". 
— Drawing pressure in the bones of the right side of the face, especially in 
the malar bones and orbits, paroxysmal,". — Cheeh. Painful swelling of 
the left cheek, with an ulcer on the gum ; the pain causes sleeplessness,'. — 
Burning cramplike pain in the left cheek, in the evening, soon followed by 
swelling of the cheek, with cutting-pressive pain only on drawing up the 
face, as if a splinter of glass were between the cheek and the teeth,^ — Pain 
in the malar bone, on touch, before the menses ; during the menses, pain, 
as from a blow, even on moving the muscles of the face,'. — Tearing, extend- 
ing from the malar bone down into the lower jaw, near the corner of the 
mouth,". — -[200.] Constriction and pressure internally beneath the right 
cheek,^ — Burning pain in the right cheek, beneath the eye,*. — Burning- 
itching sticking on the malar bones,\ — Pain and swelling of the upper jaw ; 
the cheeks are red, with sticking in them,'. — Lip. A sticking-tearing 
pain in a small spot in the lower lip,'. — Chin. Broad cutting stitches in 
the forepart of the chin,". 

Hoiltll. — Teeth. Looseness of the teeth,'. — The teeth seem too long,'. 
— Jerking toothache in all the teeth soon after eating (cold or warm food), 
with heat in the face, only better in the open air,'. — Continual and annoy- 
ing tingling in the roots of the lower incisors (thirty-third day),'*. — ■ 
Tongue. [210.] * Tongue yellow,'"'. — * Tongue coated with yelloivish mums 
(after five days),*. — Burning in the tongue, in the morning (twentieth 
day),'*. — Pretty frequent itching in the tip of the tongue (nineteenth dayj,'*. 
— During the proving, frequent itching of the anterior third of the tongue,'*. 
— General JHotith. Mouth and fauces wonderfully corrugated; he 
could scarcely swallow, and his mouth felt hard and leathery,'". — Tena- 
cious mucus in the mouth,'.- — * Bad odor from the mouth,'.' — Sensation in the 
velum pendulum palati similar to that caused by taking a pinch of snufl^, 
which, by a strong inspiration, is drawn down even to the throat, in the 


evening (eighth day),". — Sensation in the velum pendulum as if there were 
a foreign body there, or some mucus which could neither be hawked up 
nor swallowed ; the same sensation in the posterior portion of the nasal 
fossa (ninth day),". — [220.] Sensation of disagreeable acidity at the velum 
pendulum (tenth day),'*. — Saliva. Salivation, with bad odor from the 
mouth,^°. — Acid saliva runs from the mouth, in the morning on waking,'. — 
Accumulation of saliva in the niouth,l — Taste. Beer tastes stale and 
acid, bitter,'. — Insipid taste in the throat,*. — Bitter taste to all food (solid 
and liquid), but not to water, but no bitter taste when not eating,'. — Bitter, 
sour taste in the mouth,'. — Herby taste to beer,*. — Bitter and sour taste in 
the mouth (first and third days),'. — Speech. [230.] Talking was difB- 
cult, because the strength to talk was wanting,^ — Talking was irksome,'. 

Tlirodt. — Bad odor from the throat,'. — Much mucus in the throat,'. — 
*Some mucus sticks in the throat, and the efforts luhich are made to raise it 
excite vomiturition (seventeenth day),'*. — * Thick gray-green mucus, mixed 
with blood, is detached from time to time in the throat by the efforts to expec- 
torate (twentieth day),'*. — * Thick, viscid, grayish, blood-streaked mucus ad- 
heres to the throat, and is detached with great difficulty (twentieth day),'*. — 
* Thick muciis adheres firmly to the throcd, and the efforts to raise it excite an 
almost resistless inclination to vomit (twenty-second day),'*. — *During the 
rest of the day, continual expulsive efforts to detach a thick, grayish, and bloody 
mucus from the throat, efforts which constantly produce an inclination to vomit 
(twenty-third day),'*. — *Secretion of a mass of thick, viscid, bloody mucus in 
the throat, efforts to expel which icere accompanied by attempts to vomit,". — 
[240.] ^Inclination to hawk up much mucus from the throat, in the even- 
ing, followed by a sore pain in the throat,'. — *Ilawness in the throat (seven- 
teenth day); in the morning {eighteenth day),'*. — Sensation of rawness and 
of dryness in the throat, without thirst (eighteenth day),'*. — Rawness and 
dryness of the throat, without thirst, in the morning (twentieth day),'*.— 
Sensation of ulceration, of rawness, and of extreme dryness in the right 
side of the throat, without thirst (twentieth day),'*.— Sensation as if the 
right side of the throat were ulcerated, with such dryness that it seems as 
if the part had ceased to be lubricated by mucus (twentieth day),'*. — *Per- 
manent ruivness and dryness in the throat, and during deglutition a painful 
feeling of being denuded (twenty -second day),'*. — *Extreme rawness and dry- 
ness of the throat, without thirst ; these sensations are much more painful during 
deglutition; thick grayish or greenish mucus adheres to the throat; strong 
efforts, are required to raise it, and these excite inclination to vomit (twenty- 
third day),'*.— Scraping roughness below the pit of the throat internally,'. 
—Scraping in the throat, in the evening,'.— [250.] Sensation of dryness 
and sticking in the throat, in the right tonsil, which provokes cough, and is 
somewhat relieved by hawking and swallowing,'.— Dryness of the throat,'". 
— Sore throat, like a swelling, with a sensation of dryness and drawing- 
tensive pain,'.— Pain in the throat, as if swollen, with sore pain, not affected 
by swallowing ; after hawking of mucus, the voice is much higher than 
usual,'.— Tickling crawling in the throat (larynx ?), with a sensation of 
dryness, compelling to cough,'.— Scraping in the throat, in the morning,'. 
-Dull boring stitches extending from the fauces internallv to the cervical 
muscles,*.— J'Vt7f res and JPhnryux. Tobacco has a' sharp and dry 
taste m the fauces,'.— Stitches in the upper jjart of the fauces, causing dry- 
ness, when not swallowing.^- Cutting in the pharynx, as with knives, on 
msA\o^Mug;\—E.)cferH(il Throat. [260.] Painful swelling of the sub- 
maxillary glauds (after eight hours),'. 


StOtnacll. — Appetite and Thirst. ^Increased hunger and appe- 
tite^. — * Great appetite and hunger; he cannot satisfy himself,". — Loss of ap- 
petite,™. — Loss of appetite, with a natural taste of food,*. — The cliild leaves 
the breast of the mother who has taken Tin, and will not clriiik anything 
more,'. — Loss of appetite, with emptiness in the stomach, only one noou,". 
— Increased thirst,'. — Mmctations. Eructations immediately, in the 
morning, at first like bad eggs, afterwards only of gas,l — Eructations of a 
flat taste, with much saliva in the mouth,^ — [270.] Acid eructations, suc- 
ceeded by rawness in the pharynx, while walking in the open air,*. — Acid 
risings five hours after the evening meal ; uneasiness in the epigastric re- 
gion, as from slow digestion, although he had eaten less than usual (twenty- 
fourth day),". — *Bitter eructations frequently after eating,'. — Frequent 
empty eructatious,^ — Sweet uprisings into the throat,'. — HiccotKjh. 
Frequent hiccough,*. — Hiccough from time to time,'. — Hiccough soon after 
eating, while smoking as \isw&\,^.— Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea 
after eating,'. — Nausea and qualmishness in the pharynx,'. — [280.] Shud- 
dering nausea several times, with nauseating fulness in the pit of the stom- 
ach,'.- — Nausea and bitterness in the mouth,^ — Nausea in the fauces and 
pharynx, as if he would vomit,'. — Nausea, with bitter bilious vomiting, 
after eating some soup,'. — Retching in the evening, followed at first by 
sour, then bitter, taste in the mouth (first day),'. — Retching, with great 
nausea, and sensation of bitterness and disorder of the stomach (second 
and third days),'. — Constant efforts to vomit and vomiting of mucus,"*. — 
Vomiting a quantity of thick slimy mucus of a dark -green appearance, 
soon,". — Vomiting of undigested food, preceded by violent retching (after 
two hours),'. — Vomited a quantity of thick slimy mucus of a dark-green 
appearance,'^ — [290.] Sour vomiting,'. — * Vomiting of blood,^\ — (The vom- 
iting of blood is stopped by Staunum as by a charm),'". f — Stomach. 
Fulness and distension of the stomach, yet with hunger,^. — A swelling up 
under the skin in the epigastric region, with griping in the abdomen, when 
■walking,'^ — It causes troubles in the stomach and intestines,'^. — Sensation 
in the pit of the stomach as if disordered,^ — Digestion is accomplished 
slowly; acid water comes up even to the throat a long time after dinner 
(thirty-third day),'*. — (Hysterical and hypochondriac cramps in the region 
of the diaphragm and abdomen),'. — Griping between the pit of the stomach 
and umbilicus, as if some one were pinching up the muscles,'. — [300.] 
Spasmodic griping in the stomach and about the navel, with constant nau- 
sea and with anxious uprisings to the pit of the stomach,'. — Great pain at 
stomach,'*. — Violent pain in the epigastric region,™. — Intolerable pressure 
in the stomach,".t — Pressure in the stomach, in the forenoon,'. — Pressure 
in the stomach and discomfort after taking some soup,'. — Pressure and ob- 
struction in the pit of the stomach, which, when touched, pains as if suppu- 
rating,^ — Anxious pressure in the pit of the stomach, only when lying 
down, as if a gush of blood would occur, for several hours, relieved by 
pressure,*. — Tensive pressure in the pit of the stomach,*. — Violent pressure 
in the stomach,'. — [310.] Dull hard pressure near the left side of the pit 
of the stomach, just beneath the cartilages of the lowest ribs, somewhat 
relieved by pressure,'. — Cutting about the stomach,'. — Very transient burn- 
ing beneath the diaphragm,^ 

Abdomen. — H ijpochondria. At first a simple pain in both hypo- 
chondria, afterwards dull thrusts from the left to the right side, seem- 

f Revised by Hughes. 


ingly aggravated by pressing upon the right side/. — Pressure in the hepatic 
region/. — Pressure in the upper part of the liver/. — Burning pain in the 
hepatic region, then dull pain in the rectum, with the stool,'. — Cutting in 
the right hypochondrium, aggravated by sitting bent over,'. — Pressive 
cramplike pain in the left hypochondrium, now better, now worse,^ — 
Umbilicus atul Sides. Griping cutting in the umbilical region 
nearly the whole day,'. — [320.] Griping in the umbilical region, as from 
taking cold,^ — Spasmodic pain above and below the navel, soon relieved 
by lying over a table, without emission of flatus,'. — Painful digging in the 
abdomen, above the umbilical region ; on pressing upon it, pain, as if upon 
a sore spot,^ — Sudden painful compression in both sides beneath the true 
ribs,^■ — A dull slow pressure near the right side of the navel,^ — Burning 
pressure in the right side of the abdomen.l — Sensation as if stretched in 
the right abdominal muscles, above the anterior spine of the ilium.l — 
Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, followed by drawing in the right 
shoulder; she was obliged to lie down, with perspiration on the face and 
arms, followed by creeping chilliness,'. — Several violent stitches in succes- 
sion in the right side of the abdomen, especially on coughing and breath- 
ing,'. — Boring stitch in the left upper abdomen while walking,*. — [330,] 
Crawling movements in the right side of the abdomen, as from a purge,^ — 
A bruised pain in the left side, below the ribs,'. — General Ahdomeu, 
Distension of the abdomen,'. — Painful distension of the abdomen, with pain- 
ful sensitiveness to external touch.'. — Fulness in the abdomen after eating,'. 
— Frequent accumulation of flatus in the abdomen,^ — Incarcerated flatus,'. 
— Great rumbling in the abdomen,'. — Rumbling, 'as from emptiness, in the 
abdomen on stretching the body,'. — Loud rumbling in the abdomen after 
every meal, only while lying down,*. — [340.] Bubbling in the abdomen,'. 
— When a morsel is not far from the orifice of the stomach, there is a dull 
rumbling in the abdomen,'. — Sensation of great emptiness in the abdomen 
(though without hunger), as if everything were crushed ; food relished; he 
eats much and feels better afterwards, together with loss of strength in the 
body,". — *Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen after eating,'.' — The abdo- 
men is painful to touch, as if suppurating, with shortness of breath,^ — 
*Sensation of soreness in the whole a6domen, aggravated by touch,'. — Wind- 
colic in the morning (thirty-seventh day),". — Wind-colic during the day 
(fortieth day),'*. — Colic ; fetid flatulence (fortieth day),". — Frequent colic 
in the abdomen and rectum (forty-fifth day),'*. — [350.] Griping in the 
abdomen at times, with rumbling, as if diarrhoea would occur,^. — Griping 
movements in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatu?,^ — Griping and 
pressure in the abdomen, especially in the umbilical region, with urging to 
stool,'. — Frequent paroxysms of pain in the abdomen,'.— Dig'^'ing' in the 
abdomen before every stool,'. — Drawing pressure here and there in the ab- 
domen, '.^Tensive pain in the abdomen, more towards the small of the 
back, most violent on stooping,*. — Pain in the abdomen, extending to the 
stomach and to both sides beneath the ribs, on pressing the hand upon the 
umbilical region,', — Smarting pain in the abdomen,'. — Burning pain in 
the abdomen,'.— [360,] Frequent persistent desire as for diarrhoea, in the 
evening, with griping and painful movements in the abdomen, as from 
taking cold, and with thrusts in the left side, as from a child in the uterus, 
with distension of the abdomen, soon followed by a thin stool, succeeded 
by urging and persistent colic, lasting till she went to bed,'. — A stitch, as 
from a knife, on breathing, suddenly shoots through the abdomen from the 
left to the right side, so that she starts up in affright,'. — Hijpogastriuni 


and Iliac Meg ion. Rumbling in the lower abdomen,'. — ^Pressure in 
the lower abdomen, as before the menses, aggravated by pressure,l — Pres- 
sure, here and there, in the lower abdomen, with urging to stool,'. — Fine 
sticking pain in the lower abdomen,*. — Drawing cutting in the lower abdo- 
men, close to the right ilium,^ — Cutting, as with knives, transversely across 
the lower abdomen,'. — Burning in the lower abdomen,'. — OFt-repeated, 
strong, and jerking pulsations in the inmost part of the right inguinal 
canal, upon the track of the cord (twenty-seventh day),'*. — [370.] Pinch- 
ing pain just above the left ilium, as if the intestines were overstretched, 
on stooping,^ — Fine stitches in the symphysis pubis, to the left,l — Sensation 
as if a hernia would protrude in the left groin, ^ — Pressure in the inguinal 
glands, with some swelling,'. — Fine griping in the left groin,". — Stitches in 
the right groin on stooping, as if he had sprained himself, disappearing on 
rising up,'. 

Rectum and Anns. — A pimple like a hajmorrhoid in the left side 
of the anus, with painful soreness when touched,^ — Pressive pain in the 
rectum,*. — Sharp shootings at the end of the rectum (thirty-first day),". — • 
Violent shooting, as if from needle-pricks, in the base of the rectum, ex- 
tending even to the anus (twenty-sixth day),'*. — [380.] A violent thrust, 
as with a needle, in the rectum (fortieth day),'*. — Itching stitch in the rec- 
tum,*. — Sensation of soreness and smarting in the anus, with fine stitches, 
immediately after a stool,". — A corroding pain about the anus, while walk- 
ing and sitting,'. — Burning in the anus, immediately after a stool, and at 
other times,'. — Constant itching in the anus,*. — Frequent urging to stool 
(which was otherwise natural),'. — Frequent desire for stool, but a scanty 
evacuation, at times consisting of only mucus,'. — Sudden desire for stool, 
the first part of which was natural, then pasty, at last thin, with shivering 
over the whole body, from above downward, and drawing from the small 
of the back tlown through the thighs; when he attempts to rise it con- 
stantly seems as though he had not yet finished,', — [390.] Eenewed desire 
soon after a stool,l — Frequent inclination for stool,^. — Frequent ineffectual 
desire for stool,'. — Ineffectual desire for stool,^ . 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Most violent dysentery ; the stools were at first 
loose, with much urging and tormina (after fourteen hours) ; afterwards 
the discharge became' bloody and mucous, with the most intolerable tenes- 
mus,'". — Severe attack of something like dysentery,™. — Soft stool, in the 
evening, preceded by colic, only felt a moment before the urging to stool 
(forty-fourth day),".— In the evening, as on the preceding days, soft stool 
preceded by colic, only felt at the moment of the urging to stool ; fetid 
flatulence (forty-fifth day),'*. — Several evenings in succession, a soft stool 
preceded by colic (forty-second day),'*. — In the forenoon a soft stool, in 
the afternoon a thin one,*. — [400.] Stool greenish, scanty,'. — Scanty stool,'. 
■ — Dry large stool, with violent cutting pains,*. — Stool dry, in lumps,'. — ■ 
Hard stool, which seems slippery, but is not, I — Evacuation of some hard 
pieces of stool, with pressure,*. — Difficult evacuation of consistent, but not 
hard fseces, as if the intestines had not sufficient power to expel them (after 
twenty-four hours),". — Evacuation of mucus in the form of worms,'. — 
Evacuation of mucus after a stool,'. — Constipation. Constipation,™. — 
[410.] Constipation for some time, in a mother and her infant,'. — Retention 
of stool for twenty-five hours,^ — Stool six hours later than usual,*. 

Urinari/ Organs. — Kidneys and JBladder. Dull stitches in 
the region of the kidneys, extending inward,l — Sensitive pressure in the 
neck of the bladder and along the urethra, after urinating ; it constantly 


seems as though more urine would pass and some drops follow, when the 
pressure is still worse,^ — Urethra. A blister on the margin of the meatus 
urinarius,'. — Soreness in the tip of the urethra,'. — Burning in the forepart 
of the urethra, especially on urinating; he had a desire to urinate every 
minute and passed much,'. — Micturition and Urine. Frequent de- 
sire to urinate, even at night, obliging him to rise from bed, for three days, 
followed by more infrequent micturition and a smaller discharge of urine 
than during health,'. — Desire to urinate, only like a feeling of fulness in 
the bladder ; urine scanty, offensive, and infrequent, but without pain,'. — 
[420.] Retention of urine,'. 

Seocual Organs. — Male. Burning internally in the sexual organs, 
as in excessive irritation to discharge semen (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
An intolerable voluptuous excitement in the genitals and in the whole body, 
even to emission of semen (after forty hours),'. — Erections immediately; on 
the following days want of erections,'. — Nocturnal erections, without las- 
civious dreams,". — Jerking in the penis, as far as the posterior portion, almost 
as when evacuating semen,'. — Sticking sensation, as from needles, in the 
glans penis,*. — Burning pain in the glans penis, immediately followed by 
desire to urinate,*. — Burning stitch in the glans penis,*. — Nocturnal pollu- 
tion durinn'sleep, while lying on the back (fifteenth and seventeenth nights),'*. 
— [430.] Eiiii.'i-'iioiis without lascivious dreams,*". — No sexual desire and no 
ability for coition, not even when excited thereto (secondary action?),'. — 
Female. Prolapsus of the vagina, aggravated during a hard stool,'. — 
White transparent mucus in the vagina,'. — Leucorrh»a ceases,'. — Itching 
of the vulva,". — Menses more profuse than usual (twelfth day),l 

Respiratory Organs. — *Rawness in the hm/)ix,^. — *Mucus in the 
trachea, in the forenoon, easily expelled by a forcible cough, with great 
weakness of the chest, as if eviscerated, and with weakness of the whole 
body and of all the limbs, in which the sensation of weakness extended up- 
ward and doivnward, several rnornings in succession,^. — Tingling in the tra- 
chea, which provokes several fits of dry coughing, in the evening (thirty- 
third day),'*. — [440.] ^Irritation to cough, in the trachea, as from mucus, 
on breathing, with neither a loose nor dry cough, felt more while sitting bent 
over than ivhen ivalking,^. — Voice. *Hoarseness, weakness, and empti- 
ness in the chest, on beginning to sing, so that she was constantly obliged 
to stop and take a deep breath ; at times a few expulsive coughs removed 
the hoarseness for a moment,'.— * TAe wice is hushy, hollow (eighteenth 
Aiiy),".— Conf/h and Expectoration. ^Scraping cough, with green- 
ish expectoration of an offensive sweetish taste, worse in the evening 
before lying down, with a hoarse voice ; a sore sensation in the chest 
and trachea after every cough (the irritation which provokes it is low 
down in the ti&dhea.),'^.—-* Frightful cough, with expectoration and spitting of 
blood,\ — *Fatiguing paroxysms of cough, so that the epigastric region 
was painful, as if beaten,'.— ^Violent, shattering, deep cough,'. — *From 
time to time short cough, as from weakness in the chest, with a hoarse 
weak sound,^ — * Tickling cough, as from soreness, loiv down in the trachea; 
a scraping, extending upward into the throat,\ — Hackina; coutrh, in three 
paroxysms,'.— [450,] Constant inclination to cough, caused bv constant 
constriction in the trachea,'. — *Go)istant inclination for hacking cough, as if 
caused by much mucus in the chest, ivith an. internal se'nsaiion of scraping and 
rattling;'. — *Much inclination to cough, before midnight, with scanty ex- 
pectoration, for several nights,'.— * FeWow expectoration of a foul taste from 
the irac/iea,'.— Expectoration of viscid and thick mucus, which seems to 


come from the velum pendulum, where it may have been secreted (tenth 
day),". — 'Expectoration of a globular, grayish lump of thick mucus, 

containing a clot of black blood, and appmrin<j to come from the throat (eigh- 
teenth day'),". — *Salty expectordfion from the ched,'^. — Hesj}ir<ition. 
*Short difficult respiration, caused by weakness of the respiratory organs, 
with great emptiness in the chest, though without dyspnoea,'. — Respira- 
tion was shorter, in the evening, with anxiety ; was obliged to breathe 
rapidly for a long time, until he could once take a deep breath, after 
which everything passed off,'. — Paroxysms of dyspua'a, short breath, and 
anxiety, in the evening,".— [460.] *I>y.ipinca and want of breath, on ascend- 
ing depg, and on the slightest motion,*. — ''Dyspncea, as if the clothes ivere too 
tight ; he was obliged to open them in order to breathe as usual,''. 

Chest. — * Opjpression of the chest, as if it were internally constricted, with 
a sensation as if the inspired air were very dry,^. Oppression of the chest, 
as if something rose up into the throat and took away his breath,'. — * Dis- 
tressing oppression in the upper part of the chest, was frequently obliged to take 
a deep breath, ivith a. sensation of great emptiness in the pit of the stomach,^. — 
*He was always very much oppressed when coughing,'. — * Constriction of 
the chest, with anxiety, in the evening,^. — Constrictive pain in the chest be- 
neath the right arm ; a sticking on moving about,'. — Drawing pressure on 
the conjoined cartilages of the last left ribs,'l — Pressure from within out- 
ward, in the chest, beneath the right nipple,'. — [470.] Pressive cramp in 
the chest, while sitting, aggravated by inspiration,". — Pressure, low down 
in the chest, as from a weight,^ — Tension and pressure across the upper 
part of the chest, in the morning on rising from bed,'. — Aching in the 
whole of the chest, especially above the pit of the stomach, worse on in- 
spiration,^ — Wandering pains in different parts of the chest, and drawings 
here and there (thirty-first day),'*. — * Bruised pain in the chest, during rest 
and motion,'. — *Sore pain in the whole of the chest, starting from the 
throat,^. — ^Sensation as if mucus were in the chest, with rattling when breath- 
ing, perceptible internally and audible externally,l — Burrowing pain in 
the chest, extending thence into the abdomen, with desire for stool,^. — ■ 
Drawing from the clavicle into the left axilla,^ — [480.] At times, during 
rest, sensation as if the chest dilated, though with a feeling of anxiety, as 
in palpitation,'. — Muscular twitches in the upper part of the chest by the 
left axilla,*. — Twitching jerking in the muscles of the false ribs,*. — Sharp 
piercing needlelike stitches in the clavicle,'. — Stitches in the chest and 
shoulder-joint on breathing,'. — Cutting stitches frequently through the 
chest, from below upward and outward, in the forepart of the uppermost 
ribs, not affected by respiration,". — * Violent stitches in the chest and sides, 
preventing respiration, several forenoons ; in the afternoon, distension of 
the abdomen,'. — Front and Sides. Tearings at the inner surface of 
the sternum, in a line with the fifth and sixth ribs, extending a little way 
into the left side of the chest (twenty -ninth day ),'*. — Tensive stitch in the 
sternum, persistent during respiration,*. — A long fine stitch by the ensi- 
form cartilage, soon after eating,'. — [490.] Boring-gnawing pains in a 
point at the left side of the chest, sometimes before, sometimes behind the 
shoulderblade (twenty-second day),'*. — Sensation of internal gnawing at 
a spot in the anterior portion of the chest on the left side (thirty-third 
day),'*. — Sensation in the thoracic walls, in a line with the apex of the 
heart, as if an insect was biting the parts there (thirty-first and thirty- 
second day),'*. — During the night, dull wandering pains, in the anterior 
portion of the left chest behind the scapula, with sweat on the chest only 


(forty-fifth day),". — During the whole day, but not continually, sensation 
at a spot in the right side, as if a vessel were there into which a liquid 
was dropping rapidly (thirty-second day),". — Cutting pain in the right 
side of the chest,'. — Cra.mplike cutting in the right ribs, while walking, 
only on inspiration,'^. — Tearing cutting in the left side of the chest, while 
walking and standing,^. — Stitches as from a flea, in the last right true and 
in the left false ribs,^ — Burning stitches in the left chest, worse on expira- 
tion, while walking in the open air,". — [500.] *Sudden, sharp, knifelike 
stitches in the left side of the chesty. — ^Suddenly a long stitch in the left side of 
the chest, a hand's breadth beneath the axilla, causing fright,^. — Tensive stitch 
in the right side of the chest that almost took his breath,*. — *A tensive 
stitch in the left chest, persistent during respiration, imrse on stooping,*. — 
'^Sudden drawing beneath the left breast, on rising up in bed, followed by 
sharp knifelike stitches, extending thence into the clavicle toivards the shoulder, 
where the pain persisted, and in the left side extending doivnward into the 
lower abdomen ; aggravated by bending inward, pressing upon it, and espe- 
cially by inspira.tion and hacking, ivhich also caused a painful shockj^. — Vio- 
lent itching on the nipple,'. 

Heart and Pulse. — Pain in the prEecordial region and hiccough,". 
— Pulse 100,'". — His pulse became indistinct and fluttering,"*. 

Neck and Back. — NecJe. The nape of the neck drawn upward, 
with a feeling of stiffness, so that she could not move the head easily ,1 — 
[510.] Cracking in the cervical vertebra, audible even to others, on shak- 
ing the head suddeuly,l — Weakness of the cervical muscles, as if she 
could not hold up the head, with pain on moving the head,l — Pain in the 
nape of the neck, on bending the head forwardil — The deepseated mus- 
cles of the posterior region of the neck are painful to touch, near their 
insertion to the occiput (twentieth day),". — The pain (rheumatic) which I 
felt yesterday, at the right side of the nape of the neck, in the fibres of 
the trapezius, was aggravated during the night (twenty-fifth day),". — 
Itching stitches in the nape of the neck, in the morning in bed,'. — Sudden 
acute stitch in the lower portion of the nape of the neck,l — Hack. Pain 
as if beaten in the back and lower extremities, in the morning when rising; 
she is weary, as if she had slept too little, and her body was not sufficiently 
rested ; so.iiewhat relieved a few hours after rising,'. — Stitchlike tearing in 
the left side of the back, and from below upward, while standing,". — Sharp 
jerking stitches in the left side of the back, and at the same time in the 
left thigh,*.— [520.] Pine burning stitches in a small spot in the middle of 
the back,l — Fine stitches from within outward, at the back,*. — Dorsal. 
Pressive drawing in the spine, below and between the scapulte, worse on 
motion, especially on turning the body,'.— On raising a weight he was 
suddenly affected between the scapuloe as if sprained, more to the left side, 
with violent sharp knifelike stitches on the slightest movement, breathing, 
or yawning; intolerable pains on bending backward,l — Drawing tearing 
in the left scapula, partly towards the back, partly towards the shoulder,'. 
—Sticking griping in the back by the false ribs,".— Burrowing stitches in 
the right dorsal muscles, persistent during respiration,*.— Violeut burning 
sticking in the upper part of the scapula-, transiently relieved by rubbing,". 
—Broad dull stitches, from within outward in the spine, between the 
scapulffi,".— Slow, intermittent, dull stitches between the scapula\ iu the 
middle towards the spine,'. — Laiitbai: [530.] Pain pressing from above 
downward, in the leit side of the back above the hip,'. — Pressive burning 
in the small of the back, somewhat to the right side,l — Violent crawling 


in the small of the backA — Acute pain in the right lumbar region, in the 
morning,". — Violent tearing in the lumbar vertebrju, from both .sides into 
the region of the kidneys, worse on every motion of the trunk,'. — Dull 
thrusts in the lumbar region, with a sensation of external coldness agniiist 
him,\ — A wavelike shock in the back above the left ilium, so that he 
started, in fright,'. 

JExti'einities, — * Great loss of power in the arms and lotoer extremities, 
as if there were no strength in them, and as if the latter ivould not support the 
body,^. — Paralysis of the left arm and foot, from fright, disappearing at 
night,\ — -Weariness in the arms and lower extremities ; was obliged to let 
the arms sink down,". — -[540.] Painful weariness in the extremities, while 
standing, with unsteadiness and tottering; they could not support the 
body,^ — Heaviness in all the limbs, weakness of the chest, and alternating 
excessive anxiety,'. — Bruised pain in the limbs, and especially above the 
small of the back,'. — Bruised pain in all the limbs (twenty-fifth day),".— 
Bruised pain and coldness in all the limbs (twenty-fifth day),". 

Suj)ei' ior Ujctremities. — *Faralytic xueahiess of the arms if he holds 
a light iveighi for only a short time^. — * Paralytic weakness and heaviness in 
the arms, especially in the right arm, chiefly in the upper arm and joints ; 
aggravated by every motion, at times associated with dyspnoea,'. — *T/ie arms 
easily become fatigued from moderate exercise, so that everything he holds is 
allowed to fall,''. — The arms and fingers are almost immovable,'. — Acute 
jerking, now in the arm, now in the hand, now in a finger, as if he had re- 
ceived a hard blow upon it,'. — [550.] Pain as from a sprain, in the joints 
of the arm ; she could not bend them without great pain,'. — Tearing in 
the left arm, especially in the upper arm, deep internally,'. — Paralytic 
tearing in the left arm, especially in the wrist, aggravated by motion,'. — 
Shoulder. Pressure and drawing, as from a weight on the left shoulder, 
in the outer portion of the upper arm and extending from the elbow to the 
deep-lying muscles of the forearm, gradually disappearing in the house,'. — 
Paralytic pain, as from a sprain, just beneath the shoulder-joint, only 
during rest, only transiently relieved by motion,''. — Sensation of compres- 
sion in the shoulder,'. — Tearing on the left shoulder,'. — Paralytic tearing 
in and beneath the right shoulder-joint, more violent on motion,'. — During 
the night, constant sharp pain in the right shoulder, in the fibres of the 
trapezius, aggravated by lifting the arm, and by touch (twenty-fourth 
day),". — Sudden acute hard beating on the right shoulder,'. — [560.] Itch- 
ing stitches in and beneath the axilla,". — A burning stitch in the top of the 
right shoulder,'. — Arm. Piercing pain, at intervals, in the bone of the 
left upper arm, as if it were compressed and crushed, during rest and mo- 
tion,'. — Bruised pain in the lower portion of the left upper arm,'. — Twitch- 
ing in the muscles of the upper arm, above the elbow, during rest (after 
five, and twenty-six hours),*. — Muscular twitches internally in the left 
upper arm, while resting the arm upon anything; on changing the position 
it disappears, but in the former position it returns,". — Transient drawing, 
extending from the elbow to the upper arm,'. — Drawing in the left deltoid 
muscle, as from loss of power,'^. — Pressive tearing in both upper arms, at 
intervals,'. — Pressive tearing in the middle of the right upper arm, sud- 
denly appearing and disappearing,'. — [570.] Tearing in the anterior and 
upper part of the right upper arm,'. — Tearing pressure in the middle of 
the left upper arm, posteriorly and internally,'. — Burrowing stitch in the 
right deltoid,*. — Elbow and Forearm. Tension and sensation of sore- 
ness in the tip of the elbow, especially on bending the arm,". — Cramplike 


stiffness in the right forearm,''. — Pressure on the right forearm, towards the 
anterior and outer portion,'.— Paralytic tearing in the right forearm,'. — 
Pain as from a sprain, above the left wrist, in the styloid process of the 
radius,^ — Pinching just above the wrist, on the radial side,'. — Pain as from 
a sprain, in the left wrist,l — -[580.] Dull pains in the right wrist (twenty- 
fifth day),". — Every few moments, in the evening, at night and towards 
the morning, sharp pain in the right wrist-joint, sometimes extending even 
into the forearm (thirteenth and fourteenth days),". — Sudden drawing at 
short intervals, extending from the radial side of the wrist to the hand,^. — 
Pressive tearing in the right wrist, aggravated during motion,'. — Hand. 
Swelling of the hands, m the evening,\ — Chilblains on the hands, during 
mild weather,^ — Trembling and sensation of heat in the left hand,\ — 
Weakness and trembling of the hands, mostly when lying upon a table 
and when writing, which was very annoying,'. — Cramplike contraction in 
the palm of the left hand,^ — Cramplike pain on the back of the left hand 
between the index and middle fingers,^. — [590.] Transient jerking in the 
lelt hand above the joint,". — At night, after waking, wavelike drawing 
jerks, deep in the hand, as if in the nerves, so that he could have cried 
out,''. — Jerklike tearing in the hand, coming from the fingers,'. — Intermit- 
tent pressive tearing in the bones of the hand and wrist, and also in the 
first finger-joints,'. — Dull intermittent pains, in the posterior surface of the 
metacarpus of the left hand, in the evening (eleventh day),". — Sharp pains 
in the first metacarpus of the right hand, every few minutes (thirteenth 
and fourteenth days),". — Sharp and i-apid pains in the first metacarpal 
bone of the left hand ; the same pain in the right ankle (fortieth day),". — 
Fltifjers. Very painful hangnails on the fingers,\ — Pain in 'the middle 
joint of the left middle finger (forty-third day),". — Pain as from a sprain, 
in the whole of the left index finger, on bending, stretching it out, and 
during rest, frequently recurring for five days,'. — [600.]' Sharp pain in the 
second articulation of the left ring finger (thirtieth day),". — Dull or sharp 
pain internally, in the first phalanx of the left forefinger, near the meta- 
carpo-phalangeal articulation ; same sensation in the right forefinger (twenty- 
fifth day),". — Dull pain at the inner surface of the posterior extremity of 
the first phalanx of the leit forefinger (twenty-sixth day),". — Sharp draw- 
ing in the second joint of the left middle finger (twenty-sixth day),". — 
Sharp drawing pains in the articulations of the first with the second pha- 
lanx of the left ring finger (twenty-fifth day),". — Drawing in the first 
phalanx of the left thumb and below the wrist,". — Cramplike drawing pain 
in the left middle finger, with jerking, so that the finger trembled,'.— Cramp 
in the fingers, which remain contracted for a long time,'. — Tearing in the 
first joint of the index finger, which gradually disappeared on moving the 
hand,l— Pressive tearing in the first phalanges of the right fingers, worse 
during motion,'.— [610.] Acute jerking pain between the thumb and index 
finger, when holding a pen ; when holding the pen loosely and when ceas- 
ing to write nothing was felt, but the jerking soon returned and lasted a 
long time,'. — Cutting in the ball of the left little finger, worse on bending 
it up,".— Fine dull acute thrusts in the metacarpal bone of the left index 
finger, and in other parts of the hand, as if a tense nerve were struck with 
a little hammer,'.— Shootings, in the second joint of the left middle finger 
(twenty-fourth day),''.— Shootings, which start from the metacarpo-pha- 
langeal joint of the left index finger, and spread even to the end of the 
finger (twenty-fourth day),'*.— Stitches in the tips of all the fingers,'.— 
I'ressive sticking burning on the outer margin of the metacarpal bone of 


the left little finger,'.— Fine needlelike stitches in the tip of tlie left middle 
finger,^ — Drawing stitches in thefirst joint of the left index finger, towards 
the tip,'. 

Inferior' Extremities. — Sensation of weakness in the lower ex- 
tremities, as if fatigued by a long walk,'. — [620.] Weakness of the right 
lower extremity, especially in the thigh, as if in the bone, so that it was 
painful while standing, and he was obliged to rest upon the left liiub,". — 
Great weariness and heaviness in the lower extremities after a two hours' 
walk,^. — Uneasiness in the lower extremities ; was obliged to move them 
hither and thither in the evening,". — Great heaviness in the lower extremi- 
ties ; she could scarcely ascend steps, and was then obliged to sit down 
immediately,'. — Paralytic heaviness and weariness in the loiver extremities, 
especially in the thighs and knee-joints; can scarcely walk ; is obliged to sit 
and lie,'. — Bruised pain in the lower extremities on ascending steps ; on 
descending them, so powerless and weak that he was in danger of falling,'. 
— Hip. Violent pain in the muscles about the hip-joint, on raising up the 
thigh,'. — Pain, as from a sprain, in the right hip while walking, so that he 
was almost obliged to limp, lasting several hours,^ — Paralytic pain in the 
hip-joint, while walking,*. — Drawing in the left hip,^ — [630.] Transient 
dull pressure in the ischii, while sitting,". — Thigh. Loss of power in the 
thighs, ^ — Muscular twitches in the left natis,*. — -Pain as from a sprain, in 
the thigh beneath the hip-joint, while walking,'. — Pain as from a sprain, 
on the thigh, just beneath the hip, only when walking,'. — Dull pulsating 
pressure on the inner side of the middle of the thigh,'. — Pressive drawing 
in the inner side of the left thigh, in the groin, from the ascending ramus of 
the ischium to the back part of the thigh, then from the hip over the small 
of the back to the right side; at times grumbling in the ischium,^ — Press- 
ive drawing in the outer side of the right thigh, which rests over the left, 
while sitting,'. — Drawing tearing in the left thigh, during rest and motion,^ 
— Drawing tearing from the bone, from the knee to the middle of the thigh, 
while sitting,^ — [640.] Tearing pressure in the forepart of the right thigh- 
joint, extending inward and beneath the patella,^. — During the night, sharp 
pain, but of brief duration, in the upper part of the right thigh above the 
crural canal (seventh day),". — Sharp pains in quick, jerking twitches, re- 
turning at intervals, which are sometimes quite lengthened in the anterior 
part of the right thigh ; similar pains in the left thigh some moments after 
(seventh day),". — Cutting internally in the left thigh, I — Stitches, as from 
a needle, on the inner side of the left thigh,^ — Sticking pain in the mus- 
cles of the right thigh, only while standing,^ — Itching stitch very high up 
in the inner side of the thigh,*. — Constant itching stitches in the left nates, 
near the anus,*. — Knee. Stiffness in the hollow of the right knee,'. — Sud- 
den stiffness of the knee, so that he could bend it only with great pain,'. — 
[650.] While walking, especially in the sun, the knees frequently give way, 
with weakness of the whole body, and the perspiration of weakness on the 
face,'. — Weakness in the knee-joint, so that he could scarcely walk, with 
inclination to slumber,^. — Bruised pain in the hollows of the knees, and in 
the calves, as after a long walk, in the evening during rest and motion,'. — ■ 
Tensive pain in the hollow of the left knee,'. — Drawing, extending from 
the hollow of the right knee to the calf',l — Pressure in the right knee-joint,'. 
— Burning scraping on the outer side of the left knee,'. — Tearing iu the liga- 
ments, in the inner side of the left knee,'. — Itching twitching beneath the 
patella,*. — Fine painful stitches in the right knee, and in the hollow of the 
knee while sitting,". — [660.] Dull stitches on the outer side of the right 


knee only on standing, disappearing on moving the limb, and while sitting,'. 
— Leg. Great weariness in the legs, especially in the left leg, extending 
up from the feet, and jerklike drawing in the kuees, especially while stand- 
ing, with sore pain in the soles of the feet,". — A painful sensation, as if a 
heavy weight were hanging upon the left lower leg while sitting, if it rests 
over the other leg and hangs down,^. — Tension in the left leg,*. — Cramplike 
tearing iu the right leg, while walking,^ — Drawing tearing in the leg, while 
sitting,'. — Sensation as if the lower leg were tightly bound up,\ — Small 
swelling on the tibia, with a red point; it was painful to touch, as if the 
flesh were loose from the bone,\ — Pulsative pressure in the right tibia,'. — 
Lancinating pains, which seem seated in the upper part of the outer sur- 
face of the left tibia, near the femoro-tibial articulation (eighteenth day),". 
— [670.] Violent cramp in the calves almost all night,\ — Painful tension 
on the inner side of the left calf, while standing,^ — Pressure in the whole 
right calf,*. — Pressure in the left calf, during rest and motion,*. — Painful 
drawing on the outer side of the calf, during rest and motion,". — Pain, as 
from heaviness, iu the outer muscles of the left calf frequently, while walk- 
ing,^. — Pinching in the upper part of the inner muscles of the calves,^ — 
Ankle. Sudden swelling of the ankle, in the evening,^ — Pain below both 
ankles, in the evening when lying in bed, as if the heel were torn out,". — 
Itching stitch beneath the left inner and outer malleoli,*. — [680.] Sharp 
shooting iu the tarsal bone, below the right ankle (twentieth day),". — 
Foot. Ked swelling of the feet, especially about the ankles, with a seusation 
as if the feet were tightly bound,*. — Cramplike pain in the sole of the right 
foot, while sitting,". — Pain in the feet from above the ankles to the soles, 
when sitting, less when standing and walking.^ — A dull sticking pressure 
in the outer side of the right heel, extending up into the calf, ou stooping, 
only when walking ; disappearing on raising the foot,*. — Sharp pressure 
transversely across the sole of the right foot while sitting,'. — Tearing 
pressure in the right heel,'. — Tearing and jerking in both malleoli of the 
right foot, extending thence to the toes, while sitting; while standing it 
seems better, but then a tearing extends from the toes upward,^ — Crawling 
in the feet as after a long walk, or as if they would fall asleep, gradually 
extending into the legs,'. — Toes, Drawing tearing between the metatarsal 
bones of the two last toes;l — [690.] Shoodngs iu the second joint of the 
right middle toe (twenty-fourth day),". — Sharp shootings in the tip of the 
right great toe (twenty-fifth day),'*. — Violent shootings in the metatarso- 
phalangeal articulation of the right second toe (forty-fourth day),'*. — 
Shootings in the metatarso-phalangeal articulation of the right great toe 
(forty-fitlh day),'*. 

Generalities. — (Genuine epilepsy),'lt — It causes emaciation and 
consumption,''. — The whole body and limbs are tremulous and unsteady, 
yet the hand trembles more when resting it lightly upon anything than 
when grasping anything t\ght\y^\—* Wear iiie!<s of the whole body, espe- 
cially after ascending steps, for seven dcti/s,'.— Great weariness after de- 
scending steps, so that she could scarcely breathe ; on ascending the steps 
she felt nothingv'.— Very weak and sleepy, so that he could scarLujly endure 
it,'.— [700.] =^,'>7ic ivas suddenly attacked by weakness so that she could scarcely 

t " In a boj' who sutt'iTL-d frequRntly frum convul.-ive uttacks. especially in the 
morninj; fa-ting-, Tin was given lu dc-stroy the woi-nis, wiiieh were supposed to be 
present; and thereupon the fits increased and multiplied to perfect epilepsy."— 



breathe, while dressing, after rising from bed,^. — * Great weariness during the 
day ; he was obliged to lie down, but could uot sleep, and wheu he slumbered 
was attacked with vertigo, vanishing of sense, and dulness of mind, for 
half an hour,'. — Great weariness, with constant inclination to sit down ; it 
is most felt when walking slowly, so that he involuntarily walks rapidly,''. 
— * Excessive prostration ; constantly loishes to sit or lie down, and ivhi;n abovt 
to sit down falls upon the chair, because he has not the poioer to sit down, 
slowly,^. — *Most distressing debility, almost preventing my riding home, a 
distance of a few miles,'". — When walking rapidly he feels the exhaustion 
less, but all the more afterward,". — *Loss of poiuer, as if the limbs were 
beaten,''. — Extreme exhaustion of mind and body; cannot continue at any 
work on account of irresistible sleepiness ; is obliged to lie down and sleep, 
but frequently wakes in different dreams,'. — Uneasiness in the whole body, 
with burrowing on the tibifie, after waking from a deep sleep, at 1 a.m.,'. — ■ 
Uneasiness, so that he cannot remain long in one place,'. — [710.] A fre- 
quent agreeable sensation of lightness on deep breathing,'. — Many pains, 
especially the pressive-drawing, beginning slight, increasing slowly, be- 
coming severe, and just as slowly disappearing,^ — Severe pain (second 
day),'". — Heavy pressure, now in one, now in another bone,*". — Sticking 
griping in various parts of the body alternately,'. — All were affected in a 
similar manner to myself, and after a lapse of about the same time,'". — 
While walking the symptoms seem to disappear, but immediately return 
during rest; only the weakness is most noticed when walking,'. 

Shin. — Objective. Itching eruptions over the whole body,'. — Itching 
pimples on the face, painfully sore to touch, or on washing,'. — A red, some- 
what elevated spot on the forepart of the neck, with a white, quite painless 
pimple in the middle of it,". — [720.] In the middle of the sternum, a kind 
of small, red, sharply circumscribed pustule, causing, for a few moments 
only, acute itching, two evenings in succession (eleventh day),'*. — A boil 
in the right angle of the lower jaw, red, with drawing pain, aggravated by 
touch, lasting eight days,'. — Small itching hives below the wnst, through 
the day; the itching was aggravated by rubbing,'. — Small, red, painless 
spots on the backs of both hands,'. — Itching pimple on the left thigh,'. — 
Round yellow spots on the left leg, lasting two days,l — Subjective, 
Violent burning in the hands and feet,'. — Fine needlelike stitches over the 
whole left side of the body ; the next day only on the right side,". — Biting 
itching over the whole body on undressing ; was obliged to scratch,". — Itchina- 
burning stitches over the whole body, especially on the thumb, chiefly in 
the morning in bed, for several days,'. — [730,] Burning itching, as from flea- 
bites, on the back of the hand, for eight hours, not relieved by rubbing,'. — 
Sticking itching on the outer side of the thigh, only transiently relieved by 
rubbing (after half an hour),'. — Itching on the back of the left foot,''. 

Sleej). — Frequent yawning, as if he had not slept enough,'. — Much 
yawning, when walking in the open air, though with oppression, as from a 
cord about the chest,'. — Stretching of the arms and yawning (after a few 
minutes),'. — He is excessively impelled to yawn, yet he cannot yawn suf- 
ficiently, however wide he opens his mouth,'. — Sleepiness, after walking in 
the open air, especially caused by music, and a vivid dream immediately 
on closing her eyes,'. — Sleepiness and inclination to yawn ; the eyes close,'. 
— Falls asleep early in the evening after lying down, and wakes late in the 
morning,'. — [740.] Deep sleep, several nights,'. — Frequent waking at night, 
as if he had slept enough,*. — Frequent starting up, as from fright in bed, 
at night,^ — Sleep restless, and interrupted by pain (twenty-fifth day),'"*. — 

VOL. IX.— 10 


Slumbering in the evening hindered by constant uneasiness in the legs/. — 
At night, on waking, he was lying upon the back, the right leg stretched 
out, and the left drawn up and half uncovered,'. — The child moans in sleep, 
at night cries, begs, and is frightened,^ — (He talked in sleep, and spoke 
of the uselessness of an external remedy for an internal trouble, as if in a 
somnambulistic state),'. — Ureatns. Very vivid anxious dreams, at 
night,'. — Vivid dreams full of terror (second night),'. — [750.] Pleasant 
dreams of earthly splendor and greatness, which keep her in good humor 
after waking,l — Lascivious dreams, with erections, without emissions,*. — 
Lascivious dreams aud emissions, without erections,^ — Amorous dreams, 
with physical enjoyment, without a pollution (twenty-second day),". — 
Anxious dreams of quarrel, strife, and battles,*. — Anxious dreams of 
neglected business, about the same subject, two nights,''. — Dreams of fire,". — 
He heard a loud noise in a dream,'. — Ccmfused, unremenibered dreams,^ — 
Confused, vivid dreams in which many things are mixed up, sometimes she 
talks aloud, tosses about the bed, frequently wakes, and always finds her- 
self sitting up in bed,l- — [760.] Vivid, confused, half-remembered drearas,l 

Ifevef. — Chilliness. Chilliness,™. — "^ Chilliness over the whole body, 
lasting half an hour,'. — Coldness of the whole body, with bruised pain in 
the limbs (twentieth day),'*. — Very transient chilliness, especially along the 
back,'. — Shivering several forenoons about 10 o'clock, with coldness in the 
hands, deadness of the fingers, and insensibility of their tips,'. — Coldness 
and bruised pain throughout all the limbs (twentieth day),'*. — Gooseflesh 
over the arms and chattering of the teeth, as in convulsion of the masseter 
muscles, with only slight sensation of coldness and moderate shivering,'. — 
Shivering only in the left arm, wherewith it jerked up,'. — Shivering only 
in the lelt foot, extending half way up the thigh, in the evening,'. — [770.] 
Very cold knees and feet,'. — Heat. Heat,™. — Great heat over the whole 
body, especially on the chest and back, with a sensation as though hot 
sweat were running down, without externally perceptible heat,'. — Sensation 
of heat over the whole body, especially on the thighs aud back,'. — Heat 
find perspiration over the whole body from 4 to 5 p.m., followed by chilli- 
ness; during and after the heat thirst, which recurred several afternoons 
about the same time,'. — Anxious heat and perspiration broke out con- 
stantly, even on the slightest movement,l — Anxious heat, as though per- 
spiration would break out, attacks him at intervals,'. — Sensation of heat, 
especially internally,'. — Internal heat, after walking in the open air, es- 
pecially in the chest and abdomen, without thirst,'. — Skin hot aud dry,".^ 
[780.] Great heat in the head, with heat of the forehead, with redness of 
the face, together with general though with slight heat over the whole body, 
worse in the evening, with much thirst, five evenings in succession (after 
five days),'. — Heat in the forehead, even perceptible externally,'. — Flush- 
ing heat iu the face, perceptible internally and externally,^ — Flushes of 
heat in the ieet,'. — Disagreeable heat in the feet, though little noticed ex- 
ternally,'. — Siceat. Hot sweat over the whole body and complete exhaus- 
tiou, even on only slight movement,'. — A cold, clammy sweat broke out,". 
— *Profuse nightsweat, for two nights (after forty-eight hours),'. — * Profuse 
pempirution after 4 a.m., every mornincj,^. — *JIornii)g-sweat, mostly on the 
neck, nape of the neck, and forehead,'. 

Conditions.— AggTSiMa.tiozi.-—{Moriiinff), On waking, weakness of 
memory, dizziness; pain and heat in head ; headache; after rising, stopped 
sensation in left ear; nosebleed ; ou waking, acid saliva runs from mouth; 
scraping in throat; eructations; weakness; tension and pressure across 


chest; in bed, stitch in nape of neck; on rising, pain in back and lower 
extremities; pain in lumbar region; itching stitches over whole body; 4 
A.M., sweat. — (Forenoon), Pressure in stomach ; stitches in chest ; 10 o'clock, 
shivering. — {AJternoon), 4 to 5 p.m., heat. — {Evening), Heaviness and dul- 
ness of head; pressing in brain; cracking in front of ear; scraping in 
throat ; constriction of chest, with anxiety ; swelling of the hands. — (Nlglii), 
Pain in nape of neck. — (Ascending steps). Weariness of whole body. — 
(Bending backivard). Pressure in {orehea,d.—(Bendi7ig finger), Cutting in 
ball of left finger. — (Breathing), Stitches in abdomen; deep, feeling of 
lightness. — (Coughing), Stitches in abdomen; oppression. — (Descending 
steps). Weakness of body. — (After eating). Bitter eructations; nausea; ful- 
ness in abdomen ; emptiness in abdomen ; stitch by ensiform cartilage. — 
(jExjoiraiion), 'Stitches in left chest.— (Inspiration), Cramp in chest; aching 
in chest ; cramp in right rib ; drawing beneath left breast. — (Lifting arm), 
Pain in right shoulder. — (Lying upon temple). Pressure in it. — ( During 
menses). Pain in malar bone. — (Motion), Drawing in spine; stitches between 
scapulas ; tearing in lumbar vertebrae ; weakness of arms ; tearing in left 
arm ; tearing in right shoulder ; tearing in right wrist ; tearing in first 
phalanges of right fingers. — (^J/k.s/c), Sleepiness. — (Pressing on right side), 
Pain in hypochondria. — (During rest). Pain beneath shoulders ; twitching 
in muscles of upper arm. — (Rubbing), Itching. — -(Shaking head), Crackling 
in cervical veriebrte. — (Sitting), Pain in feet ; pressure across sole of right 
foot.' — (Sitting bent over), Cutting in right hypochondrium. — (Soup), Pres- 
sure in stomach. — (Standing), Stitches in muscles of right thigh ; stitches on 
outer side of knee ; tension in calf. — (During hard stool), Prolapsus of 
vagina. — (Stooping), Tearing in forehead ; pain in abdomen; pain above 
left ilium ; stitches in right groin ; stitch in left chest. — (Touch), Soreness 
in abdomen ; pain in boil. — ( Walking in open air). Vertigo, eructations. — 
(Walking), Pain in hip, pain in thigh ; tearing in right leg; slowly, weakness. 
Amelioration. — (Open air), Fretfulness. — (Pressure), Pressure in 
forehead ; pain in right temple ; pressure in pit of stomach. — ( Walking), 


Delphinium staphisagria, Linn. 

Natural order, Ranunculacese. 

Common names, Stavesacre ; (G.), Liiusesamen ; (F.), Staphisaigre. 

Preparation, Tincture of the seeds. 

Authorities. (From Hahnemann, E. A. M. L.) 1, Hahnemann ; 2, 
Cubitz ; 3, Franz; 4, Gross; 5, Gutman ; 6, Hartmann ; 7, Hayuel ; 8, 
Herrmann; 9, Hornburg; 10, Kummer; 11, Langhammer ; 12, Stapf; 
13, Teuthorn. 

jUind, — JEtnotional. He was joyous, enjoyed society, and was good- 
humored,".f — Good-humor; he was joyful and conversational, and was 
happy in his condition (after thirteen hours),".t — Earnest mood, quiet, 
busy with himself, speaks very little,". — Very lachrymose,'. — Sadness, 
without ability to assign any reason,^ — Sad ; he fears the worst results from 
slight causes, and cannot quiet himself,". — Mind phlegmatic, depressed,, 
sad, apathetic, indifferent to everything, without peevishness or without 

f Curative reaction of the organism in a man of the opposite disposition. — 


being weak,^ — Her mind seemed dead and sad, though not with weeping,'. 
— Morose ; she frequently cries at nothing,^ — [10.] 8he was full of grief 
all day; she grieved over her condition and wept; nothing in the world 
pleased her (after fifty hours),'.— She will hear or know nothing from any 
one ; she wraps up her face and weeps aloud without cause,'. — Anxious 
and fearful,'. — Great anxiety; he dreads the future,*. — Violent internal 
auxiety, so that he could not remain in any place, but without complaints,'. 
— Anxious thoughts and events in the past came to him as if the past were 
present before him, which caused anxiety and anxious perspiration, then 
it became black before his eyes ; he did not know whether the images were 
real or illusory, then everything seemed different, and he lost all desire to 
live,'. — (When walking rapidly, it seems as though some one were coming 
behind him, which causes anxiety and fear, aud he is constantly obliged to 
look around),'. — -^Very peevish (in the morning); he wishes to throw 
from him everything wMeh he takes in Ms hand,'. — Fretful aud sad,'l— 
Fretful and peevish all day ; does not know himself on account of despond- 
ency, and is extremely depressed (after thirty-seven hours),". — [20.] Fret- 
ful and restless all day, found rest nowhere,". — Quiet fretfulness ; he is 
vexed at everything which even does not concern him,^ — *Fretful and 
disiiicliiied for mental work (after two hours),". — Fretful aud lachrymose,"'. 
— Every word vexes her ; she cries even if one only speaks to her,'. — 
Quarrelsome mood and yet lively,". — (Hypochondriac mood; everything 
seems indifferent to him ; he would rather die),'. — Alternations of mood, 
at first joyous, then anxious, at last quiet and contented,".t — Intellect- 
tial. Dulness of mind, that keeps him from every work,'. — Even attrac- 
tive things made no impression upon him,'. — [30.] * Disinclination for 
earnest work°. — He is mentally exhausted, has no desire to think, is not 
inclined to thought, and is indifferent to his surroundings,'*. — On attempt- 
ing to grasp an idea, it vanishes,'. — He does not know whether the things 
which are presented to him are from out his memory, are real, or whether 
he is only dreaming of them, -from 5 to 7 p.m.,'. — Thoughts disappear when- 
ever he attempts to think or speaks of any subject, and if any one inter- 
rupts him or changes to another subject, he for the moment forgets, or 
cannot at all collect his thoughts,'. — The thoughts disappear (memory dis- 
turbed by fantasies) ; whenever he reflects upon anything, numerous aud 
confused subjects crowd upon him, so that he cannot collect his thoughts 
aud forgets entirely of what he was thinking,*. — '^Weakness of memory; a 
few minutes after reading anything he can recollect it only dimly, and when- 
ever he thinlcs of anything the sense escapes him, and he is scarcely able to 
recall it after long reflection,''. 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, as iu 
coryza,'^ — The head is very confused, in the morning, with constrictive 
pressure in the vertex (after four days),^. — Vertigo ; he runs against a 
door in walking,'. — [40.] Vertigo while lying in bed, in the evening, as if 
everything were turning around,'. — Vertigo on stooping and suddenly turn- 
ing the head; everything turned about in a half circle (only ouce),'. — 
Vertigo, as if stupefied, in the house, not in the open air,'. — Whirling ver- 
tigo, especially while sitting, relieved by walking about (after one hour),^ 

t The first mood is a transient reitction of the organism from one of fear and 
depression ; afterwards, the primary action of the drug is again notieed in the 
anxiety, after which the reaction of the organism is again seen^ and the quiet con- 
tented mood remains. — Hahnemann. 


— Whirling in the forehead and dulness in the head (after five hours\". — 
Dizziness (after eight hours and a half),''. — GeiK'i'dl Hen*!. When 
tending the head forward, it falls forward almost involuntarily, while sit- 
ting (after ten hours),'. — Dulness of the head, as if vertigo would occur, 
while standing and talking, lasting a long time,'. — Dulness and heaviness 
of the head (after half an hour),'. — The head is constantly dull and the 
spirits depressed,'". — [50.] Dulness of the head only at intervals ; at times 
the head was quite free and clear,\ — Pleaviness in the head (after seventy- 
two hours),^. — Heaviness of the head and weakness of the cervical muscles; 
he is obliged to lean the head backward, or to one or the other side (after 
twelve hours),'. — Heaviness lying upon the ethmoid bone in the head, above 
the root of the nose, like a compression on both sides,'. — Heaviness of the 
head, relieved by resting it upon the hand (after one hour),^. — Pressure in 
the brain, especially in the occiput, towards the bones of the skull, and a 
pressure as from too great accumulation of blood, in the evening, before 
going to bed, continuing after lying down (after thirty-nine hours),'. — On 
motion, headache, as if the whole brain would fall out; even during rest, 
sensation as if the brain were pressed together, separated from the skull 
and lying loose therein,'. — Headache alternately stupefying and boring,'. — 
Aching, like a tingling, in the whole of the head (after five hours),". — 
Violent headache, as if the brain were torn to pieces, in the morning, im- 
mediatel}' after washing, but it afterwards disappeared, with violent spas- 
modic yawning,'. — [60.] * Headache, as if the brain were compressed (mostly 
in the forehead), with paroxysms of roaring in the ears, which ceases much 
sooner than the headache,*. — Sticking headache all day (after seventeen 
days),'. — Pain in the head, as if everything would come out at the fore- 
head, on stooping (after five hours),'l — Tearing and pulling from the head 
down through the cheeks into the teeth (after thirty-six hours), 'I — Tingling 
and sticking in the whole of the head, worse on stooping and when walking, 
in the evening, for several hours (after thirty-six hours),". — Forehead. 
* Dulness of the head, anteriorly in the middle of the forehead, in a small spot 
as large as the tip of the finger, like a stupefaction ; on the street he does 
not know whether he is going to the right or left ; he is obliged to be very 
careful,'. — Headache pressing outward and pressing asunder in the left 
half of the forehead (after half an hour),". — *0n shaking the head, there is 
a sensation in a small spot in, the middle of the forehead as if there ivere some- 
thing heavy like a ball of lead in the brain which would not loosen,^. — Dull 
pinching headache in the forehead, with stitches in the temples, relieved 
by walking about, but returning on sitting and standing (after four 
hours),". — Drawing pressure in the forehead from time to time,'. — [70.] 
Pressure above the right eye, behind the brow, as from something hard,'. 
— *Pressive stupefying headache, especially in the forehead, worse on moving 
the head and on standing up,". — Violent tearing pressure through the left 
half of the brain, especially violent in the forehead, gradually increasing 
and gradually diminishing (after fifty-four hours),". — Hard pressure in the 
right side of the forehead,^. — Dull, painful, at times sticking pressure from 
within outward, at first in the whole of the forehead, afterwards only in 
the left frontal eminence, which disappears during rest, but returns more 
violent on motion (after four hours),'. — Drawing, cutting tearing in the 
side of the forehead,". — Tearing in the forehead, in the evening, while sit- 
ting ; on stooping, a sticking in it, relieved by walking,'. — Pressive sticking 
and drawing pain in the left side of the forehead (after two hours),". — *A 
pressing boring stitch, lasting for a minute, in the morning, from within out- 


ivard, in ihe left half of the forehead, so violent that it awoke him twice (after 
twenty-two hours and a half ),^ — Burning stitches on the frontal bone ex- 
ternally,^ — [80.] Sudden stitches in the upper part of the forehead, so that 
he stai-ted up,'. — Tetnx>les. Hard pressure in the head, in the region of 
the right temporal hone and on the vertex,^. — Pressive pain in the left temple 
internally and externally, as from pressing hard with the finger (after one 
hour and a half ),^ — Burning-pressive tearing in the right temple, close to 
the eye (after seven hours),^ — Drawing-tearing sticking in the left temple, 
as if in the bone, pulsative and persistent (after forty hours) ; on the next 
day it returned at the same time, now in the left, now in the right temple, 
then in the left frontal eminence, less violent, continuing for several days,'. 
— Stitches in the left temple,'. — Sharp, burning, needlelike stitches in the 
left temple,*'. — Dull stitches in the right temple, internally and externally, as if 
the bones ivould be pressed out, aggravated by touch,^. — Vertex and JPa- 
rietflls. Headache in the vertex, like a constriction, from all sides and 
pressure,'. — Sharp pressure on the vertex at times,'. — [90.] A boring stitch 
from within outward in the vertex (after fifty-six hours),^ — Some large 
dull stitches extending from the skull into the brain in the vicinity of the 
crown, together with external soreness in the spot, especially when touched,^ 
— Sensation of soreness in the right parietal bone only when touched ; he 
is unable to lie on the right side in the night on account of the pain (after 
eighty hours),*. — Burning-pressive pain in the left parietal bone, just above 
the ear, extending inward (after two hours and a half ),^ — Burning-stick- 
ing pain in the left parietal bone,'. — Occiput, Feeling as if the occiput 
were compressed internally and externally,^. — A heavy pressing-asunder pain 
in the occiput while walking in the open air (after half an hour),". — Rheu- 
matic pressive drawing in the occiput, commencing at the articulation, on 
bending the head forward,'. — Painful drawing on and beneath the occiput, 
persistent on ever_y motion of the head (after ten minutes),'. — Transient 
burning stitches in the occiput, on the first day extending from the right 
to the left side, on the following days from below upward,^. — External 
Head. [100.] The hair of the head falls out profusely,\ — The hair can 
be pulled from the head with little eflfbrt, without pain (after four hours),". 
— '*An itching scurfy eruption on the scalp, and also above and behind the ear,^. 
— Tearing in the head externally, and in the teeth,\ — Painful drawing in 
several places in the head externally, aggravated by touch,'. — ''Itching on the 
scalp^. — * Great itching on the scalp, which was scurfy and moist,\ — Itching, 
like needle stitches, on the scalp, and fine papular eruption anteriorly to- 
wards the forehead,'. — *Fine burning needle stitches externally on the vertex^. 
— *Itching biting on. the scalp, which was aggravated by rubbing, lasting sev- 
eral days,''. — [110.] Biting itching over the whole occiput, ivhich obliges scratch- 
ing, but is rather agg^-avated than relieved thereby (after fourteen hours),'. 
— '■Biting itching on the upper part of the occiput, ivith sore pain, recurring 
in the same place about the same time, in the evening^'. 

Eye. — Objective. The eyes lie excessively deep, with blue raised rings 
around them, as after great excesses, lasting four days,^''. — The right eye is 
much larger than usual (more widely opened), (after seventy-eight hours),'. 
— Infiammaiion of the ivhite of the etje, with pain,\ — At night, dry matter 
collects upon the lashes and in the outer canthus ; in the open air, the 
matter from the eyes also dries and causes tension,'. — The eyes close at 
times, though he is not sleepy, \—S abjective. ^Dryness of the eyes, lasting 
all day (after thirteen hours),'. — '^The eyes are dry, in the morning on ivak- 
ing, with pressure in them, so that she cannot open them without assistance,\ 


— *The eyes aire dry, in the evening, with pressure in them,^. — [130.] Burn- 
ing-pressive sensation about the left eye (after four hours),". — Pressure in 
the eye; she was frequently obliged to wink,'. — When reading, the eyes 
soon begin to ache (especially in the afternoon); a biting and burning, 
and then they discharge some biting drops ; he is obliged to avoid the light, 
because it makes them pain sooner,^ — The eyes feel as if full of sleep,'. — 
Coarse stitches in the eyes on exerting them,l — Ofbif. Pain in the upper 
wall of the right orbit, just behind the eye, pressing the eye downward, 
lasting a long time and frequently recurring (after ten days),'. — Heavy 
pressure above the right orbit in the open air (after three hours and a 
half),*. — Pressure above the right eye and a drawing upward,'. — Lids. 
The inner canthi are agglutinated, in the morning,\ — Dry matter con- 
stantly collects in the inner canthus, which he is frequently obliged to re- 
move, during the day,^. — [130.] Pain, more biting than itching, in the 
left inner canthus,'. — A not disagreeable burning in the right outer canthus, 
extending rather far back behind the eye towards the ear, and recurring 
by paroxysms (after one hour and a half),". — A biting-smarting pain in 
the inner canthi ^.^ — A constrictive sensation in the upper lid, that forces 
out tears,'. — Tain as if a hard substance were lying beneaih the left upper 
lid (after thirteen hours),^ — ^Pressure in the upper lid all day, worse on 
closing the eye,^. Hard pressure in the inner canthus of the right eye,l — 
Tearing pressure in the outer canthus and in the region of the lachrymal 
gland (after seventy-two hours),'. — Violent sharp-cutting pain beneath the 
left upper lid (after seventy-five hours),^ — A tensive stitch in the outer 
canthus of the right eye (after three hours and three-quarters),*. — [140.] 
*Itching on the margin of the upper lid in the open air, recurring after two 
hours in the other e3'e, relieved by rubbing (after three-quarters of an 
hour),'". — *Itcliing of the margins of the lids (after two hours),'. — Violent 
itching in the inner canthus, most severe in the open air; is obliged to rub 
it,'. — Lnchry tnation. Biting water runs from the eyes, in the niorn- 
iug,'. — Ball. Pi-essive pain in the upper part of the right eyeball (after 
three hours and a half),". — Sticking thrusts in the eyeball, as if it would 
burst (after one hour and a half),'. — Fupil. Dilatation of the pupils,' ; 
(after twenty -six hours),"; (first days),'^. — Pupils greatly dilated for many 
hours^'^. — Pupils contracted (after half, and one hour),". — The pupils are con- 
tracted (afterhalfan hour), after which they aregreatlydilated,". — Vision. 
[150.] Dimness of vision, as if the eyes were full of water, with itching 
and fine sticking in the inner canthus, compelling him to rub them,'. — The 
eyes are dim and so hot that the eyeglasses are dim,'. — Vision dim for near 
and distant objects (after ten hours),'. — Illusion of vision ; on rising from 
a seat he seems to himself much larger than natural, and everything be- 
neath him seems too low down (after twenty-six hours),'. — When reading, 
it seems as if small black lightnings passed between the letters, and then 
whole lines vanished,'. — While looking in the open air, black lightnings 
passed at times in front of the eyes, like a kind of flickering,'. — She saw a 
flame of fire before the eyes when in bed in a dark night,'. — While look- 
ing, a white veil seems to extend over the object and renders it invisible,'. — 
A halo is seen about the candlelight in the evening,'. 

Ear. — Eocternal, Pinching burning-pressivepain on the left concha 
posteriorly (after eight hours),". — ]Kiddle. [160.] Sensation of coldness 
streaming into the right meatus auditorius like a cool breath, lasting sev- 

f In a man who had never had any trouble with his ej'ss. — Hahnemann. 


era! hours,". — (Drawing pain iu the ear)/. — A pinching and twinging in 
the left ear/. — Dull but deep stitches, within the ear, first the left then the 
right,\ — A dull painful stitch, deep in the right ear, in the evening (after 
forty-eight hours),"". — A stitch in the left ear (after thirty-one hour.^),^ — 
A tensive stitch in the left ear (after eight hours and a half, and thirty-six 
hours),^. — Heaving. Ringing in the left ear (after four hours and a 
half),". — Ringing in one or the other ear, on moving the head, which dis- 
appears during rest (after two hours and three-quarters),". — At times 
slight reports in both ears, as if wind blew into them, without diminished 

Nose.—\YtO.'] Sneezing, with coryza,^ — Frequent sneezing, without eoryza 
(after two, and ten hours),". — Sudden violent eoryza, with catarrhal voice, 
lasting a quarter of an hour, at 2 p.m.,\ — Violent eoryza, without cough,'. 
— Violent eoryza; tickling in the nose and sneezing, with discharge at one 
time of profuse mild watery liquid, at another of thick mucus, afterwards 
of thick slimy substances,". — Violent fluent eoryza ; one nostril is stopped, 
the other is not, with frequent sneezing, lachrymation, and cracked lips 
(after three and four days),". — Goryza; at first discharge of only thick mucus, 
afterwards of thin water (after four days),®. — (Stoppage of the nose iu the 
evening, so that she could get no air through it, made talking difficult),'. — 
The nose is sore internally, with a scab deep internally,'. — A sore pain on 
the cartilage in the septum of the left nostril, as if it would suppurate, 
when touched,*. — [180.] Smarting pain in one nostril as if it were very 
much ulcerated,'. — Itching in the left nostril, which disappears on touch 
(after seventy-eight hours ),^ 

Face. — He looks as hollow-eyed and haggard, and as sick and 
pinched in the face as after a night's watching, or as after a disagreeable 
mental shock, 'I — Face swollen, as from eoryza,'^ — Throbbing and pressive 
pain in the whole of the face, extending from the teeth into the eye, last- 
ing sixteen days,'. — Very fine needlelike stitches in the face and other 
parts of the body,\ — Cheek. Swelling of the cheek over the lower jaw,'. 
— Drawing in both malar bones,".— The left cheek is painful as if suppu- 
rating, while yawning,'. — Pressive tearing in the left malar bone, affecting 
also the teeth (after one hour),*. — [190.] Cutting drawing in the left malar 
bone (after tiventy-two hours),*. — Itching (biting) needlelike stitches, pro- 
voking scratching, in both cheeks,*. — Sharp burning stitches in the left cheek, 
which provoke scratching,*. — Dull stitch in the left malar bone (after twenty- 
two h()urs),l— A burning stitch in the right cheek-bone (after half an 
hour),'. — Lip. A sticking-burniug vesicle on the margin of the red of the 
lower lip, on touch,". — Ulcer on the lip, with gnawing-drawing pains (after 
thirty-seven hours),". — An ulcer on the margin of the red of the lower lip, 
with a shiny look, with dull sticking drawing pain, at times associated with 
a not disagreeable itching, which provokes scratching, and is followed by 
dull sticking (after six hours),".— Ulcer on the lip, discharge at first of pus, 
afterwards of only greenish water (after three days),". — A scurfy ulcer in 
the middle of the upper lip,'.— [200.] A pimple covered with a scab, in 
tlie red of the upper lip, with a burning sensation,'. — Burning for a minute, 
almost iu the middle of the upper lip, on the outer margiu,'l — Sensation 
of fine cutting in the lip, as if it were cracked,'.— Sharp pressive stitches, 
from within outward, in the upper \\p,\~-Chiii. Induration like a carti 
lage, as large as a hazelnut, as though the glands ivere swollen beneath the chin 
anteriorly by the symphysis, with a hard pressive pain, when swallowing, or 
when touched, or when rubbed by the neck-band (after twenty-six hours),". — 


A tensive sensation, as if a pimple would form, on the lower anterior part 
of the chin, below the margin of the lower jaw,l — Pain in the articulation 
of the jaw, when yawning,\ — The right articulation of the lower jaw, in 
front of the ear, is apt to get out of joint when yawning, with sticking 

jyiouth. — Teeth. *The teeth soon heo.ome black; she is oblii/ed to dean 
them twice a day, and still black streaks remain acruti.i iheiii^. — *A lonth that 
had for a long time been a little decayed rapid/ij became hollow, ivithiii eight 
days,^. — [210.] *A piece scales off from the posterior surface of an. incisor 
(after twenty-eight hours),^ — * Toothache caused by drawing air into the 
mouthy. — Toothache on eating; the teeth are not firm but wabble about 
when touched; he cannot chew his food properly, for when chewing or 
pressing the teeth together, it seems as though the teeth were pressed deeper 
into the gum ; therewith the gum is white (after fifty-six hours),^ — *Pain 
in a hollow tooth, always after eating, a biting drawing (bid in. the incisors a 
pressure), which is excessively aggravated in the open air, even while the mouth 
is closed, which gradually ceased in the house, for several days (after five days),'. 
— *The holloiv teeth are sensitive to the slightest touch, and if after eating the 
slightest food remains in the cavities, there is a violent pain, extending into the 
roots of the teeth, and the gum about the teeth becomes painfully sore,". — "^Any 
cold drink seems to penetrate the teeth as if they were hollow,".— A painful 
draft in the teeth, from time to time, followed by throbbing in the gum,'. — 
The teeth begin to grumble while chewing,''. — *A piercing draiving in a 
tooth itself, that becomes hollow, and in the corresponding one on the other side, 
in the morning,^. — Pressive-drawing toothache in the anterior teeth, as after 
Mercury, worse at night towards morning,\ — [220.] Violent drawing 
toothache, with swelling of the cheek, pressive headache in the same side, 
and heat in the face,'. — Drawing pain, only in a hollow tooth, in the morn- 
ing (after seventy-two hours),'. — Pressive-drawing toothache on the right 
side, caused by cold water,'. — * Tearing toothache, immediately after eating 
and chewing, as also after drinking anything cold, which disappears within 
half an hour, but immediately returns on chewing; drink that is not cool 
or liquid food do not cause pain ; the pain is not caused by motion, but if 
it exists it is aggravated thereby, especially by motion in the open air,'. — 
* Tearing, first in the roots of a hollow tooth, then extending forward into the 
crown, only immediately after eating and chewing, greatly aggravated in the 
open air ; together with a pressure in the upper part of the crown of the pain- 
fid teeth, extending towards their roots ; when touched with the finger the other 
teeth also begin to pain (after nine days),'. — * Tearing in all the roots of the 
teeth, with a feeling as if on edge when biting on them (after forty hours),". 
— * Violent tearing in the roots of the teeth, with drawing in the muscles of 
the face, now in one, now in the other side,". — * Tickling sticking in the back 
teeth of the right lower jaw (after a quarter of an hourl,*. — Biting pain in 
the four lower front teeth, especially at night,\ — Gttm. Swelling of the 
gum, with heat in the cheek,'. — [230.] The inner surface of the gum is 
painful and swollen, and is even painful on swallowing,'. — * The gum bleeds 
when pressed upon and on cleaning the teeth, for many days,^. — The gum be- 
comes eaten away,'. — The gum becomes pale and white,'. — A pimple on 
the gum, not of itself painful, but only when pressed with anything hard 
(after seventeen days),'. — A vesicle changing to an ulcer, on the inner side 
of the gum, full of sticking-drawing pain,'. — The gum of the upper and 
lower right teeth is spasmodically and painfully contracted, so that he 
cannot separate the teeth on account of pain,'. — The gum is painful 


when touched/. — Painful drawing in the gum of the right incisor and 
canine teeth, and in their roots, which extends into the muscles of the 
lower jaw (after twenty-six hours),*. — Painful drawing in the guna of the 
last back teeth and in their roots,'. — [240.] * Tearing in the gum and roots 
of the loiver back teeth, while eating (after seventy-two hours),^ — Totlf/ue. 
White-coated tongue (after twenty-seven hours),"; (after forty-six hours),'''. 
— Dryness of the tongue, together with tough mucus in the posterior nares, 
which stops them,^ — Sensation of dryness of the tongue; collection of 
sour water in the mouth, together with hard mucus stopping the choanse,'. 
— A sore pain on the anterior portion of the tongue,'. — Stitches in the tip 
of the tongue, even when not touched,'. — Sticking pain on the margin of 
the tongue, when pressed against the palate, as if a splinter were sticking 
into it, disappearing when eating,'. — General 3Iouth. Constant accu- 
mulation of mucus, without a bad taste in the mouth,^. — A blister in the 
mouth,'.^Raw and scraped, but very moist palate,'^ — [250.] Pressive 
smarting on the palate posteriorly only, when not swallowing (after four, 
and five hours),^. — Burning scratching in the palate, when swallowing and 
when not,*. — Stitches in the palate when it is dry, in the evening (after 
twelve hours),'. — Stitches in the palate, extending into the brain,'. — 
Saliva. Salivation,'. — The mouth is constantly full of water, as in great 
hunger,'''. — Accumulation of water in the mouth after eating, a kind of 
waterbrash,'. — Accumulation of saliva in the mouth,'. — Bloody saliva 
(imraediately),^ — Taste. A qualmish insipid taste in the mouth, though 
food has a good taste,'. — [260.] A disgusting bitter taste to food (after 
forty-six hours), '^. — Disgusting bitter taste in the mouth,'^ — Watery taste 
in the mouth, though food has a natural taste,'. — Bread has a sour taste,'. 
— Food has no taste, though he has an appetite,'. — Bread has a sourish 
taste,l — Smoking tobacco has a biting taste,'. 

Throat. — Dryness of the throat, especially in the evening before fall- 
ing asleep; sticking in the throat, on swallowing,'. — *Throat rough, as 
if painfully sore, ivhen talking and swalloiving,^. — (Drinking beer causes a 
scraping, disagreeable taste in the throat),'. — [270.] Painful drawing, ex- 
tending from the hyoid bone deep into the neck beneath the lower jaw, 
aggravated by touching the side of the neck (after forty-eight hours),'. — ■ 
Scraping sensation in the fauces behind the nares, as if one had drawn 
snuff through,^ — Swelling of the tonsils and submaxillary glands,'. — 
Swelling of the submaxillary gland, which prevents swallowing, for four 
hours (after three hours),'l — The submaxillary glands are painful as if 
sivollen and hruised,\ — The submaxillary glands are painful to touch, and 
also pain by themselves,'. 

Stoniiich.—A2)l)etite and Thirst. Excessively ravenous hunger, 
even when the stomach was full of food, and when he ate again the food 
was relished,'. — He is attacked with a violent sensation of hunger, with 
accumulation of water, a few hours after a large nourishing meal,'".— An 
apparent sensation of hunger in the stomach, as if it were hanging relaxed, 
yet without appetite,'.— Great desire for milk,'.— [280.] Thirstlessness ; he 
drinks less than usual,''. — Eructations. Eructation several times (after 
a quarter of an hour),'". — Eructations tasting of the food,'l — Eructations 
of tasteless liquid, after eating,''''.— Tasteless eructations; but neither air 
nor anything else comes up,'l — A kind of eructation ; a large amount of 
mucus comes into the mouth from the upper part of the throat (after half 
an hour),'. — Scraping eructations that affect the larynx and cause cough 
(scraping heartburn),'. — Frequent empty eructations,". —£ricco»<//i. 


Frequent hiccough, associated with nausea and stupefaction of the head 
(after three-quarters of an hour),". — Frequent hiccough, while nmoking 
tobacco, as usual,". — [290.] Much hiccough, half an hour after supper,\ — 
Hiccough, always after eating,'. — Heartburn. Heartburn, during his 
usual smoke,'. — JVatisea and Votniting. Nausea, in the mouth and 
pharynx, caused by eating, as if he would vomit (after nine hours),". — • 
Nausea, even to vomiting, every morning,'. — Qualmishness,'. — He is qualm- 
ish and unsettled in his stomach, for three days,'. — Qualmishness, imme- 
diately; water collects in the mouth, with short isolated eructations as from 
an emetic which would not act,'l- — Qualmish sensation, in the morning 
(after one hour),^ — Stomach. Fulness in the pit of the stomach, and 
pressure and sticking in it,'. — [300.] Pressure in the stomach as from a 
weight, in the morning in bed after waking, not relieved by anj' change of 
position (after six hours),'. — Pressure like a soreness, above the pit of the 
stomach, with nausea,*. — A pinching-pressive pain in the pit of the stom- 
ach, which only disappears on sitting and bending the body forward (after 
one hour),^ — Tensive pain in the epigastric region (after thirteen hours),'^. — 
Burrowing pain in the stomach,'. 

Abdomen. — Hypocliondria. A constriction in the hypochondriac 
region, oppressing the chest and impeding respiration, lasting three days 
(after two days),'". — A tension transversely through the upper abdomen, in 
the hypochondria (such as hypochondriacs complain of), causing anxiety 
and dyspnoea, in the morning in bed while fasting,'. — Umhilicns and 
Sides. Cutting in the umbilical region seeming to be external, in three 
paroxysms, in the evening in bed,'. — A long-continued dull stitch in the 
region of the navel, aggravated by expiration and by pressure (after eight 
hours),^ — Pinching stitches, sharp and rhythmical, to the left above the 
navel,'. — [310.] Rumbling in the left side of the abdomen (after one 
hour),'. — Drawing in the sides of the abdomen, extending downward, as if 
the menses would appear (after four days),'. — Hard painful pressure in the 
right side beneath the umbilicus,*. — Pinching stitch in the left side, in the 
abdominal viscera (after thirty-eight hours),^ — General Abdomen. 
Loud rumbling in the abdomen,'. — Rumbling and colic, for many days,'. — 
Rumbling in the abdomen, after dinner, sounding like forming and burst- 
ing bubbres,'". — Violent rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, without 
pain and without emission of flatus (after one hour and a half),'''. — Great 
emission of flatus,". — Hot flatus (after thirty-six hours),*. — [320.] Emission 
of indescribably offensive flatus, 'I — Incarceration of flatus in the abdomen, 
the first eight hours,'. — An excessive amount of offensive flatus, for many 
days,'". — Much flatulence is caused, and much flatus of a bad odor is passed, 
for thirty-six hours,'. — The abdomen feels compressed, causing tightness of 
breath,'. — Griping pain, twisting about, here and there, in the whole abdomen 
(after two hours and a half),''. — Griping transversely across the abdomen, 
and drawing in the sides, in the abdominal muscles, as if diarrha'a would 
occur,^ — Griping in the upper abdomen, in the morning, as if diarrhoea 
would occur, though he could not go to stool,^. — Griping in the intestines, 
with emission of flatus (after thirteen hours),^ — Transient pressive pain 
beneath the last ribs, as from incarcerated flatus,'*. — [330.] Pressure, to- 
gether with heaviness and tension, in the abdomen,'. — A tensive painful 
pressure in the abdomen as if he had eaten too much, and then pressed 
upon the abdomen, with nausea, and accumulation of saliva in the mouth,'. 
— Heaving sensation and intimations of diarrhoea, in the abdomen,*. — 
Bruised pain iu the abdomen (after forty-eight hours),'". — Drawing pain 


transversely through the abdomen,'. — Drawing pain in the abdomen, as 
from flatulence,^ — Cutting colic in the morning before stool,\ — Spasmodic 
cutting in the abdomen, with trembling of the knees; during the day, on 
the slightest motion, especially after urinating ; in the evening cutting, 
even when not moving, which is relieved by bending up,\ — Cutting in the 
intestines, especially always after eating and drinking, together with so 
great nausea that water collects in the mouth, with great weakness; after 
the paia there is great heat in the face, and the blood rushes to the head, 
even the veins on the hands swell up,\ — Cutting in the abdomen, with vio- 
lent urging to stool, followed by a very thin scanty discharge, with internal 
chilliness of the head; the evacuation was immediately followed by a kind 
of tenesmus,'. — [340.] Cutting and digging in the upper and lower abdo- 
men, with desire for stool, followed by a thin stool, though little was passed; 
after the evacuation, renewed desire and increased colic, though without 
evacuation in spite of every effort, a kind of tenesmus, which, together 
with the colic, was only relieved after he had risen from stool,*. — Tensive 
stitch in the left abdominal muscles (after thirty-two hours),''. — Violent 
drawing-burning stitches, seeming to extend from the right abdominal ring, 
as if in the spermatic cord, into right testicle (which, however, was not 
painful to touch), while sitting, standing, and walking, most violent while 
stooping (after thirty-three hours),'. — A persistent stitchlike pain in the 
abdomen, beneath the right ribs, only when beginning to walk in the open 
air,'. — Ilypoffastrinni and Iliac Hef/ion. Eumbling in the lower 
abdomen and drawing in the intestinal canal,'. — Bruised pain above the 
hips, in the loins, then extending to the navel, noticed on stooping, but 
also painful on touch (after eighteen hours),"'. — Painless swollen inguinal 
glands, which are most noticed when walking and standing, lasting many 
days (after thirty-six hours),'. — Dull stitch in the left groin, aggravated 
by pressure, but disappearing on inspiration and expiration (after eighty- 
four hours),'. 

Hectiim and A.niis, — Constant pressive pain in the rectum, while 
sitting,''. — A pressing pain deep in the rectum, for three-quarters of an hour 
after a hard stool,'. — [350.] *A smarting sore pain in the rectum, for a long 
time after a stool,K — Violent itching in the anus, with pimples,'. — *Itching 
in the anus while sitting, luhen not at stool (after seven hours),". — After an 
evacuation of stool, another ineffectual urging follows without any stool, 
in the rectum,'. — He was frequently obliged to go to stool, without colic; 
always very scanty and very hard faeces were passed, with pain in the anus 
as if it would split,'. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea, in the morning, preceded by cutting pain and nau- 
sea ; the last stool consisted only of mucus,'.| — Diarrho3a, with colic, the 
last part slimy (after forty-two and eighty-four hours),'.— ^4 thin stool passes 
unconsciously, with a sensation as if flatus would pass (after two hours),'. — 
Diarrhcea-like stool mixed with flatus (after three hours),'. — Several usual 
thin stools, several days in succession,'. — [360.] In the morning, imme- 
diately after a hard stool, a very thin, copious, yellow one,'l— Stool soft 
(after forty-nine hours),l— Stool soft, but difficurt to evacuate, on account 

t The fi)llowing four symptoms seem to have been caused by too large a dose, 
wliich makes almost every drug act as a purge; for the primary action of tliis drug 
seems to be a pressive colic at stool, constipation, and either a very scanty, hard, or 
more s^eldom, a thin evacuation, which has also been noticed by other provers. 
Compare ss. 326, 327, 332, 368, 869, 370. 


of constriction in the anus, as from hsemorrhoirls,'. — Difficult stool ; first the 
evacuation of hard fseces followed by softer, with great distress and strain- 
ing, as if the rectum were constricted, with continued but inefl^ectual effort, 
followed by tenesmus,''. — A natural hard stool passed with flatus inter- 
mixed,'. — Hard scanty stool, with burning-cutting pain in the abdomen 
(after ten hours),'. — Hard, scanty, thin stool passed, with pressive pain in 
the anus (after twenty-six hours),'. — Stool hard (first day) ; none (second 
day); hard again (third day) ; natural (fourth day),'". — Gondijxitiun, for 
several days (first days),'. — Stools twelve hours later than usual, and passed 
in small pieces (after fourteen, and fifteen hours),'. — [370.] The stool was 
delayed a long time, on account of lack of peristaltic action of the large 

Urinary Organs. — Kidnei/s and Bladder. Itching needle- 
like stitches in the region of the kidneys*. — Pressure vpon the bladder, on 
waking from sleep ; she was obliged to urinate much, and still after an 
hour there was a renewed desire to urinate, with pressure,'. — JJi'ethra. 
Discharge of prostatic fluid during the evacuation of a hard stool,'. — Pain, 
as from a sprain, in the upper part of the urethra behind the pubis, im- 
mediately after micturition,". — A biting-burning crawling in the orifice of 
the urethra, when not urinating,'. — '*A burning in the whole of the urethra 
for several days, with every micturition,^. — A burning far back in the urethra, 
while sitting, only when not urinating,' — A kind of burning in the middle 
of the urethra, when not urinating (alter six hours),'". — Cutting pain during 
micturition, still worse afterwards,'. — [380.] Micturition and 
ZTrine. Frequent urging to urinate, with much discharge (after six 
hours),". — '^'Urging to iirinate ; scarcely a spoonful ^vas passed, mostly of a 
dark-yellow red color, in a thin stream; at times dribbling of urine, aliuays 
folloived by a sensation as if the bladder were not yet empty, for some dribblitig 
continued,*. — On coughing, the urine involuntarily spurted from her,'. — 
The first four days the urine was passed every quarter of an hour in a small 
quantity; on the following days the usual amount was passed, was of a 
dark color, and always every hour,*.^ — He was obliged to urinate frequently, 
but little was passed ; on the second day an increased quantity, but less 
frequently,^ — Micturition more frequent and scantier than in health (after 
seven days),". — '*More frequent micturition of very scanty, dark-colored urine 
for three days,*. — Frequent evacuation of watery urine at first, after a few 
days dark-yellow urine,'l — Micturition frequent, but always scanty; about 
a cupful of dark urine (after twenty-four hours),^ — ■'^'Micturition copious 
and very frequent, for several days (after twenty-four, and forty hours),'. — 
[390.] Micturition, at night, with erection, at last only dribbling, with 
burning in the neck of the bladder, with inefl^ectual desire ior stool ; re- 
lieved by lying bent up,'^ — Urinating less frequently than during the first 
days, yet more frequently than in health, and more in quantity than during 
the first day (after three to seven days),^ — Secretion of very little urine 
during the first daySj'.f — Urine red, frequent,'. • 

Sexual Organs. — Male. A soft moist growth in the fossa, behind 
the corona glandis, and a similar one on the glans itself, in both of which 
itching is caused by the rubbing of the shirt,'. — Moisture on the corona 
glandis, beneath the prepuce,'. — Erections, without lascivious thoughts and 
without emission, the whole night,". — Excessive erections all night, with- 

t The urinary symptoms are similar to those of the stool, as may also be noticed 
in the observations of others. — Hahnemakn. 


out emission (after sixteen hours),".— Sticking pain in the right side of the 
glans penis, while standing and walking,".— Painless bubbling in the scro- 
tum,'. — [400.] Itching within the scrotum, which is only somewhat relieved 
by pressure and rubbing between the fingers,'.— Pressive drawing (tearing) 
iu the right testicle, as if forcibly compressed,*. — *Pressive pain in the left 
testicle while walking, as also after rubbing ; still more violent when touched 
(after eight hours),". — The primary action causes great sexual desire; in 
the secondary effect or reaction of the organism (after five or six days) 
there follows indifference and total lack of sexual desire, both in the sexual 
organs and in the emotions,'.— An emission, at night, without dreams,'.— 
An emission during the afternoon sleep, the like of which had not hap- 
pened for thirty years, in an old man (after twelve hours),'. — Emission 
three nights in succession,'. — Emission five nights in succession, always 
with lascivious dreams,'.- ^e«ia?e. *Painful sensitiveness of the female 
sexual organs; on sitting down it hurts,\ — A vesicle posteriorly within the 
right labia majora, with biting by itself, and a sore pain when touched 
(after nine days),'. — [410.] A biting in the pudenda, even when not urinat- 
ing,'. — Spasmodic pain iu the pudenda and vagina,'. — Fine sticking itching 
in the vagina,'. — The menses, that had ceased for a year, reappeared, with 
cutting colic and violent rumbling, at the time of the new moon,'.t 

Bespiratovif Organs. Sharp irritation to cough, in the larynx, 
but slight cough, immediately after eating (after four days),'. — Constant 
inclination to hack on account of tenacious mucus in the larynx, which he 
cannot loosen by coughing,*. — Voice. Voice very weak on. account of 
weakness in the vocal organs, though in other respects he is active,'. — 
Cough and EJcpectoi-ation. Cough and coryza, for several weeks,'. 
— Cough, caused by tickling irritation, only during the day,'. — Violent 
cough after lying down, in the evening, and at noon, with tenacious ex- 
pectoration,'. — [430.] Cough, with yellow expectoration like husks, worse 
iu the forenoon from 9 to 12, less early in the morning (after five days),'. — 
Cough, ^vith expectoration, always of 5 to 8 drops of blood, and always 
preceded by a scraping sensation in the chest,'. — Cough, with expectoration 
of mucus,'. — Sharp cough and accumulation of water in the mouth always 
soon after eating; it seems as though this water would violently force 
through the pharynx and causes a cutting in it (after twenty-six hours),'. — ■ 
— Sharp cough, which threatens to tear open the larynx, as if caused by 
costal constriction of the trachea without special previous irritation (after 
four hours),'. — Easy expectoration of much mucus by hacking,'". — Bes- 
pil'ation. Dyspnaa towards the end of coition,^. 

Chest. — Tightly adherent mucus lies in the chest for the first six or eight 
hours aud several mornings ; afterwards, and during the day, easy expec- 
toration of mucus from the chest,'. — The chest feels weak ; something lies 
firmly adherent in the trachea, that compels hawking,'. — Oppression, like 
a constriction, in the chest, causing slow and very difficult inspiration, ex- 
piration relieves, together with anxiety and uneasiness, worse while sitting, 
better while walking, lasting five hours (after six hours),\ — [430.] An op- 
pression upon the cliest, an uneasy sensation in the afternoon that drives 
him from place to place, and does not permit him to remain in any place,'. 
. — Uneasiness in the chest,'. — A pressure in the chest, and a heaviness in it, 
while sitting, relieved while walking,'. — Attempts to eructate cause a pres- 

•)• Smcct this W!i3 only the primary acilion of the drug, the menses did not return 
on the following months. — Hahnkmaxn. 


sure and sticking, extending into the chest,'. — The chest was painful ex- 
ternally on touch,\ — Pain in the pectoral muscles, as if beaten, in the 
morning on moving in bed, and daring the day on crossing the arms ; she 
felt nothing on touching the parts, or on breathing,'. — A dull sticking- 
pressive pain in the cartilages of the last ribs on stooping, they are also 
painfully sore on touch,'. — Painful stitches in the chest, making expiration 
difficult,". — Sticking cutting in the costal cartilages of the left side; it 
seems as though one had been cut, associated with stitches,^ — Dull stitches 
in both sides of the costal muscles, while sitting, worse on leaning backwai'd, 
and persistent during inspiration an|d expiration (after half an hour),''. — 
[440.] Sticking itching between the costal cartilage.%,'^. — Fvoiit and Sides. 
Constant pain in the middle of the sternum, as from a sore, worse on rising 
up and stretching out the body ; also pain on touch, like a tension and 
pressure, so that at times it took away the breath,'. — Pain behind the 
sternum, as if suppurating, when coughing,'. — Pinching pressure below the 
sternum, just to the left of the ensiform cartilage,*. — Sensation of soreness 
behind the sternum,*. — Fine itching, sharp stitches, which provoke scratching 
in the upper part of the sternum, just beneath the pit of the throat,^. — Pinch- 
ing pressure beneath the right short ribs (after one hour and a quarter),". 
- — Pressure in the left side of the chest, not affected by respiration,'. — 
Sharp stitches with intermissions for several seconds, and lasting longer than 
usual, ill the region of the fourth costal cartilages of the right and left sides; 
they slowly penetrate from ivithin outward, without affecting inspiration or ex- 
piration (after fourteen hours),'. — Violent stitch in the right side of the 
chest while sitting, on bending the upper part of the body obliquely for- 
ward and to the right side,'. — [450.] Sharp stitches, which begin in the 
most posterior portion of the right ribs and extend in a serpentine course 
to the cartilages,". — A dull stitch in the left side of the chest, recurring 
after a few minutes,*. — Tensive stitches in the left side of the chest, while 
lying and on moving, worse during expiration than inspiration, most felt 
on ascending steps, and at last followed by a persistent stitch, which almost 
takes away the breath (after sixteen hours),^ — A persistent dull boring 
stitch in the left side of the chest (after thirty-seven hours),^ 

Heart, — He woke from the afternoon nap with most violent palpita- 
tion,'. — A beating palpitation on slight motion,'. — Palpitation while walk- 
ing, and when listening to music,'. 

JVech and Back. — If^ecU. Stiffness of the nape of the neck,'. — A 
pressure and tension in the muscles of the nape of the neck and left shoul- 
der (after half an hour),'. — A tense pain in the left side of the neck and 
occiput, only at night, which frequently wakes from sleep, and on account 
of which he can li^ upon neither the right nor left side,". — -[460] Tensive 
pressure in the side of the neck,'*. — Rheumatic pain like a drawing, in the 
nape of the neck and between the scapula, in the morning ; she was un- 
able to move the arms on rising from bed on account of pain, and could 
not turn the neck the whole forenoon, several mornings in success^ion, with 
weakness of the whole body, lasting till noon,'. — Rheumatic paiut'ulne^s, 
like a drawing pressure and stiffness, in the neck, at its union with the 
shoulder, on bending the neck forward,'. — Pressive drawing on the right 
side of the neck, not affected by motion or touch (after thirty-two hours),". 
— A drawing pressive (rheumatic) pain in the side of the neck, on bending 
it forward,'. — A pressing down sensation in the nape of the neck,'. — Para- 
lytic drawing in the cervical joints, posteriorly in the spinous process of 
the first dorsal vertebra,*. — Fine tearing in the muscles of the neck (after 


five minutes)/. — Paia as from a sticking with a knife, between the last 
cervical and first dorsal vertebrje.^ — Jerking stitches in the side of the 
neck, almost behind the ear, in the evening,". — [470.] A tensive stitch in 
the left cervical muscles,^ — Itching in the nape of the neck,\ — Hiick. 
(Pain like a beating and jerking, in the back at night, lasting from evening 
till 5 A.M , so that it took away his breath, with slumbering),'. — -Violent 
stitches, extending up the back (after seven days),'. — Dorsill. Burning 
pressive pain beneath the right scapula, close to the spine, with an acute 
sensation of heaviness in the right side of the chest (after two hours),'. — 
Fine tearing in the head of the left scapula, aggravated by motion,^ — A 
drawing pressure in the two first dorsal vertebrje, together with a smarting 
sensation (after one hour and three quarters),^ — Hard pressure in the left 
side of the dorsal muscles, near the spine (after four days),*. — Lumbal', 
A pressure, as if beaten, in the small of the back all night; the pain 
awoke her when it was worse, about 4 a.m. ; on rising up it disappeared,'. 
— *Pain in the small of the back, causing less distress ivhile walking than on 
rising from a seat, turning the body in bed, and on every motion sideivays, 
lasting several days (after ten hours),'". — [480.] A pain in the small of the 
back, extending downward, worse while stooping than when standing erect, 
least felt while sitting,'. — *Pain in the small of the back, as if everything 
tvere broken to pieces, in the morning in bed ; on rising from bed she could 
raise nothing from the ground till 8 or 9 o'clock, followed by hunger, afterwards 
colic and diarrhcea, tvhich was at last slimy, ^. — *In the small of the back stitches 
and pain as from a sprain, during rest, ceasing on walking,^. — SflCfdl. 
Drawing stitches, at times jerking, in the sacrum, while sitting,'. — A violent 
burning externally, on the lower portion of the sacrum (after half an 

Extremities. — * All the joints are stifle, in the morning on rising from 
bed, especially the shoulders, and lumbar and hip joints,^. — -^All the limbs 
are affected and everything is sore, the muscles on touch, thejoints on motion, 
more in the forenoon than in the afternoon,'. — *The limbs, with the shoul- 
der and hip joints, feel beaten and painful, as after a long walk,'. — An in- 
ternal trembling of the limbs if held long in one position, in the morning 
(after twenty-four hours),'. — A drawing (?) pain in thejoints of the shoul- 
der, elbow, wrist, fingers, back, knees, on moving them, less during rest, 
especially in the evening,'^— [490.] Cramp in the fingers, and in various 
parts of the limbs,*. — Sharp, deeply-piercing stitches at long intervals, in 
various parts of the limbs (after a quarter of an hour),". 

Sttljei'iof JEjctremities.—-Wea.kness and heaviness in both arms, 
as if lead were in them, after a nocturnal emission,'. — Pressive drawing, 
here and there, in the upper limbs, aggravated by tt)uch (after seven 
hours),*-— A pressive drawing in the right arm, in the evening in bed,'.— 
Pain in the bones of the arm, neither during rest nor when touched, but 
only (luring motion,\—Shoul<lei: Pressive drawing in the shoulder- 
joints, in the morning in bed, and immediately after rising; worse on mo- 
tion (after five days),".— Paralytic drawing in the shoulder-joint, at times 
also in the whole arm, when lying under the head in bed (after ninety 
hours),*.— Paiji, as from a sprain, in the right shoulder, only on motion,^— 
Violent pressive pain in the left shoulder-joint, not relieved by any motion 
(after thirty-six hours),".— [500.] A pressing downward of the shoulder, 
as if a weight were lying upon it, while sitting,'.- A dull pressive pain in 
the right axilla,"*.— A loose pressure upon the shoulder, which is painful 
to touch, as though the flesh were loose, while walking,'.— A drawing 


sticking in the left shoulder-joint, especially on moving the arm toward the 
chest,'. — A pressive stitch, from below upward, in the right shoulder (after 
four hours and a half),*. — Dull dickiiirj pains in the shoulder-joiid, ivorse on 
touch and motion,^. — Itching stitches in both a.villce (after five minutes),*. — 
Itching needlelike stitches in the right axilla (after three minutes),'.— 
Stitches in the left axilla,^ — Arm. Paralytic pressure in both upper and 
forearms, aggravated by 7notion and touch (after five days),'*. — [510.] Pres- 
sive drawing in the deltoid muscle.l — Hard pressure on the right upper 
arm, extending inward, aggravated bv touch (after two hours),^ — Paralytic 
pressive pain in the left upper arm, aggravated by touch (after seventy- 
two hours),*. — Paralytic pressive pain in the left upper arm, ar/graented by 
touch and motion ; the arm is weaJcened (after thirty-six hours),'. — Pain in 
the right humerus, an intolerable pressure in the periosteum, during rest 
and motion; the place was still more painful when touched (after thirty- 
six hours),\ — Tearing pain in the left upper arm, in the deltoid, while 
sitting, disappearing on motion,''. — Tearing pain in the muscles of the left 
upper arm, close to the elbow,". — Stitchlike tearing in the muscles of the 
right upper arm near the elbow,". — EiboiV. Paralytic weakness about 
the elbow (after two hours),^. — A sensation near the bend in the elbow, 
more towards the forearm, as from an eruption, or as if it were irritated 
with a needle; a kind of grinding, somewhat burning; though nothing 
could be seen, yet it was especially painful to touch,''. — Fot^eui'ltl, [520.] 
A pressive drawing like a pinching, ou the outer side of the radius beneath 
the left elbow,*. — -Pressive drawing in the muscles of the forearm and on 
the back of the hand,'. — Drawing- tearing pain in the forearm, especially 
on moving the arm and hand,'. — Sticking tearing in the left forearm (after 
one hour),'". — Jerking in the left forearm, during rest (after seventy-five 
hours),". — Slow dull stitches, like pressure, in the middle of the forearm,*. 
— Wl'ist. A drawing pressure transversely across the wrist, especially on 
motion,^ — Cramplike pain about the right wrist, which disappears on 
stretching out the fingers, but returns on bending them up, and is then 
associated with a tearing stitch, which extends through the whole arm to 
the shoulder (after twenty-four hours and a half),". — Sticking tearing in 
the left wrist (after one hour),'". — Ifand, Drawing pains through the 
bones on the back of the hand, especially on motion,''. — [530.] Painful 
drawing in the phalanges of the right hand (after five hours),'. — Sharp 
tingling stitches in the palm of the hand (after one hour),*. — Tickling 
itching in the palm of the left hand, provoking scratching,". — Fitlffet'S. 
When the fiugers are outstretched free they have a convulsive movement up 
and down,*. — Sensation as if a hard skin loere drawn over the tips of the fin- 
gers of the left hand; there is little feeling in them, and the sensation of touch 
is suspended,". — Paralytic drawing pain in the first joints of the fingers at the 
union of the metacarpal bones, aggravated by motion,". — Painful drawing in 
the metacarpus of the right index finger,'. — Hard pressure on the meta- 
carpal bone of the left index finger, aggravated by touch and motion of 
the fingers (after four minutes),'. — ^Intermittent pressive pain in the meta- 
carpal bone of the left thumb, aggravated by touch,'.— Persistent pressive 
pain in the metacarpal joint of the right middle finger, extending forward, 
persistent even during motion (after seventy-seven hours),''. — [540.] Pres- 
sive cramplike pain in the ball of the right little finger, on moving the 
hand,". — Fine jerking tearing in the muscles of several fingers, especially in 
their tips,". — Fine jerking tearing in the muscles of the thumb, especially vio- 
lent at the tip (after forty-five hours),'. — Tearing pain in the muscles of the 

VOL. IX. — 11 


ball of the left thumb, which disappears on moving the thumb,". — Tensive 
stitches in the tip of the left thumb (after fifty-two hours), I — Pain like 
needle stitches, in the middle phalanx of the right index finger and in its 
articulation, persistent during motion (after fifty-four hours),". — Crawling 
in the fingers as if they would go to sleep (after four hours and a half),'. — 
Deep hurning- itching, sharp, needlelike stitches in the left thumb, which pro- 
vokes scratching,*. 

Inferior JSxtronitles. — ITip. A pressive pain about the hip- 
joint, while walking and sitting,^ — *After sitting awhile the nates hurt,^. — 
[550.] Boring pain in the left gluteal muscles, while sitting (after twelve 
hours),l — A numb sensation in the left hip, extending to the abdomen, 
while standing,^ — Sticking itching in the gluteal muscles, and in several places 
of the body,^. — Weakness of the thighs and legs, for several days, especially 
in the knee-joints, was obliged to drag his feet, with sticking tearing in 
the calves and pains in the small of the back (after ten hours),'". — Aching 
in the thighs, ivhen walking (worse in the left thigh), which he was almost 
obliged to drag along (after fifty-one hours),'''. — A weary pain trans- 
versely across the thigh, and a feeling as if bruised, while lying ; together 
with a sensation of a great tightness in the joints, with a trembling and 
uneasiness in them, so that he could not hold them still,'. — Pain as from a 
sprain, in the middle of the left thigh, especially when walking (after eight 
hours),'. — Tension in the large outer muscles of the thigh, while walking.^ 
— Paralytic pain like a drawing, in the n)iddle of the thigh anteriorly, 
during rest and motion,'. — Bruised pain in all the muscles of the thigh, 
for two days, while walking rapidly,'.— [560.] A sore pain on the upper 
and inner portion of the thigh,'. — A coarse sticking, almost scraping sensa- 
tion in the right thigh, internally above the knee-joint (after eight hours),^ 
— Fine extremely painful piercing stitches on the inner portion of the left 
thigh, just above the knee (after thirty-eight hours),'. — Dull deeply-piercing 
stitches in the middle of the left thigh, towards the outer portiou,^— Sharp 
burning sticking in the posterior surface of the left thigh,*. — Fine itching 
stitches on the inner side of the thigh, which provoke scratching (after three 
hours),*. — Kliee. Great weakness in the knee-joints, in the morning, im- 
mediately after rising, which obliges him to sit down, walking and standing 
are difficult (after twenty-four hours),". — On rising from a seat, a sensation 
in the hollows of the knees as if the legs would give way ; a trembling, 
very irritable drawing up in the hollows of the kuees,l — A pain in the 
right knee, lasting a minute (as from a sprain?), while walking and on 
moving the feet,'^— Jerking above the right patella (after nine hours),'.— 
[570.] A sensation of drawing up in the hollows of the knees comes on as 
soon as he lies down, a kind of excessively irritable and voluptuous unea- 
siness in them, so that he cannot remain lying, but is obliged to rise,l — 
In the right knee-joint, and in the heads of the muscles of the calves, 
paralytic drawing like a weakness, while walking, which continues after 
walking, and even for a long time while sitting, before it gradually and 
entirely disappears,*.— A drawing tearing beneath the left patella, not dis- 
appearing on motion (after fifty-four hours),l — Drawing stitches in the left 
knee-joint, while sitting; at times jerking in it,'. — Draioing stitches in the 
right knee-joint, aggravated by TOoiw)i,l— Stitchlike pain on the inner mar- 
gin of the knee,". — A pressive sticking pain on the outer side of the knee, 
while stepping and when touched,'. — Dull stitches in the knee-joint near the 
patella; on touch the stitches change to pressive pain^. — Dull stitches in the 
right knee-joint, immediately after rising in the morning, aggravated by motion 


(after five days),'. — Burning stitches ow the outer side beneath the left Iriiee, 
at intervals*. — Leff, [580.] T'ettriug pain in the muselcs of one or t/ie other 
leg, while standing and sitting (after a few minutes),". — A |)i-('ssive ilrawiiig 
on the tibia, while sitting (after six hours),''. — Boring stitch in tlir right 
tibia during rest (after half an hour, and thirty-five hours),*. — Heaviness 
and tension in the calves,'. — Cramp, es[)ecially iu the upper and lower por- 
tions of the calves on waking from sleep, relieved neither by stretciiing up 
nor by bending up the leg; after the pain had diminished it was again 
aggravated, and became very acute on thinking of it (after six hours),'. — 
An intolerable cramp in the calf and sole of the foot of the leg upon which 
he was lying woke him from the afternoon nap (after twenty-four hours),'. 
— She could not fall asleep, iu bed in the evening, on account of pain in 
the calves ; she did not know where she should put her limbs, she was con- 
stantly obliged to move them from place to place in order to have some 
relief; the same sensation in the calves even when she rose in the night, 
and again on lying down in bed (after thirty-seven hours),'^ — Paralytic 
pressure in the muscles of the right calf, towards the outer part, aggra- 
vated by touch,^ — Sticking tearing in and beneath the right calf and above 
the left heel (after one, and ten hours),'". — An itching stitch in the right 
calf persistent while standing and walking, disappearing on scratching 
(after seventy-eight hours),". — AnMe. [590.] A drawing pressure trans- 
versely across the ankle, especially during motion.l — Sticking itching fast 
above the right outer malleolus ; it provokes scratching, but leaves no special 
sensation,". — Burning itching on the right inner malleolus (after four days),^ 
— Foot. Painless swelling of the backs of both feet, lasting a long time 
(after thirteen days),\ — Pressive tearing in the left metatarsal bones close 
to the ankle (after five hours and a half),°. — Constrictive sensation of 
heaviness in the left metatarsal bones close to the ankle (after three hours 
and a half),". — Pressive pain on the inner side of the sole of the left foot 
during rest (after twenty-nine hours),*. — Crawling and prickling in the 
sole of the foot which rests over the other while sitting, as if asleep (after 
seventeen hours),'. — Toe. Swelling of the metatarsal bone of the right 
little toe, which was painful to touch,'; — Pressive burning in the tip of the 
right great toe during rest (after four hours and a half),*. — [600.] Stick- 
ing itching iu the right great toe,^ 

Generalities. — He becomes pale, dizzy, and falls to the side as in a 
faint, in the forenoon, after rising from a seat ; a similar attack occurs 
about the same time the following day,'.— The whole bod}' starts up, fre- 
quently for several nights, both the arras and legs, as if some one suddenly 
tickled them, a kind of spasmodic jerking, though painless ; he was very 
hot though lightly covered, but without thirst and without sweat,'. — 
* Weakness of the whole body, especially of the knees, ivhen walking,^. — * Weari- 
ness and weakness of the body, i.n. the morning (after four hours and a half),'. 
— *In the morning in bed she is very weary without sleepiness, all the limbs 
are sore as if bruised, and as if there were no strength in them, for an 
hour,'. — Great weariness and inclination to sleep, iu the afternoon while 
sitting (after three days),'. — Great weariness in the morning on waking, 
which, however, soon disappears,'. — * Great weariness and sleepiness, after 
eating, feels the need of lying dozvn, soon falls asleep, wakes confused and 
heavy in the limbs, and dreads to walk ; on continuing to walk, which is 
very irksome, especially on ascending a hill, he feels more active and lively, 
indeed is more vigorous after a long ramble,'^. — *Painfulness of the lohole 
body as if bruised, with an excessively weak sensation, worse on motion, re- 


newed and aggravated by walking after sitting (after forty hours),'^ — 
[610.] *Fain in all the bones,^. — * General bruised sensation ivhen walking, 
better when sitting and lying down; especially in the calves; an excessively 
weary pain as if beaten; she could scarcely drag along the feet". — Paralytic 
drawing in various parts of the body, especially in the joints, if the limbs 
are kept long in an unusual or uncomfortable position,*. — * Drawing-tearing 
pain here and there, in the muscles of the whole body, while sitting (after 
eight and a half, and thirty-four hours),'. — Sharp itching stitches in various 
parts of the body,^. , 

Skill. — Objective. Papular eruption on the face, forehead, cheeks, 
anil about the mouth and wrist, which caused a drawing itching, ceasing 
only for a short time on scratching and then returning as a sticking,^ — 
Fine papular eruption on the face, forehead, cheeks, and near the corners 
of the mouth, which caused a sticking itching, and when touched a pain 
as if sui)purating (after nine hours),'. — Eruption of small (itching?) iso- 
lated pimples on the face,\ — Pimples about the inflamed eye,'. — A large 
but painless pimple surrounded by a white tip in the fossa behind the 
lobule of the ear,'. — [620.] * Itching j)bnples on the nape of the neclc,^. — 
Some pimples on the neck,'. — Rash on the chest; on becoming warm it 
was red and itching,'. — A tetterlike eruption on the lower ribs consisting 
of small, thick, red pimples, with burning-itching fine sticking, as from 
nettles ; after rubbing the spot was painful ; together with creeping chill 
over the part and over the upper abdomen,'. — ^Eruption of pimples as large 
as j)eas over the whole abdomen and thighs, ivhich itch, and when scratched off 
are moist, but then have a burning piain^. — Papular eruption on the elbow 
and towards the hand,'. — On the forearm a red elevation, in the middle of 
which is a pustule, with burning pain during rest, still more painful, like a 
boil, when touched,'. — *0n the hands, a tetter, ivhich itches in the evening, 
and burns after scratching,'. — Tetter on the thighs and legs,'. — A kind of 
gooseflesh, without chilliness, in both thighs and legs, especially numerous 
red and white pimples on them, with whitish pus at the tips, without the 
slightest sensation (after ten days),'. — [630.] Pimples with burning-itching 
pain on the leg,'. — The skin of au ulcerated leg becomes covered with a 
thin crust, from which yellow water exudes, with jerking and pricking 
pains,'. — Itching on the leg, in the evening in bed ; after rubbing flat ulcers 
appear with violent pain,'. — Subjective. Tearing jerking in an ulcer,'. — 
Tearing aud jerking about the ulcers during rest, in tlie morning and even- 
ing, which cease when walking,'. — The papular eruption on the face some- 
times causes a tensive sore pain ; when touched it is as painful as if suppu- 
rating,^ — Burning sensation, here and there, though always only in the 
limbs, never in other joarts of the body,". — Violent burning pain in the 
ulcers, in the evening for an hour after lying down, so that he could not 
fall asleep,'. — Burning-itching biting on the nates, as if rough woollen were 
drawn over the skin, in the evening, in bed ; disappearing on scratching 
and returning in another place,'l— Crawling on the inner surfaces of the toes, 
which does not provoke scratching, it seems as if they had been asleep,*.— 
[640.] Crawling on the thighs and legs (that had been swollen hard, elastic, 
for many years), with a sensation as if the parts were internally hot, would 
burst, and were very heavy,'.— Biting as from salt in au ulcer,'.— Sticking 
burning, here and there, in the skin,'.- Stitcheslike fleabites on the hands, 
nape of the neck, head, lower limbs, etc. (after one hour and a half ),'».— 
Burning itching in the little toes, as if they had been frozen, in the even- 
ing ; they are painful on touch, and the painful spots are red, for four 


da3'S (after twelve hours),'". — The tetter itches only at night,'.— Itchinjf 
over the head and whole body, especially in the morning ; a creeping itching 
and crawling as from the creeping of an insect, which goes from place to 
place,'. — Salty biting itching in an ulcer,'. — Itching on the cheeks,'. — 
Voluptuous itching about the scrotum, that constantly increiises on rub- 
bing until it becomes a superficial sore pain, while this disappears the itch- 
ing still continues, and at last causes an emission (after five, six, and eight 
days),'.t — [650.] Itching on the right tibia above the outer malleolus, which 
does not disappear on rubbing (after two hours and a half),l — Itching on 
the tendo Achillis above the heel,". — A painful burning itching on the 
inner side of the two toes, just as if they had been frozen (after four hour-s),'. 
— Itching burning in the right little toe, as if it had been fi-ozen, in the 
evening; it is painful even on slight pressure,'. 

Slee}>. — Slee2>incns. Violent yawn in g that forces tears from the eyes 
(after a quarter, and half an hour),'". — Frequent yawniiirj as though he had 
not slept enough (after two hours),". — Great inclination to yawn and stretch ; 
she cannot stretch enough,'.- — Sleepiness in the afternoon, the eyes close,". — ■ 
Great sleepiness in the afternoon, from 2 to 4,'. — Sleepiness during the day ; 
wherever he sat down he fell asleep,'. — [660.] In the evening he cannot 
reach the bed before he falls asleep, and he also falls asleep as soon as he 
gets into bed,'. — Sleeplessness. He did not sleep the whole night, yet 
the eyes closed,'. — He cannot fall asleep before midnight on account of 
wakefulness; scarcely had he fallen asleep when he had vivid dreams of 
strife and quarrels,". — She was unable to fall asleep before 11 p.m., and 
then woke about 4 a.m., several nights,'. — Night restless ; every hour he 
was half awake, and if he got into a slumber did not sleep soundly nor 
really awaken,'. — At night the child is very restless and calls its mother 
every moment,'. — Restlessness, for several nights, he could lie on neither 
side; before midnight he was full of various thoughts,'^ — Uneasy sleep 
and tossing about,^ — He fell asleep, but was awakened immediately by a 
dream, in which he struggled with an animal, so that he started up greatly 
frightened (after thirty hours),^ — He wakes towards morning as though 
he had slept enough, but falls asleep again immediately (after forty-six 
hours),". — [670.] He wakes at 2, and so from hour to hour, without 
cause,'. — In the morning wide awake, afterwards sleepy, with chilly shiver- 
ing in the back, I — Ureatus. Vivid disagreeable dreams, towards nioru- 
ing,'". — Vivid unremembered dreams, at night,". — Very vivid connected 
dreams,'. — Restless dreams, busy now with one, now with another subject; 
at oue time he started up and woke, but could not perfectly collect him- 
self,*. — Anxious restless dreams,^. — Dreams full of bitterness,". — Dreams 
of murder,' ; (second night),'. — He dreamed as soon as he fell asleep ; at 
one time he was fighting with some one, at another time he had anxious 
visions, when he woke, and then dreamed again,*. — [680.] He dreamed of 
the business of the day, immediately on falling asleep,'. — Amorous dream, 
at night, with two emissions,". — Amorous dreams, with emissions,^. — Volup- 
tuous dreams, without emission,'. 

Fever. — Chilliness. Chilliness, without subsequent heat, in the 
morning in bed,'. — Chilliness, followed by heat, in the morning in bed; she 
did not wish to rise, in the morning,'. — He wohe frequently at night with 
chilliness, could not fully collect his senses,". — The whole body is shaken by a 
chill, with warm forehead, hot cheeks, cold hands, without subsequent heat 

f Believed by smelling Ambra. — Hahnkmakn. 


and without thirst (after one hour and a half ),".— Shaking chill, in the 
evening before falling asleep, so violent that it shook him in the bed and 
he was unable to get warm (after twenty hours),". — Crouching up with 
shivering, with sleepiness and dryness of the mouth (after three hours),'. — 
[690.] Shivering over the tvhole body, ivithout thirst, and without immediate 
subsequent heatiai'ler thirty hours),*. — Shivering and sensation of chilliness 
while eating, without thirst, two hours before the heat,*. — Internal shiver- 
ing with great thirst, without subsequent heat, about 3 p.m., lor several 
days,*. — Shivering the whole night, without thirst and without subsequent 
heat,'. — Shivering, with gooseflesh, about 3 p.m., for several days, which 
ceased in the open air, and was without thirst,^ — Evening fever, consisting 
of coldness,'. — Chilliness in the back, even by a hot stove (after a quarter 
of an hour),'. — Transient shivering chill running down the back, after 
eating,". — He could not get warm iu the back and arms, though they were 
close to the stove ; with frequent shivering over the back and arms, towards 
the nape of the neck over the head and face, in the morning after rising,''. 
— Cold feet, only in the evening iu bed,". — Heat. [700.] Sensation of 
great heat, as if externally she were burning hot, with thirst (great orgasm 
of blood), without previous chill,'. — Slight heat after the shivering,'. — ■ 
Some heat and some headache, in the open air towards evening,'. — Heat 
about the head, with sweat on the forehead, iu the raoruiug in bed,'. — At 
night, heat, especially about the forehead, so that she was unable to sleep 
alter 3 o'clock, followed by shaking chill about 9 a.m.,'. — Sensation of heat, 
and heat in the lace, without thirst, an hour after the chill,". — Sensation of 
warmth on the forehead, as from a constant warm breath against it, at 
tinjes also a cold breath, with redness of the cheeks and external warmth 
of the body (after four days),'''. — A not disagreeable seusation of warmth 
over the back, three hours after eating,'^ — Heat creeps over the lower por- 
tion of the back paroxysmally with otherwise only warm body, without 
subsequent sweat, 'I — At night, sensation of great heat in the hands and 
feet, she was obliged to keep them uncovered,'. — [710.] Seusation of heat 
rather than heat iu the right hand, which was also redder than the other 
hand, with violent tearing in the middle joints of its four fingers,'. — 
Sircat, On waking at night, he is covered with warm perspiration, with- 
out thirst, on the abdomen, feet, and genitals, although moderately cov- 
ered ; but on uncovering he becomes so cold that the perspiration disap- 
pears, and he thinks he has taken cold (after seventy-two hours ),'.^ 
Extraordinary perspiration, in the afternoon, Avith heat over the whole 
body, without thirst, although he sits very quietly,'. — Profuse nightsweat 
(after ten days),'. — Perspiration after midnight for several nights,'. — 
Nightsweat of a bad odor (after eight days),'. — ''''Savat of the odor of bad 
eggs, towards midnight (after four, aud six days\'. — Inclined to sweat,'. 

Conditions.— Aggia,va.tion.—( Morning), Peevish; confusion of head ; 
on waking, headache; dryness of eyes; canthi agglutinated; nausea; in 
bed, tension through upper abdomen; mucus in chest; in bed, pain in 
pectoral muscles; pain in nape of neck ; pain in small of back; stiffness 
of joints; weakness of knee-joints; on waking, weariness; tearing and 
jerking about ulcers; chilliness — (Forenoon), 9 to 12, cough and expecto- 
ration. — (Afternoon), Sleejiiness ; 3 p.m. internal shivering. — [Evodng), 
In bed, vertigo; pressure in brain; dryness of eyes; on falling asleep, 
sticking in throat; in bed, cutting in umbilical region; stitch on side of 
neck ; drawing in joints of extremities ; tearing and jerking about ulcers; 
cold feet. — {Night), Towards morning, toothache in anterior teeth; pain 


in four lower front teeth ; emission ; 4 a.m., pressure in small of back ; 
itching of tetter ; sweat. — ( Open air), Pressure above right orbit; itching 
in canthns; pain in hollow tooth; tearing in roots of hollow teeth. — 
(Bending fo7"ivard), Pain in neck. — (67(no/)(.(?), Toothache. — (Closimj eijes), 
Pressure in upper lid. — {Coughing), Pain behind sternum. — (Eating), 
Tearing in gum and lower back teeth.- — (After eating), Eructations of taste- 
less liquid ; hiccough; cough and accumulation of water in mouth. — {After 
eating and drinking), Cutting in intestines. — (Expiration), Stitch in region 
of navel; stitch in left side of chest. — (//( the house), Vertigo. — (Leaning 
backward), PiLiu in costal cartilages. — (Lying down), Fain across thigh; 
drawings in hollows of knees. — (After micturition), GattiBg paiu. — (Motion), 
Headache; pressure in forehead ; cutting in abdomen; palpitation; tear- 
ing in head of left scapula ; paiu in bones of arms ; drawing in shoulder- 
joints; pain in right shoulder; pressure in upper and forearm; pressure 
across wrist ; pain through back of hand ; pain in fingers ; pressure on 
metacarpal hone of left index finger; stitch in knee-joint; pressure across 
ankle. — (Motion in, open air). Toothache. — (Motion sideivays). Pain in small 
of back. — (Moving head), Headache in forehead ; drawing in occiput. — ■ 
(ilfustc). Palpitation. — (Pressure), '!i\Aic\\ in region of navel ; stitch in left 
groin. — (During rest), Stitches in small of back. — (Rubbing), Biting on 
scalp. — (Sitting), Vertigo ; pain in rectum ; stitches in sacrum ; stitches in 
side of chest; pressing downward in shoulder ; pain in left upper arm; 
pain about hip joint ; tension in muscles of thighs. — (Smoking), Heartburn. 
— {Standing), Headache in forehead ; dulness of head. — (Stepping), Pain in 
knee. — (Stooping), Vertigo ; pain in head ; sticking in head ; sticking in 
forehead ; stitch in right abdominal ring ; pain in loins ; oppression of 
chest ; pain in cartilages of chest ; pain in small of back. — (Stretching aid 
body). Pain in sternum. — -(Stretching out finger). Pain about right wrist. — 
(Touch), Stitches in temples; drawing in head ; drawing from hyoid bone 
into neck; drawing in upper limbs; pain in shoulder; pressure in upper 
and forearm ; pressure on metatarsal bone of left index finger; pressure on 
muscles of right calf. — (Walking), Tingling and sticking in head; palpi- 
tation ; pressure on shoulder ; pain about hip-joint; pain in thigh ; weak- 
ness of thighs ; pain in right knee; drawing in knee-joint; weakness of 
body ; general bruised sensation. — ( Walking in open air), Pressing asunder 
pain in occiput ; stitchlike paiu in abdomen. 

Amelioration. — (Eating), Sticking in margin of tongue. — (Inspira- 
tion and expiration), Stitch in left groin. — (Lying bent up). Desire for stool. 
— (Motion), Pain in left upper arm. — (Best), Pinging in ear. — (Besting 
head on hand). Heaviness of head. — ( Walking), Vertigo ; headache in fore- 
head ; oppression in chest. 


Sticta pulmonaria, L. 

Natural order, Lichenes. 

Common name, Lungwort lichen. 

Preparation, Tincture. 

Authorities. 1, S. P. Burdick, M.D., North Am. Journ. of Hom., vol. xii, 
p. 202, took ten drops of the strong tincture at 7 a.m. (first and second 
days), 20 drops at 7 a.m. (third day); 2, same, administered -j-^th to a very 
susceptible patient ; 3, C. H. Lutes, M.D., Hales New Remedies, p. 992, 
took increasing doses of 5 to 6 drops 2d dec. dil. for four days without re- 
sults, then 1st dec. in like manner without results, then 5 drops of mother 


tincture at 8 a.m., 10 drops at 12.30 and 6 p.m. (first day), 15 drops at 10 
A.M. and 12.30 p.m. (second day), 30 drops at 7 a.m., 40 drops at 9 a.m., 
60 drops at 2 p.m. (third day) ; 4, S. Lilienthal, M.D., Am. Journ. of Horn. 
Mat. Med., vol. ii, p. 234, a lively girl aged twelve years, had a light at- 
tack of iniiuenza and was sleepless, took a few pellets. 

jyiincl, — She got very lively, told her father she felt as if she would 
like to strike out, only for fun ; she would like it just for the fun of it. 
After awhile she lay down on the lounge, and began, to use a common ex- 
pression, to kick up her heels; her mother, reproaching, said, "Bella, do 
behave, that is not ladylike;" when the child responded: " Ma, I cannot 
help it; I feel exactly "as if I wanted to fly away,"*. — Mind inactive, can- 
not collect my thoughts (second day) ; mind inactive, cannot concentrate 
the mind (third day),'. — Inability to concentrate the mind upon any one 
subject; a general confusion of ideas, increasing in intensity all day (after 
one hour, tiiiird day),'. 

Head. — "^'Dull sensation in the head, with sharp, darting pains through 
the vertex, side of the face, and lower jaw, contimnng for two or three hours 
(after one hour, first and second days),'. — '^Experienced the previous 
dull sensation in the head, with dull heavy pressure in the forehead and 
root of the nose, increasing in intensity during the day (after one hour, 
third day),'. — 12 m., slight headache in the frontal region; dull, heavy, 
intermitting; 2 p.m., headache increased, worse in the right supraorbital 
region; 3 p.m., headache worse; 4 p.m., increased, more acute, seems to 
extend through the brain, worse in the right side of the head (second day). 
In ten minutes (7.10 a.m.), pain in right temple, deep, shooting, intermit- 
ting ; 8 a.m., pain worse, extends through the frontal and right parietal 
region, seems to extend deep into the brain; 11 a.m., headache increased, 
w'orse in the right supraorbital region, pain dull, heavy and intermitting; 
5 P.M., headache almost intolerable, seems to extend through the brain 
(third day),^ — Darting pains in the temporal region, increasing in inten- 
sity during the entire day (after one hour, third day),'. — Sensation as if 
the scalp were too small, or were drawn too tight (third day),''. 

Eye. — Eyes feel heavy (third day),'. — [10.] ^Burning in the eyelids, 
ivith soreness of the ball, on closing the lids or turning the eye, increasing in 
intensity during the entire day (alter one hour, third day),'. — *There was a feeling of fulness at the root of the nose, con- 
tinuing for two or three hours (after one hour, first and second days),'. 

Stomach, — Dull oppressive pain in the cardiac region, for three to 
four hours (second day),'. 

Abdoiiieu. — Dull pain in the right hypochondrium, for three to four 
hours (second day),'. — Feeling of fulness in the left hypochondriac region, 
lasting for two or three hours (after one hour, first and second days),'. 

Chest. — ^Slight oppression of the lungs, for three to four hours (second 

EorATemitles. — Sharp darting pains in the arras, legs, and shoulders, 
commencing first in the muscles of the arms, then in the finger-joints and 
shoulders, next in the thighs, knee-joints, and toes ; continued for two or 
three hours (after one hour, first and second days),'. — Lancinating pain in 
the second joint of the middle finger, increasing in intensity all day (after 
one hour, third day),'. — Her left leg felt as though it was floating in the 
air, feeling light and airy, without any sensation of resting upon the bed; 
this continued for some time, and gradually passed ofl^,^ — General feeling 
of duluess of two or three hours' duration (after three or four hours, first 
and second days),'. — [20.] Very soon after taking it she said, " Doctor, I 


feel that medicine all over me,'". — General feeling of tvearivem (second 
day),''. — Burning biting-sticking pains all over the body, increasing in in- 
tensity during the entire day (after one hour, third day),'. 


Stillingia sylvatica, Linn. 

Nahiral order, Euphorbiacese. 

Preparation, Tincture of the root. 

Authorities. 1, H. R. Frost, M.D., South. Journ. of Med. and Pharm., 
vol. i, p. 617, sensible properties ; 1 a, same, a transverse slice of the recent 
root, about the size of a sixpence, was chewed. (2 to 5 from E. M. Hale, 
Trans. Amer. Institute, 1869, first published in Hale's New Remedies, 2d 
edition.) 2, Dr. A. B. Nichols, set. 25 years, good health, except a chronic, 
inveterate skin disease, a species of eczema, took JO drops of mother tinc- 
ture at 8.30 P.M. (first day), same 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. (second day), same 
at 9 A.M. and 2 p.m. and 11 p.m. (third day), same at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
(fourth day), same at 9 a.m. (fifth day); 2 a, same, took 10 drops of 
mother tincture at 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. (first day), obliged to discontinue 
use of the drug on account of pain (second day) ; 3, Dr. Thomas Eckles, 
commenced with 10 drops, repeated it three times each day, and at each 
repetition enlarged the dose, till at last he reached a maximum of a table- 
spoonful ; 3 a, same, two months later, took 10 drops at 6 a.m., noon, 3 
P.M., and 15 drops at 6 and 10 p.m. (first day) ; 15 drops at 6 and 11 a.m., 
1, 3, and 6 p.m., 20 drops at 10 p.m. (second day) ; 20 drops at 6 and 9 
A.M., noon, 3 and 6 p.m., and on going to bed (third day); same at 6 a.m., 
noon, 3 and 6 p.m., and on retiring (fourth day) ; same at 6 a.m., noon, 6 
and 10 P.M. (fifth day) ; same at 6 a.m., noon, and on retiring (sixth day) ; 
25 drops at 6 a.m. (seventh day) ; 100 drops (eighth day) ; while this prov- 
ing was going on, he was employed in proving the 1st dilution, but suc- 
ceeded in getting no symptoms which he was satisfied were not purely 
imaginary ; 3 b, same, two years later, took 10 drops of tincture, as pre- 
pared by C. S. Halsey, one part, by weight, of root to ten of dilute alcohol, 
at 4.30 P.M. (first day) ; 10 drops after breakfast and half a tablespoonful 
before dinner (second day) ; half a tablespoonful after breakfast, before 
dinner, and before going to bed (third day) ; same after breakfast and din- 
ner (fourth day) ; after breakfast, dinner, and on going to bed (fifth day) ; 
a tablespoonful (sixth day) ; 3 c, same, four days after close of last proving, 
took 5 drops on going to bed (first night) ; 8 before breakfast, 10 before 
dinner, supper, and before going to bed (second day) ; 10 before breakfast, 
dinner, and at 3 p.m., 15 after supper and before retiring (third day) ; con- 
tinued to take the drug, increasing the dose to 100 drops ; 4, J. M. Cun- 
ningham, took 15 drops of the tincture twice each day, about 9 a.m. and 
9.30 p.m.; 5, E. H. Ingraham, set. 25 years, has general good health, but 
is often troubled with gastric derangements, took 10 drops of mother tinc- 
ture three times a day, from Feb. 1st to Feb. 8th, then began to take 100 
drops daily; 6, Dr. Preston, Trans, of Penn. Soc, R. E. C, took 5 drops 
of tincture in half an ounce of water at 10 a.m. (first day), same in the 
forenoon and 5 drops of 3d in the evening (third day) ; 7, Mr. P., took 5 
drops of tincture in half an ounce of. water at 10 A.m. (first day), same in 
the morning and 10 drops of 3d at 8.30 p.m. (third day) ; 8, W. 0. G., took 
5 drops of 3d dil. at 8.30 (first day), same at 10 a.m. (second day), 10 at 4 


P.M. (third day) ; 9, F. F. Taber, M.D., Ohio Med. and Surg. Reporter, 
vol. ix, at 10 P.M. he chewed a piece of the fresh bark ; 10, Mrs. S., chewed 
a piece of the fresh root at 8 A.m. ; 11, same, Zanthus Lj-pe, set. 40 years, 
took 40 drops at 2.20 and 4.30 p.m. (first day), same at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 
(fourth day), same at 10 A.M., 50 at 2.30 and 4.40 p.m. (sixth day), 60 at 
7.50 and 10.30 a.m. (seventh day), 70 at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (eighth day), 
90 at 8 A.M. and 4 p.m. (ninth day), 100 at 10 a.m. (tenth day), 110 at 3 
P.M. (eleventh day). 

MiiKl. — * Depression of spirits (eleventh day), and gloomy forebodings 
(twelfth day) ; low spirits (fourteenth day),°. — Intellect dull and stupid 
(ninth and tenth days),^ 

Hecul. — Dizziness (first day),l — Throbbing and dizziness of the head 
(after second dose, third day),^ — Dull pain in the head (after fourteen 
hours and a half),l — Pains in the head (third day),l — Headache (after 
second dose, fourth day), I — Slight headache (after four hours),^". — Fore- 
head. Dull heavy pain in the frontal portion of the head (after twenty 
minutes),^. — [10.] A feeling as if a heavy substance was pressing on the 
brain, the front part; the pain became very sharp and darting, in fact, 
almost unendurable (first day),^ — Violent frontal headache (one hour after 
second dose, third day),l — Slight frontal headache (sixth day),^ — Head- 
ache, in the evening ; a constant flowing pain, like a current, running from 
the median line of the forehead to the occipital process and left cerebellum ; 
this symptom was noticed several days since (eighth, ninth, and tenth 
days),l — Severe sharp shooting in right side of frontal bone, running 
downward to the eye (after six hours, third day),*. — Sharp darting pain 
in the sinciput, extending to the occiput (sixth day),". — Tenures. Slight 
headache, I'unning from anterior portion of temples ; the pain is dull and 
constant (fourth day),l — A slight, constant, dull headache through the 
temples (eleventh day),". — Slight, constant, dull pain through the temples 
and forehead (twelfth day),*. — Headache, dull and constant, with pressing 
through the temples (thirteenth day) ; headache through the temples con- 
tinues to trouble at intervals (fifteenth to eighteenth day),°. — [20.] Dart- 
ing pain in the left temporal region, as if a piece of wire or some sharp- 
pointed instrument had been thrust into the temples (fourth and fifth 
days),". — Vertex. Slight, but persistent headache; pains mostly at the 
top and at the front of the head,". — Pai'tet(ds. Dull pain in the right 
side of the head, I — Occiput. Sharp darting pain iu the right occipital 
protuberance (eighth day),". 

ISye. Eyes inflamed and watery (third day),l — Sharp darting pain 
over the left eye, with .slight lachrymation from both eyes, more profuse 
when reading; right eye affected more than left (eighth day),". 

Nose.- — Small abscesses in the side of the right nostril (sixth day),^ — 
Catarrhal discharge from the nose, at first watery, then mucopurulent; 
nostrils sore on inner surface (fifth day) ; some catarrh (sixth day),^ — 
Eeturn of nasal catarrh, the discharge being more watery and containing 
less of mucus than before (eleventh day),''. — Woke up at 6 a.m., feeling a 
sharp burning sensation in the right nostril (ninth day),". 

Face. — [30.] Pain under malar bone, extending transversely through 
the liice (twelfth day),l — Stinging-darting pains in the face (one hour after 
second dose, third day),^. 

31outh.— Teeth. Spells of neuralgic toothache (eleventh day),^— 
Tongue. Tongue coated heavily, yellowish- white (eleventh day); "coated 
white (twelfth and fourteenth days),". — Tongue slightly coated ; color, 


white,'. — Tongue slightly furred (fourth day),"'. — Tongue slighted coated 
(after four days),'". — ^Tongue feels rough and sore (after second dose),". — 
General Jifouth. Considerable heat in mouth and fauces, extending 
down the oesophagus, with burning in the stomach,'\ — Rough, dry feeling 
in the mouth (seventh day),". — Ta,ste. [40.] Salty taste in the mouth 
(after second dose),". — Bitter taste in the mouth, in the morning (third 
morning), ^ — The taste of this root is pungent, and leaves on the root of 
the tongue and fauces an impression biting and irritating, exciting a flow 
of saliva,'. — Saliva. Increased flow of saliva,'". 

Throat. — A severe choking sensation resembling globus hystericus ; it 
was impossible to dislodge it until I had recourse to Nux vom. and Cheli- 
donium maj. (second day),'. — Sensation as if there were a ball or lump in 
my throat, so that I could not get to sleep until after 1 A.m. (eighth 
night),". — Tickling in the throat and short hacking cough (fifth day) ; 
cough continues, at times quite severe (sixth day), I — Slight soreness of 
the throat was perceptible about the region of the pharynx,". — Toitsil.s 
and Fauces. Inflammation of the left tonsil, lasting several days,^ — 
Dryness and tickling of the fauces, with short hacking cough (after four 
hours),-". — [50.] Fauces inflamed (second day),^'. — Irritation of the fau- 
ces,'. — Smarting and stinging in the fauces, after an hour subsiding, leaving 
a feeling of rawness and smarting in them; dryness of the fauces (first 
day); smarting, stinging, and dryness of the fauces all day (second day) ; 
smarting and stinging pains in the fauces (after second dose, third day) ; 
smarting pains (after second dose, fourth day),l — Intense burning feeling 
in the fauces and throat, which extended to the stomach ; felt as if the 
whole surface had been deprived of its epithelium, causing an intense 
burning sensation when any attempt to swallow was made; this sensation 
continued in the stomach two hours (after two hours) ; slight burning sen- 
sation in the stomach (second day),'. — Slight warmth of the fauces (after 
second dose),". — Considerable heat in the fauces, which gradually increased 
until the throat became very sore (sixth day),". 

Stomach. — Appetite. Increase of appetite,'. — Loss of appetite 
(seventh day),". — Mructat ion and Hearthni'n, Severe regurgita- 
tion of food, and actual vomiting of the ingesta for some time after eating 
(second day),'. — Pyrosis coming on each day about 3 p.m. and lasting until 
bedtime (have never suffered from a similar attack previous to the prov- 
^•^8)^ — [^0.] Pyrosis was a constant attendant while proving the remedy, 
commencing about 2 p.m. and continuing until bedtime,*. — Nausea and 
Tomitiny. Nausea,'". — Nausea accompanied the constipation,'. — If we 
remain in a close room where the root is being boiled, and the vapor passes 
into the room, a sense of sickness at the stomach is excited, with a disposi- 
tion to discharge saliva, with headache and other unpleasant symptoms,'. — 
Sick and qualmish at the stomach (after two hours and a half) ; sickness 
relieved by Ipecac.,'". — In persons susceptible to the operation of emetics, 
vomiting follows,'". — Stomach. Faint, empty sensation in my stomach 
(seventh day),". — Great distress in epigastrium (eighth day),". — At 6 p.m. 
experienced a griping pain in the epigastrium, soon followed by diarrhceic 
evacuations, with an abundant discharge of flatus (sixth day) ; a continued 
feeling of impending diarrhoea (seventh day),'". — Griping pains in the epi- 
gastrium, followed by a diarrhceic stool (after four days),"". — [70.] Severe 
cramps in the stomach,'". 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Severe cramps in both hypochon- 
driac regions,". — Sharp darting pain in the left hypochondrium ; appears 


to begin in the ascending colon and passes through the transverse into tlie 
descending colon, followed by escape of flatus (fourth and fifth days),". — 
TJmbilicils, Coliclike pains; violent pains in the umbilical region (one 
hour after second dose, third Aa.y)i\— Genei'fil Abdomen. Slight 
borborygmus, with escape of flatus (after second dose),". — Severe rumbling 
in the bowels, as if diarrhoea was about to set in, which was relieved by 
escape of flatus ; this lasted about two hours, but was finally relieved by 
smoking (fourth and fifth days),". — Constant rumbling in the bowels, re- 
lieved by escape of flatus (tenth day),". — Considerable rumbling in bowels 
(seventh day),". — Sharp darting pains in my bowels (fifth day),". — Heavy 
pain in the hypogastric region (first day),^ 

Jirefuni and Anus. — [80.] For several days after taking the last 
dose, had a severe attack of piles, the first I had ever suffered ; the attack 
lasted several weeks before I was entirely relieved by the use of proper 
remedies,". — Considerable pain in the rectum and sphincter ani with the 
.stool (fifth day),^''. — Pain in the sphincter ani, as though the muscle had 
been bruised (ninth day),^\ — On voiding stool, very severe burning at the 
anus and considerable tenesmus (twelfth day),". — With the evacuations 
from the bowels, some tenderness and a burning sensation in the anus, 
which subsided after half an hour, leaving an uneasy sensation in the rec- 
tum (fourth day),". — With the loose evacuations, great tenesmus and burn- 
ing at the anus, which lasted half an hour (eleventh day),". 

Stool. — Dhirrluea. After a short time my bowels became very 
loose and irregular; this condition was soon followed by constipation, 
accorapauied with nausea, together with a slow and irregular pulse when 
lying down ; subsequently, a sensation as though diarrhoea were about to 
set in,'. — Two copious, acrid, frothy, bilious evacuations from my bowels, 
with some tenderness and a i3urning sensation in the anus (fifth day); at 
2 P.M. a loose, papesceut, bilious evacuation, accompanied by loss of appe- 
tite (seventh day) ; two loose evacuations following each other at short 
intervals, with great tenesmus and burning at the anus, which lasted half 
an hour (eleventh day) ; as usual, an evacuation immediately after break- 
fast, the call being urgent (twelfth day),". — Bowels began to move (after 
four hours) ; in two hours had six evacuations, three of which were copi- 
ous, the last three rather scanty, but white, and resembled dysenteric stools ; 
another action, the substance passed being white and resembling cui-ds,'°. — 
Adiarrhoeic stool followed the griping pains in the epigastrium (after four 
dAys),^'.— Constipation . [90.] At 2 p.m. had passage of the bowels, 
being nineteen hours over my regular time; it was attended with consider- 
able pain, which was entirely confined to rectum and sphincter ani (fifth 
day),'*. — Constipation was induced while I was under the influence of the 
drug, there being a delay of stool of several hours beyond the usual time,*. 

TJrinaiy Organs.— Kidnei/s and Uiethra. Awoke with a 
dull pain across the region of the kidneys; pain in the urethra and kid- 
neys has continued all day; have been obliged to discontinue the drug on 
this account (second day); the pain in the urethra has not entirely sub- 
sided (seventh day),^— On waking at 6 a.m., sharp darting pain in both 
kidneys, the left first, and then the right, with dull heavy pain in the left 
testicle (ninth day),".— Severe pain in the right kidney, or in its immediate 
vicinity, the pain, however, of short duration,^ — Violent smarting-buniing 
pains throughout the entire length of the urethra, aggravated by micturi- 
tion, with difiiculty in voiding urine, and dull pain in region of kidneys; 
the pains continued for two hours so severe that it was impossible to re- 


main quiet (seventh day) ; pain in tlie urethra severe at times and during 
micturition; can detect no discharge (twelfth day),^ — Tli'inc. (Quantity 
of urine materially increased ; clear, transparent urine ; scalds a little in 
passing (ninth day) ; quantity of urine increased (tenth day) ; urine scalds 
in passing, with uneasy sensation at the neck of the bladder, feeling as if 
it were inflamed ; urine quite clear (eleventh day),". — Urine 3^5 ounces, 
about the quantity for several days past (first day); 38 ounces, high-col- 
ored, containing brickdust sediment (fifth day) ; high-colored and inclined 
to foam, about 40 ounces (sixth day) ; 45 ounces (seventh day) ; 38 ounces, 
tolerably clear, although containing some brickdust sediment (eighth day) ; 
40 ounces, thick and milky, containing much chloride of sodium (ninth 
day); 58 ounces, tolerably clear, but inclined to form bubbles as discharged 
(tenth day) ; about 40 ounces, almost clear, and less inclined to foam 
(eleventh day) ; 35 ounces (thirteenth day) ; urine has gradually returned 
to its usual quantity, from 32 to 36 ounces (fifteenth to eighteenth daYj,^ — 
Urine tested before the proving, sp. gr. 1026 and colorless ; after standing 
twenty-four hours it contained, upon examination, a flocculent mucous sedi- 
ment, differing somewhat from the sediment which was present during r,he 
proving, the latter being of a dark brownish color,''. — An abundaut white 
sediment appeared in the urine soon after it was voided (second day),°^ 

Sexual Organs. — Male, [100.] On passing urine there was a 
sharp pain in the glans penis, extending up the urethra, so severe as to 
cause the perspiration to start (after thirteen hours); sharp pains in the 
penis on waking (second day),^°. — Slight drawing up of the right testicle, 
noticed several days since (ninth day),^. — Dull heavy pain in the left tes- 
ticle (ninth and tenth days),". — Female. Both ovaries pained very se- 

Respiratoi^y Organs. — Larynx and Trachea. Constric- 
tion of the larynx (first day, and one hour after second dose, third day),^ 
— Bruised feeling of the trachea when pressure is applied,'. — On going to 
bed, felt a slight uneasiness and tickling in the trachea and bronchial tubes 
(first night) ; worse on rising in the morning (second day),'". — Slight lame 
feeling seemingly in the cartilages of the trachea (sixth day),'°. — Jiron- 
clll. Severe irritation of the bronchi and a bruised feeling of the trachea 
(after three days),"". — CougJt, *Toioard8 evening excessively dry cough, 
produced by a tickling sensation in the trachea; cough becomes loose and 
deep (after four days),'". — [110.] *Short hacking cough (first and second 
days); cough has not entirely subsided (seventh day),''". — * Towards even- 
ing felt tickling sensation, which produced an excessively dry spasmodic cough 
(fourth day) ; cough somewhat better, though not entirely well ; not so dry, 
but deeper and more loose (fifth day),'°. 

Chest. — Oppression of the chest (after second dose, third day), I — 
Sharp darting pains through the chest and shoulders, very severe (after 
fourteen hours and a half),^. — Darting pains through the thorax (fifth 
day),^ — Sore aching along the left clavicle and in the shoulder in the even- 
ing (third day),'. — Dull pain in left clavicular space (eighth day),". — Raw 
feeling in the chest, the whole length of the steruum (eleventh day),". 

Heart and Pulse. — Boring pains about the region of the heart 
(after fourteen hours and a half ),^ — Fulse irregular (after fourteen hours 
and a half) ; 90 at 2 p.m.. 100 at 3 p.m. (third day),l— [120.] Slow and 
irregular pulse, when lying down, accompanied the constipation ; subse- 
quently full, but very irregular,'. — Pulse about 90, weak and very irregu- 
lar ; regular during the heat and perspiration (fourth day) ; very irregular, 


in the morning ; towards noon more regular, and continued so during the 
day and evening (fifth daj'); quite irregular (eighth day),"'. 

Back. — Aching pains in back, extending down the thighs and legs, in 
the evening (third day),'. — While sitting, some pain in left lumbar region, 
shooting from behind forward (fourth day),". 

Extremities. — (Suffering from great soreness of bones and muscles 
of extremities, caused by severe exercise (before the proving) ; the soreness 
was greatly increased, and great aching of the extremities was experienced), 
(after seven or eight hours),'. — *In the eveuinci, pains in right elbow and 
right leg, of an aching and pulsating charader, with soreness (third day),'. 

Super io)' Extremities. — Pain in the right shoulderblade, running 
up the neck (eleventh day),". — Soreness and aching pains in humerus, on 
and above the olecranon, not influenced by motion (after second dose, third 
day),'. — *Sharp shooting pains in both arms, from middle third of humerus 
doivn to fingers (after one hour, third day),". — Aggravating pains in left 
elbow, extending towards shoulder and hand, as though the bones were 
sore and would se^parate ; slighter pains, of like character, in right elbow; 
aching also in left carpal and metacarpal bones ; these pains are tempor- 
arily relieved by change of position (fourth day),'. — [130.] Sharp pains in 
bend of left elbow, increased by hanging down (after one hour, second 
day),l — Pain in right elbow, forearm, and wrist, aggravated by motion 
(filth day),". — '*Sharp shooting pains in upper third and inner side offtjrearm, 
aggravated by letting limb hang down, and relieved by pressure, at 9.30 a.m. 
(third day),". — Pains in finger-joints (fifth day),". 

Iiifefioi' Extremities. — Aching of the lower extremities, in the 
evening (fifth day),'". — Hij) and Thiffh. While riding, pain in both 
hip-joints, worse from bending backwards or forwards ; after getting out 
and walking, pains increased, with stiffness of joints (fourth day),". — Ach- 
ing pains in right hip and left foot (after eight or ten hours),". — Aching 
pain on outside oi' right thigh and leg, running down to foot (filth day),". — • 
Dull, heavy, aching sensation in right thigh and leg (after two hours),". — 
Sensations in the popliteal space of both legs (twelfth day),". — Knee. 
[140.] Stabbing in right knee (fourth day),'. — Drawing pain in the left 
knee, affecting the gastrocnemius and biceps muscles (twelfth day),'. — 
Leg. * Aching pain in 7'ight leg fafter half an hour),". — After retiring, 
pains in posterior part of right leg, of an aching character (first night),". — 
*P«.//t.s in left lower anterior third of leg, in the afternoon, while driving 
(fourth day),". — Dull aching pain in the calves (eleventh day),". — Dull 
feeling in the calves (twelfth day),". — Slight dull pain in tendo Achillis 
(twelfth day),". — Sharp darting pain in the right ankle-joint, outer part 
(fifteen minutes after second dose, fourth day),". — Pain in both external 
malleoli (fourth ihiy),'\—Eoot. [150.] Left foot uneasy (twelfth day),". 
— Aching pains in right foot over instep (after half an hour),". — Severe 
pains in right fool, increased on standing and attempting to walk, in upper 
part of foot over the instep (two hours after second dose, third day); pains 
in sole of foot and leg (fourth morning),". — Toes. While in the house, 
pain in the third toe of the right foot (fourth day),". — While walking, 
pain in metatarsal joint of great toe, running back to heel, in both feet 
(fourth day),". 

Generalities. — Soreness of the muscles all over ; feels as if he had 
taken a severe cold (third day),^ — Feel quite distressed (after fourteeu 
hours and a half); felt miserable all the forenoon (third day),'. — Feel 
quite weak (fourth day),"".— Felt weak and emaciated, as if I had lost all 


my strength and energy (seventh clay),'\ — Feel very languid, having great 
desire to sleep; dull heavy feeling all over, especially in both legs; feel 
sore from the top of my head to the soles of my feet ; don't want to move ; 
want to go where I will not be annoyed; the duties of my profession are 
irksome; head feels heavy; perfect relaxation of all the muscles of the 
neck ; my brain feels too large for the skull ; requires considerable exertion 
to keep my eyes open (second day),". — [160.] Suffered from a general 
feeling of malaise about bedtime, but somewhat improved upon waking, 
after sleeping all night (after four days),''=. — A feeling of genei-ul malaise 
(third day),''"; (fourth and fifth days),'"". — -After a good night's rest feel 
somewhat better (fourth day),'". — The symptoms continued eight weeks, 
with no apparent amelioration, but were greatly aggravated by exposing 
the parts to cold, or even to the atmosphere ; relief from the aggravation 
was only obtained by covering with flannel, or by getting into bed,". 

Skin, — (During the proving a couple of pustular eruptions, that had 
persistently remained for a month, rapidly healed'),'\ — Previous to going 
to sleep the second night, I experienced a burning sensation in the left ear, 
on which, in the morning, appeared a simple eruption of a vesicular char- 
acter,''. — The juice of the root applied to the surface and rubbed upon it, 
occasions smarting and irritation,'. — Excessive itching was experienced on 
the skin, below the knees, though no eruption was perceptible,'. — The first 
symptom experienced which I thought might be attributable to the action 
of the drug, was a burning itching of the legs, below the knees, which seemed 
much worse by exposure to the atmosphere,*. 

Sleep. — (Tired and sleepy directly after breakfast, a very common 
symptom), (eighth day),'''. — [I'^'O-] Feel sleepy in the evening much earlier 
than usual (third day) ; feel sleepy in the evening and by spells during 
the day (fourth day); at night feel sleepy (seventh day); less sleepy at 
night than for several evenings past (eighth day),^. 

Fevev. — Coldness of the whole body on going to bed, though within a 
short time the surface of the body seemed to be gently perspiring, with 
continuous heat of a feverish nature,'. — Noticed during the day that I 
would have spells of feeling as though the room was too warm, would then 
break out in a general perspiration (fourth day),"". — Great warmth in the 
face, resembling catarrhal fever (sixth day),". — Slight perspiration (one 
hour after second dose, third day),^ 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Afternoon), 2 and 3 p.m., pyrosis. — 
(Evening), Headache. — (Exposure to air). Burning itching on lers ; the 
symptoms. — (Bending fonvard and backward), Pain in hip-joints. — (After 
breakfast). Tired and sleepy feeling. — (Letting limb hang down). Pain in 
forearm. — (Micturition), Pains in urethra. — (Motion), Pain in right elbow, 
forearm, and wrist. — (Reading), Lachrymation. — (Standing), Fiiia in right 
■foot. — (Walking), Pain in right foot. 

Ainelio ration. — (Pressure), Pain in forearm. 


Datura stramonium, L. 
Natural order, Solanacea. 

Common names. Thorn-apple, Jamestown-weed, Stink-weed ; (G.), Stech- 
apfel ; (F.), Pomme epineuse. 

Preparation, Tincture of herb in flower and fruit. 

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f "I have not thought it neerssiiry to indicate the ciises to which Gredini;'s 
symptoms belonged. I have bnickpted all the mental and moral symptoms of the 
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thornapple ; 81, Benj. Granger, Edinb. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 16, 
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one hours ; 82, Vady, Journ. Complement., vol. 11, p. 176, 1821 (Wibmer) ; 
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were eaten by four persons ; 87, Velsen, Rust's Mag., 18, p. 124 (Wibmer) ; 
88, Med.-Chir. Rev., New Eng. Med. Journ., vol. 14, 1825, p. 375, a sup- 
pository containing ^ gr. of extract was introduced into the rectum ; 89, 
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kept his right hand and wrist soaked in the narcotic juice ; 93, Dr. Ame- 
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97, W. Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 9, 1833, p. 10, Mrs. S. R. drank 
some herb tea, made partly of the leaves of Stramonium ; 98, same, Miss 

VOL. IX. — 12 


E. F., drank tea made of the leaves ; 99, same Mrs. W., set. 40 years, took 
for piles an injection of an infusion of the leaves; 100, Rohrer, Oest. Med. 
Jahr., vol. 7, 1834 (A.. H. Z., 7, p. 261 ), two children ate the seeds and 
ripe capsules ; first child set. 5 years ; 101, same, second case of a girl, set. 
6 years; 102, E. W. Duffiu, Lond. Med. Gaz., vol. 15, 18.>4-5, p. 194, a 
girl, ^t. 2^ years, swallowed over 100 seeds weighing about 16 grs., death 
in twenty-four hours ; 103, Dr. Schulze, Casper's Woch., 18.34 (Frank's 
Mag., 1, p. 282), a man and woman took the seeds in beer, for paiu in the 
side; 104, Dr. Barton, Lond. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 8, 1835, p. 704, 
two soldiers ate the plant ; 105, same, effects of 30 grs. of the powder ; 106, 
Asiatic Journ., 1835, quoted from Meerut Abs. (Brit. Jour, of Horn., 
1.S73, appendix), about sixty persons ate the seeds in food about midnight; 
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set. 20 years, ate several seeds; 108, Dr. Braun, Hencke's Zeit. fiir Staat., 
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(2), p. 819, a woman took a cupful of strong infusion on going to bed ; 112, 
same, a man took a similar quantity ; 113, Geo. G. Sigmond, M.D., Lancet, 
1836-7 (2), p. 328, Hein gives account of two infants who swallowed some 
seeds ; 114, same, Blancard states the case of a girl, set. 18 years ; 115, 
Sir Geo. Gibbs states the case of a man who smoked the leaves for asthma; 
116, Dr. Jonas, Med. Zeit. Preuss, 1836 (Frank's Mag., 1, p. 133), Stramo- 
nium in milk ; 117, same, four children were poisoned by the seeds; 118, 
same, another case; 119, Hornung, Med. Jahr., 10, 1836 (Frank's Mag. 1, 
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two unripe capsules ; 121, Dr. Danzeger, Casper's Woch., 1839, a boy was 
poisoned by the seeds. (122 to 135, M. J. Moreau, Gaz. Med., No. 43 (Prov. 
Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 3, 1841-2, p. 126), effects in treatment of hal- 
lucination) ; 122, Emanuel P., set. 31, took 20 grs. extract night and morn- 
ing; 123, Louis R. took a mixture containing 5 grs. extract; 124, effects 
of 2 grs. daily ; 124 a, same, suspended use of medicine and then took 10 
grs. at once ; 125, another patient took ^ gr. extract every half hour : 
symptoms of poisoning appeared after ninth dose ; 126, Dr. Schrou, Hygea, 
13, p. 193 (Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. 11, p. 292), a robust man, set. 33, 
for facial neuralgia, was giveu i gr. extract, to be taken at 2, 4 and 6 p.m. ; 
126 o, a girl, set. 16, took 6 drops tincture, in two hours 9 drops, followed 
by 6 drops more in two hours; 127, same, a very sensitive woman, tet. 42 
years, for facial neuralgia, took ^ gr. at 4 I'.ai., |^ at 6 p.m., and ^ gr. next 
morning; 128, same, a man, set. 37 years, for facial neuralgia, took ^ gr. 
extract at 4 o'clock, and repeated the dose at 6 ; 129, Prov. Med. and Surg. 
Journ., vol. 3, 1842, p. 210, 3 grs. were taken at bedtime; 130, Dr. Reise- 
berg, Casper's Woch., 1«42 (Frank's Mag., 1), a girl ate the seeds; 131, M. 
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1), a boy, iet. 4 years, ate the seeds ; 133, Dr. Sclineller, Wien. Zeit, 1846 
(Frank's Mag., 2, 533), 1st dose of 5 drops tincture, irregularly increased to 
120, afterwards 200 drops. (134 to 136, John Spence, M.D., Bost. Med. and 
Surg. Journ., vol. 31, p. 361, three women drank ^ oz. steeped in water); 
134, M. L., sat. 60 years, previous health feeble and delicate ; 135, J. L., 


set. 30 years, constitution good ; 136, E. B., set. over 80, naturally vigorous, 
had suffered a short time previous i'rora bronchitis, but was nearly conva- 
lescent ; 137, Robert Allen, Lancet, 1847 (2), p. 298, an Indian ate some 
Stramonium, and died in seven hours; 138, A. Stobo, Med. Times, vol. 16, 
1847, p. 650, a boy, set. 5 years, ate a drachm of the seeds ; 139, Na'ckher, 
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p. 599, a man ate some seeds ; 142, John Le Gay Brewster, M.D., Prov. 
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probably about 10 or 12 grs. ; 145, Gould and Thurston, Med. Times and 
Gaz., 1852 (1), p. 197, four persons were poisoned by the seeds ; 146, Leon- 
ard Pratt, Inaug. Thesis, at Penn. Hom. Med. Coll., 1852, took 5 drops 
mother tincture, at 7 a.m. ; 146 a, same, a dose every morning, about -^ 
hour before eating, beginning with 3 drops per dose, and gradually increas- 
ing to 20 drops ; 147, Wheeling Argus (Virg. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1853, 
p. 225), a boy and girl, set. about 5 years, ate the seeds, the boy died ; 
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■ seeds; 151, Henry C. Preston, M.D., Phil. Journ. of Horn., vol. 2, 1854, p. 
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cooked with meat instead of sage ; 153, Dr. Gruenberg, Zeit. fiir Verein 
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ate the seeds; 154, Dr. Watson, New York Journ. of Med., July, 1856, p., 
66, a woman took an injection for piles; 155, Geo. T. Elliott, Jr., M.D., 
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1873, Append.), a child, set. 2 years, was poisoned by the seeds ; 158, same, 
case of a girl, set. o\ years; 159, same, cases of children from 2 to 9 years 
of age; 160, T. K.'Chambers, M.D., Brit. Journ., 1858, p. 824, Joseph 
Miller, set. 7 years, ate some seeds; 161, same, John Wilton ate the seeds ; 
162, same, James Wilton, set. 7 ; 163, Lichtenfels, Wien. Zeit., 1858 (S. J. 
100, 293), a man was poisoned by the seeds; 164, Dr. A. F. A. Greeves, 
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Mrs. , set. 40 years, swallowed a teaspoonful of the seeds; 165, T. L. 

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p. 831), a girl, set. 4 years, ate some seeds ; 166, Dr. Bell, New York Journ. 
of Med., 1860, p. 341, an old negro woman drank an indefinite quantity 
of an infusion of the leaves ; 167, John G. Johnson, M.D., Am. Med. 
Times, 1860, p. 22, a boy, set. 7 years, ate some seeds ; 168, Dr. Floegel, 
Wien. Med. Halle, 1861 (A. H. Z. M. B., 5, 27), a man, set. 61 years, suf- 
fering from cramps in the calves, took sotne seeds in brandy, a few drops 
daily; 169, Dr. Larquet, Gaz. des Hop., 1861, No. 109, a girl, set. 4 years, 
ate some of the flowers and fruit ; 170, A. G. Emory, M.D., Med. and Surg. 
Journ., 1861, p. 45, a boy, set. 5 years, ate some seeds ; 171, Geo. T. Elliot, 


M.D., Am. Med. Times, vol. 2, 1861, 128, Mrs. , aet. 22, injected into 

her rectum ^ pint of infusion made from 4 ozs. leaves ; 172, C. E. Bucking- 
ham, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 65, p. 261, a boy, set. 6 years, ate 
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and two children ate the plant; 174, Dr. Liegey, Journ. de Chim. Med. 
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H. Z. M. B., 6, 31), a boy, est. 7 years, ate the seeds; 177, Ciias. C. Lee, 
M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., 1862 (1), p. 54, a child drank some whis- 
key containing the seeds; 178, same, a man, set. 31 years, drank a cupful, 
and a woman, set. 58 years, drank about a gill of same; 179, same, a 
woman, set. 34 years, drank only one or two mouthfuls of same ; 180, Mad. 
Quart. Journ. of Med. Sci., vol. 5, p. 320 (Brit. Journ. of Hom., Append., 
1873), a woman had taken some leaves of Datura (? Stramonium); 181, a 
man took an infusion of Datura leaves for dysentery; 182, Dr. Shortt, 
ibid., vol. 6, p. 286, a man, set. 41 years, took the leaves; 183, same, a girl, 
set. 14, ate one-third of the seeds of one of the apples, recovery after use 
of stomach-pump; 184, same, a girl, xt. 18 years, ate Stramonium early 
in the morning, death at 10 a.m. ; 185, same, a woman took Stramonium; 
186, Albert Corvisart, Journ. de Med., vol. 23 (Hempel's Mat. Med., vol. 
1, p. 770), three children were poisoned ; 187, Wm. H. Cuthbert, M.D., 
North Am. Journ. of Horn., vol. 13, p. 68, Emma Meyers, set. 18 months, 
was poisoned by the seeds; 188, Dr. C. Hering, a fragmentary proving by 
Dr. J. R. Coxe, Jr., set. 57, Am. Hom. Rev., vol. 4, p. 559, took 10 drops 
1st dee. dil. at 8 a.m., 2 and 10 p.m. (first, second, and third days), and at 
8 A.M., 2 and 11 p.m. (fourth day); 189, Charles Chauncey Coxe, set. 11 
years, took 12 drops of 3d dec. dil. at 2 and 9 p.m. (first day), same at 9 
A.M., 2 and 9 p.m. (second and third days) ; 190, omitted ; 191, Dr. Carroll 
Dunham, ibid., a man, set. about 44, whose health had suffered greatly in 
consequence of bilious remittent fever and heroic doses of calomel, applied 
the bruibsed green leaves to large irritable ulcers on both legs ; 192, Dr. 
Bengel, Med. Corr. Blatt., 1864, vol. 34, p. 79, a boy, set. 2 years, ate some 
pieces of the seeds; 193, A. P. Turner, M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., 
April, 1864, p. 551, two boys, ;et. 8 and 10, ate some seeds; 194, Alfred S. 
Taylor, M.D., Guy's Hosp. Rep., vol. 11, p. 293, a student swallowed about 

5 or 6 grs. ; 195, same, 4 milligrams of Datura applied to the eye ; 196, 
same, seven milligrams administered by the stomach; 197, M. Kuborn,Bull. 
Gen. de Tlier. 1866 (Brit. Med. Journ., 1866 (1), p. 522), four persons 
were poisoned ; 198, H. Y. Evans, M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., July, 
1866, p. 278, seven children were poisoned by the seeds; 199, Sauvages, 
Dublin Med. Journ., 1867 (2j, p. 11, eft'eots of wine drugged with the juice 
of the seeds ; 200, Henry Robinson, Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. 25, p. 37, 
a young woman took every third morning a dessertspoonful of ^^-^ in 8 ozs. 
water; 201, C. P. Blake, M.D., St. George's Hosp, Rep., 1868, p. 159, a 
man, set. 70 years, took H drachms of tincture for asthma; 202, J. W. 
Mallet, M.D., New Orleans Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 21, 1868, p. 550, 
a young man died from the efl^eots of Stramonium in his food ; 203, D. 
McGillivray, M.D., Canada Med. Journ., vol. 4, 1868, p. 485, a boy, «t. 2 
years and 3 months, ate some seeds ; 204, C. D. Fairbanks, M.D., Am. 
Hom. Obs., 1869, p. 366, a girl, set. 4 years, ate some seeds; 205, J. J. 
Hilliary, Dominion Med. Rec. (New Orleans Med. and Surg. Journ., 1869, 
p. 365), J. P., set. 40 years, drank a cupful of Stramonium tea ; 206, Dr. 


J. F. Treuman, Chicago Med. Journ. (Med. Press and Circular, 1869 (1), 
p. 261), a mother and two daughters ate the seeds ; 207, W. F. Cheney, 
M.D., Pacific Med. and Surg. Journ., 1870, p. 305, a girl, set. 5, ate the 
seeds ; 208, Dr. Crispell, Eclectic Med. Journ., Sept., 1871 (North Am. 
Journ. of Horn., N. S., vol. 2, p. 293), two cases ; 209, Dr. Chevers, Med. 
Times and Gaz., 1871 (1), p. 164 ; 210, E. W. Berridge, M.D., Month. 
Horn. Rev., vol. 15, 1871, p. 298, proving of tincture of British (allo- 
pathic) Pharmacopoeia, prepared frgra seeds, took 8 drops in water at 1.35 
P.M., 20 at 4, 30 at 6 p.m. (first day), 40 at 8.40 a.m., 50 at 10.25, 60 after 
1.50 P.M. (second day). (211 to 2'21, same. North Am. Journ of Horn., N. 

S., vol. 2, 1871, p. 62) ; 211, Miss , took 10 glob, of 43,000 (Fiucke) at 

5.15 P.M.; 212, Miss , took 10 glob, of same; 213, Miss , took 1 

glob, of same ; 214, Miss, cet. 11-12 years, suffering from chorea, took re- 
peated doses of 30th and 200th (Lehrmaun), had. new symptoms while 
taking 200th ; 215, Dr. Berridge took 10 glob. 43,000 (Fincke) at 4.15 p.m. ; 
216, same, took 20glob. 1000 (Jenichen) at 11.40 a.m. ; 217, same, took 30 
glob. 200 (Lehrmann) at 10 a.m. ; 218, same, took 50 glob. 1000 (Fincke) 
at 9.45 A.M. ; 219, same, took 20 glob, of 3d at 8.30, 11 a.m., noon, 12.55, 
2.10, 3, 4, 5, 7, 7.55, 9 p.m. (first day), 20 glob, at 8, 9.50 a.m., 1 p.m. 
(second day), 30 glob, at 8.40, at il.40 a.m., i drachm of glob, at 7.15 
p.m. (third day), 30 glob. 6th dil. at 10 a.m., 40 glob, at 1 and 7 p.m., 50 
glob, at 11.30 p.m. (seventh day), 50 glob, at 7.30, 9.40, 11.5 a.m., 6.45, 
7.45 P.M. (eighth day), 50 glob, at 7.20, 11.10 a.m., 100 glob, at noon, 9 
P.M., 300 glob, at 11 P.M. (ninth day), 50 glob. 12th dil. at 8.15, 10 a.m., 
12.15 P.M., 70 glob, at 3.10, 100 glob, at 4.30, 8.30, and midnight (four- 
teenth day), 100 glob, at 8, 10 a.m., 200 glob, at noon (fifteenth day) ; 
220, same, took several glob. 5000 (Fincke) at 10 a.m. (first day), 60 glob. 
10,000 (Fincke) at 10 a.m. (fifth day), several glob. 30.00'0 (Fincke) 
(eighth day), had to take Alumina and ceased proving ; 221, same, took 
10 glob. cm. (Fincke) at 10 a.m. (222, to 229, same, Month. Hom. Rev., 
vol. 16, p. 34) ; 222, same, took 100 drops tincture, prepared from the seeds, 
in water, at 9.15 a.m.; 223, Mr. R. M. Theobald, took 10 drops of same 
(first day), 20 (second day), 30 at 11.30 a.m., 20 at 2 p.m. (third day), 20 
before breakfast and 1.30 p.m. (fourth day), 20 to 30 drops two or three 
times a day (fifth and si.^th days), 30 before breakfast, at noon, and bed- 
time (seventh day), 30 at 8 a.m. (eighth day)', 40 early in the morning 
(ninth day); 224, same, chewed 6 or 8 seeds in the afternoon ; 225, same, 
took 10 drops 3d cent, (first, second, and third days), 5 drops before bed- 
time (fourth day) ; 226, Mr. , took 5 drops tincture of Hom. Pharma- 
copoeia (first and second days), 10 drops (third day), 15 (fifth day), 5 ter 
die (seventh and eighth days), 5 (ninth day) ; 227, same, took 5 drops 
tincture ter die for four days; 228, same, took 5 drops tincture (first, 
second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, eleventh and twelfth days) ; 229, F. 
Brunning, M.D., Philad. Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. 27, 1872, p. 20, a boy 
died from effects of the seeds ; 230, A. W. Rogers, M.D., ibid. p. 211, a 
child, set. 3 years, ate the seeds ; 231, F. H. Bailey, ibid., p. 283, a girl, 
set. 4 years, ate the seeds; 232, Dr. Whittmann, Jahrbuch fiir Kiuderheil- 
kunde, vol. 6, 1873, p. 178, a girl, set. 6 years, ate the seeds ; 233, Buckner, 
A. H. Z., 86, 1873, p. 18, a boy, mi. 3 "years, ate the fruit; 234, Wm. H. 
Cook, M.D., Hahn. Month., vol. 9, 1873, p. 35, Mr. T. poured boiling 
water over two pods and drank when cold ; 235, Dr. Berridge, North Am. 

Journ., New Ser., 3, 1873, p. 504, Miss , took 1 glob. cm. (Fincke) 

two or three times daily, for five days; 236, B. M, Wibble, M.D., Rich. 


and Louis. Med. Journ., August, 1873, p. 186, a woman drank half a 
glass of ale from a bottle containing a large amount of the seeds ; 237, 
same, a man drank two thirds of a glass of same ; 238, Chas. G. Polk, M.D., 
Phil. Med. and Surg. Rep., 1873 (1), p. 395, a boy, set. 4 years, ate a large 
amount of the seeds; 239, Hesse, Schweiz. Corr". Blatt. 1873 (S. J. 160, 
p. 240), a girl, xt. 3 years, ate the seeds ; 240, W. H. B.. Am. Horn. Obs., 
vol. 11, 1874, p. 263, a girl, £et. 3 years, ate the seeds ; 241, Dr. J. Kem- 
berliug Ohio Med and Surg. Rep. (Am. Journ. of Horn. Mat. Med., New 
Ser., 4, 1875, p. 387), poisoning, recovery on fifth day ; 241 a, same, 
another ease in same family ; 242, Dr. Jules De Soire, Gaz. des Hop., 1865, 
No. 42, a woman, set. 50 years, took an infusion of the leaves ; 243, W. G. 
Smith, Dublin Med. Journ., 1870 (1), p. 213, an elderly man was in the 
habit of smoking Stramonium with a small quantity of tobacco, for relief 
of asthma.'!' 

3IiHd. — MinotioiKil. *Leliriiiin,'^ ^^ ", etc. — * Violent delirium,'''. — 
*Foolish delirium,''^. — ^Delirium fiirious,'"'. — * Joyful delirium,™. — *At times 
delirium with open eyes,". — ^Delirium tvith sexual excitement™ . — *Almost 
constant delirium,™ ™. — *Sudden delirium ivith ridiculous gestures^. — [10.] 
Became quite delirious, recognized no one,™. — Delirium; an unceasing 
disposition for motion iu all the muscles, weeping, screaming, laughter, and 
rapid incoherent exclamation,™. — Symptoms closely resembling delirium 
tremens,*". — [Insane delusion that he was killed, roasted, and being eaten],'". 
— *Maniacal delirium supervened, symptoms resembling hydrophobia,". — 
The mother and one daughter were raving like maniacs, while the other 
was rapidly sinking into coma,'^"". — *Delirium tvith incoherent talking,^^'. — 
Grew violently delirious, and died comatose,"*'. — Maniacal delirium,™. — 
In a state of delirium, he dances, gesticulates, shouts with laughter, and 
sings (after three hours),'*. — [20.] He was delirious, and without memory 
or recollection,^ — *Delirium of fear as thoug'h a dog' were attacking 
him,'". — *Delirium ; furious mania,requirinf/ severrxl persons to hold her,". — ■ 
Violent delirium, which was alternately mirthful, furious, or dolorous, di- 
rected to some imaginary source of pleasure, or repugnance, and accom- 
panied with corresponding gesticulations,'''^— *J/»f/i excited and rather de- 
lirious, under the impression of some immediate danger, clinging to the 
person who had him in her lap (after one hour),'="*.— Delirium, with un- 
easy movements of the eyes and hauds,'^^''.—*Delirious and uniiitelligihle, 
the patient was busy with a thousand not unpleasant fantasies, made known his 
wants by gestures, without speaking, ran about for several days, busy with his 
fantasies, with a joyful mood^'\ — A peculiar delirium, a very busy delirium, 
especially in women, followed by sopor, after waking from which, great 
wearinesss, pain in the limbs, and <lisinclination to think,'".— Merry delir- 
ium, spasmodic laughter,''".- Became delirious during the night, desired to 
get out of bed, but never uttered a sound. The delirium was of short 
duration, however, and he soon relapsed into the former insensible state,™. 
—[30.] *Noisy delirium with hallucinations,""'.— Delirium for three or 
four hoursbefore collapse,™'.— Greatly excited and delirious,"*.— Great ex- 
citement,'"'. — Delirium, restlessness, constant, incoherent talking, dancing, 
and singing,'™.— In about an hour she became delirious, commenced toss- 
ing about, picking her clothes, and talking incoherently,'".— High delir- 
ium, furious, unmanageable, talking in an incoherent manner, and inclin- 

t The eflFects were so characteristic of Stram., that we have admitted it, though, 
perhaps, open to censure. — T. F. A. 


ing to be abusive in her language; sbe could not be restrained in one posi- 
tion, but was rolling about the veranda as if she was blind,'™. — During 
the succeeding night, an attack of delirium, which caused him to fall out 
of bed, on his face, as a consequence of this, a very abundant bleeding 
from the nose,'". — Loss of nlind,'^ — His mind was nusteady,'"'.t — [40.] 
*Wildness of ma7iiiers,'^'''\ — Syniptoms were somewhat of a hysterical char- 
acter (after a few hours),'"". — * Violently ddiriouit, resembling in a mirhed 
degree, the most excited stage of delirium tremens, struggling to get out of hid, 
and continually rolling from side to side; she was unable to uland by herself, 
and, unless supported, fell fortvard to the ground. When her hands were not 
restrained, it was observed that she pursued imaginary objects in the air, or 
picked at the bedclothes, as in the delirium of typhoid fever ,"^ . — *The appear- 
ance of the patient suggested mania, and I might at once have pronoun,ced it 
a ease of delirium tremens, had I not ivell known the temperate habits of my 
patient. As I sa,t observing him, he suddenly turned towards the ivall, exclaim- 
ing, "There are those bugs, help me to catch them!" " What bugsf" I 
asked. '■ There," he replied, " a long train of bedbugs, and after them 
a procession of beetles, and here come crawling over me a host of cock- 
roaches." He shrank back in alarm. Then suddenly he turned to me, 
saying, " I believe I know they are not really bugs ; but except once in 
awhile, they seem real to me !" This scene luas many times repeated,™. — 
*It was in a state of wild delirium. It was with great difficulty that the mother 
coidd hold it in her lap. It would forcibly throw out its legs and stiffen them, 
and at the same time throw them luide apart from each other. The arms were 
being constantly thrown out, as if trying to reach and get hold of something ; 
and sometimes it seemed as if some object ■ had been secured, and was for a 
moment fumbled in the fingers. The pupils were dilated and the eyes looked 
wild. Its cry was a kind of scream; a little froth was in the mouth; the sur- 
face of the skin was hot ; the restlessness iva-t very great j'^". — * Began to look 
stupdd, seemed to forget herself, and gave incoherent ansivers (after one hour); 
seemed to sit like a perfect idiot, for two and a half hours (after two hours 
and a half) ; began to grow worse, biting a mail's hand, sometimes crying 
out that she saw oats, dogs, and rabbits, at the top, sides, and middle of 
the room; at other times, with great eagerness, catching at imaginary objects 
with her hands, and declaring that she saw many people who were not present. 
She suffered a continuance of these symptoms with little variation, and 
totally without rest for nine hours, being all this time restrained in bed by 
force in a raving and maniacal state,"'. — In about five minutes he became 
" wild, and didn't know any one." In ten minutes I found him seated in 
a chair, leaning forward on his knees, staring wildly, countenance bathed 
in perspiration, pupils largely dilated, talking vaguely, and perfectly uu- 
conscious of surrounding objects, pulse 90 and full, hands and arras con- 
vulsed, every few moments legs unable to support his body, and dragged after 
him when we tried to get him to walk,^°*. — Although he changed postures 
a little, yet he remained stupid for six or seven hours ; then he raged furi- 
ously, requiring two per=!ons to hold him in bed ; notwithstanding which, 
he raised himself up, tossed greatly, and seemed to catch at the bystanders 
with his hands, uttering incoherent sentences ; at last he became sensible 
and more quiet, restless, and delirious by turns,". — She is all the time in- 
consolable; much affected by trifles ; makes much fuss about trifles; dis- 
posed to weep, and sometimes also very easily vexed ; now and then ne- 

f Revised by Hughes. 


gleets her duties, now and then thinks she is not fitted for her position ; 
after the fall equinox ; from the darkness, being alone, and in the morning 
her state is aggravated; she ivants light (sunshine) and eompaiii/,"*. — *The 
child had the look of one suffering from the effects of alcoholic drinks; an ex- 
cited condition, not a moment quiet, constant motion of the hands and feet, at 
one time singing, jumping, whistling, with lively grimaces, and a most jovial 
condition, in vjhich she sang melodies in a perfectly correct manner; at another 
time she became excited, beat about her, jumped, out of bed, reeled whenever 
she attempted to stand, and when she attempted to sit up fell over to either side; 
the next moment she had the most vivid hallucinations ; talked much in a dis- 
connected manner, it seemed as though her tongue could not follow her chaotic 
thoughts,''^^. — [50.] Complete stupefaction and general insensibility to ex- 
ternal impressions, only interrupted by a few transient moments of recog- 
nition; as a rule, the boy noticed nothins about him, did not recognize his 
parents and sisters, heard nothing and felt nothing; he seemed to be in a 
condition of frightful excitement, with constant mental activity, as shown 
by the expression of the face and gesticulations, appearing to be occupied 
with the most vivid fancies, especially joyous, and, at times, frightful images; 
at times, when he was able to talk, his speech consisted of the most foolish 
and active delirium, with prattling; sometimes he seemed to be frightened, 
sometimes astonished, sometimes pathetic; but it was very seldom that he 
uttered intelligible words, and as a rule, there were no words, only a shrill 
screaming and groaning or loud laughing, with attempts to sing or whistle,''^'. 
— *She would, while held in her mother's lap, suddenly dart as if in terror, 
with outstretched -arms and glaring eyes, and luith such an effort that it required 
much exertion to hold her. This would last but a moment, during which she 
would cry incoherently ; then a calm would come over her, and she would 
laugh, grasp at imaginary objects, conveying the hand to her mouth as if 
eatinp berries, point to something on the floor, etc.,™*. — *He muttered unin- 
telligible sounds, looked wildly around, and could not be made to do what he 
was told, though he 'ipparently understood all that %vas going on. He kept 
wanting, seemingly, to clutch at some person or persons, whom he imagined 
were before him ; but he could not use his arms, though he tried to do so (after 
twelve hours),™'. — Complete insensibility, broken occasionally by a parox- 
ysm, during which they would utter some indistinct sounds, and throw the 
hands about the head as if attempting to ward off some threatening evil ; 
this would soon subside into a semicomatose state, not the stupidity, how- 
ever, which results from Opium or its preparations, but rather a state of 
intense apathy, which persisted for a few seconds, when the delirium would 
again recur unless sooner produced by the efforts of those about to render 
assistance, when the state of excitement assumed such a form and violence 
as to render necessary a certain amount of restraint to prevent escape from 
the imaginary object which engaged the attention ; occasionally they would 
grasp at something in the space in front, appear as if they possessed or re- 
jected it, then turn the head as if called by a voice beside them and attempt 
to speak to it; *the sound resembling^ a squeak more than the natural 
tone of the voice. Neither of them was able to support himself alone 
upon his feet,^ but would take a step or two with staggering gait, falling to 
the floor as if intoxicated or in a state of complete exhaustion. '^During 
the period of excitement the extremities were in constant motion, co-ordinate 
only so far as they related to the correspo)iding limb, yet uiantinq in that har- 
mony of action ivhich is found in those movements of a higher order, as stand- 
ing in the erect posture, walking, etc.; there was constant action of the fingers 


as if attempting to pick somethinff from the person or the bedclothes ; at times 
they would burst into paroxysms of excessive laughter, which would jxTj^i^t 
some secouds, then suddenly cease ; at times they would have a smile, so 
quiet aud pleasant, that we could not but contrast it with the highly excited 
state previously witnessed,™. — Sometimes she would appear for a moment 
to be relieved from her anxiety, and sit silent, with her eyes fixed on the 
ground, as if absorbed in contemplation; ivhilst her hands ivere employed in 
picking at the clothes, or anything that happened to be before her, similar to 
those in the last stage of some fevers. *Theu, again, she would start invol- 
untarily, quick as if a shock of electricity had passed through her body, iviih 
an air of affright, and a loud shriek; her limbs writhed with convidsive mo- 
tions and her countenance and body distorted in every direction; apparently 
affected with great pain and anxiety. At other times, in her intervals of 
ease, she would sing, and sometimes laugh, but could not be made to utter 
a word; neither did she appear to take notice of anything that was said to 
her. In short, the functions of her mind appeared to be entirely deranged. 
These paroxysms occurred at intervals of five or ten minutes, and continued 
about the same period. She manifested a great aversion to fluids of every 
kind. When a cup of water was brought to her lips, she would instantly 
start from it, and sometimes relapse into her paroxysm ; so great was 
her aversion to it, that it was with the utmost diffiulty a teaspoonful of 
any fluid could he forced down her throat,*". — The appearance of the 
family was extremely ludicrous. The children were laughing, crying, 
singing, dancing, and playing all imaginable antic pranks. They had no 
correct estimation of distance, or the size of objects ; were reaching their hands 
to catch hold of objects across the room, and again running against persons and 
things which they appeared to view as distant. The nail-heads in the floor 
were pieces of money, which they eagerly tried to pick up. A boy, appar- 
ently fancying himself undressed, caught a hat belonging to a student, 
thrust his foot into it, pulled with both hands on the brim, and began to 
fret that he could not get on his " trowsers." The parents frequently called 
on the children to behave themselves; but their own actions being equally 
eccentric, they afforded a ridiculous exhibition of family government,^"". — ■ 
They turned natural fools upon it forseveral days. One would blow up a 
feather in the air, another would dart straws at it with great fury; another, 
stark naked, was sitting up in a corner, like a monkey, grinning and making 
mouths at them; a fourth would fondly kiss and paw his companions, and 
sneer in their faces, with a countenance more antic than a Dutch doll. In 
this frantic condition they were confined, lest in theii' folly they should 
destroy themselves. In eleven days they recovered, unconscious of any- 
thing which had passed,"". — He became delirious, and knew nothing of 
himself until he was relieved; during this time he performed many queer 
antics; one time he was off' to hitch up his team ; again he gathered up 
sticks and placed them together to build a fire ; then he would motion as 
though he would scrape lice and bugs together, shake them out of hats; 
pull the paper ofiP the wall to get them out; pick them off^ himself and 
tramp them, etc. ; see rats running and try to catch them ; he was very talka- 
tive; did not know even his wife, nor where he was; wanted to go home, etc. 
(after fifteen to thirty minutes),^"*. — ^Screaming, catching at imaginary 
objects, in the air, or rather striking at them, for it was evident that these sjjecir a 
were of a frightful nature, since at the moment of darting out the hand in the 
direction where the eyes were fixed, she alioays suddenly and with great vehe- 
mence, withdreu) herself, expressing the idmost terror in her look ; at the same 


time sereaminy and sobbing violently. Her eyes would, to appearance, fol- 
low the imaginary object for a moment or two, before she made the effort 
to escape from its supposed approach. She rapidly became furiously delir- 
ious, struck at, pushed, or attempted to hite, every person who came near, or 
any object that was offered to her. In two and a half hours she knew no 
person, and had been wholly insensible to surrounding objects for above an 
hour and a half She remained in this condition for about three hours, 
when a stage of coma supervened, lasting two hours. There was a return 
of the excitement, but not so severe as that which first presented itself; 
neither was it attended by ocular spectra, or tetanic spasm,'"^. — The first 
symptom was a high degree of exhilaration, in which she caused much 
merriment by her extravagant gestures and speeches. This soon became 
alarming, and when I was called to see her, she was laughing, crying, and 
singing, by turns, proceeding from one to the other state with the greatest 
rapidity. She occasionally started with great force and alarm, crying out 
that she was going to fall, when she would cling to her mother with as 
much desperation as if she were about to be thrown from a precipice. She 
would next become calm, then whistle, and afterwards point with her finger 
at muscse volitantes, which she followed with the eye and hand, at last 
clutching at them, with an appearance of disappointment at want of suc- 
cess,". — [60.] The child was to all appearance happy, talking all the inco- 
herent nonsense that can be imagined, laughing, and in constant motion; 
but labored under so great a debility, that it could not stand or walk with- 
out tottering, and several times in attempting it fell down; it was a per- 
fect delirium mite,". — The unfortunate, after swallowing the powder (of 
Stramonium), remains for a long time out of his mind, laughing or crying 
or sleeping, for the most; even speaking to another and answering, so that 
you might think sometimes that he was in his right mind, although he is 
not in his senses, nor recognizes the one to whom he is speaking, and does 
not recollect the conversation when he returns to consciousness,'*. — After 
sleepinti: a few hours he suddenly sprang up with most remarkable jumping 
about on his hands and feet, and talking animatedly ; eight hours after 
this he became conscious, *with trembling of the limbs, vihich ivere inconstant 
motion ; the face was red and puffy, luitJi vi,olent throbbing in the arteries; the 
pupils tuere extremely dilated, respiration short, rapid, abdomen meteoric and 
painful to pressure, tongue U'hite and dry™. — On becoming warm in bed, I 
felt a host of new sensations creeping over both body and mind. My whole 
frame was affected with a tremulous vibration, but most sensibly felt 
through my abdomen, attended with a prickly sensation over the whole 
body. My mind became extremely timid and restless, which rendered all 
attempts to compose myself to sleep fruitless. After a teaspoonful of elixir 
of paregoric, I felt every symptom getting worse ; the 'surface of my body 
was bathed with a clammy perspiration; whenever I attempted to close 
my eyes I was assailed by imaginary spectres, in the most hideous forms and 
menacing attitudes ; and what was still to my torment, my bed was sus- 
pended and tantalized like a feather between two floors,"-. — A clouded state 
of faculties, horrible obfuscation. A patient twice told me he was quite 
alarmed at seeing how bewildered and incapable I was; I upset everything 
I touched; he seemed to me to be talking out of a cloud, or as if he was 
a figure in a vision and not a reality, and when he ceased talking, I sub- 
sided into a sort of bewilderment, from which I could with difficulty rouse 
myself to attend to his case ; my writing was almost an unintelligible 
scrawl; I lay down again till evening, dizzy and incapable, with dull 


headache on vertex, but not much pain ; I could not realize anything ; my 
wife sitting by my bed seemed like a phantom, and I put out my hand 
occasionally, to feel if she were a real existence. Before this extreme 
condition of bewilderment came on, I was excessively forgetful; would 
begin a sentence with a perfectly clear idea of what I intended to say, but 
forgot all about it befoie I had completely expressed myself; also I used 
wrong words, and expressed my meaning badly. My s])eech was thick, as 
if my tongue were too large for my mouth, though I felt nothing wrong iu 
my tongue, but only a sort of globbering articulation (ninth day),"". — 
She was first discovered after drinking the tea, wandering in the backyard 
scrambling along the fence, as if trying to get hold of something indis- 
tinctly visible, for being called to account for her strange behavior, she 
could give no reply, but slavered and muttered as if drunk. She appeared 
foolish, had the peculiar facetious leer often observed in drunkenness. If 
let alone, she continued clawing everything within reach, and seemed in- 
clined to constant motion,"''. — When asked, she said she had eaten Stramo- 
nium ; this was all she remembered (after half an hour) ; her mother gave 
her medicines, but she continued dull and stupid the greater part of the 
day, till brought to the dispensary ; part of the day she was unmanageable 
and talked wildly, so that her mother had to give her the medicine by 
force. On admission (after eleven hours), she had a wild appearance, was 
stupid, and unconscious of her state ; when roused, she gave a foolish 
vacant look around, '^^ — When pinched or tickled, he became very angry, 
and muttered incoherently, turning upon his face and kicking backward, 
with alternate movements of the feet, ''I — [With horrible cries he strikes 
at those around him, and is furiousl,'". — ^Hydrophobia,* "If — [70.] * Ap- 
parent dread or aversion to water or fluids of any kind,''''. — Raving, biting,"*. 
— * Great desire to bite and to tear everything with his teeth, that comes before 
his mouth, even his own limbs,'^. — *Excessive aversion, amounting even to 
rage, when it was attempted to administer any liquid, appearing like 
hydrophobia ; he even had the spasmodic irritation of the pharyngeal 
muscles, so that anything taken choked him and was regurgitated,'=*l — 
*Rage,'''. — *Rage; unmanageable ; grasping with his hands; laughing; roll- 
ing and creeping around in bed". — [Rage; he 'wants to kill people],'^. — 
[Rage; he wants to kill himself],'^ — Indomitable rage,". — After fifteen 
minutes, giddy; loss of senses; sleepy, finally asleep with more or less 
open eyes. When disturbed, she jumped up in a rage, and said a few un- 
intelligible words; when others sang she commenced to dance. Her pulse 
was slow and full ; mouth very dry ; lasted twenty-four hours, without eat- 
ing or drinking anything,*^ — [80.] Periodic raving ; he attacked the people 
in the room with great violence and endeavored to bite them,™. — Raving 
(after six hours) ; sometimes reasonable answers,^^ — *Eaving,^^. — *She began 
to cry, when her mother taking her up, she became fiiriovs, and began to scratch 
and bite (after one hour),"". — Easily excited to anger, and is then very 
vehement and furious (after two months); had been, previous to the poi- 
soning, quite mild and gentle,"". — Raving furiously ; screaming, tossing his 

f With other symptoms, restlessness, violent convulsions, the paiient being so vio- 
lent tlia.t he had to he tud; he rolled about in his bed, sleepless, and ullered shrill 
screaws; he was delirious, without memory or coiisciovsness ; his pupils were extremely 
dilated; violent desire lo bite and to tear everything nnth his teeth ; extretiie dryness 
of the inner mouth and fauces ; the sight of a Hght, a mirror, or ■water, excited 
horrible convulsions ; irresistible aversion to water, with constriction aiid convulsions 
of the throat ; Jroth at the mouth and frequent spitting. — Hahnemann. 


hands, and striking at whatever approached him,'^'. — One became furious 
and ran about like a madman, the other died, with the symptoms of gen- 
uine tetanus, "'\ — Very passionate and great feebleness (second day),'*. — 
* The child wanted to bite and strike at those around her,^"": — '* Great cerebral 
disturbance, accompanied with starting, muttering, occasional screaming, and 
catching at imaginary objects ; frequent maniacal paroxysms, alternating with 
moaning, apparently occasioned by the condition of the epigastrium and 
the abdominal distension. After emetics and purgatives, the stage of ex- 
citement passed away and was succeeded by a state of depression and strong 
comatose tendency,'". — [90.] *They got wild, ran about the room, jumping, 
talking nonsense; saw chickens and cats, spoke to them, also to their toys,''''. — 
After the usual treatment, for about twenty minutes, the child went to 
sleep, and woke in about twenty minutes, and was like a mad child ; it 
would hold out its hands as though it wanted a glass of water, then bring 
them to its mouth and sup as if it were drinking water or other fluid; it 
would put its fingers into its mouth and even bite them, and also its 
mother's fingers, whenever she put them about its mouth, also screaming 
incessantly,"". — Their attention could not be aroused to anything which 
was said, and they resisted all attempts at interference with piteous cries 
and violent struggling,"-. — Child so wild and restless as to be controlled 
with difficulty, and in raging delirium, biting with fury at those who re- 
strained hira,'°°. — Very noisy when shaken, and sat up with his eyes open, 
with a fixed dilated pupil, quite insensible to a lighted candle,"l — He 
made numerous signs which could not be interpreted by those about him,^\ 
— Some had twitchings, startings, and catching at imaginary objects, and 
other symptoms of cerebral disturbance. In all the graver cases, the stage 
of excitement was succeeded by excessive drowsiness and depression of 
pulse, with much prostration,'^'. — *Itestless, uneasy, tossing, throiving herself 
suddenly forivard ; striving to get out of bed ; grasping with her hands vaguely 
as though under the influence of spectral illusions; picking at the bedclothes"^. 
— * While in bed lying on right side, screamed and said that the bed wa-i being 
drawn from under her, and that everything was falling on her ; kept holding 
on to tile walls ; asked her mother not to leave her, as something was going 
to hurt her ; all this lasted from 9.30 p.m. till midnight, when she slept. 
Since then she has not liked to be left alone in the dark,"'*. — * While sitting 
on a sofa, fancied she was falling off, kept holding on to everything ; at the 
same time was sick, about 2 p.m.,^". — [100.] *In hi>- conscious moments he 
asked to be held because he was falling j''^. — * There seemed at times to be mo- 
tions indicating that the patient thought she i«as falling, and used every exer- 
tion to jirevent it™*. — ^Constant staring about, then a fixed gaze (in one 
direction^ for one or two minutes, '^ith. sudden {not interrupting 
the fixed look) of the arms and lower extremities, accompanied with low 
mutterings, then sudden and furious screaming, biting, scratching, and 
tearing with the hands, and kicking (after six hours),'-'.— When allowed 
to get up she staggered, and appeared quite blind,"'. — He hurries off too 
fast, with all his might, if he wants to go to another place,^^— * Grea^ exer- 
tion of strength; a strong man could scarcely restrain hiin^'^. — [He jumps 
out of his bed, at night, and exclaims the disease will break forth from his 
head],'". — * Constantly springing up in. haste, restless, twitching, grasping 
about ivitJi hands and beating the air,^^'-. — *He grasj)s at things quickly and in 
a hurry, and thinks he has seized a thing before touching it, and if he does 
hold the object, he does not feel that he has hold of it (after four and five 
hours),l — *He makes all motions hastily, %uith great force and hurriedly, so 


that he feels an anxiety if he cannot finish them at onie,". — [110.] *From the 
expression of his face and movements, he seemed at times to be chasing, 
or fleeing from imaginary objects, '^°. — He can nowhere obtain rest, he is 
terrified by fanciful delusions (even though his eyes are open), ''they appear 
to him to grow out of the ground at his side, in the form of large dogs, 
cats, and other horrible beasts, from which he springs away to one side, 
with signs of terror, and cannot get rid of them,". — -^Continually strange 
objects intrude upon his fancy, frightening him,'. — [Frightful iiancies, he 
sees ghosts],'^ — [Frightful delirium, as if a dog took hold of her],'^ — *He 
sees in general more horrifying images at his side than in front of him, 
and they all occasion terror (between three and four hours),l — Wonderful 
fancies,".! — *The boy seemed to see black objects, spoke of blade 2:)eo2)l6 
and black clouds, and- grasped at the air,^^^. — *The patioit had a condant 
vision of an executioner standiiiff before him, in spite of which he ivas lively, 
talkative, laughed, and made jokes about his hallucinations, yet it seemed to 
him a reality,™. — Fancied that she saw objects that did not exist, and had 
repeatedly a sensation of flashing light, which made her think that she saw 
it lighten,™. — [120.] After a time the involuntary convulsive movements 
of the limbs and body seemed to change to more voluntary movements, as 
if the boy were acting in pantomime, though at times real convulsions oc- 
curred; after two hours (and after a bath) he began to move his mouth as 
if he wished to speak ; this continued for some time, until he tried to utter 
articulate sounds, which became more and more distinct ; the first words 
he spoke were, "Take care, I shall strike;" after a time he seemed to be 
living in a perfectly ideal childish world, with games of school, etc.; these 
ideas seemed to alternate in a loose way with speeches, songs, and verses, 
which were recited and sung in various tones; also he seemed to be eating 
berries, cherries, etc., made chewing motions with his mouth, and counted 
with his fingers ; in all these acts he seemed to be playing and happy ; *all 
his ideas seemed to consist of mere reproductions ; there was nothing 
original, and there were no new combinations,"*. — *She appeared occu- 
pied with hallucinations, her gaze, was fixed, and she seemed trying to 
reach towards something which she saw,""". — For some days the patient 
was affected with hallucinations, and thought that one side of him was alive, 
while the other side was buried,''^". — At times, when under the influence of 
the poison, she seemed to herself to be engaged in her usual avocation, 
and would thus thread her needle, tie the knot at the end, and imitate in 
every respect the routine procedure of one thus engaged, '^°.J — At one time 
the child seemed to hear and paid attention when spoken to, at other times 
paid no attention, and seemed unconscious, and was, apparently, occupied 
with hallucinations and fanciesj'^'^ . — *He walks about the room absorbed in 
himself, with fixed, sparkling eyes, surr-oimded by blue rings, but takes no no- 
tice of surrounding objects, but is solely occupied with the objects of his 
fancy,". — The boy repeatedly said there were "big sores" on him (first 
evening),''''. — He imagines that he is very tall and large, but the surround- 
ing objects seem to him too small,^. — *-ffe always imagines that he is alone, 
and is frightened,^. — After waking all thing appears to him as if new, even 
his friends, as if he had never seen them,^ — [130.] The apartment seemed 
all on fire,''*l — *He converses with absent individuals as if they were preseiit, 
and addresses inatiimate objects (a« chessmen) by the names of such persons, 
but observes none of those standing about himj^. — *The things and persons 

t Add, in his sleep. — Huqhes. J She is a seamstress by trade. 


around him ajopear to he changed ; although he knows at first that his friends 
are around him, yet he forgets it immediately after; he imagines that he is 
quite alone in a uilderaess, abandoned ; he is afraid ; animals jump suddenly 
out of the ground sideways, so that he moved quiekly to the other side, where, 
however, others start up, pursuing him so that he runs forwardj^. — He dances 
at night in the churchyard,'^". — *He jumped and danced about the bed and 
knocked against the wall with incessant and disconnected talking and great 
violence, without the slightest consciousness ; he laughed, stared about him, and' 
talked in. the most foolish manner, '^^. — *An incoherent delirium, imagining 
herself surrounded by objects that had no existence; her vagaries xvere of a 
pleasant character, and created great merriment with the other children 
present,'"". — *Delirium of a lively, active, vivid character, alternating in short 
periods with the most apparent horrified fright, seeming to dread the approach 
of some imaginary monster, and giving utterance in the most piteous appeals 
for help, protection,™. — ■*Sings, talks, fancies that there are dogs in the room,, 
which he describes, and attempts to chase, springing suddenly to his feet, and 
as suddenly toppling over ; sometimes talks of events of the day as though 
they were now taking place,'"". — *He sings and utters obscene things,'^. — 
Great excitement continued for some time, the child sang and screamed, 
turned the eyes about and moved the hands for several hours, till at last 
he fell asleep; even the next day singing and screaming continued,'". — He 
dreams with eyes open, begins to chatter nonsense, and when his friends 
set him right, he excuses himself, that they should have told him of it 
before, and immediatel}- recommences his waking dreams and to speak to 
the same objects,^ — [140.] He sways to and fro like a drunken man,'°.f — 
* Fhantaxmata are around him,^". — '^-Caught at the bedclothes and everything 
around her,^". — Frequently he lay down upon his knees, stretched out his 
arms, and groped about as though seeking something,^'. — He often raised 
himself on his knees, continually stretched out his arras, and employed his 
hands as if searching for something he wanted,". — Outward grasping of 
the hands; at times at the nose or head,"'l — She was observed to catch at 
the blaze of the fire in a very singular mauner, and a few moments after 
fell on the floor as if she had been paralyzed on one side,™. — * Constantly 
picking at the bedclothes and frequently bursting into violent fits of laughter ;"\ 
— ■* There ivus a constant reaching of the hands for some imaginary object,'". — 
*Picking at bedclothes,"'. — [150.J '-^Picking at imaginary objects in the air, 
and has a violent maniacal action (after four hours and a half),'".— *-He 
grasps at the air with his hands, laughs, crawls about his bed,". — He would 
sit up occasionally, but never shut his eyes, and would sometimes catch at 
imaginary objects,"'^— *Q,uite irrational, picked the bedclothes, saw bugs, 
etc. (after two hours),'"*.— When left to himself, he groped about with his 
hands, and, touching objects, he immediately withdrew them ; but when he 
felt himself falling he endeavored to catch at something so as to prevent 
it,'™.— With fixed eyes and dilated, immovable pupils, he saw nothing, 
recognized none of his friends, stretched out his hand around him con- 
tinually, as if he would lay hold of something, and stamps his feet,".— 
*Subsultus tendin.uni, picking about the bedclothes, and grasping at random 
around /ier,'"'.— *The limbs were motionless and paralyzed ; the arms, on 
the contrary, loere constantly^ reaching forivards and upwards, with an uncer- 
tain tremulous motion, as if the patient were endeavoring to seize some ob- 
ject, which he indistinctly perceived in the air,'".— When roused he seemed 

f Revised by Hughes. 


bewildered, and would not give any account of himself. He could stand 
when placed upon his legs, but groped about and caught at imaginary 
objects, as patients are observed to do in cases of poisoning by Bella- 
donna,™. — Next morning, got up two or three times, and went lo bed again 
each time,"". — [160.] He jumped from his bed at midnight, and ran about 
the room, caught at every one as he passed them, said a man was chasing 
him, and repeatedly said, "You shan't have me,""". — When his father got 
him to recognize him, the boy said, " Why, papa, is that you ?" and com- 
menced stroking or rather clawing with his fingers at his father's face,"". — 
*Talkative mania; he complains that a dog is biting iduI tearing the flesh of 
his ehest,\ — *Mueh talking, with difficult speech,^''. — [Paroxysms of constant 
talking, or of rage; or he breaks into loud laughter, or he acts as if he 
were spinning], '°. — * During catamenia, excessive loquacity, ^^. — ^Continual 
incoherent talking j'"^. — Constant talking and yet unable to articulate a 
syllable,'*". — After being put to bed, the child began to sing and talk in a 
confused manner; she talked incessantly and unintelligibly, and frequently 
cried ; she constantly beat the air with her hands as though trying to grasp 
something or searched about the bed with the fingers,"". — They lie in bed 
stupid, with a muttering delirium,'^"'"^".— [170.J * Talked foolishly, ''■'*.— 
As the boy began to improve he endeavored to answer, but after speaking 
two or three words, he again became incoherent, and returned to his wild 
delirium,'*''. — Constant muttering, seeming desirous to say something to his 
mother, but unable to articulate,'"'. — ^Speech much confused and incoherent, 
and he was totally unconscious of what was said to him, shuddering and seem- 
ing much frightened,'"". — Muttering incoherently, and unable to reply to 
questions,'". — Muttered frequently,"*. — * Constant muttering ^^^ . — The mental 
power was especially disturbed ; the patient stammered incessantly and 
unintelligibly ; shed tears and seemed to be suffering from the most violent 
pains,"'. — * Muttering to himself j^^^^. — Stuttering and uttering of inarticulate 
sounds,". — [180.] * Prattling incessantly loithout any sense or understanding, 
and withoid any connection,"'. — He talks with a person whom he does not 
know, and answers that person as if he were in his senses, but on coming 
to his senses, he does not recollect the conversation,". — He talks little, and 
utters single, broken words with a higher voice,". — [Screams until he is 
hoarse; uutil he loses his voice],'". — Crying, and in an almost convulsive 
state of agitation,"*. — She was brought home by a friend who found her 
wandering in the bazaar. At the sight of her mistress she first began to 
cry, endeavored to hide herself, and was afraid of every one who ap- 
proached her; she picked at the air with her fingers, sometimes was laugh- 
ing, at others crying and rushing away to hide, as if apprehensive of some 
evil,'"*. — Inarticulate cries,'"". — Sobbing and whining after the menses,'". — 
Moaning,'**. — * Delirious laughing, making faces and behaving generally like 
an intoxicated person or like a fool, pulling his clothes, making laughing grim- 
aces, with a staring look,^**. — [190.] Occasional laughing for an hour ; after 
the hour she cried, about 11 a.m.,^'*. — The boy was inclined to smile and 
jest (after a few hours),"". — *Excited; commenced to sing ; confused talk, con- 
tinued unintellihle talking ; grasping in the air and scratching ivith hnads 
on the bedcovers,^". — Aberration of the reason, laughing, whining,"'. — A 
disposition to laugh, and there was a half smiling look all the time,'"". — 
He thought he was dying and would not live through the evening, he was 
glad that he was dying, and made preparations for his funeral, with other- 
wise perfect reason, and without feeling remarkably sick,'. — In the evening 
after lying down in bed, very sad, with thoughts of death and with violent 


weeping^. — Sadness.'lt — Feels as if nothing could give her enjoyment,™. 
— Depression of spirits, indisposed to converse (third day) ; buoyancy of 
spirits (fourth day),''"'. — [200.] Despair,'. — Peculiar sensation of anxiety,*". 
— Great anxiety,*'. — Anxiety,™. — Inclines to start, irritable (after thirty- 
two hours),'.— *Often starts up in affright,".— *Fear of being in the dark 
and to a less extent of being alone, in the evening after sunset (tenth 
dayl,""". — *His whole conduct and countenance viras like that of a child 
severely frightened and apprehending some terrible calamity,'. — Extreme 
watchfulness,"'^ — Very ill-humored, eveu unto vehemence, followed imme- 
diately after by a disposition to laugh, even loud,'. — [210,] The peevish- 
ness and fretfulness lasted for about six weeks,'*'. — When spoken to he 
appeared peevish and irritable, and answered by a sharp cry, or said 
sharply, "Let me alone," all his words being curtailed in a curious wayj'^l 
— Out of temper ; irritated all day (second day) ; very irritable (third 
day),"'*. — Great depression of sensation and irritability in general,"". — I 
felt very nervous, excited, and irritable, and continually paced up and 
down ray room,"". — Exceedingly irritable and fretful, nothing pleases him 
next day ; quarrelsome with his brother and sisters,"". — Great irritability of 
temper (after half an hour),"'l — Iiicreased irritability (after 200 drops),''l 
— Extreme irritability; he makes all his motions so fast (during the first 
hour) that finally he cannot move any more and all turns black before his 
eyes,'. — [Continual violent scolding; senselessquarrelling],'". — [220.] Rapid 
alternations of laughter, weepiug, and singing,''". — Extremely variable 
humor,'^'^ — Intellectual, NotdlqMsedtoanyreal worA,"'. — Would not 
answer questions (after one hour),'*^ — Confusion of mind and continual 
reaching out for imaginary objects (after three hours),™. — ''^ Coiifunon of 
intellect (after four hours),'"*. — From the senses it extends its influence to 
the mental faculties. The imagination is confused and disturbed with fear. 
Terrifying apprehensions perplex the mind and impress on the countenance 
the image of this passion,'^". — Dulness of mind (after first dose, second 
(lay),'''"'. — Intellect affiscted,"' ™, etc. — Confusion of intellect, he laughs and 
moans,". — [230.] Confusion of mind,'. — Great confusion of ideas (third 
day),''"''. — As the patient began to improve she found it difficult to speak 
the right word in answering,'™. — When writing, put letters in wrong place 
and omitted them (ninth day),'^"*. — When speaking, put words in the wrong 
place, and made mistakes in spelling when writiug (third day),"". — "^ After 
seoerul pij)efitls, he tvordd begin to call things by lurong names, e. g., his boots, 
logs of wood; his bedroom, the stable, etc., and this without knowing it; and 
it is remarkable that he almost always miscalled the same thi)igs. He was a 
very small drinker, and always remembered the subject of his conversation, but 
not language. After sound sleep he would regain the power of speaking 
intelligibly,'"'*. — When about to look for a symptom in repertory, could 
not think for some time what I had intended to do (sixth day),'"'*. — Ac- 
tivity of mind peculiarly disturbed, patient stammering unconnected words 
all the time, shedding tears; all the symptoms seemed to indicate much suf- 
fering,"*. — Was able to answer only in a disconnected and lolling manner,'"". 
— Memory disturbed for a long time after the poisoning,'*". — [240.] Rather 
inclined to be forgetful ; forgot where a paper had been put a day or two 
ago ; hunted for the spectacles and found they were in my hand all the 
time (eighth day),''^'. — The of recollection appears connected with an 
inward uneasiness, and to proceed from it,'. — Diminished memory,'. — Ab- 

f Add, at first. — Hdghks. 


senee of mind, twenty-four hours ; bland delirium,". — In the intervals of 
half consciousness he is cognizant of his waking dreams, but at these times 
cannot remember what he did or said in the previous lucid interval,'. — She 
remembered nothing afterwards, not even her wandering in the bazaai','*^. 
— *Loss of memory,"'''"'^, etc. — * Stupefaction,^^ '''' ^"^j etc. — *Stupefael ion , from 
which he at times started up in a wild manner, opened his eyes, irhich were 
partly closed, hut could not keep them open ; spoke disconnectedly, quarrelled 
with his mother, whom he did not hioiv; his face ivas very red, cheeks gloiving 
hot, with dry heat over the whole body; at times he moved his lips and tongue, 
called for liquid ; throbbing carotids, full, very rapid pulse, rapid respiration. ; 
pupils excessively dilated, insensible; swallowing dijficult,^'''^. — Stupefaction of 
the senses ; some always laugh, but hear and see nothing, although they 
always have it before their eyes, they also speak well and answer all ques- 
tions, although the whole is like a dream to them,'". — [250.] Obscuration 
of all the senses, with anxiety, followed by shivering on the back with 
sweat,'^ — Deep stupor, for an hour and a half,™. — Stupor, anxiety, con- 
vulsions of the limbs and involuntary weeping, with an elderly woman ; 
increased very much by drinking coffee, soon cured by vinegar,'.+ — Dul- 
ness of sense, loss of reason,'^". — He went to bed after taking a dose, at 7 
A.M., and never woke till 11 a.m. ; he was then drowsy and incapable of 
understanding what was going on around. When brought to the dispen- 
sary, he appeared as if under the influence of spirits, with strong fever. 
He was dull, sleepy, and stupid for two or three days, with remains of the 
fever and excitement,'"'. — *ijs does not seem to notice the objects around him, 
and he really does not notice them,". — After waking, he does not recognize 
anything around him ; he takes his book and goes to school, but he enters 
by the wrong door (after six hours),". — She did not recognize her friends 
during the paroxysm ; and afterwards retained no remembrance of the 
occurrence,™. — Sitting half unconscious, the upper body bent backwards ; 
gagging and pushing out of his mouth a white froth ; lips bluish, swollen ; 
lids closed ; eyes dim ; pupils dilated. Suffered great thirst, and com- 
plained of general lassitude and great weariness. Vinegar ; next day 
better,". — Patient recognizes no one, paid no attention to the loudest calls, 
constantly turned the head from side to side,™. — [260.] He was quite in- 
sensible to sound, seeming not to hear the loudest talking; rousing and 
shaking him had no effect; his eyes were partially open, and the pupils 
more dilated than I ever have seen. The stupor was of a drunken kind ; 
there was no disposition to sleep, but a constant restlessness and turning 
of the body, attended by a most peculiar fidgety manner of twisting the 
fingers and catching at some imaginary object. This was varied now and 
then, by grasping the bedclothes very tight; his body was warm, more 
from this exercise of the arms than any other perceptible cause ; the tongue 
was always rolling; the pulse rather quick ; and the patient often shrank, 
as if suffering from a creeping sensation over his body,'". — He found the 
child in bed unconscious,™*. — Quite insensible; in two hours the pupils 
were fixed and dilated ; all the muscles of the body convulsed, the counte- 
nance flushed, and the pulse full and slow, two hours after,™. — He remained 
perfectly unconscious and could not be roused, paid no heed to the loudest 
shouting, did not feel the smartest pinching; while the arms and legs, when 
lifted, fell flaccid and lifeless (after seven hours),™'. — Great insensibility of 
all the senses,^\ — Stupor in a few hours, soon followed by obstinate insom- 

f Taken from Bering. 
VOL. IX.— 13 


Bia, and in one case deliriu«i treraens,"". — She was unable to take any 
food, to see, hear, speak, or feel,'". — Insensibility,''"*, etc.— Complete in- 
sensibility, unable to swallow any fluid, or to be aroused sufficiently to take 
the least "notice of me or her friends,™. — Sopor alternating with delirium,"". 
— [370.] Deep sopor, followed by death,"". — Complete insensibility (after 
two hours)," "'.—Nearly comatose,'™.— Coma,"^ '", etc.— Profound coma,"'. 
— Comatose state, he appeared stunned and his resolution was impaired,"'. 
Head. — Coiifiisiou (ind Vertigo. Confusion in the head,^"™.— 
Head confused and befogged for many days,". — * Vertlgo,^^ '" ™, etc. — Ver- 
tigo, with diarrhoea,'^ — [280.] Vertigo, with redness of face,'^ — Slight 
vertigo, with feeling of falling to the left, when standing after sunset, at 9 
P.M. (sixth day),^'". — Slight vertigo, or rather an exhilaration of spirits,*". — 
Vertigo, with staggering gait,""*. — Vertigo, and flickering before the eyes,". 
— Vertigo when standing (after four hours),^*°; (eighth day),''^". — Vertigo; 
staggered as if drunk ; feared he should fall on his head, and that he was 
about to lose his senses (soon),'''. — Vertigo ; the head feels as if drawn 
backwards, at the same time he is excessively sleepy,'. — Vertigo, want of 
thought, four mornings in succession, after rising from bed ; he has but a 
dull and distant recollection of things (weakness of memory), and he sees 
as if through a gauze, for two hours,". — Vertigo, headache, dimness of 
vision, violent thirst, viscid mucus in the mouth, rumbling in the bowels, 
and pain in the epigastrium,'". — [290.] Vertigo, with pain in the abdo- 
men and obscured vision, like a veil before the cyes,'°. — Vertigo, so that 
he staggers hither and thither, as if drunk,'".- — Vertigo almost immedi- 
ately ; he went into the open air, but had walked only a few paces when 
he reeled like one intoxicated, and almost lost his senses,". — In middle of 
day, while reading in open air and walking, sudden dizziness, staggering, 
as if he would /c(///f)?-wa?'d and to the left (fourth day),''^^ — Grew giddy and 
fell to the ground,"^ — She became giddy and staggered,'**. — Some giddi- 
ness during the first two or three days,'". — Giddiness, when writing by 
gaslight, at 8 p.m. (first day),''". — He becomes giddy when sitting and 
standing in the room ; he reels,'. — Giddiness, dilated pupils, flushed face, 
glancing of the eyes, and incoherence, so that he seemed to his friends to be 
intoxicated, and subsequently there was incessant unconnected talking, like 
that of dementia,*". — [300.] Giddy, when kneeling, at 9.30 a.m. ; when sit- 
ting, as if the head went round to the right, at 10.45 a.m. (sixth day),'"'. — 
When being put to bed, felt giddy in forehead ; could scarcely see any- 
thing ; all seemed dim, about 9 p.m.,"*. — Giddiness when walking; unsteady 
walking and faint feeling, so that I was obliged to go into a shop and sit 
down (second day),'"". — Drankenness (after eight hours),' "" '"l — Druuk- 
enness and heavy feeling of the body (after one hour),'. — Drunkenness, 
with thirst, and a profuse flow of burning urine,'". — The next morning 
all appeared in a state of intoxication, and two died,'"". — She resembled 
one intoxicated next morning,"". — Staggering,'''. — Staggering when he 
walked,"*".— [310.] Although he staggers, yet the limbs obey the will so 
readily that he feels as if he had none ; they seemed to him "much longer 
than they were, so that when walking he thinks he has already touched 
the floor, when the foot is yet six inches away from it ; hence he always 
puts down the foot too quickly,'. — Tendency to stagger backwards, at 9.45 
P.M. (sixteenth day),'"".— Staggered in attempting to walk, and would have 
fallen but for support,'*'.— Staggered and appeared as if intoxicated (after 
half an hour),".— She staggered on attempting to walk, and occasionally 
there was a convulsive starting of the lower limbs and a backward flexure 


of the spine,™. — Unsteady, half-staggering feeling while walking, in the 
evening; it was a very slight swaying to either side or forwards, like 
drunkenness (seventh day) ; occasional staggering when walking (eighth 
dsiy)i''''. — *Stagger!ng to (eft in a dark room, after sunset (after twelve hours 
and a quarter),''"". — Staggering backwards when standing after goingdown- 
stairs, at 6.45 P.M. (sixth day),''". — '^Unsteady when lualking in the dark, 
with tendency to Jail backwards, in the evening after nunset (sixteenth 
day),^'^ — ''In the evening, after sunset, unsteadiness when walking (first 
day) ; at 1 p.m., wcdked somewhat in a circle to the left (second day),'^'". — 
[320,] He is unable to walk alone ; he falls unless he is held,". — Reeling 
gait,"' "*. — Reeled as though intoxicated (soon),"*. — He reels about the 
room and seems to be seeking something,'. — He stumbles against the door 
whenever he goes through k,K — General Head. The head began to 
swell with the internal feeling of fulness, as if ready to burst (after third 
dose),"'. — After the swoon there remains a spasm of the head to either side, 
with redness of face,'^ — [Convulsive drawing of the head, with grinding of 
the teeth],''*. — [Convulsive drawing only of the head and eyes, with snor- 
ing],'". — [Convulsive drawing of the head only to both sides, with crying 
out; raising of the arms over the head],". — [330.] Frequent rolling and 
turning the head, as if in search of its parents, with wild screams; desire 
to escape (after four hours),'^*". — [Moving of the head hither and thither, 
interrupted by hiccough],'^. — [Early in the morning moving of the head 
hither and thither, with excessive thirst],'". — Frequent raising of the head 
from the pillow,'^. — Apoplexy,'. — Smoking St. James's weed for asthma 
disposes to apoplexy,*" °~. — *Rusli of blood to the head,". — *Violent con- 
gestion of the head (after half an hour),'". — Stupid head with dim vis- 
ion,'^ — Stupid feeling in the head,'. — [340,] She feels dull, stupid in the 
head, and almost insensible and indiflferent to everything and everybody 
around her,'°°. — Dulness of the head,'*^"*'. — Heaviness of the head,™*". — 
Head full and heavy (after twenty miuutes),'*l — Weight on the head,'-'. — 
Dreadful sense of weight in the head (after two hours),''". — -Woke in the 
morning with an uncommon dull heavy pain in head,''. — Numbness of the 
head, attended with vertigo,''. — A disagreeable lightness, with a weak feel- 
ing, in the head,'. — Weakness of the head,'". — [350.] Headache,'"*^'*", etc. 
— Headache and vertigo,"". — Considerable headache,'"". — Headache, with 
anorexia,'\ — Alternate headache and tumefaction of tlie abdomen,'". — 
Headache, with dizziness, and a feeling of heaviness of the head, alternat- 
ing with lightness, and a disposition to faint,'". — Slight headache, lasting 
all day (after five minutes) ; headache, still on waking (second day),'''-'. — 
Headache every day at two different times, late in the afternoon and evening 
and early in morning, waking me before sunrise, about 4 a.m.; it was a 
rather severe pressure on vertex ; I woke always at the same time, with the 
headache, lying nearly on the back, with an inclination to the right side, 
and my arms, one or both, especially the right, violently stretched up ver- 
tically and bent across top of head ; so severely were they stretched as to 
make the muscles of upper arm feel strained and rather bruised ; this ele- 
vation of the arms on waking continued for ten days ; the last time it oc- 
curred, I detected myself gently raising my arm in the act of waking ; this 
time there was no straining of muscles (after twelve days),'". — General 
dull headache, worse over eyes ; head feels heavy (ninth and tenth days),"". 
— Violent /teadac/ie,'"" '"* ""', etc. — [360.] After a restless sleep, violent 
headache, vertigo, running of tears, and salivation,'". — Severe headache 
and toothache, with profuse flow of tears,'". — Giddy headache with fainting 


and thirst/^ — Squeezing headache,'. — In the evening dull headache, not 
definitely localized (third day),™. — Constant dull pain in entire head, deep 
in brain (fourth and sixth days),'^*l — Great pain in head (second day) ; 
gradually wearing off (third to ninth day),™. — The boy complained of his 
head hurting him (after two hours),*^. — Pain, vertigo, and great confusion 
in head,". — Pain in the head and pelvis,'^ — [370,] Pain in the head and 
eye.s,'°. — Dartings through the head in different directions, extending to 
the balls of the eyes, and down right side of nose (after five hours),''^. — 
Felt as if fire mounted to the head, and also affected the stomach (after 
five minutes),"'. — Severe throbbing headache (fourth day),™. — Constant 
throbbing in the head, deepseated (after six hours), '^''. — Sense of fulness in 
head (after nine hours),"". — Heavy beating in arteries, felt particularly in 
head and chest, at 7 a.m. (second day),'*^'. — Forehead. Slight frontal 
headache on waking and during morning (sixth day),^". — Slight frontal 
headache (right side), in the morning (seventh day),^". — Dull frontal head- 
ache, chiefly on right side, in room, in evening after sunset (fifth day),^'^ — 
[380.] Dull frontal headache, in room, at 4.45 p.m. (sixth day),™. — Con- 
stant dull frontal headache, not severe (eighth day),™. — Frontal headache 
nearly all the morning (second day),*'". — Pain in right forehead for forty 
minutes (after five minutes),^". — Frontal headache, at 11 p.m. (fifteenth 
day) ; in the morning (seventeenth day),^'l — 6.50 ; since 5 p.m. frontal head- 
ache, which is now worse on walking in the open air, better in an hour 
when at rest indoors (first day),^'". — Pain in right forehead (after one hour 
and thirty-five minutes); continuing, at times till to-day (fifth day); in 
the afternoon (tenth da.j),'"\ — Tingling feel as if pins and needles were in 
her forehead,™.— When walking in the open air, sudden pain oyer left eye, 
also felt at the same time, but to a less extent, in opposite part of occiput ; 
the pain over the eye lasted the longest, at 9.50 A.m. (sixth day),™.— Beat- 
ing in the forehead and balls of the eyes,"". — [390.] In evening after 
mental work, painful pulsative throbbing in the forehead (third day),™. — 
On two occasions a sudden attack of quickly-repeated painful throbbings 
in left forehead, lasting a minute each time, while indoors, in the evening 
after sunset (fifteenth day) ;''\~Temple.<i. Pain in right temple, sticking 
and stabbing at 8 p.m. ; felt until I fell asleep at 11 p.m. (first day) ; the 
headache was in both temples, shooting to the back of the head, with con- 
siderable thirst (second day),™.— Slight pain in the right temple (eleventh 
day) ; disappeared (thirteenth day),"".— Shooting pain in right temple for 
three-quarters of an hour (after three hours and a quarter),"'.— Throbbing 
headache in the right temple, with diarrhoea,'".- Great throbbing in the 
temples, more particularly on the right side (after third dose),'".— Vertex 
and JParietals. Kept in bed till 4 or 5 p.m., on account of a severe 
pressure in vertex, which seemed affected by nothing, but made me unwill- 
ing to get up (twelfth day),™.— A sudden attack of quickly-repeated pain- 
ful throbbings in right anterior vertex, for a minute, and again to a slighter 
extent afterwards, while indoors, in the evening after sunset (twenty-fourth 
day) ™.—* Beating in the top of head and forehead, felt also in eyeballs 
(after nine hours),'*".— [400.J Pain in right side of head, varying in sever- 
ity, worse from pressure ; scalp there tender to pressure, worse on walking, 
not worse on shaking head, better by leaning head to right side; at one 
time there was also shooting inwards in the same place; the tenderness 
lasted longest (for two hours and a half), (after two hours),'".— Occ*i>M*. 
Pain in occiput during the sudden pain over left eye, at 9.50 a.m. (sixth 
day),'".— Occasional, sometimes throbbing, pains in left occiput, at 12.15 


P.M., for half an hour (a quarter of an hour after thii-d dose), and at 8.12 
P.M. (first day),'^". — Occasional, sometimes throbbing, pain in right occiput 
(one hour after first dose, second day),'^". — Throbbing in right occiput 
(sixth day),'■"^ — External Head. The brow was corrugated,'". — The 
skin on the forehead is wrinkled ; the eyes stare ; the whole face looks wild 
and frightful (after three hours),^ 

Eye, — Objective. Swelling of the eyes, with much-dilated pupils, 
and contortion of the eyeballs in every direction,"". — The whites of the eyes 
and margins of eyelids red ; profuse lachrymation,'. — *Eye8 injected with 
hlood,™. — [410.] Sclerotic coat of the eyes of a pink color, left eye most 
discolored, at 9 p.m. (after two hours),''^ — Redness and swelling about right 
eye,''™. — Eyes inflamed and weep much, particularly the right eye (second 
day) ; right eye weeps very much, left eye a little (third day),™. — Cornea 
very bright,™.— Dark color around his eyes (third day),™. — Blue margin 
around the eyes (secoud day),"*. — Eyes close, and it becomes black before 
them,'. — Eyes half closed and listless (after fourteen hours),'\ — Eyes closed, 
with pupils dilated,'"'. — *Eyes wide open, prominent; pupils exceedingly 
dilated, insensible, with injected conjunctiva, as if the vessels were filled 
with dirty liquid,'*".— [420,] Eyes open ; pupils dilated to the utmost 
(after one hour),™'. — The eyes were open, but he took no notice of any- 
thing or anybody about him, and when objects were held before his eyes, 
he could not see them,'". — *Eyes open; pupik widely dilated and fixed and 
insensible to the strongest light, but the patient was unconscious of everything 
going on around him, vision being quite lost,™. — ^Squinting of the eyes,^"^ "'. 
— Eyes protruding ; lids half closed,™. — Staring eyes," *" '™ '"l — Eyes have 
a staring look at one time, at another are unsteady, wavering,*'l — Eyes 
staring stupidly,'". — Eyes staring, swollen, and sparkling ; pupils greatly 
dilated and immovable (after six hours),'". — Eyes staring and brilliant,"^ 
— [430.] Eyes protruded; pupils dilated; eyelids half-closed; power of 
vision lessened,''^ — Sparkling eyes; he complains of the rays of the sun 
dazzling him, with loss of appetite,'*. — After dim vision, lippitudo,'".f — 
Eyes glistening,'* " '"'. — Eyes of a peculiar dazzling lustre (after one 
hour),"".— Eyes bright; pupils dilated and insensible to light,"". — Eyes 
lively; pupils insensible to light,™. — Eyes sparkling,^". — Eyes glistening 
and in constant motion,™. — Eyes glittered and rolled about (in five min- 
utes),'". — [440.] Eyes glistening, staring, with dilated and insensible pu- 
pils,'™. — Eyes glassy bright; pupils dilated,'"". — Seven out of the fifteen 
children in the institution had brilliancy of the eyes, not very remarkable 
in some, but in others a rapid dilatation,"".— Eyes of a glassy brilliancy, 
with the pupils much dilated,'". — Rolling of the eyes,"". — *Eyes restless, 
glistening, wide open, staring, with a peculiar intoxicated look,'^'. — *Eyes 
•unsteady, with greatly dilated pupils; the conjunctiva injected,™. — Eyes un- 
steady,™.— Eyes dark and dull,".— Eyes dull and heavy,".— [450.] Eyes 
haggard and sunken,™ — Subjective. Eyes almost bursting from their 
sockets, so widely were they opened ; the iris almost, if not quite, invisible 
from the intense dilatation of the pupil,™*. — Sensation of pressure in the 
left eye,'"". — Pressure and tension in both eyes for six days (after two 
hours),^^ — The greatest sensitiveness to the daylight ; lachrymation (after 
twenty-four hours),'. — Feeling in right eye as if water twitched about in it 
(third day),'^". — Burning of the eyes, with dim vision, and profuse sweat,'", 
— Sudden coldness in right eye, for a few minutes, at 11.50 A.m. (sixth 

f Revised by Hughes. 


day),^'^ — Shooting in left eye, from without inwards, and a feeling of a 
foreign body in it (fourth and fifth days),"^ — Pricking iu the eyes (after 
two hours),"**. — [460.] Itching and feeling of sand in right eye, relieved 
by rubbing (first Dight),"^ — Lids, Eyelids swelled and closed,'^ — Swol- 
len and inflamed eyelids,'. — Agglutination of the eyelids, at night,'". — 
[Suppurating eyelids],'^. — The upper eyelid hangs down, as if caused by a 
cramp of the orbicularis,'. — Eyelids slightly drooping, "I — Midnight, in 
bed, felt quivering, like live blood, in right upper eyelid (fourth day),^^°. — 
Pressure in the eyelids as if swollen, which is really the case, or as if 
oppressed with sleep ; hence a great disposition to sleep, which he is, how- 
ever, able to overcome (after three hours and a half),'. — Feeling of sand 
in outer segment of rigid eye, relieved by rubbing, removed by drawing 
upper lid down over eye, with redness and lachrymation of right, indoors, 
in the morning, and lasting till 1 p.m. (seventh day),^". — LacJiri/nia- 
tion. [470.] Lachrymation of both eyes,'^ — Tears collect in the eye, not 
running over the lower lid,*". — Lachrymation of the right eye,'^ — Lachry- 
mation of the left eye,'^ — Tears run against his will,'. — Tears flow without 
consciousness,'^ — Tears collect in both eyes, with obscuration of vision,'". — 
Running of tears after a restless sleep,'". — Profuse flow of tears, with severe 
headache and toothache,'". — [480.] Suff"used eyes,"'^ — Conjioictiva. 
* Conjunctiva Mijecfed,'""" '™ "',etc. — Conjunctiva of both eyes intensely 
red, as crimson,'"'. — Conjunctiva highly injected, with a total insensibility 
of pupils,'"*"*"". — The conjunctiva was injected; the pupils immensely 
dilated ; the whole expression of the eye was brilliant, restless, suspicious, 
and roving,'"'. — Fulness of bloodvessels of conjunctiva and sclerotica ; the 
eyes look red, particularly near the internal canthus (after thirteen 
hours)/'"'. — Sail. Feeling of enlargement and protrusion of eyeballs 
(after three hours),'". — Feeling of soreness in eyeballs on turning them 
(after thirteen hours),"". — Throbbing iu eyeballs, worse in left one, with 
lachrymation, at 11 A.M. (second day),"". — Pii2)il. *Dilated pupils,* ''^ ^ '*, 
etc.— [490,] The child, when better next day, was reminded not to eat 
such things again, and immediately the pupils widened very much,"'. — 
^Dilated and iininovable 2}upil.s;'^ ''\ etc. — Pupil nearly fully dilated and 
utterly insensible to light; a lighted candle could be so held as almost to 
singe the eyelids, without inducing contraction of the iris and without 
attracting the patient's notice,'**.— Pupils so extremely dilated that no iris 
can be seen (after three hours),'"* '"* "".—Pupil of eye enormously dilated, 
more so than I have ever seen from the full action of Belladonna; perfectly 
blind, the full flash of gas failing to produce the slightest contraction of 
the pupil (after two hours and a half),'"'.— Pupils insensible to light, and 
so strongly dilated as to leave visible merelv a rim of iris,"^ — Pupils im- 
mensely dilated, with redness of the eyes (afte'r four hours),"".— An unusual 
dilatation of the pupils and a remarkable squinting of the right eye,'".— 
Pupils excessively dilated ; conjunctivae injected, bluish,'*'.- Pupil of right 
eye dilated to at least three times its natural size, and the left had no pre- 
ternatural appearance,"''.— [500.] Pupil of eye extremely dilated, with ap- 
parently total blindness,™'.- Left pupil more dilated than right (thirty- 
second day),"'*.- On separating the eyelids, the pupils of the eye were found 
to be much dilated ; the eyes themselves convulsed,'*.— Extremely dilated 
pupils, with darkness of sight,".— The pupil of my eye was very dilated 
(even for thirty-six hours after), and I was at one time nearly blind. The 
next day I could scarcely see, and was quite unable to read a book. For 
three weeks after, I had a very sensible pulsation over my right eye, and 


even now I seem to feel the effects of the poison in my eyes, my sight being 
at times quite dim, although five weeks hkve elapsed,'"''. — Dilated the pupil 
of one eye and produced temporary paralysis of the lids,'"^' — "Contraction 
of the pupils,""'- ™.- — After drinking vinegar, the pupils became extremely 
contracted,". — Pupils rather contracted (third day), ''-^ — Pupils so contracted 
as scarcely to be discernible, smaller than I have ever seen in a cat's eye 
(after seven hours),^"'. — [510.] Much-contracted pupils; they do not dilate 
in the dark; all things appear to him smaller and at a frreater distance, 
like one dazzled by the light (after thirtv minutes),". — Vision. Could 
see better at beginning of twilight,"". — *Dimness of i'i.sio?2,'^** '""". — Dim 
vision, with thirst and sweat,'^. — Dim vision, with great thirst,'^ — Dimness 
of sight, as though the atmosphere was foggy (after six hours),'". — Dim 
vision almost every morning, as if a gauze were before the eyes,'". — Dim- 
ness of vision, followed by vertigo and headache,"*. — Darkening of sight, 
with rumbling in the abdomen, '^ — Dulness of vision, like a fog before his 
eyes, as if he saw things through a glass of turbid water; things seem dis- 
solved and too distant,'. — [520.] Impairment of vision, the pupils being 
greatly dilated,'''"'. — Impairment of vision,'''* ''■" ™ ^". — Vision became weak 
(after 100 drops), '"I — Partial blinduess, with a greatly dilated pupil,''''\ — 
Irapo.'sible to thread needle on account of defective vision (in twenty min- 
utes),'*'. — Almost complete blindness for six hours ; and as the secondary 
effect, on the days following, a pressure as from the middle of the eyeball 
at every change of light, either when going into the sun or suddenly into 
the dark,'. — The senses of sight and hearing vanish,". — After the contents 
of the stomach had been emptied he gradually rallied, opened his eyes, 
and stared wildly about him, though evidently unable to see anything, the 
pupils still intensely contracted, and on waving the hand before them, he 
never blinked or took the least notice,™. — Total blindness, lasting two 
days, from the vapors in preparing the extract,*^ — Complete loss of vis- 
ion," '*^, etc. — [530.] Amblyopia,". — Photophobia to gaslight indoors, in 
the evening after sunset (second day),^'"; (sixteenth day),'™. — Long-lasting 
far-sightedness; he was only able to read print at a great distance,'^ — 
Double sight,'"'". — Double sight; things awry; he sees small things at 
their places, but a little higher or sideways a second image,'. — Obscuration 
of vision ; double vision remained for a long tim-e after the poisonin<r,'*°. — 
All objects seem double,'^". — At times only portions of objects can be seen, 
at other times they seem double (third day),'™. — Double and confused 
vision (immediately),*'. — Perverted vision (after four hours),""*. — [540.] 
Illusions of vision,''"'. — If the hand was held before the eyes, he felt for it 
at varying distances,'". — Distant objects are indistinct, after some extract 
in the left eye; afternoon, distant objects clearer; nearer, indistinct, but 
looking awhile to the same spot or in the distance, the objects become dis- 
tinct,*". — False sight; all things appear oblique,". — Wheu going downstairs, 
he takes two steps for one, and is not aware of it until he falls,''. — *The 
second day the child complained that it was dark and called for lig'ht ; the 
pupils seemed dilated,"". — Darkening of sight; could not read nor see the 
thread when spinning,". — Obscuration of sight,'* ''. — Every morning ob- 
scuration of vision,'*. — *Complained of its being dark, •wanted a light 
(candle), (second day),'*. — [550.] Extreme obscuration of vision,'*. — Cloudi- 
ness of vision, as though she had a gauze before the eyes,™". — He sees things 
as if through coarse linen, only by pieces, and as if cut up ; for instance, of 
a face he saw only the nose, etc., as if the eyes had but a small circle of 
vision, and he was able to see only a small point at once,'. — Taking a book 


to read, he cannot distinguish the letters, not even the lines ; it is all dark 
and flickering, but after awhile everything becomes clearer, and fiually he 
can read,°°. — Sight troubled ; could not focus the letters of MS. ; the letters 
looked confused ; distant objects not affected (third day). The same dul- 
ness of vision for small objects near the eye ; the lines of letters written 
look double (fourth day). Great presbyopia ; obliged to use the spectacles 
of an old person, and then can read and write as usual, otherwise cannot 
read a word ; distant and large objects are seen as well as ever, but small 
and near objects are completely confused (sixth day). Presbyopia con- 
tinued (seventh and ninth days) ; the presbyopia ceased two days after 
medicine was left off"; while it lasted, I had to wear spectacles when read- 
ing or writing,'^^ — Afteruoon, when reading print, letters seemed indistiuct 
(first day),'"'. — When reading, he was unable to distinguish a syllable ; the 
letters seemed to move and become blurred,\ — During the contraction of 
the pupils, caused by drinking vinegar, all objects appear to him very small ; 
distant objects he can hardly see, but on looking at the sun, the pupils 
remain immovable, and all turns black before the eyes,''. — Things always 
appeared to him to be in an oblique position,'.— The black letters seem to 
him gray, and as if a second one of the same kind and of a light-gray color 

were placed sideways or above (a kind of diplopia) ; for example, " ' j,;" 

writing an F, to show it, he went with the pencil the second time over the 
same line, supposing to have drawn a second one^. — [560.] Black things 
seem to him gray,'. — He seems to see a reddish-gray border around white 
things, for instance, around a piece of paper,\ — ^Smoky appearance of the 
atmosphere,'^ — The first sensible effect is in the sight ; there appears a 
preternatural dilatation of the pupil of the eye; vision is rendered indis- 
tinct and confused ; objects appear multiplied, diversified, and variously 
colored; the patient complains that he cannot see clearly; he cannot dis- 
cern a small object, such, for instance, as the point of a pin or needle; he 
sees in the room objects which do not exist, and complains of a numbness 
of the head attended with vertigo,''^". — Hallucinations of vision, with di- 
lated pupils,^^^ — After dark, when walking in open air, transient dark-blue 
spot befoi-e the eyes, at 9 p.m. (eighth day); lilac-colored spots before eyes, 
when looking at the nearly white paper of wall, in the evening (tenth 
day),'''". — Transient bright-blue spot before left eye by gaslight, when lying, 
at 8.10 P.M. (first day); at 8.30 km. (sixth day); dark-blue spot before 
eyes in a dark room (eighth day); bright-blue spot (thirteenth and twenty- 
seventh nights); bright-green tremulous spots before closed eyes low down 
in field of vision (twenty-se%renth night),'"''. — Transient blue spot before left 
eye, while lying in bed on right side in dark room (first, fifth, and seventh 
nights),™. — Transient blue spot before eyes twice when in a dark room 
(first night); bright-blue spot when looking down, at 10.40 p.m. (twentieth 
day); large blue spots, twice by daylight, in the morning (twenty-fourth 
day),'''". — A transient bright spot before left eye, apparently a long "distance 
off', when looking into air, sitting indoors, and turning head to left (after 
four hours and five minutes); in a gaslighted room (second day) ; at 12.10 
P.M. (seventh day); in a dark room at 11.30 p.m. (eighth day); at 11.50 
A.M. (ninth day); on looking at nearly white wall-paper, at 5.i0 p.m. (six- 
teenth day); at 12.30 p.m. (nineteenth day); in the morning (twenty-fifth 
day); before left eye in a dark room (twenty-fifth night),^". — [570.] Tran- 
sient bright spot before left eye, while lying in bed in dark (eighteenth, 
twentieth, twenty-fourth, and twenty-seventh days),"'. — Whenever I looked 
up to the sky, saw iu the sky a large bright spot of various forms, once a 


crescent, once a vertical long bar, several times repeated, at 1.50 p.m. 
(second day) ; bright spot before left eye on suddenly turning head to left, 
while lying in bed in the dark a little before midnight (third day) ; bright 
spot before left eye on turning head to left, while lying in bed in the dark 
before daybreak (fifth day),"". — Transient bright spots before eyes in the 
dark, in the evening after sunset (twentieth and thirty-sixth days) ; one very 
large, somewhat to left of line of vision, when turning head to left (lying 
in bed), (twenty-ninth day) ; before left eye when turning head to left (thirty- 
eighth and fortieth days),"^. — When in the dark have several times seen 
bright flashes suddenly coming and going, like faint and small sheet-light- 
ning (sixth day)^'^^.' — ]3right sparks before the eyes,""""". — Bright spot be- 
fore eyes only \Then looking at gas-flame (fourth day),™. — Sparks of fire 
(after second dose) ; occas-ionally entering at a high point and disappearing 
at a lower point of the field (after third dose),'". — He saw balls of fire 
rolling over the counterpane (after four hours),''^'.- — Luminous vibrations 
before left eye by daylight, at 8.30 a.m. (second day),^^l— Two vertical 
contiguous bars standing before eyes and moving within them, the right blue, 
the left green, while in a bed in a dark room (ninth day),-^^'. — [580.] Two 
vertical contiguous bars, right purple, the left green, standing still before 
eyes for half a minute, then the green bar disappeared, then the purple, 
when in bed in a dark room, at 11 p.m. (eleventh day),'"". — On looking up 
at the cloudy sky, saw in the sky a bright bar directed upwards and to the 
right (by daylight), (twenty-ninth day"),^''. — Black spots before the eyes ; 
hallucinations of sight,^^ — Black spots and fiery sparks before the eyes,^\ 
— Black spots before eyes, moving with eyes, by daylight only (second 
day),"". — Black spots before the eyes, moving with the eyes, in the evening 
after dark, by gaslight (fourth day),^-'. 

JEnr. — Slight feeling of dryness in right Eustachian tube (first day),^". 
— Wind rushes out of both ears,'". — Pains in the ears,"". — Pain in the left 
ear, pressing down to the left side of the cheek,*^ — [590.] Complained of 
shooting in ears,™. — Tearing pain in right ear, with shooting through the 
forehead and top of head (after five hours),"". — Hea^'iiiff. His hearing 
was very acute, and his eyes followed the direction of the sound,"". — Sense 
of hearing appeared very acute, "'^ — (Hardness of hearing much better ; 
hear better to-day than lor a long time), (third day),"*. — Power of hearing 
lessened,"" "I — * Deafness (after four hours),™. — The senses of hearing and 
sight cease,". — Hearing obtuse at times, at others natural,'™. — Hallucina- 
tions of hearing,^^^ — [600.] Continual ringing in ears, worse on left side,''*"". 
— Ringing in the ears,'"""*. — Violent ringing in the ears (after two hours),''^°. 
— Loud roaring in the ears; hearing was nearly lost; the patient could 
only hear when spoken to in a very loud voice ; she then understood very 
well what was said to her, though she at the same time assured me it 
seemed as if she could not hear another word (after third dose),'". 

Nose. — Objective. Frequent sneezing (after fourteen hours),'*". — 
Frequent sneezing from dryness of nostrils (third day) ; rather violent 
sneezing from dryness of nostrils (sixth day),™. — From 10 a.m. to noon 
violent coryza, sneezing, nostrils stufl^ed, but not much flow (seventh day),''''. 
— Blowing of offensive yellow mucus, becoming fluent, from the nose, with 
relief (after 120 drops), "l — Diminished secretion of nasal mucus in the 
morning, increased in the evening (after 100 drops),'^'. — Black hemorrhage 
from the nose (third day), followed by warm perspiration and general re- 
lief,'™. — Subjective. [610.] Nose stopped up,l — Feels as if the nose 
were stopped, although he can get air enough through it,^ — His nose feels 


obstructed and dry, although he is able to breathe through it,'. — The nose 
was dry and redder thau usual ; she could not smell anything (after third 
dose),'". — Great itching of the nose,"^ — There seemed to be an intolerable 
itching in the nose,'™. 

Face. — Objective. *Face swollen and very red (after six hours),'". — 
Swelling of the face,". — Face and cheeks swelled,^^ — Swollen face, injected 
with blood,'".— [620.] Face slightly swelled and eyes puffed (the skin be- 
low them), (second day),'*"*. — Face somewhat swollen,'*". — Face puify and 
purplish red,'". — *Face pnffy and red,^^. — Face puffy,'". — Besotted appear- 
ance of the face (after fifteen to thirty minutes)/'*. — At first his face looks 
friendly, except the staring eyes, at last it becomes quite disfigured by deep 
furrows from the inner corner of the eyes to the cheek, by folds running 
from the nasal wings to the corner of the mouth, and by knitting the eye- 
brows, and it looks frightful on account of the sparkling eyes, hut after an 
hour it looks disturbed, with dim eyes (after half to two hours),l — At first 
his face looks quite friendly, except the dilated pupils, but afterwards it 
looks distorted, as from anxiety, with deep furrows and wrinkles,'. — Ma- 
niacal expression,""'''.—* CoM?!.fejia7ice ivild,^"'. — [630.] *Wild staring look 
(after fifteen to thirty minutes),'"'^". — A peculiar wildness of the look,"". — • 
Countenance had a wild, idiotic expression,'"". — ^Countenance ivihl, exhibit- 
ing anxiety and alarm,^''. — Conscious, though there is a wildness in her looks 
(after a few hours),''*. — * Wildness of countenance was very striking and almost 
startling,^'^. — * Expression of countenance wild and staring^"'. — * Vacant, he- 
loildered expression,^"'. — Features drawn,"". — *Very anxious expression of 
countenance,^^'' "". — [640.] *The features gave the expression of great fear 
and terror (after six hours),'*'. — Risus sardonicus,'"'. — Features sunken 
(after seven hours),'™. — *Redness of the face," '" ^'\ etc. — Redness of the 
face, without any perceptible increase in the temperature of the head (after 
third dose),'". — *Face red and hot,^^^. — *Frequent redness of the face, with 
staring eyes,^^. — *Face very red,^'""'"''''^''^^. — Face red, lips swollen,™. — Face 
red and swollen about the lips and eyes, the neck much tumefied, the swell- 
ing having commenced on the left side under the angle of the jaw and 
rapidly extended around to the right,'*". — [650.] Face very red, the i-est 
of the body not red,''''*. — Face bright red,""*. — Face was of a scarlet hue,"' '"^ 
— Face became a fiery red,™*. — *Face bright red and puffy,^*"- — Her face 
presented a suffused redness,'**. — Face deeply suffused and of a dark-crim- 
son color,'"". — Countenance appeared suffused and bloated,*". — * Countenance 
flushed, "*'»-"", etc.— Flushed (slightly swollen) face,'"^— [660.] Face and 
forehead flushed, at 1 p.m. (second day),"". — Face and neck Sushed and 
greatly swelled (after one hour),™. — Faces flushed to almost violet hue,''*. 
— Face turgid,"". — '''Face turgid and hot,™. — *I}lood rushing to theface,^'. — 
*Face purple, red, swollen,^". — *Pale /aee,'°'""". — Face pale and muscles 
drawn,'*'. — Look pale, at 6.30 p.m. (second day),"". — [670.] Brown face,™. 
— Subjective. She felt as if the left side of her face was swollen, which, 
on looking into the mirror, she found was not the case ; afterwards, redness 
and flushing of the left cheek,'"*. — Cheek. Swelling of the left cheek and 
of the left side of the face generally,"". — Cheeks red,'"".^rhe cheeks are red 
and bloated, but the upper part of the face looks much contracted and 
gloomy,". — Cheeks flushed,*'. — Lips. The lips have a yellow streak along 
their red part, as in malignant fevers, and stick together ; he fears lest they 
should grow together,". — Lips bright red (afterwards they become of a dark 
hue, almost black), feeling stiff and hard ; trembling of the lips (after six 
hours),'".— Lips were of a deep red,"^ — Swelling of the under lip (after two 


hours),".— [680.] Teeth and lips separated/".— Lips dry,"".- Dryness of 
the lips and tongue,". — Lips and mouth dry, lips sticky ; the dryness lasted 
all day (after three-quarters of an hour"),".- — Lips feel dry and ."lifl-ij ffourth 
day),""^". — Lips somewhat sticky, at 8.30 a.m. (seventh day),'^'". — Lips and 
tongue parched,"* "* ''". — Chill. Tetanic spasm of the jaws, "". — The jaws 
required to be opened forcibly with a stick, as they were lirnily cli^m-hed,'". 
— The lower jaw hangs down,"'. — [690.] Jaws tightly clenched,™. — Jaws 
clenched,'™ "^ — Symptoms of trismus,"^ — Jaw become locked (after seven 
hours),*'. — Lockjaw, with closed lips,'". 

Mouth. — Teelh. Grinding of teeth,""". — [Grinding of teeth; raises 
his hands above his head and moves them as if he were winding a ball of 
thread],'\' — Grinding of teeth, with shuddering over the whole body,'". — 
Grinding of teeth, with obscuration in the head,'^ — [Grinding of teeth, 
contortion of the hands, and shuddering],'\ — [700.] Constant grinding 
and gritting of the teeth (after six hours),'". — Toothache,'". — Toothache 
and severe headache, with profuse flow of tears,'^. — Throbbing toothache, 
as if some teeth would fall out,'. — Throbbing pain in molar teeth of left 
side in lower jaw, and in the submaxillary glands of same side (after nine 
hours),'". — Throbbing in teeth and lower jaw, left side (second day),'*". — 
Ton(/ne. Tongue clean and moist,"". — *The tongue is sioollen all over, ^^. — ■ 
Tongue swelled and protruded out of the mouth,'^. — Tongue immovable; 
the patient could not utter a loud sound,°^ — [710.] Boys scratch their 
tongues with their finger-nails,". — * Tongue swollen, stiff, and moved tvith 
difficulty,^". — The tongue protruded from the mouth,"". — Tongue occasion- 
ally thrust from the mouth,'''^ — Tongue flabby and hanging out of the 
mouth,"". — Tongue furred,*""'. — Tongue tremulous, dry, except on the 
margins,'"". — Tongue furred and dry,*"'"". — Tongue redder at the apex 
than at the base, and dry,'".— Tongue red on the edges and thin ; slightly 
white in centre (after six hours),'"'. — [720.] Tongue and lips bright red 
and dry,"". — Tongue and fauces dry and red ; the former was so dry that 
it glistened,"'. — Tongue red and moist,'"". — * Tongue red and dry,'"'"""'. — 
Whitish tongue, with very fine red dots, and the tip of the tongue redder 
than usual,"*. — Tongue thickly coated white (third day),'™. — The tongue 
was moist, the papillse enlarged, and projecting through a soft white fur,'"'. 
— Dry black tongue,'". — Tongue and fauces dry and slightly swelled (after 
one hour),™l — Dryness of the tongue and palate, so that they feel quite 
raw, without any thirst at first (after half an hour),'. — [730.] ^Dryness of 
the tongue and palate,^^. — Excessive dryness of tongue and throat,'*. — 
Tongue dry and white,'"". — Tongue parched,"". — -Tongue and throat parched 
and dry,"". — Tongue dry and its tip curled up, but not touching the roof 
of the mouth,'". — *Tongue, mouth, and fauces dry, vrith considerable difficidty 
in deglutition,™. — Her tongue feels quite blistered,™. — Tongue heavy,'*". — - 
Tongue felt quite spongy and totally devoid of moisture (after two hours),'"*. 
— General Mouth. [740.] Foaming at the mouth,"*. — Bloody froth 
from the mouth,^". — A fluid being put into his mouth, he immediately spat 
it out,'"". — A black frothy mucus issuing from the mouth,"". — Very viscid 
slime in mouth, with good appetite, '^ — Dryness of the mucous membrane 
of the mouth and nose (after 120 drops),'"". — Mouth dry on waking, in 
morning (second day),^'". — Dry mouth, in the afternoon (ninth day); in 
the morning (eleventh day),™. — Mouth dry, at 8.10 a.m. (fourteenth day) ; 
9.30 A.M. (eighteenth day),""; (third day),'""; (after 70 drops),''".— *ilioi(</!, 
wr?/ dry,"" '" ; (after six hours),'"'. — [750.] On biting an apple which was 
quite juicy, he said that it was dry like flour and hurt his throat (soon),'"'. 


— Dryness of mouth and palate,™. — Disagreeable feeling of dryness in 
mouth, throat, aud nostrils, lasting from 1 till dinner, at 5 p.m. (third 
day),™. — Mouth and tongue dry, and the lips bright red,'''l — Dryness of 
mouth and palate after six hours' violent thirst, and such an absence of 
taste that he drank nearly a pint of vinegar at one draught without tasting 
it,^ — Dryness of mouth, thirst, dim vision, sparkling eyes, sweat, and diar- 
rhoea,'". — Remarkable dryness of the mouth and throat,''l — '''Excessive di-y- 
neas of the inner mouth,''. — Great dryness in the mouth, so that he is unable 
to spit, although the tongue looks moist and clean,'. — Great dryness in the 
mouth ; can hardly take a mouthful of white bread ; it tastes to him like 
straw,'. — [760.] Sensation of great dryness in the mouth and want of sa- 
liva, while the tongue looked moist and clean,*. — Extreme dryness in the 
mouth and want of saliva; he cannot spit, although the tongue is rather 
moist and clean,'''. — *G7-eat dryness of mouth and fauces,^^. — Great dryness 
of mouth, throat, and nostrils ; could not eat bread and butter for break- 
fast, but was forced to eat sopped bread and milk instead ; the dryness 
prevented insalivatiou, and made swallowing difficult (sixth day). The 
dryness of throat, mouth, and nose continued ; cannot insalivate dry food ; 
swallowing such food is difficult; at dinner, obliged to sip frequently to 
help down the food, which seems arrested in the oesophagus (seventh day). 
Woke several times with excessively disagreeable dryness of mouth and 
throat; had to sip water several times (seventh night). During breakfast, 
extreme dryness of throat and mouth (ninth day),™. — The velum palati 
feels drawn low down ; food and drink pass with difficulty, followed by a 
scratching pain in the velum,'. — The palate feels parched, so that he is not 
able to eat a mouthful of bread (wheat),l — It feels as if the inner mouth 
were raw and sore (after twenty-four hours),'. — Saliva. Salivation,'*'. — 
Salivation, with hoarseness,'^ — Mouth full of saliva (third day),"l— [770.] 
Much .saliva in mouth during the whole time (third to ninth day),'*'. — 
* Drooling from the mouth,^. — Long-continuing salivation and profuse urine,'^ 
— Great salivation, 'I — Profuse salivation, with constantly increasing 
thirst,'^ — Excessive salivation ; he loses from three to four pounds in a 
day aud night,'". — The salivary and urinary secretions are augmented,'^ — 
Tenacious salivation,'*. — Thick frothy saliva about the mouth (after one 
hour),"l— Frequent spitting,^— [780.] *Glairy saliva dribbling from the 
mouth (after eleven hours),'**. — Taste. Food has a bad taste,'*.— Twice, 
metallic-coppery taste on clean tongue (thirteenth day),™.— During fore- 
noon, constant, but slight bitterness in mouth (seventh day),™. — Constant 
bitterness in mouth, even all the food has a bitter taste,'. — Constant bitter- 
ness in mouth, even the food tastes bitter,'. — Disgusting bitter taste, with 
yellowish coated tongue (after 120 drops),"^— Excessively bitter taste,™.— 
Pasty taste,"l— Flat taste in mouth (after sunset), (fourth day); at 8.80 
A.M. (seventh day),'".— [790.] Fiat taste in mouth, with sticky lips, for 
half an hour, at 2.15 p.m. (eighth day),"*. — Tobacco has yet some taste, 
but food tastes like sand, balls together in a lump in the oesophagus, and 
threatens to suffocate (after three hours),'. — Bread and butter taste like 
sand ; on account of the dryness of the mouth, it sticks in oesophagus aud 
threatens to strangle him,l — Any kind of food tastes like straw,'.— 
Speech. *Speech stammering,'".— *Speech difficult and unintelligi- 
ble,'".— *^r/.imtoed with di^cw%'".— Inabilitv to talk, apparently from 
paralysis of the tongue (after three hours),'"*.— Difficult talking (for five or 
six days),**. — The first noticeable symptom was the impediment of speech, 
as if. the tongue were too thick, or slightly paralyzed. Soon after, there 


■was total inability to articulate, and only incoherent sounds were made. 
This condition continued fully six hours, by which time all the symptoms 
were much abated,™'. — [800.] Can articulate, but the words he attempts 
are loud and harsh (after four hours and a half),"". — Faltered in speech,"*. 
— He falters in pronunciation ; his tongue is rendered paralytic, or when 
he attempts to put it out, he imitates the motions of a person who tries to 
do the same in a nervous fever,™. — Stuttering,". — Stammering speech and 
talking between his teeth,''. ^Incoherent and rapid utterance, which soon 
became wholly unintelligible,"^ — *Speech indintind,^'". — Unable to speak 
but in a whisper, and then only with considerable effort,"l — *A kind of 
paralysis of the organs of speech; he has to exert himself a long while before 
he is able to utter a word; he merely stammers and utters unconnected sounds 
(after four, and five hours),'. — At times, active efforts at utterance,'"'""" "". 
—[810.] Unable to articulate a word,™"" "" ™ — Once she attempted to 
speak, but her tongue failed her,"*. — Those who drank it could not speak 
a word for two or three days, though wide awake,''". — Could not speak for 
one hour ; tried to speak, but could only utter inarticulate sounds ; occa- 
sional laughing during this time; after the hour she cried, about 11 a. M.,'^'*. 
— ^He made ineffectual attempts to speak, but not a syllable could he ar- 
ticulate ; the mouth was too dry and parched, the secretion of saliva being 
evidently entirely suspended (after eleven hours and a half). Muttered 
unintelligible sounds (after twelve hours). Could not speak at all intelli- 
gibly till the end of the next day, and then continually misplaced words, 
calling his head his foot, his arm his leg, and misnaming the things he 
required, though ludicrously unconscious of his perpetual misnomers. It 
was several days ere he could converse without calling something by a 
wrong name. On the third day he could speak with tolerable distinct- 
ness, but thickly, like a person with quinsy, and the throat and tongue 
were painfully dry, the glands of the mouth not yet fulfilling their natural 
functions,^"'. — For the most part dumb ; he expresses his wish by pointing 
to things,'"". — Dumb,'^ ™ "" ; dumb and answers nothing,^".f 

Tht'oat, — The throat, which appeared to be the only sensible seat of 
discomfort, was grasped and torn by the hands, as if the patients imagined 
it to be oppressed by some foreign body,'". — (Frequent grasping of the 
throat and moaning),'^". — * Gholcing in the throat^. — [820.] Choking so that 
the child could scarcely vomit,'". — Feeling of mucus at the back of the 
throat, causing hawking and hoarseness (after third dose),™. — Feeling of 
mucus at the back of the throat, causing me to hawk, which relieved it 
(five minutes after second dose, second day); causing me to swallow (three 
hours and a half after second dose, second day),^'°. — Feeling of mucus in 
throat, causing hawking, with hoarseness; once the voice almost failed; 
after sunset, at 9 p.m. (alter nine hours and twenty minutes),"*'. — Feeling 
of mucus at back of throat requiring hawking, with hoarseness, after rising 
from bed in the morning (second day); at 9 p.m. (third day); brought on 
by talking, at 10.20 A.m.; some hoarseness when talking, in the evening 
after sunset (fourth day); feeling of mucus at back of throat, causing 
hoarseness and hawking, after rising from bed in the morning (sixth day) ; 
when talking in morning (tenth day),"". — Immediately feeling of mucus 
at back of throat,™. — Feeling of mucus at back of throat, causing hawk- 
ing, after sunset, at 9 p.m. (third day),™. — Feeling of mucus in throat, 
causing hawking, in the afternoon (fifth day) ; with hoarseness, in the 

t With 3. 264.— Hughes. 


morning (sixth day)"^ — Feeling of mucus at back of throat (five minutes 
after second dose, first day),™. — Feeling of mucus at back of throat, in the 
evening alter sunset (seventh day),™. — [830.] On attempting to swallow 
the first bite of food he felt a choking sensation in the throat, which he 
described as feeling like a broad dry stripe, extending down through the 
chest, from the mouth to the stomach, which he was trying to swallow but 
could not get down (after fifteen to thirty minutes),^'".— *Dryiiess of the 
throat,' '"' ^\ etc. — Dryness of the throat and fauces,"" ™. — Dryness of throat 
and copious micturition,'^ — Dryness of the throat with excessive thirst,"". 
■ — of the throat, especially felt on swallowing saliva; this lasted 
all the evening (first day); worse on swallowing saliva (one hour and a 
half after first dose, second day),"". — Dry throat for a short time in morn- 
ing (sixth day), "I — Feeling of dryness in the right posterior nares, right 
nostril, and slightly in right Eustachian tube (first day),"". — The throat 
was dry, though the patient had no impediment in swallowing, but an iiu- 
moderate thirst, which induced her to drink, in a few hours, large quanti- 
ties of water, which did not, however, in the least diminish the thirst ; the 
throat burnt as if a hot stone were lying in it (after third dose),'". — Back 
of throat dry (ninth and tenth days),"**. — [840.] Throat began to feel in- 
tensely dry, which increased to that state that I could not swallow, and 
with great difficulty breathe (after two hours),"*. — * Throat very dry, and 
not benefited by any sort of drink (after four hours), ''^^ — *Constrietion about 
the throat, ''"^-"_ — Constrictive burning pain in the throat, with a sensation 
as if a ball were sticking in it,". — *The throat seems to him tightly drawn 
together,^". — ^Spasmodic constriction of the throat, and a kind of paralysis, 
so that swallowing was very diflSciilt and almost impossible ; this sensation 
of constriction of the throat seemed to be the cause of the frequent pulling at 
the mouth and throat ivith the hands^'^". — Sore throat (second day); during 
the whole time (third to ninth day),'"". — Complains of soreness in the 
throat and fauces (after a few hours),'". — Complained of great soreness 
and dryness of the throat (second day),"". — Scraping in the throat,'". — 
[850.] Pain in throat,'"'. — Burning in the throat,'''*'"'. — Feeling as of boil- 
ing water rising in the throat,*". — Intolerable burning of the throat (^after 
three hours),'"*. — Some uneasiness about the throat, with general shiver- 
ing,'^l — Fdlices. Fauces almost white and dry,'*". — Fauces were so con- 
stricted that respiration was performed with difficulty,'". — Constrictive sen- 
sation in the fauces after a meal (after two hours auda half),'. — Sense of 
strangulation at the fauces,'". — ^Distressing- dryness of the fauces, which 
were very red, with difficult swallowing (third day),'^".— [860.] *Fauces 
dry, but he ivould not drinkxvhen ivater itw forced into his mouth,^^^. — Draw- 
ing pain in the fauces (after 120 drops),^'''.— P/iari/nx and QjjSOph- 
agiis. *Paralysis of the pharynx,""". — Unusual blush in pharynx and 
oesophagus, one-third of their extent; a very distinct band of vascularity, 
half an inch broad, at the junction of the air-tube with the pharynx; 
larynx similarly injected but not so marked; rima glottidis thickened, 
very turgid,". — Transient stitches in the pharynx,'*'. — * Constriction and 
spjusms of the asophagus,'^ . — Sifdllowliif/. *Terrible spasm of the throat 
on each attempt to swallow, like that iii hydrophobia,'^"'. — ^Constriction 
of the muscles of the throat in attempting to swallow, was observed in 
four of the severe cases,'"". — *Drink swaUoived hastily,^'-'''. — * Could swallow 
ivater, but with great difficulty (after one hour),™'. — [870.] ^Difficulty in 
swalloiving food or drink, in the evening (fifth day),"''. — Difficulty in 
swallowing solids (seventh day); in the morning (^eighth day); in the 


afternoon (sixteenth day)/'^ — She attempted to swallow some bread and 
milk, but could not (after two hours},'". — DifRcult swallowing, with stiii^;- 
ing jiain in the throat,'. — DifRcult swallowing, with a pressiu}? piiin in the 
submaxillary glands,'. — *Soon affected with difficulty of swallowing, ac- 
companied with unusual dryness of the throat, which could not be re- 
moved by freq[uent draughts of water,"". — * Swallowing difficult,'" "" '*», 
etc. — Swallowing and respiration impeded and more frequeut,"'. — *Within 
two hours and a half, the child had not only lost the power of utterance, 
but that of voice also. She could now only utter a hoarse croaking 
sound, alternated with a sonorous, croupy, barking cough ; and she was 
unable to swallow, in consequence of the violent spasm which affected 
the muscles of deglutition. This state of spasm, judging from the nature 
of the c(jugh, and the croupy character of the inspirations, pervaded also 
the muscles of the larynx,"". — The comatose state was attended with inca- 
pability of swallowing ; but evidently the cause was of a totally opposite 
nature to that v.'hich had produced the same symptoms in the first stage. 
It was now decidedly the result of atony or paralysis of those parts that 
had been formerly affected with spasm. A slightly stertorous state of the 
breathing indicated that a similar change had taken place in the muscles 
of the larynx,'"'^ — [880.] Almost entire loss of power to swallow (after 
three hours),'^'". — Inability to swallow on account of dryness of the throat,'". 
— Could not swallow, could not get anything down (after a few seeds),"*. — 
Inability to swallow,'. — JExtevnal Throat. Throat externally swollen, 
as in mumps,"*. 

Stomach.— Appetite and Thirst. Increased appetite,'. — A kind 
of hunger was associated with the tearing in the abdomen, but still the 
patient was unable to take any food (after third dose),'". — Felt hungry 
too soon after a meal (second and third days) ; in the morning (fourth 
days),™. — Undiminished appetite, with colic, diarrhoea, and vomiting,'". — 
Poor appetite, at breakfast (fifth day),^'^ — [890.] In large doses it dimin- 
ishes the appetite,"''. — Diminished appetite,'*. — No appetite for breakfast 
(second day),"". — Loss of appetite (after 120 drops),'*'. — Loss of appetite, 
with oppre.«sionat pit of stomach,™". — ^Thirst,'''"'""'. — Thirst with the head- 
ache,'l — * Thirst, with great dryness of the throat,^^. — Thirst, drinking much 
at a time (first day),^^'. — With the headache, considerable thirst; drank 
much more water than usual (second day); drank a great deal (third 
day),'"*. — [900.] Thirst and drunkenness, withheadache,'^ — Long-continu- 
ing thirst,'". — Violent thirst, with copious secretion of burning urine,''. — In 
spells of restlessness he would drink when water was offered him, but did 
not ask for it,"". — Extremely troublesome thirst, with drooling,". — Great 
thirst, attended with considerable constriction of the muscles of the throat 
in attempts at swallowing,'". — * Thirst intense and unollayed by water,"'. — ■ 
^Violent thirst,'" " '" "", etc.— Thirst for acids (after 120 drops),"'.— * Ex- 
cessive thirst, with desire for sour drinks,™. — [910,] * Great desire for 
acids,'"'''. — Eructations and Hiccough. Eructations in the evening 
(first d&y)™. — In evening, frequent offensive bilious eructations (seventh 
day),^'''. — Odorless eructations (after 120 drop3),'*l — Sour eructations,'". — 
Hiccough,"". — Violent hiccough,'". — Au incessant hiccough,*". — Nausea 
and Vomiting. Nausea (after twenty minutes),'*^ '^' "'. — Nausea, dis- 
gust,'. — Nausea, but no vomiting (immediately),**". — [920.] Nausea, with 
inability to bring up anything,™. — Feeling of nausea with the uncomfort- 
able sensation in middle line of chest (? in oesophagus),'"". — Nausea, with 
flow of an extremely salt saliva,'^ — 5.30 p.m., nausea and retching ; at last, 


vomiting of a whitish fluid ; the attempts to vomit cause pain in the stom- 
ach (second day)/'". — Inclination to vomit with profuse salivation, in the 
evening,'". — Inclination to vomit,"*'. — Ineffectual efforts to vorait,"'l — 
Nausea and retching (after one hour),™. — Frequent ineffectual retchings 
to vomit,*". — Nausea and straining to vomit (after three hours),^".— [930,] 
Began to feel ill (after half an hour),'". — Nausea and vomiting (after two 
hours),'"". — Nausea, followed by vomiting,'™. — Sick and giddy,^^ — Sickness 
and vomiting (after a quarter of an hour),™. — AVas sick, while sitting on 
a sofa ; at the same time fancied she was falling off, kept holding on to 
everything, about 2 p.m.,"*.— Vomiting,*" "" "=* "I— Vomiting, at night, '=.— 
Vomited several times,^-". — Vomiting of a sour-smelling mucus,'^ — [940.] 
Vomiting of mucus, in the evening,''. — Vomiting of a green mucus, with 
thirst,''. — In the evening, he vomits up bile with mucus, '°. — Vomiting of 
green bile, in the evening,'". — Vomits bile after the least motion, even on 
sitting up in bed,'. — Vomited several times, a dark greenish-looking sub- 
stance mixed with his food,"". — Even after sunset, soon after food, vomited 
food mixed with nearly black clotted thick blood ; the vomiting was difficult, 
and caused shooting pain at storaach-pit, and was preceded and followed 
by retching; he never vomited blood before (fourteenth day),™. — The 
vomiting, which was induced by sulphate of zinc, caused the most violent 
suffocative spasms of the glottis, so that for ten minutes artificial respiration 
was required,^^'. — Became sick and vomited; after which he wished to get 
out to get assistance for his wife, but he had scarcely gained the door of 
the room ere he felt so enfeebled that his knees bent under him, and he 
was forced to sit down, but in a few seconds he fell senseless to the ground; 
on recovering he vomited repeatedly, was greatly agitated, became torpid, 
with a lethargic tendency, and lost for some time all sense of f'eeling,"^ — 
Stomach. The epigastrium is tense, hard, and painful,'". — [950. J Epi- 
gastric tenderness, in all cases,'*". — Attacked at 7 p.m. with great distress, 
apparently in his stomach,'"'. — Ga.stric irritation continued nearly a 
month,'". — Pain in the epigastrium,'"". — Severe pain at pit of stomach 
(after twenty minutes),'*'. — Great pain of her stomach and left arm,'^ — 
Great pain in the region of the stomach and bowels,'". — Slight stationary - 
pain in stomach-pit (tenth day),™. — Pressure in the stomach (after 120 
drops),''^ — Stomach sensitive to pressure,'"'"". — [960.] Pressure in the 
stomach and diminished appetite (after 100 drops),''*. — (Pressive pain in 
the left side of the stomach towards the heart, aggravated by external 
pressure), (fourth day),'™. — Pressing pain in stomach,'*. — Anxiety in pit 
of stomach,*. — Anxiety in the pit of the stomach and difficult breathing,'*. 
— Great anxiety in the pit of the stomach,'*. — Great anxiety about the pit 
of the stomach, before noon,'*. — Great anxiety about the pit of the stom- 
ach, with dry heat of the body,'*. — Indescribable anxiety at stomach,"'. — 
Corroding pains in stomach,".! — [970.] Shooting inwards, very acute, of 
short duration in stomach-pit (second day),''". — Shooting inwards in stom- 
ach-pit and right side of abdomen (seventh day),™. — Shooting inwards in 
stomach, first on left side, then right (second day),'"l— A kind of burning 
pain in the stomach comes and goes, lasts for half an hour, then intermits 
for an hour or more (third day),'-". 

Abdomen.—'Paln in the hepatic region lasting half a year after the 
poisoning, in one man,'*".— Abdomen tense, neither touch nor pressure pain- 
full — Abdomen soft, not distended,'"'. — Abdomen hard, but not much 

f Not found. — Hughes. 


swollen (after six hours),"'. — Abdomen tense and hard,™. — Bellies tumid 
but not hard,'". — [980.] Bloated abdomen, especially in the region of the 
pit of the stomach,'^'. — Much-bloated abdomen ; not painful when touclied,^^. 
— In the evening the abdomen is bloated, with heat of the body and anx- 
iety in pit of "the stomach,'^ — With children, abdomen becomes highly 
bloated, with anxiety in pit of stomach ; cold sweat, chilliness of the limbs, 
confusion of mind, stupefied half slumber, and anxious evacuations, up- 
ward and downward,". — Distension of the abdomen,''^ " "*, etc. — Abdomen 
distended, painless,™. — A distension of the abdomen, not hard,^. — Upper ab- 
domen tense and painful,'". — Abdomen' tympanitic, '" '"* '". — A tympanitic 
state of the bowels, belly extremely tense,"'^ — [990.] Abdomen retracted 
and tense,"*^ — Abdomen spasmodically retracted,'*\ — Increased sensitive- 
ness of the abdomen,*'. — Rumbling in the abdomen,™. — Rumbling in the 
abdomen, with obscuration of vision, '^ — Rumbling and growling in the 
abdomen,''. — Rumbling in the abdomen, with colic,'". — ^Rumbling in the 
abdomen, with diarrhoea,'*. — During micturition rolling in abdomen; 
rigors,^'. — He complains or rumbling in the abdomen, as if living animals 
were screaming and moving in all the intestines,'^f — [1000.] A great 
many emissions of flatus,'". — The greatest development of wind in the ab- 
domen, sometimes after each dose of the tincture; after some rumbling in 
the abdomen the flatus passed off downward,". — Violent fermenting in the 
abdomen, for seven days,^ — Meteorismus,'™. — Colic, followed by diarrhoea,'*. 
— Colic, rumbling, and diarrhcBa,'*. — Colic, watery vomiting, and diar- 
rhoaa,'*. — Colic, as if the abdomen were pufl^ed up; abdomen painful, even 
when touching the side,'. — Colic and diarrhoea,'*. — Colicky pains,'™. J — 
[1010.] Colicky pain and rumbling in the bowels,™. — Violent colic, coming 
suddenly in the evening, with sensation of fainting and cold shivers,'"".— 
Pain in the abdomen, with the vertigo, followed by looseness,'". — Sensi- 
tiveness of abdomen very great,"'*. — Pain in abdomen,'* '"'''. — Cramping pain 
in abdomen, making her bend double when walking, with constipation and 
ineffectual desire for stool (second to fifth day),"'".^Pressing pain in abdo- 
men,'*. — In the abdomen, in the region and in the direction of the trans- 
verse colon, a drawing sensation, which soon changed into tearing, as if two 
dogs were drawing the bowel in opposite directions, and were ready to tear 
it asunder ; with this symptom was connected a kind of hunger, when the 
tearing sensation had subsided a little, but still the patient was unable to 
take any food (three-quarters of an hour after third dose),''^'. — Dull pain 
in lower colon (ninth day),™. — Tearing pain- in the abdomen as if the 
navel would be torn out ; the pain then goes into the chest,'. — [1020,] 
Sensation as if the abdomen were expanded to the extremest degree,'. — A 
writhing pain in the bowels previous to every evacuation ; a blackish diar- 
rhoea every hour (after thirty-six hours), ^ — Before stool, twisting in the 
bowels; during stool, colic, distension of abdomen, rolling in abdomen; 
vomiting, paleness,*'. — In lower abdomen, shooting from before backwards 
for half an hour, twenty minutes after dinner (second day),™. — Shooting 
and griping pains in bowels, with looseness,''"''. — Burning in the abdomen 
that was distended,'"^ — Several times a day, dull griping pain in pubic 
region, also during stool (seventh day),™. — Severe griping pains of short 
duration, in centre of hypogastrium (fourth day),™. 
Rectum and Anus. — Hsemorrhoidal flux, for several days,'.— 

f Words from " as if" not in original. — Hughes. 
j He spealis only of borborygmi. — Hughes. 

VOL. IX.— 14 


Coagulated blood passes from the anus/. — [1030.] A desire for stool, but 
nothing passes off till twenty-four hours after/. 

Stool. — Diarrhoea. Violent purging, with and followed by pain in 
rectum, shooting downwards, for two hours (after two hours, fifth day),™. — • 
Next night a smart attack of diarrhoea, lasting all next day; the stools 
were exactly like those in the former attack, pappy, feculent, dark brown, 
with dull griping across hypogastrium before stool, some straiuing during 
stool, and a straining with the urine at the same time,^^*. — Diarrhoea, six 
days in succession,^. — Diarrhoea, ceasing after a profuse sweat,'^ — Diar- 
rhoea, with increase of appetite,'^-^Diarrhoea, with paleness of face,^^ — 
Watery diarrhoea, preceded by violent crampy pains in bowels ; this lasted 
three days (after eleven days'),™. — From 3 to 7 p.m., several diarrhoeic 
stools, brown, watery, sometimes brownish yellow and frothy, preceded by 
pain in the abdomen; during the passage of stools, scalding at the anus; 
rectum feels filled, but on straining, only pass liquid stools (second day),"". — 
Looseness of bowels, with flatulence and borborygmus, and occasional sharp 
pains ; it continued nearly a week after vomiting the medicine,"''^ — [1040.] 
Several brothlike evacuations, which gave much relief, followed the tear- 
ing in tiie bowels (after three doses),^". — Two natural stools instead of one 
(sixth and seventh days) ; while straining on the bladder, a slightly re- 
laxed stool (seventh day) ; stool this morning rather relaxed, a darker 
brown than usual (eighth day),'"^. — Several discharges from the bowels, 
thin and watery,'^'. — Stools have a cadaverous smell,'". — One or two dark 
chocolate-brown relaxed stools (ninth day),"^^^ — (Bloody stools), (after two 
days),"". — In afternoon, painful and difficult stool, requiring much strain- 
ing ; the last part could not be evacuated by straining, but came easily 
after the straining ceased (fourth day),^'^°. — Bowels were moved, the faeces 
very hard and dry (third day),^". — She seemed to have a motion to stool, 
and passed a living lumbricus teres, fourteen inches long, with a little 
water, but without any feeces or relief of symptoms (after six hours),". — 
Constipation. Bowels more constipated, '='.f — [1050.] Constipation for 
six days, without complaining of fulness or distension of the abdomen,'. — 
Obstinate constipation,"". — (Constipation and ineffectual desire for stool, 
with the cramping pain in the abdomen), (second to fifth day),'"^. — Bowels 
have not acted for two days (third day),'"'". — Bowels do not act, but with- 
out inconvenience (fifth to seventh day),"°. — *Stool and urine suppressed,™. 
TJrimiry Oi'Cjaus. — Bladdei\ Sphincter of the bladder para- 
lyzed, permitting the urine to dribble away more or less, for forty-eight 
hours,"'. — Paralysis of the bladder and consequent incontinence of the 
urine from the repletion of the viscus,"^ — ^Bladder empty,^''-^ — Great irri- 
tation of the urinary passages; in two children incontinence of urine,"". — 
Micturition a lid Urine. [1060.] Copious evacuation of thin, almost 
watery urine,". — The most astonishing amount of urine was passed, clear, 
like spring water,". — Large and involuntary discharges of urine,'". — Pro- 
fuse micturition,'^ — Profuse micturition, without thirst,'". — Passed invol- 
untarily large quantities of urine,". — Involuntary evacuations of urine and 
bloody fseces,"l — Obliged to void urine four times during the night,'*". — 
Often obliged to urinate, but the emission was delayed for a minute before 
it came, and although it came out merely in drops, yet during the fore- 
noon a large quantity was discharged (after four and five hours),'. — Urine 
passed only after twelve hours,^^^. — [1070,] Unusual straining required to 

f Revised by Hughes. 


empty the bladder; the stream stops before it is emptied, and then the 
ejection has to be completed by several successive efforts, the flow being 
stopped as soon as the effort is discontinued ; quantity of urine increased ; 
more frequent and copious at a time than usual (seventh and ninth days),™. 
— It is moderately diuretic, and impregnates the urine pretty sensibly with 
the smell of the seeds,^*. — Diuresis, with shuddering and rumbling in tlie 
abdomen,'^ — -The urine would only pass while the effort was continued 
strongly, and stopped as soon as the bearing down was withdrawn, e. g., to 
to take breath (second day),^". — ^Micturition dribbling ™. — Unable to pass 
urine freely, had to strain (third day),"^ — Retention of urine accompanied 
the muscular paralysis,'^'. — [Retention of urine],'^t — When voiding the 
urine, no stream is formed in spite of all pressing and urging ; the urine 
is warmer than usual, but it comes out only in drops ; he is not able to 
hasten the emission or to press out the last drops, and without any pains 
in the urethra, except the sensation as if a cylindrical body were pushed 
through the urethra. After drinking vinegar it appeared again in a thin 
stream, and the desire was less often,'. — The urine is passed without any 
power ; he was able to retain it, but still felt always as if he had not the 
power to retain it and to close the neck of the bladder ; sometimes a sen- 
sation as if the urethra were too narrow and unable to expand,'. — [1080.] 
He recovered promptly from the disagreeable poisoning symptoms, but he 
has suffered ever since with alkaline urine, and with so much distress in 
passing it, that he is yet confined to his home,^". — Urine very dark, and 
of a strong pungent odor (third day),^". — Urine thick and turbid after the 

Sexual Organs. — JKale. Constant uncovering of the genitals,"'. — ■ 
Priapismus of several hours,''^ — Scrotum oedematous,"'l — Testicles re- 
tracted, penis erect as in chordee,'*'. — Temporary loss of sexual energy after 
convalescence from poisoning,'*.^ — Complete inability to perform coition,^*. 
— Excitement of the genital organs with salacity,'^'. — [1090.] Excitation 
of the genital organs,'""". — Sexual excitement,"". — Lasciviousness,"*.- — Ex- 
traordinarily increased activity of the sexual organs,"". — JFeinale. Dis- 
charge of black blood from the uterus,'^. — Reappearance of the menses 
after four years' cessation,'°.§ — Too great menstrual flow, menorrhagia, with 
drawing pains in abdomen, in the thighs, and other limbs,'. — Increased 
catamenia ; blood passes in large coagulated masses,'. — Catamenia exces- 
sive,'". — Catamenia rather more copious,'^|| — [1100.] Dilute menses,'^T[— 
Insatiable sexual desire in women,*'. 

Respiratory Organs. — Pain in the region of the larynx, after 
the poisoning,'*'. — * The local organs ivere partly paralyzed ; the boy often at- 
tempted to speak hastily, but could not utter a word, it was only a bellowing or 
stammering ; at times he ynanaged to sing a few yiotes, or to whistle, or at times 
to laugh; the voice was hoarse and croaking,™. — Voice. *Voice high, 
squeaking, and out of tone ; speech unintelligible,™. — *In his voice the 
usual modulation is entirely wanting ; it is much higher and finer than 
usual; it is a mere sound, he is unable to utter an intelligible word; he hears 
and feels it himself, and is anxious about it,^. — Voice a little hoarse,"'. — Voice 
hoarse and unintelligible,'"'. — Hoarseness of voice, and cough (after some 
days),"". — Voice hoarse, with the difficult swallowing,"*. — -[1110.] Voice 

t Greding iperely says that the usual involuntary discharge of urine during the 
fit did not take place. — Hughes. 
J Revised by Hughes. § The woman was only forty. — Hughes. 

II Revised by Hughes. f Revised by Hughes. 


hoarse, with difficult speech (after 120 drops),"'. — Voice hoarse (after one 
hour aud thirty-five rainutes),^^^ — When talking, hoarse voice; it almost 
fails me now aud then, causing me to hawk, in order to set it right (second 
day),'". — Some hoarseness when talking in the evening after sunset (fourth 
day),''". — Next morning the voice indistinct, hoarse, swallowing very diffi- 
cult and painful,''''.— Foice weak (after one hour),'"".— C'OMfjf/i and Ex- 
pectoration. Cough immediately on drinking cold water (tenth day),"l 
— ^Spasmodic cough, worse in the evening (second day), and again in the 
morning (third day) ; dry cough,*^ — Rasping, loud, violeut dry cough, 
caused by the dryness of the throat ; nothing seems to affiict the cough 
(seventh day),''". — Loose rattling cough, with some expectoration, next 
morning,"*. — [1120.] Expectorating occasionally a thick mucus, without 
regard to where it fell,'". — Expectoration of white frothy liquid (after 120 
drops),"'. — Spitting of blood,'°. — JRespirntlon. Breathing easy, with 
now and then a deep sigh ; twenty-six respirations in a minute,'™. — Respi- 
ration rapid,'"". — Respiration somewhat accelerated,"" "". — Respiration 
hurried,"'™. — *Bespiration hurried and difficult,'^^. — Respiration greatly 
hurried, and at times gasping and choking,""". — * Respiration difficult and 
accelerated,^'' . — [1130.] During the continuance of the coma the respiration 
was extremely hurried, averaging about 100 per minute ; every inspiration, 
however, completely filled the lungs,'"'. — The action of the lungs was en- 
feebled, not from any impediment, but simply from want of power, the 
patient only respiring at long intervals (after third dose),'". — Slow inspi- 
rations and very sudden expirations,'^. — Slow respiration (after four 
hours),'"^ — ^Respiration slow, difficult, and deep,"". — Respiration slow aud 
irregular,"". — Respiration slow and labored,'™. — Respiration slow, stertor- 
ous, deep,'"^ — Stertorous respiration and unconsciousness,'"^ — Stertorous 
breathing,"' '*' '". — [1140.] Breathing heavy and stertorous, blowing at each 
expiration, but normal as to frequency,"". — Breathing at times stertorous 
and labored,'"*"^"". — Blowing or hissing expirations, which forced small 
quantities of a reddish-colored saliva through the closed lips, accompanied 
the convulsive movements,'*'. — Frequent sighs,'l — Breathing laboriously, 
with distressing sense of strangulation,'**. — His breathing stops more aud 
more, and he turns blue in the face,'^ — Difficult breathing,' '"". — Oppressed 
breathing,'. — Oppressed respiration, with desire for the open air,'*". — Res- 
piration and swallowing impeded, and more frequent,^.— [1150.] ^Excessive 
sense oj suffocation (after three hours),'"*. — Oppressed respiration, with feel- 
ing of tightness across the chest,'"". — Terrible dyspnoea; indeed the func- 
tion of respiration was rather a succession of deep gasps and sobs (after 
seven hours),'"'. 

Chest. — During night, tightness of chest, as if I could not get air 
enough into lungs, obliging me to take frequent deep forcible inspirations; 
the same whether lying on back or sides, or standing, for several minutes 
(eighteenth night),"". — Feeling of tightness across chest, with oppressed 
respiration,'"". — Aching pain in the chest and sternum, excited by talking,'. 
^Feeling as if something turned around in the chest, afterwards heat in 
the face,'. — An odd sensation of dryness in, and violent girding across the 
chest,"*.— Uncomfortable sensation in middle line of chest (? in ojsophagus, 
E. W. B.), with a feeling of nausea (ninth day),"". — Sharp pain in chest 
about junction of middle and lower third, first on lefi side, then on right, 
worse on walking, entirely disappearing when in a warm place (eighth 
day),"". — [1160.] Cutting pain in the sternum after lying down, in the 
night, ceases on emission of flatus, but returns,'. — Hard pressure on the 


cartilages of third and fourth ribs, with difficult breathing ; he is unable 
to inhale breath enough without great anxiety (after half an hour),'. — 
Eheuraatic pain in sides and back, '^ — Foran hourshehad veiyfine.butsharp 
stitches in the vicinity of the fifth and sixth ribs, on a very circumscribed 
spot of the size of a fourpenny piece (after third dose),'". — Aching pain in 
breasts, worse on walking, first in left, then in right (after two days),'™. 

Heart and False.— Prwrordi imi. Pressure near the heart,'. — 
Uneasy feeling in the region of the heart, with a i^ense of faintness,"". — 
During the afternoon, palpitation of the heart on every slight exertion 
(second d&y ),'".— II ear f's Action. *PalpilaHon (after 200 drops),'''l 
— During cough, palpitation, anxiety, constriction of the chest, convul- 
sions,*". — [1170.] Heart beating very violently ; the boy said anxiously he 
would have that beating taken away,"''. — Beating of the heart weak,'". — 
Pulsation of the heart very slow,"". — Arteries beating rapidly and hard,™. — 
Heart's action excessively feeble and intermitting (after seven hours),'^''\ — ■ 
Heart's action feeble, but not increased in frequency (after two hour.s and 
ahalf ),"". — Action of the heart irregular; pulse small, rapid,"'l — Pulse. 
Puke rapirf,'" """™ """*', etc. — Quick intermitting pulse,". — Pulse more 
rapid than I could count,^"l — [1180.] Pulse rapid, so as scarcely to be 
counted, and very feeble,"'. — Pulse very rapid and feeble, numbering at 
least 150 beats per minute,^"". — Pulse very rapid, small,'* "^. — Pulse flutter- 
ing, and 140,™. — Pulse 130, compressible and small,'*'. — Puke full, strong, 
about 120 to the minute (after three hours),^'". — Pulse 120, small and soft,"""". 
— Pulse, during the attack, rapid, 120, on the third day remarkably slow, 
66, associated with prostration,'™. — Pulse 110, strong and full,'™. — Pulse 
110, very tense and full,™.— [1190.] Pulse usually 72, was, at 9 p.m., 84 
(third day),'™. — Pulse moderately rapid and tense,™. — Pulse quick, hard, 
and frequent (first evening),"". — Pulse rapid and contracted (after five 
hours),". — Pulse rapid, hard, and full,™. — Pulse accelerated, occasionally 
intermittent,™. — Pulse rapid, full,'*". — Pulse quick, hard, and frequent 
(after two hours),'"". — Pulse rapid and feeble,'"' '" "-. — Pulse fifteen beats to 
the minute, above the natural standard, and very full and heavy (second 
day),'*".— [1200.] Pulse full, very rapid, with throbbing of the carotids,™. 
— *Puke soft, feeble, and very frequent,™''. '\ — Pulse quick and intfirmittent, 
ranging from 135 to 140 beats per minute,'^". — Pulse frequent and small,"" 
89 OT — puigg smal], frequent and soft; on the right wrist pulse could not 
be felt, nor the beating of the heart,*l — Small, quick, and at last scarcely 
perceptible pulse,^". — Pulse often intermittent,".^ — Pulse small, rapid, and 
weak,'"'. — Strong, full pulse of 80 to 90 beats,^l — Pulse full and tense,*'. — 
[1210.] Pulse beat violently,"*. — Pulse more full than usual, and beats 10 
or 12 times more in a minute than common (after nine hours),'*". — Pulse 
full but not preternaturally frequent,'*". — Pulse full and irritable,'™ '"I— 
Strong tumultuous pulse,'"'. — Full pulse (after four hours),'"". — Pulse hard 
and full,"'. — Pulse tense and intermittent,"".— Pulse hard,""'*". — Pulse full 
and slower than natural (after two hours),"*. — [1220.] Full and rather 
slow pulse,™.— Pulse 88, small,'"". — Pulse 85, very weak (after one hour),™". 
— Pulse 65, slow and full (after eleven hours),'"". — Pulse slow and moder- 
ately full,'"*. — Slow, full, labored pulse,™. — Pulse very slow,™".— Small in- 
frequent, feeble, almost indistinct pulse,"". — Feeble and faltering pulse, 

t The primary slow pulse belongs to Stramonium, whereas the secondary pulse is 
only a symptom of dissolution, and not pathogenetic to the remedy. 
X Revised by Hughes. 


irregular, and varying from 120 to 130 (after three hours)/". — Pulse slow, 
heavy ,'^1 — [1230.] Pulse small and weak,'''"'l — Pulse weak and so fre- 
quent as hardly to be counted," — Pulse weak,^'. — Pulse febrile,'". — 
Tremulous, weak, unequal, sometimes intermittent pulse," — Pulse irregu- 
lar, a few rapid beats following some slow ones,^'l — Unequal, tense pulse 
(second morning),"*. — Pulse extremely irregular; sometimes it was hurried 
and fluttering, sometimes it was tense and strong, and frequently its action 
was not discernible,'". — Pulse scarcely perceptible, and the carotid arteries 
had little or no pulsation,"*. — Pulse almost imperceptible from the first; 
but as far as it could be felt, it was natural in regard to velocity. During 
the continuance of the coma the pulse returned ; it was unaccountably 
quick, and estimated to exceed 200, small, sharp, and thready,'"^ — [1240.] 
Pulse little, or none perceptible (after two hours) ; 160, strong and regular 
(after fourteen hours); 120, unequal and intermitting (after eighteen 
hours),*'. — No pulse to be felt at wrist (after seven hours),'"". — Pulse im- 
perceptible,'^" "'°. 

NecU and BacU. — Week. Neck swollen (after three hours),"*'.^ 
Stiffness of neck (second day) ; gradually wearing off (third to ninth 
day),'*l — Pain, first on 7'ight, then on left side of back of neck on moving 
head (fourteenth day) ; on bending head back, pain in left side of back of 
neck ; afterwards on bending head forwards, pain in left side of neck 
(fifteenth day),*'*. — Great rigidity of the muscles of the neck and back,'^* 
i35i36_ — Drawing (rheumatic) pain, extending from the side of the neck 
into the limbs,'*. — SacJt', Back very stiff, but not painful (third day),'"".^ 
Small spot in the back pains (drawing) when touched,'. — [1250.] A spot 
in the back pains when touched or not,'. — Pain, as if beaten, in the back 
and abdomen, excited by motion (after twelvehours),'. — Pain, as if beaten, 
in the back and shoulder (after twelve hours),'. — Drawing-tearing pain in 
the back and upper abdomen (after one hour),'. — Remarkable sensitiveness 
along the spine in the cervical region, the slightest pressure caused the most vio- 
lent outcries and raving,''^''. — Dorsal. Pain between the shoulders during 
the act of coughing (seventh day),"^^. — Drawing pains in the middle of the 
spine, with draiving pain, opposite, in the posterior piortion of the stomach,'-. — 
Drawing, pain in the middle of the spine,'. — Llimbav. While playing the 
piano in the evening, two severe stitching pains simultaneously in both 
lumbar regions, midway between hypochondria and iliac crest (fifth day),™. 
— Pains in lumbar region, like rheumatism (third day),'^. — [1260.] Draw- 
ing pains in small of back,'. — Severe pains in the loins,'*. 

Extremities. — Swelling of the hands and feet,'**. — Violent convul- 
sions of the extremities,". — Convulsions of the extremities,' "'""". — (Dur- 
ing artificial vomiting, jerking of all the limbs),'*. — His limbs were very 
rigid, and remained so, except when the convulsive twitchings would come 
on, which was about every ten minutes at first ; half an hour later he could 
not stand , the convulsive movements of the limbs increased, intermittent 
in character, induced at times by external impressions, such as touching the 
skin, but coming on also spontaneously,'™. — The voluntary power of the 
extremities was gone, and the limbs were violently agitated by spasmodic 
twitching and jactitation (not by regular convulsions), alternately with 
short paroxysms of tetanic spasm (opisthotonos). During the coma she stiH 
continued to be affected with convulsive twitching and jactitation of the 
limbs, alternated with short paroxysms of rapid, vibratory, spasmodic 
motions of the hands and forearms, of a peculiar, though I believe diag- 
nostic nature, as regards the effects produced by poisons of this clasSi'^l — 


Violent motion of the limbs,'''. — He moves his limbs to and fro/". — [1270,] 
Limbs, especially the hands, in excessive motion, as in swimming, flying, 
etc.,"". — Slow contracting and stretching of the limbs, repeatedly in parox- 
ysms,'l — Hands and feet up to the knees were affected with slight spasms 
or jerks, especially the fingers of the left hand, which jerked repeatedly, 
and without pain (fourth and fifth days),'**. — [Spasms, first in the left arm, 
afterwards in the right leg, followed by sudden spasms of the head in all 
directions],'". — Paroxysmal twitchings of the limbs every five minutes were 
very marked, and more so in the arms than in the legs ; but the limbs were 
not so rigid as in the other boy,'''l — Spasmodic jerking of the limbs,l— 
^Jerking of the extremities^"''. — Constant motion of hands and arms, as if 
he were spinning or weaving (after eight hours),''\ — Irregular movements 
of all the limbs,'*'". — The arms and lower limbs were tossed about, scream- 
ing and crying (after three hours),™. — [1280.] Spasmodic tossing up of the 
limbs,'.— ^Twitching of the hands and feet,'"'.— ^Twitching of the ten- 
dons,^ "" "" ™. — * Twitching of the extremities™ . — A frequent tremor of the 
limbs, as in a chill, yet the surface was above the natural temperature,™'. — 
Tremors in her limbs,". — Constant tremulous movements of the hands and 
feet,"'*. — ^Trembling of the limbs,". — Trembling of one or more limhs,^. — 
* Trembling of the hands and feet,'^''\ — [1290.] Trembling of the extremities, 
and especially of the hands ; she made such movements that it seemed as 
though she was momentarily afraid of falling; the body was bent back- 
ward,'"*. — The limbs totter when walking or standing,'. — Limbs visibly 
paralytic,'*. — Very little control over the movements of the upper and 
lower extremities,"". — Difficult motion of the limbs, with crawling in them,'\ 
— Diflicult motion and creeping in the limbs, with lachrymatiou,'". — Im- 
mobility of the limbs; she is unable to make the least motion (a kind of 
catalepsy),'. — Limbs feeble,'". — Paralyzed limbs,'". — He feels, in his hands 
and feet, as if they were loosened in the joints, and he is quite inconsolable 
about this sensatiou,'. — [1300.] Sensation as if one part of the limbs in 
the joint were completely separated from the other, and could not be united 
again,'. — Sensation in the arms and legs as if they were separated from 
the body,'. — The limbs are asleep," .f — The limbs feel asleep,^. — Heaviness 
of the limbs,'*. — All the limbs ache,'. — Continual cramp in both hands 
and feet,'°. — Crawling in all the limbs,'^ 

Sitperior Extretnities. Choreic trembling of the arms,'". — Vio- 
lent jerking of the arms,"". — [1310.] Jerking of the muscles of the arms, 
followed immediately by darting pains through the forehead (after three 
hours),"". — Shotllder. Pain as if beaten in the shoulder and back (after 
twelve hours),'. — A.V"ni. Sharp twinging pains near the external condyle 
of the OS humeri (after six hours),'*^— Aching-drawing pain iu right arm 
above the elbow,'"". — Fm'earm. Jerking-twinging pains in muscles and 
tendons of back side of left forearm, extending to the index finger (after 
six hours),"". — Fine sharp stitches in the forearm, and a rheumatic con- 
strictive pain in the deltoid muscle (after thirty-two hours),'. — Jland. 
There were such violent movements of the hands and subsultus teudinum 
that it was impossible to count the pulse (after two hours and a half),'"'. — 
Trembling of the hands while eating,'. — The hands tremble when he seizes 
something,'. — Trembling of the unaflfected hand when eating,'. — [1320.] 
The unaffected hand trembles when eating,'. — After drinking, the hands 
continued to clasp convulsively the glass, though she wished to set it 

f Not found. — Hughes. 


down,'*'. — He could not close his hand to make a fist,**. — The hands are 
clenched (not the thumbs), but they can be opened by others,'^ — Slight 
tingling in back of left hand for a few minutes (after one hour and forty 
minutes),^'^ — Slight transient tingling in the back of the left hand (almost 
directly after second dose, second day),"". — Fingers. Peculiar twitching 
of the fingers, and a movement of the hands like a patient with chorea 
(after half an hour),"". — Finger-nails purple; extremities cold,™. 

Infevior Extremities. — Convulsions of the left lower limb ; they 
commence with shocks, drawing the limb inward and upward,^. — Difficulty 
in walking,""™.— [1330.] Could not walk,*^.— Step and gait tottering and 
convulsive, and he had partially lost the use of his lower extremities,'™. — 
Gait unsteady, with inability to walk a few steps without falling,*'. — -The 
lower limbs bend suddenly when walking,^ — Paralysis of the lower ex- 
tremities,'" ™. — Spasmodic rigidity of the whole of both lower limbs (after 
thirty-six hours),^. — When placed on his legs, he would kick them for- 
wards, but could not stand on them, and they did not remain quiet one 
minute,"^ — Both lower extremities were rigid, so that on attempting to 
stand he fell over,"*. — Feet and whole lower extremities were cold and 
palsied, and hung powerless over the father's lap, in marked contrast to 
the rest of the body, which was so much agitated (after two hours and a 
half),"". — Sense of weakness in the lower extremities (after some hours),"*'. 
■ — Hip. [1340.] Pain in the muscles of the outer side of the right hip- 
joint on walking, for a few minutes (after third dose),"". — Thiffh. In the 
afternoon, while walking, had a sudden shooting pain in outer part of right 
thigh, which felt numb on rubbing it with the hand (fourth day),™. — 
Drawing pains in the thighs,^. — Spasmodic jerking and drawing upward 
and inward of the anterior muscles of the thigh, in paroxysms,'. — Pain in 
the right thigh,'^ — Knee. Could not stand ; knees gave way ; feet stag- 
gering as if drunk,''". — Inability to stand, the knees seemed to give way, 
and she tumbled about as if intoxicated,"". In the afternoon a tremulous 
tossing of the knees and feet, as in a violent chill, his mind being intact,'^ 
— Paralyzed thigh, 'I — JLefj, When walking, legs feel heavy (after one 
hour and twenty-five minutes),™. — [1350.] Pain in right leg, worse at pa- 
tella (third to ninth day),'*'. — Numbness and stifl^ness of left leg, with a 
tickling-creeping feeliug under the cutis, which passed off by rubbing and 
stretching (fourth and fifth days),'"". — A few sharp stitches on the right 
tibia,l — Rheumatic drawing (pressing) in the left ankle, evening (after 
thirty-six hours),'. — Feet. Feet and legs swollen, hard; the skin on them 
seems tight (after six hours),"'. — * Constant trembling of the feet^^. — He 
cannot stand on his feet,". — Heaviness of the feet and weariness of the 
legs,"'.t^Sudden sharp pain in right heel, which returned in a few minutes 
and then ceased (fifteen minutes after second dose, fourth day),™. — Burn- 
ing on the dorsum of the foot, sometimes less, sometimes more (after twenty- 
four hours),'. — [1360.] Burning and itching of the feet,'^ 

Generalities., — Belly, tongue, face, and eyes were obviously swelled, 
and the two latter were also very red (after three hours,". — During the 
menses, voluptuous odor of body,'^ — '^Suppression of all the excretions,' 
160 161 i62i87__Lyijjg upo^ (-heir backs,'"'.— Lying prostrate and helpless (after 
one hour),™'. — He lay upon the stomach, boring the head into the pillow,'". 
— He lies on his back, with open, staring eyes,'*. — Voluntary muscles in a 
state of great relaxation (after two hours),*'. — Continued to droop gradu- 

f The original is "lassitude crurum pedumque pondus."— Hughes. 


ally, and died apparently without any suffering next morning,-". — [1370.] 
She sat upright on a lounge, being supported by an assistant on either side, 
and refused to be placed recumbent (after three hours),™. — Muscles liard 
(after six hours),'". — The voluntary motion ceases (catalepsis), with loss of 
senses, but ability to swallow remains,"'.f — The whole nervous system is 
disordered ; various parts of the body become paralytic,™. — Left side totally 
paralyzed,*""'. — In all there was more or less temporary muscular paraly- 
sis, accompanied by retention of urine in different degrees,'^'. — Entire loss 
of power of directing the motions of the limbs (after four hours),'"". — Entire 
loss of voluntary motion,'*'. — Inability to perform co-ordinate movements,^'^^. 
— Body and limbs motionless,™". — [1380.] Stiffness of the whole body (after 
one hour),^". — Stiffness all over ; not a limb could be moved ; a child of 
eighteen months, an hour after swallowing the seed. In the evening, after 
the stiffness lessened, repeated vomiting, deep sleep ; towards midnight, 
rattling, bloody froth came from the mouth ; face dark brown, and soon 
after death, six hours after the poison ".^*I'rembKnff of the whole body,^. — ■ 
*Trembliiig of the whole body ; it seemed as if the child were in a great 
fright (second day),^^l — * Trembling of lips, hands, and /eei,'". — Violent 
jerking in arms and lameness of leg ; tongue hangs out of mouth ; staring 
eyes; dilated pupils ; murmuring; loss of reason. Next day complained 
of its being dark ; wanted a light (candle) ; pupils dilated ; bloody stool. 
Next day well. Girl of three years, from seed,'". — Imperfect control over 
voluntary muscular action,"". — '* Starting, twitching, '''^'^. — * Twitching s ; ina- 
bility to swallow or talk,^^. — Convulsive twitching about both legs and arms, 
but more in the latter than in the former,'™. — [1390.] Spasmodic twitch- 
ings, which soon amounted to convulsions ; the movements were not always 
convulsive but always tremulous,'™. — Unable to stand, and yet plunging in 
a restless manner in whatever position he could be placed, all the move- 
ments being ill-coordinated and resembling those of chorea,'*^ — Throwing 
his arms and limbs to and fro and very restless,'*". — Constant jerking of 
the fingers and toes and of different muscles of the face; the whole body 
was also frequently jerked as by an electric shock,'™. — Slight startings and 
muscular twitchings persisted for several days,'". — *Muscular system subject 
to an irregular agitation resembling that of chorea,™. — Spasms of the mus- 
cles, and tossed about until there was fear of her becoming wearied out 
(after two hours),'**. — Most violent spasms, with very hot head, dark-red 
face, red extremities, dilated pupils, copious salivation, grating of the teeth, 
and violent trembling,'". — Violent spasms, followed by paralysis of the 
lower extremities,'". — The sight of a lamp would renew the spasms (after 
four hours),"". — [1400.] *Convulsions,""", etc. — Convulsions ; jerklike 
startings,". — Convulsions of head and arms, with hiccough,'*. — Convulsive 
motion of the limbs and neck (after one hour),'"". — General convulsions, 
alternating with opisthotonos,'™. — Whole muscles of the body convulsed 
(after two hours),"*. — Convulsions beginning in the face, then extending to 
other parts of the body, at times severe, at times light (after two hours),™. 
— '^ Alternation of convulsion and rage; he had such violent spasms that his 
mother was not able to hold him on her lap ; when the spasms abated he became 
furious, beat and bit those who attempted to hold him,''^. — Convulsive move- 
ments of the whole body, causing a constant change of position in the bed, 
accompanied by blowing or hissing expirations,**'. — About 9 a.m. convul- 
sions set in, and she died in one at 10 a.m.,'"'. — [1410.] Tossing violently 

f Author says nothing about catalepsy.— Hughes. 


in his father's arms, with a spasmodic twitching of the hands, like a child 
agitated and suffering from chorea (after two hours and a half),'". — Mus- 
cles of whole body convulsed, and the child screaming almost incessantly,"'. 
— Convulsive movements of the head from side to side, gradually becoming 
worse, and followed by general twitchings, grating of the teeth, trismus, 
spasms of the neck, difficult swallowing, stupefaction ; afterwards the boy 
lay perfectly unconscious on his back ; when raised, the neck and spiue 
were bent backward, the limbs were in constant convulsive motion, with 
frequent shaking of the whole body as from electric shocks,'". — * Constant 
^notion of all the body ; the muscles ivere in constant movement as if the hoy had 
chorea; the features were continually changing, at times laughing, at times 
expressing astonishment; the lips moved as if endeavoring to speak, sometimes 
puchered as in whistling; the mouth was frequently opened and snapped together; 
the tongue was often run rapidly out of the jnouth and licked about the cheeks; 
the whole head thrown backwards and forwards; the spine and ivhole body 
affected by spasmodic twisting ; the upper and lower extremities in constant 
movement, not jerking ; anxiety and restlessness; the hands were frequently 
carried to the face, rubbing the nose and mouth, pulling at the lips, groping 
about, fingering the bedcovers, scratching the face or throat; at times the arm 
suddenly sank down relaxed for a moment, the whole body seemed exhausted, 
then the muscular spasms would begin aneio,"^^. — Hands and feet completely 
retroverted, and the muscles of each extremity rigid; a slight, but dis- 
tinctly-marked trembling shook every part of his body ; the trunk equally 
rigid with the limbs ; he uttered a constant moan, with occasional shrieks, 
and could only be pacified by holding his chest pressed closely to his 
mother's breast ; his whole conduct was like that of a child terribly fright- 
ened and apprehending some terrible calamity ; he could not stand and 
would not lie down ; the pupils of both eyes were dilated to the full extent 
of the cornea and perfectly immovable and insensible to the light; the 
least noise, however, startled him, and holding a candle before his eyes 
caused violent convulsions of the extremities, particularly a drawing back- 
ward and increased rigidity ; a decided and very nervous effort to swallow 
occasioned an increase of his spasms; he could not articulate; during the 
spasms the limbs were so rigid I could not bend them; there was entire 
loss of voluntary motion ; constant tremor, preventing my counting the 
pulse with exactness,'"'. — Violent convulsions,'*'. — Frequent and violent 
convulsions, particularly of the arms, face, and neck (after three hours),'^^'. 
— Powerfully agitated, making singular movements, her eyes fixed and 
staring, and unable to reply to the questions put to her (after five min- 
utes),'". — Violent convulsive motion of the muscles of lower jaw, lips, and 
upper and lower limbs, right side,'l — Violent convulsive movement of the 
lower jaw, of the lips, left arm, and right lower extremity,®'. — [1420.] Vio- 
lent convulsions in bed, during which he was frantic and had to be tied 
(after six hours),". — Strong convulsions, alternating with great excitement 
of mind (after five hours),". — *Frightful convulsions at the sight of a 
lighted candle, a mirror, or of water,".— Violently convulsed ; every mus- 
cle in his body appeared to be in violent commotion. He was continually 
beating his breast with his hands, like a Catholic doing penance. His 
jaws were set as in tetanus ; he moaned continually ; his breathing was 
stertorous, and occasionally there was rattling in his throat. His extremi- 
ties were cold, his pulse nearly obliterated ; he had cold, clammy sweats, 
and his countenance was hippocratic (after two hours),*'. — *Much eonvxdsed; 
ivhen they were loudly spoken to, or when anybody touched them, their convul- 


sions became more frequent and violent. By degrees the spasms became less 
violent, and their skin, from being intensely hot, became moist ; their pulse 
was still quick, but softer. They now rejected every kind of liquid, and 
seemed to labor under hydrophobia, for on offering a cupful of drink to 
them, the moment it touched their lips the spasms returned with great 
violence,'". — *The torpor gave place at irregular intervals to severe convulsive 
Jits, during which the child shrieked violently, and the voice ?'-i((,s' particularly 
hoarse,^^. — The motions of the body and limbs resembled those which mark 
the highest grade of chorea sancti viti, but were much more convulsive and 
violent, and excited in the spectators rather a painful than ridiculous emo- 
tion,". — *The action of the muscles of the trunk was very great ; the boy 
was several times bent backward, as in opisthotonos ; the muscles of the 
extremities also were very active ; he also grasped at the mouth and face 
toith his fingers and tried to get out of bed, and constantly seemed to make 
efforts to grasp small objects, though he had no spasms,^^^. — There seemed to 
be general contraction of the whole muscular system, excepting the sjjhinc- 
ter of the bladder,"". — Contraction of the rauscles,"^ — [1430,] * Uneasi- 
ness,^ " ™. — '^Excessive uneasiness,^"'' "' "°. — * Constant excessive restlessness,''^. 
— *The child became restless, tossed about, called for water ; could swal- 
low with great difficulty,^'". — He appeared very restless and agitated, 
stretching himself at full length, throwing his arms and legs about, and 
sometimes seizing his neck with both hands (after one hour),^"'. — There 
was a great deal of restlessness, with itching of the skin (after a few 
hours),"". — Extremely restless ; not at all disposed to sleep,". — *Constant 
restless movements of the limbs and of the whole body, ''I — Tossing about, 
complaining to be hot,"*. — Restlessness, with moaning, tossing about the 
bed, throwing about the arms and legs, but most the arms, with frequent 
opening and shutting of the hands, and many motions of the iingers,"".— 
[1440.] Great desire to lie down,'. — Feel weak, at 5.30 p.m. (second da.y),^'°. 
— Weak when walking,^^ — Weakness of the body ; weariness of the feet,\ 
— Great loss of power and prostration,". — Felt languid, in the afternoon 
(first day),'". — Languor,"*™. — Languor, loss of sensation (touch, taste, 
etc.), and palpable diminution of sensorial power (after three hours),'"*. — 
Complained of general lassitude and great weariness,". — Lassitude and 
weakness of the limbs,''. — [1450.] The boy complained of being tired on 
waking up in the morning (second day),"". — When rising, he threatens to 
fall (first eight hours),'. — Tottered so as almost to fall from its chair (in 
five minutes),'". — Symptoms of exhaustion, gradually becoming weaker 
and weaker (after twenty hours),"'^' — Prostration of strength (after second 
dose) ; the dejection and debility increased, and the patient feeling herself 
so much weakened thought she would certainly die (after third dose),'".— 
Fainting,'" '° ", etc.' — Fainted twice,*''. — Fainting, with great dryness in the 
mouth,'". — Fainting, in the forenoon, with great paleness of the face, and 
afterwards loss of appetite,'*. — Faint feeling, with trembling (two hours after 
third dose, third day),™. — [1460.] Collapse,"". — General hypersesthesia,'*". 
— A boy being whipped for his foolish conduct did not feel it at all,"'. — ■ 
She had great dread of cold water, but warm water seemed to relieve the 
symptomg; upon placing the hands in cold water, she would scream out, 
as if it caused her great pain or frightened her, but on placing her hands 
in warm water she seemed to enjoy it,^*'. — Cramps,**. — Unusual pain and 
anxiety,'*. — It is cooling, anodyne, and sedative,'". — When in a sitting 
position she would fall over, principally towards the right side, making a 
■ sweep,™. — Several times when walking along the street, I experi- 


enced a sort of aura or wave of sensation running swiftly up the body from 
the right heel to the occiput, i. e., all along the posterior right side of the 
body. Occasionally I would feel suddenly arrested, as if tripped up by a 
backward thrust in the popliteal space, causing the knees to give way under 
me ; several times I came to a dead stop through this sensation (ninth 
day),™. — Creeping, extending from the left side into the thigh, or into the 
toes of the same side, thence into the abdomen, whence the creeping de- 
scends again into the right thigh and foot,^°. — [1470.] I was always relieved 
for a few seconds by imbibing any liquid,"*. — Worse in the forenoon," 

Skin. — Objective. Skin of a leaden hue, cold and clammy,™. — 
Surface pale and cold,"". — Turned red ; reddish-brown, like some cherries; all 
over, even the buttocks down to the knees, not further,"*. — Turning dark red- 
brown, like Indians, all over, the one suddenly ; two boys of three and four 
years,'''. — Face and front of his chest of a coppery red color, somewhat mot- 
tled, similar to the color of the skin of the North American Indians (half 
an hour after eating some seeds),'^. — When the (copper-colored) eruptions 
began to decline, the al» nasi and space around the mouth and a spot on 
each temple were white,*". — Copper color visible on the left knee, not on 
the right, at 9 p.m. (after two hours),"''. — *Ski7i of the whole body ^-ed,""™. — 
[1480.] *Scarlatinoiis redness of the skin,'". — * Whoie cutaneous surface of 
his body intensely red, as crimson,^". — The whole surface became fiery red, and 
remained so for eight hours,"". — *Red appearance of shin ^\ — '*Skinhadthe 
peculiar " boiled lobster" hue of scarlatina,'"'''. — * Color of skin a bright scar- 
let, extending over the face, body, and limbs,'^^. — *Skin. scarlet and bnrning 
hot,™. — '^Scarlet red spots over the lohole body,^^". — Skin very red, very hot, 
and moist,'^'. — *Body covered with an erythematous, or rather scarlatiriiform 
blush,"*. — [1490.] Whole surface of a bright crimson ; but the skin was 
not dry, and the redness disappeared on pressure, returning very rapidly,'". 
—All had roughness and redness of skin, especially on face and trunk,'*". — 
*Intensely red rash in the skin, resembling the rash of scarlet fever, but 
having a more shining' appearance ; disappearing on the third day,'".— 
Body covered with an eruption resembling rubeola, except that it was more 
prominent; this eruption lasted about twelve hours (after third day),'*.^ 
*Red rash breaks out,'.— The face neck, and breast were covered with 
hundreds of small brilliant petechia, many of which had a stellate form," 
— Chest and back covered with a red rash, pale in the morning, redder 
and out more in the afternoon ; more visible in warmth, for eleven days, 
followed by desquamation,'^ — *The redness of the skin did not appear very 
markedly on the lower extremities until it began to subside on the superior por- 
tions of the body,'^\ — General suffusion,"". — *Very marked flushing of the 
hands, arms, face, neck, and back. This rash resembled that of scarlatina 
simplex, the bright red disappearing under pressure, and immediately return- 
ing after the removal of the pressure (after three hours),™. — [1500.] Lower 
extremities flushed and very warm (after one hour) ; this redness was more 
marked in the anterior region of the thighs (after one hour),™.— *Scarlet 
eiflorescence over the whole body, which was much more bright and lively 
than that luhieh characterizes scarlatina,''^. — Signs of congestion, with redness 
and pain,'"^ — An old cicatrix on his forehead was very red,"". — Generally 
congested state of the skin, without any eruption, resembling that of scarla- 
tina,'"". — Face and upper part of the body universally covered with a vivid 
erysipelatous redness, which gradually disappeared after venesection (after 
five hours),"'. — Erysipelas on the right side of the cheek, nose, and face,". 
— Erysipelas of the left cheek immediately after the menses,'^ — His face 


was covered with patches of an irregular shape, not elevated above the 
rest of the skin, and of a brilliant fiery red color,™. — A general eruption 
on her skin, accompanied with considerable swelling, itching, and iuilaiii- 
matiou,'^ — [1510.] Itching eruption,'"'. — On the morning of the third day, 
the body of the younger child became covered with a small papular erup- 
tion, which continued for several days, accompanied with fever, "I — Many 
pimples, like blotches, on several parts of the body, also in the palms of 
the hands, with a stinging itching, like nettles, increased by rubbing,'. — A 
pimple on right side of nose, rather painful to touch, and occasionally a 
stinging pain in it (fourth day) ; pimple full of pus (fifth day) ; pimple al- 
most gone (seventh day),^'*. — Vesications on the skin after the violent 
symptoms had subsided,''. — (Spots on the arms like flea-bites), (after three 
hours),'. — Inflamed, painful pustules on the left leg, exuding an acrid 
water (after a few weeks),'^'.f — The local application to an abraded portion 
of the skin may give rise to all the efl^ects of poisoning,*^ — On the left leg 
near the calf, an eruption of small blisters spreading over the whole leg ; 
blisters very painful, with much heat and redness, and oozing a hot sharp, 
acrid fluid,^l — A boil in the groin,'. — [1520.] Several boils on the feet,'°. — 
Subjective. Skin burning,'"^ — A burning above the knee when walking, 
and heat through the whole body, with violent thirst, in the evening (ai'ter 
twelve hours),^ — Creeping under the skiu,^^— Itching of the skin, with a 
great deal of restlessness (after a few hours),"". — General itching of the whole 
surface of the body, but more especially of the face (after half an hourj,"'^ 
— Itching over the whole body, early in the morning, after waking,". 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. Frequent yawning, with inclination to sleep, 
with great restlessness (after 200 drops),"^ — Drowsy and staggering,". — 
Drowsiness in daytime,'^. — [1530.] ^Drowsiness succeeded by coma (imme- 
diately),*". — After a deep sleep, full of dreams, during which he has an 
emission, he feels quite dizzy, and he sees as through a gauze (after twenty- 
four hours),l — Sleepiness, but scarcely had she fallen asleep when she woke, 
and began to prattle and laugh in a senseless manner,^'^ — Unusually sleepy 
on waking (eighteenth day),™. — Sleepiness, in the evening (seventh day),^'^ 
— Sleepiness all evening, on and ofi' (after fifteen minutes),^'''; (after five 
minutes),'"'. — Sleepy in the evening, after dark (first dayj,'"l — Excessive 
sleepiness, at 9.30 p.m. (sixteenth day),"'. — Complained of being tired on 
waking up in the morning; got up and went to bed again two or three 
times (next morning),""'. — Great desire to lie down and sleep,"". — [1540.] 
In half an hour felt sleepy, ate a part of a sour apple and slept a short 
time, but soon started up in a fright, with flushed face and mild delirium,™*. 
— Sleep,^'. — He often falls asleep, and when waking, assumes a comically 
majestic appearance,\ — Sleeping in the daytime; he wakes with an im- 
portant and solemn look,^ — Slept later than usual (seventeenth day),'^"*. — 
Quiet sleep,'°.J^Sleeps a few hours (after some minutes),'^ — Sleeps twenty- 
four hours,'". — Awakes with difficulty, in the morning,'. — Deep sleep, with 
snoring,'^. — [1550.] Deep sleep and various dreams; one full of diflerent 
apparitions,". — Some fall into a deep sleep, even twenty-four hours long; 
they lie as if dead,"*. — Deep, snoring sleep, sometimes drawing up the leg,". 
~*Stupefied half slumber,^. — Deep sound sleep ; during it very deep breath- 
ing, with the greatest exertion, and snorting during inspiration and expi- 
ration,'. — Slumber, with rattling breath, and bloody froth at the mouth ; 

t For right, read left. — Hughes. J Curative efl'ect. — Hughes. 


dark-brown face ; de.a.ih^''.— Sleeplessness. Sleepless,". f— Sleeplessness, 
with walking about the room, and with hallucination,"*. — Remaiued awake 
all night, tossed about his bed, and uttered screaming cri^s,". — Restless 
nio-ht,''"^^ — [1560.] Restless sleep, violent headache, and profuse urina- 
tio°n^i( — *EesUess sleep, full of dreams, ivith tossing about the 6ed,".— Trouble- 
some night, awaking three or four times, with sickness and vomiting,'"\— 
While slumbering he hears two persons talk, but he does not know who 
they are,^— Starting in sleep, with rising up in bed and looking vacantly 
around, with incoherent talking (second night),''''.— Frequent starts, at 
night,"".— */rt sleep, twitching of ^tmSs,"'.— [Sleep interrupted by screams],'^. 
— [Screaming and howling, at night],'".- Snoring during a swoon,''.— 
[1570.] Did not rest well, at night; frequent waking,'*". — Waking with a 
start, as though dreaming,'".— [Wakes from his sleep with a screara],'^— 
Dreams. There is no disposition to sleep, but it produces agreeable 
dreams,'l — Wandering, indistinct dreams,'*". — Strange dreams of a fright- 
ful kind,™". — Amorous dream (third, sixth, and thirteenth night),™.— 
Sleep disturbed by dreams, such as he never before remembered to have 
jjaj 122, — Vivid dreams about things that have happened,'. — Different kinds 
of dreams,". 

Fever. — Chilliness. [1580.] Chilliness and shivering in the limbs, 
at night,"*.— Coldness and chill, for eight hours,'. — Shaking chill through 
the whole body, with single jerks, partly of the whole body, partly of single 
limbs, of the elbows and knee-joints, without thirst,l — Chilliness along the 
back, in the afternoon,'". — Whenever he takes a dose, a disagreeable, shud- 
dering chill runs over him as if he dreaded it (after three, four, and five 
hours),'.— From 6 to 7 p.m. felt chilly (second day),"". — General shivering, 
with uneasiness about the throat,'"^ — *Shivering sensation on the chin,". 
— She lies on the floor, cold, senseless, and weak, and breathing feebly 
(after two hours),'lJ — * Coldness of the uhole hody,^. — [1590.] Temperature 
dimiuished,"'^ — Affected with a "sudden coldness in a very extraordinary 
manner,'"". — Temperature diminished, skin cold, covered with cold 
sweat,"'l — Skin cool,'"-'. — Skin rather cool, but no more than could be at- 
tributed to an hour's exposure in the wind,'**.— Skin icy cold, and covered 
with clammy sweat, the hands and feet livid (after seAi^n hours),™'.— Skin 
cold and moist,"'. — Skin cold, and covered with sweat," — Face, hands, and 
feet blue and cold,"".— Extremities and trunk cold,"*.— [1600.] Extremities 
cold almost immovable,". — Coldness and paralysis of the limbs," — *Cold- 
ness of the limbs,' " "", etc. — *Hands and feet cold,^^^. — *Hands and feet 
cold, often bluish^''''. — Inferior extremities cold,"'^ — The feet were extremely 
cold early in the morning, and, nevertheless, very sensitive to the least 
cold draft,'.— ITea*. Fever,'""; (first day),'".— Typhoid fever of the re- 
mittent character, with pains beginning in the left ear and terminating in 
the left side of the chest, with dry cough, which aggravates the pain very 
much,"".— *Violent fever,'» '"'.— [1610.] [Fever, after noon],'l§— Violent 
fever at noon, returning with the same violence about midnight,'". — Fever 
daily, in the afternoon,'". — Fever, in the evening, for two days,'". — [After 
the vomiting in the evening, continuous, violent fever, with profuse sweat],'^|| 
— Fever; first heat in the head, afterwards coldness of the whole body, fol- 
lowed by heat of the whole body, with anguish ; sleeps during the heat ; 

t After emetics and clysters. — Huohes. 
j Earliest effects. — Hughes. 

I Apparently only sympathetic of an inflamed arm. — Hughes. 

II The beginning of phthisis, of which the patient died. — Hdqhbs. 


after awaking, violent thirst ; he feels a stinging in his palate until he 
drinks,^— High fever ; burning heat and redness of the skin, attended 
with an itching eruption over whole face and trunk of the body ; but the 
feet and legs were paler and cooler than natural,*". — Temperature in- 
creased,""™. — Temperature, especially of the head, elevated,'"*. — Tempera- 
ture very high,'". — [1620.] Becomes hot,.'. — Heat of the whole body,^l — 
Heat and sweat all over, without thirst (after five hours),'. — With the least 
motion, heat over the whole body, and sweat (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
Heat and anxiety rise from the abdomen upward, causing redness of the 
cheeks," — Feeling of general heat for some minutes (after second dose, 
second day) ; feeling of great heat (after third dose, second day),™. — She 
is hot, then cold, shivering ; she feels as if cold water was being poured 
down her back,™. — *Dry heat over the whole body™. — * Glowing heat and 
redness of the head and face, with coldness and paleness of the rest of the 
hody,^. — Great heat of the body,'*. — [1630.] Great heat, with quick and 
small pulse, and bright-red vermilion-colored countenance,^'. — Towards 
noon great heat, redness of the face, vertigo, and tears in the eyes,'^ — Hot 
cheeks,'^ — He covers himself carefully during the heat ; but if he merely 
puts out a finger from under the cover the pains immediately become very 
violent,'.— Skin hot,"^"', ete.^Skin excessively hot and congested, especi- 
ally the face and upper extremities,""". — Skin burning, hot, and dry,''". — 
Hot and perspiring skin on the surface of the trunk,"''^ — *Skin hot and 
dry,"" '*' "*.— Skin hot, and not dry ,^'".—[1640.] Great heat of the whole 
surface (after fourteen hours),*'. — *Skin hot, dry, and burning, of a contin- 
uous scarlet color over the whole body (after six hours),'". — Heat of sur- 
face elevated and dry,'™.- — Skin warm,*'. — Skin warm and dry (after eleven 
hours),'*'. — Skin hot, and presenting a bright scarlet efHorescence of a lob- 
ster color, somewhat raised above the plane of the cuticle, and rough to the 
touch,'". — Head moderately warm (after one hour),™'. — Head hot,'™""'. — 
Heat of the head and sparkling eyes,'^ — Head hot; also the whole body,"*. — ■ 
[1650.] During chill, heat in head ; during the hot stage, cold feet ; during 
the sweat, cannot bear to be uncovered,"*. — *Head very hot,'". — *Heat in 
the face,'. — *IIot, red face, with cold hands and feet,^. — Sensation of heat in 
the face, when coldness and chilliness passed,'. — Skin of face and upper 
extremities burning hot,"*. — Alternately a feeling of great heat and cold 
in the limbs, which were affected with trembling (after two hours),'"^ — 
Sweat, Sweat, with thirst and dim vision,''. — Perspiration, with warm 
skin,"l— Skin moist,'"" ™.— [1660.] Sweat, with diminished appetite,'^— 
Sweat, after severe thirst,'^ — Copious sweat,'".'!" — Frequent sweat, with good 
appetite, diarrhoea, distension of the abdomen, and colic,'^ — Profuse sweat, 
with pain in the abdomen,'^ — Profuse sweat, with burning of the eyes and 
dim vision,'\ — Copious perspiration (after one hour),™'. — Violent perspira- 
tion from incessant motion,™". — Slight sweat, at night,'. — Very great sweat, 
at night,'^ — [1670.] Profuse sweat at night,'^ — A cold clammy sweat 
covered the entire surface of the body,^'". — *Gold sweat on ivhole body,". — 
Cold clammy perspiration,'" ™l — Greasy sweat, with increased thirst,'^ — 
Head all day wet with perspiration (second day),'**. — Plead perspired more 
than usual (second day),'*". — Perspiration on the forehead while the rest of 
the body was red, dry, and hot,'™. — Very profuse sweat on the face and 
forehead,'^ — Sweat on the back,'^ — [1680.] Cold sweat on the paralyzed 

f During convalescence, after antidotes. — Hughes. 


limb,*". — Lower part of paralyzed lower limb covered with sweat/l — Whole 
body dry,^'l 

Conditions. — Agg^ravation. — {Morning), Mental state ; vertigo ; 
frontal headache ; dim vision ; cough ; itching. — (^Forenoon), The symp- 
toms. — -{Noon), Fever. — (^Eoening), When walking, unsteadiness; in dark 
room, blue spots before eyes ; eructations ; cough ; fever. — (^Night), Pain 
in sternum; sweat. — (^When alone), Mental state. — (Cough), Pain in chest. 
— (Coffee), Stupor, anxiety, etc. — (Darkness), Mental state. — (Eating), 
Trembling of hands. — (Light of a lamp). Convulsions. — (During menses). 
Loquacity ; voluptuous odor of body. — (After menses), Sobbing and whin- 
ing. — (Motion), (Vomiting of bile ; pain in abdomen and back. — (Pressure), 
Pain in stomach. — (Sitting), Giddiness. — (Standing), Vertigo. — (Swallow- 
ing), Dryness of throat; spasm of throat. — (Talking), Pain in chest and 
sternum. — ( Walking), Giddiness; pain in right side of head ; pain in chest; 
pain in breasts; pain in right hip-joint; pain in thigh. — (Walking in open 
air). — Frontal headache. 

Amelioration. — (Indoors), The symptoms. — (Imbibing liquid). The 
symptoms. — (Leaning head to right), Pain in right side of head. — (Rub- 
bing), Itching in eye; feeling of sand in eye. — ( Fmej'ar), Stupor, anxiety, 
etc. — ( Warmth), Pain in chest. — ( Cold water). The symptoms. 


Strontium carbonate. 

Preparations. Triturations. 

Authorities. (From Hartlaub and Trinks, R. A. M. L.) 1, Ng. ; 3, 
Schreter; 3, Seidel ; 4, Trinks; 5, Woost. 

31ind. — Very violent and quarrelsome for a long time,^ — Apprehen- 
sive and anxious, as from a bad conscience (thirteenth and fourteenth 
days),'. — She is very ill-humored and quarrelsome,^ — Fretful, thoughtful, 
and not inclined to talk (fifth day),'. — Very fretful ; is inclined to beat 
everything that comes in his way,'. — Great forgetfulness (first day),^ 

Head. — Vei'tiyo. Vertigo and nausea in the morning,'. — Vertigo, 
at noon, with pressive headache in the left side,'. — Excessive vertigo, at 
noon,'. — [10.] Vertigo, in the afternoon, with sticking headache in the 
forehead,'. — Vertigo with weariness, in the evening,'. — Vertigo, with a 
pressing sensation from within outward in the temples,^ — Dizziness in the 
head, as from drinking wine (after one howv),^.— General Head. The 
head covering causes dulness of the head (first day),'. — Heaviness of the 
head, with discomfort of the whole body (first day),^— Tensive pain in the 
head as if the whole skin on the vertex were drawn up (first day),'.— 
Headache at first tensive, then pressive drawing extending about the head, 
in the evening (after twenty-five days),'.— Headache as if the whole head 
•were made tense, from within outward, when lying in bed, especially when 
lying with the head low, several evenings in succession (after twenty-six 
days),'.— Tensive pain in the head extending from the vertex into the 
upper jaw, in the evening (after twenty-eight days),'. — [20.] Spasmodic 
drawing from the head through the eyeball, frequently recurring (after 
four hours),'.— A sudden painful jerking from time to time, here and there, 
in the head (eighth and ninth days),'. — Sticking and tearing, ulcerative 
pain and heaviness in the whole head, in the morning after rising (tenth 
day)/.— Transient stitches in lhQ\iQ&d,K— Forehead. Heaviness of the 


forehead, with frequent fine stitches, wherewith the whole head feels shat- 
tered (second day),\ — Violent pressive pain in the forehead, as if every- 
thing would press out,^. — Pressive headache, commencing in the forehead 
and extending over the whole head, in the afternoon,'. — Two painful tear- 
ings in the middle of the forehead (fourth day),\ — ^Violent sticking head- 
aciie in the left frontal eminence, which extended into the side of the head 
(third day),^ — Burning in the forehead (first day),l — [30,] Pressive pain 
in the sinciput, especially in the frontal region and in the orbits (after a 
quarter of an hour),'. — TenipJes. Pressing feeling in both temples and 
towards the forehead (after twenty miuutes),l — Dull drawing pain in the 
right temple (after half an hour),'. — A violent dull stitch in the right tem- 
ple, which extended to all sides (ninth day),\ — Sticking pain in the right 
temple, in the afternoon,*.^Sticking pain in the left temple, towards even- 
ing,*. — Tingling in the temples, in the evening (sixth day),'. — Ver'teoc 
and Parietals. Thrusts like stitches in the vertex and occiput (after 
six days),'. — Sticking and tearing in the upper part of the right side of 
the head,'. — Occiput. Dull pain in the oeciput,^ — [40.] Pressive pain 
in the occiput, in the evening {first day),l — Violent compressing pain in 
the middle of the occiput (after eight hours),'. — Violent boring pain in a 
small spot in the right side of the occiput, at night (first day),'. — Violent 
tearing in the right side of the occiput (fifteenth day),'. 

Eye, — Burning in the eyes aggravated by moving them ; followed by 
sticking in them, during which the whites were injected with red vessels 
(after nine days),'. — Violent burning in the eyes, with profuse lachryma- 
tion and redness of the white of the eye on exerting the eyes (after five 
days),'. — Biting in the right eye, relieved by rubbing, followed by pressure 
as from sand in the eye, wherewith he saw blue and red rings (fourth day),'. 
— Itching of the left eye,'. — OPbit. A sudden pressure above the left eye, 
with a feeling as if everything internal moved somewhat (sixth day),'. — 
A sudden pressure as with the ball of the finger above the right eye (sixth 
day),'.' — [50.] Very frequent painless jerking or twitching above the left 
eye (eighth day),'. — Lid. Visible twitching of the left upper lid (ninth 
day),'. — Violent jerking in the left upper lid as if it were forcibly shaken 
(third day),'. — Violent burning in the outer canthi, in the morning,'. — 
Painful itching sensation in both inner canthi (after ten hours),'. — Sail, 
Pressive pain on the upper surface of the left eyeball (after half an hour),'. 
— Vision, Great weakness of the eyes, for several days,'. — Flickering 
before the eyes,^ — On looking away from her work and to one side, long 
green spots appeared before the eyes in the dark, and also appeared to go 
before her when walking in the dark ; frequently repeated (third day),'. 

Eav, — Tearing in front of the right ear as if in the bone (fifth day),'. — 
[60.] Sticking in front of the left ear, extending into it (second day), I — 
A painful boring and tearing in the right ear (third day),'. — Roaring and 
tearing in the right ear in frequent paroxysms (after twelve days),'. 

Nose, — Frequent sneezing (second day),'. — Nosebleed (fifteenth day),^ 
— Frequent blowing of bloody crusts from the nose (after fourteen days),'. 
— Twitching in the left side of the nose,'. — Transient griping at the tip of 
the nose (after three days),'. — Frequent itching sensation in both nostrils 
and on several parts of the face (first day),'. 

Face. — Twitching in the left malar bone, extending into the frontal 
eminence (third day),'. — [70.] Violent boring pain in the right cheek-bone 
(after half an hour),'. — Frequent tearing in both cheeks (sixth day),'. — 
Frequent tearing in a small spot on the right cheek (sixth day),'. — Trau- 

VOL. IX.— -15 


sieiit tearing in the left zygoma three times in succession (ninth day)/. — 
Sensation in a small spot on the right cheek, as if a cold substance had 
fallen upon it, with tickling,^ — Violent transient tearing in the right upper 
jaw, several days in succession, at 5 p.m.,\ — Sharp intermittent stitches in 
the right cheek (sixth day),\ — Lip. Violent jerking in the upper lip,\ — 
Very transient prickling pains in the left half of the upper lip and in both 
cheeks (after nine hours),'. — Feeling as if there were a blister on the right 
side of the upper lip,'. — Chin. [80.] Violent stitch in the left side of the 
chin, extending into the articulation of the jaw, where it seemed as if it 
would be pressed inward, without, however, hindering its motion,^ — Tear- 
ing in the right lower jaw (fifth day),\ 

Month. — Teeth. The front teeth feel on edge (first day),^ — Violent 
clawing in the teeth, so that he scarcely knew what to do ; preceded by 
accumulation of much water in the mouth,''. — A screwing-together sensa- 
tion in the teeth (second day),^ — Jerking pain in the lower back tooth,\ — 
Transient jerking in the roots, now of the right, now of the left teeth, in 
the evening,'. — Painful jerking in the right eyetooth,'. — Tearing in the 
roots of the incisors,'. — Tearing in a sound back tooth,'. — [90.] Tearing 
and sticking in the stump of a tooth, in the evening,'. — Sticking tooth- 
ache,*. — Fine crawling and drawing in the front teeth (after half an hour),^ 
— Gtfin, The gum of the right eyetooth and right cheek were swollen 
up as far as under the eye and painful to touch,'. — Burning in the whole 
gum and a feeling as though it were swollen,'. — A transient stitch in the 
upper gum (ninth day),'. — Tongue. The tongue is coated with mucus, 
with a feeling of dryness upon it (fourth day),'. — The tip of the tongue is 
painful as if eroded (after twenty-six days),l — Gejieral Blouth. Bad 
odor from the mouth (second day), I — Mouth slimy, in the morning on 
waking (after four days),'. — [100.] A painful pimple internally on the left 
cheek,'. — Dryness of the mouth, in the morning on waking,'. — Feeling of 
dryness in the mouth with the usual secretion of saliva (after one hour),'. 
— Feeling of numbness in the mouth, in the morning on waking (seventh 
day),'. — Taste. Bitter taste in the mouth, in the morning, with dryness 
on the palate (after twenty days),^ — Dry earthy taste in the mouth with a 
thickly-coated tongue (tenth dayV- 

Throat. — Rawness of the throat, which provokes hacking cough,'. — 
Rawness and dryness in the throat, in the morning,'. — Sudden rawness in 
the throat, which provokes hawking, and is relieved thereby, in the evening 
(fourth day),'. — Pain in the left side of the throat on swallowing (seventh 
day),'. — [110.] Fauces inflamed and painful on swallowing (after twenty- 
four days),l — Some itching in the pharynx on swallowing,'. 

Stoniach.—Api)etite and Thirst. After dinner, hunger again, 
which, however, soon disappears without eating anything (first day),'. — 
Loss of appetite,^ — No appetite ; as soon as he ate a few mouthfuls of 
meat it disgusted him ; black bread tasted the best, for three weeks to- 
gether (after four days),'.— Loss of appetite; nothing had a natural taste 
except milk and black bread (first day),'.— Much thirst (first days),'.— 
Very great desire for beer, for eight days in succession (after six days),^— 
Britctation and Hiccough, Empty eructations,'.— Violent long- 
continued hiccough, which caused pain in her chest (fourth day),'. — 
Nansea. [120.] Nausea, with a sensation of burning heat in the face 
(after a quarter of an hour),^— Constant nausea, with diminished appe- 
tite,^— Stomach insipid and nauseated, with weakness and ill-humor,'.— 
Qualmishness with retching (after two hours),^— She is qualmish in the 


pit of the stomacb (after half an hour),l — Stomach. The stomach feels 
oppressed, with, on inspiration, a sensation in it like a slowly s])reading 
stitch, in the afternoon,'. — Pressure in the pit of the stomach,". — Pressure 
in the stomach, worse on walljing, relieved by eructations; it disappears 
on eating but returns after a few hours, with a feeling of fulness in the 
whole abdomen,*. — Constriction in the stomach, followed by uprisings of 
clear water,'. — Burrowing in the stomach and upper abdomen (soon),'. — • 
[130.] Twinging feeling in the stomach (after half an hour),'. — Cutting 
feeling in the epigastric region, in the afternoon,*. — Stitches in the stomach, 
now in the right, now in the left side (fourth day),'. 

Abdomen. — Hypocliond fia. Pressive bruised pain in both hypo- 
chondria (after three-quarters of an hour),'*. — Umbilicus and Sides. 
Pain about the umbilicus, with rumbling in the umbilical region (after ten 
hours),\ — Cramplike pain in the umbilical region, with some nausea 
(soon),^ — Unable to stoop on account of a distressing tense sensation above 
the navel,'. — Griping about the navel with flatulent distension, almost all 
day (eighth day),'. — Painfulness of the left flank when touched and on 
certain movements of the trunk (after eight days),'. — Extremely painful 
burning cutting in the right side of the abdomen, in the morning (ninth 
day),'. — [140.] Cutting in the right side of the abdomen (after twenty- 
four hours),*. — Violent stitches in both flanks, worse on inspiration,'. — Many 
sharp stitches in the last right ribs, in the afternoon on stooping,'. — Stick- 
ing pain in the right flank on blowing the nose,*. — General Abdomen. 
Great flatulent distension and tension in the abdomen with emission of 
flatus, in the afternoon (second day),'. — The abdomen seems full and dis- 
tended as after flatulent food,*. — Emission of flatus, several evenings,'. — 
Emission of intolerably ofiensive flatus, in the evening (first day),'. — 
Rumbling in the abdomen, soon followed by a semifluid stool, towards 
morning,*. — Violent rumbling in the abdomen with emission of offensive 
flatus (fourth day),'. — [150.] Great gurgling in the abdomen (after eight 
days),'. — Griping movements in the abdomen after breakfast (first day),'. 
— Griping in the abdomen with a semiliquid stool, during the menses,'. — 
Slight griping in the upper abdomen after eating for several days,'.^ — 
Pinching pain transversely across the upper abdomen,'. — Pinching in the 
abdomen at night, whereupon she woke ; this was twice repeated towards 
morning, followed by diarrhoea and succeeded by tenesmus and burning in 
the anus (after three days),'. — Acute drawing extending from the abdomen 
through the hypogastric region and groin, thence to the rectum, followed 
by inclination to stool,'. — Cutting colic with chilliness, after supper (after 
twenty-eight hours),*. — Cutting pain in the whole abdomen, in the evening 
(seveuth day),'. — Cutting pain in the upper abdomen, after which, flatu- 
lence distended both sides of the abdomen like lumps, in the afternoon 
(first day),"-. — [160.] Wandering cutting in the abdomen, with desire for 
stool, followed by diarrhoea four times, the last time with tenesmus and 
burning in the rectum (tenth day),l — Hyjjogastriuni and Iliac 
Hegion. Incarceration of flatus in the lower abdomen, followed by a 
very soft stool (second day),'. — Tension in the lower abdomen,'. — Tensive 
pain in the lower abdomen and a bruised sensation in the small of the 
back, as if the menses would come on, in the evening,'. — Violent cutting 
in the lower abdomen, with semiliquid stool ; the pain disappeared only on 
rubbing and warming the abdomen, in the afternoon (second day),'. — A 
pressing-out pressure in the right inguinal region, as if a hernia would 
appear, immediately after dinner,*. — Violent tension, burning, and throb- 


bing in the right groin (seventh day)/. — A painful tearing in the left groin 
on rising from a seat/. 

Rectiun and Amis. — Long-continued constrictive movements in 
the rectum after a normal stool/. — Hsemorrhoidal pain within the anus/.— 
[170.] Burning in the anus for a long time after the usual stool/. — Vio- 
lent urging to stool, followed after great effort by the evacuation of only a 
hard scanty stool, with much flatulence (second day)/. — Tenesmus in the 
anus after the diarrhoea-like stool (fourth day)/. 

Stool.— DiciVfhxea. Diarrhoea twice (first day),l — Purging five 
times, with burning in the rectum (thirty-third day),l — Purging preceded 
by pain in the abdomen (third day),'. — Diarrhcea of yellow water four 
times, and afterwards another white evacuation like meal-broth with 
rumbling in the abdomen (fifteenth day),'. — The stool is passed in lumps 
like sheep-dung, and only with great effort, so that she thought she would 
faint, and with most frightful pain, followed by burning iu the anus (sev- 
enth day)/. — Hard stool with burning in the anus, several days/. — Con- 
stipation. Some constipation (third day),l — [180.] The stool omits 
(first day)/^ — Stool delayed a few hours, without being hard (second and 
third days),\ 

JJi'inarij Organs. — Desire to urinate, in the morning (first day),^ — 
Increased evacuation of urine/. — She was not obliged to rise at night to 
urinate, she usually was/. — Obliged to urinate at night, less than usual/. — 
Diminished evacuation of urine (third day),'. — ^Urine scanty and pale,'. — 
Urine pale and of an ammoniacal odor (first day),'. — The urine is dark 
yellow and more copious than usual (first day),'-*. — [190.] Urine of a nor- 
mal appearance, has a strong odor of iodine,". 

Sexual Organs. — 31ale. A very transient pressive pain in the 
right spermatic cord while urinating,^ — Female. Leucorrhoea, while 
walking (fifth and eleventh days),'. — The menses that were already flowing 
became more profuse, but soon again ceased,'. — Menses seven days too 
early, of short duration, and with forcing pains in the abdomen,'. — Menses 
two days late, first like meat-water, on the third and fourth days large 
clots of blood were passed ; with colic/. — Menses six days too late,'. 

JResxiiratory Organs. — Voice. Hoarse voice (fifth day)/. — 
Cough. Constant cough, though worse at night, for several days (after 
thirteen days)/. — Short cough, now and then, with pressive pain in the 
chest after walking/. — [200.] Dry hacking cough, in the evening,'. —Fre- 
quent hacking cough, as if caused by irritation in the trachea (third day)/. 
— Respiration. Dyspnoea, while walking, with uneasiness and burning 
in the face during the headache (fourth day),'. 

Chest. — Constriction in the chest (third day),^. — Pressive pain in the 
chest, especially on motion (second day),'. — Spasmodic drawing and claw- 
ing in the chest,*. — Stitches in the chest on coughing and on inspiration 
(after five days),'. — Ffont and Sides. Painfuluess of the sternum to 
touch (sixth day),'. — Slight burning on the left side of the sternum ex- 
tending upward/. — Sore pain on the forepart of the chest (third day),'. — 
[210.] Pressure upon the sternum/. — Pressive pain beneath the sternum, 
at night, which disappeared in the morning on rising (after six days),'. — 
Slight sticking in the ensiform cartilage, on walking in the open air (ninth 
day),'. — Dull stitches deep internally beneath the ensiform cartilage, taking 
away the breath (ninth day),'. — Lightning stitches extending from both 
sides of the sternum in a vertical direction through the chest/. — Drawing 
pain iu the right pectoral muscles (fifth day),'. — A sore paiu externally on 


the second and third false ribs, as from a blow, aggravated by touch (after 
half an hour),^ 

Heart and Prilse.. — Dull intermitting pressure in the precordial 
region,^ — Violent beating of the arteries and of the heart,". 

Neck and Hack. — IVeck. Tearing tension in the nape of the neck 
as if the tendons were drawn up, extremely painful and frequently I'ecur- 
ring (ninth day),'. — [220.] Burning in the right side of the neck, on mo- 
tion and on touch (fourth day),'. — Pain as if beaten, in the back and small 
of the back, in the forenoon ; stooping and motion were difficult ; the pain 
was also aggravated by touch or by taking the back out of the sun into 
the shade, which immediately caused a disagreeable drawing feeling ; the 
pain extended from the small of the back over the hips ; as this pain dis- 
appeared there occurred a pret^sive headache, now in the sinciput, now in 
the occiput, constantly recurring for fourteen days (after ten days),l — 
Fine drawing pain in the back from the pelvis, in the evening before going 
to bed,*. — Slight drawing pain along the spine, in the afternoon, which 
changes to a seated dull tearing in the joints of the lower extremities, 
aggravated by walking,*. — Sticking pain in the back, towards noon,*. — ■ 
IDorsal and Lvmbar. Tensive drawing in the dorsal and lumbar 
muscles, while sitting (after nine hoars),^ — Acute pressive paiu, at night, 
in the region of the first lumbar vertebra (after five days),^ — Drawing 
pain in the left lumbar region, towards evening,*. — Pain in the small of 
the back as if beaten, together with pressure in the lower abdomen, while 
sitting (fifth day),'. — Pain in the small of the back, especially during rest, 
for several days,^. — [230.] Some pain in the small of the back during a 
hard evacuation from the bowels (third day),'*. — Painful gnawing in the 
small of the back, while walking (third day),'. — Fine drawing pain in the 
small of the back, in the evening, which gradually changes to a burning 
pain in the joints of the left lower extremity,*. — Drawing pain in the 
small of the back, towards evening,*. — Drawing pains in the pelvis ex- 
tending upward and into the lumbar region, towards morning,*. — Tearing 
pain in the small of the back, in the morning,*. — Slight sticking pain in 
the small of the back, toward evening,*. — Drawing in the pelvis, towards 
evening, which extends to the joints of the lower extremities and becomes 
a sticking,*. 

Mxtre7niHes. — Trembling in all the limbs,*. — A trembling sensation 
changing to a dull pain in all the limbs, in the morning,'. — [240.] Heavi- 
ness in all the limbs, in the forenoon,*. — Dull tearing pain in all the joints 
of the right limbs, in the evening,*. — Violent tearing pains in all the joints 
of the left upper and lower extremities, which changed to weakness of the 
parts in the morning,*. 

Superior JExtreniities. — The veins of the arms and hands are 
injected and tense, with great prostration and ill-humor (ninth day),'. — 
Weakness of the right arm as if all power had left it, disappearing on 
motion (ninth day),'. — Violent tearing pains in the joints of the right 
upper extremities, in the evening on going to bed, becoming more violent 
in bed,*. — Slight tearing in the joints of the left arm, in the evening while 
sitting, with great weariness,*. — Shoulder. A painful paralytic sensation 
in the left shoulder and elbow-joint, at night (after seven days),'. — Con- 
stant burning pain in the right shoulder-joint,*.- — Pressure in a small streak 
on the left shoulder,'. — [250,] Extremely painful tearing in both shoulders, 
in the evening (seventh day),'. — Tearing from the right shoulder-joint to 
the middle of the forearm, at night in bed (seventh day),'. — Tearing pains 


iu the joints of the right shoulder and elbow,*. — Some tearing in the left 
shoulder and then the same in the left thigh/. — Sticking pain in the right 
axilla, towards evening,*. — A dull stitch in the right shoulder -joint,'. — 
Intermittent sticking pain in the right shoulder in the afternoon,*. — 
JElbotV. Dull drawing in the elbow-joints,^ — Tearing iu the right elbow,'. 
— Tearing from the elbow to the middle of the forearm, always when 
touched with the finger, even when it is brought near it,'. — [260.] Tearing 
pain in the left elbow, wrist, and finger-joints, towards evening,*. — Fore- 
arm. Paralytic pain in the right forearm, in the evening (sixth day),'. — 
Intolerable pain in the middle of the right forearm like a tearing, tension 
and pinching ; disappearing on motion (after fifteen (lays),'.— Gnawing as 
if in the marrow of the right ulna, in the evening,'. — Tensive tearing in 
the forearm as if in the marrow of the bones,'. — Violent tearing in the 
middle of the right forearm, in the evening,'. — Pulsating stitches in the 
inner surface of the left forearm,'. — Wt'ist. Tearing in the right wrist 
and elbow-joints, on going to bed, aggravated in bed,*. — Burniug pain in 
the left wrist, in the evening,'. — Hand. The hand and whole forearm 
became quite insensible as if paralyzed, but warm, becoming again sensi- 
tive on motion (seventh day),'. — [270.] Tearing extending from the inner 
surface of the right hand to the middle of the forearm, in the evening,'. — 
Fhujers, Great trembling or rather sliakiug of the fingers of the right 
hand on pouring a liquid over them,'. — Numbness of the right thumb,'. — 
Pinching pain in the right middle finger, extending into the hand,'. — A 
painful sensation like a burning and tension between the left thumb and 
index finger, even in the evening (eighth day),'. — Acute drawing iu difler- 
eut phalanges and in the bones of the wrists (first and second days),^ — Tear- 
ing jerking in the finger-joints,'. — Tearing in the tendons of all the fingers, 
extending up into the forearm, on letting the arm hang down (second day),'. 
— Intermittent tearing gnawing in the right little finger,'. — Tearing and 
throbbing on the left side of the thumb (second day),'. 

Itifefiof Extremities. — [280.] Paralytic pain in both lower ex- 
tremities, in the evening (sixth day),'. — Slight jerking in the right lower 
extremity,*. — Jerking in the lower extremities and starting up of the whole 
body on falling asleep (fifth day),l — Very acute drawing in the right lower 
extremities during rest, disappearing during motion, in the evening (first 
day),l — Painful drawing and paralyzed sensation in the whole leg, when 
walking in the open air, which disappears in warmth and rest,^ — Slight 
tearing pain in the lower extremities, extending from below upward, 
and disappearing in the lumbar region,*. — Slight tearing pain in the 
morning, starting from the knee joint, extending through the pelvis, and 
disappearing in the lumbar region,*. — Itching pain in the left lower ex- 
tremity (after twenty-six days),'-. — Hip. Drawing pain in the right hip, 
starting from the ankle and knee-joints, iu the morning,*. — Tearing pain in 
both hip and knee-joints, in the morning,*. — [290.] Violent tearing from 
the right hip into the knee, disappearing when walking (fourth day),'.— 
Thigh. Weakness first in the right thigh, then in both thighs, still 
worse in the evening in bed (second day),'.— Paralytic pain in the thighs, 
in the evening while sitting,'.— Painful gnawing in the left thigh as if in 
the marrow of the bone,'.— Frequent jerking sticking in the right thigh, 
as if in the bone (sixth day),'. — .Jerking tearing in the right thigh, in the 
evening while sitting (sixth day),'. — Extremely painful tearing in the left 
thigh, as if in the bone,'. — A violent stitch on the crest of the right ilium, 
while sitting,'. — Knee. An indescribable pain on the inside of the right 


knee/. — Dull pain in the knee and ankle-joints, aggravated l\y walking 
and standing,*. — [300.] Drawing pain in the right knee and ankle-joints, 
towards evening,*.— A pulsative clawing from the knee to the toes, in the 
evening on lying down, which prevented falling asleep till midnight; at 
last itching of the toes, with cessation of the pain (third day),^ — Dull 
tearing pains in both knees and ankles, aggravated by walking,'. — Tearing 
in the right patella,'. — Violent tearing pains in the left knee and ankle- 
joints, after midnight,*. — Burning about the knee and in the exostosis on 
the tibia (formerly caused by the abuse of Mercury), at 9 p.m., on lying 
down in bed. This was afterwards associated with headache, as if the 
occiput were pressed outward, and finally a clawing in the teeth of the left 
upper jaw ; all this lasted till about 11 o'clock, when he fell asleep (second 
day), I — Lecf. Great swelling of the left leg and foot, in the evening 
(eighth day), I — Sudden weariness of the leg, worse during rest,'. — While 
sitting, the calves suddenly become weak and weary, as after a long walk,\ 
— Griping and clawing in both legs, in the morning, followed by burning 
itching in the toes (after ten days),'. — [310.] In the evening on going to 
bed, sensation of a pressive pain, like a weight in the joints of the legs,*. — 
Drawing pain in the muscles of the right leg,- on lying down in the even- 
ing, and continuing through the night,^ — Ankle. Tearing in the right 
outer malleolus (seventh day),\ — Constant sticking pain iu the aokle and 
knee-joints, iu the evening,*. — Foot and Toes. The (habitual) oederaa- 
tous swelling of the left foot almost entirely disappeared (third day),l — 
Violent pain in the foot, all night, with general dry heat; the next morn- 
ing he began to perspire and perspired the whole forenoon, whereupon the 
feet immediately felt freer (sixth day),'. — Numbness and crawling in the 
right heel, with tearing in the toes,'. — Extremely painful tearing in the left 
heel, in the evening while sitting,'. — Sticking pain in the left heel, in the 
evening after lying down,'. — Painful constrictive tearing in the sole of the 
right foot, and in the ankle,'. — [320.] Violent tearing in the middle joint 
of the second toe, and when this disappeared, violent itching in the root of 
the nail,'. 

Generalities. — -Emaciation; all the clothes become too loose,'. — 
Weak, tremulous sensation in the body (after two hours),', — Feeling of 
weakness, with paralysis and jerking in all the limbs, in the evening,*. — 
The whole body is weak and prostrated, especially the lower extremities, 
in the morning,'. — Great weakness, in the morning*. — Intolerable weariness, 
in the evening,*. — Great weakness and prostration of the whole body, even 
in the morning in bed, lasting nearly all day (ninth day),'. — Great weak- 
ness, iu the evening, with much yawning, impaired use of the extremities 
of the right side, slight sparks before the eyes and pressive pain in the left 
side of the head,*. — Bruised sensation in the whole upper part of the body,*. 
— [330,] An attack ; in the evening, tension over the whole head, lasting 
five minutes, followed by tensive pressure over the whole chest ; thence the 
same pain extended into the small of the back, thence up between the 
shoulders, again into the small of the back, and thence at last into the left 
(diseased) foot, where it remained all night; if he lay upon the back at 
night, the back and small of the back were painful, as if sore (after nine 
days),'. — A single sudden jerk through the upper part of the body on fall- 
ing asleep, in the afternoon and at night, which make her wide awake,^ — 
It acts especially upon the right half of the body,^t — Many of the pains 

f Still there are' many symptoms which show the opposite. — H. and T. 


of Strontium appear like phantoms, so that she can scarcely tell the place 
where they are/. — The pains of Strontium appear to be especially seated in 
the long bones, and in the marrow,^ — She feels better in the open air,'. 

Shin. — Objective. The skin which is tightly adherent to the sear 
on the forearm (as if grown to it) continues to loosen more and more (after 
twenty days),l — Eruptions. A small red pimple, without sensation, 
but bleeding when touched, on the nose,'. — A small pimple on the upper 
lip painful to touch,'. — A pimple in the corner of the mouth and itching 
on the chin,'. — [340.] A red pimple filled with pus at the tip, on the left 
chest,'. — Itching pimples as large as peas under the skin on the legs, with 
compressive pains in the small of the back and in the left thigh,^ — Small 
red pimples on the ankle and back of the foot, with violent burning itch- 
ing, aggravated by scratching, lasting several days (after twenty days),^ — 
Small, red, painless blisters on the forehead,'. — An ulcer on the arm is 
moister than usual, especially at night, is sore to touch, and burns, espe- 
cially towards morning ; at night, the suffering arm perspired profusely 
(first and second days),'. — Subjective. Itching biting on the chin,'. — 
Biting between the shoulders, relieved by scratching,'. — Itching, here and 
there, over the whole body,- relieved by scratching, but not entirely re- 
moved,'. — Constant itching of the nose,'. — Increased itching in the tip of 
the nose, in the evening,^ — [350.] Itching in various parts of the face,". — 
Itching of the right cheek, becoming worse after scratching,^. — Itching on the 
chin and right side of the neck, not relieved by scratching,'. — Itching, here 
and there, on the neck, chest, occiput, in the evening,'. — Itching between 
the scapulfe, which, after scratching, changed to another place,'. — Itching 
on the abdomen and left thigh, in the evening,'. — Itching on the right 
shoulder and upper arm, becoming worse on scratching,'. — ^Itching on the 
forearms,". — Itching on the crest of the right ilium, becoming worse after 
scratching,'. — Itching on the right natis; after scratching the spot burns,'. — 
[360.] Itching along the tibia,^. 

Sleep. — Sleepiness. Frequent yawning,'. — Sleeplessness. Can- 
not fall asleep for a long time, in the evening (ninth dav),'. — Sleep rest- 
less, full of dreams,^ — Sleep restless, interrupted by frightful dreams after 
midnight,". — Frequent starting up in fright, in the evening, while half 
asleep, she was even apprehensive and depressed, with trembling all over 
and heaviness of the chest (third day),'. — Towards morning, waking from 
the usually sound sleep,". — He woke as many as twenty times, at night, 
with dry cough, and always on waking had vertigo, even to falling (after 
fourteen days),l — He woke every moment at night, but soon fell asleep 
again (first eight days), I — He woke about 2 a.m., and was only able to fall 
asleep again after an hour (after seven days),'. — Dreams. [370.] In- 
different dreams,". — Dreams of fire, from which she awoke in fright,'. — 
Grieving dreams,'. — Dream filled with joy, so that she cried aloud in 

Fever. — Chilliness. Chilliness, in the forenoon (first day),". — 
Chilliness, with shivering, in the forenoon,*. — Chilliness and colic after the 
usual stool,'. — Shaking chill, in the evening (ninth day),'. — Shivering over 
the scalp (after half an hour),".— Shivering over the upper part of the back 
(after three-quarters of an hour),". — [380.] Creeping chilliness from the 
small of the back down over the posterior portion of the thigh, when walk- 
ing in the open air,l — Sensation of icy coldness on the surface of the outer 
portion of the calf for the length of a finger,'. — Feet icy cold, in the even- 
ing (fourth day),'. — Heat. Dry heat, followed by perspiration at night 


(after twenty-six days),^ — Extraordinary sensation of heat in the head and 
face, with redness of it, and a feeling as if the head would burst at the 
vertex, associated with anxiety, apprehension, and sleepiness, in the after- 
noon when walking, lasting till after lying down in the evening (fourth 
day),^ — Frequent rising of burning heat into the face,\ — Violent heat 
and burning like fire in the face with redness; beginning in the morning 
and gradually increasing till 3 p.m., after which it disappeared till even- 
ing (seventh day),'. — Heat comes fi-om the mouth and nose, the lips crack, 
the tongue is dry, with thirst (fifth day),\ — Heat and burning of the feet, 
in the evening after lying down (fourth day),'. — Increased sensation of 
warmth in the hands, with internal chilliness and cold extremities and feet 
(after' five hours),'. — Sweat. [390,] Much perspiration, all night (first 
day),". — He perspired profusely at night, and if he uncovered the feet he 
immediately had pain in them (after eight days),^. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (l/orning'). Vertigo ; on waking, mouth 
slimy; trembling in limbs; weakness of body.- — (Forenoon), Chilliness. — 
(Noon), Vertigo. — {Evening), Vertigo ; headache ; tingling in temples ; dry 
hacking cough ; tearing in forearm ; weakness in right thigh ; weakness ; 
chilliness. — (Night), Cough. — (I) i bed), Tenring in wrist and elbow-joints. — ■ 
(Blowing nose). Pain in right flank. — (After eating). Griping in abdomen. — 
(Inspiration), Stitches in flanks. — (Motion), Pain in chest. — (Moving 
eyes). Burning in them. — (During rest), Pain in small of back ; drawing 
in lower extremity ; weariness of leg. — (On rising from sitting). Tearing in 
left groin. — (Scratching), Itching of pimples. — (Standing), Pain in knee 
and ankle-joint. — (Stooping), Stitches in last right rib. — (Swallowing), Pain 
in left side of throat ; inflammation of fauces ; sticking in pharynx. — 
(Touch), Pain on second and third false ribs; tearing from elbow to fore- 
arm. — (Urinating), Pain in right spermatic cord. — (Walking), Pressure in 
stomach ; dyspncea ; drawing along spine ; gnawing in small of back ; pain 
in knee and ankle-joints. 

Amelioration. — (Open roV), Feels better.- — (Eructations), Pressure 
in stomach. — (Motion), Pain in forearm ; drawing in lower extremity. — 
(Rubbing), Biting in right eye. — (Scratching), Biting between shoulders; 
itching. — ( Walking), Tearing ip right hip and knee. 


An alkaloid obtained from several species of Strychuos, especially from 
Strychnos nux vomica, L. 

Formula, G.,^^.^.f)^. 

Preparation, Trituration of the alkaloid, or solution of its salts. 

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cary ; 28, Fohr, Zeit. fiir Rat. Med., 1844 (Journ. fiir Pharm., 4, p. 199), 
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drops three times a day, increasing by 2 drops daily, until at last he took 
40 drops at a dose ; 29, Wimmer, Neue Med.-Chir. Zeit., 1844 (A. H. Z., 
28, 158), effect of inunction of as much as j grain Strychnine in the tem- 
poral region ; 30, James Watson, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1846, fatal poisoning 
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of powder in tea, death in three-quarters of an hour ; 33, Cattell, Brit. 
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uer, and Russell, on death of Dr. William Cullen Warner, Bost. Med. and 
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three-quarters ; 36, Dr. Thomas Anderson, Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., 1848 
(1), p. 563, a man took 3^ grains for tic douloureux, and five hours later a 
second dose ; 37, Pharm. Jour., vol. 8, 1848-9, p. 298, a woman took 3 
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Sulphate ; 39, A. W. Muuson, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 42, p. 43, 
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of a solution of 10 drachms of cinnamon-water and 3 grains of Strych. ; 41, 
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worms, was given Strych. instead of Santonin ; 42, Dr. Dresbaeh, Western 
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set. 24 years, took 3 ounces of a solution containing 1 grain to the ounce; 
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E. W., set. 30 years, took 4 grains after a hearty breakfast; 51, F. Ryland, 


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five ininutes; 53, A. S. Taylor, M.D., Guy's Hosp. Rep., 1856 (2j, ;i5'2, 
John Parsons Cook took an unknown quantity, death in one hour and a 
quarter after last pills ; 54, Drs. Lawrie and Cowan, Glasgow Med. Journ., 
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^ grain in solution twice a day took more than the usual quantity ; 56, Dr. 
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unknown quantity ; 62, same, a man, £et. 30 years, took about 10 grains; 
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5 to 15 grains in water or icecream, death after five hours ; 65, Lewis H. 
Steiner, M.D., Trans. Am. Med. Assoc, vol. 9, 1856, p. 755 ; 66, same. Dr. 
George A. Gardiner swallowed a paper package containing commercial 
Stryeh. or a mixture of Stryeh. and Brucia; 67, James Kirk, M.D., Med. 
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six hours ; 87, J. R. G., New Orleans Med. News and Hosp. Gaz., 1858, p. 
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days later took another dose; 88, J. F. Ogilvie, M.D., Med. Times and 
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ing largely of pure brandy the previous evening ; 89, Thomas O'Reilly, 
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grains in beer ; 90, Douglass A. Reid, Med. Times and Gaz., December, 


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touch an abrasion of the cuticle of last phalanx of thumb ; 91, Douglass 
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M.D., ibid., p. 397, a girl, set. 11 years, took an unknown quantity of pure 
Stryeh. ; 101, Dr. Henrie, Brit. Med. Journ., 1861, (2), p. 400, a child, xt. 
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suffering from amaurosis ; 104, Schiiler, Gaz. de Paris, No. 6, 1861 (Syden. 
Year-Book, 1861, p. 427), j\ grain was introduced, without result, at vari- 
ous times into the eye of a man set. 50 years, who had suffered from amau- 
rosis, then ^'^ grain was injected into lachrymal canal ; 105, Martius, 
Memorabilien, 1862, p. 67 (S. J., 131, 235) ; 106, Lancet (Brit. Journ. of 
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43 years, drank beer containing Stryeh., death ; 110, same, Collis drank a 
small quantity of same, recovery ; 111, W. D. Buck, M.D., Am. Med. Times, 
vol. 7, 1863, p. 205, Mary Ann Gibney took a quantity of Stryeh. ; 112, Dr. 
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grains; 113, Genets de Serviere, Gaz. Heb. Dom., 1864 (S. J., 131, 235), 
a woman was poisoned ; 114, same, second case; 115, Joseph Wilson, M.D., 
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225), a girl, set 11 years, swallowed an unknown quantity ; 120, Dr. Tracy 

E. Waller, Phila. Med. Reporter (Pharm. Journ., 1866, p. 533), Dr. 

swallowed 4 grains in water, taking several drinks of whisky before and 
two afterwards ; 121, S. A. Mc Williams, M.D., Chicago Med. Exam., 1866, 
p. 726, Mrs. T., a;t. 31 years, took 5 urains ; 122, Dr. Maschka, Prag. Vjs., 
1867 (S. J., 137, 293) ; 123, Holmes Coote, Brit. Med. Journ., 1867, p. 513, 
a woman, :et. 40 years, took 3 minims ; 124, Julian S. Sherman, JM.D., 
Chicago Med. Exam., 1867, p. 138, Charles W., ajt. 23, toqk 2 grains; 125, 
omitted ; 126, Stacy Hemenway, M.D., Chicago Med. Exam., 1867, p. 528, 
James G., set. 28 years, took a quantity in milk ; 127, Henry Robinson, 
Month. Hom. Rev., vol. 12, 1868, 252, R. R., ret. 29 years, robust and very 
healthy, took in all about 7^ grains of Liquor stryeh. (off', prep.), 20 drops 


in a tumbler of water, iu two doses, one in the morning, one in the even- 
ing (first day), 30 drops in three doses (second day), three doses of 12, 15, 
and 10 drops (tliird day), four doses of 10 drops each (fourth, fifth, sixth, 
and seventh days), 48 drops in four doses (thirteenth, fourteenth, and fif- 
teenth days), 60 drops in four doses (sixteenth day), 60 drops in three doses 
(seventeenth day), 60 drops in four doses (eighteenth to twenty-second day), 
occasional doses of laxative medicine as required (after twenty-three days), 
took Camphor and Gum arable (forty-first day), | grain of Morphia twice, 
20-drop dosesofHyoscyamus,andalargequantityof Linseed tea (forty -sixth 
day) ; 128, same, A. F., a woman, set. 34 years, very healthy, took 15 drops in 
a wineglass of water (first day), 20 drops as before (fifth day), 25 as before 
(eleventh day), 30 as before (fourteenth, seventeenth, twenty-first, twenty- 
fourth, twenty -seventh, thirty-first, thirty-fourth, and thirty-seventh days), 
35 as before (forty-first day), 30 as before (forty;-third and forty-seventh 
days), 445 drops in fifty-three days; 129, Most's Denkwurdig., 1, 147 
(Hom. Exam., vol. 3, 1844), a boy, set. 4 years, took 4 grains every three 
hours; 130, Med. Times and Gaz., 1868 (1), p. 499, poisoning of a child ; 
131, James T. Newman, M.D., Med. and Surg. Rep., vol. 20, 1869, p. 234, 
Miss Kate Pindar took two pills of Strych.; 132, Tardieu and Eoussin, 
Ann. d'Hyg., 34, p. 128 (Syd. Year-Book, 1869-70, 461), a woman sur- 
vived 15 grains for eighteen hours; 133, Dr. Keyworth, Glasgow Med. 
Journ. (Pacific Med. and Surg. Journ., 1869, p. 569), a woman took 3 
grains ; 134, James J. Rooker, M.D., Cincinnati Lancet and Obs., vol. 12, 
1869, p, 333, poisoning of Mr. A.; 135, Med. Times and Gaz., 1869 (1), p. 
613, poisoning of a man ; 136, Dr. Cameron, Med. Times and Gaz., 1869 
(2), 491, M. A. B., !Bt. 17, took probably | grain ; 137, J. H. Grimshaw, 
M.D., Pharm. Journ., Second Sen, vol. 11, 1869-70, p. 45, a child, set. 1^ 
years, was poisoned by a powder ; 138, omitted ; 139, C. B. Gillespie, M.D., 
Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., 1870 (2), p. 420, a man swallowed 2i grains ; 
140, W. W. Hewlett, M.D., New York Med. Journ., vol. 13, 1871, p. 297, 
a man, set. 30 years, swallowed 5 grains ; 141, Cephas L. Bard, M.D., PhiJa. 
Med. Times, June, 1871, p. 316, a man ate cakes made from flour oon:ain- 
ing Strych. ; 142, Brighton Daily News (Pharm. Journ., Third Ser., vol. 2, 
p. 16), Mr. Miller ate sweetmeats containing Strych. ; 143, same, S. A. 
Baker, set. 4 years, died from effects of eating same ; 144, Thomas Moore, 
Lancet, 1872 (1), p. 431, a young man took over a grain ; 145, S. Haugh- 
ton, M.D., Brit. Med. Journ., 1872 (1), p. 660, a man, set. 19 years, ate an 
egg in which some Strych. had been placed ; 146, S. A. Turner, M.D., Med. 
and Surg. Rep., vol. 26, 1872, p. 529, a Sioux Indian, set. 45 years, took a 
quantity of Strych. in food ; 147, E. H. Coover, M.D., Med. and Surg. Rep., 
vol. 26, 1872, p. 520, Mr. E. R. Burke took 1 grain ; 147 a, same, account 
of same as reported by Mr. Burke himself; 148, Schniid, Memorabilien, 
1873 (S. J., 163, 131)," poisoning of children ; 149, G. W. Copeland, M.D., 
Brit. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1873 (2), p. 450, a man swallowed 5 grains ; 
150, G. D. O'Farrell, M.D., Phila. Med. Times, February, 1873, p. 311, J. 
W., set. 50 years, took 2 grains ; 151, Report of Brooklyn City Hospital, 
Med. Rec, vol. 9, 1874, p. 345, a person took 5 grains ; 152, Dr. Carbert, 
Canada Lancet, vol. 7, 1874, p. 10, George Finlayson took o\ grains ; 153, 
Dr. C. Bivine, Phila. Med. Times, 1875, p. 720, poisoning of a girl, ait. 16 
years; 154, J. B. Sim, Lancet, 1875 (2), p. 310, a woman swallowed 6 
drachms Liquor strych. ; 155, J. C. Ogilvie Will, M.D., Edinb. Med. Journ., 
1875, p. 907, G. S., set. 18 years, swallowed not less than 4 grains, probably 
5 or 6 ; 156, W. W. Hays, M.D., Pacific Med. and Surg. Journ^ January, 


1875, p. 389, a woman took a dose ; 157, H. P. Cole, U. S. Med. Invest,, 
New Ser., 2, 1875, p. 432 ; 158, W. F. McNutt, M.D., ibid., November, 

1876, p. 251, a middle-aged woman took 14 grains ; 159, Dr. Hippel, Horn. 
Times, vol. 4, 1877, p. 86, effects of doses of 2 to 4 milligrams; 160, H. G. 
Landis, M.D., Phila. Med. Times, October, 1877, p. 6, a man, set. 29 years, 
took over 2 grains ; 161, O. G. Sheldon, M.D., Med. Eec, vol. 14, 1878, p. 
87, A. Manning, set. 44, somewhat insane, took, it was alleged, between 7 
and 8 grains. 

JUitid. — Emotional. Delirious ; she, however, possessed sufficient 
lucidity to state that a certain person had given her a white powder in a 
glass of wine (after eighteen hours),"^ — She was much like a mad woman 
all night,'^ — Shouted out, " They are coming forme,""". — A species of im- 
becility arising from an excessive acuteness to impressions,'^'. — A peculiar 
nervous erethism, almost^ resembling what I had seen in a case of hydro- 
phobia several years before. The patient was very much alarmed and ex- 
cited,' slightly delirious, answering questions correctly when asked, but 
wandering when left to himself, and begged most piteously that I would 
not hurt him. I was forcibly struck with the very marked resemblance of 
the delirium in this case to that which I had often seen in mania a potu. 
The same nervous restlessness and fear of being injured, the same hyperses- 
thesia and shrinking from currents of air, made the similarity very striking 
(after seven hours),'*'. — Nervous agitated feeling, with sensation of stupor 
and headache (twenty-first night), '^l — Extreme nervous excitability, ugly 
face passing before the eyes (twentieth night),'^*. — Extreme nervous ex- 
citability ; she felt light and nonsensical (thirty-seventh day),"'. — Mental 
condition agitated, but consciousness perfect throughout,'^. — [10.] Exces- 
sively nervous and alarmed (after two hours and a half),™. — Painful 
nervousness (fiftieth day),'^^ — Involuntary idiotic-like chuckle (seventeeuth 
day),''''. — Immoderate fits of laughing (thirty-fourth day),'™. — Fits of 
laughing, with the light swimming sensation and giddiness (after one hour, 
forty-first day),''''l — Extreme nervous excitability (forty-first and forty- 
seventh days),'™. — Screaming,''^ — Loud groans, convulsive sobbing (after 
fifteen minutes),"". — Moaning (in fifteen minutes),'*'^ — Loud moaning (after 
one hour),"". — [20.] Constant moaning, with complete consciousness,". — 
Exceedingly low-spirited (eighth day) ; very low-spirited and gloomy 
(thirteenth day); low spirits, gloomy, and desponding (twenty-seventh 
day); extremely low and gloomy (twenty-eighth day); low spirits, 
gloominess (thirty-fifth day) ; low spirits, gloomy, and desponding (forty- 
first day) ; low-spirited and gloomy (fifty-second night),'™. — Rather morose 
and wholly unincliued to answer any questions in explanation of his symp- 
toms," — Anxiety," ; (after second powder),'^". — Great anxiety of mind,'^'. — 
Great anxiety and restlessness,'"". — Anxious and agitated,"". — Excessive 
anxiety and uneasiness,*. — General depression of spirits,"'. — A tendency to 
despondency,''. — [30.] He had a feeling of dread, and begged he might 
not be left alone,""'. — A fear of something about to occur,^'. — Great fear, 
and anxiety for relief,™. — Mind harassed with dread ; he is afraid, and 
sheds tears all the while ; when asked why, replies, " I don't know,"*^ — 
Irritability of temper (forty-third and forty-ninth days),''^l — Short, irritable 
temper (fifty-fourth A&y)^'-^.— Intellect iial. Mind active and anxious,". 
— Muddled, confused feeling, in the morning (seventh day),'™. — Slight con- 
fusion of ideas (second day) ; considerable (after second dose, third day) ; 
slight (seventeenth day),''". — Confusion of ideas,'*'. — [40.] His answers to 
my inquiries were rapid and unconnected (after three hours and three- 


quarters),™. — Peculiar muddled vacant feeling, forgetfulness ; she felt dis- 
posed to sit still and sleep (first day),^"*. — Vacant feeling, forgetfulness 
(second day),"^ — Loss of memory (fourth day),"'. — Loss of memory, with 
a confused giddy feeling, at intervals (thirteenth day),"^ — Loss of memory 
and drowsiness, with extreme giddiness (seventeenth day),'"*. — Feeling of 
stupor and drowsiness, with the severe pains in the head, at 8 p.m. (second 
day),'**. — A feeling of stupor and great weariness, -with dull pains in the 
head and eyes (fourth day),''*^ — A feeliug of extreme stupor, at 10 a.m. 
(seventh day),''^ — A feeling of extreme stupor (eighth day),'*". — [50.] 
Feeling of intense stupor (twenty-seventh night),'™. — A feeling of stupor 
and giddiness (after forty minutes,' forty-third day),'*'. — Conscioinfiiess per- 
fect till death,". — During every violent paroxysm there will be temporary 
loss of consciousness, accompanied by a cessation of the act of respiration, 
the wide opening of the eyelids, and extreme dilatation of the pupils,''\ — ■ 
Uncousciousness,"*'. — Stupefaction, with complete loss of consciousness, 
body stretched out stiff upon the bed, the paroxysms recurring at short 
intervals, followed by death,*. — The patient suddenly fell down uncon- 
scious,*". — Insensibility ensued and lasted three hours, although the convul- 
sions hardly ever ceased,'**. 

Head, — Confui<ion and Vertigo. Confusion and slight giddi- 
ness (twenty-seventh day) ; confusion and slight giddiness, at noon (twenty- 
eighth day) ; confusion and giddiness, with slight trembling (after one 
hour, thirty-seventh day) ; muddled feeling in the head (thirty-ninth day) ; 
confusion in the head, with feeling of intoxication, at night (forty-first 
day) ; confusion and loss of memory (forty-third day),'*'. — Vertigo,'" *° *', 
etc. — [60.] Vertigo and inclination to fall forward (after three to four 
minutes),'"*; (after a few minutes),'"^ — Vertigo, with roaring in the ears,^ — 
Excessive vertigo, even while lying down, associated with nausea,*^ — Great 
dizziness,''*. — Giddiness and nausea, a sensation as if the brain had been 
overworked, with great weariness (third day) ; slight giddiness, at intervals 
(tenth day) ; sudden giddiness and extreme drowsiness while walking in 
the street ; she felt as if a cloud was coming over her (after one hour, eleventh 
day) ; confused giddy feeling, at intervals, with loss of memory (thirteenth 
day) ; giddiness (fourteenth day) ; giddiness, at intervals (fifteenth day) ; 
extreme giddiness, with loss of memory and drowsiness (seventeenth day) ; 
giddiness, at intervals, with tremulous feeling, in the afternoon (nineteenth 
day) ; extreme giddiness, with a tremulous sensation down the back (after 
three-quarters of an hour, twenty-first day) ; extreme giddiness (after three- 
quarters of an hour, twenty-fourth day); giddy bewildered feeling (twenty- 
seventh day) ; extreme giddiness (thirty-first day) ; extreme giddiness, 
with fixed stiflT sensation in the eyes (after half an hour, thirty-fourth day) ; 
giddiness; light swimming sensation, with fits of laughing (after one hour, 
forty-first day) ; sudden momentary giddiness, with dull pains in the head 
and eyes, at noon (forty-second day); a feeling of giddiness and stupor 
(after forty minutes, forty-third day); giddiness; light swimming sensa- 
tion in the head (after three-quarters of an hour, forty -seventh day) ; ex- 
treme giddiness ; light swimming sensation in the head (two hours after 
first dose, fiftieth day),'*'. — Extreme giddiness and confusion in the head 
(after half an hour, fifty-third day),'*". — General Head. Jerking of 
the head forwards (twenty-fourth day),'*". — Head jerked backwards,'"'. — 
Head drawn backward,™. — Veins of the head, neck and face became 
highly turgid,'**.— [70.] Violent congestion of the head, so that the face 
looked bluish-black, with very red protruding eyes,**. — A feeling of weari- 


ness in the brain ; she felt a great desire to lie down and sleep (fourth 
day),'^^ — Dull pains in the head and eyes, with a feeling of stupor 
and great weariness (-fourth day),™. — Dull pains in the head and eyes 
(forty-third day),"'. — Slight dull pain in the head, behind the right 
ear (after two hours, fifth day),'^'. — Headache,'^'. — Violent headache, 
with bursting pains in the forehead, especially the left side, at 10 a.m. 
(eighth and ninth days),'^'. — Stupid headache, with extreme drowsiness 
(fifteenth day),''''. — Violent bursting headache, with stiff contracted feeling 
in the eyes, in the morning (sixteenth day),™. — A feeling as if a bad head- 
ache was coming on, with extreme fulness of the head and ears, in the 
afternoon (twenty-second day),™. — [80.] Slight headache, with dull pains 
in the forehead and eyes, in the morning (twenty-third day),'^'. — Distress- 
ing headache, in the morning (forty-third day),'*'. — Slight headache (forty- 
seventh day),™. — Headache, with pains in the eyes (fifty-second day),'^'. — 
Constant headache, sleeplessness, and slight fever, caused by nervous ap- 
prehension and dread of the rectal spasms, which came on very suddenly, and 
without previous warning,'". — Headache coming on suddenly, especially in 
the left half of the head and left eye, at 4 p.m. (third day),'^'. — On rising 
in the morning, severe headache, a sensation as if the head would burst 
when stooping (second day),'*'. — Severe pains in the head, generally in the 
left eye and behind the ears, with a feeling of stupor and drowsiness, 
at 8 P.M. (second day),'*'. — Violent pains through the head, from the back 
to the front (eleventh day),'^'. — Violent pains in the head, especially in the 
forehead and over the left eye, in the morning (thirty-third day),'*'. — [90.] 
Violent pains in the head and muscles of back of neck, in the morning 
(thirty-fourth day),'*'. — Violent pains in the head and eyes (forty-first 
day),'*'. — Momentary darting pains, in the head and under the jaw, left 
side (^ third day),'*'. — Severe darting pains, in the head and back of the 
neck (eleventh day),'*'. — Sharp pains flying about the head ; at times a 
fixed pain at the vertex (second day),'*'. — Sensation as if an irou cap was 
on the head (twenty-fourth day),'*'. — Racking pains seized her whole head,". 
— Violent thumping pains, in the head, especially the right half, and over 
the left eye, lasting about two hours, in the evening (nineteenth day),'". — 
Shattered sensation in the head, with drowsiness (thirty-third dayl,'*'. — 
Darting pains in the head and eyes (fifty-third night),'*'. — -[100.] Convul- 
sive jerkings and shocks transversely through the hemispheres of the brain, 
associated with pain extending into the eye,*'. — Feeling of a cold in the 
head, in the evening (thirty-fifth day),'*'.— Felt strange sensation in head 
(after twenty minutes),™. — Throbbing pain in head ; less pain about the 
forehead than in any other part of his head,*''. — Forehead. Headache, 
especially in the forehead aud eyes (twenty-ninth day),'*'. — Headache, in 
forehead and eyes, in the morning (thirtieth day),'*'. — Temjylex. Sharp 
darting pains in the left temple aud round to back of left ear (sixth day),'*". 
— Rapid pulsation in left temple and in left hypochondrium, in the morn- 
ing (fortieth day),'*'. — Fe/'^ex at%d Parletals. Sudden pain and 
pressure at the top of the head and in the left eye (twelfth day),'*'. — 
Peculiar paralyzed feeling in the left half of the head and face (seventh 
da.y),"\ — Occi I) )(.t. [110.] Dull pains in back of head and temples 
(fifteenth day),'*'*. — Feeliug of pressure in the back of the brain, with 
nausea, at noon (thirty-fifth day),'*'. — Constant pain in the back of head 
and nape of neck, lasting the whole day (thirty-fifth day),'*'. — Boring pain 
in the oociput,^ — Pains in the back of the head, extending down the entire 
length of the spine (seventh dayj,'*'.— Sharp pains in the back of the head, 


extending to the left eye, and to the back of the right ear (eighth (l;iy),"^ 
— Sharp pains in the back of the head and in the glands of the neck 
(seventeenth day),™. — Darting pains in back and top of head (forty-first 
day),™. — Sharp darting pains in back of head and neck, in the afternoon 
(fifty-second day),"". — JjJactemal Head. Sore pains in the scalp, as if 
the hair had been pulled (twelfth day),"". — [120.] Intense itching of scalp 
and nape of neck (thirty-sixth day,''^". 

Eye. — Objective. Eyes highly injected, and in constant motion, as 
from seemingly great affright, as, indeed, his mind fully evidenced (after 
three hours and three-quarters),^". — Eyes injected and protrudingj'l— Eyes 
a little sufFusedj^l — Eyes sunken,'^'-'. — Eyes sunken and moved with a 
rapid motion,"". — Rolling of the eyes, as if they were two cold bullets 
(twenty-fourth day),''^". — Torsion of the eyes (after second powder),"". — ■ 
Eyes turned to one side, quite staring,™. — The eyes were drawn upward and 
greatly congested,"'. — [130.] The eyes appeared to be starting from their 
sockets, the head was forcibly drawn round, the arms and legs horribly 
convulsed, she being conscious at the same time,"". — Protruding eyes,^'''""^ 
— Eyes staring,^'". — Eyes protruding, turned towards the right, and fixed, 
with dilated, insensible pupils, and red conjunctiva,'"". Eyes protruding, 
rigid, turned to the right,*. — Eyes fixed, and turned upwards,^". — Dimness 
of the eyes (third and fifty-fifth days),''^". — Dimness and aching of the eyes 
(thirty-fourth day),"". — Subjective. Dull pains in eyes and head (forty- 
third day),™. — Aching and smarting of the eyes, in the afternoon (thirty- 
sixth day),"". — [140.] Aching of the eyes, with dull misty vision (forty- 
third day),"". — Severe pain in the left eye, at 8 p.m. (second day),"". — • 
Sudden pain and pressure in the left eye and at the top of the head (twelfth 
day),"". — Violent pains in left eye (thirty-fifth day),'''". — Boring sensation 
in the eyes, especially the left eye (forty-third day),"". — "Weight in the eyes, 
with sharp pains in the left half of the head, and in the left eye (seventh 
day),"". — A feeling as if the eyes were suddenly stiffened and drawn' back, 
lasting a few minutes (seventh day),"". — Stiff sensation in the eyes; she 
felt unable to look up (seventh day),"". — Stiff contracted feeling in the 
eyes, with violent bursting headache, in the morning (sixteenth day),"". — 
Fixed stiff sensation in the eyes, with extreme giddiness (after half an 
hour, thirty-fourth day),"". — [150,] Heavy stiff sensation in the eyes (thirty- 
sixth day),''^". — Stifli' fixed sensation in the eyes, with burning and itching 
(forty-first day),"". — Stiffness of the eyes, with burning and itching (forty- 
third day),"". — Fixed feeling in the eyes (fiftieth day),"". — Stiflfuess of the 
eyes, with stinging and smarting (fifth-third day),"". — Burning in left eye 
and left ear, in the afternoon (second day),"". — Eyes very hot and painful 
(ninth day),'™. — Burning heat in the eyes (eleventh day),"". — Burniug heat 
in the eyes and eyelids (twelfth day),"". — Hot fixed sensation in the eyes 
(fourteenth day),"". — [160.] Burning heat in the eyes (sixteenth day),''^". — 
Intense burning of the eyes (twenty-first night), ''^". — Intense burning of eyes 
and ears, at night (forty-seventh day),"". — Sudden burning and itching of 
eyes (fifty-third day),"". — A feeling as of a cold in the eyes, at night (forty- 
eighth day),"". — Orbit. Tender, bruised feeling over the left eye, with fixed 
pain, toward evening (ninth day),"". — Rapid pulsation over left eye (fiftieth 
and fifty-second night),™. — Lids. Eyes widely opened,'"". — The eyelids are 
closed, as though to shield the eyes from an intense glare of light,"^ — Eye- 
lids closed all the time, as though the light was intolerable; in fact, the 
lids were only separated during the convulsions, and then the pupils were 
widely dilated,^^ — [170.] Keeps his eyes always shut (after twelve hours),*". 

TOL. IX. — 16 


— Violent rapid pulsation in the left upper eyelid, with weakness and 
watery disscharge from the eye, lasting for eight hours (thirty-second day),'^. 
—Rapid pulsation in the left upper eyelid, lasting for several hours (thirty- 
first day),''l — Lachryniation. — Increased lachrymation,'''. — Com- 
jtinctiva. Conjunctiva injected,*. — Ball. Aching of the eyeballs 
(twenty- seventh night),'". — Sharp, sore pains in balls of eyes, in the even- 
ing (sixteenth day),'". — Sharp needlelike pains in the balls of the eyes 
(twenty-seventh day),"'. — Sharp pains in the balls of the eyes (twenty- 
eighth day),'*.— P«f./>i?. Pupils slightly dilated,".— [180.] Pupils di- 
lated,^" " ™. — Pupils greatly dilated,^ ™ '*". — The pupil was somewhat dilated 
and the eye staring, its motion tremulous and both orbs constantly oscil- 
lating in their orbits, like the eyes of the albino ; there was no suffusion, 
however, throughout,"*. — Pupils dilated to their fullest extent ; the eyeballs 
appeared to be protruding out of their sockets,"*. — Pupils dilated during 
the spasms,'"" '^^ — Pupils dilated and insensible,*. — Pupils at one time di- 
lated, at another contracted,'^'". — Pupils contracted," ^. — Contracted pupils; 
during paroxysms, pupils dilated,'*". — Pupils about natural, or, if anyway 
abnormal, rather contracted,"'. — Vision. [190.] Dimness of vision (after 
twenty minutes),*"; (thirty-sixth day),'^". — Sense of sight became much 
impaired (soon),'*". — Confused misty vision (thirty-ninth day),''^*. — Persistent 
amaurosis,'". — Numerous sparks before the eyes, sometimes blackish, some- 
times white, sometimes red,". — 1st. Increased peripheric sensibility for blue. 
2d. Temporary increase of visual power. 3d. More distinct perception of 
peripheric points. 4th. Lasting enlargement of the field of vision,'"". 

Eav, Creeping tingling sensation in the external ears (second day),'^^ 
■ — Sudden burning and itching of ears, eyes, and nose (fifty-third day),''^. 
— Burning in the left ear and left eye, in the afternoon (second day),'^. — 
Sudden burning heat in the left ear, and along the lower jaw of same side, 
at 10 P.M. (eighth day),'''". — [200.] Intense burning of and bruised feeling 
in the ears (twenty-second day),'™. — Intense burning and' itching of the 
ears, nose, and eyes (twenty-fourth night),'^^ — Burning and tingling in 
the ears, nose, and lips, at noon (twenty-fifth day),'^*. — Intense aching be- 
hind the ears and down the spine (twenty fourth day),''*. — Sharp darting 
pains behind the right ear (twentieth day),'^*. — Sharp darting pains in and 
behind the ears and back of the head and neck (thirty-sixth day),'^. — 
Cracking in the ear and jaw; it is very painful to move the jaw, as in 
clenching the teeth (forty-fifth day),'^l — Digging pains deep in the left ear 
(eighth day),'^°. — A feeling of intense fulness in the ears (second day),''". — 
Heaving. The ears become appreciative of the slightest sound in the 
room,"^ — [210.] Hearing very acute, and remarks made in a very low 
tone of voice were replied to quickly,"". — Roaring in the ears,"'. Noise in 
the left ear like wind (seventh day),''^". — Humming in the ears (twenty- 
third day),'". — Frequent fits of sneezing, with itching and stinging of nose 
(forty-seventh day),'^". — Peculiar stinging in the nostrils, as if a cold were 
coming on (thirteenth day),'". — Burning and tingling in the nose, ears, and 
lips, at noon (twenty-fifth day),'". — Sudden burning and itching of nose 
(fifty-third day),'''". — Intense itching of the nose, as if in the bone, lasting 
the entire day (second day),''". — Intense itching and stinging of the nose 
(thirty-fourth night),'™. 

Face. — [220.] Face swollen and burning hot; I was exceedingly sur- 
prised at the appearance she presented, in the morning ; her eyes were half 
closed with swelling, and I could only compare them with those of a person 


stung by bees; but the next evening everything looked favorable, with a 
decided abatement of the swelling and pain,". — Face puffy, covered with 
perspiration,'^ — Face puffy and red,™. — Face puffy, pale, distorted,*. — Face 
puffy and bluish red, with open mouth,". — Face puffy, dark violet-colored, 
lips dark blue,*. — The muscles of the face and about the mouth became 
rigid and drawn, as in risus sardonicus, it became impossible to utter ar- 
ticulate sounds,'"". — Hard stiffness of the muscles of the face (sixth day),'™. 
— Hard rigidity of the muscles of the face (thirty-fourth day),'". — Gnn- 
torted countenance,^"^ — [230.] Expression of extreme terror,""'. — Expres- 
sion of extreme sadness and despondency,''. — Anxious expression of coun- 
tenance,'" ""'"""'. — Countenance expressive of intense anxiety and distress,**. 
— Countenance extremely anxious (after one hour),"*. — Expression indica- 
tive of great suffering,'"". — Expression of countenance hideous (after six 
hours),'"". — Face exhibiting an almi)St maniacal expression,*". — Wild look 
with dilated pupils and red f^ce,^". — Face became gradually pale, from 
above downwards, lips remaining livid,'". — [240.] Pale sunken look,"". — ■ 
Face deathly pale," ^*. — Face pale, anxious,'^^'*". — Face pale and distorted,'"". 
— Countenance pale and blue (after three to four minutes),'"*. — Face some- 
what flushed (between the spasms),"". — Face flushed,''^"*". — Face suffused 
and red,'''. — Face much flushed (after twenty minutes),™. — During the 
day, flushing and heat of face (second day),'". — [250.] Face flushed and 
bathed with cold and clammy perspiration (after three hours and three- 
quarters),*". — Countenance suflused and livid,"l — Face livid,''"'"*". — 
During the spasms, the countenance became livid, and in the last and fatal 
convulsion, it suddenly became almost black,'«. — Face of a livid red 
and covered with profuse sweat,"". — Features nvid, congested,"". — Face 
blue,'*". — Face bluish red,". — Face of a dusky hue (after one hour),"*. — ■ 
Face of a dark purple hue,'"*. — [260.] Face and hands livid,*'. — Purple 
color of the face (after two powders),''^".— Face began to become black 
(immediately),'*'. — Tremulous feeling in the muscles of the face (seventh 
day),'*". — (jtieek. Sharp needlelike pains in the cheek-bones and under the 
jaw, left side (thirteenth day),'*". — Keen sharp pain in the left cheek- bone, 
shooting to the upper teeth (twenty-second day),'*". — Lips. He was mak- 
ing constant motions with his lips as though he desired drink (after three 
hours and three-quarters),*". — Lips retracted,'*'. — Lips blue,". — Lips livid 
(after twenty minutes),'". — [270.] Lips livid and retracted,"". — Lips and 
tongue purple,'*". — Lips tumid,"". — Burning and tingling in the lips, nose, 
and ears, at noon (twenty-fifth day),'*". — Chin. Jaw partially set, and 
the handling caused an abortive convulsion,"". — Trismus,*"*', etc. — Lower 
jaw spasmodically closed,'*. — The muscles of the jaws remained so rigid 
between the spasms as to prevent their being opened sufficiently to admit 
the tube of stomach-pump being introduced,*". — Jaws locked and degluti- 
tion impossible, with foaming at the mouth similar to that observed in 
patients suffering from hydrophobia,'*'. — Trismus and constriction of the 
throat on swallowing,'*". — [280.] Periodic attacks of trismus,'"". — Consid- 
erable stiffness of muscles of mastication, and difficulty in opening and 
shutting mouth (second day) ; slight stiffness of muscles of jaws and hands 
(fourth day),'*'. — Stiffening of the jaws and neck (fourteenth day),'*", — 
The jaws were suddenly stiffened for a few minutes, and then in a moment 
became relaxed (fifth day) ; stiffening of the jaws (seventeenth day) ; 
stiffening of the jaws, and afterwards of the muscles of the face and hands 
(twenty-first day) ; stiffening of the jaws and muscles of the face and neck 
(twenty-fourth day); stiffening of the jaws and muscles of the face and 


neck (twenty-seventh day) ; stiffness of the jaws and muscles of the face 
(thirty-fourth day); slight stiffening of the jaws (thirty-seventh day); 
stiffening of the, jaws and muscles of the face (forty-iirst day) ; stiffening 
of the jaws (forty-third day) ; momentary stiffness of jaws (forty-seventh 
day) ; stiffening of the jaws, muscles of face, and throat (fiftieth day) ; stiff- 
ening of jaws, affecting the speech (fifty-third day),™. — Stiffening sensation 
in the jaws (sixth day); stiffening heavy sensation in the jaws and muscles 
of the face (eleventh day) ; stiff, tight sensation in left articulation of jaw, 
with much paiu at times ; also a similar feeling in muscles of neck and 
down the spine (forty-eighth day) ; tight feeling in jaws, with hard rigiditv 
of the muscles (fiftieth night), "I — Pains in the articulation of the jaws 
and muscles of the back of the neck (twelfth day),^^^ — Pains in the artic- 
ulation of the jaws and in the back teeth (thirteenth day),"*. — Dull pains 
in the articulation of the jaws, shooting into the temples, in the evening 
(twentieth day),"". — Dull aching and stiff sensation in the jaw and muscles 
of neck, in the afternoon (forty-fifth day),"". — Dull aching in articulation 
of jaw, with tight sensation about the jaw and ear, in the morning (forty- 
sixth day),"". — Eheumatic-like pains, especially in the articulation of the 
jaws and extensors of thighs (nineteenth day),"'. — Severe tearing pains in 
the articulation of the jaws, with sore stiffness in the muscles of the face 
and nerves of the teeth (thirty-sixth day),"". — [290.] Sharp pain in ar- 
ticulation of jaws and in the muscles of neck, left side, at noon (forty-fifth 
day),"". — Sharp needlelike pains under the jaw, left side (fifteenth day),'^. 
— Sharp ueedlelike pains in lower jaw, left side (twenty-eighth day),"". — 
Tremulous sensation in die jaws, with peculiar creeping chilliness all over 
(third day),"". — Shootit^ pains under the jaws and in the muscles of the 
chest, left side (second day),"". — Sharp needlelike pains under the jaws, 
especially the left side, at 8 p.m. (twelfth day),"". — Peculiar pulsation in 
the chin, as if in the nerves of the lower front teeth, at short intervals 
(forty-second day),"". — Pulsation in the chin (forty-third and forty-ninth 

Mouth.— Teeth, Clenching of the teeth, with twisted sensation in 
the jaws (forty-first day),"".— Severe toothache, at midnight (third day),"". 
■ — [300.] Violent attack of toothache in the upper teeth, left side, shooting 
to the cheek-bone (twenty-third day),^'^". — Sharp attack of toothache in 
left half of the teeth (twenty-sixth night),"". — Toothache in the upper 
teeth at intervals, a sensation as if the teeth were loose and too long (thirty- 
second day),"".— Toothache in the upper teeth at intervals, they feel too 
long (thirty-third day),"".— Sharp attacks of toothache, worse in the right 
upper teeth, coming on at intervals, at night (thirty-fourth day),"".— 
Severe pains in the teeth as if the nerves were suddenly pulled out, at 
night (thirty-fourth day),"".— Sharp pains in nerves of teeth, in the even- 
ing (thirty-eighth day),'*.— Sharp pains in the nerves of the teeth (forty- 
fourth night),"".— Drawing toothache in left upper teeth (fiftieth day),"". 
—Violent shooting pains in upper teeth (thirty-fifth day),"".— [310.] S'harp 
pains in the back teeth and jaws (fourth day),"".— Sharp pains in the back 
teeth and in the articulatiou of the jaws (fifteenth day),"".— Pains in the 
back teeth and articulation of jaws (nineteenth day),"'.— Ton^l/e. 
Tongue, gums, and lips violet,".— Tongue dry and papillae erect,*".— Tongue 
dry with white moisture on the edges,''".- Tongue much coated, bad taste 
(seventh day),"".— Tongue coated, bad taste (twenty-ninth day),"".— Tongue 
felt hot (after thirty minutes),™.— Soreness of the tongue and roof of the 
mouth (thirteenth A&j)™.— General 3Iouth. [320.] Mouth distorted,". 


— The mouth was closed, but apparently not as rigidly as in tetanus, for 
the will could control it to a certain degree ; yet as it seemed, they tearing 
exciting uncontrollable spasms by any motion of the jaws, its muscles were 
held tense and tight," — Frothing from the mouth,'^'. — Violent itchin;^ in 
the roof of the mouth (thirty-fourth day),''^^ — Taste. Bad taste (several 
days),"". — Feverish taste (several days),'^'. — Hot and bitter taste in the 
mouth and fauces (after one hour and three-quarters),"". — Very bitter taste 
in the mouth constantly,*'. — Dry taste in the mouth,''l — Solh'fi. Flow 
of saliva,'^ — [330.] It caused a great quantity of saliva to flow, and she 
shook her head, seemingly much disgusted,". — Excessive spitting of frothy 
saliva (after twelve hours),''". — Mouth filled with frothy saliva (after one 
hour),'". — Teeth covered with frothy saliva,'". — Mouth covered with saliva, 
which he ejected by spasmodic jerks,*'. — Speech, Difficult to articulate 
with distinctness, in the interval between the spasms,'*. — Articulation diffi- 
cult (after twenty minutes),™. — Articulation extremely difficult (after 
twenty minutes),". — Speech indistinct,". — Unable to speak, muttered only 
unintelligible sounds, which seemed to correspond to the rhythmical move- 
ments of the lips, which, however, were soft and mobile, and moved as 
though he wished to speak,*. — [340.] Complete loss of speech (after a few 
minutes),"".^Speechless but conscious,™. 

Throat. — Choking sensation in the throat,".— Dreadful sensation of 
choking,". — Choking sensation, as if something wei'e tied round the throat 
tightly (seventeenth day),'™. — Most uncomfortable sensation about the 
throat and head and slight spasms of the muscles,'*. — Sensation of spasm 
in the throat and stomach, associated with ineffectual efforts to vomit,". — • 
Stiffness about throat,'*'. — Constriction of the throat and tightness of the 
chest, with rigidity of the muscles on attempting to move (after five min- 
utes),'*. — There seemed to be some constriction about the throat, as it was 
difficult for him to swallow,'*. — [350.] Constriction of the muscles of the 
throat and larynx,'". — Contraction of throat (after five minutes),". — A 
feeling of contraction in the throat, left side, shortly after rising, in the 
morning (sixth day),'^'. — Spasmodic feeling of contraction in the throat 
(eighteenth day),'''". — Contraction of the throat, with intense difficulty of 
swallowing (twenty -seventh day),™. — Suddenly a sense of contraction in 
the throat; a feeling as if something were constantly rising in the throat, 
with sickness, in the afternoon (forty-eighth day),'*. — Feeling as of a lump 
in the throat, in the evening (thirty-sixth day),™. — Painful dryness and 
contracted feeling in the throat (eleventh day),'''*. — Painful dryness of the 
throat (twelfth day),'''*. — Dry contracted feeling in the throat (fifteenth 
day),'^*. — [360.] Dry contracted feeling in the throat, in the morning 
(forty-ninth day),"*. — Hot pains and dry sensation in the throat, coming 
on at intervals and lasting a short time (second day),'^*. — Dry hot feeling 
in the throat (third day),"*. — On rising in the morning, a slight sensation 
of a sore throat, left side, with a general dry heat in the throat (fourth 
day),"*. — Soreness in the left half of the throat (seventh day),"*. — The 
throat begins to feel much worse ; hot pains shooting from the left side of 
the throat into the ear and eye, at 8 p.m. (seventh and eighth days),"'*. — 
Throat painful and sore, with redness and slight swelling (eighth day),'™. 
— Throat sore and painful the entire day (ninth day),"*. — Scraping in the 
throat,'"'. — Spasmodic pains in throat and chest, with sick faint feeling, in 
the evening (fifty-fourth day),"*. — [370.] Burning and suffocating sensa- 
tion about throat and chest,"". — Fauces. Sense of constriction in the 
fauces, and at times could only swallow with difficulty (after one hour),'". — 


Constriction of fauces, with difficulty of swallowing (after twelve tours),'". 
— Swnllo^vmg. Deglutition almost impossible,"'. — Every attempt at 
deglutition produced violent spasms of the muscles of the pharynx,'^'. — 
Swallowing with some difficulty,^'. — He swallowed with difficulty, even in 
the intervals of the most complete remission of the convulsions,'". — Ex- 
teriuil Throat. Severe dull pains in the muscles and glands of the 
neck, and at times shooting up into the head (thirteenth A&y)™. — Dull 
shooting pains in the glands of the neck, and at the back of the ears (second 
day),''^l — Dull pains in the glands of the neck and behind the ears (third 
day),'*'. — [380.] Sharp pains in the glands of the neck and in the back 
of the head (seventeenth day),'*". 

Stomach. — Apjx'tite and Thirst. Unusually good appetite, she 
enjoys her food amazingly (third day),'^l — Feverish thirst (sixteenth 
day),'*'. — She asked for drink,". — Great thirst,*'. — Intense thirst, dry 
mouth and tongue,*'. — Eructations. Eructations of bitter wind before 
vomiting,*'. — Eructations of tasteless wind,*'. — Bitter greasy risings, with 
bad taste (fourteenth day),'*'. — Nausea and Vomitit%(f. Nausea,"; 
(sixteenth day),'*'.— [390.] At times felt great nausea (ninth day),'*'.— 
Nausea and bad taste (twenty-first night),'*'. — Nausea and bad taste, in 
the forenoon (twenty-seventh day),'*'. — Nausea, with a feeling of pressure 
in the back of the brain, at noon (thirty-fifth day),'*'. — Tendency to nau- 
sea, actual vomiting being only kept off by constant spitting (forty-fifth 
day),'*'. — Nausea and vomiting (after first powder),'*". — Almost constant 
retching,". — Frequent effort to vomit,'". — Vomiting,"* '""*"*'.— Violent 
vomiting,". — [400] Immediately became violently ill and cried and 
screamed in a most alarming manner,'*'. — At times vomiting of thin color- 
less liquid,*".— The chamber vessel contained about a pint of coflfee-colored 
fluid, mixed with a more solid brown material, the whole supposed from 
its odor to have been vomited, and to contain most of the Strychnia (hav- 
ing drank coffee at supper),"". — Vomited small quantities of some alco- 
holic fluid,"*.— (S^ojrirtc/t. The digestive functions were somewhat disor- 
dered,'*'. — Heavy feeling in the stomach,*'. — There appeared to be much 
pain in the epigastrium,"*.— Intense pain in the stomach and bowels,". — 
Intense pain in pit of stomach (after six hours),'*". — Complained of pain 
at the pit of the stomach,".— [410.] At intervals, deep pains at the pit of 
the stomach (tenth day),'*'.— Spasmodic pain about the pit of the stomach, 
extending to the heart at intervals, in the afternoon (twelfth day),'*'.— 
Sharp pains at the pit of the stomach, extending round to region of liver 
(fourteenth day),'*'.— A kind of internal twitching and nervous feeling, 
radiating as it were from the pit of the stomach (sixteenth day),'*'.— Sharp 
pains at the pit of the stomach (seventeenth and forty-eighth day),'*'.— 
Jerking sensation in the stomach, when opening the mouth (thirty-seventh 
day),'*'.— Violent jerks at the pit of the stomach and in the chest, on attempt- 
ing to open the mouth (forty-first day),'*'.— Sudden jerks in the stomach 
(forty-third day),'*'.— Violent attack of spasm at the pit of the stomach, 
coming on suddenly while at dinner and lasting about an hour ; it was 
attended with very severe pain and feeling of suffocation, so much so that 
she had to unloose her clothes, in the afternoon (thirty-third day),'*'.— 
Spasms of diaphragm very marked (after twenty minutes),'°.—[420.] Heat 
in the stomach,".— Burning along the cesophagus and in the stomach,'".— 
Sense of burning about the stomach (after twenty minutes),**.— Burning 
pains at pit of stomach, at noon (forty-ninth day),'*'.— Sensation of burn- 
ing in stomach,". — Immediately felt a burning sensation in the stomach 


for about a minute, and then felt as if his blood grew cold,''''. — At times, 
hot pains at pit of stomach (fifty-second day),'™. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Peculiar acliing sensation in the 
right hypochoudrium, at intervals, with sick, faint feeling (forty-third 
day),'''. — Tense pain in right hypochoudrium (first night),'". — Sharp cut- 
ting pains iu left hypochondriura (twelfth day),"'. — (430.] Sharp pains in 
right hypochoudrium (twenty-seventh day),'''^ — Keen, needlelike pains in 
the right hypochoudrium, at the pit of the stomach, and also at intervals 
in the right knee-joint (thirtieth day),"'*. — Sharp cutting pain in the right 
hypochondrium, at night (twenty-third night),"*. — Sharp pains in left hyp- 
ochoudrium, at times, shooting to the pit of stomach, iu the morning 
(nineteenth day),'^*. — Rapid pulsation in left hypochondrium and left tem- 
ple, in the morning (fortieth day),'™. — General Abdomen. Abdom- 
inal muscles and those of neck and back in a state of tetanic spasm,'*'.— 
Bowels much distended,'*'. — Distressing flatulence (twenty-ninth, thirty- 
sixth, and forty-eighth days),"^ — Distressing flatulence, with sick feeling, 
at night (thirty-fourth day),"^- — Rumbling in the bowels, with a feeling of 
diarrhoea ; also deep pains iu the abdomen generally, at 7 p.m. (eleventh 
day),"'. — [440.] Rumbling in the bowels, with feeling of threatening 
diarrhoea, in the forenoon (eighteenth day),"'. — Sore, contracted feeling in 
the muscles of the abdomen generally (after one hour and three-quarters),'^'. 
— Sore, contracted feeling in the muscles of the abdomen, especially the 
upper half (twenty-seventh day),'''^'. — Sore, bruised sensation in the muscles 
of the abdomen (twenty-eighth day),"'. — Painful soreness of muscles of 
upper half of abdomen, with sick feeling (thirty-seventh day),"'. — Painful 
soreness of the muscles of the abdomen, upper half, and at the pit of the 
stomach (forty-third day),"'. — Deep, sore pains in the muscles of upper 
half of abdomen (fort) -first day),'^'. — Severe, sharp pains in the muscles of 
the abdomen (fifth day),"'. — She seized her abdomen as if to tear it, such 
was the intense pain there,"^ — Griping pains in the bowels (second day),"'. 
— [450.] Momentary griping pains in the bowels (third day),'-'. — Griping 
pains in the bowels and constipation (fourth day),"'. — Gripiug pains in the 
bowels, with feeling of diarrhoea, in the morning (twenty-second day),'^'. — • 
Griping pain in the bowels, at daybreak (twenty-seventh day),"'. — Griping 
pains in the bowels, with feeling as of diarrhoea (thirty-ninth day),'*.^ 
Griping pains in the bowels, with feeling of diarrhoea (forty-third day),"'. 
— Griping pains in the bowels, with feeling of diarrhoea, in the morning 
(fifty-fourth day),'^'. — Intense aching round the waist, in the morning (fifty- 
first day),"'. — Pressing down in the bowels,*l — Pains iu abdomen (after 
two hours),'*". — [460.] Sore pains iu the bowels, with a sensation of threat- 
ening diarrhoea (sixteenth day),'™. — Sore pain in upper half of abdomen 
(thirty-eighth day),'™. — Deep, sore pain iu abdomen, especially the lower 
half, at noon (fifty-fifth day),'™. — Deep pains in the abdomen, at intervals, 
generally beginning at the lower half and afterwards going upwards (thir- 
teenth day),"'. — Deep, bruised sensation in the abdomen, from the groins 
over the hips and across the back, with external tenderness, iu the morning 
(thirty-second day),'™. — Dull gnawing pains in abdomen and pit of stom- 
ach, in the morning (fifty-fourth day),'™. — Sharp cutting kind of pains in 
the right lower half and left upper half of abdomen (third day),'™. — Vio- 
lent cutting pains in the bowels, with feeling of diarrhoea, in the morning 
(twenty-ninth day),'™. — ^Sharp cutting pains in the bowels, with feeling of 
diarrhoea (forty-fourth night),'™. — Severe cutting pains in the bowels, in 
the morning (forty-fifth day),'™. — [470.] Uneasiness in the bowels, with 


constipation (twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth days),"^ — Warmth in the bow- 
els/". — Hijpoffastrhtin and Iliac Region. Fixed, deepseated 
pains iu the lower half of the abdomen (first day)/'*. — Deep pain in the 
left lower half of the abdomen, coming on at intervals during the day; 
also occasionally the same kind of pains at the pit of the stomach (tenth 
day)/™. — At times spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen, in the afternoon 
(twelfth day),™. — Violent craraplike pain in lower right half of abdomen 
(nineteenth night) ; in the morning the same kind of pain in the abdomen 
as during the night; in addition, severe cutting pains in the bowels, with 
a feeling of diarrhcea coming on (twentieth day),^'^". — Deep boring pains in 
the right lower half of abdomen, changing suddenly from one part to 
another (fifteenth day),™. — Deep, sore, contracted feeling in the left lower 
half of abdomen (twenty-fifth day)/™. — Deep aching pains in the lower 
half of abdomen, right and left sides, passing through to the back, with 
aching over the hips (thirty-first day),™. — Dull sore pain in lower half of 
abdomen, followed by a peculiar momentary pressure in left iliac region 
(forty-fourth night),™. — [480.] Deep sore pains in lower half of abdomen 
(fortieth day),'™. — Deep painful soreness in lower half of abdomen (forty- 
second day),'™. — Deep cramplike pain in the lower left half of abdomen, at 
night (forty-sixth day),'™. — Deep boring pain in lower half of abdomen 
(forty-ninth day),'™.- — Sharp cramplike pain in lower half of abdomen, 
in the morning (forty-eighth day),'™. — Deep sore pain in lower half of 
abdomen (fifty-fourth day),'™. — Burning pains in lower half of abdomen, 
at intervals (fifty-third day),'™. — Sharp needlelike pains in the left groin, 
lasting a few minutes (forty-seventh day),'™. 

Reef u in and Anas. — Gurgling sounds in the rectum, with sudden 
darting pains of greater or less severity. Some few days afterwards the 
symptoms in the rectum became much more marked ; there was a constant 
gurgling sound, as if a considerable amount of fluid was there, inclosed in 
a loose sac ; the spasms of darting pain became more frequent, and were 
sometimes so unbearable as to force him down on the ground as if shot,'''.t 
— During the night, two most agonizing darts of pain in the rectum (forty- 
fifth day),''''. — [490.] Before going to bed, two darts of pain in the rectum, 
resembling shocks from a strong galvanic battery (forty-seventh day) ; 
excruciating pains in the rectum, of the same character as before (forty- 
eighth day )/^'. — Slight twinges of pain in the rectum (fiftieth and fifty-first 
days),''^'. — Spasmodic jumping in the anus, at night (fifth day),'™. 

Stool. — Diarrhcea. Copious watery diarrhoea,*'. — Purged copiously 
during the night,™. — Sharp attack of diarrhcea (twenty-seventh day),'™. — 
Faces discharged involuntarily during the spasms,*". — The dejections lumpy 
and dry, the flatus having a smell as of fresh putty; dejections afterwards 
lumpy and accompanied by mucus,''". — Constipation. Very obstinate 
constipation,'l — Constipatiou and griping pains in the bowels (fourth 
day),'". — [500.] Large doses of cathartics were at first necessary to pro- 
cure a movement of the bowels, and the black draught seemed to do better 
than any other form of cathartic,"". 

Urinary Organs.— Bladder and Urethra. The bladder 
seemed to participate in the general contraction of the voluntary muscles, 
and expelled small quantities of urine as fast apparently as it flowed into 
the viscus,". — After about ten days, perfect paralysis of the coats of the 

f Sulphur 30 in globulea, taken dry on tho toncjue three times a day, brought 
about rapid and almost complete relief of all the rectal symptoms. 


urinary bladder came on, and the regular use of the catheter was necessary 
for about two weeks, when the normal function of the bladder was gradu- 
ally restored,'". — Painful pressure in the bladder and rectum,"''. — Uneasi- 
ness about the bladder and urethra, at first slight, but daily increasing, 
aggfevated by walking or sitting, on anything hard (thirty-first to foitieth 
day),™. — Occasional darting pains from the bladder down the thighs (thirty- 
first to fortieth day),'". — Shooting pains about the neck of the bladder and 
down the rectum (forty-fourth day),'".— Shooting pains down the front 
wall of the bladder, and thence along the urethra (forty-first day),'". — 
Unable to leave the house on account of the burning pain caused in the 
urethra by walking (forty-first day),'". — On the forty-fourth day the pains 
left the bladder and settled in the glans, where they became constant and 
very severe,"'. — [510.] Renewal of scalding pain in the urethra (forty- 
seventh day),'". — Occasional scalding pains in the urethra (fiftieth and 
fifty-first days),'". — Micturition and TJi'ine. Constant urging to 
make water, the urgency not being removed by the act (thirty-first to 
forty-first day),'".- — No rest at night, being continually obliged to rise and 
attempt to make water (thirty-first to fortieth day),'". — Very copious se- 
cretion of urine,\ — Passes some urine under her,"l — Urine scanty, with 
constant urging (twenty-fifth day),'^^ — Urine very variable in character, 
sometimes natural in appearance, sometimes as dark as bad table-beer, 
sometimes with a thick red sediment, and sometimes with albuminous-look- 
ing masses floating in it (forty-fourth day),'". 

Seocual Organs. — 3Iale, Left spermatic cord painful and the tes- 
ticle swelled (forty-fifth day); testicle still swelled and painful (forty-sixth 
and forty-ninth days); testicle remains as before, swelled, but causing no 
pain, except in standing up or walking about (fifty-second day),'". — The 
testicle continued in the same state, hard and swollen ; eventually there 
came on burning pain in the left side of the scrotum, where the skin was 
tense over the testicle, and a large abscess formed in the dartos and cellu- 
lar tissue. This was opened by a small incision, and yielded a very large 
quantity of semitransparent fluid, partly mixed with blood, after the dis- 
cbarge of which the size of the testicle became somewhat less ; there was 
apparently no connection between the testicle and the abscess,'". — Fe- 
male. [520.] While falling asleep, quite suddenly several hysterical jei-ks 
as from the womb, with burning, irritating heat and violent pulsation in 
the passages; also a feeling of great pressure and bearing down (twenty- 
seventh night),'^^ — Darting pain and thrilling sensation in the vagina, with 
momentary pulsation coming on at short intervals (thirty-first day),'™. — 
Violent tearing pains in the womb, coming on at intervals and lasting a 
few minutes (thirty-sixth day),'^^ — The menstrual period came on the fifth 
day and lasted for the usual time, quite unaflfected apparently by the prov- 
ing. The menses came on again at the proper time, but lasted only two 
days, and were very scanty,""*. 

Respiratory Organs. — Spasm of the muscles about the larynx 
and those of one arm ; she felt and looked as if strangled ; the muscles on 
each side of the larynx became tense like chords,^".- — Spasm of the respira- 
tory muscles, so that breathing was irregular, intermittent, and difficult,*. — 
Voice. He spoke in a very low voice, which was somewhat indistinct, not 
only from his weakness, but from the frequent interruptions his utterance 
was subjected to from the violent jerks his whole frame suffered from tetanic 
spasms,"'. — Hoarseness, with a feeling as of a cold on the chest, lasting 
about two hours, in the morning (thirty-eighth day),'™. — Complete aphonia 


(8000),'°^ — Couf/Ji. Occasionally spasmodic explosive cough (seventh 
day),"'. — [530.] JDry spasmodic cough (forty-eighth day),^™. — Itespi- 
ration. Accelerated respiration/^'". — Respiration quick and difficult, 
and attended with great pain in the prsecordial region,''. — Respiration 
rapid, with hard, rapid pulse, ''^ — Breathing rapid and difficult, but larynx 
quite free (after twenty minutes),'". — Breathing hurried, catching, and 
difficult,^'. — Respirations 35 per minute during the spasm,™. — Inspiration 
deep,". — Short breathing with dry cough (fifty-fourth night),™. — Respira- 
tion short and labored,**.— [540.] Short breathing with dry cough (thirty- 
fifth day),'"". — Deep respiration, without convulsions, with loss of consci- 
ousness, followed by death,^". — Respiration became irregular, intermittent, 
and short,™. — Respiration sobbing and difficult,'". — Choking character of 
breathing (after fifteen minutes),'"'. — Difficult and interrupted breathing,""; 
(soon),"". — Respiration difficult,^*"'. — Breathing difficult, there being short 
spasmodic effi)rts at inspiration, and the expiration accomplished by a sort 
of moan or sound indicative of anxiety or pain, or both," — Difficulty in 
breathing during the spasms,"". — Respiration difficult, rattling,l — [550,] 
Breathing becomes always more and more difficult, with increasing spasms, 
until at last it ceased entirely for a short time, associated with arrest of 
the beating of the heart,*. — Respiration difficult, stifled, tight,'^ — Respira- 
tion very difficult (after six hours),'"". — Respiration very difficult, with 
much motion in the larynx," — Oppressed breathing,''-. — Tightness of 
breath,'l — Complained of want of air, and requested the window to be 
opened (after five minutes),'^ — Great want of breath after the spasms, 
with sighing,*'. — Respiration seemed entirely suspended ; no respiratory 
murmur detected, but the heart's sounds were quite audible,".— Great 
dyspnoea,'". — [560.] Excessive dyspnoea, with screaming, followed by con- 
vulsions, repeated every ten minutes; the extremities became rigid; the 
patient could not sit; the hands were clenched; the head drawn back- 
ward ; the patient was perfectly conscious and sensitive ; spoke a few 
words,". — Respiration suspended during the spasms ; 19, in the intervals 
of rest, at the close of each fit,"* *".— He died asphyxiated during a violent 
convulsive attack, which fixed all the respiratory muscles,'*". 

Chest. — Walls of chest fixed,'™. — Spasmodic contraction of the muscles 
of the chest, about four times in a minute, with a feeling of impending 
suffocation (after twelve hours),'™. — Considerable oppression of the chest; 
constriction when taking a long breath (after twelve hours),*". — Oppression 
in chest after meals, with flatulence (fifty-fourth day),"". — Tightness about 
the chest,"' *^ *". — Soreness of the muscles of the chest and shoulders (twenty- 
second day),"". — Sharp contractive pains in the muscles of the chest (first 
day),'"". — [570.] Severe, sharp pains in the muscles of the chest and in the 
shoulder-joints, at 7 p.m. (third day),"".— Sharp pains in the upper part of 
chest, right side, and in the top of the shoulders, coming on at short inter- 
vals (fourth day),'"".— Deep spasmodic pains in the chest and back, at 2 
P.M. (eighth day),"".— Sharp, deep pain in upper part of chest (twelfth 
day),'"".— Sharp darting pain in the lower part of the chest, in the even- 
ing (twenty-second day),'"". — Sharp darting pains in upper chest (twenty- 
seventh day),'"".— Spasmodic pains in the muscles of the chest and back 
part of shoulders (thirty-third day),'"".— Violent pains in the muscles of 
chest and neck (forty-third day),'"".— Gnawing and darting pains in the 
muscles of the chest and abdomen, accompanied by a sick, faint feeling 
(fifty-third day),'"". — Shooting pains in the muscles of the chest, left side, 
and under the jaws (second day),"".— [580.] Sharp needlelike pains in 


upper chest and muscles of neck (thirty-fourth day),''^°. — Sides. Keen, 
sharp pains in the upper part of the chest, right side (eighteenth day),"'. — 
Keen, needlelike pains in right upper chest, in the forenoon (thirtieth 
day),"'. — Sharp pains in the left side under the ribs (thirty-fourth day),'™. 
— Severe, fixed pain in the upper part of the chest, left side (third day),'™. 
— MamUKB. Severe stabbing pains in the right breast, passing through 
to the back, at intervals (thirty-fifth day),'™.^VioleDt tearing pain in the 
left breast, at intervals (thirty-sixth day),'™. — Sharp pains in the left 
breast (twenty-eighth day),'™. 

Heart and Pulse. — Pl'wcordia. Tightness about the priecor- 
dia,''l — During the day, dull pain shifting along the line of the aortic arch 
(fourth day),'-'. — [590.] Fluttering sensation about the heart, with faint- 
ness, in the morning (fifty-fifth day),'". — Heart's Action. The heart's 
action was distinctly felt by the hand applied to the prascordia,"*. — Sudden 
palpitation of the heart, lasting a short time (forty-fourth night),'™. — Pal- 
pitation of the heart (twenty-seventh night),'™. — Tumultuous action of the 
heart,'. — Impulse of heart strong (after twenty minutes),™. — Irregular ac- 
tion of the heart.'^l — Pulse. Pulse 88 and regular,". — Pulse regular, 
about 90 (between the spasms),'"'. — Pulse accelerated,' * ™. — [600.] Pulse 
weak and rapid,^l — Pulse very rapid, small,"l — Pulse very rapid and 
easily compressed,". — Pulse quick,"l — Pulse rapid, small,'"'.— Pulse more 
rapid than usual between the spasms,". — Pulse about 150,"*. — Pulse fre- 
quent (about 130), but soft,"'.— Pulse 130 per minute,'^— Pulse 120, small, 
regular, and corded or ienae, and strong (after three hours and three-quar- 
ters),*".- [610.] Pulse varying from 120 to 140,'^'.— Pulse 115 to the min- 
ute (after one hour),'". — Pulse 110, very compressib]e,^^ — Pulse 110 (after 
one hour and three-quarters) ; 140 during the spasms,"". — Pulse 96, rather 
small and very irregular (after one hour),''*. — Pulse full and rapid,'". — 
Pulse full, about 1 00,*'.— Pulse large and fuU.'l- PuIpc full and strong, 
but irregular,'-. — Pulse hard, full, slow, intermittent,'. — [620.] Pulse weak, 
rapid, and almost imperceptible,"".— Pulse 60, hard and contracted,"'. — 
Pulse small and frequent,*^". — Pulse small and slow (after one hour and a 
half),*". — Pulse small, suppressed and rapid,*. — Pulse imperceptible,'". — ■ 
It was impossible to count the pulse during the convulsions, and it was 
very little more than a flutter during the interval, the slightest touch 
throwing the patient into a paroxysm,'^'. — Radial pulse imperceptible dur- 
ing the spasms ; in the intervals of rest 110 ; at the close of each fit 128,*'. 
— Nearly pulseless (after one hour),"'. 

JVeck and Back. —Neck. Neck swollen, the jugular veins dis- 
tended,*. — [630.] Marked rigidity of cervical muscles (after one hour),'". 
When she tried to lift her head the neck felt very stifl^,'". — Peculiar con- 
tractions ot the muscles of the neck, especially the sterno-cleido-mastoids 
(after a few minutes),"'. — Neck feels stiff,*'. — Painful stifl^ness in muscles 
of neck and chest, extending down the back to the waist (forty-sixth 
day),'™. — Stiffness of nape of neck, with darting pains in the head and 
neck, in the morning (thirty-sixth day),'™. — Stiff hard feeling of the mus- 
cles of the neck (fourth day),'™. — Momentary stifl^ness in left half of neck 
(twenty-sixth night),'™. — Hard rigidity of the muscles of the neck (thirty- 
fourth day),'™. — Stiff sensation in the muscles of the neck, extending down 
the back to the waist (thirty-fifth day),'™. — [640.] Sharp cramp pains in 
the muscles of the neck (tenth day),'™. — Violent pains in the muscles of 
the neck and down the spine, in the forenoon (twenty-second day),'™. — ■ 
Darting pains in the muscles of neck and top of shoulders (thirty-fifth 


day),"*. — Keen knifelike pains in the muscles of neck, chest, and abdo- 
men, with sick feeling (forty-first day),™. — Sharp darting pains in the 
muscles of the neck, in the morning (forty-second day),"".^ — Violent pains 
in the muscles of neck and chest (forty-third day),"*. — Sharp ueedlelike 
stitches in muscles of the neck and in upper chest (thirty-fourth day),™. — 
Intense gnawing pain in the left half of the neck, at night (seventh day),™. 
— Dull aching pains at the nape of the neck and up behind the ears (first 
day),"". — Violent pain in the nape of the neck and down the spine, at 
intervals, and lasting several hours, in the forenoon (twenty-third day),™. 
— [650.] Sharp pain in nape of neck and down the spine at intervals 
(twenty-fifth day),"*. — Sharp pains in the muscles of the neck and down 
the spine at intervals, at noon (twenty-sixth day),™. — Sharp cutting pains 
in nape of neck (twenty-seventh day),™. — Sharp stabbing pains in the 
nape of the neck and down the spine, in the morning (thirty-fifth day),™. 
— Sharp darting pains in nape of neck and bottom of left heel (thirty- 
eighth day),'". — Violent pains in the muscles of the nape of neck and over 
the shoulders to the chest (forty-first day),"*. — Shooting pains in nape of 
neck at intervals, in the afternoon (forty-ninth day),™. — Darting pains 
and contracted feeling in the back of the neck and head and behind the 
ears (fourth day),™. — Severe darting pains in the back of the neck and 
head (eleventh day),"*. — Pains in the muscles of the back of the neck 
and articulation of the jaws (tw'elfth day),"*. — [660.] Severe pains in the 
muscles of back of neck (thirty-third day),"*. — Darting pains in back of 
neck and in left breast (thirty-seventh day),"*.— Sharp darting pain in 
back of neck and down the spine, in the afternoon (thirty-ninth day),™. — 
Sharp pain in muscles of back of neck (fiftieth day),"*.— Pains in the mus- 
cles of back of neck (forty-fifth day),™. — Sharp needlelike pains in muscles 
of back of neck (fifty third day),"™. — Back. Stifl^uess of the back ; it is 
very painful to move about, in the morning (fifty-first day),™. — Spine feels 
stiff, as if an iron rod were pushed from one end of it to the other,**. — 
Stiffening sensation down the back (seventeenth day),"*. — Stiffness down 
the spine and in the knees (eighteenth day),™.— [670.] Extreme stiffness 
of the back (nineteenth day),"*. — Stiffness" of the back, and the same sharp 
darting pain at nape of neck, at intervals (fortieth day),™.— Tight stiff 
sensation up the spine when' bending the head down (second day),™. — 
Stiffening of the muscles of the back and neck, following a similar sensa- 
tion in the muscles of the legs (fourteenth day),™. — Hard rigid feeling in 
the muscles of the back and neck ; darting pains in the back and neck 
(twenty-fourth day),'*.— Intense aching and stiffness in back, after stand- 
ing- or walking (fifty-second day),''*. — Convulsive jerks in the back, when 
attempting to open the mouth (fiftieth day),"*.— Violent jerks in the spinal 
column, from the waist upwards (fiftieth day),'^*.— Great muscular soreness, 
principally of the muscles along the spine,"^ — Sore pains and stiffness of 
the back (sixteenth day),'''*. — [680.] Deep sore sensation in the left half 
of the back above the waist (forty-first day),"*.— Intense aching down the 
spine and behind the ears (twenty-fourth day),'**. — Aching of the back 
and over the hips (forty-first day),"*.— Extreme aching and stiffness of the 
back (forty-sixth day),"*.— Rheumatic pains in left half of back about the 
waist (thirteenth day),'™.— Intense aching and icy coldness of the entire 
back (thirteenth day),"*.— Intense pain in the back, aggravated by the 
least exertion; constant aching around the waist, in the morning (fiftieth 
day),"*.— Violent pains along the spine, followed by frightful twitching, 
tetanic spasms, and death,".— Pains in the back,®.— Increased pain in the 


back (fiftieth day),™. — [690.] A great deal of pain up and dowu the 
spine,*l — Agonizing gnawing pain in the back and neck, and in the mus- 
cles of the legs above the kness (fourteenth day),"'. — Intense guawing 
pain in the left half of the back from the shoulders to the waist, in the 
forenoon (eighth day),'''*. — Sharp pains and aching in the back (forty- 
second day),'''"'.-^Sharp tearing pains in the back, dowu the entire lenjrth 
of the spine, in the morning (twenty-first day),'''". — Sharp cutting pains at 
times in left half of back (twelfth day),'^l — A single stabbing pain in the 
upper part of back passing down the spine, in the afternoon (thirty- 
second day),'*'. — Contracted feeling in the muscles of neck (sixteenth 
day),'^'. — Llimhav. Pains in lumbar region,"^ — Sudden stifi^ness in the 
lower part of back and hips, in the afternoon (forty-fourth day),"*'. — [700.] 
Intense aching in the small of the back (first day),"'. — Intense aching in 
lower part of back and over the hips, in the evening (twenty-eighth dayj,''". 
— Aching and stiffness in lower part of back, in the afternoon (fifty-fourth 
day),'*^ — Intense aching and stiffness in lower part of back, after standing 
or walking, in the evening (fifty-fifth day),'™. — Sharp needlelike pains in 
the back about the waist (forty-eighth day),'*'. — Suddenly violent cutting 
pain in tiie back about the waist, as though she were chopped in half, ex- 
tending right and left to the stomach, at night (forty-ninth day),'**. 

Mxtvemities. — Fingers and toes violet-colored, the former spasmod- 
ically doubled inward and the latter drawn backward,'*. — Extremities out- 
stretched and rigid and at times afl'ected by jerking movements, especially 
rotating the muscles,™. — The arms became spasmodically drawn over the 
chest, the forearms immovable at the elbows ; the lower extremities became 
rigid,'"'. — During the paroxysms, arms and legs extended and rigid,'*". — 
[710.] Muscles of legs and arms rigidly flexed,'". — Stiffness of the limbs,*'' ". 
—Hard rigidity of the muscles of arms, legs, face, and neck (twenty- 
seventh day),'*". — Intense stifiPness of the muscles of the legs, shoulders, 
and upper part of the chest, especially the calf of left leg, with external 
tenderness (twenty-sixth day),'*'. — Stiffness of extensors of thighs and mus- 
cles of back of neck and hand, causing inability to write (fifth day),'*'. — 
Slight stiffening of toes and arms (fifty-third day),'*'. — A peculiar kind of 
twitching over her limbs (after one hour)/". — Violent jerking of all the 
limbs,l — Severe drawing up of the legs and arms (after half an hour),**. — 
Twitching of the limbs in bed, and spasms as if the heart was being firmly 
grasped (seventeenth day),'*'. — [720.] Convulsive throwing about of the 
extremities, especially violent motions of the arms and hands towards the 
face, so that they had to be tightly held, with perfect consciousness and 
without pain,'. — Spasms of the extremities interrupted by painful shocks,'". 
— Convulsions of both upper and lower extremities,*'. — After a few minutes 
he began to feel tingling in his hands and arms, followed by rigidity, and 
spasms soon set in,'^°. — Violent shuddering in the limbs as in paroxysms of 
ague, only on every attempt to move them ; repeated in a tertian type and 
always ending in perspiration,*. — E-xfreme weariness of the limbs,*'. — Ex- 
treme prostration and weariness of the limbs,*. — Cramps in hands, feet, 
and legs (after thirty minutes),'*l — Pains in the left knee, and in the palms 
of the hands and left thumbs, as if they would be stiffened (after five hours 
and three-quarters, fifth day),'*'. — Violent pain in left upper leg and arm, 
at night (forty-second day),'*'. — [730.] Violent darting pains in- the mus- 
cles of the arms and hip-joints (thirty-sixth day),'*'. — Violent pain in the 
limbs, especially in the feet, with spasmodic jerkings,'. — Rheumatic pains 
in the arras and legs (fifty-fifth day),'*'. — Rheumatic pains in right hand 


and left foot, in the afternoon (twenty-seventh day),''^'. — Rheumatic pains 
in the muscles of the arms and left hand, also in the knees, coming on at 
short i